Mi amiga de tepito bien puta

Mi amiga de tepito bien puta
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Chapter 15 I left Anjali in the clearing, returning to her meditation, and strode purposefully back to the stream, still nude. I washed off quickly, the cool water feeling electrifying on my body.

God, I felt great! I redressed and made my way back to the beach. Janie saw me emerge from the trees and quickly came to me. "Are you OK?" she asked with concern. "You looked pretty out of it earlier." "Yeah, I was in bad shape," I admitted.

We sat down near the fire pit and scrounged up some food. "I'm much better now," I told her with a smile. "I was pretty conflicted about what I did to that woman. I deliberately broke down everything she believed in and tore her world apart. I drove her to suicide. But in a way I may have helped her achieve some sort of redemption at the end. She realized she had been living a lie; twisting her religion into one of hatred.

I think she reached some sort of clarity. Ultimately she had to pay the price for her actions and all the people she hurt. Call it karma, justice, or divine retribution; she was destined to die. I was just the instrument of fate." "Wow!" she said. "That's pretty heavy. Are you comfortable with that?" "I am. Anjali helped me to see the light--she's a yogi and has a fairly impressive world view." I smiled at her.

"She also showed me a few tricks I'd like to pass on to you." "Yeah?" Janie said with interest. "Like what?" "Like she's a master of Tantric sex. I think tonight I may be able to expand your consciousness a little." "Oh, boy. You have had quite the morning. So she drained the evil spirits right out of you?" Janie asked as she stroked my cock though my pants.

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"You have no fucking idea!" I told her. "You're going to like what I show you later." Her nipples erected prettily. "How about now? I'm ready," she said in a husky voice. "I need to recharge, sweetie," I said with a laugh. "Plus, I want you to think about it all day. I want you panting for it by tonight." "You bastard!" she said, laughing. "My panties are already soaked, just so you know. I hope I don't have to jill off before then." "Oh, don't do that.

It will be so much better if you hold on to that energy until later." I emphasized my point by caressing her warm crotch and gently biting her nipple through the fabric of her shirt.

She shuddered and closed her eyes momentarily. "I'll try, but you've gotten me pretty randy." "You can be the master of your domain," I joked, remembering the old Seinfeld episode.

"Hold out until tonight and your suffering will be rewarded tenfold!" "You sound like a perverted preacher!" she laughed. "The minister of love, that's me. The padre of porking. Father fornication." I walked away, still talking, and she watched me go in good-humored exasperation. I realized I had been neglecting my Tae Kwon Do, so I headed over to the boys' and girls' camps and collected a few students that were interested in a workout.

We went through our typical warm-ups, and I had each student in turn lead the group through one of the forms, until we had completed them all. The kids all jumped in the ocean to play and cool off afterward, but I preferred a freshwater cleanse and headed for my private pool, after having collected some fresh clothes from the drying line Janie and I had rigged near our camp.

I had just finished stripping off my uniform when I realized I was not alone. I turned, startled, and saw Jared standing behind me. "Hey, buddy," I said. "How's it going?" "OK, I guess." He looked a little preoccupied.

I thought at first he was embarrassed to be next to a naked man, but that seemed not to be the case when he stripped off his uniform and joined me in rinsing it clean in the stream. "What's up, Jared?" I asked him.

"You seem to have something on your mind." He seemed reluctant to tell me what was bothering him, looking at the ground and blushing. I sat on the edge of the water, scrubbing myself off while I talked.

"You know you can tell me anything you need to," I encouraged him. "If it's something bad, we'll figure it out together and make it better." "It's not bad," he said, squatting in the water and facing away from me. "It's just sort of embarrassing." "Hey, I am the king of embarrassing," I told him. "I've done so many stupid things in my life I'm an expert. You came to the right guy.

Go ahead, spill it buddy." "Well…I…um, I mean…" He stopped and took a deep breath. He started again, looking down at his feet. "Sometimes my wiener gets hard when I see the girls swimming." "That's pretty normal for a guy. Sometimes mine does, too, when I see the girls swimming. Sometimes they don't even have to be swimming." He looked at me sharply, as if to see if I was teasing him. "I'm serious," I said. "It's called an erection and it's part of being a guy." "I heard Logan and John talking, and they called it a boner." "Yeah," I agreed.

"There's lots of names for it. You can call it a boner, a hard-on, a stiffie, whatever. When boys get old enough, they start noticing girls' bodies, and it just happens. It will keep happening your entire life." "Logan said stuff came out of his sometimes that wasn't pee. He and John were talking about rubbing it." "Well, when your penis gets hard, it feels good to touch it. Your body is learning how to get ready for sex, which you are still too young for by the way.

But the body needs time to practice, so as you get older, you'll find it will get hard more often, and sometimes you'll want to touch it. Rubbing it is call masturbating, or jerking off. When you go through puberty, your body will start to make sperm. That's what comes out when you have sex, to make babies. It's gooey white stuff. But it doesn't have to come out only with sex. If you rub the penis enough when you reach puberty, it will come out then.

That's what the older boys were talking about." "If I rub mine, will stuff come out?" he asked. "No, you're too young still. The youngest I ever heard of was 9, but it's usually closer to 12 or so. It still feels good, though. There's nothing wrong with it. As long as it doesn't get in the way of school or your social life, have at it." "Do you rub yours?" he asked curiously. "Yeah, sometimes," I admitted.

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"Usually if a man doesn't have sex often enough he'll jerk off." "I don't really know what to do with it," he said, blushing crimson. "Could you show me? I don't want the other guys to think I'm a baby for not knowing how." It must have taken a lot of guts for him to ask, he was so embarrassed. I didn't know what to say, but I didn't want to make him feel uncomfortable.

He sensed my hesitation and must have misunderstood. "I knew I shouldn't have said anything," he said, tearing up. "I'm sorry. It was bad of me to talk about it." "No, no! It's OK. I've just never been asked to show anyone how to do it before.

" I couldn't refuse the poor kid now. "I guess it's all right. Your mom sure isn't going to be the one to do it." He looked horrified at the thought. "Don't tell her about this! Please, Master Connor!" "No worries. It'll be just between us," I assured him. "And call me Dave, unless we're in class, OK?" "OK." He seemed to have regained his composure.

"So what do I do?" How to go about this? "Well, first it has to be hard. What can you think about that makes it hard?" I was thinking about his mom, but I wasn't going to tell him that. "It got hard when I saw the girls in their underpants when we were swimming. I could see Mackenzie's boobies, and Ashley and Lily had hair between their legs!

I could see it when their panties got wet. I liked that." He had a dreamy smile on his face, and I glanced at his little dick and saw it was rising to the occasion already.

Ah, youth! Actually, thinking about Makenzie's boobs was getting me hard, not to mention Ashley's and Lily's sweet virgin pussies. Now I had a massive boner myself. Jared stared at my cock in awe. "Wow, Dave, yours is really big!" We looked back and forth between his 4 inch stiffie and my 9 inch erection.

"Will mine get that big one day?" "If not this big, then pretty close," I assured him. "OK. So now that it's hard, the easiest thing to do is just wrap one hand around the shaft and start sliding it up and down." I demonstrated, and he copied me. "Does it matter which hand?" "No, you can use either, or both at once." I traded hands back and forth to show him.

"It really does feel good," he said, his hand moving faster and faster. "You can also touch your balls, or play with the tip of the penis, whatever feels good," I said, demonstrating.

He rolled his little nuts around, staring at his hairless scrotum intently. "So when stuff comes out, what happens?" "Well, it's probably going to happen first while you're sleeping," I told him. "You're going to have a dream about a sexy girl and your going to get a boner, and you'll wake up with white stuff on your sheets or belly. It dries hard if it sits for a while." "My mom's gonna see it on my sheets!" He looked horrified again, but not enough to stop pulling his pud.

"Yeah, eventually she is," I admitted. "But she knows it's coming, and it's not going to bother her. She'll talk to you about sex and make sure you're OK with what's happening to your body. Don't worry about your mom. She's a great lady, and she knows all about sex." "Are you and my mom having sex?" He looked at me sidelong, overly casual.

"Yes," I admitted, remembering how open Janie was about the subject. I didn't think she'd mind. "We make each other feel good. I really like her and want to make her happy. Is that OK with you?" "Yeeees," he said thoughtfully.

"Are you going to be my new dad? I don't see my real dad very much. I miss him." "We haven't talked about that, but I'm sure going to be your mom's friend, and I'm going to be your friend. If you ever need to talk, or anything at all, you come to me." We sat together companionably, beating our respective meats.

It was a very strange moment, but sort of relaxing. "Anyway," I continued. "When your body is ready, you'll be able to jerk off until the semen shoots out at the end. You'll feel really good all over your whole body, and you'll realize why people want to have sex so much." "How much comes out?" he asked.

"About a spoonful," I said. "You can be neat about it and use a rag so you don't get it on your clothes or sheets. Then your mom doesn't have to wash it off." "Is it going to come out of you now?" he asked, peering at my purple cock head. "No, I don't think I'm going to go all the way. I usually like to do that in privacy. It's called ejaculation, by the way, or coming. In case you hear the older boys using those words." "So this is something you do in private?" he asked, poking at his little helmet with the other hand while he continued jerking.

"Usually boys do it by themselves. It's not unusual to do it with a friend when you're younger. When your older, you can even let a girl help you." "Oh, wow!" he said, big-eyed. "I can't imaging asking a girl to do this." "You'd be surprised, buddy. Girls like sex, too. They are curious about boys' bodies just like you are about theirs.

They even play with themselves too." "Girls don't get boners!" he said scornfully. "No, but they rub their vaginas, and it feels just as good to them.

Who knows, one day one of them might ask you to help them play with her lady parts and make her feel good." He seemed to find that pretty enticing, and stroked his little peter even harder while thinking it over.

"Just make sure you don't have sex until you talk to your mom or me. You can hurt a girl, or make her pregnant, if you don't know what you're doing." "Sex is putting your thing into a girl's vagina?" he asked. "Yes, and then you slide it in and out like you're doing with your hand. It feels much, much better than your hand, trust me!" I reluctantly dropped my swollen cock and sighed. "All right, I think you can handle things by yourself from here on out. Agreed?" "Yeah," he said, letting go of his own boner and pulling on his underwear.

"Is it OK if I ask you more questions sometimes?" "Sure. Don't forget to take your uniform and hang it up to dry." He grabbed it and ran off, a "Thanks, Dave!" tossed over his shoulder. "Don't mention it!" I said. I mean really don't mention it. Certainly some people wouldn't understand, so I hoped he would keep this encounter to himself. I honestly didn't expect him to discuss masturbation lessons with his friends, though.

I looked at my swollen cock, which was showing no sign of drooping. I decided, with iron willpower, not to keep jerking it, since I wanted to save some jam for Janie tonight.

I sighed and stood up, stretching. I almost jumped out of my skin when a female voice said: "Master Connor?" I started to spin around, then thought better of it, my dick waving in the breeze after all, and managed to twist my head far enough to see Mackenzie peering at me from behind a tree.

"Mackenzie, you can't be here!" I said, sputtering. "I don't have any clothes on!" "That's OK," she said, stepping from behind the tree.

"I don't either." My jaw dropped as this little angel's body came into view. Her curly brown hair was tied up on top of her head, and her lovely blue eyes were topped with strong, delicately arched eyebrows.

Her pert little nose was dusted with freckles, and a perfect pink rosebud of a mouth was below it, her plump lower lip caught in her teeth as she looked at me nervously. She still had tan lines, despite the fact that she had been swimming topless while here on the island.

Her puffy tan areolae rose enticingly off her thin chest, stiff little nipples rising proudly in the centers. Her flat belly swept gracefully into gently spreading hips, her figure developing nicely as she entered puberty. Her pale pubis sported a little fluff of sparse brown hairs surrounding the succulent little cleft in her mound.

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Long, coltish legs led to her narrow feet, one of which was twisting nervously in the dirt. I was speechless. This was beauty of almost epic proportions. I have always thought that girls her age were at their most beautiful, feminine but as yet undeveloped and so full of potential. Mackenzie topped them all, and my prick was ready to explode just looking at her. I had turned sufficiently that it was poking into her line of sight, and felt a little thrill as I noticed her staring at it.

"What are you doing here?" I asked hoarsely.

"I heard you talking to Jared, and I wanted to see what you were doing," she admitted sheepishly. "I saw you touching your things and making them hard, and I liked it.

Then you started talking about girls rubbing their vaginas, too. I… I've never done that, and…" She stopped, embarrassed. "Maybe you could show me how like you showed Jared? Please?" she begged. She was dancing from leg to leg nervously, her little titties jiggling seductively.

Jesus, what was I, the sex professor? It was a dirty job, but I guess someone had to do it. Maybe if I wasn't already so horny, maybe if she weren't so beautiful… and already naked… I could have resisted.

As it was, the little voice in my head urging caution was completely drowned out by libido screaming "HOLY SHIT LOOK AT THAT SWEET LITTLE CUNNY!" I slowly turned to face her, my cock rotating like the turret on a tank, until it was pointing at her. She gasped as she saw the full size of it. "Are you sure you want me to do this? I don't want to take advantage of you or anything." I remembered my promise to Mary.

"Maybe one of the older girls should show you." "No. I'm too embarrassed," she said, still staring at my dick. "I trust you… Dave." She finally tore her gaze from my boner, her beautiful blue eyes boring into me as she looked me in the eye. "I know you'll be gentle with me and make me feel good." Oh, God! Talk about pushing a horny pervert's buttons. This was like the beginning of an illegal movie.

I took a deep breath, blowing it out slowly to steady my racing heart. Time to take the plunge, I thought. "OK, honey. Come over here and sit next to me and I'll see what I can do." She scampered over and took my hand, her puffy little nipples bouncing with each step, and we sat together on the log near the stream.

"Have you ever looked at yourself down there in a mirror?" I asked curiously. I know I would have if I were a girl, but some were naturally more reticent to explore their bodies.

A pediatrician colleague told me once they thought it was because boys handled themselves every time they pee, but girls don't see their equipment unless they really go looking for it, so they tend to be less comfortable with it. "No," she said, confirming my suspicions. "I've touched it before, and pulled it apart to look at it, but never with a mirror. Is that normal?" She looked worried. "Just about anything is normal," I assured her.

"Some girls naturally play with themselves at an early age and learn that it feels good. They have to be told to stop sometimes if they do it in front of people.

Others are worried it's dirty, or that they are doing something wrong if they pay attention to the area. By the way, what do you call it?" "I guess my pussy. Some of the other girls call it that. Morgan calls it her kitty. I don't like to call it a vagina; it sounds funny. What's best?" "It doesn't matter. Pussy is probably the most common." I had an idea: I had brought my bathroom kit over to the stream with me, intending to trim my beard a little. I had a little shaving mirror in it, and decided it was just the thing for a curious girl.

"I have a mirror in my bag.

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Do you want a tour of your pussy?" She giggled. "OK. If you don't mind." "Honey, I think your pussy is beautiful, and I want you to think so, too." She blushed. I let go of her hand and rose to get my mirror.

I could feel her eyes on my ass and dangling balls as I bent over to retrieve the bag and get the small mirror out. I brought it back and knelt in front of her. "All right, spread your legs so we can get in there." She did so, her legs trembling. I stroked her thighs gently, looking into the azure pools of her eyes.

"Don't worry, sweetie. This should be fun, OK? It's not going to hurt and I'm not embarrassed, so you shouldn't be either." She nodded and seemed to steady herself. Those downy thighs parted, and her sweet treasure opened to me, the delicate pink, puffy lips gaping slightly as she spread for me. God, she was gorgeous! Her little mound was dusted with a scattering of brown hairs, just enough to let you know she was entering puberty. The outer lips were plump and smooth, just begging to be kissed.

In between them, generous rosy inner labia spread like petals of an orchid, glistening in the afternoon light. She was pretty lippy for a 12 year-old, I thought, drinking in the sight. "Now hold the mirror so you can see your pussy straight on. Isn't it pretty? I think it looks like a flower." She studied it intently. "It does look like a flower!

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I've never seen it from this angle before." She reached down to touch the inner lips lightly, stretching one of them with a finger. "They're stretchy," she marveled. I couldn't resist.


My hand slid in of its own volition and I lightly grasped the other lip between thumb and forefinger. I pulled it lightly until it was stretched to its limit. Mackenzie gasped quietly. "They're very stretchy!" I told her. "Some girls really like to pull on them; they say it feels good. Go ahead and try it." She tentatively pinched the right one and pulled on it experimentally, softly at first, then harder than I did, yanking the pink curtain until it was an over an inch long.

She let go and it snapped back. She giggled. "I like that. It does sorta feel good." "Let's not get ahead of ourselves," I said, almost dizzy from lust. I figured most of my blood volume was now in my penis, and that probably was depriving my brain of oxygen. I softly stroked the downy hairs on her mons. "These are your pubic hairs. You'll get more and more of them as you get older, until they cover the outer lips, or labia." "They started growing last year," she said.

"And I got these, too." She lifted up her left arm, the one not holding the mirror, to show me a little fuzz in her armpit.

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"I shave them sometimes. Is it gross cause I haven't shaved them in a while?" "No, I don't think so," I told her. "Besides, the longer we're on this island you're going to see more and more hair. We only have a few razors and they're not going to last long. So the guys are going to have beards and the girls are going to have hairy pits and legs. We might as well get used to it." I was still stroking her puffy outer lips in fascination, and Mackenzie didn't seem to mind at all.

If fact, her legs had spread further and her breathing had deepened. I shook myself slightly. "In between the outer lips are the inner lips or labia. Those are the stretchy ones." I gently caressed the pink folds.

"Oooooh, that feels good," she purred. She began massaging them herself, and I moved my fingers out of the way to give her more room. I watched her small fingers rolling the fleshy pink curtains back and forth, nearly salivating with desire. "Are they too big?" she asked, a note of concern in her voice. "I've seen some of the other girls naked and you can't see the inner ones at all if they don't pull the outer ones apart.

Mine poke out all the time." "Every girl has different sized and shaped lips," I said. "I'll tell you a secret. A lot of guys, including me, like girls with big lips better.

They're more fun to play with." She giggled and blushed again. "So you like mine," she asked shyly, looking at me through her long eyelashes. "I love them. I think they're beautiful." I couldn't help myself, and my fingers joined hers in stroking the velvety tissue. God, my boner was painful! I continued my lesson. "Did you know girls have their own little penis, sort of?" "No way!" she said incredulously.

"Where?" "If you follow the inner lips to the top, they come together at this little hood." I traced my fingers along her to the area in question.

"If you pull the hood up you can see this little pink button. That's called the clitoris. It's the most sensitive part of your pussy." She lifted the fleshy cover off her pink pearl, and stared at it in the mirror intently. "It's actually just the tip of a bunch of really sensitive tissue shaped like a wishbone. The rest of it is under your labia. You can rub it by pressing harder on the sides and girls say it feels pretty nice." She demonstrated for me, experimenting with her young body.

"Mmmmmmmm! You're right." She liked that so much she set her fingers in a 'V' and really started working the sensitive hidden nerve endings on both sides. "If you start very gently rubbing your clitoris, or clit, you'll get a good feeling building down there. As it gets stronger, you'll want to rub it harder.

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You can pinch it between 2 fingers and stroke it like a boy strokes his penis, or you can rub your fingers back and forth across it. Most girls do it that way." I licked my fingers to moisten them, in the process getting a heavenly taste of her virgin cunny off of them from where I had already touched her. I placed the pads of three fingers over her love button and began sliding them back and forth, at first slowly and gently, but then faster as she started to pant.

"Oh, wow!" she gasped. "I want to do that!" She pushed my fingers out of the way and began strumming her slit frantically. Her legs were now spread as wide as possible, and her fingers flew across her lovely little cunt with faint squishing noises. Her eyes closed momentarily in bliss. When she opened them again, she caught me licking my fingers, savoring her taste.

Her mouth fell open. "You like to taste it?" she asked, amazed. "More than anything," I admitted sheepishly. "But sometimes it's really stinky," she said, making a face.

"It's important to keep yourself clean down there, so you don't get infections. As long as you wash daily it's not stinky, it's wonderful." I demonstrated by slipping my finger between her engorged lips and catching a few drops of the sweet dew now seeping down her aroused little slit, then licking them off slowly like I had just been to KFC, making smacking noises.

She laughed gaily. "I want to taste it!" she exclaimed. "Is that weird? Should I?" "Go ahead, it's your pussy. You should know what it tastes like. Some girls really like to taste themselves while they masturbate. Others like to smell their panties. There are chemicals your body makes in your pussy that make boys horny, and they work on girls, too." She experimentally sucked on her finger, letting her other hand take over jilling off.

The sight of this young lovely giving her juicy finger a mini blow-job had my dick dripping. I struggled to control my breathing as I watched, fascinated.

"It's sort of salty and bitter, but I guess it's not bad," she said. "The last thing you can do is penetration," I told her. "What's that?" she said suspiciously. "It sounds bad." "Not at all," assured her. "You just have to do it right. Hold your lips open," I instructed her.

She reluctantly left off stroking her clitty and pulled her labia wide, holding the mirror again to see. "That little tiny hole is where the pee comes out. Below that is the bigger hole." "That's my vagina," she said confidently. "That's where the blood's gonna come out when I get my period. My mom told me that." "Yep. And that's also where the penis goes when you have sex.

You know how girls get pregnant right?" "Yeah. A boy puts his seed in her vagina. Do seeds really come out of your thing?" She looked at my engorged member again curiously. "No," I said laughing. "When a boy has an orgasm, he squirts white liquid out of his penis. It's called semen, or sperm, or some people call it seed. If it gets into a girl's vagina it can make her pregnant. Even if the penis is not inside her. You can use a condom or 'rubber' to cover the penis so the sperm doesn't get in the vagina." "What's an orgasm?" she asked, poking at her cunt while watching in the mirror.

"It's the body's way of making you want to have sex. It's a wonderful feeling that shoots through your whole body and makes you feel great. Boys usually have just one, and then the sperm comes out and they have to stop having sex for a while. You, being a lucky girl, can have many orgasms during one episode of sex." "Can I have one now?" she asked, looking at me innocently.

"We can try," I said, my voice quivering a bit. "Let me show you what I meant by penetration. Your body is designed to like the feeling of a penis in your vagina. You can sort of fool it while you masturbate by putting a finger into it and moving it around." I brought one shaking hand to her little cunny and extended my little finger. I gently placed it in her opening and slid it in slowly, all the while watching her fingers continue to work on her love bud.

She was tight, even on my smallest digit, but was wet enough that I slipped in to her hymen. The tip of my finger was able to go past it, but I stopped there, worried I would hurt her. I looked at her face, and saw her eyes were closed and her lips parted slightly. "Aaaah," she moaned. "That's nice." I began gently working in and out of her narrow hole, stroking the tight, ribbed walls and trying mightily not to blow my load on her foot.

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I thought. Use what Anjali taught you, idiot! I worked on my pulse and breathing while I worked on her virgin cunt, successfully on both counts. My breathing slowed while hers picked up, accompanied by whimpers of pleasure.

This was heaven, I thought as I looked at her angelic face, now crumpled in concentration, a little crease between her eyebrows. Her chest heaved as she continued strumming her nub, and I watched the puffy tan bumps jiggling as she worked herself over.

As she lubed up further, I was finally able to slip my finger in the rest of the way, getting past her cherry without incident. She groaned, "Oh, God! That feels so tight but it's good.


I'm starting to feel all tingly! Oooooh! What's happening, Dave! "I think you might be about to have an orgasm," I said. "There's one more thing I can do to help, if you want." "Yes, yes!

I want it! I feel like something's going to happen! I need it to happen! Ooooooh!" she squealed desperately. Leaning in, and cursing myself for being a pedophile, I slurped her nipple into my mouth and gave suck. Immediately she began keening and bucking, her chin resting on the top of my head as we brought her to her first orgasm together.

I continued sucking and fingering her until her own fingers began slowing on her pussy, and her body began to relax. I gently pulled out of her tight twat, and releasing her nipple, replaced it in my mouth with my sticky finger. I savored her taste while watching her slowly come down from her high. Tears dripped down her dimpled cheeks, and she shuddered uncontrollably.

"It's OK, honey," I said, wrapping her in a comforting hug. She threw her arms around me, clinging to me while she shook. I held her, rocking her gently, until she seemed to have calmed down. "So, what did you think of that?" Her voice shook as she answered.

"I've never felt anything like that before. I thought I was going to explode!" She pulled away and looked at me seriously. "Are you sure that's not bad for you? It seemed so…strong." "I promise," I said, chuckling.

"It's free, organic, sustainable, and eco-friendly." She laughed, sniffling a little. "Like I told Jared, as long as you don't do it all day and forget to go to school or play with your friends, it's harmless." "I won't do it all day, but I might do it every day," she said with a smile. "Is that OK?" "That's fine," I said, kissing her forehead.

"You can even do it with a friend, boy or girl. Sometimes that's even better." She looked at my dick again, swollen, purple and now oozing pre-cum from the tip. "Is that your sperm coming out?" I looked down. "No, it's just some fluid that comes out when a man gets excited. You're so beautiful it really got to me." "Can I touch it?" she asked diffidently. "OK," I said, my heart pounding. Don't you dare bust a nut on her hand, I told myself.

She shyly reached out her hand and stroked my throbbing boner with her finger. "It's warm," she marveled. "And soft, but hard on the inside." I gritted my teeth as her small hand wrapped around the shaft for a moment, giving it a little squeeze. "How old should I be when I have sex?" she asked, staring at my cock with interest as she continued to torture me with light strokes.

"I think most girls wait until at least 15 or 16," I said with some difficulty. "Some wait until they get married. Some have their first time in college. Whenever you find a boy you really like and you feel ready, it's OK. Just remember to use a condom, unless you're on birth control pills." "Are these your balls?" She surprised my by grasping the left one gently.

"Yes," I croaked, closing my eyes and trying to distract myself as she slid to the right one and rolled it in her fingers. "My friend Katie said if you kick a boy in the balls he'll die." "No," I laughed, the humor settling me down a little. "But if you hit him hard enough he might wish he were dead for a while." I sighed. "I think you better stop touching me now." She withdrew hastily.

"Did I hurt it?" "No, it feels so good I just about can't stand it any more." She smiled radiantly. "I'm glad. You made me feel good, too. Thanks, Dave." She looked at her feet, suddenly embarrassed again. "You remember when we were in the water the other day?" she mumbled. "Yeah." How could I forget? "I felt your hand on my pussy and I really liked it. I…I was holding your arm so you wouldn't move it away. That's when I decided I wanted you to show me how to play with myself." She looked back at my face, stricken.

"Are you mad?' "I couldn't be mad at you, angel," I said with a smile, ruffling her hair. "I'll tell you a secret: I didn't want to move my hand away; I liked it, too. You better get dressed and get back to the other girls before someone comes looking for you." "OK," she agreed, all smiles again. We quickly pulled on our duds. "You should keep this just between us, OK?" I told her.

"Some people would get mad at me for showing you this." "But I asked you to," she said. "But usually grown men don't do this with girls. Sometimes men make girls do these things when they don't want to, or hurt them. People just want to keep you safe, and they might worry I forced you to do it and you're afraid to tell on me." "Don't worry, I won't tell anybody," she said forcefully.

"Thanks," I said gratefully. "Now get out of here, you little monkey!" I swatted her on the butt and she ran off squealing happily. I watched her go, shaking my head. Jesus, was Janie in for one hell of a fuck tonight!

To be continued.