College boys get fist fucked and fist fuck movies boy gay Ryan is a

College boys get fist fucked and fist fuck movies boy gay Ryan is a
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Step Daughters' Desire 10 Frank's internal alarm woke him early morning. He woke with a smile having a beautiful girl tied, blindfolded and butt plugged snuggled close behind him and a beautiful young German slave girl tied, blindfolded with his cock buried in her cum filled ass. Feeling a little feisty this morning he decided to wake them roughly. He jerked his cock from Elise's ass making her squeal and try to raise up as she became wide awake. When she realized what just happened she giggled and said.

"Master, you are mean. I was expecting to wake up with your hard cock fucking my ass." He laughed with the results of his action. Angela awakened by the sudden movement and Elise's squeal giggled. "Is Master feeling ornery playful this morning?" He laughed as he untied them and removed their blindfolds. He removed the plug from Angela's ass and stood beside the bed pulling Angela to the edge ass sticking out, raised her legs spread wide.

He told her to hold that position. She quickly grabbed the bend of her knees and pulled back keeping her legs up and wide opening her pussy and ass for his use. " Elise join your sister." She quickly slid her ass to the edge of the bed and copied Angela's position.

He has two beautiful slave girls offering their sex holes to him willing even anxious to get fucked with his big hard cock. He slowly pushed his cock deep in Elise's gaping ass hole making her moan and push on his cock as her ass canal squeezed and released his cock trying to milk his cum. He fucked her ass hard and fast with long strokes until he felt her about to orgasm and pulled out making her moan with disappointment. She screamed and gushed cum when he rammed in her cunt balls deep.

He fucked her hard, fast and deep as she shook and moaned with a hard powerful orgasm. Angela watched as her sister slave got fucked to a very pleasurable orgasm making her own body tingle and her pussy leak juices on the bed. Master moved to her and pushed his cum covered cock in her tight little ass. She squealed and relaxed her ass when she felt the head of his big hard cock pop in her little poop chute opening. He pushed balls deep with his slippery cum covered cock and started fucking her hard, fast with long strokes.

She moaned, humped and squealed as her own orgasm rushed to her pussy. He felt her about to cum, pulled out of her ass and slammed his cock balls deep in her cunt triggering her orgasm. She screamed, slammed her pussy onto his cock and gushed cum over it. He fucked her prolonging the orgasm shaking her whole body.

She shook her head side to side moaning until her orgasm started to weaken. He pulled his hard throbbing cock from her cunt and said. "Turn ladies." They quickly turned letting their heads hang backwards over the edge of the bed and opened their mouths wide for his cum soaked hard cock.

He steadily pushed his cock into and down Elise's throat fucking her as she sucked and licked his cock tasting the mixture of hers and Angela's cum. She moaned and his cock erupted cum into her stomach. After three shots of cum in her he pulled out pinching his cock to hold the remainder of his cum and pushed deep into Angela's throat fucked her shooting the remainder of his orgasmic cum deep in her stomach. He pulled out and she moaned and thanked him.

He told them to shower and go help with breakfast. They giggled and said. Yes Master and thank you for your love and cum." He chuckled and went to his shower. They waited until he stood under the hot relaxing water as it ran over his head down his body.

They stepped into the shower and started soaping and gently washing his body Angela in front and Elise in back. He smiled and moaned as their soft little hands caressed his body.

" I thought I told you ladies to shower." Angela smiled and said."You did not say which shower, Master." He chuckled. " OK finish me and then you two finish each other. I like my slaves clean." He stepped from the shower clean, happy with another hard on. He dressed and went to the kitchen to check if the other ladies were up yet. Janis, Diann, Monique, Sandra and Kim Li were about to start breakfast as he walked in. Janis was bent over getting something under the cabinet.

He saw her slick winking cunt and said. " Janis stay." She giggled seeing him unzipping his pants and spread her legs. He pushed his cock deep in her pussy and fucked her to orgasm and started pulling out.

Monique dropped to her knees beside him, hands behind her back with wide open mouth as she looked up at him with wide pleading eyes. " Do you want to clean Master's cock." She smiled "Yes please, Master." He pushed the cum covered cock in her mouth and she sucked, licked his cock clean taking it deep in her throat and held it with his balls pressing on her chin. He is about to cum and pulled from her sweet talented mouth and she sat back on her heels looking up at him as she licked her lips.

"Is master pleased." "Yes, Monique. Very pleased." He forced his still hard cock in his pants and went to the dining room telling Janis she can resume breakfast. She got what she needed from under the cabinet as her cum leaked down her thighs. Angela and Elise entered the kitchen and saw the other ladies smiling as they worked. Angela ask if they missed anything? They giggled and told them he had fucked Janis to orgasm and fucked Monique's throat before leaving them.

Elise said. " Wow he already fucked Angela and me in the ass, and pussy forcing each of us to orgasm then shot cum down both our throats and now Janis and Monique. Damn what a man." Kim Li giggled and said "Appears it is going to be another day in paradise for seven happy slaves." Diann said."I think I smell seven hot dripping pussies in this kitchen." They all laughed hard at her comment. They all served breakfast. As they sat at the table waiting to begin eating he ask.

"Which one of you beauties is my slave for the day?" They all looked at Diann and she said. "I am if it pleases Master." He smiled. "It pleases me very much. Come here." She quickly went to him about to kneel when he told her to strip and present her hands behind her back.

As she quickly stripped the French maid uniform he told her to keep the stockings and heels. She did as told and turned with her hands to her back. He cuffed her wrist with metal handcuffs and told her to sit.

She sat and looked at him wondering if she is being denied breakfast.

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Her tummy rumbled and he told Monique sitting next to her to feed her. Monique smiled. "My pleasure" as she forked eggs from Diann's plate and began to feed her as Monique ate at the same time. Breakfast finished he told Diann his cock needs a sexy warm mouth. She quickly slid from her chair to the floor under the table and crawled to him on her knees. She could not use her hands so with her tongue and teeth she managed to unzip his cock and get his hard cock out.

She opened her saliva coated mouth and slid down on his cock until her nose pressed onto his pelvic and his balls pressed on her chin. She worked up and down his long shaft sucking and licking as she moaned.

He did not last long and shot squirt after squirt of his hot cum down her throat on top of her breakfast. She slowly sucked and licked his cock clean as she pulled off his semi-hard cock and knelt at his feet under the table.


He crooked is finger and told her to hold it. She opened her mouth taking his cock in and letting it rest on her tongue as he talked to the other girls. He ask Kim Li when the trainer is coming for Rebel. She told him that the trainer is Luke and he has been training Rebel. She said that Rebel has done exceptionally well with his training and his ready to begin the breeding training.

He ask Kim Li what women he used for the breeding training. She shyly smiled at him. "He used the three of us with the training of Speedy, Max and Stretch." His cock is beginning to twitch in Diann's mouth making her moan and her pussy leak more juices.

He pulled out of her mouth, stood and told her to come with him. The others started clearing the breakfast table and Kim Li extended her open hand. "You want this Master." He smiled and took the blue pill and swallowed it. "Kim Li come with us, please." She obediently followed as he told her to call Luke and let him know he will have a dog slut to help him train Rebel in the play room. She smiled and said "Yes Sir." He then ask her.

" Kim Li I am sure Luke got very horny while using the three of you to train the other dogs. What did he do about his needs?" She looked at him. "We were told to let him use us for his relief." He ask. "Were you given a choice?" she told him they had no choice but that Luke was very considerate and pleasured them with his wonderful cock and made them very happy to serve his needs.

As they stood at the play room door.

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Kim Li called Luke and told him there will be a lady in the play room to assist him training Rebel and ask when he would need her. Luke told her he could have Rebel bathed and ready in about two hours. Master told her Diann would be ready. He thanked Kim Li after she told Luke Diann would be ready. She went to the other girls finishing cleaning up from breakfast.

Sandra said "So Luke is the dog trainer. Robert said he was The dog whisperer." Janis giggled at her statement. Diann followed him into the play room and he took the cuffs off put her back against the St.

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Andrews Cross. Stretching her arms above her up the forks of the cross and buckled leather wrist cuffs on her then spread her legs and buckled leather cuffs holding her ankles and legs wide on the cross. He put a long leather strap around her mid section, pulled it tight and buckled it. He put the leather blindfold on her putting her in total darkness tied helplessly to the cross. He stood back and listened to her moan and whimper and watched as pussy juice leaked from her hot little cunt.

He stepped in kissed her and caressed her body making her shiver. She groaned with pleasure as her body felt chill bumps on her whole body. Her body shook and she squealed when he put his mouth over her tit sucking and licking her nipple as his hand squeezed and pinched her other nipple.


She felt pure pleasure rushing from her nipples to her pussy making it leak like a leaky water faucet. He slipped two fingers in her little hot wet cunt and fingered her working on her G-spot as he kept working on her nipples. She is getting closer and closer to orgasm until when pressed his thumb on her clit and rubbed it as he licked, nibbled, and pinched her nipples. The orgasm blew through her body like a hurricane slamming through her pussy forcing her to scream and squirt cum over his hand.

He fingered her through the orgasm and pulled from her pussy when her body went limp and she moaned and shook with the aftermath of the orgasm. He moved away from her letting her recover getting a cane and a cattle prod from a nearby table. He hit her with the cane across her left thigh making her scream and struggle on the cross as the burning pain raced from her thigh through her little body.

As she started to calm he struck her with the cane across her right thigh. She screamed and pulled hard on her restraints as tears ran down her cheeks. He zapped her with the cattle prod on her mound above her pussy sending shocks of pain through her making her thrash and scream long and hard.

He caned her from her thighs to the tops of her tits leaving angry red whelps every where he hit her with the cane shocking her with the cattle prod after every third strike with the cane.

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She screamed continuously pulling on her restraints making her arms and legs hurt until her screams turned to moans of pleasure and she gushed cum to the floor as a powerful body controlling orgasm crashed through her slamming her pussy. He stopped punishing her young body when her screams turned to moans.

When the orgasm weakened she hung limp moaning with pain and pleasure. She calmed down and he pushed his throbbing big hard cock balls deep in her pussy and fucked her hard, deep and fast nibbling her nipples refueling the fire of orgasm in her tired little body. She screamed, convulsed, pushed on his cock as much as her restraints allowed and squirted a fountain of cum over his cock down her legs and his front.

He continued to fuck her cunt pushing the orgasm longer. When the orgasm weakened and she fell limp in her restraints as he fucked her hard he pulled out. He stood back letting her begin to recover and released her from the cross. He caught her in his arms as she weakly slumped falling and carried her to the fucking bench. He eased her face down over the bench and tied her wrist to the front legs and her thighs to the back legs.

He cuffed her ankles to a spreader bar holding her legs apart exposing her ass and cunt before buckling the wide leather band around her waist to protect her from getting scratched by Rebels front claws. His cock is so hard for so long it is starting to hurt. He knelt behind her and pushed it deep in her ass fucking her hard. She grunted and moaned until he slammed deep, held as his cock pulsed loads of cum deep in her ass.

This forced her into another hard orgasm and she squealed as she tensed and shot cum between her ankles. He pulled out of her ass leaving her shaking and moaning with cum dripping from her ass and cunt to pool on the mat below between her knees.

He stood back letting her rest and recover from the multiple orgasms. He knelt beside her and told her Luke is going to use her to train Rebel to breed a human bitch.

She weakly told him alright. Diann when he uses a woman for training a dog he gets aroused and fucks her to satisfy his needs. If you do not want this to happen to you I want you to use your safe word. She replied. "Master if it pleases you for him to fuck me I will not use my safe word and he can use any of my holes." He smiled and kissed her cheek. "That is my obedient little slave girl.

I am extremely proud and love you very much." She replied with a weak smile. "Thank you Master for using me giving me pleasure. If you are proud of me it is worth all the pain I have endured for you." He called.

"Sandra, bring a couple cold gator aids with a straw, please." "Yes Master. Right away." Sandra came in the play room and hurried to him sitting beside Diann rubbing her back gently. He stood and took the gator aid and put a straw in one handing it back to Sandra pointing to Diann. She squatted next to Diann putting the straw to her lips. Diann sucked hard on the straw taking about half the gator aid before taking a breath. Sandra ask with a smile. "How are you doing little sis." Diann smiled and replied.

" I am very happy, sis." She touched one of the angry red whelps. "I bet that was painful." "It was at first but it turned to pure pleasure and made me cum very hard." Then she said.

"More gator aid please. I think I am going to need it." Sandra gave her the straw and she drank the rest of the gator aid, smiled and thanked Sandra. Sandra ask if she can help with anything else as Luke came in with Rebel at heel. Frank sat on the couch with his dick standing up hard and told Sandra to clean him. She knelt between his legs and took his cock deep in her hot wet mouth, sucking and licking him. Luke commanded Rebel to sit behind Diann.

With Diann's ass and pussy exposed and Sandra sucking Frank's cock made Luke hard and his pants bulged like they were trying to hold a post. Frank saw the bulge and said.

"Luke can you help me here? I think I have a hot little slut that needs another cock." Sandra looked up at him without missing a stroke on his cock.

"Sandra if you do not want him to fuck your pussy use your safe word." She stood and spread her legs while bent at the waist with Master' cock deep in her throat. As Luke smiled releasing his cock. Sandra pulled off Master's cock to say. "Master my body, heart and all my holes belong to you. If it pleases you to share me with another I obey and will not object." and slipped her mouth back down on his cock.

Luke flipped her skirt up, rubbed the head of his big hard cock up and down her pussy slit to lube his cock. When his pushed his cock head inside her wet little cunt slowly pushing deeper. Her eyes flew open and she moaned on Master's cock. She thought Luke's cock is an inch or two longer and an inch thicker than Master's big cock.

She relaxed her pussy to accommodate the size of Luke's cock. He started fucking her with long slow strokes increasing the speed of his thrust making her grunt and moan as the fire flamed inside her in the form of a massive orgasm.

She never missed a stroke on Masters cock taking him deep in her throat as the big cock in her cunt pounded her pussy pushing her head down on her Master's cock. She could not hold her orgasm back and it exploded in her pussy making her clench down on Luke's huge fuck pole.

Luke pushed deep ramming her cervix and erupted cum filling her cunt with his love juice. Frank lost control, grabbed her head holding her with his cock shoved deep in her throat pulsing cum down her throat. He emptied his balls in her stomach as Luke filled her pussy and she gushed cum out around his cock.

Master released her head letting her pull back to suck and lick his cock clean as her body shook violently and her legs turned to rubber. Luke held her up with his cock and his hands around her tiny waist until his cock shrunk and she calmed. He pulled out and she stood up looked over her shoulder and said. "Thank you Luke. That was wonderful." He smiled and turned to Rebel.

She bent and kissed Master saying "Thank you Master for fucking my throat and sharing my pussy with Luke. I enjoyed that very much." He told her she could leave as she picked up the empty gator aid bottles and left the play room. Luke commanded Rebel. "Lick pussy." Rebel quickly stuck his nose in Diann's cunt and licked her hard and fast from her clit to her ass hole.

She jerked and yelped as the licking caused immediate shocks of pleasure in her cunt and ass. Luke turned to Frank and said. "Boss if I may say so. You are a very lucky man." Frank replied. "Luke you do not know how very lucky I am." "By the way, Boss. Mr. Gass and the ranch hands wanted me to thank you for the pay raise. Frank ask how the poacher is working out. Luke told him that Gass said he is one of the best hands he ever had. Frank smiled thankful he had made a good decision hiring the man.

He ask Luke how long will he need Diann's assistance. Luke told him between one and two hours. Frank told him to call when he is finished and not to leave her alone. Luke told him he will stay with her until someone comes for her. Sandra walked with a big smile and cum leaking from her pussy to the other girls starting to fix lunch.

They looked at her and giggled. Angela said "Well sis are you going to tell us why you look so happy and your legs are coated with cum?" Sandra giggled and said.


"Master made me suck his cock while Luke with his huge cock fucked my pussy. Master filled me with his cum at the same time Luke filled my pussy with cum making me have a wonderful orgasm and sent me away as Luke sicked Rebel on Diann." Janis said "Master let another man fuck you and they double penetrated you? That is so hot.

I have had a fantasy many times of Master and another man double penetrating me." Sandra smiled and said. "Don't worry Mom. I am sure he will make it happen. He treats us all the same. Oh he did give me the choice to use my safe word if I did not want Luke to fuck me." Diann is moaning with orgasms as Rebel licks her flowing juices from her pussy sending shocks of pleasure through her clit.

Luke commanded "Rebel mount." The dog immediately mounted her with his front paws around her waist and humped fast attempting to find her hot wet pussy hole. He kept missing the target and Luke tapped him across the nose with a finger telling to easy.

Rebel humped slower and found the object of his desire. As his cock slipped in her opening he rammed hard and fucked her deep hitting her cervix as his knot pounded her pussy lips trying to get inside her. She screamed and humped his cock as another orgasm ripped through her body. Her cum helped lube his passage and her pussy opened letting him pop his knot inside her cunt. She screamed again with the slight pain of the knot stretching her then her scream turned to grunts and moans as he drove into her making her to continue to cum.

He suddenly froze deep inside her and his cock pulsed shooting cum deep inside her as she had orgasms back to back. He emptied inside her and tried to pull out making her scream with the pain and pleasure of his big knot pulling her pussy lips out. Luke commanded him to stay and Rebel stopped pulling. His knot finally shrunk and pulled out. As his knot and cock pulled our of her seriously fucked pussy cum flowed from her like a raging river.

She went limp moaning in a half conscious state. She had slipped into sub space making her feel like her body belonged to someone else.

Luke commanded Rebel to lick and he pushed his nose into her ass and licked working down her pussy and back up to her ass until she was clean of all cum. She wiggled and moaned as he licked her clean. Luke commanded him to rest. Rebel move back and licked his cock. He knelt by Diann. "Are you alright little one." She weakly smiled and replied.

"Well used but alright. Thank you." He ask "Do you want me to stop now?" She did not know what else he wanted to do but answered. "If you are finished with me.

But I can take more if you need me. Master told me you can fuck me if you need to." He told her he would enjoy fucking her but he could go without it if she is to tired to take him. She told him if he wanted her to fuck her so Master will be pleased with her for obeying him.

Also she told him she could use some man cock after the dog cock that just fucked her senseless. He smiled and told her she is one tough little lady as he pushed his huge cock in the opening of her pussy. She squealed and said. "Ooooohhh. It's so big. Please go slow and let me adjust to your size, Sir." he replied. "No problem little one." and he very slowly pushed deeper in her pussy knocking on her cervix opening.

With the cum and his pre-cum lubricating her passage she was able to adjust to his size. She told him she is alright for him to fuck her now as her passage relaxed around his huge cock. He started fucking her with short slow strokes as she grunted and moaned feeling the pleasure building in her body. He fucked with longer harder strokes when he felt her try to hump his cock. He went deeper ramming her cervix trying to open it to let him deeper.

She squealed. "Oh that hurt" He pulled back "I will not go deeper little one." She said."No Sir go deeper take me. The pain makes the pleasure even better." He pushed hard forcing her cervix to open and let him drive balls deep in her.

She screamed "Oh yes soooo goooood." as she exploded with another colossal orgasm squirting cum past his cock driving in her.

He drove in her a few more times as she orgasm and held tight to her pulsing cum into her womb. The hot cum filling her womb made her squeal and gush more cum. He held deep in her until he emptied his balls and his cock deflated before pulling out of her body releasing a full load of cum from her pussy. Luke sat beside Diann massaging her back and butt.

She smiled and moaned from the gentle soothing caress. He ask. "Are you alright little one?" She weakly smiled. "I'm tired fucked but alright and happy." He grinned. "Ready for more?" Her reply was. "More? If you need me for more I can take more I think." He commanded Rebel to lick pussy. Rebel quickly started licking her ass and cunt forcing yet another orgasm to boil up in her pussy.

Cum gushed from her cunt as Rebel lick harder and faster trying to get all of it. Luke commanded Rebel to mount. Diann smiled and thought here comes another round of extreme abuse to my pussy and moaned bracing for a hard thrust in her well used little cunt.

She screamed and tried to get away as Rebels cock drove deep in her ass and started pounding hard with no regard for her feeling. She yelled "Oooowwww he's in my ass. It hurts." With Rebels pre-cum lubing her poop chute and her concentrated effort to relax and take his hot hard cock the pain soon turned to pleasure and she squealed and humped with another enormous orgasm squirting cum from her cunt.

Luke pressed his hard cock in her mouth forcing her to stretch her jaws unusually wide as Rebel fucked her ass. She moaned and tried to relax her throat and swallow his cock but it is too big and she gagged almost retching. She swallowed it back and Luke pulled back into her mouth as she sucked and licked his huge cock until he filled her mouth with cum.

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She tried but could not swallow his cum load letting some dribble down her chin. Rebel got his knot in her ass making her scream with renewed pleasurable pain as it felt like he was going to rip her little rose bud. She erupted with another volcanic orgasm gushing cum from her pussy as Rebel filled her stomach through her ass with hot dog cum and Luke flooded her mouth with his man cum.

She fainted from the overload of pleasure. Luke pulled from her mouth and commanded Rebel to stay. The dog froze with his cock and knot buried in her ass. She lay limp under the dog while still tied helpless to the dog fucking bench. Luke called. "Boss we are done." Frank replied. "Stay with her. I am on my way." He left his office and went to the play room." Rebel's knot shrunk and was slipping out of Diann's ass as Master approached the unconscious slave girl.

Luke smiled. "Boss that is one smart dog. He learns very quickly. I think a couple more training sessions and he will be as good as the others." "I want to say that Diann is a very good assistant and one tough young lady.

She did everything you instructed her to without hesitation." "I hope I did not push her too far." "Boss she took Rebel and me in her pussy, Rebel in her ass and me in her mouth without as much as a complaint." Frank laughed.

"Don't worry Luke. If I know my little pixie she enjoyed it as much or more than you and Rebel." Luke left with Rebel as Master untied his pixie girl. He gently picked her up and cradled her in his arms as she came to, blinking, smiled and put her arms around his neck resting her head on his shoulder.

He carried her to the couch and sat cradling her in his loving arms. "How is my little pixie girl doing?" She smiled. "Very tired, sore, well used, extremely fucked and extremely happy if Master is pleased and proud of me." Master kissed her as she hugged him harder into the glorious loving kiss wanting it to last for ever. He pulled away from the kiss and she groaned. "Does that let you know how pleased and proud of you I am?" "Oh yes Master.

Please kiss me again." He chuckled and kissed her long and passionately with all his love for her. When he released her from the kiss she gasp and said.

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"Oh my thank you master. I think I can take more if Master wants to fuck any of my holes." He smiled and replied. "I would like that very much but I think we should feed you and let you rest for a while." He carried her cradled in his arms to her room.

He stopped at the kitchen where the other girls were fixing lunch. Diann lay exhausted in his arms. They all looked at her and smiled. Master said. "Kim Li, bring gator aid to Diann's room, please." Kim Li giggled as her pussy leaked. "Yes Master, right away." and got two gator aids and hurried up the stairs in front of Master and his little exhausted bundle of love.

She opened the door to Diann's room standing aside as Master entered carrying Diann to the bed laying her gently in the bed after Kim Li turned down the covers. He sat her up letting her rest back on his chest as she drank the gator aid and thanked Kim Li. He laid her back on the pillow and covered her telling her to rest until he comes for her.

She smiled. "Yes Master. Thank you so very much for your love." He kissed her and turned to Kim Li standing at the foot of the bed smiling with tears of joy for her little sister. Master went to Kim Li. "I have something for you if you want it." She giggled, turned facing the bed, bent over putting her hands on the bed and spread her legs presenting her ass and pussy to him.

He pushed two fingers in her hot wet pussy coating them with her juices as she moaned and pushed on his fingers. He moved to her ass hole using her juices to lube her little puckered rose bud as he pushed his cock in her cunt getting it coated and slick with her juices. He pulled his fingers from her ass as he pulled his cock from her cunt. He pushed his cock slowly deep in her ass and fucked her hard as she felt the arousal of an orgasm pushing to her pussy.

She grunted and humped his hard cock in her ass as he slammed in and out of her. She is very near releasing the orgasm when he pulled from her tight little ass and rammed balls deep in her cunt triggering an enormously powerful orgasm gushing cum out around his cock as she shook and squealed. He fucked her hard and deep through her orgasm that was intensified when she saw Diann watching and smiling at her getting so thoroughly fucked. The orgasm lasted for a long time making her legs give way and he had to hold her up by the hips and his ramming cock.

He pulled out as the orgasm eased up. She collapsed on the bed panting and gasping for air as her body quivered. He left her on the bed as he went into the bathroom. Diann smiled at her. "Feel loved big sis?" Kim Li stood and smiled.

"Oh yes little sis. More loved than ever in my life. I am so happy to be part of this family and the slave of the most wonderful Master alive." She gave Diann a kiss on the cheek and went back to the kitchen.

The other girls turned to look at her as she entered with a big smile and cum running down the insides of her thighs. They giggled and Sandra ask. "Is our sister slave happy?" Kim Li shuddered and giggled.

"So happy I can't describe it. He fucked my ass until I was about to cum then rammed his beautiful big cock in my pussy forcing me to cum and fucked me hard until I stopped cumming and collapsed which was great.

But the feeling of his love for me almost made my heart burst with joy." Master walked in as they were all hugging and laughing. "What is going on? Did I miss something?" Angela turned to him with a big smile and wide bright eyes filled with tears of joy.

"We are just celebrating the love you have and show all us, Master." she hugged and kissed him followed by each of the other girls. He swallowed a lump in his throat.

"You ladies are spoiling me with all this love.

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Not that I am complaining. Please keep it up." They all laughed and finished lunch. Angela ask. "Master if it pleases you I will take Diann lunch." "Yes Angela she would like that.

She is pretty worn out." Monique giggled. "I think a better deion would be well used at this point." "I know I would be if I had been fucked by two big men and a dog twice and beat to an orgasm." I submit Step Daughters' Desire chapter 10 for your entertainment with the hopes that you enjoy reading it as much as am writing it as I work on chapter 11.

Please be kind enough to vote and comment on each chapter. CHAPTER 10