Die unglaublichen hentai

Die unglaublichen hentai
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Dildo Shift Knob My sister obviously knows that I am taking auto technology in high school, that's why she asked me to put a really big silicone dildo onto her transmission gear shift stick.

Her car has the shift lever on the floor with five forward speeds and one reverse speed. I said, "That thing is huge!" Ashley said, "Yes it is!" Then Ashley smiled. I had seen that smile before and knew that she had fucked herself with it already.

I asked, "Does it really fit in your pussy?" Ashley said, "Oh yeah! It fits!


Just barely with plenty of K-Y Jelly! I've never been that full before!" I just smiled, put the dildo up to my nose, and inhaled deeply.

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Ashley smiled and said, "I wash my toys after I play with them but there is a pair of my used panties lying on the floor in my bedroom if you want them!" I smiled and said, I'll be right back!" Then I went to Ashley's bedroom, picked up her used panties, and put them to my nose. I smelled them all the way back to my bedroom where Ashley was still waiting.

Ashley said, "Suppose I let you have my used panties every night before bed for a whole week so that you can jerk off in them, or whatever it is that you do with them! In exchange you will drill a hole halfway up this dildo and glue it to my stick shift!" I said, "Make it two weeks worth of your used panties and I don't have to give them back!" Ashley asked, "Are you going to sell my used panties to your pervert friends?" I said, "Maybe!

Does it matter?" Ashley said, "Okay! But we split the money sixty forty with me getting the sixty percent so I can replace the panties!" I said, "Well then in that case why don't we make it an unlimited supply and see how many I can sell!" Ashley said, "Okay but you better do a damn good job on that dildo!" I assured her that I would.

The very next day I took my sister's dildo into shop class and worked on it while the instructor wasn't watching. Some of the other guys noticed what I was doing and after I explained to them what I was doing they helped cover for me and kept the instructor busy elsewhere.


I got the hole dilled and the dildo put away quickly. For the rest of the day guys kept asking me to see my sister's dildo and making comments about how big her fuck hole must be.

I really got tired of hearing guys say, "If I ever get to fuck her I'd need to nail a board to my ass to keep from falling in!" After school Ashley assisted me when I glued her dildo to her stick shift. She showed me how she wanted it oriented and then I glued it in place. I told her to let it dry overnight and she said that she would. Then I told her about the guys at school and she just laughed.

Ashley said, "Don't worry little brother! I actually like having all the guys in school talking about me! Sell my panties to them for double what you were going too! I put last nights and today's panties in your top drawer. I am wearing each pair for eight hours. I wear one pair to bed, another pair to school, and the third pair in the evening! Is that going to be enough?" I asked, "How about some bras too?" Ashley said, "Okay!


Would you like my pantyhose too?" I said, "Yes I would! Used panties, bras, and pantyhose!" Ashley said, "Okay little brother but you better make enough money to replace them!" I said, "That won't be a problem after today! I have had several requests already for your used panties! They are offering twenty dollars so I told them forty dollars for a pair of your used panties.

However they want to be sure that they are your panties!" Ashley said, "Why not have then come here to get them directly from me?" Surprised I said, "You would do that?" Ashley said, "Sure! Why not?" I said, "No offense Ashley but you are not known to be all that nice to underclassmen!" Ashley said, "You're right! But now that I'm a senior in high school three fourths of the school is underclassmen! Besides I need some extra money to enjoy myself with this summer before I start college next fall." I said, "Ashley I have never heard you talk to me like this before!

Usually you're … well … a bitch!" Ashley smiled and said, "Yeah! I know! But since my boyfriend went to college I'm realizing that I don't have a lot of friends and I'm horny as hell all the time!" I said, "Welcome to my world!

I've been jerking off for as long as I can remember!" Ashley said, "Yeah I know! I hear you every night through the wall between our rooms!" I asked, "How come you never said anything?" Ashley smiled and replied, "Because I was playing with myself while thinking about you jerking off!

You and I have cum together almost every night for a few years now!" I said, "I wish I had know!

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Most of those night I was thinking about you while I was jerking off!" Ashley said, "Well I knew you were taking my panties out of the hamper in the bathroom! I figured that you were jerking off in them and that excited me even more!" I replied, "Yeah I was but first I smelled them and dreamed about you naked first then just before I shot my load I wrapped my cock with your panties so that I didn't hit the ceiling with my cum!" Ashley laughed and said, "Boys can't shoot that high!" I replied, "Thinking about you and smelling your pussy gets me so excited that I think I could hit the moon if I really tried!" Ashley said, "I'd like to see that!

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Suppose we both masturbate together in my bedroom?" I smiled broadly and said, "I'd love that!" Ashley said, "But first how about I try out this new shift knob?" With that I watched as Ashley lift her mini skirt above her waist and lowered her panties. She smiled as she held them up to my nose and waited for me to take them from her.

Ashley then licked the head of that giant silicone cock and positioned herself so that it was jammed up tight against her pussy. With a little effort on her part she slipped down onto it a couple of inches and paused.

I think she was catching her breath. She looked pretty today. I admired her nude from the waist down. She was turned facing the rear of the car with a knee on each of the front seats. Her hands were on the headrests and the dildo shift knob was just inside her pussy.

I never believed her when she told me that it fit. I watched as she forced herself down onto it inch by inch. Then she stopped, threw her head back letting her hair fly, and announced, "It's in as far as it can go!" Then Ashley slowly fucked herself. I pulled my cock out and started jerking off. Ashley just looked over and smiled. She matched me stroke for stroke.

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As my hand ran up and down my cock her pussy slipped up and down that dildo. She watched my hand and I watched her dildo.

I was standing in the open driver's door watched Ashley when I hit my climax. I swear to God that first shot hit Ashley on the face. It must have been three maybe four feet but I hit her square on her cheek. She smiled at me and reached down to finger her clit while fucking that dildo. Shortly she was panting, beads of sweat formed on her forehead, and she whimpered softly. I had heard that sound before but never put two and two together to realize that it signaled her orgasm.

I watched as Ashley rested on that dildo. I started to wipe my hand on my jeans when Ashley grabbed it and started to lick it clean. I watches as my sexy half-naked sister licked off the cum that had dribbled on it and sucked each finger into her mouth. It was amazing! Then Ashley lifted herself up off that dildo and flopped into the driver's seat with her legs toward me.

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After watching Ashley lick my fingers clean I just had to return the favor. I knelt down in the driveway and placed her legs over my shoulders as I leaned into her pussy.

I was only sixteen so it is probably no surprise that my sister's pussy was the first one that I ever saw up close. As I leaned in further I started licking her cum from her pussy.

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It had a very nice taste and I just loved the fresh smell of her pussy. It was intoxicating! I licked and looked at Ashley's pussy for a good ten minutes. I only stopped because Ashley thought that someone would see us so she invited me up to her bedroom to finish. Okay! Up in her room Ashley took off her clothes and became my very first naked woman too. So of course I took my clothes off. Ashley got on her back on her bed and opened her legs for me to continue. I got on the bed between her legs and dove right back in.

I could not get enough of Ashley's pussy. I was hooked on her juices just like a crack addict. I used my fingers to open her up and lick it better. I was poking my fingers inside her hole just so I could lick them clean. Somehow during all of this I found her clit and brought her off to an orgasm that gave me more of her sweet juice to swallow.

Soon Ashley was encouraging me to fuck her. She said that she hadn't been fucked in five weeks, three days, and seventeen hours. Holy shit! She had kept track. Well since I had never fucked anyone before and she was practically begging me too I felt that I had to. So I crawled up far enough to slip my cock into the same hole that I had been licking.

Oh my God! That felt ten times better than my hand. I got so excited that I just started humping into her as fast as I could. Ashley tried to slow me down but I just couldn't. As her pussy squeezed my cock I couldn't help but wonder how that big dildo had fit in her and she could still squeeze my normal size cock.

All I knew was that it was the best feeling I had ever had. I cum and I cum in her love hole as I continued to thrust into her pussy. Finally I just laid down on her breast exhausted.

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Ashley rubbed my back and whispered in my ear, "That was wonderful! I loved your tongue! It was better than any boy has done to me before!

You need to slow down with your fucking your just too excited but after we do it a few times you will get better!" I smiled and asked, "I can do it some more?" Ashley said, "Yes! Of course! You really do need the practice and I really do need your cock!" I thought a moment and said, "Wait a minute!

You said that I was better at eating your pussy than any boy you have let! What about girls?" Ashley laughed and said, "Well little brother you are going to have to do a lot better to beat Cynthia at eating my pussy!

She has been doing it since we were eleven years old!" I said, "Since you were eleven! Holy shit!" Ashley said, "You know Cynthia always wanted to take your virginity! She'll be pissed when I tell her that I got it!" I said, "You would tell her?" Ashley said, "Of course I would! Why not! We are very close friends!" I looked down and realized that I was stroking my cock and that it was hard again so I asked, "Ashley can we do it again before mom and dad come home?" Ashley said, "Okay!

Then we can do it once or twice before bedtime too!" All I could reply was, "I like that!" The End Dildo Shift Knob 54