The aftermath of a wet ass pussy

The aftermath of a wet ass pussy
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Mind Reading Isn't All It's Cracked Up To Be: part 1 (mc, MF, inter, oral, facial, swallow, virgin) I attended the Tom Groeneboom funeral not leaving her side except using the bathroom once when she did. About 3 weeks after the funeral her schedule was back to normal and we had a date out of the house this time.

We had a friend whose bachelor uncle owned a no tell motel. It was hard to believe something that concealed could exist in downtown Hotlanta. We were invited to check it out.

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He offered to let us use the back office for making out or more but he gets to watch. He was a guy with a big clit fetish and was the one who introduced Fran to both straight sex and cunnilingus. She and I declined his offer and we went did several museums over the next several weeks. Eventually she got friskier and friskier. Tom was buried pi day (14th) and she allowed us as far cuddling naked in the TV room or cuddling and making out while wearing panties or more under the covers by a few days into spring.

We also planned a post-graduation vacation to Montreal for 8-14 July (for some reason leaving Canada on the 14th brought the airfare much cheaper than other nearby days).

I requested the days off and the manager was surprised but didn't have a problem with it especially with the several months notice. On 1 May, she was more nervous than normal. I noticed that she hadn't seemed to have a period for the past 6 or 7 weeks. I knew they usually lasted 5-7 days and we were fully naked together at least once every 3-4 days.

I asked her, "Did someone get you pregnant?" "No!" "Look, as long as you don't claim I'm the father I'm fine with dating a pregnant woman. I mean I know you've had at least one lover before me and. I'm digging myself deeper, am I not?" She couldn't restrain her laughter. "What ever gave you that idea!" "No period in at least 7 weeks. Isn't no period a sign of pregnancy?" "It's also an effect of medication for the problem I'm having treated." She couldn't stop laughing.

Mom wasn't often naked in front of Fran, but at the moment she was. "What's so funny?" Mom sounded depressed. "Your son thinks I'm pregnant just because I've not had a period in at least 7 weeks." "Well, the last time I didn't have a period for 7 weeks straight he was born almost 8 months after that." Pointing to me.

She hugged me with 3 limbs and kissed me right in front of Mom all of us naked. I grabbed her full ass with both hands (Fran was smaller than Mary in every dimension, but she still had something close to a phat ass).

Fran got embarrassed and disentangled with me. She pulled me into my room. "I've been on this medicine since a few weeks before the prom.

My periods were becoming unbearable, so this medicine stops them and stops me from getting pregnant. I had no one I wanted to do anything that might get me pregnant with. If that makes any sense." "It does." "I want to wait 9 or 10 weeks before we do straight sex, but there are things we can do that won't give us s baby." "I've wanted to try cunnilingus for a while.

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I really hope I can do it well enough for you to enjoy." "Thank you, you've been so good to me." I kissed her face as I rubbed her ass then kissed down her neck. She takes me to the bathroom and gently washes my cock clean. She offers the same washcloth to return the favor and declined, telling her, "You smell too yummy to make me want any change to the taste." She asked me where I'd like to put my cum.

I wanted her to swallow but I wasn't going to guilt her into it, so I said, "your mouth." She gulped nervously and lead me back to my room by my cock. She sank to her knees and said, "Please don't hurt me. I'll take as much of you in as I can." I give her a constant stream of praise. I wasn't sure if I was sharing my emotions to those near me in both my heart and in space (not just one or the other, but both).

I didn't realize how much until the end of the evening. She licked and sucked my cock as she moaned in pleasure.

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She stopped and let me restrain my orgasm from happening about 20 seconds into her BJ. By about a minute and a half into her she took me as deeply as she could (maybe a pinky width from a full deep throat). She swallowed and I went mute from pleasure overload.

I couldn't stop my orgasm even if I tried. She backed off my cock, slipped him under her tongue, covered her crotch with her left hand (no jilling, just shielding). I squirted into her mouth as she had an orgasm from GIVING head. She shakily took to her feet embraced me, Frenched me and shoved my orgasm into my mouth. She covered my mouth with her left hand and whispered into my left ear, "I swallowed some and you swallow some." I swallowed my cum and she Frenched me to verify this I broke the kiss and asked, "Why, please?" "I puked every time I swallowed a full load.

I'm willing to risk swallowing most if you're willing to swallow some too." "Okay, but you get to lick my cock clean after we start having straight sex together." "I lick your sex clean after that, so do you." I shrugged. I was nonplussed by the taste of my cum. I'd balk at swallowing another man's cum because that seems homosexual; swallowing my own is narcissistic, not homosexual, at least to me. "Did you have an orgasm?" She nodded, "I almost squirted. I've never got turned on giving head before, but I wasn't just damp from it, I came heavily." "Let's lay together." Nothing else was said for minutes, we just embraced and lazily petted each other.

I ended the silence, "Thank you. I'm grateful beyond words." "You're welcome." I slowly kiss down, dodging her pussy until after I work my way up from her lower thighs.


I dived in with no patience. "Slowly!" She pushed my head away from her. "Be gentle with her, she's sensitive." I nodded.

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I opened my mind to her desires and gently licked and sucked parts of her I wasn't even sure of the name of yet. I was having trouble focusing because her emotions were bleeding through and her taste was so wonderful these were distracting. Then she somehow hooked her right foot between my legs and rubbed my balls. She stopped rubbing as soon as she realized where her foot was but I brought my legs together before she could withdraw the foot.

I don't know why, just did. I felt her pleasure and I figured unless I disengaged my link with her I'd cum all over her foot and ankle when she had her first orgasm. I did disengage when she was close to her first orgasm of this sex act. She grabbed my head and shoved me into her sex as she moaned low.

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I continued to stimulate her while she came which gave her several other orgasms. I relinked to see how to make her squirt. I felt how close she was but she was too scatter-minded to let me know. I just tried whatever. Licking between her labia, giving her clit fellatio (it was big enough to call what I fed fellatio.


That sounds so gay when I say it like that, but I'm a heterosexual whose never sexually pleasured any man except myself). I moved my face to French kiss her labia. I shot my load all over her foot and ankle as she gave me a facial. "If I know you would be that good I'd have swallowed every drop when I fellated you earlier." She called for my mom and asked permission to spend the night.

She also asked for her help in allowing her mom to go along. I decided to try influencing her mind. I succeeded. Mom asked me what had happened. I told her the truth, "She had an orgasm when I came in her mouth." Fran's jaw dropped and she blushed. "I got her to squirt." Mom told her, "Don't be embarrassed, dear. Just be glad you have a man who wants the taste of pussy on his tongue." She whispered in my ear, "I had a huge orgasm about the time she made you cum." I was certain mom knew but obvious she didn't tell anyone.

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We showered and then went to bed together. I wondered where the line was, so I read her mind. She both wanted my cock in her and didn't. She dreaded getting pregnant at her age. She feared what they'd do to a half-black baby and she was hoping they'd banish her if i get her pregnant. So I just cuddled her and kissed her left ear as we spooned.

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Didn't even cop a feel. Lame, I know, but if I had been thinking about it, I'd have been forced to acknowledge that I had already fallen for her. * * * I had worked as an 'customer service representative' for an internationally known pizza chain (I answered phones, made pizzas, etc.). I made minimum wage, but sometimes the customers tipped and I got that if I was the one tipped or the manager on duty would split it among the CSR(s) working, usually one unless it was foreseen as a busy night.

Mom didn't tap my wages usually. And when she did she paid me back the next paycheck or two, so my money was my money. In the winter portion of March, I requested the week off (8-14 July). On 11 June, I asked to verify that I had those days off and when the boss said, "No, you're working at least 3 of those days." I came in the next day with me resignation.

And he asked for an explanation. "The only woman I've ever loved like a wife and I have a vacation planned and paid for, non-refundable, so I won't cancel it unless you hand me a check to reimburse the costs.

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This is why I asked for those days off so far in advance. This is why I confirmed I had those days off late April so I could know whether or not to pay the rest (or lose the $50 deposit). I regret this had to end like this." "You're not coming back here." "You choose who works here and who doesn't.

I still have 3 minutes until I must clock in." I texted Fran and mom to bring them up to date. Three texts because some I wanted both to know and one tailored for each, because I wasn't going include Mom on a text about what I wanted to do with Fran, when we got on the plane and our hotel room.