Gay sex How can a scene inbetween Kyler Moss and Elijah White get any

Gay sex How can a scene inbetween Kyler Moss and Elijah White get any
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BRIEF WARNING: This story contains sexual material involving an young adult woman having sex with an underage 15 year old boy. If you are offended by such material, then this story isn't for you. Nathan Turner's first day at his new school was as to be expected, a rather hectic one.

Being fifteen and starting at a new school isn't easy. You've already got a set group of friends. Then you have to say goodbye to them and try and fit into a completely new crowd who usually don't take well to strangers. It's like a pack of wolves when a lone wolf makes its way to the grounds. But for Nathan it was even harder.

He never exactly fit in too well at his old school. He had worked hard to make the friends he had gotten; most over a period of several years. Now it was like he was back at the start again with a completely clean slate. At fifteen he didn't want a clean slate.

He wanted friends. After a couple of weeks at the new school Nathan still wasn't making any friends. The only person that he seemed to be getting along with at the school was Ms Kripke, his English teacher.

Nathan liked English. He was pretty much the only student in the class that did. He had an interest in writing. Ms Kripke liked helping the students that showed an interest, and since Nathan was the only student in her class that showed an interest they developed a good friendship. Nathan really did think of Ms Kripke as his friend and he hoped that she considered him one of hers, because Nathan desperately needed a friend.

He hated being alone. It didn't take long before Nathan had developed a crush on Ms Kripke. She was very beautiful. She had pale brown hair and blue eyes. And she was only twenty-four. She had gone to university straight out of high school and finished her education degree with flying colours. Sometimes Nathan just liked to just sit back and watch her.

Sometimes he found himself watching her breasts. If he watched them for long enough he would feel his cock begin to stir in his pants. There have been times when Nathan has been home and in bed that his train of thought has gone to Ms Kripke. While his comfortable in bed he imagines Ms Kripke's naked body pressing up against his.

Then he takes his cock in his hand and imagines that Ms Kripke is working it for him. Even though English was one of the few classes that Nathan actually took seriously, when he looked at Ms Kripke, he couldn't help but get distracted. But he would always try to make sure that Ms Kripke never caught him staring.

And he hoped that he was doing a good job. At times Nathan thought it was kind of strange that he was finding himself attracted to a person whose first name he didn't even know.

But once he got another look at Ms Kripke, he forgot all about that and started thinking about what a beautiful distraction she was. On Friday after a long week and particularly a long day at school, Nathan finally got to go to his last period class.

And luckily it was English. What better way to finish a week that dragged on, than with a class he liked. With a teacher he liked also. There was also going to be a test. It was his first test at this school. While most other students cringed at the idea of a test, Nathan actually liked them. They were pretty much all multiple choice. So all you had to do was read the question and circle an answer.

It was pretty easy in Nathan's book. And nine times out of ten the teachers didn't have any real class activities to do for when you were finished. So when the test was over, you usually had a pretty lazy time filling in the rest of the class.

It had been three hard weeks for Nathan and he still hadn't made any friends. There were a few people he could talk to here and there, but he would hardly call them friends. He was starting to believe he never would make any friends. That he was going to wind up spending his last years of school alone.

Nathan had spent his lunch break in the library which was across the other side of the school from E Block, which is where Nathan has English. So he was a few minutes late to class. He walked into the room while Ms Kripke was in mid-speech. She had been explaining the test to everybody. When Nathan walked in, everything seemed to go quiet and the whole room seemed to be staring at him. Then he heard quiet whispers and giggles coming from the back of the room.

Part of him was embarrassed. Another part of him was angry and wanted to jump over the desks and slug whoever it was laughing at him. But that would never happen. Nathan was quiet and shy, and the least violent person in the world; regardless of his thoughts. So instead, he walked over to his desk and sat down. Ms Kripke didn't say anything about Nathan being late.

She simply kept going with her speech to the class. Nathan opened his text book and started taking notes. He didn't have to take notes but he felt like he should. When Ms Kripke had finished her speech about the test, she picked up a pile of papers and started handing them out to everybody.

They were the test. Nathan got started straight away. He breezed through it. He was the first one finished. There was still half an hour left in the class when he walked up to Ms Kripke's desk and handed her his completed work. She seemed somewhat surprised that he had finished it so quickly. "Are you sure you don't want to go over it first?" She asked. "I already have been over it, twice actually.

I haven't made any mistakes." "That's great." She nodded. "I'll go over this and mark it while the others finish up." Nathan nodded and smiled and then walked back to his desk.

But before he left he gave her breasts a quick but detailed glance. Ms Kripke hadn't planned on marking any of the tests today. She had planned to wait until the weekend, but Nathan was a good student. It was fair to say that he might have even been her favourite student. He was a very bright boy. Ms Kripke wanted to encourage that. And since she had the time, she figured marking his test before the others might help as a form of encouragement.

It definitely wouldn't hurt. Ms Kripke had also noticed how Nathan had been looking at her the last few weeks that he had been coming to the school. She certainly didn't want to encourage any of that behaviour, but she couldn't help somewhat flattered all the same. And she wasn't blind. Nathan was a cute boy, and she'd be lying if she denied that that added to why she gave Nathan some special treatment.

As the half an hour left of the class shortened and more and more students started coming up with their completed tests, Ms Kripke continued marking Nathan's test. It was taking her longer than she had expected it to. Then when all the students had handed in their tests and the bell finally rang, Ms Kripke was still marking Nathan's test. She was almost finished.

The students all got up out of their seats and ran out in a hurry. But Nathan waited behind. He liked to say goodbye to Ms Kripke before he left. But today he was also wondering what his marks were on his test. He was hoping she was just about finished marking it so he could find out what he got before he went home. Nathan left his bag at his desk and he walked up to her desk and Ms Kripke looked up at him. "I'm just about finished here if you don't mind waiting." Ms Kripke said. "I don't want to keep you." "It's alright." Nathan said.

"I don't mind. I've got nothing else to do. I want to find out my results." Then Nathan leaned up against the side of her desk as he waited for her to finish marking his test. His eyes gazed down beyond her blouse to her perfect cleavage. He felt his cock stir in his pants again.

As Nathan continued staring, Ms Kripke finished marking the test and looked up at Nathan. He had kept staring too long. He quickly jolted his head away hoping that she hadn't caught him staring. Luckily his hardening cock was hidden behind her desk. But Ms Kripke had seen Nathan staring at her. And not just that time either, but many other times before. But she never let on. She didn't want to embarrass him. "You've done very good Nathan.

You were one question away from having a perfect score." Ms Kripke said.


"You've got a natural affinity for writing." Nathan smiled. "Thank you Ms Kripke." Ms Kripke wrote down Nathan's final score on the front of his test and drew a big circle around it, and then she handed it back over to him.

He looked down at his score and he smiled again. He was so happy. Everything else around him seemed to fade away. All he cared about was his good score. He'd forgotten everything else. Nathan walked back to his desk to get his bag. He opened the zipper and placed his test inside.

Then he strung his bag over his shoulder and turned around and was about ready to begin walking back over to Ms Kripke's desk to say goodbye and leave. But then just before he started to walk, for a split second he noticed that Ms Kripke had looked at him with an unusual stare.

Then that's when he remembered something that during the rush of getting a high score on his test Nathan had forgotten. He had an erection that he had been hiding behind Ms Kripke's desk. He looked down and realised he still had it.

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His heart sank. That's what she had been looking at. She had caught him with an erection. "Oh, I'm sorry." Nathan said and quickly moved his hands over his crotch to cover the bulge. "That's alright." Ms Kripke said. "I was fifteen once as well, you know. I know what it's like. I had crushes on a couple of my teachers during high school too." "What makes you I don't what " Nathan stuttered out.

"It's alright Nathan. I don't care. But I've seen the way you've looked at me, so you can't really deny it. Don't feel embarrassed though. It's not a problem." "I'm sorry Ms Kripke." Nathan said. He felt an overwhelming need to apologise. No matter what Ms Kripke had said, he couldn't help but feel embarrassed. "I couldn't help it. You're just too good looking." Then Nathan felt like banging his head against the wall.

He couldn't believe he had just said that. If she wasn't pissed off before she certainly was going to be now, he just knew it. 'She had already caught me with an erection; she doesn't want to hear me saying that she's good looking.' Nathan thought to himself. He dropped his bag on the floor and then slouched over with shame and embarrassment. "You don't have to keep apologising. It's alright." Ms Kripke said. "And thank you." She added rather nervously.

"You're good looking too." She felt he needed a compliment after the shame and embarrassment he was feeling. "Do you really think so Ms Kripke?" Nathan asked. He was feeling a little more relaxed now.

But he still felt guilty. "You're a good looking young man. And you can call me Belinda if you like. You don't have to worry about the formalities." Nathan still looked guilty.

He looked like the cat that ate the canary. He was beginning to squirm. Belinda Kripke got up from behind her desk and walked up to Nathan and sat down on top of one of the student's desks right next to him.

"You don't have to feel embarrassed about your feelings towards me. If you want to talk to me about how you feel, you are more than welcome to." "I think of you almost every day." Nathan said shyly. He was embarrassed but he wanted to tell her how he felt. "I think of you while I'm in bed." Belinda Kripke was both shocked and flattered.

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In fact she was a little turned on. She hadn't been with a man in five years, and Nathan was a good looking boy. Then his young age and the fact that he was one of her students started meaning less and less to her.

"What do you do when you think about me in bed?" Belinda Kripke asked. Then when Nathan stayed quiet, and looked to be struggling to answer, Belinda asked an extension to her question. "Do you touch yourself when you think of me?" "Yes, Ms Kripke, I do." Nathan wasn't feeling embarrassed or guilty anymore.

He even moved his hands away from his crotch. He didn't care if she saw the bulge anymore. In fact he wanted her to see it. "Remember, I do have a first name. You can call me Belinda." "Belinda." Nathan said with a smile. "You really do touch yourself thinking about me?" Belinda asked. She had noticed that Nathan had moved his hands away from his crotch and she couldn't help but look at the bulge.

Nathan nodded. "Yeah, I imagine you doing all sorts of things to me." "Like what? What sort of things do you like me doing to you in your dreams Nathan?" Belinda Kripke asked. "Do you picture me rubbing my hands over your body?" Nathan nodded. Nathan was really surprised. He couldn't believe he was having this conversation with Ms Kripke. His dreams were coming true. "What? Do you mean like this?" Belinda asked, and then stood up off the table she had sat on and she reached out her hands and pressed them against Nathan's chest and held them there for a second and then she ran them down to the bottom of his stomach and then she pulled them back.

Nathan was shocked, but his hormones were raging harder than they ever had before and they made him answer. "Yeah, that was great. But I like it better after you've taken my shirt off." "Oh, do you?" Belinda asked. Then she reached her hands and took Nathan's shirt in her hand. Then she started to slowly undo the buttons.

When the last button on his shirt was undone, Belinda Kripke peeled back the sides of his shirt and started pushing them over his shoulders. Nathan held back his arms and the shirt slipped off onto the floor. Belinda put her hands on Nathan's chest like she did before.

His hard little nipples were resting under her hands. Then she slowly slid her hands down further and further until they stopped at the top of the waistband of his pants. Then she pulled her hands away. "You were right." Belinda said. "That was much better when you had your shirt off. You've got a really good body Nathan." Nathan smiled and blushed. Then he reached out his hands and put them against Belinda's stomach.

He moved his hands up and down her stomach and even brushed them over her breasts. Then he suddenly held them still. "I bet this is better with your shirt off too." Nathan said. Belinda nodded and Nathan got a shot of nerves, but he knew what he had to do. He started unbuttoning her shirt just as she had done to him. He did it very, very slowly. Then when the buttons were all undone he pushed it over her shoulders and Belinda let the shirt drop to the floor.

Nathan looked at her smooth body and nice bra clad tits. Nathan moved his hands across Belinda's bare belly. Then he moved them up and brushed his hands over her breast again and then just rested them there. He was feeling her curves through her bra. "I think it would be even better if I took this off too." Nathan said. Belinda Kripke nodded. Nathan got a strange rush of mixed feelings.

He was excited and nervous at the same time. Then he reached back behind her and grabbed at the clasp on her bra. With some pulling and twisting he finally got it undone and her bra fell off and landed on the floor in-between them. Nathan watched it drop to the floor and then he looked back up at her bare chest. This was the first time Nathan had seen real naked breasts. They were so big and beautiful. He wanted to plough right into them. So he did the next best thing. He reached out and took them in his hands and started squeezing them.

Nathan wanted more of Belinda's tits. So then out of a strange impulse, Nathan moved his face closer to her breasts and then ploughed it in-between them and started licking and sucking. Belinda Kripke gasped in shock, but let him do it.

Nathan pulled his face back out, and then took one of her breasts in his hand and started sucking on the nipple. Belinda let out a quiet moan. Then Nathan moved on to the second breast and started sucking on its nipple too. Belinda let out another quick and quiet moan as he sucked her nipple. "You're making me so horny." Belinda gasped out without even realising she even said it until after the fact. Belinda Kripke saying that turned Nathan on even more.

He gave each of her nipples a few more sucks each and then he went back to simply squeezing them. But he did it even harder this time.

While Nathan squeezed her breasts, Belinda reached out and started rubbing his body again. She moved her hands over his chest and stomach. She was moving her hands around a bit more frantically this time. She spent a lot of time rubbing his nipples.

Then she moved her hands down further rubbing his smooth stomach.


It gave Nathan a tingle up the back of his neck. Then when her hands reached his waistband of his pants, she didn't take her hands away this time, she stuck her thumbs in behind the elastic waist and stretched it out and looked down at his bulging boxer briefs with a smile. "It looks like it's getting pretty cramped down there." She said.

Nathan slowed down rubbing her tits a bit and nodded. "It wants out." Belinda then pulled down his pants past his waist and then they dropped down to the floor. Nathan then stepped out of them. Nathan then grabbed at her pants and opened her fly.

Then he pulled down her pants and they came down and Belinda stepped out of hers to. While Nathan was standing there wearing nothing but his bulging boxer briefs he kept watching Belinda Kripke's gorgeous body. Nathan could hardly even believe that she was actually standing before him wearing nothing but a G-string.

Belinda Kripke stepped closer to Nathan until their bodies were only an inch apart. Then she ran her hands down his back and over his arse and rested them there. She gently cupped his boxer brief clad arse cheeks in her hands. "You've got a great arse as well." Belinda said. Nathan wrapped his arms around her back and cupped her arse cheeks in his hands just as she had done to his.

Only since she was wearing a G-string, Nathan got to feel a lot of her flesh; aside from the bit covered by the strip up the middle. "So do you." Nathan said. Then he gave her arse a light squeeze. It felt so goods. It was nice and firm. "Wow, you're a frisky boy, aren't you Nathan?

Well, there's only one antidote for that." Belinda said. Then Belinda pulled Nathan's arse that extra inch closer to her and his body pressed up against hers.

The bulge in his boxer briefs was rubbing up against her left leg. Then she let him go and separated their bodies again. Then she sat back down on the student's desk she had been sitting on before. Then she slipped off her G-string and dropped it on the floor. Then she leaned back on the table and spread her legs apart to give Nathan a perfect view of her pussy.

It was dripping wet. Nathan let out a little gasp of breathe.

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It was partly from excitement and partly from arousal. It was the first time he had ever seen another woman's vagina before. A wet spot of pre-cum had developed on the front of his boxer briefs.

His cock was hard pressed against the fabric. It wanted to get out. The pressure was building up to more than he could stand. "Do you want it Nathan?" Belinda asked, and Nathan replied with a gentle nod of his head.

"Then get over here and make it yours." Nathan moved closer to the table until he was right in front of her. Then he grabbed at the waistband of his boxer briefs and then he bent down and slipped the boxer briefs right down around his ankles and then he stood back up and stepped out of them.

His raging erection stood straight out in front of him. Bulging and gleaming in the light of the classroom. It was smooth and hairless. Nathan had started shaving off his pubic hair recently. It felt that it looked better with it off.

Then Nathan took his cock in his hand and started stroking it slowly while he nervously waited to see what Belinda Kripke would say. "Oh, wow Nathan. It's so big. It's massive.

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I had no idea it was going to be so huge. You're a very big boy." Belinda said. Nathan blushed and smiled. Then he started stroking his cock slightly faster. He loved simply looking at her beautiful body and wet pussy. That was enough for him.

But he definitely wanted more. And so did Belinda Kripke. "Come here you big boy." Belinda said, luring him closer with her finger. Then Nathan moved in nice and close to her. His cock was only about an inch away from her. He was nervous and excited. He had a strange smile on his face. Belinda patted the side of the table she was laying back on. "Come hop up here with me. Let's get really close." Nathan put his hands on either side of the table and managed to manoeuvre himself up on top of it, and up on top of Belinda.

He pushed himself up off the table with his hands and held himself above her and looked down into her beautiful eyes. "Come here handsome." Belinda said and wrapped her arms around Nathan's back.

Then Nathan wrapped his arms around her neck and he pressed his body up against hers and gave her a kiss on the lips. Their tongues intertwined and circled around each other's mouths in a frenzied hurry. Nathan could feel his cock pressing up right against her thigh. It was cover bits of her thigh with sticky spots of pre-cum.

They broke the kiss and stared into each other's eyes. Then Belinda Kripke had a moment of panic. A wave of guilt washed over her. She was in a sexual naked body lock with one of her fifteen year old students. Then when she felt his sticky cock rubbing up against her thigh, all levels of realism exited her mind. "Is this your first time?" Belinda asked. Nathan shook his head and then Belinda started moving her hand down between their bodies.

Nathan lifted himself up off her an inch or two to give her some space. Then she took Nathan's cock in her hand and he jolted a bit with surprise. Belinda smiled and gazed into his eyes. She thought he had beautiful eyes. "I'll guide you." She said. "I'll show you where to go." Nathan nodded and then Belinda started guiding his cock back down to her body; to her pussy to be exact.

Then the head of his cock reached the opening of her pussy. Then Belinda let go of his cock and gave him a smile. "You can push it inside me now. You're ready to go." Belinda said, and then she wrapped her hands around the back of Nathan's neck.

Nathan pressed his cock up against her pussy and it made its way inside of her with a pop, and Belinda let out a moan. Within a split second, Nathan's cock had made it all the way inside her pussy. Nathan was shocked by how it felt to have his cock inside her pussy. It was so wet and warm and tight.

It felt strange and brilliant. He simply held that position to absorb the feelings. "God, you're big." Belinda said and then she let out a soft moan and whispered into his ear. "Fuck me now Nathan. Fuck me hard." Nathan was both shocked and turned on by Ms Kripke's sudden swearing. And it was definitely all she needed to say to get him started.

Nathan slid his waist back and then he slammed his cock back into her pussy and Belinda let out another moan; a loud one this time.

"Fuck me!" She screamed out and grabbed Nathan's arse cheeks in her hands and squeezed them tight. "Fuck me!" Then Nathan started. He was sliding his cock out and slamming it back in as hard as he could.

He was grunting as he did it. All the while Belinda was moaning at the top of her lungs and squeezing Nathan's arse cheeks as hard as she could. But Nathan didn't even seem to notice, he just kept fucking her as hard as he could.

A spark in Nathan's mind was afraid that he'd be the first to come and he couldn't keep going and please her. But as he was soon to realise, that wasn't a problem. Belinda started to moan and yell even louder and Nathan could feel her pussy tensing up around his cock.

It made fucking her feel even better. Her nails started to dig in on Nathan's arse cheeks, but Nathan didn't care. It helped at to the ecstasy. "Oh God, oh Nathan, I'm going to cum." Belinda moaned out in an almost unrecognisable and inaudible voice. Then her nails dug in even more into Nathan's arse and Belinda let out one final moaning scream as her orgasm reached climax and her pussy juices started spraying out around all sides of Nathan's bulging cock.

It helped Nathan fuck her even harder. It was a great natural lubricant. It made Nathan feel powerful that he could make a woman feel so good. He felt proud of himself.

Then as Nathan continued fucking her juice filled pussy he soon started feeling an orgasm start to creep up on him. His legs and arse started to tense and cramp and then his cock started to bulge and shoot out ropes of cum into Belinda's wet pussy. Belinda moaned again and again as she felt him start to cum inside of her and begin to fill up her pussy even more.

Then when Nathan's cock was emptied out he let out a sigh and laid down on top of Belinda with his cock still inside her, slowly softening again.

But he was still horny. He wanted to fuck her again. Then Nathan pushed himself up off of Belinda and down off the table and he sat down on the floor watching Belinda. He was puffing and panting, trying to catch his breathe. His cock was semi-hard and covered with cum and Belinda's pussy juices. It was shiny and slippery. "That was great." Nathan said.

"No, it was amazing." Belinda Kripke said, pushing herself up off the table into a sitting position. "I've never felt anything like it before.

You're cock was just so big and powerful. It just glided right through me. Nobody has ever made me cum like that before Nathan. You really made me feel special." "I've never cum like that before either. I lost count of how many times I shot into you. I've never felt like that before. I felt like I was going to pass right out." Belinda got off the table and sat down on the floor right in front of Nathan, facing him. She took his slippery cock in her hand and it immediately grew to being fully erect.

That made Belinda smile. "It looks like you're a bit messy." She said. Then she rubbed her pussy. It was covered in cum and pussy juice; inside and out. "It looks like I'm a bit messy too. Maybe we could clean each other up. Would you like that?" Nathan nodded. Then Belinda got on her knees and gave Nathan a little shove against his chest.

Then he dropped down on the floor and was lying on his back. It hadn't been a strong shove, but Nathan wasn't expecting it, so it was enough to knock him over. Then Belinda got down on all fours and stood over Nathan, with her pussy directly above his face.

Her face was right above his cock. "Now let's see how good you are at cleaning up." Belinda said. "All good boys have to clean up after themselves." Then Belinda placed her pussy right down on Nathan's face. He got the idea quick enough. He started licking and slurping. A combination of his own cum and Belinda's pussy juices swirled around in his mouth.

Then he put his hands on the back of Belinda's arse to keep her steady. Then he started pushing his tongue up inside her pussy and licking out all the flavours. Then Belinda took Nathan's cock in her mouth and started licking and sucking it. The rush of nerves running through Nathan's cock was amazing. After fucking Belinda, his cock was so sensitive. He was almost ready to cum again. Then more of Belinda's pussy juice started to drip out into Nathan's mouth again.

She was starting to cum again. Then her juices started spurting out quicker than they had the first time around, and Nathan's face got covered in it. He tried to swallow as much as he could. He could hear Belinda's muffled moans as she continued to suck his cock. Then Nathan's second orgasm finally erupted again and cum started spraying up into her mouth.

She was trying to swallow it all, but some still managed to leak out the sides of her mouth. When the gushing finally stopped they swallowed anything that was left and then Belinda rolled onto the floor next to Nathan. Then she shuffled around so they were both lying down face to face. Then they shared a kiss, and Nathan licked up some of his cum that was left dribbling down the side of her face and gave her a cheeky little smile.

"That cock of yours never stops, does it?" "Not if I can help it." "You're the best." Belinda said. Belinda took Nathan's cock in her hand and simply just held it there. It was completely limp now, but it was still far too big to fit in Belinda's hand. "God, you're massive Nathan. I can't believe you're only fifteen. You must be a freak of nature or something. I wasn't a screamer until today. I never screamed or moaned that loud during sex before. You turned me into a screamer.

That giant thing of yours will turn any girl into a screamer." Belinda said with a smile and a giggle. Nathan smiled. "I do what I can." He said. "I had to work hard to be this good." Belinda giggled. But then her face suddenly turned serious. "Nathan." She said. "You have to promise me something. You can't tell anyone about what happened here.

You can't tell anyone. Do you understand?" "Who am I going to tell? My Mother?" "I'm being serious here Nathan." "So am I." Nathan said. "I'm not sure if you've noticed, but I'm not exactly Mr Popular around here.

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So far since I've been coming to this school, you're the only friend I've made. None of the students want to have anything to do with me. I haven't got anyone to tell. Even if I did, I know better than to spread it around to everyone. I'm better than all that.

I'm not a gossip." "Thank you." Belinda said and held Nathan's hand gently. Her eyes were consoling. "You really do have the biggest cock." She added with a smile. "You should be proud." Nathan said with a smile. "You were this giant cock's first good time." Within the following hours the two of them continued talking. But as the time grew late, they both decided they should head home.

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So they both got dressed, gave each other a kiss goodbye, and then when they left the classroom they both went their separate ways. Belinda headed for the staff parking lot and starting driving home.

She was thinking about Nathan all the way. Nathan headed straight for the front gate and started walking home. He was thinking about Belinda, but he was also thinking about what his excuse would be for coming home so late.

He couldn't really think of anything good. So he decided to tell his mum that he went to a friend's house after school. He had gotten in trouble for going to a friend's place after school before because he didn't tell her.

So he decided that she probably wouldn't think he's lying. Nathan decided that forgetting to tell her that he was going to a friend's house was much better than telling her he had sex with the teacher. She'd probably never believe him anyway. She'd probably just think he was being a smartarse. His lie was definitely the safest option.

Then when he finally got home he told her exactly that. She believed every word of it. He did get in trouble as he had thought, but it wasn't as bad as he had expected. But now he got to keep his little secret to himself. Once his mother got through with him and told him what for about not telling her he was going to be late with his friends, then he went into his bedroom and laid down on the bed. He looked up at the ceiling thinking about Belinda Kripke.

He couldn't believe it had actually happened. Usually in dreams this would be where he woke up. A part of him kept saying that he was just about to wake up. But deep down, he knew he wasn't. He knew it wasn't a dream. It was too detailed to be a dream. None of his dreams were ever that detailed. This was the first time he truly was happy. AUTHORS NOTE: Please tell me what you think of my story. Regarless of if you loved it or hated it, I would like to know.

PS - I hadn't planned on writing a second part to this story, but if you want one then just say so. I'd be more than happy to write more parts if that's what people want. I love writing these stories.