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Nude men having gay sex on the beach and anal teen emo boys first
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Welcome to a brand new series that I have created. This took me over a year to develop so I hope you will take the time to read it all the way through the many chapters.

As with any Epic story it takes a few pages to get the story moving forward as there is a little background info that will help you. The story you are about to embark on was derived from an actual experience of mine.

My grandfather, who was very close to the end of his life, was diagnosed with cancer throughout his body. Sorry for the downer right out of the gate but&hellip. Anyway, I would go and visit with him every day at the hospital and every day this middle-aged father would visit his daughter across the hallway. I do not know why but this young twenty-year-old girl was slipping in and out of what they called a 'catatonic state.' The father would bring photo albums with him and would tell her the story behind each series of pictures.

He would bring her favorite books and he would softly read and talk to her for hours with absolutely no response from her. It was probably the most beautiful thing I had ever seen one human being do for another and that was to maintain the life they created and believed that it would return one day.

Then a few days before my grandfather finally passed away she snapped out of her catatonic state. From that experience I was going to write a short story about their love but that developed into this monstrous tale. I hope you enjoy it as much as I loved writing it.  Now, with no further adieu here is my creation…… Case Study 301 Currently flying 25,000 feet over New Mexico: Knock, knock, knock, "Hey Tom ~ Tom come on man ~ wake up, will you?

You told me to wake you when we were twenty minutes out ~ come on man you need to get up, now!" Tom began to stretch on the couch that slips out to a bed like a futon but a thousand times more comfortable, "Okay Jeremy I'm up." Tom lifted his hand over his mouth and coughed several times. "Hey how much longer did you say until we hit the tarmac?" Agent Jeremy Tucker was taking the two steps back towards the cockpit and yelled back at the makeshift wall that creates a private resting place for guests to sleep and said, "Come on man ~ I know that you have been up for like over thirty-six hours but you need to get your shit together we land in less than twenty minutes." Tom turned on his side, "Thanks Jeremy." As he rolled onto his side he felt a silky smooth, soft, warm and very naked body next to him.

Tom freaked out and rolled backwards and right off of the bed onto the floor. As he landed on the floor with a very large audible thump then he felt a wet slimy wet spot on his bare ass cheek. That actually made him even more worried as he had no idea why the hell he was naked his self. Jeremy heard the loud thump as Tom hit the floor, "Are you alright clumsy?" Tom wiped off whatever was on his ass cheeks with his hand and said, "Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, I'm okay I just woke up in a strange place and didn't really know my surroundings." Tom took a couple more seconds to recover from his deep sleep and got a hold of his surroundings.

The room was pitch black and Tom fumbled around the make shift room until he found his phone. He hit one of the buttons on the phone that gave just enough illumination for him to see two used condoms on the floor.

It was his sperm that was smeared all over his ass cheek. He looked up at the bed and he eyeballed his naked and very attractive witness to a quadruple homicide sleeping soundly on her stomach on the same bed he was just in. Tom's mind seemed to explode in shock and thought to his self, 'Holy… Shit&hellip. Tom!!! What the hell did you do? What the hell did you do?

You fucked a witness ~ Holy Shit! ~ Holy Shit what am I going to do?' Then he answered himself in his mind, 'Not panic that's how criminals get caught! Calm down you dumb fuck and think.' He found the small black button and turned the cabin light on. Once he looked around the small room things began to come back into focus.

He quickly made his way to the two used condoms and then a zillion thoughts ran through is mind. The worst was that he just fucked an eye witness to a high profile assignation.

He was totally fucked and he knew it. He was running through about twenty different scenarios of how to dispose of the condoms without being caught. Then as he was slipping his pants back on Tom thought, 'stop thinking like a fucking criminal would ya ~ start thinking like a criminologist where would you look for incriminating evidence?' Tom realized that no one would look in his satchel being the Agent in charge of the investigation and he could dispose of the condoms at the Camelot clinic.

Tom quickly made his way to the bathroom and got a few wet towels and came back to his lovely 'Jane Doe' and opened her legs gently trying not to wake her.

Then he cleaned her pussy the best he could. As he gazed at her flawless opal shaped face Tom seemed to be in a trance by her beauty. Tom's mouth watered as he played with her perky breasts and then her clean shaven nether region; it was like he couldn't help himself he couldn't keep his hands off of her.

Her pussy was still steaming like a volcano that erupted not too long ago. As his fingers traversed her pussy Tom's cock began to expand inside of his pants as he recanted how he fucked the shit of this unconscious beauty. Then his mind snapped back to reality as Tom realized that he just molested a totally defenseless woman. Even though it was some of the best sex that he's had in the past couple of years. He then went to the bathroom and flushed the tissues down the toilet.

Tom looked at himself in the bathroom mirror and thought to himself, 'you're not this guy ~ you know that you're a molester now? You know that ~ you dumb fuck? Look at yourself you can no longer hold yourself above any common criminal now ~ come on Tom snap the fuck out of it will ya!!!

Get your shit together man you have to act normal. Ya gotta act like nothing happened back here.' Tom splashed water on his face and collected himself and calmed down. When he came back out he dressed his witness back in her FBI sweats and then he took a blanket from the bed and threw it on one of the chairs to make it look like he slept on the chair by himself.

Just then he opened the door and slid the partition to the side making the cabin one room once again. Tom looked himself over and ran his fingers through his hair and collected his thoughts and tried to act as natural as possible. He lightly wrapped on the cockpit door, "Hey Jeremy how much longer?" Jeremy unlocked the cockpit door and Tom slipped inside, "Hey take the co-pilots seat there buddy. We are coming up on final approach here." Tom climbed into the seat and tried to act as normal as possible, "I love this Jeremy ~ I love when a plane lands it's a huge rush especially seeing from the cockpit." Tom was trying to make any kind of idle chit chat that didn't pertain to Jane Doe the witness that was still heavily sedated back in the main cabin.

Jeremy being an ex-naval-aviator brought the plane down with a soft touch landing. Several minutes later the plane was parked in a secret FBI hanger. Jeremy opened the hatch and slipped down the steps. Tom retrieved his sleeping beauty and carrying her in his arms he exited the plane.

Waiting for Tom in the hanger was a black Ford Caprice. When Tom reached the bottom of the stairs he was met by Agent Travis Carpenter, "Here, Sir, let me take her for you!" Tom for some reason didn't want to let her go.

The young girl was his toy and his alone, "That's okay Travis get the door and get in the front and get us to the clinic." Once everyone was in the car they sped away from the private area of the Albuquerque airport. "How long is it going to take before we get to the clinic Travis?" Travis looked in the rearview mirror, "About two hours outside of town sir." They traveled in silence until they got to the clinic as Tom nodded off ten minutes after they left the airport.

As they pulled up to the back of the top secret clinic named Camelot there was two Air Force orderlies waiting for them with a gurney. As Tom slipped out of the back seat the two large Air Force orderlies helped the young girl gently onto the gurney. As they were strapping her down to make sure she didn't fall off in the background walking down the hallway came a 6'2" blonde hair man with a pipe in his mouth. Tom could make out his blue eyes and slim build and as he came closer his blonde goatee came into view.

He held out his hand to Tom, "Hi, I am Doctor Miles Spencer PhD. ~ Welcome to the Camelot clinic ~ my clinic." Tom held out his hand and shook it, "Hey, Special Agent Tom Murphy FBI. You can just call me Tom if it's okay that I call you Miles or Doc?" Miles smiled and chuckled a little at Tom, "Yeah sure whatever makes you feel more comfortable.

Listen the guys here are going to take our 'Jane Doe' here to her room. I got your preliminary report and the report from my colleague Dr. Corzine from White Memorial Hospital in Los Angeles back in my office.

Look, ah ~ Tom ~ it is real easy to read a preliminary report but you were actually at the crime scene. The details that are stored in your head are going to be much more vivid and more concise than any report that I could ever read.

If you don't mind taking some time and come to my office you could fill in a lot of the blanks for me. It will really help me bring back our 'Jane Doe's' memory." Tom looked at Miles as they were walking back to his office, "Look ~ Doc ~ I'm not really sure what I could add to my report. I was pretty specific in my description of what I thought happened.

What I need to know is ~ whether or not our 'Jane Doe' was an accomplice to the murders or was she just in the wrong place at the wrong time." Miles opened the door to his office, "Tom, have a seat and let me explain what I do here and then you can fully appreciate why I want to re-interview you." Miles picked up the manila folder and read for a few seconds and asked, "You say here in your report that our 'Jane Doe' seems to be alert but just stares out into space?" Tom said, "Yeah I mean when I was at the crime scene I walked into the bathroom and our 'Jane Doe' was sitting in the tub.

She turned and seemed to look right through me but said something like 'protector or protect her.' Then she got out of the tub and walked over to me and climbed up onto my waist then the blank stare came back over her face once again. Your colleague ~ uhm (Tom began snapping his fingers) uhm ~ Dr. Corzine said that she was slipping in and out of some kind of psychotic break between her conscious and her subconscious or something like that." Miles looked at the Agent knowing that more than likely he went to an Ivy League School and graduated more or less at the top of his class, just like most FBI Agents tend to do, "Do you understand at all what Dr.

Corzine was talking about?" Tom said, "Yeah to be honest with ya Doc I'm not too hip about the whole 'psychotic break' thing and all. All I know is she appears to be 'zombie like' to me." Miles smiled at him, "Well, instead of me giving you all the clinical terms let me break this down to you on a very elementary level.

Think of your mind as a branch office of any typical bank. Okay, so, you have the tellers, loan officers, various managers and a safe.

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The tellers ~ well, they like facilitate your memories. They take your memories in their raw form and make a deposit or withdraw from your subconscious inside of your own personal safe. The loan officers and managers well they deal with much more complex memories or groups of memories. The safe ~ Well Tom ~ let me ask you this ~ what do you think is the most important thing inside of a safe Tom?" Tom quickly answered, "The cash ~ you know what I mean ~ the money stored inside." Miles said, "Well that is true to a point but the safe also has safe deposit boxes and inside of your subconscious, your safe deposit boxes are most important things in your own personal safe.

They contain all of your individual memories and each person has millions and millions of these safe deposit boxes locked away in their subconscious. Remember that as a customer of a bank you are bringing the most sacred and secretive things that you possess and you place them inside these safe deposit boxes so that no one else can get to them.

Well, in this scenario our 'Jane Doe' ~ all of her memories are still being stored in her own personal safe inside of her subconscious. Now if you want to access a particular memory, then you're going to have to go to her personal teller located in her conscious and then request withdrawing a memory from her safe in her subconscious. The teller working in her consciousness takes the request to the manager working in the subconscious and then the manager collects the memory from the safe deposit box in its raw form.

Unfortunately for our 'Jane Doe' the manager is not forwarding her memory from her subconscious to her conscious to the teller ~ hence the psychotic break. Now that is one problem but there is still one other problem that needs to be overcome. Even if the manager releases the memory from your subconscious the memory is released in its raw form to the teller in the conscious.

When it is finally delivered to your conscious then your conscious determines how to react on that raw memory.

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Tell you what Tom, let's do a simple exercise here just between us ~ and I'll show you how this works with a perfectly good brain. Tom I want you to think back and tell me the first girlfriend you had in high school. Did she break up with you or did you break up with her?" Throwing up his hand to Tom, Miles said, "Now before you answer let me tell you what just happened. As I was asking you that question, that became the request to the teller in your consciousness.

As the request was sent to the manager in your subconscious the manager went into you own personal safe. As the manager walks into your personal safe because I mentioned the words 'high school' all of your high school safe deposit boxes full of high school memories become highlighted in your brain.

Then the manager sifts through to find the memories containing the 'first girlfriend' you dated. That then highlighted all the memories of just that particular relationship for as long or as short as it may have lasted. Then finally the manager finds the specific safe deposit box containing the memory of the break up because of the key words 'break up.' Now that the manager has found the memory the manager hands it over to the teller in the consciousness.

Now, at this point the teller holds the memory back until the consciousness decides how to disseminate the information back to me ~ a complete stranger. Remember Tom ~ you are meeting with me for the first time. Tom you are going to want to keep your male ego in check you are going to want to show me that you are an Alpha male. So, you just might lie to me just to make sure that I do not find you less of a male if your girlfriend broke up with you first.

Let me tell you this Tom it doesn't matter to me if she broke up with you first or not. It happens to all of us at one time or other. The main thing here in this exercise is that there were key words that unlocked all of those safe deposit boxes full of various memories. I bet before you even thought about the actual break up your mind was instantly flooded with thousands of various memories of when you were in High School. That happened because of the key words, high school, relationship, break up etcetera, etcetera.

See that is why I want to interview you about what happened. The key that will open the door that is shut between our 'Jane Doe's consciousness and sub-consciousness it could be the smallest, tiniest little thing.

So the more information we can share between each other will be truly beneficial to our 'Jane Doe' do you understand that?" Tom digested everything that the doctor had just told him, "It was Roxy Hughes and that bitch broke up with me for a junior because he had a car and he took her to the junior prom.

How stupid is that doc?" Tom hung his head in shame looking all dejected. Miles looked at him, "Look Tom, if it's any consolation my wife of twelve years was cheating behind my back with the same guy even before we got married and still took half my stuff.

So, there goes my male ego. So why don't we start at the very beginning of this. I don't want you to divulge any FBI secrets or anything ~ just what would be pertinent to our 'Jane Doe.'" Tom took a deep breath in, "I'll tell you what I can, okay.

Well, this all started about two years ago. I was transferred from the mortgage fraud department and was put on a special detail in the Organized Crime Task Force of New York City to canvass the Moretti crime family of New Jersey and Staten Island. Salvatore Palandolpho became a person of interest for me and actually he quickly became number one on my list.

He would be considered a Lieutenant in the Moretti crime family. He was a 'made man' but he started taking a ton of trips all the time to all of these strange places. He kept a real low profile within the family and didn't really shake anything up. It was like he was part of the crime family but wasn't really part of it if you know what I mean? We have taped conversations and he did as he was told and never rocked the boat for the guys above him. For the amount of money he was paying up to his boss' he seemed to just sit around a lot when he was home.

He was considered to be a good earner in the family so they just left him alone as long as the money kept flowing upwards. As a matter of fact he was being considered to become a captain in the 'family' and run three crews and only answer to the big boss himself. What really turned my head was when I discovered all the cash purchases he was making in real estate.

Now, these weren't just any ordinary real estate purchases Doc. You are talking about prime commercial and residential places in like Manhattan, the Hollywood Hills, Malibu, Miami and overseas in London, Paris, etcetera, etcetera.

He was also starting several new night clubs and other legitimate businesses around the country without the 'family's' approval or knowledge. We had no idea where he was getting all of this money from and it was all being done in cash and the purchases were all in his personal name.

These purchases weren't made by the crime family just him personally. It was like he was setting his self with a plan B if he were to leave the family and make himself look like a legitimate business man.

When I started digging a little harder I found out he was making trips all along the border of Mexico and also into Mexico City itself. He was taking at least one trip every month for a couple days or so at a time into Columbia, Brazil, Ecuador, Bolivia, Venezuela and Peru.

Since I wasn't allowed to follow him I could only imagine what he had his hands into down there.

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Then every other month he would fly in to various countries of Asia-minor. What the hell he was doing in places like Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Dubai, Yemen, Omar, Saudi Arabia, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan? I mean such innocuous nations who would he knew there and what could he possibly be doing there? He was also going to Asian countries as well like China, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Singapore in Indonesia and the Philippines.

What in the hell would a Lieutenant in the Moretti crime family need to be flying to any of these countries and who was he doing business with? It just didn't add up ~ you know what I mean Doc? The more I dug the more I realized that this guy was using his affiliation in the Moretti family as a front believe it or not. I mean who does that? Who uses a crime family as a front to hide his own secret cartel?

I mean publicly everyone already knows that you're a criminal. I guess that was the real genius behind it all. No one would ever suspect that he was running guns, drugs over international boarders and kidnapping young white teenage girls and trafficking them into prostitution on the black market. He was the biggest piece of slime that a person could be. Can you imagine this guy was considered to be a bigger fish by the FBI than the bosses of bosses of the New York crime family?

He played his part perfectly and the Moretti family and other business associates were all kept in the dark. No one had an idea what the hell he was really doing or maybe should I say that they may have found out and exacted their revenge on him this past evening.

I believe if he kept going in just a few short years he would have been one of the biggest gun runners not to mention the biggest trafficker's of teenage girls and people across international borders. So, you see Doc our little 'Jane Doe' down there is either an accomplice to a murder or perhaps she was in the wrong place at the wrong time or she was being kidnapped.

What I need you to do is find out which part it true." Miles smiled at his counterpart, "Well, that's why she's here to work with the best. Why don't we skip ahead to you being in LA last night?" Tom looked across the desk at the Doc, "Yeah, well, once I found that Sal was making routine trips I put his name and face on a federal detain list if he left the country.

We really wanted to catch everyone in his cartel. I involved the DEA, Homeland Security, NSA and even the CIA if and when he went to Asia-minor.

A day and half ago Sal left through Atlantic City to LA. I wasn't notified until his image was picked up at LA because the Atlantic City airport doesn't have the updated software to have caught him before he boarded his plane.

I put a detail on him right away in LA until I got here. I was already twelve hours behind him when I arrived in LA. When I finally got my head down on the pillow I was already up for a full day. Then I got a phone call from the team watching him at 3:50 am to respond to Sal's room at the Viceroy Hotel, he had the Monarch Suite, only the best of the best for Sal." Miles cut in, "Okay, now Tom I want you to close your eyes and relax.

I want you to take me through the moment you arrived at the hotel, what happened at the hotel, at the hospital and anything on the plane when you came here, okay?" Tom closed his eyes took a deep breath in, "Well, I got to the hotel and spoke with the local police to obtain their version of what happened. Then I went upstairs to check it out for myself. Once I got off the elevator I took my time as I always do.

I take 'mental snapshots' ~ they teach you that at the FBI academy. When I got to Sal's door I noticed that there was no forced entry. The doorjamb wasn't splintered or anything. When I opened the door immediately on the floor to the left was one of Sal's bodyguards Tony Ricci. He was tapped three times in the forehead and three times to the chest. I'm sorry when I say tapped that means, shot, Doc.

I guess when Tony opened the door he got shot in the head then the chest. I then looked over at the couch and there was his second body guard Kirby Smith. Again there were three shots to the forehead and chest but there were powder burns on his forehead. So he must have been shot in the chest first and then in the head. Kirby's hand was still inside of his jacket gripping his 9mm in his holster.

The door to the bedroom was a whole other story, it was definitely kicked in. The doorjamb was splintered and black markings just below the door knob. When I entered the room I immediately came upon Alejandro Ruiz a Columbian cartel hit man. Alejandro happened to be thought of as one of the best at what he does. He's a very thorough hit man as they come. He typically kills everyone that is in a particular dwelling as to never leave any potential witnesses alive.

There had been four shots to his body that seemed to trail up from his stomach to his shoulder. Sal was sitting upright in the bed he had two shots to the chest and one to the head. Obviously Kirby the bodyguard must've warned Sal somehow before he was killed and when Alejandro kicked in the door the two of them must've shot it out together, killing each another. Also I noticed that there was semen smeared all over one of the windows. The room had a window that went from the ceiling down to the floor.

There were all kinds of sex toys scattered across the room. The bed had pillows everywhere and blankets strewn throughout the room. As I looked over at the bathroom door there were three additional shots that could have trailed downwards or upwards I'm not sure yet about that. That is something that I would like to find out from our 'Jane Doe.' When I moved to the bathroom there were two female homicide detectives talking to our 'Jane Doe' they were trying to console her and attempting to put a robe on her bloody naked body.

When I first looked at her she was naked and staring forward and her body was shaking like she was having a small seizure. I noticed that there was dried semen all around her face and mouth. She had her knees in front of her chest and her arms were wrapped around her legs as she rocked back and forth in the tub. I listened to the detectives trying to console her. They were asking what her name was and all kinds of questions about what happened.

That's when I pulled my badge and announced, 'I am the Special Agent in charge Tom Murphy' that's when our 'Jane Doe' stood up.


She was covered in blood from her hips to her shoulders. There was a bloody hand print on her left upper arm. She had blood splatter all over the right side of her face.

I noticed there was dried semen coming from her crotch area up to her neck. As she approached me she smiled and wrapped her hands around my neck then hopped up on to my waist and wrapped her legs around me." There was a really long uncomfortable pause in Tom's story as Miles could detect that Tom wanted to share something but seemed uncomfortable, "Tom the more you share the easier my job becomes.

Whatever you tell me Tom stays inside of this room the doctor patient privilege extends to you as well." Tom's face became red, "She started grinding on my crotch Doc. I held her closer ~ you know ~ hoping that would make her stop but that just made it more intense ~ I could actually feel the heat from her vagina against the shaft of my cock, Doc. I grew to full erection but her face never changed it was like she was staring out into space.

It was if she didn't even know what she was doing to me. I held her for several minutes Doc while she dry humped me in front of the female detectives, I felt so bad for her and embarrassed for myself.

I didn't know what to do ~ I just stood there ~ I just let her grind on me. Then finally the EMT's showed up ten minutes or so later and wanted to take her to the hospital to get checked out. When they went to grab her she said, 'Protector or Protect her' I really couldn't make it out and she stopped grinding on me and she employed a python like grip around my body with her arms and legs." Miles chimed in, "That's interesting.

If she said 'protect her' do think there was any evidence of another woman in the room? You said there was a lot of sex toys and a large amount of semen?" Tom said, "Not really sure Doc but there was a lot of semen spread throughout the room." Miles said, "So go ahead did she go with the EMT's?" Tom said, "No I had to walk her down and into the ambulance naked. When we made it to the hospital she finally calmed down to a point once we were in the ER.

When the ER doctor came in ~ oh her name was Doctor Jackie Brewster ~ she wanted to perform a rape kit as well as full examination. I took a shot to keep Jane Doe calm and informed her that the doctor was a 'Protector' just like me. She then released my arm. When they were ready to start the rape kit I was going to excuse myself from the room but she grabbed my wrist again and with an amazing kung fu grip.

I mean for a petite girl Doc ~ she's as strong as a friggin' ox. I then whispered in her ear 'Do you want me to stay?' she never answered audibly she just squeezed my hand even harder. So I stayed." Miles became interested, "That's interesting that she didn't speak but she reached out to you once again. It was the only way she knew how to communicate with you. So what happened next?" Tom's face became red once again, "Well, I mean I saw everything.

There was nothing left to the imagination if you know what I mean Doc? There was dried semen between her vagina lips and her anus. There were long streams of semen covering her stomach up to her neck area and of course like I've said before semen on her face and around her mouth.

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There were no visible cuts or bruises in fact the doctor said after the rape kit was finished that it appeared that she wasn't even raped at all. And that it appeared that she hadn't had intercourse at all that night. I don't know how that was possible with the amount of semen in and around her body. The Doc said that there was no trauma or vaginal tearing in or around her vagina." Miles scratched his head, "Well, that seems odd.

When you viewed her vagina was it red and puffy? Did it seem like it was inflamed in any way?" Tom said, "I'm not a doctor ~ Doc all I can tell you is ~ if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck then it's probably a duck.

I think the ER Doctor was covering something up but I can't call her on that fact." Miles said, "Well if you want we could retest her if you want." Tom panicked knowing that he fucked her brains out twice while she was unconscious on the plane not more than a couple hours ago and he quickly objected, "I don't think that is real problem here Doc.

I mean the ER Doctor was quite thorough. The most important thing for us is to find out how she ended up in that room?" Miles said, "Okay, my colleague Dr. Corzine where does he fit in the picture here?

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Tom said, "Well after the examination the orderlies were brought in to clean her up but she clung to me once again like she did back at the hotel. They took us to a private one-bedroom room with a shower. The orderlies tried to free her from me and when they finally did she wasn't catatonic anymore.

She fought for a short time and then the orderlies turned to me and said 'she's all yours buddy. We're outta here.' Then she climbed back on top of me and began to grind on me once again." Miles said, "Well, actually Tom lashing out like she did is a trait of a person who is catatonic." Quick Flashback: Tom felt embarrassed deep down inside and didn't want to reveal to Miles what really took place after the orderlies left.

Tom was left alone with the witness. He had no choice but to clean her all by his self as the orderlies left them in the room by themselves. With an appointment in less than a half an hour Tom had no female agent to turn to for help so he had to get to washing and washing quickly. Tom looked into Jane Doe's baby blue eyes and said, "Look if I'm your 'Protector' then you are going to have to trust me ~ Okay?" There was no response from his Jane Doe so Tom sat her on the sink in the bathroom.

He took his hands and released her arms from around his neck then her legs from around his waist. As he looked her over Tom felt that despite all the dried blood and dried male semen on her body she was very attractive. She has soft blonde hair that came down to the middle of her back that was still in a pony tail. He stared into her crystal blue eyes trying to get any kind of a response but nothing came. She had a nice small nose and her breasts were a small b-cup that of a younger teenager.

She was tiny maybe 5' tall and possibly 105 lbs if she was lucky but boy oh boy she was strong as an Ox. Tom pulled the shower curtain back and there was a small seat at the back of the shower and he gently placed her down on the chair. He turned the shower on but 'Jane Doe' couldn't sit upright by herself she kept falling to one side or the other so Tom put on the little seat belt.

Tom was getting wet and his clothes were now evidence in the case because sperm and blood was transferred from 'Jane Doe' onto his suit. Tom undressed figuring if she was catatonic she probably wouldn't remember a thing.

He put his clothes in the evidence bags that he brought with him and now was just as naked as she was. When he returned to the shower 'Jane Doe' was still sitting there staring into nothingness with her legs slightly open. Tom thought to his self that she seemed to be just like a human robot whose power was turned off.

Tom pulled the shower head from its place and began to cascade the lukewarm water over her demure body. As the blood and semen began to slowly rinse off Tom realized that he was going to have to really scrub the rest off.

Grabbing a wash cloth and soap Tom went to work. He closed her eyes and Tom gently whispered in her ear like they were long time lovers and said, 'you have such wonderful lips I want to kiss you so badly but let's clean the semen off first.' He started with her face as he washed the crusted semen away then brushed her teeth and tongue to make sure there was no semen left in her mouth.

Her body was still in control of her natural reflexes as evidence of when water moved into her mouth she spit the water out. Then Tom moved her arms to her side and began to wash her breasts and said, 'I wonder how old you really are? Your breasts are so supple I just want to suck on them all night.' Her nipples came to full erection as Tom removed the blood and semen as he washed her. Tom wanted to see if he could get any kind of reaction from his Jane Doe so he gently pinched her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers.

There was no response from his stimulation as she continued to stare forward at the shower wall. There were no grunts or heavy breathing she remained totally calm and perfectly still. Tom moved on kneeling between her spread legs he felt his penis come to life as he sensed the kiln like heat emanating from her vagina.

Tom then began to gently rub between her legs and he could feel the crusted semen begin to wash away from her labia. Tom moved forward to smell her while he continued to clean her upper torso. Tom couldn't help himself, he felt like he was snared in her trance, it was as if she was speaking to him telepathically somehow, he thought she wanted him to fuck her. Tom's first move towards his downward spiral was when he moved his tongue to her nipples.

He began to lick and suck on her freshly cleaned breasts and he had both hands squeezing them. She had firmness with her breasts that Tom hadn't felt since he was in college. To his shock there came no reaction of any kind or reprisal from her so he decided to continue on with his onslaught until she said no or some other type of detractor.

See it had been several months since Tom was with a woman and now he had a young vibrant sexual creature at his sexual disposal. As much as Tom knew that what he was doing was wrong he couldn't help himself. He opened her eyes as he wanted to look deep into her soul trying to find any kind of response from her but nothing came and he said to her in a hushed whisper, 'I want to be with you so badly but I know it's so wrong.

You're probably not even old enough for any of this. What the hell were you doing in that hotel room and how many guys did you have to fuck to have this much cum draped all over your body?' With a clean face and mouth Tom finally went for it. Placing his hands on her facial cheeks he pushed forward and kissed her on the mouth. She tasted like a fresh peach just picked from the orchard tree then his hands searched and caressed her freshly cleaned breasts.

Tom then grabbed a clean wash rag and continued to work cleaning inside of her vagina and anus then her legs. Tom pulled each leg outwards as he started with her foot and cleaned up to her inner thigh. As he rinsed her leg he noticed her perfectly pedicured toenails and thought, 'she must come from money to have perfectly manicured fingers and toenails.' There was no reprisal from her as he put her big toe in his mouth and sucked on it.

The sensation of sucking on her toe made her body shiver from her ass to her shoulders. The reaction caught Tom off guard as up to this point as her body seemed to be in a constant state of rigor mortis.

Then he did the same thing with her other leg and each of her other toes. He never sucked on a woman's toes before and her body involuntarily shivered making Tom build with confidence knowing that she really wanted him to continue on with his foreplay and to ultimately fuck her but she just couldn't tell him audibly. Tom rinsed the wash rag and pushed her knees up to her shoulders and very strangely her knees stayed exactly where he had placed them and Tom took this as yet another sign that she wanted him to jam his cock between her pussy lips.

He looked into her eyes to see if there was any change but there she was just staring straight forward out into nothingness. He could smell her musky vagina as the wash cloth did its job and cleaned the outside of her vagina. Then he looked over and saw there was a strawberry douche that the orderlies brought with them.

Tom read the directions and several minutes later her tender puffy pussy was finally cleaned inside and out. With his head so close to her thighs Tom took the chance and slipped his head between her legs and pushed his tongue between her freshly cleaned pussy lips. Again there was no reprisal of any kind or any reaction. Tom spread her legs further apart and pushed his head back between her thighs once again and began to lap at her vagina like a cat working a saucer of milk.

He came back up smiling, 'I love the smell and taste of your strawberry flavored pussy honey.

I wish I could have met you under other circumstances ~ Please dear god I hope that you are old enough for what I'm about to do to you.' With his cock hard as a refined piece of iron Tom realized that it was now or never to take advantage of his situation.

He thought quickly 'if this was worth it or not but how many times do you have a young viral woman sitting in a shower naked with her legs spread wide open for you Tom? Not only that but she is telepathically speaking to me that she really wants me to fuck her.' He felt like Pinto in the movie Animal house with an Angel on one shoulder and a Devil on the other. The Devil was telling him to 'fuck her brains out' while the other Angel was telling him that 'it would be wrong to take advantage of her' but his hard cock had a mind of its own and couldn't wait for the debate in his head to end.

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Tome rose up on his knees so that his cock came to rest against her slimy wet labia because of his pussy eating skills. Looking deep into her soft blue but vacant eyes Tom aligned the head of his cock between her outer lips and burrowed forward until just his head came to rest inside of her.

Her pussy was warm, wet and inviting as he continued his slow onslaught deeper inside of her. Once he was balls deep he felt this surreal connection between the two of them. It felt like he was being shocked with real electricity from deep inside of her vagina that shot thru his penis to his pelvis that then disbursed to the remainder of his body.

Tom remembered as he thought that he was being shocked continuously from her pussy from his head down to his toes. He felt that type connection between them was if it was meant for them to be together sexually that fateful morning.

Then Jane Doe without any kind of prompting wrapped her arms around Tom's strong broad shoulders. Tom whispered in her ear, "You like that don't you? You like the way your Protectors cock feels hidden inside of your naughty hole don't you? You like the way your protector takes care of you? You like to make your protector happy, don't you?" Tom unbuckled the seat belt and slid her ass towards the edge of the seat and from this new position he could push ever deeper inside of her.

In this trance that he believed had overtook his conscious mind Tom instinctively knew she wanted to have her pussy hammered hard and deep. Tom's thrusts were lengthy and intense, Tom felt that he was crushing her pelvic bone in order to try and reach her bottomless hole. Each stroke he could feel the tip of his cock push open her womb and that electric shock shot down his shaft.

Again he softly breathed in her ear, 'that's it honey take it ~ take all of it ~ take your protector's cock! You like the way that it fills up your tight little hole ~ don't you?' There was no reaction from the young lady as Tom was thrusting in and out of her vagina. Tom's knees and lower back began to ache with pain so he relinquished his cock from her soaking wet pussy and stood.

The young Jane Doe seemed to be instinctively connected to Tom's mind as to what he wanted and she wrapped her legs around Tom's waist and like her previous episode at the hotel suite that early morning she began to grind on Tom. But this time Tom's man meat was securely engrossed deep inside of her pussy like a plug stuck inside of a wall socket. Tom realized that she was really speaking to him telepathically otherwise she would never had began to fuck him back like she was doing and he said, 'that's it honey ride your protector's cock and make it feel good inside of you.' Tom began to thrust upwards but her baby blue eyes continued to be blank like a Barbie dolls it was as if nothing was even happening to her.

Tom closed his eyes and continued his onslaught of her teen pussy by forcing his cock as hard as he could upwards inside of the young lady as she continued her grinding in circular motions downwards on him. It really didn't take all that long for Tom to feel his orgasm begin to creep up his shaft as the friction between her velvety walls tickled the bottom of his mushroom head to orgasm that brought on embarrassment on Tom's part.

In his entire life he was never ready to finish as quickly as he was that morning. Tom's lack of intimacy with a woman for the past several months contributed to his lack of control but still he felt that to be ready to finish in less than five minutes made him feel less of a man. Unfortunately Tom wasn't able to stop the impending explosion as he was ready to erupt inside of her. Tom slowed his thrusts trying to prolong his love making skills because he just felt that he needed to last longer in order to pleasure his young vibrant sex partner.

It had been so long that he experienced that loving feeling of being between a woman's thighs. Unfortunately for Tom not being with a woman for over several months his stamina was not up to par and his partner's rhythmic circular grinding was pumping his cock just right and then without warning Tom shocked even his self as his cock let him down and like a semi automatic pistol his cock squeezed the trigger of that pistol and held the trigger down and Tom shot a full clip of small loads up her love canal that finally washed up against the shores of her womb.

Tom sat her down on the little seat in the shower as his legs began to buckle. Then Tom's cock was covered with her orgasm and his thick white chunky sperm. Tom pulled out of her and creating a vacuum situation and he watched his thick chunky sperm drain out from between her pussy lips.

Tom's heart was beating like he just finished running a 100 meter race. Grabbing her face he kissed her on the lips again, 'How I wish you could have been somewhat conscious for what just happened baby. You have such a wonderful tight pussy.' Tom sat on the shower floor realizing that he had just violated his only witness to a quadruple homicide but he also noticed how beautiful his cum looked funneling out of her pussy.

Then looking down at his penis Tom realized that his cock was still hard and he wanted a shot at redemption and he thought, 'what the fuck I'm already in enough trouble as it is. I won't get any more time in jail if I fuck her a second time and abuse her again.' Then aiming his pistol of a cock back at his semi-comatose witness and shot his cock back at her target and he hit it nice and hard as he slipped inside of her slimy-cum-filled-cunt again.

Tom now on his knees pumped fast and furious inside of her. The thought of doing something so criminal and illegal heightened his excitement. This new euphoria of being bad brought out his carnal lust to destroy her young pulsating pussy. His sexual fervor took over his mind and the excitement of basically raping a helpless young teen made him craze as all he could see was red and his mind had just one thought and that was to pummel her cunt.

Taking in his surroundings his excitement even erupted even higher as he realized that fucking or raping her in such a public place only heightened the experience as anyone could walk in and catch him made it even more enticing for Tom not to stop.

Tom was fucking her like a crazed madman who was caught up in his own carnal lust. Yet with all his prowess and strength he was still only able to last a very short time as his cock yet again let him down. Tom once again had cream-pied her pussy. His manhood was teetering on the edge of humility as for the fact that he came for a second time in less than twenty minutes.

Tom pumped several new large jets of his seed up her canal and into her womb yet again. After sitting on the shower floor for several minutes taking in what he had just done to this poor innocent girl who couldn't defend herself Tom fell into a spell of self loathing.

Tom emotions took the best of him as for the first time in his adult life he came to tears knowing how badly he violated this young girl. He brought shame to his self and his family. Shrouded in his own self loathing Tom then decided to dedicate his self to clearing this young girls name if she was guilty or if she was innocent making sure that she would be made whole once again.

Then he douched her again as to erase all evidence of his sins. Back to the present: Miles was snapping his fingers in the air at Tom and he said, "Tom ~ Tom ~ Tom, are you alright?" Tom looked at the psychiatrist sitting behind his desk and to snapped back out of his daydream, "Ah ~ Ah yeah Doc?" Miles said, "Hey Tom you alright? You kind of spaced out there for a minute you okay?

Or were you remembering how nice her body looked naked when you had to wash it?" Tom caught himself and remembered what Miles asked him and said, "Yeah, yeah, yeah Doc the orderlies left me alone with her grinding on my crotch and on my own to clean her up. It was real hard Doc to clean her up. You've seen her body ~ she's so beautiful and all. I mean ~ they never prepared me for that at the FBI Academy." Miles was giggling and raising his eyebrows up and down and said, "Yeah I bet it was real tough to clean her up huh?

Don't worry Tom I'm sure that nothing happened you don't become a Special Agent with the FBI by making dumb mistakes like having sex with a witness. So you cleaned her and took her down to Dr.

Corzine?" Tom wanted to steer clear of this part of the conversation as he just remembered what he did to that poor little girl and quickly said, "Yeah ~ yeah Doc. I cleaned her up and then took her down to see your colleague Dr. Corzine." Miles asked, "What happened next?" Tom giggled a little, "I sat in Dr.

Corzine's office trying to stay awake as he drilled her with question after question as she sat there with no response at all." Miles then said, "Okay, so what happened next?" Tom said, "Your colleague called you and we made the arrangements to bring her here. Dr. Corzine gave her a heavy sedative that would knock her out for several hours so she could fly from LA to New Mexico without freaking out on the plane if she snapped out of her psychotic break and all." Miles said, "Now, Tom I know that you are the Special Agent in charge for this case but you and I need to work hand in hand to help her reconstruct what happened to this young lady.

If she breaks her catatonic state as you say she's in then we need to be ready with all the answers for her. You should know that anything that she discloses to me that does not have anything to do with this case I cannot share that information with you. Likewise you are going to come across information that you cannot share with me but we do need to work together and find our common ground if you want to piece back this young girls memories." Tom stood up offered his hand to the good doctor, "Look Doc I will do my part but I need to get back to LA and to the crime scene." Tom stood and shook hands with Miles and then bolted for the airport.

Several hours later: Dr. Miles Spencer sat in his office when one of the floor nurses knocked on his door. "Excuse me sir but the patient in room 15 she is finally awake. Would you like me to escort her here for her first session?

Miles looked at his watch, "Yeah I have some time. Sure Amanda why don't you bring her down." Meanwhile back in LA at 18:30 hours: Tom was restless after returning to LA. He just couldn't get the crime scene out of his head and thought if he returned to it maybe something would jump out at him and give him some sort of direction on how to attack this case. At this point Tom had been up for over 48 continuous hours and sleep was the one thing he really craved aside from getting something to eat as it had been over two days since he had a real meal instead of a steady stream of coffee and Red Bull's.

Meeting Tom at the FBI hanger in LA was Agent Eric Walker, "Hey boss." Eric walked over and took Tom's satchel from him and walked him over to the Caprice cruiser and opened the door.

Tom slipped in the back, "Thanks 'E' ('E' was Eric's nickname) I'm just about on empty right now." Eric began to chuckle, "Yeah, you look like shit boss!" Eric shrugged his shoulders, "Sorry boss but I think I need to get you back to the hotel and get something to eat and let you get at least eight hours." Tom shut the door as Eric ran to the driver's side and slipped in.

Once they were on the way Tom said, "E take me back to the crime scene would ya. I need to look around at least one more time before we clear it for the hotel to clean it." Eric knowing how relentless his boss could be said, "Look boss I understand that you want to go back but our team is here from Jersey now and those two LA female homicide detectives went over the room with a fine toothed comb as well as the crime lab people.

Let it go for a few hours and set up meetings with the guys and the LA detectives tomorrow this thing isn't going anywhere, boss." Tom chuckled, "You're probably right E but for some reason I feel like I owe it to that young 'Jane Doe' to at least take one more look see before they clean it up." Eric said, "Okay you're the boss but you really need to get some sleep besides Section Chief Morales is expecting your call at 9 am tomorrow morning.

You can't just have a high profile assignation go off with no explanation." Tom said, "Well, I guess you better get me back to the scene so I can look it over again so I can at least get five to six hours of sleep." When they got back to the hotel and the scene of the crime Eric handed the car keys back to Tom and said, "Here you go boss I'll get a ride back with Lambert.

Unlike you boss I want to grab something to eat and try to get ten hours of sleep before we start again tomorrow." Tom chuckled, "You know you're the young Turk here you should be the one on like zero sleep and hung over while working sixteen hours a day. It just seems like the roles are reversed here. Look, I need to talk to Lambert then I'll send him out to ya. Just don't stay out so late okay. We will be starting early tomorrow morning." Waiting for Tom in the lobby was Agent Danny Lambert, "Geesh boss you look like shit!

You need to get some sleep!" Tom smirked back his underling, "Wait until you have my job and responsibilities and we'll see how you look.

So tell me is there anything new?" Lambert said, "Yeah boss we are getting the tapes of the front desk when they checked in. Until then the hotel is complaining because we have the whole floor shut down. They need it back as soon as possible sir." Tom said, "Well when we're done then we're done and that's that.

Oh yeah, you can get out of here 'E' is waiting for you outside. Don't party too much tonight tomorrow is going to be an even longer day." Tom made his way to the elevator and there was a police officer there and he showed him his ID. Then when he got off on the top floor there were several more officers that he had to show his ID to before he was let back in the crime scene.

Returning to the scene of the crime was a morbid sense of curiosity for him. He looked at the door then walked in and said to himself out loud as he thought he was by his self, 'Tony you just opened the door ~ why?

Were you in on it?' To his surprise Karen Morgan and Gemma Porter the two female homicide Detectives that were helping with the young lady still known as 'Jane Doe' were also at the crime scene. Tom walked through the crime scene as the only difference was the dead bodies had been removed.

Tom approached the two detectives, "Hello, detectives have we found out anything about our 'Jane Doe?'" Gemma who always wanted to be an FBI agent wanted to impress Tom and chimed in first holding up a clear plastic bag with a cell phone inside and said, "Yeah, we found her phone under the bed." Gemma held up a plastic bag with red tape on the top, "See." Gemma had a large smile on her face looking for some kind of approval like a young high school teenager meeting a rock star, "It's a pre-paid and there are only a few phone calls in the history.

None of the calls matches any of the dead parties just two to a girl and two more to a taxi service around 2 am then a 911 call at 3:14 am." Tom looked at the phone through the plastic bag, "Did you get any prints off of it?" Gemma said, "No we are going to take all this stuff back to the lab." Tom then moved over to his satchel, "Here you are going to need these too.

Since the witness hopped up on me and stained my clothes they are evidence now. So did we get a name from the phone as to who our 'Jane Doe' is?" Gemma smiled and in a teasing tone she said, "You mean your new girrrrllll&hellip.friend?" Gemma holding her hand to her mouth as she giggled at Tom and said," I don't know how you kept a straight face with Jane Doe dry humping you like that in front of all of us." Tom in a sarcastic tone said, "Well, as an FBI Agent you're trained to put things like that behind you.

So, Karen is it? Did we get any names from the phone?" Karen turned and said, "Yeah we found out her name, the girl she called in the wee hours of the morning was her friend. She said her name is Debby Reynolds. I guess when she saw the phone number come up on her phone she assumed that it was our Jane Doe.

Without any provocation she just blurted out, 'well it's about time Karen!' Then when she heard that I was a homicide detective she revealed that our Jane Doe's real name is Karen Valentine and is a freshman or a sophomore at UCLA. But that is all we got as she hung up the phone and never answered it again after we told her that she was dead as you had requested." Tom smiled, "Okay, so the girlfriend is Debby Reynolds ~ you've got to be joking ~ right?

She actually told you that our Jane Doe's real name is Karen Valentine? The actress that played in the '70's TV Show Room 222? Okay so that is an alias or someone has a horrible sense of humor. Did you do some follow up with the name?" Gemma said, "Yeah, well whether we like it or not it's our only lead and there is a Karen Valentine registered at UCLA and is from Tulsa, Oklahoma." Inside Tom felt a huge sigh of relief knowing that he didn't commit statutory rape with a teenager he only raped a semi-comatose co-ed.

Trying to act as natural as possible he said, "So we need to canvas the campus but we should also do USC and the other campuses around town. If you and the other officers in you precinct can take the campuses I have the manpower to look into the Oklahoma thing." Gemma smirked and said, "You know that's going to take some major time. These are not small campuses it's going to take more time than you think.

You know Tom you look a little tired are you hungry too?" Tom rubbed his stomach and said, "I'm tired as hell ~ been up for two full days now but would love to get something to eat! Look I need to make a quick call and I'll meet you two down in the lobby and you can take me to one of your favorite haunts if you like." Karen brushed by Tom and flashed a sexy smile at him, "You've got it big boy see you downstairs." Meanwhile back in New Mexico at the Camelot Clinic: Dr.

Miles Spencer was at his desk awaiting his 'Jane Doe' just before she arrived he received a phone call from Tom Murphy. Miles held the phone receiver and said, "Hey Tom have you found anything new that I can use?" Tom said, "Yeah our 'Jane Doe' is actually going by the name Karen Valentine from Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Personally I think it's an alias but I hope that this helps a little there Doc as that's all we got for right now." Miles said, "Yeah it is going to help tremendously you called at the right time.

I am about to have my first session with our 'Jane Doe' or should I say Karen Valentine." Miles hung the phone up and his newest patient was being helped through the door and sat on the large comfortable couch that faced Miles empty chair. Miles stood as the orderlies left the room Miles sat across from his new patient and began, "Hello, Karen." He smiled and waited for a response then he said, "Okay, so you're not ready yet.

That's okay we have all the time in the world……" Back at the Viceroy Hotel lobby in LA: Gemma and Karen were sitting on a couch in the lobby waiting for Special Agent Tom Murphy to emerge from the elevator when Gemma turned to Karen and said, "So, what do you think of Special Agent Tommy boy of the FBI?

He's cute right?" Karen chuckled and said, "Oh, come on Gemma you know I'm not interested in guys. I would love to take you home with me tonight rather than him.

My girlfriend Danielle is in New York for the week on business, why don't we make nicey, nice to our new friend upstairs and then you and I go back to my place and see if there is any magic between us." Gemma said, "Look Karen I don't think I'm ready to be with you just yet.

I would prefer a one on one session between us just to see if I could really handle being with another woman in bed at the same time. Hey, I've got an idea! What if we lure ole Tommy boy upstairs back to your place since Danielle is gone and the three of us have some fun!" Gemma turned and grabbed Karen's hands and looked her directly in the eyes, "Just hear me out.

The three of us together would mean that you and I could find out if I can handle being with a woman once and for all." Karen sat silent for a few seconds then turned and smiled, "Look you would really be with me? Wow! I never thought I would be able to scale that heterosexual wall of yours and lead you down the path to bi-sexuality!

You know I do have a little secret of my own. Something that you might find interesting, Danielle and I have been talking about having a baby for over a year now. She volunteered to carry the baby so that it wouldn't interfere with my career but we found out several months ago that she can't have babies." Gemma put her hand on Karen's thigh and with a look of concern said, "Oh, honey, I'm so sorry.

God that must be devastating! So are you going to look for a surrogate?" Karen smiled and said, "You're never going to believe me but here it goes. Danielle and I go out every Saturday night to random clubs around town. We dress in real slutty outfits and we pick out some unsuspecting guy and take him back to our place and we use him for his sperm to try and bring our dream of a baby to reality. Unfortunately, nothing's happened yet I haven't been able to get pregnant." Gemma said, "So, you want some random guy to be the father of your child?

Why don't you ask one of our many gay friends to just donate his sperm and be artificially inseminated? You have plenty of gay guy friends that would help you out, right?" Karen shook her head, "That is more problematic than you think. The gay guys pretend that they're willing to help you but when you finally get pregnant and the baby comes they fight for partial custody and really want to be in the kid's life.

Danielle and I want to slip away once I'm pregnant to a small town and live a quite life. Tell you what, we get Tommy boy back to my place you and I can experiment together but promise me that we make him cum inside of me every time.

He really looks like he's got good genes; he's tall, handsome and more than likely pretty intelligent being an FBI Agent and all. Besides he's got really dreamy blue eyes so what do you think?" Gemma said, "Sure thing. I'm not looking to get knocked up so if you want all the sperm then it's all yours.

Do me a favor though; just don't make it weird for me tonight okay. I really want to try to like being with women as much as I like being with guys. Just don't push me to far too fast tonight okay!" Karen said, "Gemma you're my partner and one of my best friends, I've always got your back." Gemma then said, "So you've been getting more dick than me over the last few months why don't you just be with guys?" Karen chuckled at her, "Well, I'll just give you plain truth.

I love the cock, I really do.

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I love it inside of me! I'll never lie about that but it's what's attached to the cock that I can't stand. I love a man making love to me, fucking my brains out it's everything else about a man that I am not very fond of. You know what I'm talking about all the lying, cheating and they are obsessed about sports all year long it just drives me fucking nuts.

Being with a woman ~ I don't know it just sorta fits better for me." Gemma said, "Wow! When they say that, 'You only think you know your best friend,' they weren't kidding were they? Sheesh Karen I thought you were full on board lesbo ~ who knew you liked the cock so much?" Karen stood up smiling and pointed to the elevator as Tom was stepping off looking all handsome and rugged.

Even though Karen enjoys mainly being with women, deep down inside she really wants to mount Tom. The moment she watched her witness, Karen Valentine, to a quadruple homicide jump up on Tom's waist and dry humped him in front of her all she could think of was wrapping her arms around his big broad shoulders and doing the same damn thing to him.

She turned to Gemma and said, "I do like the cock and I want his inside of me. Just act natural and let's get him back to my place. Don't blow this for us." Ninety minutes later: The threesome were sitting around their table at the restaurant making idle chit chat amongst themselves swapping tale after tale of their cases over the past couple of years. Then Tom stood from the table and looked at the two young detectives and said, "I'll be right back. Like they say, "You just rent the beer." As Tom slipped down the hallway Karen pulled out a blue pill, a white pill and a pink pill then crushed them on her bread plate then slipped the contents into Tom's beer and then mixed it together and Gemma said, "Karen what the fuck are you doing?

Are you crazy girl? That's an FBI Agent you're fucking with! What the hell did you put in there?" Karen smiled, "I'm not taking any chances Gemma, there's some Roofalin, Viagra and a new kind of Ecstasy. I want that cock to stand up all night long baby but I really don't want him to remember everything. Do you want him remembering you and me eating each other's pussies, tits and making out with each other?

Come on Gemma he's not gonna get hurt trust me. Danielle and I do this very thing every Saturday night. Trust me, come tomorrow morning when you're walking bowlegged you're going to thank me." Gemma looked in shock and awe at her partner, "You have gone off the deep end you know that?!" Tom then reappeared walking back to the table and sat down and then picked up his beer and drank the rest of the beer that was in the glass, "So, ladies do we the end the night here or do we continue on?" Karen smiled and stood up and walked over to Tom and leaned into his ear and her sexiest sultriest voice whispered, "If you really want to have some fun you can have both of us ~ if you want?

We can go back to my place and all bets are off. What do you think about that Special ~ Agent ~ boy? Do you think you're special enough that you can handle two California girls?" Tom smiled and looked at the two ladies and thought how un-fucking-believable his luck has been over the last day.

He fucked the shit out of a beautiful catatonic co-ed and now he's got two hot police detectives craving his cock. He thought about his options and said, "I sure would like to have a chance at trying.

I have to admit I've never been with two women before so don't be mad if somewhere along the line I screw up, okay?" Tom followed the two ladies back to Karen's home. Back at Karen's condo: Karen was a tall 5'9" sultry woman with flawless alabaster skin her eyes where a deep brown almost black.

When she let her black hair that was highlighted with light brown highlights draped all the way down to her shoulders. Her bubbly co-ed breasts were a full B-cup that were accentuated by her perky pink nipples that often peeked through her tight silk tops that she wore. Gemma was medium height somewhat smaller than Karen maybe between 5'3" or maybe 5'4" she had dark black shoulder-length hair. She had rather large round C-cup breasts that seemed to dance when she walked.

Gemma had deep soulful brown eyes with a cute nose that accentuated her tanned face. Gemma liked to wear tight pants but her flat stomach still made her pants look loose in the front even though her tight little ass hugged her pants it was the result of her running a 3K every morning before work.

Tom sat on the couch as Karen was pouring Rum and Cokes for everyone and his mind began to waver because of the drugs were beginning to work in his system.

Tom thoughts began to wonder to a sexual nature as the ecstasy was beginning to kick in. Tom really wanted to know if the ladies shaved their pussies and then began to imagine their wet hairless cunts wrapped around his thick cock.

Then he felt the blood beginning to flow into his shaft involuntarily because of the Viagra bringing him to full erection. Karen and Gemma became rather playful with each other as they sat on the couch together. Gemma was the first to notice Tom's growing cock as his bulge became apparent under his pants.

They both giggled and moved down on their knees in front of the couch on either side of Tom's waist. They took turns teasing his cock with their fingernails as they were kissing Tom. Karen as usual took the lead and unbuttoned his dress shirt as her fingernails ran over his chest. Gemma helped her remove his shirt revealing his chiseled pectoral muscles.

Gemma wanted to play off of what took place back at the hotel room and startled by hopping up on his lap and began dry humping him like the Jane Doe did and Gemma smiled and said, "Tom that young Jane Doe today even in her state of shock wanted to fuck you. Tell me does my pussy feel as good as hers did? She seemed like she could have been your little daughter ~right ~ Daddy?" At first Tom was thrown by what Gemma said but as he thought about it as her smoldering pussy emanated its heat over his pants he thought about what she had said.

It was kinda weird but then he played along with her fantasy and pretended that the two young detectives were his daughters.

"So you're okay with fucking daddy Princess?" Karen pushed her face to Tom's and kissed him full on the lips, "You can take my pussy daddy because mommy put me on the pill so you can cum inside of me if you want! You can teach me how to make baby's daddy." Gemma kept grinding on Tom's hard shaft, "I don't know what it feels like to have a real penis inside of me daddy ~ you can teach me right daddy?" Tom smiled at both of them and raised his hands above his head and clapped his hands together and let out, "Oh my God ~ this could only happen in fucking California!" Both girls smiled then kissed Tom on the lips and then each slipped up the steps then Gemma turned half way up and said, "Sit tight daddy we'll be right back." Tom was downstairs relaxing on the couch watching ESPN as he heard the girls moving around upstairs giggling with one another and he heard whispering and idle chit chat between them.

Then they both came down the stairs swaying slowly and sultry making their assets stand out wanting to make sure they both had Tom's undivided attention. "Hi Daddy" Karen called to Tom as she slithered down the stairs. Tom's cock began to hurt him as the Viagra had really kicked in.

He was so hard but he was definitely enjoying the show. Karen stood there in front of Tom in a skimpy little towel that barely covered her ass cheeks her hair dripping wet. Gemma had on a very short black skirt and he could see her thong sticking out of the top of her skirt in the back.

She had on a tight white t-shirt with no bra and her nipples were hard and pushing the limits of her cotton t-shirt. She was also wearing black thigh high boots that tied in the back. "So you like what's for dessert tonight, daddy?" Gemma asked as she leaned over and kissed Tom on the cheek. She also rubbed her breasts against his arm in the process.

Tom grabbed his penis over his trousers and said "I want both of your creamy donuts." Gemma licked her lips and said, "Mmmmm.yummy." Gemma sat down next to him on the couch and put her hand over Tom's helping him rub his cock. Karen braced herself against the coffee table and sat on it and smiled at Tom. Tom turned to look at her and saw that she was sitting with her legs spread wide open.

The mystery of whether Karen shaved her pussy was revealed as her clean-shaven pussy came into view. He tried to casually glimpse and take another peek between her legs but he saw Gemma meeting his eyes and he knew that she had seen what he was doing.

Instead of yelling at him she leaned back and spread her legs further and licked her lips. Tom's dick jumped in his pants. Karen snickered at Gemma and in a teasing voice as she watched Gemma rubbing Tom's cock, "How could you keep doing this to him it isn't nice to tease him like that Gemma?" Gemma looked up from Tom's crotch and shouted at Karen, "Karen, you dirty little slut, close your legs! Daddy shouldn't be looking at his dirty little daughter's cunt." Karen pouted and slid off the coffee table pretending to be an upset little teenager and said, "I'm going upstairs." Karen stomped up the stairs while Gemma rolled her eyes.

"She's such a drama queen! I'm going upstairs to see if she's okay you want to come and help me check on her?" Once the girls were gone, Tom started thinking about seeing Karen's sweet pussy. He wondered if she'd been fucked lately. 'Of course she has' he thought to himself, 'look at her!' Tom slowly started to stroke his dick through his pants, while imagining her riding his dick, bouncing up and down on his hard shaft while she squeezed her own nipples and moaned.

Tom closed his eyes while he kept this fantasy going. He unzipped his pants and started to stroke his dick faster as he imagined their moans getting louder and louder. Suddenly, Tom opened his eyes wide. Either his fantasy was getting really intense or he was hearing moaning coming from upstairs! Tom zipped his still hard dick back in his pants and went quietly up the stairs. When he got to Karen's bedroom he couldn't believe what he was seeing. The door to the room was half-open and Karen was on her back naked on her bed with her legs spread wide open.

That would have been hot enough but there was more. Gemma was on her knees at the foot of the bed with her face buried in Karen's pussy! Karen was moaning and writhing as Gemma ate her as Karen was pinching her own nipples. Karen's head was swaying like a pendulum of clock left and right as she moaned low and soft, "Oh Gemma, I love the way your tongue feels in my pussy.

Eat my pussy Gemma, eat me!" Gemma was only too happy to comply as she lapped up Karen's cunt juice with her eager tongue. It was her first time between a woman legs, a lesbian's pussy at that, and she was bringing her so much pleasure. Tom started to stroke his dick again. This was his greatest fantasy come true! Now if he could only figure out how he could join in.

Karen's moans started to get louder and Tom knew she was getting ready to orgasm. "Oh Gemma, fuck me faster with your tongue ~ faster honey you're doing it you're going to get me off ~ Ahhh." Karen exploded on Gemma's tongue and kept thrusting her pussy in Gemma face until her orgasm was over. "That was a good one," Karen moaned.

Gemma climbed on top of her naked partner and kissed her on the lips, thrusting her pussy-flavored tongue into her waiting partner's mouth. "I love the way my juices taste on your tongue," Karen sighed. Tom had his dick out fully exposed and was still stroking away when both of his new playmates looked up and saw Tom's shadow in the doorway. "Daddy!" they both cried. "We didn't see you there! If we had" Gemma said slyly, "We would have included you in our fun." "It's never too late though," Karen said.

She pushed Gemma off of her and got off the bed. She moved to Tom grabbing his hard shaft and led him by his rock hard dick still sticking out of his zipper over to the bed and sat him down.


"Daddy, we've been talking about fucking each other for months," Gemma said. "We've just been waiting for the right time to include a third in our fun. Do you want to be our third daddy?" "Girls, this is wrong," Tom protested weakly. He already had molested by a semi-comatose witness the day before and now he was about to cross the line by fucking two police detectives he was working a case with.

Atemberaubende Lesben oral und strap on play

Even though they weren't FBI Agents it would be like he was over stepping some imaginary line. "How is it wrong if we all want each other?" Karen answered sincerely. Gemma was excited her pussy was dripping wet with anticipation of Tom's cock, "We just want to make you feel good Daddy." Karen got down on her knees and pulled Tom's pants the rest of the way off.

She spread his legs and swallowed as much of his dick in her mouth as she could. She went to work sucking and stroking it like a pro. Gemma sat on the bed kneeling and took off her shirt. She bent over Tom with her large succulent breasts dangling in his face.

"Suck my tits, Daddy" she pleaded softly. She didn't really give him much choice and shoved a breast in his mouth. He immediately started suckling her tit, drawing circles around her nipple with his tongue. He loved the feel of her hard nipple in his mouth. He gently bit her nipple and she groaned with pleasure. "Bite me harder Daddy." He did as she asked clamping down on her nipple with full force. She shrieked in pleasurable pain. "I like the way you hurt me Daddy ~ it feels so good." she whispered.

Tom took his hand and started rubbing her other nipple in between his fingers, pinching hard, "You like that Princess?" Gemma moaned with pleasure, "Yeah don't stop daddy and keep calling me princess it makes my pussy wetter." Karen was still giving him the blowjob of his life and Tom was getting closer and closer to cumming. She felt his balls tightening and abruptly pulled her mouth away.

Before he could wonder what would happen next Karen was whispering in his ear, "Daddy, I want you to cum in my pussy." Gemma got up off the bed and wriggled out her tight mini-skirt. Tom was watching her little show for him and he was pleased to see that both of his playmates/daughters had hairless pussies. He reached out to her and softly stroked her damp slit through her thong panties with his two middle fingers. She reached down to untie her boots when Tom stopped her.

Tom loved the thigh high fuck me boots and said, "No, my little sexy princess, leave them on." Karen got up off the bed and pulling Gemma close to her began to kiss her. She put her hands on Gemma's waist and slid her thong down around her ankles. She pulled away from Gemma and led her back over to the bed winked at Tom and said, "Daddy, I want you to eat Gemma's pussy while my wet pussy is wrapped around the shaft of your big thick dick ~ okay daddy?" Gemma straddled Tom's face looking away from him and facing Karen as Karen straddled Tom between the legs and got ready to fuck him.

Tom thrust his tongue inside his new found loves warm strawberry aroma pussy. Tom's head was swimming with all nasty sexual thoughts as he couldn't believe this was actually happening. This sort of thing never happened to him. Normally he would have to meet a woman through a friend and then it took several meetings before he would sum up the courage to ask them out. Tonight was completely opposite of his normal routine. Tom had never tasted anything so damn sweet before. Gemma's pussy he felt was from the nectar of the gods.

Karen took Tom's dick in her hand and guided it to her own dripping pussy she lifted herself up and then sat down on him hard, impaling herself with his hard cock. She moaned loudly as Tom's dick filled her tight pussy.

Tom continued eating Gemma's pussy, lapping up her sweet juices, flicking her clit with his tongue. Remembering how she liked having her nipples bitten, he bit down hard on her clit and was rewarded with a loud moan. "Oh yeah daddy that's it ~ make me squeal for you ~ daddy ~ oh your mouth feels so good." Tom couldn't believe that he was inside both of his new found daughters' pussies. Karen was riding his dick, setting her own pace to maximize her own pleasure.

Karen leaned over and started to kiss Gemma. For a few minutes, the only noises were moans and the wet sloshing noises of Karen's pussy against Tom's dick.

Tom's tongue lapping up Gemma's pussy juice, and Karen and Gemma's tongues were in a wrestling match with each other. Gemma moved her mouth down to Karen's nipples and bit down on one of them hard. "You bitch!" Karen cried out. Gemma released her nipple only to do the same thing to her other one.

This time Karen just moaned with pleasure. Karen started to increase her stride, bucking faster and faster on Tom's cock. Tom wasn't sure how much longer he could hold his load. He licked at Gemma's cunt furiously only to be rewarded with her loud screaming as she came and dripped her juices all over his mouth.

He didn't stop though. He went back to gnawing on her hard clit and Karen was still increasing her speed on Tom's dick. Then Tom screamed out between Gemma's legs, "Ooohhh Karen, I don't think I can wait much longer." Before either girl could respond, Tom came hard and fast shooting his sperm deep inside Karen's dripping wet twat, "Ohhh Daddy, I'm cumming too" she cried as her orgasm washed over his hot throbbing shaft and Tom continued to thrust until every last drop of his cum was inside her.

Karen slipped off of Tom exhausted from her hard work out and laid down next to Tom with her head on his chest. "I love you Daddy," she sighed.

"I love you too Daddy," Gemma said, not to be outdone. Gemma got off Tom's face and crawled down to where his now limp dick was. She gently lapped up the combination of Karen's pussy juice and Tom's sweet cum off of his soft member.

When she was done she laid her head down on Tom's chest on the other side. He kissed both women softly on their heads still in character he said, "I love you both. You made Daddy very happy today." Gemma looked up at Tom and smiled as he kissed him full on the lips that were still covered with his sperm and Karen's pussy juice and said, "Don't worry Daddy, this is only the beginning." Thanks for getting through chapter one as there are plenty more to come.

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