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Blonde slut cherry torn double stuffed by black guys
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It was the first day of school and I was really nervous. My palms were sweaty and my tummy had butterflies in it from time to time. I had just moved to this little town from Boston and I really did not know If I would be able to find friends here at this country town.

My attention, witch was glued on the ground, was altered to the noise that was coming from up the road. The buss was now there.

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So as the lady opened the door, I nodded my head to her and walked down the isle. All the kids looked at me like I had 5 more eyes then they did. My Face kind of turned red from the embarrassment and I did the best I could to avoid it by ignoring them and looking down at the isle. I made my way to the last open seat, witch was the back of the bus.

When I sat down I noticed a young girl who looked about the same age as I was. She was chattering away with her friends oblivious to me watching her.

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After watching for about one minute or, so she must have been able to perceive me watching her and she turned her head to acknowledge me a little bit batter then before. Seeing her do this shocked me and I turned my head hoping she would not look at me and I could hide my red face from her.

But this could not be.

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I herd a little voice come from the side of me " Howdy, what's your name sweet heart. My names Heidi. Knowing now she was trying to make conversation with me I turned to see her. As soon as I saw who I was talking too my eyes widened to the point were I thought my eye lids were going to split apart. She was the absolute cutest girl I had ever seen in my whole entire life. She had the perfect body in every way you could imagine it.

She had brown hair, blue eyes, and a magnificent body all around. I responded shyly towards her with a slight frown." H-h-hi m-my names Jeremy.

"Well nice to meet ya Jeremy, your new here aint ya?"she responded with a really big smile. "Yes. Yes I am.

Im from Boston, it's a really big city.""Oh really wow Id like to see that place sometime."We both smiled at each other as she got up and walked ahead of me and we both made our exits off of the bus. I hade made it through most of the day thinking only about the girl I had met in the morning. She was just running through my mind all day long. Thinking about her gave me a hard on every time I thought about her and it drove me crazy how beautiful she girl was.

I wanted to see her again in the worst way, just to see her smile again and admire her beauty. When I left my second to last period of the day I felt my chances of seeing her again for that day running slim.

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I hung my head low as I walked into my last period class and had a seat in the back of the class room. I looked up watched as the teacher put the class to sleep. Once I started to drift off, I herd a little voice speak to me.'Hey Jeremy I've been looking for you all day. I didn't even notice you were in this class, how are you doing?' I though I was dreaming about her talking to me until I felt some one tap me on my shoulder.

I awoke to see Heidi staring at me really close to my face. Seeing her that close to my face excited me and I got a bit of a woody.

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She leaned back into her chair not taking her eyes off of me. I shook my head once to see if I was dreaming but I soon found out I was not. 'Hey, I didn't notice either. You were looking for me? "Yea! Your like the cutest guy I have ever seen in my life.

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I thought to my self, Wow ,Is she kidding with me?"Thank you, your not quite so bad your self." She blushed a little bit and smile at me.'Yea, I am so happy I get to spend a year with you in this class Jeremy and by the looks of it ,so do you.

She said all this while looking down and looking back up at me with a smile."Oh umm, yea." I put my hand on my cock and tried to flatten it down. "Oh don't worry Jeremy, I like it.


I my self have been wet since I saw you this morning." Hearing her say that made my heart skip a beat. Her eyes were gazed into mine as mine in hers."so what do we do now?"I asked sheepishly." I have an idea." With that said she moved her hand under mine and started unzipping my pants.

I gulped and took my hand away from were she was doing her business and watched like a hawk at what she was doing. The teacher now had a movie on and the lights were out. The teacher took this time to read a book so I did not feel too worried about getting caught by her. Heidi to stuck her little hand in my pants and grabbed my cock and pulled it out into the class room air. My breath started quickening its pace to haste like pattern. She looked up at me and smiled.

She then dropped her head down on my cock and maneuvered it into her mouth. I had never gotten head from a girl before but I knew this girl had to be one of the greatest at this craft. She took all of my eight inches into her mouth like it was only two.

She swirled her tongue around the head and then bobbed her head up and down on it in a fast pace. I started becoming woozy from all the pleasure I was receiving in one dose. When I though I was just about to go over the edge she pulled her head up and whispered into my ear while her hand grabbed mine and put it on her leg rite underneath her skirt."I want some loven too." and after she said that she went back down to sucking my rod down her throat.

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I wasted no time at all when she invited me to play with her pussy. I raised my fingers back wards up her skirt to the top of her panties. She opened her leg a little so I could have easy access to her little vagina. I took my hand and slid into her panties and rub her clit a little bit with my index finger. She let out little moans here in there from the depths of her throat. After I took my index and middle finger and slid them in her tight vagina and moved them in and out slowly at first then moved the pace up faster and faster.

When I started reaching my peak of speed she shot up and put both of her hands on top of mine and looked at me with a weird face.

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"Hey you cant go that fast hun, ill scream to loud. Just take it slow baby." I nodded and went back to work as she moved her head down back onto my cock. Not a while after that I began to cum.


I whispered down to her. " im gonna come Heidi. "She simply pulled her head just a bit from the tip and whispered back "I know" and then went back down onto my cock. Just when I though I had been surprised enough for one day, this young hot princess wanted to take my come in her little virgin mouth. Not long after she went back down I blew my load all inside her mouth. She swirled her tongue a little bit more around the head of my cock take all of the salty hot cum in her mouth and then swallowed it all down her throat and into her tummy.

After she took my cock and slowly put it back into my pants and zipped me back up and laid back while I fingered her tight love hole.

She started shuttering and I felt her pussy contract around my fingers.


She started shaking a little bit and after about five seconds of this she slouched down her chair. I took my hand from underneath her skirt and looked at her with a smile. She looked back with a grin and said. "This is gonna be a fun class!!"