Perverted fairy receives rough fuck

Perverted fairy receives rough fuck
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The phone rang, it was you calling on your way to work. "Hi you" I said as I picked up. You said you were just calling to tell me that you have a busy day and may not get home as early as you had originally planned therefore dinner and the show would have to wait. This was no surprise to me as it was not the first time you had to cancel.

"No problem, we will just make it for another night" I said. You appologized and said you would call me later. I had the entire night planned in my head but as luck would have it, plans change.


I went about the day thinking of all the things I was going to do to you after dinner then I got this brilliant idea.

I called your secretary, told her to reschedule all your appointments for another time as I needed have a "personal day" with you. She understood immediately, and asked if there was anything else I needed her to do. So, with her onboard, I told her my plans and she made sure to tell you your appointments were going to be later during the day and that you had plenty of "office work" to do.

I knew you would not be expecting me to show up there so I climbed into my car.drove over to the office.

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Once there, gave her a wink as she gathered her things and left. Then just before she walked out, you buzzed her to come into the office.

Timing couldnt have been more perfect.

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She said "be right in" and slipped out the door. I locked it, so there would be no interruptions and headed toward your door. I opened it, you had your back turned to me and said "I need you to copy this for me".I said, "sure thing but I need you to look at something first". You spun the chair around, after hearing my voice, just as I opened up my coat.Standing there, completely naked, dropping the coat to the floor, I said."I need you to look over this for me" as I motioned you over with my index finger.

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Smiling, you rose up from your chair, "can I be of assistance miss?" you said in a low voice."what seems to be the problem?". "Seems my lover had to cancel dinner and now I dont know what to do with this" I said as I gestered to my naked form.

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"Well let me take a look and see what I can come up with" you answered with as you came closer. Grinning from ear to ear as I turned for you.stopping long enough for you to take a good look at all the vital parts, I said."do you think you can work with this?" Reaching for me.pulling me closer you moaned."yes mame" as you began to kiss me.

Pulling back "are you sure this wont interfere with your office work?" I whispered.


You move for the door, locked it, shut the blindsturned and looked at me.that sly look in your eye."not now it wont". Walking back to took me in your arms.kissed me passionately .your hands roaming my soft breasts, my ass. I was undoing your shirt.kissing you slowly .your hands still roaming my hands slipping under the shirt.

pushing it off breast up against your bare chest.smiling, I kiss your let out a low kiss your lips.then with one fluid motion.I pull back.take you by the hand.walk you toward the wall.turn you around. facing me as i push you hard against it.

"mmmmm baby" you said as I bit down on your shoulder while at the same time. undo your belt.your pants. Kissing you hard.biting your lip.through my teeth I say in a very low sultry voice."I want you." "I want you so bad I can taste it".a deep growl slipped through your lips as I began to claw my way down your chest.licking.nibbling your nails digging into your reach for me.I push your hands back."patience my love" I say as I continue to taste your skin.lower still lower.

By now you are already I drop your pants to the floor.taking you in my palms.stroking you tandom. My hands moving about your hard cock over.over again.I give a few short flicks of my tongue over the head.then stand. my naked body pressed against yours.look you in the eye."do you want me?" I ask in a soft voice.

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You grab me.turning me so now Im against the wall.leaning your body on mine.kiss me."I want you.I want to taste you on my lips,(kissing your way over my chest) I want to taste your juices.I want to hear you call my name as I lick your pussy", you said as you slide further down my body."mmm yes baby.taste me."I moan.

You reach my pussy.start to lick as I raise my leg, placing my foot on your lick from my clit down.inside me with your tongue.

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I can barely stand it.arching .my pussy is sooo wet.the feel of your breath on me.your tongue.your mouth.devowering me.licking.sucking ."dont stop" I said breathlessly.harder you suck on my clit.your fingers moving faster fingers inside lick around your fingers as they move in and out of me.

now sucking my juices you rub my clit .hard.quickly."mmmmmm.dont stop baby.make me cum." I whisper through moans.

harder and quicker you rub my clit.sucking more .your tongue flicking in and out of me."fuck baby.yesss.taste me baby" I tell legs shaking.soooo close to bury yourself into pussy."OH GOD YES BABY.

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PLEASE.MAKE ME CUM". You grab my hips.bury yourself completely in pussy.then pull back.turn me to face the wall.I raise my hands.leaning ass out. you take your cock.tease my soaking wet pussy with it before sliding into me.then driving it deep within me.over and over again as you reach for my tits.pounding harder and harder.faster.I can feel you pulsate inside me.faster you pump.our bodies slapping .

"fuck me harder." I plead between moans."Krissy" you groan.faster you pump.faster .still faster.raising myself to take all of you inside me."baby plz.fuck me" cum for me.with me" I moan.harder.deeper .faster we the point of no grab my hips and pound one deep thrust as we both let go.I can feel you throbbing inside twitch as my pussy contracts around you.

You kiss my back.breathing heavily.we fall to the floor.turn me face to face.look into each others eyes.panting you say."so where are we going for dinner again and will there be a show later?" Smiling.I pull you in for a kiss."act two is after dinner". We lay there for what seemed like forever.just holding .kissing each other."I guess I better let you get back to work" I said.pulling my coat down over said " not today.Ill take you home later and have a day away from the office."