Reifen Stepmom Anal In 3some Mit Jugendlichen

Reifen Stepmom Anal In 3some Mit Jugendlichen
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Please read chapter one before this, so it will make sense. Just to recap for those continued readers, my name is Jeremy, I'm a 17 year old slightly athletic average joe at high school, with brown hair, standing at 5'10". My sister, Ane, is 15, has dyed blonde hair (naturally brown)stands 5'6", with a D cup bust. We are, or rather, were, both virgins. She had just finished giving me my first blowjob, and brought me to the hardest orgasm I'd ever had. I smiled down at Ane, and blushed.

"You…got something on your face…" I whispered and she blushed darker, quickly running her fingers over her face, scooping up the cum that had hit her face, before quickly putting it in her mouth, to my shock.

"It…tastes pretty good…" She whispered, and it made me blush darkly. "Can you move yet?" She asked, fidgeting, and rubbing her legs together, and I realized just how turned on she must have been. Still unable to really form a sentence, I nodded and sat up, before pulling her gently to the bed. "My turn now." I whispered to her, blushing as I slowly slid my hands up her thighs, towards pussy.

She hadn't put panties on, and was wearing an overly long shirt. I don't know why I didn't notice it before, but she'd really been ready for bed.

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Slowly, I pushed the hem of the shirt up, past her thighs, revealing her hidden beauty to my eyes, and I licked my lips, staring at her shaved womanhood. Slowly, I leaned close, inhaling her scent, and gave her a slow lick, just brushing the tip of my tongue against her, tasting her a little.

She groaned a little, and I felt her hands gently rest on my head, tangling her fingers in my hair, before gently pulling me closer, encouraging me. Blushing slightly, I licked her again, more this time, using more of my tongue, licking her more, tasting more. It was something I couldn't quite place, but I knew that I liked it.

I really liked it. I noticed a small little nub above opening, and for once, I said a silent prayer to the gods of porn. Her clit. Porn had taught me enough to know what it was, and that she would love to have it teased and played with. Getting a little braver, I leaned close and slipped my tongue slowly into her, tasting her wetness again.

It came stronger now, and it was still an indescribable taste, but I knew that it was a taste I loved. I started licking slowly inside her, and she started shivering, whimpering quietly.

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Slowly, I let my nose touch and brush against her clit as I continued to lick her, and she started to squirm harder. Looking up, I saw she had her hand in her mouth, and she was biting it gently to keep from crying out, so I knew I was doing something right.

Slowly, I moved my right hand up from her thigh, and rested it just over where my tongue was busy licking, and rubbing, and exploring inside her. I shifted my head, so my face was clear, and my thumb replaced my nose, rubbing faster than I could before, and I felt her body clench around my tongue, and she cried out softly.

"Fuck! W-what…what are you doing to me?" She whimpered, her legs closing around my head as I licked her, stroking her clit again. She kept squirming and whimpering, and I just had to smile. I was doing something to her, and though I couldn't feel it personally, I knew it was pleasure, and that knowledge alone gave me some sort of sense of accomplishment and pride. I started licking faster, and kind of thrusting my tongue into her, licking here and there where I could, still trying to explore her body, find where she liked, where she got pleasure from, and where it didn't do anything for her.

Figuring this would (hopefully) become something we did frequently, I wanted to know what to do in order to get her off better and harder each time. "S-shit…fuck yes…there…go back to where you…yes! R-right there!" She hissed as I followed her commands, and kept licking, focusing on that specific spot, rubbing her clit faster and a little harder, noticing it felt slightly different from the rest of her. Before long, within minutes actually, she cried out again, and her body started to actually milk my tongue as she convulsed a little on the bed, and I knew then and there, what I'd done.

I'd just made her orgasm, something that so many guys in my group had wanted to do, some claimed to have done, and from whispered conversation's I'd hear passing groups of girls, their boyfriends had failed to do.

I tasted something different from her juices before, but it was still something that I liked. It tasted…I don't know, the only thing that I can really attribute to it, isn't a taste, but just a sense of right. It tasted right, as weird as it sounds, that's the best thing I can say about it. Slowly, I pulled back, and looked up at her again, moving from between her legs, since she'd gone limp, and there was this dazed look on her face that made me not just smile, but have this shit eating grin on my face as I looked at what I'd done.

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Leaning down, I kissed her deeply, and it made her snap out of it, and kiss me back. I could taste myself on her lips and tongue as we made out again, and I just knew she could taste herself as well.

I didn't mind the taste, but it was a little weird, not that I cared by then. "That…I don't think I can move my legs at the moment." She whispered when we broke off for air, and I laughed a little, stroking her cheek. I kissed her again, and laid beside her, waiting for her to catch her breath before we did anything. "Where…did you learn to do that?" She whispered. "Honestly? Porn. I know you can't hold most of it to any merit, since almost all the time they're full on faking it…but they did teach me what I needed to know." "Well, thank God for porn." She said with a laugh, grinning happily, snuggling into my side lightly, resting her head on my shoulder, and I slipped my arm around her, and started stroking her arm softly.

Leaning close I started to kiss her again, smiling lightly as I did so.


"I…want you&hellip.again…but…I want you inside me." She whispered lightly. "And…not your tongue or your fingers…I want you inside me." Blushing, I nodded, understanding, and gently moved first away, then opened her legs again, and moved between them. Leaning down I started to gently kiss her, slowly rubbing against her.

Her words had gotten me hard again, and I was about to fix that. Kissing her, I pressed lightly against her, feeling her pussy resist me at first, but with a little pressure, I got a small gasp from her as I slipped into her.

Not far, just the head, but I immediately felt pleasure hit me. She was like an oven, a hot wet oven. I loved the feeling, too. It was amazing. "You…feel amazing sis." I whispered, and slipped deeper into her body, stopping when I felt something, and got a pained hiss from her. "Sorry!" I said quickly, and pulled back away from it, and she whimpered a little, before nodding at me. Chewing my lip, I started remembering some things I'd read in several porn stories, mostly on XNXX.

I kissed her deeply, and lightly started thrusting into her, avoiding that barrior. She started to whimper lightly in pleasure, and then while she was in mid-moan, I buried my entire length into her body, causing her moan to turn into a cry of pain, which I quickly cut short with a deep kiss.

She was whimpering into the kiss, tears running down her cheeks. I stopped kissing, and she started to sob softly into my shoulder, and I stroked her hair. "Shh, shh…it's okay. I'm not gonna move yet." I whispered, stroking her hair as I held her in my arms, just trying to ease her through it. Her sobs became soft whimpers, and over a few minutes it stopped completely.

"Okay…" She whispered. "I…I feel better now. You…you can start moving." I blushed and nodded, and started to thrust again, trying to make her feel better. Just as she opened her mouth to moan, something happened that made me go soft faster than seeing an old fat woman at a nude beach. "Kids! We're home! Get off the computers and get into bed! Just because it's Friday doesn't mean you're sleeping until 2!" My father's slightly slurred voice called from down stairs, and we both jumped, me pulling out of her quickly.

Before we could even be caught, we both fixed ourselves as best we could, me closing my boxers after tucking myself back in, her pulling the shirt down to cover herself, and I saw the blood lightly seep through her shirt. She cursed a little, but quickly hid under the covers, and I joined her, knowing that our dad would be coming up soon to make sure we'd listened.

As if on cue, 4 seconds after we both got under the covers, and pretended to be sleeping, the door opened, and our father peeked in. As quickly as he came, he left, shutting the door, and creeping back down stairs without making a sound, trying not to wake us. I gave it five minutes before letting out a sigh of relief and sat up a little. "That…was too fucking close." I whispered, and she nodded.

"Yes. We have to be a lot more careful. But…at least…you got the worst part done with. It was just starting to feel good too, you know?

Why couldn't they have stayed out for another half hour?" She asked with this most adorable pout I'd ever seen. I almost spoiled it all by laughing a little, but I managed to smile and pulled back a little.

"Well…maybe next time we do this…we'll be able to finish it in a way that feels good for both of us." She whispered to me, and my heart soared, and my eyes widened. She wanted to do this again. She wanted to have sex. With me. Again. I could have started dancing in joy, but I figured I'd do that later, when I had time, and I was alone. "Yes…but for now…let's just try to get some sleep." I whispered, and laid back down, gently pulling her into my chest, where she snuggled up happily.

I had to smile, and just watched her as she fell asleep. I don't know how long I spent watching her, but the next thing I knew, it was 10 in the morning, and our dad was knocking on the door. Sometime during the knight, I'd fallen asleep. Ane opened her eyes slowly, looked around, saw me, gave this adorable little squeak, and pulled away from me, blushing darkly. "I…I should get dressed. In my room…before they see me." She managed quickly, before pulling away and scampering over the side of the bed, giving me a perfect view of her pussy again.

It was a little red, and looked a little sore, but it was still the sexiest thing I'd ever seen, giving me an instant hard on. I pulled my boxers down a little so I could quickly rub one out, when I noticed that there was a bit of dried blood stained on it.


It also brought back memories of her crying last night, and it got me soft just as fast as dad interrupting us did. Sighing, I got up and slipped into the shower before anyone saw me too, and I noticed a few marks on my back from when she'd clung to me the previous night.

I hadn't even realized they were there, or that she had scratched my back a little while I'd been inside her. Deciding to think about it later, I hoped in the shower, under the warm water and just started to clean myself, while also exploring, trying to see if there were any other marks or anything that might get me busted by our parents.

Thankfully, the scratches were the only things, and those could be hidden with a shirt. I made a mental note to mention to her that we couldn't suck on each other's necks or leave hickeys or anything, mostly because I was worried about how we'd explain them.

Some 20 minutes later, I got out and dried off, and focused on the day ahead of me again. I was going to the gym, like I usually did.


My thoughts stopped wandering and I smiled. That was one reason I loved showers, they gave me time to think about things and just wonder about different things. As I quickly crossed to my bedroom, I saw Ane peek out of her room. She saw me, and gave me this smile. I'm honestly not sure what she meant by it, but it wasn't your normal sibling smile.

It was more…flirtatious. I went to smile back, but she was already gone, so I quickly slipped back into my room, and got dressed before heading down.

"Hey sweetie. Conned your sister into watching horror movies again I see." Mom said with a smile, her auburn hair slightly messy, telling me that she hadn't had a shower yet, as she sipped on a coffee, eating some scrambled eggs, with bacon and toast. "It was my turn to pick the movies." I said with a smile, as I grabbed a plate, and loaded it up with some of the same eggs that she'd made and put on a plate so we could load up on our own when we were ready.

I also grabbed some bacon, probably more then I should have, but what can I say? No one can deny bacon. It's like crack or something. You don't say no to bacon, unless you're Jewish. I sat down at the table, and started eating quietly, smiling to myself.

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My dad walked in, smiling a little as he saw us. "Got your sister so scared she had to sleep in your bed to feel safe again huh?" He asked with this sort of cocky smile. "I used to use the same move on your mother when we were dating.

It's a good one." He ducked a swat that my mother sent his way, but it was obviously teasing. "Don't give him any ideas dear." She said with a grin. "Aw you don't mean that.

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At least he's getting practice in for when he gets a girlfriend." My father responded with a grin, and went about making his own meal as my sister came down. "Morning sweetie." He said as he saw her. "Morning Dad." She said, mumbling it a little so it looked like she was still half asleep, though we all knew better.

Her hair had this…almost frazzled look about it, and I shook my head quietly. It was usually only weekend breakfasts or dinners that we ate together, otherwise we were all too busy doing our own things to really sit down together.

Sometimes, we wouldn't even eat dinner together, because we were all too busy. Me with homework or at the gym, when they made dinner, Dad staying a little later at work, or finishing off some paperwork in his home office.

Only mom and Ane really sat down to eat meals together all the time. I smiled a little, as the morning conversation turned from last night's horror movies, to just how school was going, and general breakfast conversation. When I'd finished mine, I stood, washed the plate off, and put it in the dishwasher, before grabbing the water bottle I'd prepared the day before, and waved to them.

"See you in an hour!" I called, grabbing the backpack I prepare specifically for the gym, and took off on my bike. I kept asking for a car, hinting that I'd really like one. They kept saying that when they got a raise, or won the lottery, I'd get one, and I'd grumble a little, but go along with it.

After an hour of lifting weights, and doing some hardcore cardio, I biked home on my last reserves of energy, and promptly collapsed on the couch. I knew my peace wouldn't last long though, I'd learned that a couple weeks after I started working out.

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I had five minutes of rest, before Ane came into the room, and lightly poked me, making me whine tiredly. It was her favorite pass time.

Wait until I was weak and sore from working out, the come annoy me, by tickling or poking me until I called for help. This was different though, because after a couple pokes, she looked around, and leaned down, and kissed me, making my eyes widen in surprise.

"Don't be too tired big bro…I don't want you to push yourself so hard that we can't have fun anymore." She whispered in my ear, before bouncing away, leaving me laying there stunned. Not knowing what else to do, I turned on the TV, and fell asleep a few minutes later. I woke up to my dad calling me to come help him in the back yard, and I groaned, pain already setting in, as my body ached and went stiff.

Ignoring it, I went out to help with some house work. He tended the garden, and I cut the lawn. Normally it wouldn't be a problem, but our lawn mower had broken, and we were waiting for it to either get fixed, or for dad to decide to get a new one…which meant I had to use one of those ancient push mowers.

After almost an hour and a half, I stiffly moved back into the house, aching all over again, when I saw Ane. We were alone for the moment, so she moved close with two drinks in her hand. She passed me one, and I smiled appreciatively, sipping on the coke. She gave me this soft smile then leaned close and started to kiss my jawline, before grapping an ice cube from her cup, and ran it slowly up and down my neck, making me gasp a little, and break out in goose bumps as I shivered.

I didn't know why she was doing this, but I had to admit, that I liked it. Her teasing and flirting. She winked at me, pulling away before we were caught, and blushed a little. "I left you a present on your pillow." She whispered, then scampered out of the room, leaving me standing there blinking. I finished my drink and went up to see what it was, and felt my mouth drop open. She'd left a pair of panties on my pillow, and from the wetness, she'd obviously spent a lot of time masturbating in them, trying to really get them to smell like her.

Blushing, I locked the door, and stripped down to my boxers, hard as hell again, and started to sniff them as I wrapped my hand around my cock. It didn't feel the same as before, it felt a little weird. I guess it was true, once you'd had a blow job or sex, your own hand just wasn't the same, but it would do the job. Smelling her woman's scent, I stroked myself hard and fast, shutting my eyes, picturing her masturbating in them to leave her scent like she had.

I groaned in pleasure, and gently licked a particularly wet spot, and groaned, cumming hard without warning. I'd never cum that hard, or that fast. What had she done to me? No…scratch that. I didn't care. I was hooked on her. I fell back exhausted and smiling, managing to tuck myself away before I fell asleep again. Going to the gym always did this to me. I'd push myself so hard, that I'd be dead pretty much all day. I woke up to someone opening my door, and looked up quietly, and half asleep, to see Ane standing there with a plate of food.

"Hey sleepy head…dinner's over, but well…I saved you some." She whispered, making me smile gently as I sat up slowly. My arms and legs, hell, my whole body, felt like lead. She smiled a little as she saw how slow I was. "Don't worry…I plan on feeding you." She whispered quietly, and I blushed. This was definitely not something that was normal. I had to wonder if this was something she'd always wanted to do, or if she was starting to want to because of what we'd done.

"Say ah." She said holding out the fork with some pork chop on it, and I obeyed. She smiled as she fed me, and I remained blushing through the entire event, though it did start to fade near the end. "Is…it okay if I stay here tonight?" She asked quietly, and I nodded.

She smiled and clapped a little. "Okay, I'll be back then." She whispered, and carried the plate and cutlery out of the room, and returned five minutes later, wearing her night shirt again. Well, it was a different one since I didn't see any blood this time and she gently cuddled into me as she climbed under the blankets with me.

We just cuddled together, and I blushed, slowly sliding my hand up her leg. "We…shouldn't. They're home." She whispered, and I nodded. "We'll just have to keep quiet then." I whispered back, sliding my hand further up until I found what I wanted, her panty less crotch.

She took a shakey breath as my fingers started to gently brush against her nether lips, and I kissed her gently to try and help keep her silent, knowing if our parents caught us, they'd kill me, and send her off to a monastery or something. Slowly, I let my fingers brush up and down her lips, while my thumb brushed against her clit, and she gave a gentle whimper into my kisses.

Smiling, I slipped two fingers into her tight hole, and she moaned slowly, her back arching slowly as I started moving them in and out of her, still using my thumb to try and pleasure her as best I could.

Panting a little, I started to wiggle my fingers as I thrust them into her, and she kissed me hard, and I smiled a little, hearing her moan louder. I curled my fingers inside her, not knowing why, but I felt the change in texture, knowing full well what it was.

It was the same place I licked the day before, her special pleasure button. Moving faster, I pulled back so I could watch her. It was amazing, the look of pleasure on her face. Without warning, she gasped, and I quickly kissed her, cutting off the cry of pleasure. Suddenly, something warm hit my hand, and it smelt different. It wasn't pee…she hadn't wet herself…it slowly dawned on me.

I'd made her squirt. Something only a few women could, and it was such a turn on for me. I stared down at her as she blushed, and I kissed her again, before running to get some towels to clean up. I realized as I came back in, that I wasn't feeling sluggish anymore, and I didn't care.

I'd just done something, that had always been a secret kink of mine. Of course, it was only added onto the fact that incest had been something that had always gotten me off quickly. I had no idea that I'd be lucky enough, to actually sleep with my own sexy as hell sister. "Sorry…about the mess." She whispered as I came back in, her knees pulled up to her chest, trying to hide her blush, as I cleaned up the mess quickly, blushing a little, looking up at her.

"It, was the hottest thing I've ever seen." I whispered to her, smiling a little. "R-really?" "Yes. I'm sure." Leaning close, I kissed her, and smiled at her.

I heard some grumbling, and someone walking down the hall, and I quickly dove under the covers with her as we listened. I'd been so hard and wanting, but we both shared a knowing look that said tonight would not be a good night to continue. Snuggling close, I kissed her once more, and she rested her head against my shoulder. I'd have to do my sheets in the laundry the next day, but I didn't care…I had her.

Sleep claimed me quickly for once, since more than once I'd lain awake for hours trying to sleep. The next morning I mumbled sleepily, and pulled away from her, my body aching in pain, but I managed to stumble to the bathroom. After getting the water temperature just right, I climbed in under the spray and let out a sigh of relief, the warm water splashing against my body, and soothing my aching muscles. I don't know how long I'd been in there, but I heard the bathroom door open and someone step in.

"Oi! Occupado!" I cried out over the spray, and got a giggle in return. The door shut soon after and I had to blink as my sister, stock naked, joined me in the shower. "They left to do some shopping. We've got at least half an hour." She whispered, and clamped her mouth over mine, and I moaned hungrily into the kiss. "I want you to finish what we started." She whispered in my ear, before gently nibbling on my earlobe. I stared at her, rock hard, and she giggled. "I'm already wet and waiting." She whispered again, and I picked her up, pressing her against the wall, and slowly slipped inside her.

I gasped in pleasure, her own face matching mine, as I felt her hotness, her wetness, and just how tight she was. I was born to be in here. Thrusting slowly, I almost came right then and there as pleasure ripped through me like a chainsaw, and I moaned in her ear.

She giggled a little, and started to grind her hips against me. Gripping her hips, and keeping her against the wall, I thrust hungrily into her hot body, but there was still something passionate about it.

A hungry lust, but a baseline love behind it. Moaning in each other's ears, we thrust against one another, whimpering and moaning in pleasure, panting as well.

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"Fuck…right there big brother." She whispered as I hit a particular spongy spot, and I grinned, thrusting harder and faster into her, targeting that spot again and again, moaning in lust. Her body was convulsing, and squeezing me, trying to get me deeper, or at least to go faster. Groaning in bliss, I reached between us and started to rub her clit as I made love to her, panting in her ear as I got closer to my peak. I loved the way her body reacted, the way her breath felt against my skin, and just how she seemed to milk me.

"Fuck yes…right there…oh god…right there." She cried out, and her body convulsed harder, milking me, actually milking my cock as I fucked her, pumping harder and faster into her, listening to the sound of our bodies meeting and separating, the sound of wet flesh hitting flesh, and I cried out with her, spilling my hot spunk deep inside her waiting pussy.

I didn't care about getting her pregnant…I didn't care about getting caught, or making a mess, or anything. I had her, and I loved her. "You…make me feel so good…big bro." She panted weakly, staring at me and I smiled. "That's my job sis." I whispered and kissed her again, feeling myself go limp, but knew I was up for more. "Next time…in our bed…I don't care which&hellip." She whispered. "How bout yours, since mine's gonna be out of commission for a little while.

I gotta clean the sheets up after our fun last night." I teased, and she giggled. I don't know how things would work out, but I knew that I was going to make her feel as special as I could…as loved as I could. I wouldn't do something so stupid as to hurt her, at least not intentionally…but I hoped that we could stay together for a long time.

Hopefully…this would be the start of a long relationship. End chapter 2. As always, constructive criticism is welcome, and any ideas (besides inviting the rest of the family in) are just as equally welcome.