Beguiling diva enjoys oral action

Beguiling diva enjoys oral action
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"YO!!! FOLKS!!!" The teacher was trying to calm everyone down. he yelled a lot of times, eventually everyone stopped talking except for me. he had yelled right at my ear so i said "what the fuck is your problem, im not takin any of your shit".

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thats it he said, your going to the principals office. istarted crying but he didnt care so i went to the principals office which was all the way down the hall. the principal wasnt there so i bent over his desk. my skirt fell across my back displaying my barely legal preteen ass just as Mr. Schwartz (the princiapl) came in. nice pooper!

he exclaimed. he pulled out a small bag of what looked to be cocaine so i left. the next day i realized it was all a dream, but istill had the bag of powder in my pocket. after a few lines i realized it wasnt cocaine at all but a mystery drug which was not my drug of choice. i tossed it in the trash with no sign of regret on my face. i got dressed, after that i left my room, went downstairs to get ready for school and i heard a noise.

i think it was a ghost but even to this day it could have been something else. i ate my cereal, got dressed after that but wasnt sure what to do next. i had twelve minutes until my school bus came to pick me up so i didnt know what to do next. so i just waited until my bus came.

When I got on the bus i noticed a girl i had a crush on for a long time sitting in the front of the bus.

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she was the only one on the bus besides me and the bus driver, so he asked her "have you ever had your pussy sucked by a guy who sucks mangoes for a living" but he drives a bus for a living so it was a rhetorical question. i asked the girl if she wanted to sit in the back of the bus with me, she said it sounded dangerous so of course she agreed.

once we got back there i lifted up her shirt, spat on my left hand and started slapping her titty back and forth. i thought my confidence would turn her on but she seemed a little unsure of what was happening. she was horny though so she ripped off my shorts (they were american eagle, my most expensive pair!) but noticed that i didnt have a bonner.

my face turned as red as a fire hydrant and i thought to myself "what if im gay" and you could tell she was thinking the same thing. i got off at the next stop and headed down toward the river.


It was raining so i booted a little meth and fingered my asshole under a bridge, crying all the while. my finger smelled weird afterwards i waklked the rest of the way to school even though it was kind of far, but i knew a shortcut so i walked the rest of the way to school and when i got there i couldnt believe my eyes.

the bus was on fire, and additionally it was upside down and there were signs of impact on the anterior of the vehicle. i saw the girl who embarrased me before.

that bitch. she was crawling slowly, it looked as if her legs had been severed and also she was on fire. i choked back laughter and walked over to her, i put her out with my Mountain Rush powerade bottle and asked if she needed any help. before she could reply i kicked the shit out of her until she died. i checked her pockets and then noticed something on the ground. excitement crossed over my eyes as i realized what it was: an Inuyasha playing card. my mom had told me that i could get any of them because they were gay and she needed that money for cigarettes.

the card was a little burtn but i stillll kept it in my pocket for later. since school was cancelled that day i wnet home to check out my new playing card. i heard a noise again, kind of like the one i heard this morning (note: this is known as continuity, its a good technique for stories that you other authors might want to pay attention to).

then i heard a voice "oooooooo" it was a ghost. it was actually the girl from the bus much to my surprise she wasnt angry.

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she said "invite over your friends i want to have an orgy" but i told her the truth i dont have any friends and today was the day i would commit suicide because i found out i was gay too.

she said its fine to be gay, but since she was a ghost i should kill myself so we can have sex. i turned on the tv and just as i suspected a cartoon was playing. i watched cartoons until it got dark, and im scared of the dark.

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so i asked if i could babysit my neighbors daughter for 50 bucks, then i could buy a lamp and keep my house light and they said yes as long as i was responsible and didnt have sex with her. of course i said yes, but my fingers were crossed.

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im 18 so obviously im not going to have sex with a little girl, but much to my surprise she was 18 too but she looked twelve. i put on a creed album to set the mood, she asked if we could play a board game. i said lets watch a movie instead, i tried to show off and slam the vhs tape into the vcr but i missed.

"heh, did that on purpose" i said, my downcast eyes and nervous voice revealing my embarrassment. we awkwardly sat on the couch for like thirty minutes as i kept running things to say through my head. once i tried to say something but just as i started speaking i lost my confidence and just made a weird noise with my throat and tried to mask it as a cough, but you could tell she knew and she was starting to see how pathetic i was.

i shifted in my seat a little bit, i thought about making a move but retreated at the last second.

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"uh i have to go to the bathroom" i said/ " could you grab me a snack " she said and i was like yeah. the movie was the notebook by the way, so maybe shell like the movie at least. anyway i thought of something, as i came back from the bathroom i was naked.


i pointed to my erect dick and said "heres your snack bitch" but my voice faltered because i saw how disgusted she was. this was the most humiliating thing to ever happen to me, but thankfully she was a total slut completely devoid of dignity so she gave me a blowjob just because she was bored and felt sorry for me.

i asked if i could cum in her mouth and she was like "what the fuck its been like ten sec-" but she couldnt finish her sentence because i came in her eye by accident. i stuttered something that i dont even remember and ran out of the hous ecompletely naked with a little bit of cum running down my dick, that fucking bitch ruined my life, now im stuck in my house and i dont have a lamp and this gay ass ghost wont leave me alone.