Anal first timer gf in public affair

Anal first timer gf in public affair
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During the drive to San Antonio, I was contemplating how my life had changed over the last year. I reviewed all of the turns in the road that had led to this moment. While the sorority sisters and their dates got their party started on the three limousine buses, I drove alone down the interstate alone and tried to figure out how the forces in the universe had aligned to put me in this position.

Some parts of my life didn't make sense. I was too young for a midlife crisis. I had a healthy sex life in my marriage, a loving and gorgeous wife, and a pretty good life. I had a good job at a Texas gulf coast university where the weather was almost always perfect. When I tried to come up with the moment that my normal life had become hyper-sexualized, it had to be during the inadvertent viewing of a lovely young Kristen Mitchell's nipples as she napped on the floor outside my office.

She was every young man's dream if they dreamed of a blonde, athletic overachiever who had both a winning smile and a kind and considerate personality. And now she was smiling in one of the buses in front of me, seated in the lap of her date for the weekend. He was a nice young man from the swim team.

He was long and lean with a bright future and I wouldn't be surprised if he was hoping that this three day date would lead to something more. But the look in Kristen's eyes when she introduced him to me before climbing on the bus told a different story. She and I had been casually involved for the last several months. Though our pre-affair agreement allowed her all the freedom she wanted to date or sleep with whomever she chose, she relied on me for her regular sexual release.

She admitted she'd even given up using her vibrator in order to get even hornier for our infrequent liaisons. I didn't expect her to give her date blue balls for three days, and I didn't expect to see her in my room either.

However I did expect to see Michelle Mason in my room later. If not that night, the following night after the formal. I wasn't really sure what was expected of me for the first night.

I also realized how nervous I was about the thought of being her first. Michelle and Kristen are sorority sisters and Michelle has the additional ignominy of being the sorority's lone virgin.

Or the only one who will admit she is still one. Michelle played intercollegiate basketball and her team was playing in a holiday tournament in San Antonio that weekend. The sorority planned the formal around Michelle's game schedule. Our first stop as an entourage when we arrived in San Antonio was to check in at our hotel for the weekend.

Then it was on to the Convocation Center at UTSA for the first round game. Michelle was the second Sigma Xi member that I became involved with. While we hadn't done more than heavy petting and necking, this weekend was supposed to change all that.

Michelle had decided that she was going to lose her virginity before going back to her family ranch for a short Christmas Break. By the end of the weekend, Michelle had plans to make the decision a reality.

The thought of being Michelle's first hadn't been too far from my thoughts since we had agreed to an affair weeks earlier. Being the only Sigma Xi that admitted to still being a virgin made her an oddity on our campus.

She was extremely smart, a country girl with natural beauty from the Texas Hill Country, and a real sweetheart. Michelle had short, straight brown hair that didn't reach her collar, but did drop into her eyes. She constantly tucked it behind her ears when she played. She had nice curves, but they only hid the muscles just beneath the surface. Years of horseback riding had given her muscles in her stomach and back, and strong legs. She had well-formed shoulders from years of bucking bales and shoveling out stalls.

But there wasn't a single boyish thing about her. She looked damn sexy in blue jeans or a bathing suit. In fact, she had such a soft outward appearance, it made it hard to reconcile the tenacity she played with on the court. Michelle also was mildly obsessively compulsive and possessed a didactic memory. It was intimidating when she displayed both of her traits simultaneously, as her opponents found out. So when my wife Kay had to stay home and care for our baby son Augie who was suffering from an ear infection, it was like the forces of the universe were conspiring to guide Michelle into my bed.

Her basketball coach had already agreed she could stay with her sorority the night of the formal. Being a star player who never acted like a star has its perks. This was the one and only time she'd asked him for a favor and he was eager to agree.

Had he said no, Michelle wouldn't have moaned or complained, she would have kept her head down and played hard for the man anyway. As the miles slipped by, I allowed myself to imagine Michelle naked and all of the things I wanted to do with her. The outskirts of San Antonio appeared in the windshield and I broke from my R-rated daydreams to pay attention to the increasing traffic. We checked into the hotel and waited for the bell staff to take our bags up to our rooms.

The girls were all on the same floor, taking up the entire upper floor of this Spanish Hacienda styled boutique hotel. My suite was in a different section of the hotel, more private and accessed by a different stair. When the bellman opened the door to my suite, I was nearly blown away.

I had a panoramic view of the patio and the river beyond. I'd be able to observe the Snow Ball from above if I wished. After he showed me all the amenities of the room, I slipped him a bill and he gave me a slight nod of thanks and slipped silently out the door. I was almost done hanging everything up when there was a knock at my door. I opened it to find Kristen standing there alone. "Where's your date? Mike, right?" "He's changing his shirt before we all head to the campus for the game.

Someone spilled half a margarita on him. We've only been here ten minutes and we've already had a housekeeping emergency. Anna gave the maid a twenty and I think that bought her silence for the time being. I don't think management will be calling you anytime soon," she explained. "Hey, this room is GREAT! I wouldn't mind spending some time in here. What do you think Paul, should I help you turn down the bed?" She slipped her arms around my neck and I bent to kiss her.

"I'd love that, but you have a date and we don't have the time. I don't want to start anything we don't have time to finish. Why don't you take your pleasures from Mike? He is an attractive young man and I could tell he's obviously taken in by your sexiness." "What makes you think I haven't already rocked his world?" she teased. "Because he is still walking upright. No mortal man can survive your onslaught," I reasoned. "But you never had any trouble walking after," she responded.

"That proves, my dear Kristen, that I am no mere mortal man." I answered. "I am a God, strengthened by making love to beautiful women." We both laughed. I kissed her long and deep, a twinge of regret that I may make love in a bed with her sorority sister Michelle before Kristen. It didn't seem fair. Kristen didn't seem to mind. "We'd better go.

The buses should be getting loaded by now. And some of the sisters too," she laughed. Many of the Sigma Xis would use this weekend to try and drink their body weight in exotic drinks like Slippery Nipples, Blowjobs, Sex on the Beach, or Sloe Screws. When we arrived in the lobby, nearly every young woman and young man was carrying some kind of beverage.

More than half were carrying coolers or bags bulging with what I could only guess were additional cocktail supplies. The bus drivers were comparing notes on their accommodations and the proper routes to and from the basketball arena. The sorority had paid for quality accommodations for the drivers and they seemed pleased with the charter and the gorgeous figures of their female passengers. When we arrived at the Convo Center, the sorority made their presence known immediately and loudly.

Down on the floor, Michelle Mason was doing her pregame stretches. I hung back, preferring to sit apart from the group so I could enjoy the game without distractions. Michelle was going to be distraction enough. Her eyes sought out mine and I was certain I saw a shy smile creep across her face. For a moment I felt guilty, like I was going to be a distraction to her and her play would suffer. I shouldn't have worried. The opponents that night were a small school from the other side of San Antonio.

They played gamely but the outcome was never in doubt. By half time, our girls had a thirty point lead; the reserves who ended the first half on the court started in the second half and rode out the clock. Michelle alternated between cheering for her teammates and slyly giving me the eye.

I know she gave me the eye often because I hardly looked away from her. She was all I could think about. After the game and the post-game talk in the locker room from their coach, the basketball team slipped into their warmups and came out to meet with friends and family while the next game prepared to get underway.

I was standing with the Sigma Xis when Michelle came out and ran right passed me and into the arms of an older man. "Daddy! You came! I didn't see you. Mama! It's so great you could come!" She hugged her parents. "Why didn't you tell me you were coming? This is so great!" Michelle had lost her reserve and was gushing like a preteen. I looked her parents over. Her father was weathered but erect, only a bit of paunch showing behind his tan western sport jacket.

He was wearing an expensive white cowboy hat and scuffed up cowboy boots. He had a hint of grey at the temples and the piercing blue eyes that he had passed on to his daughter. Michelle's mother was a Texas belle. She could have passed for Michelle's older sister.

Even though she only wore a hint of makeup, Mrs. Mason was more than a little attractive. "Daddy, you and Mama have to meet someone! This is Dr. Paul David. He's an incredibly boring professor but an exciting and dedicated sorority sponsor. His wife Kay couldn't come because their new baby Augie got sick. Dr. David, these are my parents, Clarence and Loretta Mason." Michelle was out of breath from her excited introduction. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Mr.

and Mrs. Mason, you must be incredibly proud of Michelle. She's an outstanding student, an excellent basketball player, and a wonderful young lady." I shook both of their hands. His was leathered and had a grip like iron. Her skin was smoother, but her grip also carried some strength. "Call me Ren," he instructed. "And this is Rett. No one except salespeople or government employees call us 'Clarence' or 'Loretta'.

He laughed at what I assumed was a family joke. "Please, call me Paul. I know you have much to catch up on so I will leave you in your daughter's capable hands." "Hold on Professor," she said before I could depart. "Coach, COACH!" she shouted at her coach who was speaking with a couple of other parents who traveled with the team. "Can I go to dinner with my parents?" "Sure. Be back at the hotel for bed check at 10 p.m." "Thanks Coach!" she half-yelled. "Daddy, invite the Professor to join us for dinner.

He's all alone and the sorority is all paired up. He is going to end up eating his dinner in the hotel bar out of a bowl of peanuts." She gave a pretty convincing performance. "Besides, he's the only unattached guy on the trip, so he's going to have to be my date for the formal tomorrow night." I flushed with embarrassment.

I think I caught an odd look from her father at the suggestion that I was to be his daughter's date. Maybe I was just being paranoid. "I appreciate that Michelle, but I don't want to intrude on your family time with you. I am sure they want you all to themselves." I didn't say that I did as well, but for a different reason." "Don't be silly," interrupted Rett.

"Of course you will come to dinner with us. Ren knows where all the great steaks in San Antoine are," she drawled, "he sells them their beef." "It would be a pleasure to have you along," confirmed her father with a genuine smile. "I'd like to discuss a couple of things that have bothered me since I first read Hunter Thompson. Michelle and her mother don't need me to carry on a conversation. I only get involved when they start discussing horseflesh." "You and that Hunter Thompson!" snorted Rett.

"He's an atrocious writer and a drunken sot!" "That may be true my dear, but he's a crack shot and voracious hunter. And he always brings the best whiskey when he visits," reminded Ren. "Yes he does.

And then he drinks it all too," she chided. I was intrigued by the possibility that Ren Mason was a friend of Hunter Thompson. While I was more than a little familiar with his works, I'd never gotten closer than fifteen rows away in a lecture hall to meeting the man. "Well, if my coming along will provide you with some kind of diversion, I'd love to discuss Hunter S. Thompson with you. He happens to be among my favorite contemporary authors." We all rode together in the Mason's four-wheel drive suburban.

I rode in the front passenger seat, though I insisted that Rett take that seat. She was adamant about riding in back and as soon as she and Michelle were safely in, they began a long stream of conversations that covered everything from what Michelle was wearing for the dance to how her various horses and dogs were doing back at the ranch.

Dinner was a long affair but passed far too quickly. We enjoyed great steaks and a bottle of decent Texas wine. After dinner we switched to Wild Turkey with a splash of Coke to begin in earnest our discussion about Hunter Thompson. I was surprised by how well read Ren Mason was. I couldn't bring any America authors into the discussion that he hadn't read.

His favorite poet was Jim Harrison, who became a mainstream author when he Legends of the Fall. Our conversation eventually went to music. He was fond of a host of Texas troubadours as his favorite musicians. Surprisingly he was also a huge Bob Dylan fan and let drop that Bob Dylan had spent time at their ranch as well. Clearly he embraced those creative people who proved to be independent, free thinkers.

While Ren was what he appeared, a successful Texas cowboy with a nice ranch and comfortable living, he was also more than met the eye. "We didn't have television at the ranch until 1980," he explained.


"It was the first TV I ever had. Growing up, even radio was pretty spotty. So you either listened to records or you read books. My father was a big fan of Louis L'Amour so I read all of those. My school teacher was a great Dickens fan so I also read everything that Dickens wrote. The first writer I ever found on my own was Rex Stout. If you ever get up our way, stop in.

I'd love to show off our ranch library." "Hey that's a great idea! You have to bring Kay and Augie too! I'll take Augie for his first pony ride!" Michelle had been listening to our conversation while deep in her own with her mother. I did mention she was a little OCD. Our evening ended up with the Mason's dropping me at the front door of the hotel at a quarter to ten.

Just in time for me to call my wife and wish her a good night. I thanked my impromptu hosts for their generosity with their time. When I shook Ren's hand good night, he told me he hadn't had a discussion like that for several years and he enjoyed it immensely. I felt the same way and told him so. If I didn't have plans to deflower his daughter the next night, I thought he and I could have become close friends.

It wasn't until later I found out that we could become close friends anyway. Michelle's eyes sparkled when I reminded her to get some good rest; she had a big day the next day with the game and the dance.

Even in the dark I could see her blush. Rett wouldn't let me go without a kiss on the cheek. She made me feel like a beloved part of the family. I spent half an hour on the telephone telling Kay about the evening and then bid her a goodnight with a loud kiss.

I lay on the bed and thought about rubbing one out to relieve the pressure that was building. I decided to deny myself and save it for Michelle.

The evening with her family and the long conversation with my wife hadn't changed my mind in the least. I was intent on carrying through my promise to Michelle. I fell into a dream world with sexy cowgirls and angry fathers who looked surprising like a certain Gonzo author. Attendance at the game the next afternoon was optional for the sorority and their dates. The girls had their winter formal to get ready for after all.

I ended up driving myself to the game. When I got to the arena, I was making my way to my seat when I heard a familiar voice. "Professor! Paul!" Rett Mason was waving at me from seats near the floor. "Come join us." They had seats courtside across from the opposing team bench. "Ren insisted I keep an eye out for you. You are his new best friend. He's the only person from Lampasas to Abilene that thinks Hunter S Thompson is a good writer.

He talked about how smart you were until 1 AM!" She laughed with emphasis on the "A M".

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"It might have been sooner than that, I lost track of time." She flushed. I believe she revealed in that blush that she and Clarence had engaged in a bout of vigorous lovemaking to round out the evening. Lucky fellow. I'd never enjoyed a courtside view of Michelle Mason at her finest before.

They were playing North Carolina State, who thought a trip to San Antonio might give them a holiday tournament win and boost of confidence before their conference season began.

They hadn't counted on Michelle Mason and her meticulous preparation for each opponent. Their All-American Marybeth Quinn scored a season low and collected the fewest rebounds of her collegiate career.

Michelle ran circles around Marybeth at both ends of the court. Quinn was nearly fast enough to stay with Michelle for part of the first half, but it was clear that Michelle had more in the tank than Quinn before the half was over.

At the half, we led by four and Michelle had fourteen points, five steals, five assists and five rebounds. More importantly Quinn had three fouls. The second half was a dogfight. NC State was showing why they were going to become ACC Champions and make the NCAA's.

But NC State was destined to lose five games that year and one of those losses was to our own little hoopsters. As the second half wound down, only Michelle's engine was still running strong. She ended with 31 points, including nine from the free throw line. She had eight steals and eleven assists. Quinn fouled out with nine points and four rebounds. When the final horn sounded, the team mobbed Michelle and she grinned through her sweat soaked hair.

She was soaked from hair to heels. She walked gingerly to the locker room. I could see she was exhausted. "That was amazing," I said aloud. "I've never seen anyone play like that, with so much heart. Absolutely amazing." "Ever since she was a little girl, she's been a competitor.

She gets it from her mother," Ren explained like it was a matter of fact. "Rett had a basketball goal put up in the horse barn and wouldn't let Michelle play until she did all over her chores. That barn never looked so clean before or since. Those two spent hours out in that barn bouncing balls and scaring my good mares." He laughed. "You couldn't get her to quit at night either, Ren.

She's always been single minded. Like her father. The ranch hands quit playing one on one with her when she started winning every game.

We had to important boys from Goldthwaite, Lampasas and even Ft. Hood. Even those boys quit coming out when she took them to school. We THOUGHT she might go to A&M, but she had her heart set on Galveston." There was more than a little pride in her voice.

"She will end up being a great doctor. Probably save thousands of lives and cure crippling diseases. I have no doubt she will be a success." "As long as she's happy." Ren seemed a little disappointed. I think he was hoping his daughter would return to the ranch, being the lone child to Ren and Rett Mason.

"Maybe you should think about building a children's hospital on the ranch," I joked. "Maybe that would keep her down on the farm." I could tell by the look that passed between Rett and Ren that my joke had opened a line of thought that hadn't occurred to them before. Ren seemed much happier after that.

My impression of Ren and Rett didn't include the notion that they were wealthy oil lease owners as well as successful ranchers. (When the Rockin' Horse Respite Ranch for Children opened eight years later, with Dr. Michelle Mason as its head of pediatric medicine and horse wrangler, my family and I were honored to be among those invited for the dedication. Ren even mentioned me in the description of how the idea came about.

My family and I spend at least two weeks volunteering at the ranch each summer. It's a highlight of our year.) The Masons and I made small talk until the team emerged to enormous cheers.

One more win and the holiday championship was secure. Michelle had a sports bottle in each hand and her bag slung over her shoulder. "That was amazing honey!" gushed her mother, kissing her daughter's sweaty forehead, pulling her in for a full body hug, sweaty daughter or not. "We are so proud!" "Those yanks never had a chance! Don't they know, you don't mess with Texas!" her father laughed. "Daddy, Marybeth Quinn was born in Dallas!

You know that! She's no yank!" objected Michelle. "Then she should have gone to school at A&M. Or even UT. But to go to NC State? That makes her a yankee." "Oh stop!

Well, I've got to go. I need to take the bus back to the hotel and then take a shower and get ready for the formal." "Do you need my help, darlin'?" purred her mother. "No mama, all the girls on the team have plans for making me in to some kind of fairytale princess. I reckon I'll let them have their fun." "Well, we'll so you tomorrow afternoon then, for the championship," said her mother. "We've got dinner plans with Bill Clements.

He wants to ask for your daddy's support when he runs for Governor I suspect. I don't know why he thinks he's fit for being Governor when all he's ever done is work for that horrible Gerald Ford! Oh well, I'll leave that to your daddy. Come on Ren, we are going to be late and you know how those politicians drink when you leave them waiting at the bar too long." She took her husband by the arm and they started to make their way out while fans for the last game of the evening were filing in.

"I'll see YOU later," stated Michelle with a poke into my shoulder. "I hope you got plenty of rest. I'm in the mood for dancing tonight. But not until later. I have to go make myself ready for my date." She twirled and left through the players entrance where her team was gathered.

I could see they were chirping and excited about the upcoming makeover and I tried to hide my pleasure at the thought. I needed to get ready myself. I was getting dressed in a freshly ironed white button down Oxford shirt when my phone rang. "Hello?" "Professor, would you mind coming to the hotel to pick me up? I hate to ask, but I don't want to walk too much in these shoes.

And I have to carry a bag for tomorrow as well." "I am just putting my pants on now," I replied. "I'll be there in ten minutes." "Thanks! I'll meet you in the lobby." Before I left the hotel, I called Kristen and asked her and her date Mike to join me to pick up Michelle. They met me near the side entrance to the parking structure.

It was a short drive across the street to the Radisson. The three of us entered the lobby, Kristen in her formal gown, a shimmering powder blue floor length with spaghetti straps and a deep plunging back that revealed the absence of a bra. The way it fit her ass, I could tell she wasn't wearing panties either. My cock stirred. Her date was in a light gray tuxedo with darker gray lapels.

His shirt matched her dress perfectly. I felt underdressed in my charcoal suit with white shirt and maroon tie. Then I laid eyes on Michelle and knew that I could have been wearing a Big Bird suit and no one in the room would have noticed. Michelle might have been a bit on the country girl side when allowed to choose her own style, but what I saw before me was a young woman of incredible beauty. She was wearing a sequined red choker collar gown that had no back.

It perfectly accentuated her curves and also had a hidden bodice that pushed her breasts together and up. She was also wearing silver high heels that sparkled as much as her dress.

Her fingernails were painted with the same red as the dress, as were her toenails. Her short brown hair had been swept up and back and For the first time, she wore enough makeup to make a difference and she was so absolutely stunning I found myself rooted to the spot where I first laid eyes on her. "Oh my GOD, Chelle! You are stunning!" gushed Kristen. "The Sig Xis are gonna FLIP when they see you!" I stood there stupidly, mouth slightly open.

I was staring and didn't realize. "Is it really so bad?" asked Michelle as she slowly walked toward me. That broke me out of my trance. "No, quite the opposite. You are so beautiful that I can hardly find words. You are going to make some young man the happiest man on the planet someday." "I hope so," she replied.

"I certainly hope so." She slipped her hand into the crook of my elbow and I took her bag from one of her teammates who had carried it down for her.

It weighed as much as she did.

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I could see why she preferred a ride instead of trying to carry the bag across the busy downtown San Antonio streets to our hotel. When we arrived at our hotel, all the Sigma Xis were in the lobby with their dates, waiting for Michelle to begin the formal. There was a raucous cheer and plenty of screaming when she made her first appearance walking hand in hand with Kristen who was on the arm of her own date.

I followed behind, catching the attention of the head bellman. I instructed him to take the bag from my car to my room and have the valet park the car for the evening, slipping him a ten for the evening. I asked his name and if he was able to run errands for guests. He assured me it was hotel policy to be available to meet all the guests' needs.

This was good news for me. As the sorority filed out to the patio that was the site of the formal, I watched him carry Michelle's bag to my room. I took a few minutes to call my wife from the house phone in the lobby and tell her about the game and what the decorations looked like and how excited all the girls were about this dance.

I made her promise to come with me the next time, so I could dress her up and let her show off a little and make those girls jealous. When I finished on the phone, I took a good long look at the myself in a lobby mirror. The only guilt I felt was about not feeling guilty. I felt lucky beyond measure. I couldn't believe my good fortune. It was up to me to be worthy of the gift I was about to receive.

I walked to the desk and asked for the same bellman. When he appeared, I asked him to find a particular bottle of wine if possible and have it in my suite refrigerator when I returned.

I also asked him to find some fine chocolates and fresh strawberries. I made it clear that he and only he was to be involved with the shopping and delivery and that I was counting on his discretion. He assured me that he would be glad to take care of it personally. My purchases would total under a hundred dollars. I slipped him two one hundred dollar notes by way of appreciation, telling him to keep the change. Michelle was worth it. When I made my way onto the patio, the party was in reaching full swing.

The hotel had done a magical job of transforming the space into a wonderland of lights and white tulle. I found my name on a place card and took a seat while everyone else was on the dance floor. Michelle was on the place card to my right, Kristen to my left. I had only just sat down when Michelle came to the edge of the dance floor and crooked her finger at me in the international sign of 'come hither'.

We spent the night dancing like acquaintances, though Michelle kept touching me whenever she thought she could get away with it. I was careful not to act on my impulse to pull her close when dancing and make her the center of my attention. I danced with other Sigma Xis, including Kristen whose eyes were glistening with inebriation and wanted to pull me closer to dance. I danced with all the girls who wanted to dance.

By midnight, a few of the young couples had already disappeared for the evening. By twelve-thirty, I told my date that I was bushed and was headed to bed. She bid me a good night with her thanks. Then she told her friends she had to get up early for the team breakfast and because she was stag, she thought she should head back to her hotel and get some sleep. She caught up to me in the lobby. At this hour, the only person in the lobby was the desk attendant and her attention was at the far end of the counter.

We walked down the hall that led to my suite and I let Michelle in ahead of me. The floor to ceiling draperies had been discreetly closed. That bellman did his job.

I found the wine in my refrigerator, a particularly delicious cabernet from Silver Oak that paired superbly with the chocolates he had also supplied. In the refrigerator I found an attractive plate of strawberries and a single red rose.

I pulled out the rose and walked to wear Michelle stood, shimmering and smiling. I extended the rose. "Remember Michelle, you can have anything you want tonight.

If you decide it's all too much, too soon, just say the word and nothing will happen," I assured her. She took the rose. "Do you think I am going to get this dressed up and then back out? Not hardly. I want you to undress me and make love to me like I know you are going to. I've waited so long for this night and I know it's going to be perfect. I want you so much I can't stand it. Now kiss me!" I leaned over and give her a tender kiss, my fingertips softly brushing her cheeks.

She lifted her arms to my neck, allowing me access to her bare sides and back. I felt her skin and the gooseflesh that she displayed. Our kisses were warming up, becoming more urgent.

My hands slid down to her ass, pulling her closer. My rising manhood pressed against her stomach. I pulled back, gazing into her crystal blue eyes, flecked with gold. I thought I might see fear, trepidation, reluctance or regret. Instead I could only sense anticipation; an animalistic hunger. I could see longing and desire. Michelle ran her hands up my chest and began to unbutton my shirt.

She kissed the skin there as she exposed it. When she got to my waist, I bent to kiss her again, allowing my own reserved passion to flow to the surface. My gentle touch became more urgent, feeling the sexy bend of her hips, exploring the curve of her ass where it joined her thighs. I brought my left hand up to her right breast, sliding behind her dress to cup the soft flesh behind.

Michelle's hands were inside my shirt, rubbing my chest and sides, fingers tickling my nipples. "Oh fuck, I am on fire!" panted Michelle. "I don't want this feeling to end. I am so ready for this." "That's good news for both of us," I paused to nibble her neck. "In a few minutes, I might not have been able to stop," I unsnapped the collar of her dress and lowered the front as I dropped to my knees, kissing my way down to her breasts.

"Even if you begged." Her skin was pale, spotted with the occasional tiny mole. I licked and nibbled my way around her breasts, avoiding the pink erections of her nipples. Michelle ran her fingers through my hair as my mouth gave her pleasure. I released the short zipper on her hip and the dress puddled on the floor.

She wore no panties. Her curly brown bush glistened with the juices of her sex. I rubbed my nose on that smooth skin between her navel and her thatch, inhaling deeply of her innocence and arousal. She giggled out of anticipation and embarrassment. I guided her left leg up onto my right shoulder and placed my mouth against her cunt. I explored her slit with my stiff tongue, parting her copious pubic hair. It took less than a minute for her to start to pant in earnest.

She gripped my head for balance and I gripped her ass to lock her to my mouth. Her right leg quivered from weaknesses. She began to orgasm.

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I kept my mouth against her sex, swirling my tongue and sucking the juices that flowed from within. I kneaded her ass cheeks, spreading them wider and wider before pushing them together again. "You've got to stop. Please!" she begged. "I can't stand it anymore. Take me to the bed." I stood up and lifted her easily in my arms. I carried her to our bed and lowered her gently. I slipped her high heels off of her feet and she was naked as the day she was born.

She rolled on her side, reaching out to find my belt, pulling me to the edge of the bed. With one hand she worked my belt open and unbuttoned my trousers.

She couldn't work my cock out with one hand, so she sat up and straddled my legs with her. With both hands working she was able to lower my fly and my pants fell to my knees. She rubbed the front of my found my hard shaft, hot and throbbing. Michelle worked her fingers into my waistband and lowered my briefs to my knees. Between her and me we were able to remove my clothes.

Now she sat there staring at my cock for the first time. Her eyes were lit up like it was Christmas and her birthday all in one. She slipped her hands around my shaft, pulling my erection down to her mouth. "I've wanted to try this for so long.

I've wanted to know what it's like to put a man in my mouth and see what he tastes like." She licked the entire shaft before finally parting her lips and slipping my crown into her mouth. She pressed until I could feel the back of her throat. Then she pulled it out, swallowed, opened her mouth wider and pushed it deeper into her throat, taking about two thirds.

She pulled out again, swallowed, looked up into my eyes, smiled, and opened her mouth even wider. Her eyes never left mine and my entire cock passed between her lips.

I could feel her throat gripping my cock, milking it, making it pulse. "If you keep that up, I am going to lose control," I warned her. She pulled off, keeping a death grip around the base of my shaft. "Good. It's about time you let me taste all of you." She bobbed her head on my willing manhood. I enjoyed every indecent feeling of debauchery as she coaxed my orgasm to the surface. I began to grunt. I was trying to delay my release, but the sounds only encouraged her to ravish my cock with her mouth with greater gusto.

"Here it comes!" I warned her. The first blast shot down her open gullet right into her stomach. She pulled off and the second crossed her face from temple to jaw. She laughed and opened wide for the third pulse. She licked under the head for the weaker fourth, fifth and sixth pulses, each covering the bridge of her nose and cheeks. I nearly collapsed. She released my cock and I collapsed on the bed next to her.

"Are you sure you've never done this before?" "No, nothing even close. But I do like to read.

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So I did a little research&hellip." She gave me a slight shrug. "I wish all my students could get similar results with their reading." "You want all of your students to give you a blowjob?" she asked as she used her fingers to scoop my cum toward her mouth.

She paused to smell it before she licked it from her fingers and swallowed. She laughed at her own joke. "No, I happen to be very particular about who I allow to have access to my cock," I mock boasted. "By 'particular' you must mean Kay and Kristen," she said slyly. "Kristen? Kristen Mitchell?


Why would you say that?" I asked. "Not everyone knows this, but until last spring Kristen were both virgins. She and I talked about it a great deal. Then she admitted to me in confidence that she was no longer a virgin and I was truly alone in Sigma Epsilon Xi. But she wouldn't tell me who. That made me curious and when I am curious I start to investigate. It was easy to figure out that she wasn't seeing anyone on campus; it's such a small place word would have gotten out.

She wasn't ever home long enough to be involved with someone there, so that was out. That means it had to be someone no one would expect. When I saw her go into your building one Saturday toward the end of your office hours, I put all the clues together and I figured out it might be you. I thought that was so HOT! "I kept an eye on you during our weekly sorority meetings and I saw you exchange glances.

And I saw the effect those glances had on your friend there," she pointed at my cock, which twitched in recognition. "After the meetings, the only sister you ever kept your distance from was Kristen. You went out of your way to pretend nothing was going on. Finally, when I confided in her that I wanted you and fantasized about how hot I thought you are and how much I wished you would be my first, I could tell by her reaction that she wanted to tell me.

But she didn't and I didn't let on that I knew. She did give me all kinds of great 'hypothetical' ideas at how to please you when if I did get you." "Damn, you are good. Well, I won't deny it. It's true that Kristen and I have had a special relationship since last spring. It's because of her that we are together here tonight. Kristen brought up the suggestion and she has been encouraging me to sleep with you for several months. She has asked for permission to tell you about us when you and I finally make love." "I want to do it.

I want to make love right now!" She rolled me on my back and pounced on my chest, pressing her firm breasts against me.

She kissed me all over the face and I could taste a little of my residual cum on her lips. "You aren't too tired? You played a helluva game today and then there was the formal and all that dancing. It's late.

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We should get some sleep," I teased. "Fuck that!" she growled, attacking my mouth with hers. "And fuck me!" "I think you'd better let me do the seducing then," I rolled her on her back and then rolled the other way to get off the bed. I retrieved the chocolates and strawberries and wine. "I know it's in the season for you, and you probably have a ban on alcohol, but I hope you make an exception for this." I poured one glass of wine, gathered three of the most perfect berries, and three of the exquisite chocolates.

I arranged them where she could reach them easily. "Take a bite of strawberry, then a bite of chocolate. Chew them a bit, but before you swallow, add a sip of the cabernet," I instructed. Michelle bit the end off of a strawberry and then a bite of chocolate. When she took a sip of the Silver Oak, her face melted with joy.

"Oh my GOD! That's the best thing I have ever put into my mouth!" she exclaimed. I pulled the pillows out from under the bedspread and built a wedge in the center of the bed. When I was finished, I turned Michelle so that she was reclined against it. I arranged the chocolates and strawberries to be easy to reach with her right hand. I handed her the glass of cabernet and she was reclined like the Queen of Sheba with her ass on the edge of the bed and her knees propped up high.

I knelt between her legs and began licking her swollen sex through her damp mat of pubic hair. The combination of sensations from her mouth and her pussy got her extremely aroused. Her inner lips engorged with blood and formed the perfect lotus, coming together at the top to guide my tongue to her clit. I stroked the insides of her thighs, teasing her ass with my thumbs and then prying her lips apart before stroking and tickling her legs.

Her stomach started to tighten as she got closer to another orgasm. I pushed my nose into her vagina and licked the rosebud of her ass.

She pulled her legs wider and rolled her knees closer to her shoulders, pushing my tongue into her ass. "This is fantastic Paul. I want to do it all. You can do whatever you want. This is way better than anything I fantasized." She kept up with the strawberries, chocolate and wine.

Her normally pale face was flushed as was the top of her chest between her breasts and collarbone. Her thighs were starting to glisten as the tannins in the wine enflamed her blood. I slipped a finger into her virgin cunt. I slowly inserted and withdrew just the tip, allowing her natural lubrication to coat my skin. Then I gradually worked it in deeper until I found what I was looking for.

Her maidenhead was still intact. It surprised me a little. Being a cowgirl and an athlete and the proud owner of a battery powered vibrator, I suspected that her maidenhead would have been broken many months before. My cock twitched with hunger. It had been years since I had deflowered a young maiden. Touching her hymen put my desire into overdrive.

I began to lash at her open pussy lips with my tongue, eager to drive her to the very edge. She responded instantly, allowing me to drive her to the heights of pleasure.

As she finally tensed to make her release, I stopped. I stood up and removed the wine glass from her hand. I also set the chocolate and strawberries on the nightstand. "You are so mean!" she complained. "It's time," I replied. I rotated her again on the bed and placed a single pillow under her head, pushing the others off the far side of the bed. I knelt between her legs and bent down to her lips. I kissed her gently and allowed my cock to seek her cunt without guidance.

It knew where I wanted to put it and I felt Michelle's hand guide me the rest of the way. "Are you sure you want to do this? We won't be able to take it back&hellip." "Shut up and fuck me, Stud!" she laughed, using my sorority assigned nickname. "It will be my pleasure," I whispered, slowly sinking my cock into her tight pussy.

When I butted up against her hymen, I prepared to thrust through it. "This is probably going to hurt a little." "It's ok. I'm ready." She raised her legs high and wide, giving me full access for a deep thrust. I backed off and then thrust forward with a short hard stroke. DENIED! Her hymen didn't break and I could see it was uncomfortable for her. "Do it again, its ok," she panted. I backed off a little farther and drove into her with more force. DENIED AGAIN! "Don't stop. Do what it takes," she said with glistening eyes.

"I trust you Paul. It has to be you." I was reluctant to continue but the begging through the pain steeled my resolve. I backed off until only the tip was in her canal. I powered my hips forward and her hymen tore open with the force.

I was fully embedded and Michelle's nails were imbedded in my shoulders and her heels locked down on my thighs. "Don't move!" she exclaimed, sweating profusely. "Just give it a sec." She slowly acclimated to her loss of virginity and I could feel the bite of her nails begin to relax. Then her heels unlocked from my thighs and she pulled me down to kiss her.

"Thank you so much. Now PLEASE go slowly." I moved my cock in increments so small that only her pussy and my dick could feel anything. As she relaxed more, I stroked slightly longer increments.

It took several minutes before she was ready to actually be fucked. In the meantime I was relishing the sensation of her hot tight vice gripping my swollen cock. Nothing else existed in the world. Just me, Michelle, her pussy and my cock. And our lips. I kissed her and increased the length of the stroke and frequency.

She moaned into my mouth. This wasn't going to be a long, slow fuck, regardless of my intention when we started. Now that she could take my full length, I was losing my self-control. "You feel so good, so hot and so tight. You are so beautiful! Sexy from head to toe. Thank you for choosing me to be your first." "Stop talking and make love to me!" she commanded.

Pain forgotten, pleasure was driving her now. She thrashed her head back and forth, covering her face with her brown hair. She grabbed my ass and tried to get me to pound deeper. My cock was in the glory! Her pussy though tight, was well lubed so I was sliding in and out with ease. It only took a couple of minutes and I was ready to climax. "I'm going to climax," I whispered hoarsely. "So am I. I'm holding off, waiting for you. Don't pull out. I've been on the pill for three months.

I have to feel you cum in me. Keep doing what you are doing." Her hips were rising up to meet mine with every thrust. "I'm. Going. To. CumMMMMMMMM!" I grunted, washing her virgin cervix with my warm sperm. "Oh God oh God oh God OH GOD OH GOD OOOOOHHHHH GOOOOOOOOOD!" she moaned, growing so loud I thought we might be called by the front desk.

Spent and panting, I lay on top of her, trying to catch my breath. When I could move again, I slowly stirred her cum filled cunt with my cock, which hadn't gotten much softer. Instead of pulling out, I rolled us over together until Michelle was on my chest. She put her head against my shoulder and put her legs on mine, carefully keeping my cock imbedded. I could feel her shoulders jerking and hear quiet sobs. "Hey! Are you okay?" I asked the top of her head while stroking her back and arms.

"It was too perfect," she replied to my chest. "Now I am in love with you and I don't know what to do about it. You are married and I am a home wrecker!

But I don't care. I just want this night to last forever." "Yep, it was perfect. I am in love with you as well. I am going to file for a divorce and have to resign in disgrace.

Tomorrow I am going to ask your father for your hand in marriage. You are going to have to give up medical school of course, so we can move to the ranch and start a family of our own.

Then this night WILL last forever." By the time I finished talking she was plucking the hairs out of my chest, one by one.

"Ok, I get your point. Can't a girl have an emotional moment after losing her virginity to a wonderful man?" "You mean I don't have to get a divorce?" "No," she replied rolling off of me. "But you do have to get me those chocolates so I can feed you and get you ready for Round Two!" I'd like to write that Michelle and I made love all night long, but that's not how it went. Her pussy was too sore for round two so we finished the glass of wine, the strawberries and the chocolates.

I got a warm washcloth from the bathroom and cleaned her up. She finally got up, unsteady, and made her way to the bathroom. When she came back, I gratefully viewed her nude form. Fully naked, Michelle didn't look like a top tier women's basketball star. She looked pretty average really.

Nice breasts, not too large. Firm legs and stomach, but not sharply defined like Kristen. Her best and most alluring feature was her face when she smiled at me. Total trust and honesty. Love in its purest form. To most men, she wouldn't be higher than a seven or even six and a half. With that smile, she was a ten. I scooted back on the bed so she could have my warm spot. She climbed into bed and kissed me. Then she rolled over and pressed her back to my stomach and we went to sleep in the double spoon.

I didn't wake until the next morning when she was coming out of the shower. Her hair was wrapped in a towel and she wore nothing else. She was bent over her bag, getting her game-day gear out to wear to the team meal. I got a perfect view of her no-longer-virgin cunt as she flashed it at me. "Are you too sore to play today?" I asked, letting her know I was awake.

"Ha ha. You wish!" she laughed. "I've ridden round-ups for four days straight and then played in AAU tournaments for four days. I'll be just fine." "Maybe I'll sit with your parents again today," I teased.

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"Would that throw you off?" "While I am playing, I'll be focused on what I am doing. You on the other hand, won't be able to think of anything else but this," she said while turning to face me and waving her hands like Vanna White at her feminine gifts. "You won't ever be able to look at me again without thinking of me naked and wanting you." "You might be right," I agreed, casually adjusting my morning wood where she could see it.

"Of course I am, Paul." She crossed the distance to the bed and gripped my shaft tight. She dropped her face and swallowed the top half of my cock, pulling her mouth off with a wet plop. "Now that I am no longer a virgin, you are going to have to find a way for the two of us to have some alone time together.

There is so much I want to do and learn. I want you to do it to me and teach me." "What about Kristen?" "If you are asking if she can join us, the answer is no. Not until next year at least. If you are asking if I am going to be jealous, the answer is also no.

I am more competitive than that. I can imagine Kristen and I are going have a little contest as to who can keep you the most satisfied. If you are asking if I am going to tell Kristen about last night, the answer is HELL YES! But I won't tell the rest of the Sigma Xis. After the break I will let it slip that I lost my virginity over the break to someone back home.

A cowboy neighbor of ours. Then I will tell them he lied, he has a girlfriend and I want nothing more to do with him. That will keep them from asking too many questions and stop all the teasing about being the last SEX virgin in Texas." "You've thought this out," I observed. "Of course I have. It's the least I can do for the man I love." She covered my mouth with hers and I didn't care in that moment that I knew this was a temporary thing.

It was supposed to end when she wanted it to, or when she graduated, whichever came first. But, like so many of my rules, it wouldn't end then. She and I would continue to make love whenever we could for the next twenty years, but I had no idea at the time. "I've got to go. I'll see you after the game." The Sigma Xis checked out of the hotel and came for the championship game to support Michelle and her teammates. I did sit next to her parents in their courtside seats to watch the game.

I felt an odd glance from her mother every so often and when I caught her eye she gave me the strangest feeling that she knew.

Stranger still, she appeared to approve. It was probably my imagination. Probably. Michelle played great again and was among the last of her team to climb the ladder and claim the nets from the championship game. While I stood there and clapped with the rest of the supporters, I felt a hand on the small of my back. I looked beside me and it was Kristen. "Well? How was your night?" she asked. "A gentleman never kisses and tells," I replied, acutely aware of the crowd around us. "That good huh?

Did you decide? Can I tell Michelle about us?" "Too late." "You told her already?" "No. YOU told her that you lost your virginity and she figured out it was me. Make sure you never try and make a living playing poker. You have a lousy poker face." "So what?" she laughed and walked away. Her date for the weekend, Michael the swimmer, waited for her, a huge smile of puppy love on his face.

I got the sudden suspicion that Kristen had made his weekend. I watched as Kristen grabbed Michelle by the shoulder to gather her in a big hug. She held it longer than she needed to, and when she broke it off I could see that they were exchanging knowing glances. Then both briefly glanced in my direction and Kristen scooped her arm around Michelle to put her in the clutches of the Sigma Xis who were lined up to take turns hugging and congratulating her.

"Professor," a booming voice filled my ear as an iron hand grasped my shoulder. "It was a real pleasure to meet you and talk with you." "The pleasure was all mine, Ren. You and Rett are incredibly generous with your time and your daughter. I had a great weekend. Thank you both." I shook his hand and stooped to hug his wife. "Paul, I want to thank you for everything you do for the girls," she said quietly so that only I could hear.

"I mean that. I can see how fond you are of them. How much you care for them and protect them. It's nice to know that Michelle has a man like you to help her navigate this part of her life.

I know she is in good hands with you. Ren and I are looking forward to having you and your family up to the ranch." She put her hands on my cheeks and pulled me down to her. She kissed me a peck on the side of my mouth. "Thank you for everything you've done for Michelle. She is very fond of you and trusts you completely." I looked at her, searching for any clue that she was talking about taking her daughters virginity.

"A mother knows," she answered before I could phrase a question. "You will always do right by those girls. You are a good man, Paul David. Your wife is a lucky woman." "Yes ma'am," I replied. Now I knew she didn't know or even suspect. I felt a great relief wash over me. Suddenly I was anxious to get home to my family.

To my loving and sexy wife Kay and my infant son Augie. I wanted to hold them close until Augie went to sleep and then spend the rest of the night making sweet love to my wife. I spent the entire drive from San Antonio to Galveston thinking about it; and then spent the rest of the night carrying out my plans.

"I don't like it when you leave, Paul," whispered Kay as we basked in the afterglow of our lovemaking. "But I do love it when you come home! Ever since we became sorority sponsors, you have become a sexual dynamo. Do those girls really get your juices going so much?" "It's not that Kay.

It's that they are young and so horny and so descriptive of their love lives. Maybe it does inspire me. I think it's more that I recall my own college days when I met this gorgeous young woman who I knew I would do anything to make mine. " "That young woman was yours from the first time you kissed her." "You really think so? Maybe I should call her and see if she wants to come for a visit&hellip." I joked.

"Oh you stinker! You are going to pay for that!" She climbed on top of me and attempted to smother me with the pillow.

I had to pry the pillow out of her hands and cover her mouth with mine to get her to forgive me. And then I sank my re-hardened cock into her well fucked pussy and we made love until we both lay there spent and exhausted.