African Couple Film Themselves Fucking on Snapchat

African Couple Film Themselves Fucking on Snapchat
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I decided to take a trip, from my home in Nebraska. To visit old friends up in South Dakota. I had many friends up there since my high school days. My plan was to visit my friend Max, he and I were close for a while during freshman year. We would hang out and play games a lot and often smash shut to pieces in his yard, his family never cared.

My other friend Jason, was a bit different than Max, he liked to play games and talk about stories he'd read on the internet, most of them I found rather interesting.

Then there was Jason's sister, Jazy, my god was she beautiful, the love of my life during my sophomore year. Our relationship was mostly long distance, though we got to see each other every few months, due to me moving shortly after freshman year. We did what we could to make the best of our time together, mostly I saw her before she went to school, so it was usually a brief "hey", a hug and then off we both went.

We would talk for hours every night, we talked about anything and everything, even going into a few fantasies we had.

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The relationship went on like that for six months, then came to an abrupt end after an argument about me living so far away. She couldn't take the distance anymore and she moved on to something new for her.

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It hurt I'm not gonna lie, but if she was happy I was too, and we stayed in touch, so glass half full eh. For several years we kept in touch, we both graduated high school, her a year behind me, and went on to find jobs and become adults. After our breakup things in my life went bad, moms boyfriend started beating her so we left. Moved from Montana down to Nebraska, a great distance, but something we needed to do.

I still talked to Jazy often and was still deeply in love with her, even though she didn't feel the same anymore. One day after several years of just talking and being friends, a topic got started on us becoming a thing again. It didn't really last too long due to the fact her parents didn't really like me all that much. But we managed a friendship even though every so often we would just stop talking for a few months.

This trip changed everything. I made my way up to SD and had booked a few nights at a hotel that I had stayed at before. Nice place, spacious rooms with a hot tub in the living area, very elegant, could barely afford it. I got to my room and got stuff organized for my three day stay, was looking forward to hanging with the guys. I call Max and found out that he wouldn't be in town till the next day, he was at some convention with a friend and would be back early the next day. "Well, hanging with Max's out of the picture," I said with a bit of a bummed attitude.

I then decided to call Jason, and to my surprise Jazy answered. "Hello?" I heard her beautiful smooth sweet voice say.

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"Hey, is Jason there, It's Shane." I said with butterflies in my stomach. "Yeah, he's here, hold on and I'll get him for you," then the phone went silent for a few minutes.

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"Hey man what's up?" Jason asked the moment he got the phone. "Not much, hey you wanna hang out? I made it to town." I asked. "Shit yeah, where you at I'll meet you there," he answered with enthusiasm. "I'm at the AmericInn by the edge of town, room 132," I told him.

"Cool I'll meet you there in an hour," he said as he hung up the phone. As I put the phone down I started getting ready for the meet up, I got some clothes out and got the shower ready. I took my shower, a bit of a longer one, felt I needed it after the ten hour drive. I was looking forward to some down time and relaxation.

After I stepped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around my waist and walked out to the bed, there was a knock on the door. I looked at the clock and noted that he was almost a half hour early. Damn him, he never was good with time, but usually was always late.

I go and open the door without bothering to look through the peephole, I know dumbass right? Instead of finding Jason waiting at the door, to my surprise, Jazy is standing in front of my hotel room door, with a small duffle bag.


"You look like you've seen a ghost?" she says pushing past me into the room. "Wha.what are you doing here?" I ask, with a hand on my towel to make sure it doesn't fall. "You don't seem to happy to see me," She says as she tosses her bag onto the bed then turns to face me with hands firmly planted on her hips.

"Oh I'm happy to see you, I just didn't expect to," I say with a smile, "What's with the bag?" "Isn't obvious, im staying here with you, duh," she says acting like I'm stupid. "But there's only one bed," I point out confused. "And?" She questions. "What do you plan on sleeping with me?" I ask jokingly with a small chuckle. "Yes," Is all she says. I stand there awestruck by that single word. Something I've wanted to hear for years.

I then quickly turned to close the door to try and gather my thoughts, but when I turn around she's already laying on the bed. I step into the bathroom to reflect on what just happened. My ex girlfriend, who I have been in love with for years.

Been lusting over for months, wants to sleep in the same bed as me. I start to somewhat re live it in my head to make sure it went through right, but all I keep thinking is how she's changed, her body more beautiful than before, more filled out.

Her height never really changed, still the five foot four inch tall girl I feel for once before, but this time a hell of a lot more to her. Her body is an hourglass shape, thin stomach wide hips, breasts the size of large oranges. Her beautiful brown hair longer than I remember, her face slightly different, more edgy with less curves. She looks like an angel. I gather my courage and step back out into the room, she turned the lights off. What the fuck? I hear her giggle softly. I get to the bed to find my clothes have been moved.

"This isn't funny, your brother is gonna be here in twenty minutes." "Oh but it is funny," she giggles again this time a little louder.

I grumble then fumble my way to the lamp and get the light turned on again. I turn to see where she is, and there, standing at the foot of the bed, Jazy is there wearing only a bra and panties.

"What the fuck?" is all I can get out while looking at this marvelous sight. "Is that all you have to say about this?" She says and she softly walks up to me. "Uh, what are you doing?" I ask, my mind still not comprehending her actions. "Isn't this what you've always wanted?" She asks as she puts her arms around my neck. "What?" I whisper just before she pulls me into a long sensual kiss. After just a few moments, my lust takes over, I start kissing her more sexually.

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My arms around her, embracing her. My hands start to trace her body, feeling her soft smooth skin on my hands as they explore her lower back then down to her ass.

She doesn't resist, instead she starts to run her hands down my chest, feeling my muscles and seemingly enjoying what she's finding. Before I go on I need to tell you, I'm not ripped by far, I have some muscles but I'm not toned. I work in security, so I don't see the gym much.

I stand six foot two inches tall and weigh roughly two seventy three pounds. I'm fit and healthy. She starts to pull on my towel and that's when I snap back to reality.

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I pull back, forcing myself away from her, but it doesn't seem that she wants me to. As I stepped back she stepped closer pulling me to her.

"We can't do this, your brother is gonna be here soon." I say as she bites my lower lip.


"No he's not, I told him I wanted some time with you to myself," she says as she starts trying to drop my towel again. "And he just went along with it?" I ask, stopping her and looking into her beautiful brown eyes.

"Yes…" She softly whispers, she then puts her hands on my face and draws me in to kiss me. My lust overpowers me and I pick her up and lay her on the bed, kissing her more and more. My hands still exploring her body, I muster the courage to attempt to unclip her bra.

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To my surprise she doesn't protest, I get the bra unclipped and she allows me to pull it free from her chest. I now see her beautiful, shapely breasts. Without hesitation I lower myself and take a nipple in my mouth while using my left hand to fondle her other breast.

She responds with a few soft moans and her hands on my head. I am in heaven right now. After a few moments I switch off and start sucking on her other nipple while fondling the other with my right hand. She continues to moan more. Several moments go by and I start to explore her more. I start kissing lower and lower until I reach the band of her panties. I look to her for approval, and with her silent nod I reach for the sides and start pulling her panties off.

She lifts her legs to get them off, then spreads her legs wide revealing her slightly unshaven pussy. I can't think right, this is what I've wanted for years, I don't waste any time. I lower my face to her pussy, and like a dog who's dying of thirst, I start lapping at her, I taste her sweet juices and the aroma she is giving off sends me wild.

I hear a loud moan come from her mouth, I continue eating she moans louder. I can feel her getting restless, her hands are clutching the bed sheets as her moans become short gasps for breathe.

She is getting close I can feel it, she starts to shake and shudder as she gets closer to her orgasm. She puts a hand on my head and pulls my face closer into her not wanting me to stop. I can feel her legs almost crushing my head as she comes to a crushing orgasm, she lets out a loud moan as ecstasy engulfs her whole body. I pull away looking at her, she is shaking, body still convulsing as waves of pleasure rivet through her. After a few moments she lays there, trying to catch her breathe.

"That,*huff* was the greatest *huff* orgasm, *huff* I have ever had," she says as her body goes limp. I stand up and admire the sight before me, my ex lover, sprawled out on the bed, after I gave her the most amazing orgasm she has ever experienced. I felt proud of myself at this moment, but also my cock was harder than steel.

She noticed that fact. After catching her breath, she sat up on the now soaked bed. She looked up at me and I couldn't help but enjoy the sight of her. She started pulling off my towel and when she pulled it away she saw my fully erect seven inch cock ready to blow. "Oh my god, it's bigger than I expected," She says taking it into her hands. "What did you expect it to be?" I ask puzzled. "I'm not sure, just a bit smaller though," she comments as she starts stroking my cock.

I just stand there, watching her play with my dick, enjoying the view. Without warning she pops the tip into her mouth and I damn near came then. She softly worked her tongue around the head, keeping a hand on the shaft softly jerking. She then takes her hand off and starts to slowly go deeper down on it. She gets a few inches down the pulls off to catch her breath.

She looks up at me and smiles, I smile back not knowing what I should do. Then she goes back to work taking more of my cock into her mouth and throat with each bobbing motion. She then gets all of my meat into her mouth and starts sucking hard. She pulls the full length out the quickly all back in at once, my heart is racing and I can feel my orgasm coming. "Please don't hate me," I say as I grab ahold of her head and start thrusting my ready to blow cock in and out of her throat.

Within a few pumps I'm about to cum, I feel it about to explode and I hold her head balls deep on my cock as I shoot my load down her throat. She is forced to swallow all of it because I can't let go of her head. After the last bit, I let her go, she gasps heavily for air and clutches her chest.

I drop down to hold her and about to apologize when she grabs me and pulls me in for a slobbery kiss. After the kiss she lays back on the bed exhausted, breathing heavily.

I lay down next to her on the bed, she cuddles up to me and it's quiet. All that can be heard is the chorus of our breathing.