Topless teen handjob big white dick hardcore fuck Guys do make passes

Topless teen handjob big white dick hardcore fuck Guys do make passes
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"So I heard you broke up with your girlfriend." "Yes" "That's very interesting," said the girl who only a year ago had me tied up in knots. There was a time when I thought her thin arms and impossibly narrow waist were the sexiest things I'd ever seen.

And her ass, it was famous, tight and far above those long lean legs. But it hadn't worked out, really hadn't worked out and I'd barely talked to her in the last 12 months.

Of course she was built like a ballet dancer up top, no tits whatsoever, but she never wore a bra and you could often see her sharp nipples poking through three layers of tight clothing. In fact they were poking right now. "You know, you and I never really got into the swing of things." She arched her eyebrows and her eyes, brown shifting towards green, flashed.

She was standing close to me. "No, you seemed pretty resistant to those things." I said.

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"I was." She laughed. "You might find me more amenable now." Wink. This was the girl who would get me all hot and bothered with her outfits, her dancer's body and her runway model swagger and haughtiness and then when we were skin to skin and in my bed she would lock up and become a non-participant.

It killed me that the object of my hot desire was a cold fish when the clothes finally came off. And that part had taken quite a long time too. Finally, when I was tasting victory, and her quim, she stopped it off and tightened and turned our coupling into a series of oohs and ows and ouches.

Her sly hips gyrated closer to me now and her lips parted in a big grin. "I might want to get in your bed again." I must have flushed because she let out a little laugh. "Cognac?" She held out her glass to me. Ahh, she's drunk. Her damp brow, pink cheeks, swaying hips and ass and taught belly lurched to the music of the party inside. I took a sip and handed it back to her.

"Why would it be different this time?" "'cause when I tell you that I want to be taken, want to be fucked, I mean it this time." This is the girl who wouldn't give me head, said she never swallowed, had a list of limits the length of her skinny arm. "How do I know this is true?" "I'm ready to do the things you wanted me to.


Now I'm craving it." She tilted toward me. This is the girl who would push my hard cock away from her as if it were a sharp sword. Who told me that semen made her stomach cramp.

This also the girl, who in front of my friends said "Jason needs to be more forcefull. Sometimes a girl just wants to be taken charge of" The girl who would let me eat her pussy for forty minutes just to stop me and say she wasn't letting herself have an orgasm.

"You'll have to prove it." This could be quite gratifying. I'd been imagining a scenario that would let me work out my frustrations on her delicate body.

'Cause everybody wants that. Everybody want to grudge fuck the girl that ripped their heart out. "What am I to do?" she asked coyly. Her hand shot out to my arm. She was sidling closer and closer, looking up at me with her heavily lined eyes. I needed to cut to the chase and find out if this was worth my time.

"You'll have to get down on your knees and suck my cock." She reddened, took in a deep breath, tilted her head down and stared up at me. "I think I can do that." she lilted and turned her head sideways, her hand slid down my arm and took my hand firmly, stepping back. "Not your bed, my bed. My house is so much closer." She turned and pulled me after her towards the door. "This is really hot" she said, flashing back at me with those eyes and teeth.

I followed her ass.


In her room, where she had never wanted to have sex in case her roommates could hear, was her four poster bed. She stood at the foot of it facing me. She had taken off her tight fleece outer layer and I gripped her t-shirt and the tank top beneath and pulled them over her head.

I selected a silk stocking from her drawer of teensy undergarments and knotted it around one wrist. I twisted the arm behind her back, spinning her away from me and tied both wrists together. I turned her back to me and stood very close, our faces an inch apart, her pulse pounding visibly in her temple and swept my hands up from her waist across her chest and pinched her hard nipples.

I pushed her down to her knees on the hardwood floor. She was smiling.


There was enough stocking left at her bound wrists to tie to the lower rail of the bed frame. She knelt with her back straight, arms tight behind her, unable to stand up. I felt my cock thicken and her eyes were locked on my crotch as I unbuckled my belt, zipped down the fly of my jeans.

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I pushed my briefs down enough to tug my ball sack out, pushed up and forward by the waistband. My cock was getting good and hard as I envisioned what I was going to do to her with it. I held the base of my veiny shaft with one hand and with the other touched the side of her face with my fingertips. I slid my thumb into her mouth and as she sucked it lightly pushed down on her bottom teeth dropping her jaw.

Half a step closer and I placed the turgid tip of my cock on her tongue. Her breathing picked up and I felt her hot breath blowing the length of my rod.

I slid my glans against her tongue and she closed her lips, lightly encircling the tip. When we had been dating her head jobs had been perfunctory, she didn't seem to know what to do. She said that semen made her stomach cramp, that she wouldn't swallow.

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I slowly swayed my hips forward and my hot meat went in halfway. She leaned into it, showing some enthusiasm. I felt her tongue squirm on the underside of my shaft. "Open your mouth." She complied, wider, I pulled out and lingered my cockhead on her outstretched tongue. I tapped it on the tongue and dragged it across her lips, gripping myself harder at the base to engorge the head and make my thick veins bulge out.

I stared down at my purplish meat surrounded by her white face and hollow cheeks. She looked up at me briefly until I pulled my cock upwards and steered my tightening balls into her mouth. Tilting her head back to accommodate she pulled one testicle into her wide mouth and then both. I felt my spunk start to boil inside.

She deserved what she was about to get, for what she put me through, for how she made me feel. I leaned away and put my hand on the top of her head as she released. My thumb pushed down and aimed my shaft for her still open mouth and I thrust in, driving it further than she had taken before.

Her throat spasmed. I pulled it out but charged back in again, her head drew back and bumped the bed post.

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Both hands went to her head and I shifted forward another half step so her head was pinned between my belly and the bed post.

I felt her throat clench deep around the head of my cock as it swallowing and straining. She tried to make a sound and couldn't. I ground my hips forward with my dick all the way in her mouth. She choked and snorted and snot oozed out of her nostrils onto the root of my cock. I clenched my groin muscles to make my cockhead blossom even bigger and leaned forward even more.

I knotted my fingers in her hair as she pulled on the restraints, shook her head, eyes shut, face red and then convulsed, from her narrow waist up through her trim chest, past my turgid dick, never harder, pegged into the back of her throat and puked a torrent of hot liquid that bathed my balls and splattered down onto the hardwood floor. I rocked my hips back, my cock drawing out of her hot acidic mouth, heard a loud gasp as she drew a huge breath and immediately rammed back inside, to the hilt, and unloaded my wad of jism across her tonsils and directly down her throat.

Three, four, five contractions of my loins, my rod still held balls deep in her mouth, I felt her front teeth cutting into the wide base of my cock as rivulets of her vomit trickled across the back of my scrotum towards my anus.

With one hand on top of her head I pulled completely out and wagged my hips to slap her hollow cheeks wetly with my dick. She heaved again but dryly, contracting at the middle, her head held upward by my hand in her hair, perhaps a thin line of my sperm tracing the center of her tongue.

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I dropped her head, her face flipped down, she slumped forward against her bonds and gasped for air, translucent skin stretching over her stark ribs. My cock was still rigid as I tucked it, slimy and cold, back into my jeans, buttoned and belted. Still slumped over and gasping I bent and cut her bonds with my pocket knife. She collapsed into the puddle on the floor and I admired her crumpled body for a moment and then walked out the door.

As I pulled out of the neighborhood in my truck, face flushed and pulse now racing as I thought about what I had just done, the violence and disdain I had treated her to I wondered if I had gone too far. Though emotionally I felt justified, cathartic, legally… there could be issues. Two minutes later as I drove my phone buzzed two times with a text message. I looked at the screen and it was her number. The message, "Finally"