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Cutest Teen Amateur First Time Porno
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My stories are about my true life experiences and my transition from being a shy, naive 18 year old into being a very sexually experimental woman. The stories are written around my thoughts and feelings at the time. It is fun for me re-living my past experiences hopefully you will enjoy them as well.

About me just in case you are starting with this as your 1st reading of one of my stories. I am 5' 3 blond hair and blue eyes and weighed about 95 lbs at that time with 34DD breasts. For thos that say that can't be true I have pics to prove. I had a fantastic figure back then only I didn't appreciate that fact myself.

I wasn't confident in the beginning but I started to realize the power I had over men. My dad was abusive and I enjoyed being bad. I think it was my way to rebel against my dad. I reveled in the excitement of a given situation.

I am beginning this story where the last one left off. Karen and I were on the way home and we were talking about Mr. D'Angelo. Karen couldn't get over the size of his cock. She was still a little buzzed and she was telling me everything.

She told me she had the best orgasm when he was fucking her. She even told me she gave him a BJ until he came in her mouth. I told her about my experiences with him and how I also thought the sex was great.

I couldn't get that night out of my mind. It was so exciting listening in on them not to mention briefly seeing Mr. D. fucking Karen.

I masturbated each night thinking about it. I put myself in her place and imagined it was me. I needed to fuck Mr.D again I thought to myself. I also wondered what would have happened if I didn't pretend to be sleeping.

Would Mr.D have had sex with us both? I thought I would enjoy watching him fuck her.

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Karen was a "hot" girl and I enjoyed the glimpse I got of her naked. My fantasies revolved around threesomes.

I fantasized about having sex with Karen and Mr. D. I found myself thinking about sex so much those days. One particular night my friend Anna and I were bored.

We drove by a theatre that played XXX movies. Anna asked me if I ever saw one of those movies and I hadn't. We ended up going in to see the movies. That really opened my eyes to "wild sex" and stuff people did. The movies had a little bit of everything. When the threesomes scene came on with 2 girls and a guy…well&hellip.let's just say I was very turned on. I pictured Mr D., Karen, and myself in their places.

The position where the guy was laying in the bed and the two girls were facing each other, one riding his cock and one riding his face I found particularly exciting.

The one girl getting eaten by the guy was sucking the other girl's tits. I pictured myself in that position with Karen moaning as she is getting fucked by Mr.

D. and his big cock. Another memorable scene was between a pretty young blond girl and a well hung athletic black male.

The contrast of their skin and taboo part of it (remember it was the 80's) made it so exciting. I wanted to touch myself right there in the theatre but Anna was there.

The movies taught me things. I paid attention as if it was training. I noticed how the female actresses talked sexy to the guys. I noticed all the different places the guys came. When we left the theatre Anna started to talk about what we just saw. Anna was impressed by many of the guys cocks in the movie.

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She never had any guys like that, she said. I didn't want to tell her about Mr.

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D so I just said me neither. Anna mentioned how she could never have a threesome with another girl. I agreed with her hiding my real feelings. I knew after I saw that movie that I would, given the opportunity of course. Anna did say that 2 guys would be interesting.

We both agreed on that. She asked me if I ever had anal sex. I told her I hadn't. She told me she did but that it hurt a lot. She said maybe it is something you just have to get use to. I agreed adding the girl in the movie sure looked like she enjoyed it as we both laughed. Anna then said she could never have sex with a black guy because if her father ever found out he would be mad.

You're father would be mad? My father would kill me. Right after I said it I knew one day I would be curious because it was taboo and because it would feel good doing something my father would kill me over. It was a weird turn on. That week a guy at work asked me out.

He was an Italian guy. I thought he was attractive so I went out with him. I was so "sexed up" that even though it was our 1st date we ended up fooling around a little in the car. I let him play with my tits but stopped him from going any further.

On our 2nd date we repeated the car scene only this time I let him into my jeans. He fingered me until I had an orgasm. I wanted to return the favor. When I finally undid his belt and zipper I reached into his underpants. I was very disappointed when I reached his cock. He had a very small and thin cock. I hid my reaction as I didn't want to hurt his feeling. As we were making out I stroked his cock.

I didn't take very long until he came all over himself. Luckily he had a towel under the seat. When I got home I realized how lucky I was to find a guy like Mr. D, He had a nice thick big cock and he knew how to use it. I wanted to fuck him again. The next day I got brave and went to his office and asked his secretary if I could meet with him to discuss my career. That was my big plan. I thought maybe if he talked to me something might happen. He told me to come back at 11:30 as Mr.

D'Angelo would be free then. I did return at 11:30 and she led me right into his office. He told her to close the door as she left.

Our conversation went something like this: Him - Hello Katherine how are you? Me - I am good. Him So you are here to talk about your career. Me "Yes", I just wanted to get some advice about what would be good for me in order to advance in my career. (I tried to sound professional& Him - Well Kat I would recommend a few things.

Go back to school and get some kind of a degree. Also it can't hurt if you stay in good graces with your bosses. Are you doing that? Me yes I think they like me. Him - That's good but don't you think it might be a good idea to stay on my good side too? Me Yes Mr. D'Angelo, why have I done something wrong? Him No hun, although I haven't seen you outside of work in a few weeks.

Me Well there hasn't been any Happy Hours. Him - That's true. The last time I saw you was when you and Karen were at my house.

I had a lot of fun that night. You were kind of out of it that night. So did your friend Karen say she had fun that night? Me yeah she said she had a good time, as I smirked, not really thinking through what I was about to say. Too bad I fell asleep. Him yes that was too bad. Well its lunch time. Shall we discuss this over lunch? Me sure Him - Why don't you walk around and I'll pick you up out front of the building.

It wouldn't be good if people saw us leaving together. We can continue this discussion, ok? Me ok - I was excited thinking about what may happen in his car as I walked to the front of the building. He pulled over and I got in his Cadillac.

Him - So hun, are you going to take me advice? Me About going back to school? Probably Him I was talking about staying on my good side, as he laughed. Well…Sure (even though I was somewhat na?, I did know what he meant).

Good, he said. He drove to an empty building nearby and pulled the car behind the building. He slide over closer to me and immediately loosened his pants. He said well then why don't you show me. I was nervous but excited.

This is what I wanted, wasn't it? I reached down and worked my hand into his boxers. I started by rubbing my hand around. I grabbed a hold of his cock as he pulled down his pants and boxers.

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His cock was soft but still very impressive. I held it in my hand and shook it from side to side just to feel the mass of it. It filled my hand. I was curious to watch and feel his cock grow.

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I was slowly stroking his man meat, running my hand up and down and occasional giving it a friendly squeeze.

I could feel his cock slowly springing to life, getting bigger and bigger. Hun, I want you to suck my cock, I don't have a lot of time. I wanted to; I had fantasized about it ever since I saw the porno movie.


His cock was still in my right hand as I lowered my head down. I stopped to look at what was about to go in my mouth. This was wrong. I shouldn't be doing this. The more I thought about it the more it excited me. My mind flashed back to the porno movie and the blow job scenes.

I began by slowly circling the head of his cock with my tongue, his cock twitched. Then I licked up and down the shaft, back to circling his big round cockhead. His cock was now rock hard. It was strange but it gave me a sense of power. "Mmm, that's it hun", he said, as I was bobbing up and down on the head of his cock.

I have a small mouth and he had a big cock. As you can imagine his cockhead alone filled up the bulk of my mouth. I was using my hand and alternating between sucking, bobbing and licking the shaft.

He was letting out sounds of his approval. Mmmm, ohhh. good girl, suck that cock, ohhh shit that's it. I was now into serious cock sucking mode. I picked up the pace. At one point he but his hand on the back of my head and pushed my head down further on his dick.

I easily gag and he realized that and stopped forcing me down. He did keep his hand rested on my head as I continued to fuck my mouth with his big cock.

I took a sucking break and began licking up and down the shaft as I moved my hand back and forth with urgency. Eventually he said I am gonna cum soon hun. I was wondering what would happen when he was going to cum and I was about to find out. 'I am gonna cum in your mouth". It was a statement of fact as opposed to a question.

I thought to myself well if Karen can do it so can I. He repositioned himself above me. He was now jerking himself off right in my face.


He would stop and push his cock into my mouth and I would suck him. Then he'd pull it out again stroking his big cock right in front of me "Mmmmm, open your mouth hun." He placed the tip of the head in my mouth.

"OHHHH" as he squirted cum into my mouth, "OHHHH", "OHHHH fuck" as he was draining himself into my open mouth. As soon as I knew he was finished, I opened the door and spit out his cum on the pavement.

I wasn't ready yet to swallow. He pulled up has pants and adjusted himself. "You're a great little cocksucker Kat. That was real good." I was proud of myself. I sucked an old guy's cock and he said I was good at it. He put his hand on my leg and was rubbing my thigh under my skirt each time going higher. I spread my legs to allow access by his hand. He was rubbing my pussy through the fabric of my pantyhose and panties.

As he did it, he said he had to get back to work. "We are going to have to take care of this little pussy next time huh Kat? "Uh-uhh", was my only response. So did your friend Karen tell you I fucked her that night? "Yeah", as I was enjoying his "handy" work. I love this dress (it was a tight fitting bright blue dress) on you.


It really shows off that hot little body of yours. With that he removed his hand from under my dress and started to firmly grab my tits through my dress. Then he slid his hand under my bra and pinched my nipple. "Ummmm", I responded softly. "How about next Tuesday after work at 5:30 you meet me at &hellip.(he named a short stay hotel one town over and close by work) I want you to wear this dress for my ok hun?" "Ok", he knew I was hot and bothered and would agree to anything at that point.

To be continued&hellip.