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Party girls club and public orgy cam girls
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A few days ago I had the weirdest night ever. I had come home late from a hard and long photo shoot and still needed to edit and send the first selection over to the magazine.

It was around 2 am so dinner wasn't really an option. I grabbed some fruit out of the fridge with a beer and sat myself behind my laptop. The shoot was for a new line of outdoors clothing and although the setting was nice and the weather excellent, the wildlife and bugs were not. I started to go through the shots, making a quick first selection to strip down later to the useable few.

Half way through, my msn popped up and Katrina, a woman of peculiar tastes but still a dear friend, invited me for a cam chat. Her chats usually led to a jacking session on camera for me and a dildo ride for her. We had never had sex for real but quite often through the web.

We had met 3 years ago on a shoot for a fetish magazine, she was one of the models and a professional web mistress. There was an instant chemistry between us but unfortunately she lived on the other side of the country and both our jobs didn't allow for much direct contact.

Nevertheless we stayed in touch and after the third web chat it became sexual, now we have at least twice a month such contacts. I figured what the hell, some relief might be welcome and I accepted.

Right of the bat, she got me hot as soon as the cam screen appeared. She was dressed in a red leather corset with gartered black hoses, no underwear and her favorite strap boots. My face must have shown my pleasure because she mock spanked towards the camera with her riding crop.

"Don't you dare cum before me" she said loudly over my speakers. I was glad that I didn't have any neighbors because I had left the volume rather loud and at this time of night it might have been embarrassing. "Show me that you are happy to see me" she demanded in a stern voice. "Yes Mistress Katrina" I replied, standing up and unzipping my jeans, letting my hard cock spring free.

I saw her lick her lips and move a hand to her cunt. "Not bad, not bad at all, now put it back" I followed her instructions as she was feeling bossy tonight. I really didn't mind as we took turns, her more often than me though. Quickly I plugged in my headset, even being alone in my house, the need for privacy was strong in me. With the mood set, we reverted to a more regular chat, telling about our recent sexual experiences.

All the while I went on with my work, till the first selection was done. At that point my doorbell rang, I told Katrina to hold on and went to the door wondering who would ring at this hour.

When I opened the door I saw two young gothic or emo girls standing on my porch. Their age was likely to be around 16 to 18 but with their dress code and make up it was hard to tell.

"Can I help you" I asked the both of them wondering what they would want from me. "Uhm yeah" the tallest of the two answered "we missed our ride and Michelle here hurt her ankle walking to the bus stand so we were wondering when we saw your lights still on if we could call a cab" "Sure thing" I said and helped the shorter girl, Michelle, inside.

I saw the size of the heels both girls were wearing and was amazed that they didn't break both their ankles. They both were wearing a similar outfit, 7inch heeled knee length black boots with fishnet hoses, gartered, with short leather skirts and PVC like material tube shirt.

Long black coats and besides the difference in their size and figure the only real difference was the color of their hair, Michelle was bright red and the taller girl's hair was bright blue, both short and with a slight curl. I led Michelle to my couch, helping her down. She thanked me in a raw voice and I could smell the alcohol on her breath.

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Giving her a friendly smile I turned to her friend to show her where the phone was. "My name is Dominance by the way" the blue haired girl said, pronouncing it DOmi-NANce.

"For real?" I asked. "Yeah, for some time I really hated my parents for it but now I don't care anymore" Not knowing how to reply to that I led her to phone, grunting my understanding. "Would you girls like a drink while you wait? Some tea perhaps?" Dominance looked at me and smirked in a coy way "How about a whiskey?" Michelle piped in that she liked that as well from the couch.

I thought it over for a second and considering they had already had their share I agreed. Making my way to the kitchen, I heard Dominance calling the cab. My liquor cabinet was well stocked with unopened gift bottles as I seldom drank alone but all my friends knew I loved a good whiskey. "Do you girls want a blended, single malt, sour mash or bourbon whiskey" I called out to my living room. It was Michelle who answered "Any will do as long as it's in a long drink glass" followed by a giggle.

Well then, I thought to myself, 120 proof bourbon it is. I poured two long drink glasses almost to the top, getting a single malt Islay whiskey for myself. Might as well join them I figured. With a tray for the glasses, I made my way back to my living room, stopping in shock as I saw Dominance sitting behind my laptop wearing my headset.

She had taken her coat of and was whispering with Katrina. When she heard me enter, she looked up with a flushed guilty face followed by the raising of her left eyebrow and a quite different look. It was almost like a predator looking at its prey.

Completely taken by surprise I had no idea how to respond so I tried to act as if nothing happened. I gave Michelle her drink, who took a big zip, smiled at me with a surprised face and drank nearly half the glass in one go.

"Wow" she said "this is really good stuff, thanks mister" and she continued to empty the glass till a small bottom was left. Satisfied, she cuddled even further in my couch. Meanwhile, Dominance had resumed her conversation with Katrina.

She was talking to low for me to overhear but her grin made me feel a bit uncomfortable.

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"Katrina would like to talk to you" she said giving me the headset. I took the headset from her hand and gave her the long drink glass. She zipped it, liking the taste and like her friend, downed half the glass in one go. "She's waiting" she said and walked to Michelle and sat down next to her. Looking at the screen, I saw Katrina playing with a big red two headed dildo, pushing it in her cunt and slowly letting it slide out again, her legs almost in a split.

I felt my cock respond immediately, growing hard in the confines of my jeans. The whole situation was unreal for me, two strangers on my couch and me getting horny with a friend thousands of miles away. "So, had a nice chat with Dominance" I asked after placing the headset back on. "Oh yes I did" she grunted at me as she sat back up, putting her feet back on the ground but keeping both her hands on the dildo, tight in her cunt. "I always knew you were a nice guy, taking in two strange girls in the middle of the night, giving them booze and expecting nothing in return, not this time bucko, the cab has been cancelled" Katrina said as she leaned a bit more towards the camera showing me more of her big breasts with her erect nipples.

"You see, we already established that I was dominant for tonight but until now, I lacked a real tool to play with you there" she paused a bit, licking her lips before she continued "Now I do, as Dominance has kindly agreed to be my servant for tonight, and maybe her friend as well, she should be asking her now" I turned to look and both girls were whispering and smiling.

"When you told me about all the toys you had, was that true?" Katrina's voice made me look at the screen again and her face was near the camera, looking intently at it. "Yeah it was" I replied "my collection has grown a bit since then even" "Excellent, now, I want you to consider everything these girls tell you to be a command from me, understood?" Nodding at the webcam I said that I understood.

I still had a bit of doubt, but looking at the girls again, this time as potential sexual partners, I felt my dick decide for me. "Good then, if you perform well enough I'll make sure to reward you soon dear" I smiled at the camera when she said that, her rewards were always good and she did promise to come over once so maybe this would be it.

"That's settled then" she continued "now go and clear your bedroom, take the sheets of your bed, place candles all around, safely of course and get all your toys together and present them to the girls, even some sexy clothes if your ex left any" "Quite a lot" I answered "you know she broke up with me cause of my fetish interests" "I am not sure if they will fit them though" I said looking at the girls who now were intently following the conversation from my side.

"We'll see, oh, say do you still have that fileserver of yours?" Katrina crooned at me. "Yeah I do, I guess you want me to hook it up with a streaming camera right?" "Yesss" she hissed at me "still the same login?" "Yup, I'll take care of it, it will take a bit of time so I'll get cracking then" I blew her a kiss and she grinned wickedly at me, miles away and yet still so close.

"Girls" I said as I turned around taking the headset of "your mistress would like to talk to you" Both girls looked up, Dominance helping Michelle get up while she asked me what my name was. "Dave" I replied. Dominance looked at me and said "Wrong mister, its slave now" an evil grin appearing on her and Michelle's face.

Wondering what I got myself into, I ran up the stairs to my office, fired up the fileserver and web applications so Katrina could log in and hooked up the camera with a wireless transmitter and the largest battery I had. I took the camera to my bedroom with a tripod, setting it up on the side of the bed. Gathering up my toys, I lay them all on the bed before moving to the closet where I had put the special clothes I had bought for my ex.

Opening the first box brought fond memories back, I was always partial to sexy outfits made from the more kinky materials. I grabbed the box and got the other two out as well containing shoes, boots and assorted accessories. Collecting the assorted toys I put them in the first box and carried the lot downstairs.

Michelle was behind the laptop talking to Katrina and I heard Dominance moving around in my kitchen. I set the boxes down on the table and left again, only to be stopped by Dominance. "Where do you store your liquor?" she asked with a demanding tone.

I walked with her to the kitchen and showed her. She went over the bottles and after a minute or so she asked which one I served before. I pointed the bottle out and she took it, walking with it back to the living room.

"Get back upstairs slave and be naked before we get up there" Dominance said without even looking back. That girl has a talent or is already well instructed by Katrina I thought as I made my way back upstairs. Once back in my bedroom, I removed the top sheets and placed a plastic cover directly on the mattress. I knew from experience that things can get wet when playing so it's better to be prepared.

The candles where hard to place safely but I managed anyway. I lit them all and turned the light lower so the room would have a nice atmosphere. I checked the settings on the camera, seeing if there was enough light. I could turn the light even a bit lower as the camera could manage without getting too grainy. Having done as I was ordered I went on to my last task, getting undressed.

I quickly took of my clothes and went into the bathroom, getting a quick shower and brushing my teeth in preparation for tonight's unexpected fun. I still had some doubts about it all but the prospect of sex, especially the kind I liked, was too much for me to ignore. Being single and almost forty I tried to keep in shape and looking in the mirror I wasn't displeased with myself. My balls were shaven recently and my cock would be enough for the girls with its large circumference and 8 Inch size.

Having made myself fresh and a lot cleaner I felt better as I lay down on the bed, waiting for the girls. Twenty minutes later, the girls came in the bedroom. Michelle carried the laptop, still wearing the headset and Dominance carried a familiar toy, the spread eagle bed chain. What got my cock to rise as hard as it had ever been was the fact that both girls were naked.

Michelle was about 5"1 with a good C cup, big pierced nipples, several tattoos on her arms and belly and a shaven cunt. She had a little baby fat left or was slightly overweight but it didn't matter to me, she looked hot. Dominance was a bit bigger, around 5"3 also with good C cups, small but rock hard nipples, no tattoos but I could see she had a clit piercing and a shaven cunt as well. Her figure had more curves and a well trained look. Dominance walked around the bed, putting first my left hand in a cuff, followed by my other wrist and ankles all the while running the chains correctly beneath the bed.

She tightened the chains a bit more till she was satisfied. She then placed a blindfold around my head, completely covering my eyes.

I felt her tug a bit on the blindfold and place headphones on my ears. Shortly after I could hear a wet sloshing sound and a woman moaning through the headphone. "I can see you now" Katrina's voice came to me "You know, I had two orgasms already and we haven't even started yet" She laughed after saying that and stopped playing with her dildo.

"Thanks for the camera set up, it's perfect, I have you on my big screen now in my living room, all tied up with a very stiff dick, you look yummy" she grinned. "Heya hot stuff" an unfamiliar voice spoke through my headphone followed by "Shush slave" by Katrina. "Ah yeah, after talking to the girls, who by the way are very imaginative, they asked me to get a slave as well that they could order around, pleasing me" Katrina said with glee in her voice. "This is Cally; she was at the shoot as well, the short Asian girl with the double D tits?" My dick jerked a bit when I remembered, I fantasized about her during some solo sessions.

"Ooh I see that you do, anyway, as Cally will be licking my twat now, as ordered by Michelle, the girls are changing in some of the fine outfits you provided" her last word slurred a bit as Cally probably started to eat her out and with a sigh she continued "they will take the blindfold of and start with my instructions, be a sport and do as they say, for my and your enjoyment".

The last word vanished in a loud moan and my headphones and blindfold were removed. Dominance stood bent over me dressed in a tightly bound black leather corset and the boots I never gotten my ex to wear.

They were crotch level leather boots, a front and a back piece tied together by laces and 11inch heels, placing the foot at almost a vertical angle. She had tied them really fast, I could see her flesh bulge between the laces and turning a bit red. "I like a bit of pain as well "she said when she noticed where I looked. Michelle was wearing a black lace bra with an opening for her nipples, a lace garter belt with black real silk stockings and wide heeled 7inch pumps.

If either girl had jacked me then only once I would have cum so hot were they looking and so horny was I. Dominance came back to me with a glass of water and put to pills on my tongue after telling me to open up and swallow. I did as I was told and figured they gave me Viagra to keep me rock hard the entire night. Michelle was slipping a cock ring over my balls and dick, tightening it when it was set. She then applied some lotion on my dick, rubbing it in slowly and evenly.

At once I could feel my sensations lessen on my dick. She had applied a numbing lotion to my cock making me last longer before I came. Thinking they were done, I was surprised when Dominance pushed my cock against my belly and Michelle grabbing my balls. Looking on with a slight feeling of fear I saw Michelle getting a small leather strap and tie it securely and very tight around my balls.

This caused me to grunt in pain a bit. They both looked at me and smiled wickedly. I could feel my sack grow to an almost painful size and getting very tender. This was new for me and despite the uncomfortable feeling I relaxed a bit. Dominance stood next to me when she said "You will be rewarded for everything you endure in silence and punished when not, do you understand?" I answered straight away"Yes Mistress" "Good, for every time you pleasure us well, you will be rewarded, if not" she let that statement hang.

"We will start with a few requests made by our Mistress who is watching now." Michelle took the camera and started to follow Dominance with it.

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From beside the bed, Dominance picked up 2 nipple clamps with a chain between them and proceeded to place them on my nipples. I managed to keep my grunt to myself even when dominance pulled on the chain several times. I did start to sweat a bit as the pain was enjoyable but also intense. She walked around the bed to the other side, wiggling her butt for the camera and yanked on the chain once more. She put some oil on her hand and leaned over me, placing one hand on my chest.

With her other hand she slapped my dick very hard near the top in an upward angle, it came down on my belly with force before jumping back and getting slapped again.

It stung intensely, the pain being amplified by the slipping of the hand over my cock head, made more slippery by the oil giving it a grazing heat with the sting. She did this at least ten times in rapid succession and I felt my cock getting thicker and numb.

I muffled my cries the first few times and relaxed a bit when the numb feeling began. All the time Dominance was watching my face, turning only to smile in the camera, which divided its attention between the slapping and my face.

She finished the slapping with a good slap on my bound balls, causing me strain against the chains, almost crying out. A tear flowed down my cheek as the pain lessened a bit in my balls, they still throbbed like mad but the sting was gone. She nodded her approval and moved both her hands on my chest, putting her weight on me as she slung one leg over me. When she sat down I could feel the laced rub against my skin of my thighs and I knew I would have scorch marks there soon. My thighs were a bit wider than Dominance could easily sit astride of but she managed, grunting a bit in pain as the laces of her boots cut deeper in her skin.

She sat as far down on her knees as she could, pushing her heels in my legs as spurs. Michelle had put the camera on the tripod again and was massaging my painful dick with warm oil.

Soon her hands slipped over it and when she was satisfied, she placed the tip of my cock near the entrance of Dominance's cunt.


Dominance moved a bit back, letting my head slip in. It felt wonderfully tight and hot and with a few soft movements she got my entire dick in her. Her cunt assailed me with wonderful sensations even with the ring and numbing lotion. "God he's thick" she exclaimed when she started to move up and down a few times.

She stopped after four or five times and removed her cunt from my dick. Slowly moving upwards, making sure she grinded the laces over my skin, pressing her heels in my flesh when she moved her cunt to my face and sat down. She let her full weight go and I had to strain my neck to keep breathing. Dominance made herself more comfortable on my face and Michelle adjusted the camera for a better view.

Michelle then took my hand, placing a large dildo in it. She folded my fingers over the fake balls and aimed it upwards. "You have behaved well so far and we may reward you, however this will harder, you will lick and eat my cunt AND use the dildo to fuck Michelle. You need to get us both of, you understand?" I grunted my compliance when she continued "failure will result in more ball slapping" Michelle led my hand so the dildo could enter her pussy, placing it in with just the tip.

She then spread her legs and leaned with her hands against the wall. "Push it in" she told me and I did. She was already a bit wet but also tight, it took some effort to push it all in, being restrained didn't make it easier. "Hold it for a moment" as told me as she turned her body for maximum penetration. "Okay, go, fuck me with that toy, fuck me hard" Michelle yelled at me and I started to extract and plunge back in the dildo.

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At first it went a bit rough but soon she was wet enough and it slid in and out at a high speed. Meanwhile Dominance was demanding attention to her cunt. It smelled sweet and bitter at the same time, her lips already wet with her juice. With a bit of force I pushed my tongue through her lips, licking her slit up and down, ignoring her clit for now. The piercing intrigued me but I wanted to please and tease her first. She assisted me a bit by moving her cunt up and down my face, pressing harder down or letting up as she pleased.

I could feel her excitement growing as she started to produce more juice, mingling it with my saliva. When she moved her clit in front of my tongue, I was amazed at how big it had grown. It was a least as big as my last pinky digit, standing erect like a little dick with a Prince Albert piercing.

I started sucking on it, moving my mouth and tongue as giving a blowjob, using my teeth to pull at her piercing. Dominance started to writhe above me yelling "yeah baby, suck my clit, suck it harder, make me cum fucker" pushing my face harder against her cunt while pressing down from above. Michelle was riding my dildo holding hand hard, fingering herself as I plowed the dildo in and out with as much force I could muster.

I was sure it must have hurt her at some point but she just kept going demanding more all the time. It was Michelle who came first, she stopped pushing down and just stood there shaking while her orgasm overtook her. Still leaning against the wall with her head down, she composed herself and after a final shudder removed the dildo from my hand.

She then proceeded to lick her juices first from the dildo and then from my fingers, giving me incredible sensual feelings and a feel of her tongue piercing, which wasn't a round stud but a pointy cone.

Dominance was close as well and I renewed my efforts to make this young bitch squirm with an orgasm. Using my tongue I pulled her piercing further in my mouth, letting her clit scrape against my teeth. When she started to buck above me, I pulled her clit as far in as I could biting down softly in rapid succession on her stretched clit.

Dominance lost it then and pressed my face hard against her cunt, actually hurting me as she rode her orgasm. She held on for at least a minute, her juices leaking in copious amounts on my face, before she sat back letting go of my head.

She hadn't made a sound when she came but just let out a big sigh when she relaxed. "That was fucking awesome "she said when she moved of me, making sure she scraped and pierced me with her boots.

"I agree" Michelle answered from behind the laptop. She had the headset on and was typing on msn with Katrina, probably getting the next set of tasks to perform.


"You need to suck him while I fuck you from behind doggy style with the strap on" Michelle said when she put down the headset "After five minutes we switch places and we must try to make him cum but" and she turned to look at me "you are not allowed to cum yet and the punishment will be severe if you do" A good blowjob always made me cum quick as I had told Katrina before so I figured she meant for me to fail.

That made me wonder what the punishment was as it was likely that I would come. Either girl was beautiful and I was horny as hell, I was doomed. The girls moved the tripod with the camera to the head of the bed, giving the camera a good angle on the face that would suck me and the girl that was fucking her. Michelle took the strap on and put it on, she had taken the biggest I had, the one I had progressed to after a few smaller ones.

My ex used to like that part the most of our sex games, getting off on it fucking me in the ass. Dominance stood at the edge of the bed, spreading her legs and using the edge of the mattress to put her knees on. "Move a bit down" she told me and I wiggled towards her.

When she was satisfied she leaned over placing her lips on my cock. The warmth of her mouth was like heaven and when her tongue started to work my cockhead I let go of a loud moan. Suddenly my dick shot up in her mouth as she came down. Her mouth filled with half my cock, our eyes met and she was looking surprised.

Michelle had rammed her fake dick hard and deep in one go, causing Dominance to lose balance. Getting up a bit she was pushed down again as Michelle was really pounding her cunt hard and fast.

Trying to give me a blowjob to make me cum, Dominance had a hard time doing so as Michelle was really fucking her hard.

I may have a chance to escape punishment I thought as I enjoyed the warm feelings Dominance's mouth was giving me. Then all of a sudden she deep throated me, her chin ramming down on my tied balls, as she came hard from the pounding Michelle was giving her.

She let go of a cock muffled cry as I could feel her body shake with my dick almost completely buried in her mouth. She came up a bit and our eyes met each other, me in thrall of her attention and she in the after phase of her orgasm.

We both knew at that point that this would be the first of many fun times together. She pulled herself up, leaving only the tip of my cock in her mouth and she swirled her tongue around teasing my pee hole. Michelle removed the fake dick from Dominance's cunt with a plopping sound, took it off and bound it in front of Dominance, still dripping with her juice.

"God my pussy is sore" Dominance said as Michelle took over her position "and now it's time for payback". Michelle looked at her and said "Bring it on bitch" with an anticipating grin. Michelle leaned in showing her erect nipples poking out of her bra.

"Don't worry, this won't hurt, much" she cooed at me with a big grin. That girl was enjoying this even more than me I thought as she started to tease my dick with her tongue, making sure I saw her piercing. She licked my dick from my balls upwards, the piercing scraping my skin softly. It was the most exquisite sensation I had ever felt being blown and my dick responded in kind.

She then lost her balance, her face pushing my dick down and her chin pressing painfully on my sensitive balls. Behind her I saw Dominance starting to get up to speed, pounding Michelle's cunt even harder then she had done hers.

Being a bit taller and with the huge heels, Dominance was able to get a better angle to fuck Michelle into oblivion. It took Dominance less than two minutes to get Michelle of, her gasps of warm breath teasing my dick as she had to let go, riding the orgasm. Dominance however didn't let up as she continued to fuck Michelle hard. For the next three minutes, I got a sloppy blowjob, a lot of spit on my dick and a few pricks of her piercing but she was unable to blow me to orgasm as she received one more from Dominance and her strap on.

Relieved and disappointed at the same time, I was glad that I didn't cum and get punished but also disappointed because now I wouldn't know what it was. Dominance removed the strap on and helped Michelle get up. The silk hoses were soaked with Michelle's cum juice and I could see that her lips were red and enlarged. That must have been some pounding I thought. Both girls went to the laptop and looked at the new messages on the screen, responded by typing and reading the reply. When I heard the grinning I was starting to get worried.

The girls turned around and were smiling big time, Michelle came over to me with headphones and put them on me. "I am SO coming over" I heard Katrina say "Or you three are coming to visit me soon" "Either way, something must be arranged soon as I and my slave girl are Cumming nonstop from your show" With no mic I couldn't respond so I just smiled at the camera.

"Meanwhile, I have sent two jpegs with tattoo designs to your mailbox, if you want, you can join my country wide sex coven as either a beloved sub or a dominant, your choice and . Both girls will be joining as well, just as a small enticement "she grinned at the other side of the line.

I looked at the camera again and grinned. "I am sure you'll make the right decision but call me before getting the tattoo, there are a few things I need to tell you beforehand" she continued, already sure I would say yes "Right, well, I am going back to my pet, the girls have told me how to treat her and it involves nipple clamps and hot wax so I am going to follow their instructions as they will follow my last ones, and remember, I am watching you, in glorious HD on my big screen" she finished laughing.

Michelle took the headset away and yanked the chain between my nipples. She smiled at me when I grunted a bit and said "You know, you are the first guy I'd ever had sex with and if it would have been anyone else or in another situation, I probably would have stayed gay, but now" she let it hang for a bit "Now, I am getting that tattoo and turning Bi, so thank you and Katrina for this wonderful night so far" My face must have shown my surprise because she smiled and kissed me full on the lips, forcing her tongue in my mouth.

I responded in kind and our tongues explored each other with an occasional yank on the chain by Michelle making me gasp in her mouth. Dominance had moved the camera again, this time to the side of the bed, adjusting the lens for a more wide angle view.

"Now slave" Dominance said "our Mistress has ordered us to allow you to pleasure us both at the same time and to let it follow by our choice of sexual activities as we see fit, do you understand?" As soon as Michelle let go of my mouth I replied" Yes Mistress Dominance and yes Mistress Michelle" "Good" Dominance said and looked at Michelle when she said "You want the mouth or the cock first?" Michelle looked at me and turned to Dominance and replied "I think I will try the cock first, I have never had a man in me yet so if you don't mind" Dominance nodded and started to remove the chains binding me to the bed.

She was so sexy when she walked in those boots, I was already thinking what else to buy for these girls to wear. Michelle was the first to climb on the bed, her wet stockings softly caressing my skin as she sat down on my cock.

Her cunt was very wet and very tight, she took her time getting me all the way in. I was so glad that they had numbed and tied me there because otherwise this would have made me cum in an instant.

Not that I felt far away from cumming but the girls had kept me close, never too close to release. She leaned back a bit when she was all the way down, pressing on my balls.

The hurt and joy was immense in my nether region and when I came it would be incredible, I was sure of it. Dominance got on second, again making sure that she caused me uncomfortable feelings and took place on my face again. This time however I could use my arms and legs so when she sat down, I bucked up with my cock, causing Michelle to gasp and placed my hands on Dominance's tits.

"Oh yeah, pinch my nipples, rub them, play with my tits" Dominance told me as she pulled my head against her crotch. Michelle was starting to ride me slowly increasing her speed. "Dom" she asked "do we still hurt him or not anymore?" "Do what you like" Dominance answered with her hands now on mine urging me to be rougher. Michelle took that as a yes because she made sure that every time she came down, my balls would feel the impact of her ass. Soon she hit her stride and it didn't take long for her to start moaning and cursing in pleasure.

The pain and pleasure that my cock and balls were feeling made me almost mad with lust. I even started to assist Michelle when she came down by pushing up, causing my balls to be even harder pounced.

Dominance's pussy wasn't save either, I savagely attacked her clit, pulling her piercing hard back with my tongue biting down on her extended clit while scratching her nipples and pinching them hard.

Dominance kept pushing for more, her hands back on my head, fucking my face with her cunt, yelling at me to be rougher. Not sure how to do that I simply applied more pressure on her nipples, sucking, pulling and biting harder on her clit.

After what seems like an eternity Michelle came hard, pouncing for the last time with all her might on my dick. Pain shot from my balls up, my teeth clasping down, luckily on the piercing, and I bucked up pushing Dominance back.

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This caused Dominance a sudden jolt of pain, as her piercing almost was torn of her clit. In a reflex she put the heels in my skin, slowing her pushback, piercing my skin. Michelle had my dick in a vice like grip with her cunt, leaning with her hands on my knees, still painfully squashing my balls, while she screamed her orgasm and subsequent aftershocks to the camera. Mine and Dominance's pain took us both over the edge and we came screaming. I could feel the denied release pulse up from my tied up balls all the way into Michelle's hot cunt.

I bucked under Michelle, hardly moving my dick in or out as I felt my seed leave my dick. This sensation caused Michelle to have a lesser after orgasm but she screamed with us as she came again.

Dominance was still holding on to my head as her orgasm was subsiding, my hands were no longer on her tits but the piercing was still near my mouth. I was too far gone in my orgasm to have noticed that she had come as well so when I regained some sense and started to angle for the piercing with my tongue I tasted blood amongst her juices. Looking up I could see that she had torn her clit a bit.

A small drop of blood welled up on it. Looking that close at her cunt I could see the spasms and fluids running out of her cunt, making it clear to me that she had come. It took us a few minutes to regroup from that. The girls removed the ring and leather strap, giving my cock and balls some playful licks while they did it.

I ate Michelle out, licking my sperm out and spitting it in Dominance her mouth who swallowed it with glee. Michelle had a small orgasm during the licking session and we all cuddled up after that. "Never before" I started to say when both girls interrupted "Yeah we agree, best sex ever" "so when is the next time" I asked with both girls in my arms, their heads facing each other.

"In about 20 minutes or so" Michelle said with a big grin. We all laughed and started to small talk. I did check on the girls and myself for wounds that might need tending but we were none the worse for wear. My left leg needed a band aid where Dominance's boot had scraped my skin to much but other than that, all we had were marks of an incredible sex session.

We did continue to have sex till the morning, Michelle even taught me how to fist a girl and Dominance had a great time fucking me in the ass while I fucked Michelle.

I was sad to see them go but we would meet again next weekend, for two days of the most kinky sex we could come up with, maybe even with Katrina again online. I talked to her after the girls had left and she would try to make it that weekend as well. She had cum seventeen times in total playing with her slave and watching us and told me to make a DVD for her so she could watch it again.

Assuring her that I would, I told her I would call her later in the day about the tattoo. She told me not to call too soon as she was too tired but was pleased that I would get one. Needless to say my work was late that day but luckily for me still within publishing time. Like I said, the weirdest night ever, but what a blast.