Summer daniels banged in her pussy and ass by black men

Summer daniels banged in her pussy and ass by black men
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Graduation Weekend Chapter 1 I was heading to pick up my wife's cousin since she was catching a ride with us. My sister-in-law was graduating from grad school this weekend, and I had to drive 4 hours up, hang out with in-laws, and drive four hours back.

Not looking forward to a shot weekend. I pulled into her driveway and gave the horn a honk. Emily came out and instantly I saw another piece of torture this weekend.


Emily just turned 21 and goes to the university here in town. She was wearing a tight blue V-neck t-shirt, and tight jeans. My wife and I enjoy a healthy sex life. We're both 30, professionals, and fit.

I'm happy with her emotionally, as well as physically. She's tall at 5 foot 10 inches, thin, and blond. That is my favorite body type on a woman, but sometimes a girl like Emily just looks tasty. Emily is the opposite type of sexy body. She's not short, but medium height. She has long brown hair and wide, sexy 'I want to suck your dick' eyes.

She has a great set of tits that were really accentuated in that blue V-neck, and a perfectly curved ass. I was picking Em up on my way home from work, so I was alone in the car. She dropped her bag in the back seat and jumped in front. I could see her tits jiggle as she sat down in the car, and the v-neck showed some great cleavage. We picked up my wife at the house and off we went. The drive would have been pleasant, but I couldn't stop thinking about Emily's tits.

I look in the rearview mirror, those tits are there.


We stop to eat, those tits are sitting across from me. My wife doesn't have large breast, she's the tall slender type, so I occasionally think about the pieces I don't get. Me, my wife Katie, my sister-in-law Laura, and Emily went out that night. Katie was getting pretty drunk, which I took to be a good sign. Usually when she gets drunk, she wants to fuck no matter whose house we're in, so I was looking forward to a good way of working off all of the sexual tension I had built inside myself this weekend.

As we went to bed, Katie was kissing me and I slipped a finger into her pussy. I talked softly as I fingered her and she was dripping. I tried to get ready to enter her, and she stopped me. She didn't want to have sex at her sister's place. She passed out shortly afterward. I was lying in bed. Rock hard. Sexually frustrated.


I tried to put it out of my mind and get some sleep. At about 2:30 I woke up and needed to go to the bathroom. I searched around for my boxers and could only find my t-shirt in the dark. I knew everyone else was asleep, so I just grabbed that in case I needed to hold something in front of me and went to the bathroom.

After relieving myself, I washed my hands looking at the giant mirror above the sink. I thought about how I was looking good. I saw my cock and it still looked a little swollen from the lack of relief. I thought about Emily sleeping in the living room and all of the comments she had made this weekend. What I wanted to do to her made my cock twitch a bit, but I thought jerking off in my sister-in-law's bathroom was a bit too creepy, so I just went to go back to bed.

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When I opened the door of the bathroom. Emily was about four feet away walking towards the bathroom. She was wearing some old short basketball shorts and a raggy black t-shirt. "Shit! I'm sorry. I didn't think I would see anyone on my trip to the bathroom." "Are you not wearing any pants?" "No, like I said, didn't think I'd see anyone. I thought I'd be safe walking the 10 feet to the bathroom." "Well sorry to embarrass you.

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I hate to make it worse, but are you a bit stiff under that balled up t-shirt?" "Shhh… People are sleeping around here!" "You're right we cant have this conversation in the hall" Emily said this as she walked towards me entering the bathroom with me. She closed the door behind her and repeated. "So? You a bit uncomfortable?" "Yeah, for a couple of reasons. One, I'm nearly naked in a bathroom with my wife's cousin, and two, well, I didn't get the sex I was hoping for tonight." "Nearly naked?

You have a t-shirt balled up in front of your dick. I don't think that counts as clothes. You're naked." "I guess so. Well I assume you have to use the bathroom, so I'll see you in the morning." "Hold on.

What are you packing under there? It seems that Katie has the perfect man. I figured there had to be something missing, like you have a small cock. That doesn't seem to be the case now though. Let me see just how big it is." "Not a good idea.

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You're my wife's cousin, and she's sleeping 15 feet away." "I just want to see it, besides you said she's passed out. It looks impressive." Emily was playing into my ego. I know I have a decent sized cock, but I still like to hear a woman's opinion. I haven't had that chance in years. I threw the shirt on the sink and showed her my semi-erect cock. "Wow, it's already pretty big.

How big does it get when it's fully hard!" With that, she reached down and started stroking my cock. "Look, don't touch!" "Comm'on! I just want to see how big it's going to get. Besides, you said you were frustrated.

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Let me ease your frustration." And she put her mouth over my cock. "Mmmmm…" she hummed as she worked her lips up and down my shaft.

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I reached down to start pulling her shirt up over her head. Emily paused from the blow job so I could remove her shirt. As it was her night shirt, there was no bra beneath.

I stuck my dick between her tits and started to rub. She pushed those beautiful C cubs together and I just stroked between them. Emily looked up and smiled with that devilish grin of hers and put her mouth back down to kiss the head. I knew I would come soon and asked her where she wanted it. "I'd hate to make a mess, so how about you just cum in my mouth?" "Sounds good to me," and I stuck my dick back down her throat. Emily worked hard to get as much as possible down her throat, but could only fit about four of my eight inches in her mouth.

I grabbed her hair and pulled her further down to get another inch or so down her throat just as I was about to cum. "uuggghh… ulllggg… hlllggg…" She started to gag as I shot a huge load right into the back of her throat. I pulled out and let Emily catch her breath. After she did so, she reached back over and gave my dick a final suck to clean it off.

She gave it a kiss. "Sleep well, cuz!"