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Bounty watched as her kids loaded up into her friend's car. They were headed to camp for the summer. She now had the house all to herself for three weeks. As the car left she closed the door and stripped down naked, as she did so, she thought "free at last." She flopped down on her couch and stretched out. She was laying there contemplating what to do for her first weekend alone. Her phone began ringing, she grabbed it and saw it was Sara her friend from Colorado Springs, she a answered with a quick "hey slut what's up." Sara answered back " getting in my car headed to Pueblo to get you.

And who you calling slut I'm not the one who was getting fucked in the ass and pussy by every girl at the last party." Bounty laughed and said, " yeah but you damn sure had your face and tongue in every pussy though." Both girls laughed and then Sara told her " get your ass ready I'll be there in a bit, oh and no playing get your sexy ass ready. I don't want to find you in the shower finger fucking yourself again." "Bitch don't even go there as soon as you saw me you were begging to lick me." Bounty retorted.

With that, she said goodbye, hung up the phone and headed for the shower. Thinking to herself damn right she was going to rub one off. She couldn't help herself, Sara was a hell of a fuck, and it didn't help that they were always trying to one up each other. Bounty got her shower going and climbed in and just as quickly had her hand on her pussy daydreaming of her and Sara. Bounty met Sara at a Lifestyle party in Denver.

They hit it off fast, and Sara hung out with Bounty, and the two other girls Bounty came up with. At about three then headed to eat at one of the local restaurants that catered to the Lifestyle. It wasn't the best place, but its setup was ideal. All the tables were booths and were enclosed except for one side. All tables had over sized table cloths. To say things happened around this place was an understatement. The girls found an empty booth in the nearly packed restaurant.

A young lady came up to the table and introduced herself. " Hi my name is Dawn, and I will be your server. What can I get you ladies to drink?" The girls ordered their drinks and Dawn started to leave, but before she could step away, Sara asked her "sweetie you look new here." " Yes ma'am I am I just started yesterday and I am a little nervous with such a big crowd, I don't want to screw up" Dawn excused herself and went to get the drinks.

Sara looked over to Bounty and said" can you please order my meal I'd like an omelet and some white toast. I have something I need to do." and before Bounty could say anything, Sara slid under the table. Bounty then felt Sara's hands on her hips and felt her pull her forward a bit then just as Dawn walked up with their drinks Sara spread Bounty's legs and planted her face into Bounty's pussy.

With a gasp, she quickly tried to push Sara's head away but had her hands pinned to her side. Dawn set the drinks down and looked at the three ladies. "I can come back in a few when the other woman returns if you would like for me too." Carol spoke up and said "No sweetheart that's ok we can order for her we know what she wants. She just went to splash her face" with that Carol and Susan both giggled.

Bounty just sat there tight lipped and glared at both of them. Carol and Susan ordered first then Dawn prepared to take Bounty and Sara's order, but before Bounty could fully get the words, I'll take the Sara wrapped her lips around Bounty's clit and sucked in real hard. Bounty's eyes went wide, and she had to bite her lip, all that emitted was a small squeak.

Dawn looked at Bounty with a bewildered face, the two other girls both had massive grins on their faces, and their friend seemed in distress, and she couldn't figure out why they were so cruel. "Ma'am are you ok?" she asked with concern. Bounty nodded then felt Sara let go. "I'm ok hun just um uh had a sharp pain in my leg I'll be fine." She relaxed a second then tried again to make hers and Sara's order.

Just as she was about to do so, Sara attacked her clit again but adding a little tongue to the action. Bounty thought she was going to explode as she fought with all she was worth not to scream or cause another scene. As she was making the order, Sara was relentlessly attacking her pussy and now stepped it up several notches by inserting two fingers. Bounty's eyes rolled, and she let out a slight but very quiet moan. Then she felt it; an orgasm was very close. She did her best to get through the order.

Dawn walked away, and every few steps turned her head to look at Bounty. Bounty's muscles tightened, she looked at the other 2, and they were enjoying this little show. With out any more warning, her orgasm hit her hard, she bit down on her lip, one hand shot under the table grabbing a big handful of Sara's hair, and she pulled forcing Sara's face harder into her pussy, her hips started bucking and grinding on Sara's face.

She sat there trembling as aftershocks hit her body. Sara crawled our from under the table, her face covered in cum from Bounty's now extremely soaked pussy.

She sat down and leaned and kissed Bounty deep and passionately. Bounty returned the kiss. Bounty finally broke their kiss and without hesitation said: "bitch you're going to pay for that little stunt." Sara looked at her " that sounds like a challenge, well then challenge excepted I can take what ever you dish out. But be warned I will return fire." she grinned and kissed Bounty again. Bounty reached for the shower wall for balance; she could fill her orgasm getting close.

She had been holding her bladder this whole time and was ready to let loose. Just as her orgasm hit she relaxed her bladder and sent a torrent of piss to the shower floor.

"OH FUCK FUCK FUCK" she screamed, she went to her knees before she fell. Her head dropped as her body shook. She removed her hand from her pussy and inserted her fingers into her mouth.

The combination of the taste and smell of piss and cum sent her over the edge again. She laid down on the shower floor and allowed her body to shake, and enjoyed the taste of her fingers.

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After a little while, the shower water began to get cold. "FUCK Sara is going to be her any moment. She jumped up and took a very quick wash down. After drying off, she found her favorite skirt and top and put those on.

Just as she was putting the last of her weekend clothes in a bag, she heard Sara come in through the door. Sara entered Bounty's bedroom and giving Bounty one of those I'm going to eat your sexy ass up looks she walked over and kissed Bounty deeply and passionately.

With one hand she pulled up Bounty's skirt and started playing with her pussy. " Good your commando," she said with a very evil grin.

Bounty looked at her and said "and?" and gave Sara one of her classic stare downs. Sara lifted her skirt and top to reveal no underwear. Then she threw Bounty the keys and said: "your driving I want to take a rest and enjoy the ride." With that, the girls got into the car and headed back to Sara's place. Sara kicked her seat back and put her hands behind her head and feet on the dash.

She hated driving but seeing Bounty was worth driving. Now that they were headed north she would let Bounty handle the driving. She couldn't believe her luck in finding Bounty, but the card is funny like that. She was just as kinky as she was and that just made her set thinking about it. As they turned onto I25 and headed north, Sara closed her eyes and listened to the highway.

Her son was with his dad for the whole summer riding in his big truck so spending time with Bounty was going to be a breeze. As she sat back, she drifted off to sleep.

Nearly a week had passed since Sara and Bounty had met and they were back in Denver. Denver had a great club scene. There were 2 bars she liked because they were owned and operated by people in the Lifestyle so getting into trouble with someone didn't mean having to wait to go to the hotel.

She had no clue what Bounty had in store for her after their little restaurant fun. But she knew that what ever Bounty pulled out of that kinky brain was going to be good.

Their hotel room was close to one of her favorite clubs the KINKED KNOT. Of the three she knew of this was a no holds barred kink fest. Being a private club, you could only get in by paying the $200 membership fee and only after you were invited by another member.

On the 1st floor was the main bar and dance floor. As well as a fully equipped BDSM play room. The dance floor had two small stages with stripper polls.

There were several tables scattered through out the bar area, and of course, it was nothing to see couples playing. The only rule at the club was "no means no." Other than that it was cum at your pleasure.

The 2nd floor consisted of several different play rooms. Though Sara had never gone up there, she had heard of some of the different rooms. Bounty led them to a table occupied by 2 of her friends. When they stepped up to the table, the other two girls stood up and kissed the girls excited to see them.

Julie grabbed Bounties ass nice and tight and said: "girl I so want to bend you over and fuck your ass with my strap-on." Bounty leaned in whispering into her ear "maybe later bitch, but tonight Sara is going to get hers." Both girls looked at Sara and grinned real big. Sara could only imagine what was going through Bounty's mind and just the thought was making her pussy wet, and that wetness was now running down her leg.

Maggie reached up under Sara's skirt and inserted a finger into her pussy. When her finger slid in with no resistance, she turned to look at Bounty and said " this little slut of yours is so damn wet my finger slid in like it was already lubed" Sara felt her cheeks flush. Bounty turned "bitch that pussy is mine get your fingers out of there. But finger her ass if you want." Maggie removed her finger and got in behind Sara and roughly bent her over and inserted her now soaked finger into Sara's tight ass.

Sara let out a moan and pushed back letting the now intruding finger slide deeper into her ass. Maggie grinned and started working her finger in and out. When she pushed in Sara met each finger thrust. Bounty knelt down looking into Sara's eyes. Reaching with one hand, she grabbed a handful of hair and pulled back. "Such a good little slut," she remarked as she kissed Sara deeply" Bounty stood up after breaking their kiss and grabbed Maggie's hand and pulled it away from Sara's ass.

"She can't cum just yet." The Sara headed to the bar to get her and Bounty drinks as the others sat down. As she walked, she could feel her now violated asshole flexing as though it still had Maggie's finger inside it.

This, of course, made her soaked pussy leak, even more, juices and increased her feeling of wanting to cum very strong. I think it's time we head upstairs I'm in serious need of a good cum and Sara needs to be fucked as well" grabbing Sara by her hair she pulled her up, and they made their way to the stairs. As they reached the second floor Bounty turned to the others with a grin and said I need to pee how about you girls?" Maggie and Julie both nodded.

Bounty turned down a small hallway and headed to the far door. As they approached Sara saw a sign mounted on the door. "OPEN BATHROOM TO ALL SEXES" Sara started getting a little nervous she had never peed in a bathroom where both male and female were allowed. In fact, she had never peed in front of another female.

As they entered the room. Sara saw that all the urinals had large holes at the bottom and the bottom of those were human bodies, male and female.

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Thay all stood there for a few minutes and observed more of the room. A guy walked in and approached a urinal with a female face at the bottom.

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Pulling out his cock he aimed for the urinal, the girl in the urinal opened her mouth and accepted the man's piss. To Sara's surprise the girl swallowed every drop, and as she watched this, she could feel her pussy getting wet again.

Bounty led the girls over to the corner where an old shower had been installed. She pushed Sara over to the corner and forced her to her knees. Sara looked up at Bounty with a confused look. Bounty looked at her and smiled " it's your turn for a little humiliation, granted we are not in a public restaurant, but this will do." Sara began to remove her top, but bounty stopped her and shook her head.

Then Bounty turned to talk to Maggie and Julie.

As Sara was kneeling, she watched as a few people began coming in. As the people approached Bounty stopped them and announced that the men were welcome to watch, but only the ladies could participate. At the sound of Bounty's announcement, Sara felt a little bit of relief though not much. As bounty turned and looked at her, she gave her a nervous grin. Bounty leaned down and whispered to her "I'm not going to allow anything bad to happen, but I am going to have fun and enjoy this, " and with that, she stood up and hiked up her skirt.

Bounty stood over Sara and let go of her bladder, doing her best to aim it at Sara's face she made contact at her chin. The piss hit her, and she jerked a little, Sara felt humiliation wash over her as felt the eyes of everyone in there on her.

A second stream hit her cheek and in surprise, she turned only to have the stream of piss hit her square on the lips. She opened her mouth in surprise, and it quickly filled with Julies piss. She spat it out and felt her stomach wretch at the taste. She then felt Bounty's hands grab her hair and pull her forward. Piss hit the top of her head and down her face. She tried keeping her mouth shut and instinctively held her breath. She quickly realized she didn't have enough air and opened her, mouth to gasp for air.

Piss flowed into her mouth. She noticed that Bounty's piss was not as harsh tasting as Julie's, but it still was better. The streams of piss from Bounty and Julie began to die out. Sara was soaked, and her mouth had the taste of piss. Bounty pulled her head to her pussy "lick up sweet heart I want my pussy nice and clean then you can clean Julie's" Hesitantly she began to lick Bounty's pussy.

At first, she could taste the piss then Bounty's pussy juices. Now, this was a taste she liked. She quickly lapped at her clit and stuck her tongue into Bounty's pussy trying to lap up all the juices she could get. With a sudden pull, she felt her head pulled back, and that beautiful pussy escapes her hungry mouth, she whimpered in protest. But as quickly as Bounty's pussy was gone Julies was now on her face. She wasted no time licking at her pussy.

As she was licking Julie's pussy, Maggie stepped in behind her and removed her pants. She hiked a leg up on a ledge and adjusted, so she was directly over Sara. Sara felt the stream hit her head and flow down her face. Her mouth over Julie's pussy the piss entered her mouth.

Maggie's piss was like Bounty's, not as harsh. She resigned herself to allowing it in and steadily licked Julie's pussy. Julie pulled away just as Maggie finished peeing, and both girls stepped away. Sara's clothes were soaked, and her hair was clinging to her head and cheeks.

The taste of pussy and piss filled her mouth. She looked searching for Bounty. She saw her just a few feet away bent over and a tall bald headed man with a red mustache and goatee behind her fucking her for all he was worth.

Bounty made eye contact with her, and she stared at her Bounty's mouth opened and a loud groan exit her mouth. Bounty was cumming, and she was smiling big at her. Before Sara could grasp the seen three naked girls stepped up to her. One grabbed her hair and away but the girl had a tight grip. She tried to let it flow out around her mouth, but there was too much coming. She began to swallow as fast as she could. The other two girls began pissing, each stream hitting either side of her mouth.

She found herself trying to swallow as fast as she could. Several times she would cough and piss, would spew from the sides but as soon as it was gone more flowed in. The girls finished quickly and stepped away. Sara allowed her hands to hit the floor as she leaned forward trying to catch her breath. Another female stepped forward and began pissing on her head. She stayed there as the girl pissed, her mind focusing on what was happening and for the first time she gave in to her body in a way she never thought possible.

She looked up at the girl and opened her mouth letting the stream of piss enter, and without hesitation, she drank. She felt her pussy getting wetter and felt an orgasm growing. She closed her eyes and focused on it, as she gulped piss. Her body shuddered as the orgasm hit. She let out a moan and let her head fall forward. After what felt like forever the final girl stepped away but not before and leaning down and kissing her.

She looked over to where Bounty was. Bounty was on her knees, and Julie was laying on the floor her head under Bounty, obviously with her tongue in Bounty's pussy. The tall gentleman that had been fucking her standing in front of Bounty holding his hard cock pointing at Bounty's face. Bounty's mouth was open wide. As Sara watched the gentleman released a stream of piss with which Bounty swallowed eagerly, Every once in awhile she would lean back letting the stream of piss hit her chest and flow down her body.

When she would do so, Julie would make slight bucking movements, And her hand would vigorously rub her clit. Sara stood up and walked over to where they were at. As the gentleman's piss flow stopped, Bounty looked up at Sara with a grin of satisfaction on her face. "Meet Mike a long time friend and fuck buddy.

Sara took Mike's hand as he offered it. Mike eyed her wet body and smiled "you two should come to my new club when it opens next month" he said while reaching down to help Bounty up.


"Sure thing whats the name," Sara asked. Mike grabbed his pants and pulled out his wallet. Extracting two business cards, he took a pen and wrote on the back of each card.

Then handed them to Bounty and Sara, then kissed Bounty on the cheek and exited the room. Sara looked at the card on it said.

The Doghouse Club" below that 'Denver's Premier Lifestyle Club where it's ok to be in the Doghouse." Worded in small print were Mike's cell and his business number. She flipped the card over and there written on the back it said. Allow free entry and membership. Signed Mike. Sara looked at Bounty and looked at the door. " He's not much for conversation is he?" Bounty started getting dressed, "no not till you get to know him." Julie and Maggie had also finished getting dressed and kissed both of them.

Maggie said, "thanks girls for a great night, I think Julie and I are going to head home for the evening, " And the girls parted ways. Bounty pulled Sara to her and began to give her a deep passionate kiss. Sara could taste Mikes piss and closed her eyes and enjoyed the embrace and the taste. In her mind, she couldn't believe that she had found that she was a real slut for a piss.

But what made her quiver inside was that she enjoyed every second of it. Bounty had woken something in her. Bounty slid her hand under Sara's skirt and started rubbing her clit. Sara jolted awake in her seat the orgasm catching her surprise. Her body stiffened, and she thrust her hips in the air. She clenched her teeth to try and squelch the scream of pleasure. Sara finally gained control of her body, Looking at Bounty who was wearing a very mischievous grin, "happy with yourself bitch." she growled.

Then she heard the horn of an 18 wheeler, she looked over and saw the big rig riding beside them, the driver apparently enjoying the show. She looked down to see what it was he was fixated on, to her surprise her shirt was hiked up over her tits fully exposing her 42DDs. Her skirt was hiked up fully exposing her pussy, well except for the fact Bounty's hand was still working her clit.

Which that was causing another orgasm to build. "Fucking bitch you are going to pay for this one" she growled at Bounty just as another orgasm over took her body.

Bounty laughed "slut don't threaten me with a good time." She pulled her hand away to allow Sara to gather her wits. Before she could get her fingers to her mouth, Sara grabbed her hand and pulled her hand to her face.

"Fuck you that is my pussy juice I'm sucking that off your fingers." and began sucking Bounty's fingers. The trucker honked his horn again and waved as Bounty stepped on the gas. Sara removed Bounty's fingers.

"How long was he beside us you perverted slut" Sara grinned as she stared at her friend. Bounty looked over to her and said: "Oh not long he was like the 4th one, but only he got the grand finally." Sara shook her head and watched a mile marker go by. FUCK they were almost to Colorado Springs, she had slept almost the whole trip. She looked at Bounty " how long have you been showing me off t a bunch of perverted truckers?". Bounty grinned, "as soon as you started talking in your sleep, I pulled up your shirt and mine then I couldn't resist after the first 18 wheeler I just had to play with your pussy, and everyone enjoyed the show." 15 minutes later they exited I 25 onto the surface streets of Colorado Springs and made their way towards Sara's house.

Bounty pulled the car into the driveway of Sara's home. The girls got out of the car and headed inside. Stepping into the house Bounty set her bag on the couch. Sara stripped her clothes off glad to be rid of them. Bounty followed suite. They stood in front of each other admiring each other's bodies. Finally, after a few moments, they embraced each other.

Bounty pulled away and sat on the couch next to her bag. Sara headed to the kitchen to grab a drink for them both. Bounty watched her paying close attention to her ass as she walked away. Coming back into the room Sara sat onto Bounty's lap.

Bounty took the glass and before drinking asked: " so whats our plans for the weekend?" "I was thinking maybe go to your friend's new club since it opens this weekend. I'm curious to see what he has to offer that the others don't." Sara replied as she took the drink.

Bounty thought for a moment wondering if she should tell her why Mike called it the Doghouse but then decided it would be better to surprise her. Grinning she said "Oh he has a few extra play rooms nothing much more.

The only difference is he is the only owner. He doesn't want it spoiled by the drama that the other clubs have with multiple partners." Sara nodded her agreement about the various ownership organizations. Then she asked about the free membership that he had given them.

Bounty told her that Mike was kind to his friends and to get the business going, he needed to get some people in that he knew would help get the club going. "He has his plans and I know right now he has about 20 people that are members because they are part of his inner circle." Sara reached down and tweaked one of Bounty's nipples playfully. "So whats he going to be charging membership wise for everyone else?" she asked as she began twisting a nipple.

Bounty didn't even wince at the abuse of her nipple but felt her pussy start to moisten. "I think he's charging a $150 annual membership, and as well as a $40 cover charge for not members. I know that with memberships.

You get access to his special party nights that no members can't enter" Bounty slid her hand between Sara's legs as she spoke. Sara spread her legs slightly to let Bounty have access.

"So why give me a free membership when he doesn't even know me, and what strings are attached to free membership?" Bounty shook her head, "no strings hun, but he gave you the membership because of me. Now I know if you dropped to your knees and sucked his cock he wouldn't argue." Bounty grinned at the thought of Sara sucking a cock only to have piss stream down her throat; Mike was notorious for doing that. Bounty slid her fingers past Sara's pussy right to her puckered little asshole.

She applied a little pressure and watched Sara as she sucked in a breath at the attempted invasion. Bounty's phone rang before she could get to it Sara stopped her. "It's our time everyone else can go screw" Sara looked at her with a serious look. "Sweetheart that is Mike, and I'm guessing he is wanting to know if we are coming to the grand opening of his club." She took the phone and answered it is putting it on speaker.

"Hey, sexy whats up?" "Hey, are you and your friend coming tomorrow night?" Bounty looked at Sara for an answer. Sara nodded yes. "Yeah we will be there, wouldn't miss it for the world." "Good be here early say around 5ish, the club doesn't open till 8, and I want to give you a personal tour of the place." Bounty tried to hide her excitement: We will be there and are looking forward to it" She said goodbye and hung up the phone.

Sara looked at her with a questioning look.


"Ok, so whats this going to install," she said with a slight bit of jealousy in her voice. Bounty shook her head, "sweet heart doesn't worry, Mike is not going to try anything and is not going to seek to split us up. I am one of his closest friends, and I know he wants my opinion on the place and probably would like yours." Sara grumbled a little as she got up. " Ok, I will not argue. if you trust him, then I will as well." Bounty smiled and swatted Sara's ass for good measure.

Then she slid off the couch and laid down on the floor. "Now come here and set that lovely pussy on my face I'm hungry." Sara looked down at her and grinned, " I hope you're thirsty as well?" "Bring it here bitch," she said and then opened her mouth nice and wide. Sara moved to straddle Bounty, so she was looking down at her face.

She wanted to watch her eyes when she let her stream of piss go. She got onto her knees and hovered just over Bounty's face. She started to relax when Bounty suddenly slid down a bit then grabbed her legs and pulled her down to where she was now sitting on her face.

She felt Bounty's tongue push up inside her pussy, she felt the jolt of pleasure shoot through her whole body and momentarily forgot about her bladder. Bounty held a tight grip on Sara's legs keeping her right where she wanted her. She could feel her pussy start to moisten as she tasted Sara. Sara's pussy was getting wetter by the second, Bounty was hoping to herself that Sara wouldn't pee till she came but either way she was going to get what she wanted, and that was Sara cumming hard.

Sara could feel Bounty's tongue working her clit, and an orgasm starting to build, she leaned her head back and rolled her eyes as she let the pleasure feel her body. Her body started convulsing uncontrollably, what made it worse was Bounty had her legs pinned so she couldn't move her hips the way her body wanted it to. Bounty was enjoying her self immensely, with Sara's body convulsing she was grinding her pussy on her face.

The more she did, the tighter her grip got on her legs pinning her tighter. She wanted to be buried in that pussy. The pussy juices were flowing, and she was sucking every drop down her throat. Her pussy was dripping, and she could feel the juices running down the crack of her ass, she wanted badly to reach down and rub her clit, but she didn't want to lose her grip on Sara. Sara was beside herself; her body was no longer hers to control, the orgasm building was causing every muscle to tense.

All she wanted was to cum. "FUCKING EAT THAT PUSSY BITCH" she screamed. She reached down with one hand and got a handful of Bounty's hair. If Bounty wanted to bury her face, then she was going to let her, and she was going to grind her pussy on her face no matter the grip she had.

She gripped her hair tight and pulled trying to draw Bounty closer to her pussy and started grinding hard. "FUCK YES FUCKING TONGUE IT BITCH!" Bounty loved her hair being pulled, and with Sara now grinding her pussy into her face she let out a muffled moan as she came. She drove her tongue as deep into Sara's pussy as she could get. The fluids from Sara's pussy were escaping her mouth and running down her chin.

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She knew Sara was close to cumming. Sara rocked her head back her eyes rolling into the back of her head. THe orgasm hit, and it hit hard. Her body broke Bounty's grip, and she thrust her hips in the air. Her bladder lets go the instant the orgasm hit. Piss flowed like someone had opened the flood gates. Bounty felt the first droplets of piss hit her face then start arcing up and passed her head. She lifted her head up to get her mouth over the flow.

One thing she had learned from Mike was not to waste piss. And damn sure don't let any hit the ground. She regained her grip on Sara's legs and forced her back down.

Her mouth wrapped around Sara's pussy she gulped as fast as she could. Some got past and over flowed her mouth. Another orgasm hit her body as she drank. Sara lurched forward catching herself with her hands.

She broke Bounty's grip again. She looked at herself and watched as Bounty tried to get back to the dream. She watched as her piss splashed across Bounty's body. Her pussy is convulsing, and her body is shuddering. She was fighting for her breath. She thought to herself, "damn this bitch can eat pussy." Bounty is manged to angle herself to catch what was left of the piss. When Sara was finished, she pulled her back down and quickly licking every drop she could. Sara slid down kissing Bounty on the lips as she slid by.Licking the piss off her body Sara then actually realized how much of a little piss slut bounty had turned her into.

She worked her way back up to Bounty's lips laying to the side of Bounty she enjoyed a long lingering kiss. Then slid so she could put her head on Bounty's chest. The girls laid there for 30 min enjoying the moment. Finally, Bounty stirred "let's get a shower and then go grab a bite to eat." Sara nodded, and they got up and headed for the shower. Sara's room was of fairly good size, the Master bath was spacious and had a shower stall as well as a tub.

The shower was roomy and had two shower heads on either side. She stepped in and turned on the water for both getting the temperature to a nice setting. Bounty stepped in after both shower heads were on. She spun Sara around and kissed her deeply, Sara returned the kiss. As they broke, the kiss Bounty pushes Sara to her knees.

Once on her knees, Bounty pulled her head forward. Sara opened her mouth almost knowing what Bounty wanted her to do. She stuck out her tongue awaiting the golden flow. Bounty looked down at Sara and smiled when she saw her mouth open, and tongue sticks out. She relaxed her body urging her bladder. Her bladder obliged, as her piss began to flow she reached down and pulled the skin just above her pussy so as ark her piss towards Sara's mouth.

The first drops hit her tongue, and she leaned forward and greedily drank. The taste was slightly tart, but she didn't care she wanted every drop, and that she did. Once the flow stopped she lapped at Bounty's pussy, she tried to save a few drops in her mouth.

She finally stood satisfied with what she had. She leaned forward and kissed Bounty deeply allowing what was in her mouth to empty into Bounty's Bounty's eyes opened slightly as she felt her pee flow into her mouth. She swallowed and returned Sara's kiss. After their shower, they stepped into the room to get dressed. Bounty looked at Sara as she reached into her bag.

"I have a gift for you, and I want you to wear it tonight." Sara watched as Bounty pulled out a little bag. Bounty pulled out what looked like a jeweled item. She took it from her and looked it over; it was a jeweled butt plug. She had seen them on a couple of web sites. This one was about 5 inches and length and about 3 inches at its widest point. Then Bounty pulled out the second and third item and handed one of them to her.

This one was a large sized remote bullet vibrator.

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Sara looked at Bounty and saw the mischievous grin on her face. "You're going to insert both of them for tonight's dinner" she smiled as she said this. Bounty thought to herself as she had when she bought them, she couldn't wait to see Sara try and order her meal when this was going off. Sara started to shake her head, then changed her mind.

She knew that she was in deep now, and she knew with Bounty that it was only going to get kinkier. She had brought this on all by herself by doing what she did that night at the restaurant. She looked at Bounty then at the butt plug in her hand. She lifted it up and put it to Bounty's mouth. Bounty put her mouth on it getting it all nice and wet then removed her mouth. Sara then handed it to her and bent herself over the bed. Bounty looked at Sara's ass then without warning and a second thought swatted her ass with her bare hand, Sara screamed at the sudden smack on her ass.

Bounty admired the welted hand print as it glowed an angry red. She put the plug in her mouth again to get it wet. Then an evil thought crossed her mind, and she wished she had thought of it sooner. She should have gotten it a little on the cold side. "Oh well maybe next time," she thought to herself. Bounty put the tip of the plug at Sara's puckered little hole and slowly forced it in. Sara at first instinctively pulled away, but then relaxed and pushed back. As the plug started to stretch her little hole, she let out an audible moan, of both pain and pleasure.

The more Bounty pushed it in, the harder she pushed back. Finally, the broad base entered, and her asshole shut closed around it. Sara stood up; she felt full with the plug inside her. Other than a finger shoved up her ass this was the largest item she had ever had shoved into her ass. The crazy thing has she liked it. She loved how it made her feel. She picked up the bullet vibrator and held it in her hand. She reached down and started inserting it into her pussy. Her pussy resisted at first due to the vibes size but as her pussy moistened and it started sliding in.

She moaned as it slid in. Now she felt incredibly full with both the vibe and plug inside her. She went to move, and the two banged against each other. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head, and she went to her knees. "OH FUCK OH GOD" Bounty watched as Sara fell to her knees, then leaned forward and landed on her hands.

She grinned at Sara's plight, then flipped the switch to the vibrator. Sara looked up at Bounty just in time to see her smile and flip the switch.

Without any other warning the vibe comes on, All of Sara's senses scream. "OH MY FUCKING GOD AHHHHHHH!" she screams.

Her body tenses and she falls to her side; her body convulses as multiple intense orgasms rocks her body. Fluids from her pussy spray across the floor. Bounty quickly shuts off the vibe and watches as Sara lays on the floor in a convulsing heap. "Oh hell, this is going to be fun."