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PAWG Booty Teen Amateur Porn Video Ass Boobs
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We have been married 20 years, I am 62, my wife is 53. She is a BBW, a full 44DD, with a big ass to match which she would never let me fuck until the last 5 years. However, her as and pussy are tight for a woman her age, her tits sag, and This story begins with a drive in the country. We have been married for her pussy is very bushy. She lived a sheltered life, and was a virgin when she married the first time. She was abused by the first husband and he would bend her over the bathroom sink, and fuck her in the ass routinely.

We were taking a fall drive, when we came across aa little place in the country that was selling log slabs which was something we were looking for to redo our kitchen. We pulled over to look, the place was a bar / pizza place where the slabs were. We looked around, and decided we needed to find who ever owned them. Now my wife had on her best push up bra which showed plenty of cleavage ,with a pendant necklace which nestled right between her tits.

We just entered the bar when a man came out who was the typical country guy,work hat jeans,dirty work shirt,"can I help you?" Yes, I'm Jack this is my wife Dee.

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Before I could say a word, he reached out and kissed her hand never taking his eye off her bodacious tits. "I'm Rob, nice necklace!" We were looking at those slabs are they yours?


"Yep, which ones are you interested in?" The two smaller ones, but we were not planning on this, and we have no cash on us. "Do you have a check?" "No" said my wife, but I really want those planks." "Well, we can work something out,"said Rob. I told my wife you want them go in and barter with him. She said ,"OK I will" and entered the bar. 20 minutes went by and I thought I better check on her.

I entered the bar and I was not prepared for what I saw. My wife was stripped naked, lying over a table, tits flattened out, and her legs tied to the table legs, with Rob guiding his cock into her hairy cunt. There were two other guys with their cocks out waiting their turn.

Come back in about two hours we are still negotiating ! I heard Dee grunt as he sunk his cock into her cunt to the balls, as I walked out, I heard one of the other guys say ,"Open up bitch!" "Better give us about two hours or so ,seems negotiations are going to take awhile",said Rob as he continued to sink his bare cock into my wife's cunt! It was hard for Dee to answer as she had a cock fucking her throat.

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I had some things to attend to so reluctantly I left. Two hours past and I made my way back to the bar, not knowing what I was going to find.

There was a "Closed" sign on the bar door, but it was open, there was a smell of whiskey ,and pussy as soon as I closed the door. "Well, he made it back",said Rob. "She is a special woman,but not much of a negotiator." I was about to ask where she was,then I saw her spread eagled on a pool table,cum puddling under her on the table, her pussy swollen.

and red,and her tits were covered with bite marks, and she was passed out.


We "negotiated" for about an hour then things kind of broke down, laughed one of the other two guys in the bar. She kept up until we double fucked her. Man for a big girl her ass is, well was tight.

I never saw anyone swallow cum like that bitch, she must have swallowed about a quart all together ! What have you done to her? "We negotiated"said Rob ! She wanted planks we wanted ALL her holes,over,and over again After we all had her 3 or four times she was wallowing her pussy and ass could not take any more.but it did Jack it did. I grabbed a towel,and started to clean her pussy and ass off, it was a mixture of cum,blood,and shit. Her asshole was gaping as cum continued to pour out of it, and her pussy lips were swollen until I could hardly make them out.

Her face, tits and hair were full of dried cum.

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I tried to dress her, but her panties were torn to shreds, and her bra had the hooks tore out of it so I basically put her top on and dragged her to the car. She needs to be back up here on Saturday at 2:00 for the next round of negotiations hollered Rob as I pulled away !! She said nothing all the way home. I helped her out of the car, she reeked of cum and booze. I got her upstairs I undressed her you could see the marks where her legs were duct taped, and where her wrists were bungee corded to the table.

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Her tits were marked up and her pussy was red and swollen from the abuse of many cocks. Her asshole was still partially gaped and it was reddened as well. The trails of dried cum on her face, neck, and back made me wonder what really went on. Her hair was caked with dried cum as well. I got her in the shower, and started to clean the evidence of 2 hours of unbridled sex.

I asked her if she wanted to talk about it, but all she would say is I have to learn to negotiate better. I laid her on the bed ,her body naked ,I asked her was it worth it ?

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It will be when I get those planks next weekend ,but you will need to toughen me up a bit. I knew the rest of the weekend was going to be a learning experience for us both.

To be continued.