Wunderschönes Training in Yoga engen Hosen

Wunderschönes Training in Yoga engen Hosen
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Chapter 1 Aunt Jenna I have been blessed with some very hot women in my family… my mom, two aunts, and a cousin. My perfect Aunt Jenna is the focus of this story, but little did I know, our encounter would lead to incredible sex with all of them… here's my story.

You see, my Mom didn't know her father growing up. She tracked him down and reconnected with him when she was 29 years old. In doing so, Mom discovered that she had two sisters she never knew about.

I first met my Aunt Jenna when I was 13 years old, and I've been infatuated with her ever since. She stands about 5'4", long jet-black hair almost to her beautifully shaped tight ass, blue-green eyes, has size 34D tits, and weighs roughly 125 pounds.

She's half Italian, so she has a perfect slightly dark olive complexion… despite being Italian; she looks like Salma Hayek (except for the eye color), they could easily pass as sisters. She's been the ultimate fantasy for me over the years and I've jerked off countless times while fantasizing about her, I even picture her at times when fucking my wife.

Anyways, nothing came of my infatuation for many years, as I was too afraid to do anything about it… until recently. Aunt Jenna is 46 years old (still has a nice tight body just as good as any 20-25 year old). She's very much into doing Yoga, Zumba, and staying very active. I'm 29, stand 5'8", clean shaved head and face, brown eyes, decent amount of muscle (solid but not "ripped"), weigh 195 pounds, and my cock is a rather impressive 9½ inches and very thick (I haven't measured it's thickness, but it's at least a few inches in girth… I've been told it feels like I'm splitting the woman in half).

I recently started a new job and have been experiencing some tightness and stress in my back, I decided I wanted a professional massage but don't really have the extra cash to spend on one. Then I remembered that Aunt Jenna used to be a masseuse several years ago. I called her up to ask her if she would feel comfortable giving me a massage; and although a little reluctant, she agreed, telling me to meet her at her house Friday evening since she still had all her massage equipment in the spare room.

With my wife out of town I couldn't think of a better way to spend my Friday evening. I showed up at Aunt Jenna's house around six and she's already had everything set up and ready to go. She wore a tight sexy little outfit that consisted of black booty shorts (which I'm a sucker for) and a wife beater tank top with no bra (not that she needs one, her tits are still nice and perky and firm)… I can also tell that she wasn't wearing any panties under those delicious booty shorts.

I wasn't even in the door one full minute and I already starting to feel my cock engorge and come to life, but I kept the beast under control and we made small talk for a little bit before she suggested we get started.

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She told me I can strip down to my boxers or go nude and climb under the sheet, whichever I prefer… but something in her voice was off when she brought up nudity, so I think for a minute and decide to take a chance and go nude. Honestly, I wasn't expecting things to happen the way they did, I thought at most I'd "accidentally" let Aunt Jenna catch a glimpse of my cock and that would be it.

Things began to progress as they normally would when getting a massage, I could feel my muscles begin to relax and I was in a state of bliss under the ministrations of Aunt Jenna's expert hands. Soon though, I noticed myself moaning from the pleasure of it all and began to feel my cock come to life under me. Now, when you have a cock the size of mine, it becomes uncomfortable when lying on your stomach, so I had to adjust myself. I decided to take a chance and "accidentally" flash my cock to her.

I figured if I was misreading her body language and she became offended, I could just apologize and pretend as if I didn't mean to. I shifted my body onto my side to adjust and allowed my cock to become visible by allowing the sheet to "slip" a bit. I heard an audible moan come from Aunt Jenna. "Oh my God," she whispered. "Did you say something?" I asked, with a slight smirk on my face.

"Umm… no, it's nothing," she said. However, I could tell she saw everything and enjoyed it too, as her face was slightly flushed and her breathing became a little heavier. "How's your back feeling?" she asked me. "Pretty good actually, you seemed to have hit all the right spots." "Would you like me to massage your front?

Your chest, shoulders, arms and legs?" Now this was taking an interesting turn, I would have to lie on my back, which would present my fully engorged 9+ inch monster cock to my aunt. I could not pass up this opportunity, I had been obsessed with my sexy Aunt Jenna for 16 years and I just had to see how far I could go with this and possibly live out my ultimate fantasy. "I'd love that," I replied. As I rolled over onto my back, I immediately noticed Aunt Jenna's nipples had become fully erect.

At about half an inch long, they protruded against her tight tank top and strained against the material as if begging to be freed. Her eyes were focused directly on my huge cock, which was tenting the thin sheet that was covering me.

Her pupils dilated and she slowly and very sensuously licked her lips. She was in a trance, with an unmistakable and undeniable look of lust on her face. Her breathing quickened even more, and her beautiful tits began to heave slightly as her breathing became more labored. I knew at that instant that I had her, this was going to happen, and I was going to make her mine.

Aunt Jenna just got to it and started on my front half by massaging my legs, beginning at the ankles and slowly moving her way up, inch by inch until she was rubbing my thighs. As she traveled up, she would bunch the sheet up with her until it was just barely covering my throbbing cock. I couldn't tell for certain because my head was back and eyes closed as I drank in the eroticism of the moment and enjoyed her expert touch on my body, but it felt as though her eyes never left the sight of my cock as it tented the sheet; I could feel her lust filled eyes staring at the outline of my cock, and my cleanly shaved balls that were visible under the bunched up sheet.

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Suddenly, I felt her climb up onto the massage table and begin working her way up my body until she was straddling me, resting her hot wet pussy right onto the shaft of my throbbing man meat, only separated by the sheet and her sexy booty shorts. Aunt Jenna bent down and began rubbing my shoulders, slowly moving down my arms and then back up again.

Then she moved to my chest and starting massaging my pectoral muscles and abdomen; meanwhile, I brought my head up and marveled at the glorious sight of her heaving tits, and the cleavage of those mesmerizing, braless globes under her tight wife-beater tank top. Her nipples were standing out like erasers, begging to bust free of their confines.

I drew in a sharp breath and my cock surged, my hips involuntarily thrust up slightly and Aunt Jenna moaned with delight as I felt her hips and pussy rock up and down on my shaft, effectively dry humping me.

She threw her head back, with her eyes barely open, and licked her lips as she whimpered with pleasure while continuing to grind against my cock and massage my chest simultaneously. "Mmmmm, oh yes, oh God baby, yes. That's it, right there," she moaned as she rubbed her cunt up and down my shaft. Suddenly, she froze and her whole body began to quake as she screamed, "AAAHHHH YES, I'M FUCKING CUUUMMMING!" At that instant, I took hold of her hips and started grinding her pussy down on my cock as I was thrusting upward to increase the pressure and friction between us.

I knew right then that I was in for a real treat with my sexy Aunt Jenna, she gushed so much cum that she soaked us both, right through her shorts and the sheet. As Aunt Jenna came down from her orgasm, our eyes met and I said, "That was fucking amazing Aunt Jenna, you soaked us both with your hot cunt juices, you look absolutely sexy as hell when you cum." After a few last minute body spasms, she dismounted me and climbed down off the table and slowly started stroking me through the sheet.

"Can I see it?" she said just above a whisper. "Only if I can see what you have to offer," I said, eyeballing her up and down. As she slowly started pulling her top off, she said, "I can't believe this is happening.

I've wanted you for so long now." "Aunt Jenna, you've been my ultimate fantasy since I first met you 16 years ago." Just as her top came off, exposing those gorgeous 34D tits, she threw it on the floor and turned around. She bent over and in an excruciatingly slow manner, began to peel those booty shorts down.

As her sexy ass and beautiful, freshly waxed pussy came into my view, she says, "Dear nephew, had I have known your cock was this beautiful and huge, I would have fucked you a long time ago." There she stood in front of me completely nude, and she was hotter than I originally imagined; firm tits, waxed pussy, and tight sexy body with no blemishes whatsoever. I swear my cock was harder than it's ever been in my life, and as my monster throbbed at the sight of her, I pulled the sheet off, revealing a magnificent fuck stick.

I reached over and ran my finger up through the wet folds of Aunt Jenna's glistening pussy, then brought my finger to my mouth to taste her sweetness. She shivered at my touch and said, "Let's take this to my bedroom." I stepped in close to her and we embraced in a very lust filled, sensual kiss as our tongues danced with one another.

I slid my hands over her sexy tits and then ran them down her sides until I got to her tight ass. I grasped her ass cheeks and lifted her up as her legs wrapped around me, allowing her slick wet pussy to glide up and down my rock solid shaft. While tongue fucking each other and grinding her cunt up and down my dick, I carried her to her bedroom. This is where things got even better for me… you see, I've always had a very dominant personality in the bedroom, I like to make my women into my personal little slut (but only when they're truly into it); however, my wife is not all that into it, so I don't get to act that way very often… so what Aunt Jenna said next nearly caused me to blow my load right there and then.

As I put her down and lightly shoved her back onto the bed so she was spread eagle for me, she said, "Take me, make me your bitch and use me like I'm your fucking slave." I had no idea Aunt Jenna was such a submissive little slut, but I loved it. "Trust me, there will be plenty of time for you to learn to be my submissive little whore, but for now, I want to savor this moment." With that, I climbed on top of my gorgeous Aunt Jenna, and we shared the most sensual, lustful kiss as our lips and tongues sought out the other's.

Aunt Jenna wrapped her sexy long legs around my waist and began gliding her soaked pussy up and down my shaft again as we made out like lovers who would never have a chance to be with each other again.


I began to kiss all over Aunt Jenna's face, sucked and nibbled on her ear lobes, moved down to her neck and bit her. I used my lips and tongue all over her neck, moving down to her collar bone, and then into the valley of the most amazing tits I'd ever feasted on.

Kneading Aunt Jenna's tits in my hands, I felt her pebble hard nipples searing into my palms. Leaning down, I licked each nipple over and over, smashing her tits together so I could get both hard nipples in my mouth at the same time; meanwhile, Aunt Jenna is moaning and thrashing about under me as I feast on her. I release her tits and take only one into my mouth as I play with the other with my hand, tweaking and rolling her nipple between my fingers.

I know I said she could be my whore another time, but I still wanted to mix a little pain with the pleasure, as that gets me off too, so while I was sucking on her tit, I took that perfect nipple between my teeth and bit down as I sucked. Oh boy did this get to Aunt Jenna, she screamed out in pleasure and her back arched off the bed, she grabbed the back of my head and thrust her tit further into my face.

I switched tits and repeated the process with the other one and suddenly she screamed again, and began cumming again. Wow! I had no idea she could cum through nipple stimulation. I know some women can, but I've never been with one who could, so this was just amazing the hell out of me; how perfect could Aunt Jenna be?

Well, I would find out very soon. "OH MY GOD! Baby that was fucking amazing, I came so hard. Let Aunty Jenna suck that beautiful cock for her sexy nephew." "With pleasure," as I got up and stood beside the bed.

Aunt Jenna got on her hands and knees and bracing herself with one hand, took hold of my cock with her other. My petite little slut couldn't wrap her hand around my dick, so she took hold of the base to stabilize my cock, and began kissing the massive head, licking up the pre-cum that had formed at the tip.

She swirled her tongue around the head of my cock and sucked the tip into her hot wet mouth. She bobbed her head up and down for a few minutes, taking just the head in, while stroking me as best as her tiny little hand could. Then she licked up and down the sides of my cock, from base to tip, lathering the entire rod with her saliva. Once I was good and lubed up, she brought her other hand up and grasped my shaft with both hands as she took more of me into her mouth.

It took a few minutes for her jaw to become accustomed to my size, but eventually she worked out how to relax her jaw to accommodate my girth and she sunk about five inches of my cock into her mouth. Up and down, back and forth; Aunt Jenna was giving me one of the most amazing blow jobs I'd ever had.

For now, she was only taking about 5 inches in and out of her mouth while using both hands to stroke me in rhythm with her sucking. "Oh yes Aunt Jenna, suck your nephews cock! Deeper, more…" I moaned. She looked up into my eyes and with lust filled eyes; she opened her throat, and took more in.

I was now into her throat with about 7 inches of thick cock buried in my aunt. She starting making gagging noises, but held me in her throat and allowed herself time to adjust to the invasion. Once she got her breathing under control and was no longer gagging, I grabbed a handful of her jet-black hair and, while looking into each other's eyes, began guiding her up and down my cock.

As I fucked my aunt's face with my massive dick, I was going a little deeper with every few thrusts. After about 15 minutes of Aunt Jenna sucking my cock, and me fucking her face, I was about to cum, and I could tell it was going to be the largest load I've ever spilled.

"OH YEAH, YEAH THAT'S IT RIGHT THERE, I'M GONNA CUM BITCH! DON'T STOP, DON'T YOU FUCKING STOP!" I yelled as I rammed my tool all the way down Aunt Jenna's throat until her nose touched my abs and chin on my balls. I was stunned that she was able to take all 9½ inches of my thick cock. While staring into each other's half closed, lusty eyes, I shot a thick creamy load of cum down my aunt's throat and into her stomach.

The first two or three blasts bypassed her mouth and went down her throat, but then I backed off a few inches and shot the remaining five or six spurts into her mouth, filling it to the brim. Aunt Jenna had a vacuum seal around my cock with her lips, but as my mind was exploding with the most intense orgasm of my life, I filled her mouth so full of cum that the seal around my cock broke and some began to dribble from the corners of her mouth.

It was such a sexy sight as I came down from my high to see Aunt Jenna holding my cock in her mouth until I was finished, then back off, show me her mouth full of my spunk, and then swallow the entire load.

Out of breath, I leaned down and licked my cum from the corners of her mouth, gathering it all up, and then shared a passionate kiss with her while tasting my own cum as our tongues wrestled back and forth.

We both collapsed on the bed panting for air, covered in sweat, with our naked bodies intertwined.

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"Holy shit Aunt Jenna that was the most amazing blow job I've ever had. You're a pure goddess." She sighed a heavy sigh as her breath was returning to normal and she said, "Thank you so much for this, I've not been with anyone since your uncle died 5 years ago. I've wanted you ever since you turned 18, had I known it would be like this, I would have fucked you a long time ago.

This has been amazing." "Believe me, this isn't the end of it, we're only just beginning. Now that I've had you, I won't ever stop fucking you, and we're not done for today yet either." As I said that, I rolled Aunt Jenna over to her back and pinned her arms above her head as I ravished those sexy tits and nipples again. "Mmmmm, fuck yes!" she yelled. Skipping over the sensuality since she was already primed and ready, I moved down to her juicy wet cunt and inhaled her intoxicating aroma.

For the first time, I dove into her snatch and licked her pussy from her asshole up to her clit. She immediately thrust her hips up, shoving her cunt into my face as I licked and kissed every square inch of that beautiful pussy.

Sticking my tongue into her hot wet folds, I started tongue fucking her cunt; by this point, she couldn't even form words anymore, Aunt Jenna was simply moaning and making animalistic, incoherent sounds.

I pulled my tongue from her cunt and rimmed her tight little asshole with it as I stuck a finger in her pussy, pumped in and out a few times, then curled it upward to caress her g-spot. As soon as I came in contact with her g-spot, she exploded into another orgasm, sprayed and squirting her cum all over my face.

I was merciless with her at this point. I wanted to make her cum so hard and so many times that she'd black out. I didn't let her come down from this orgasm and immediately stuck my finger all the way in her ass. I think she may have been an anal virgin because it was so tight, and she jumped a bit at the intrusion, but I didn't let up. I pumped my finger in and out of her ass as I took her now half-inch protruding clit into my mouth and sucked.

She came again at that, and yet again, despite her pleas, I didn't let up. I finger fucked her ass harder and harder as I swirled my tongue back and forth over her clit. Then I took it between my teeth and bit down while flicking it with my tongue. This was the one that did it and she shook so violently I had to grab hold of her hips to keep her in place.

Her eyes rolled to the back of her head and she let out the most primal, guttural scream I've ever heard as she gushed a geyser all over me and then she went completely limp. I had my victory; she in fact did cum so hard that she passed out. I was very pleased with myself. While Aunt Jenna laid passed out in post orgasmic bliss, I decided to grab my phone and take a few pictures of this gorgeous goddess.

After getting several good pictures, I put my phone down, and climbed back in bed and began to caress her entire body; I had to wake her up, I wasn't finished with her yet. As I lightly ran my fingertips up and down her body and nibbled on her earlobe, Aunt Jenna slowly started regaining consciousness.

I bent my head down and licked at her nipples, taking one in my mouth and bit down on it. Aunt Jenna shuddered, as every nerve ending in her body was still on overload. "Oh baby, I don't know if I can take much more of this. That was the most mind blowing orgasm I've ever had." I simply grinned with her tit in my mouth and cupped her pussy with my hand, "Oh we're not done yet, I still haven't fucked this tight sexy pussy or perfect ass," as I swatted her pussy, making her jump and squeal.

This time, Aunt Jenna took more control as she flung her leg over and straddled me, supporting her upper body with her arms on either side of my head. She rained kisses down all over my face, moved to my earlobe and whispered, "Does my nephew want to fuck his Aunty Jenna's hot wet pussy?" "Mmmmm, fuck yes I do, I'm going to tear up that pussy Aunt Jenna. Ride my big hard cock." My cock was hard as a rock and her juicy cunt was still wet and slippery, so she moved into position, lining my massive cock head with her pussy.

Rubbing the head of my cock along her pussy lips, Aunt Jenna slowly started lowering herself onto me. It took a bit of effort, as she was pretty tight, but after a few moments and a little pressure, Aunt Jenna moaned with pleasure as the head of my dick made entrance to her tight cunt.

I grabbed her by the hips and held her still for a moment while she adjusted my size, which I knew, by her reactions, was the biggest she'd ever had. Eventually, she began to wiggle her hips a bit, signaling she was a bit more comfortable. I raised her hips up and began to slowly thrust a bit, feeding more and more of my cock into her tight love tunnel until I was hitting the back of her pussy and making contact with her cervix.

We were both lost in the feeling, moaning right along with each other, savoring the mind blowing feelings. Neither one of us could form words at the moment; only the sound of moans, grunts, and panting filled the room, along with the soft slushing sound of a giant cock sliding in and out of a soaking wet cunt. "HOLY SHIT! YOU'RE HUGE COCK IS FILLING ME UP SO FULL BABY!" I looked up as Aunt Jenna had placed her hands on my chest for support as she rode my cock.

Boy what sight! It took everything I had not to pump her full of cum. Seeing her perfect firm tits swaying as she rode me, and then the sight of my giant fuck stick stretching her smooth, waxed pussy to the max as I slid in and out of her.

It was almost too much for me, but I managed to hold back somehow from cumming too soon. I noticed however, that although I was hitting her cervix with each thrust, there were still about two inches of cock that had not fit in her yet.

"You think you're full? You still have more cock to go baby; NOW TAKE IT ALL!" I shouted as I forced her hips down on me as I thrust up with power; sinking all 9½ inches deep into Aunt Jenna's womb. "AAAHHHH SHIT!" she screamed in pain and pleasure. Aunt Jenna's eyes rolled back into her skull and she threw her head back, thrusting her tits out. I pulled my head up and sucked and bit one of her nipples. She erupted instantly into another violent orgasm as I felt her pussy juices leaking out around my cock and running down my balls.

Her tight love tunnel began a series of spasms around my shaft as I continued to furiously fuck her, pumping in and out as fast and hard as I could. I told Aunt Jenna I'd tear up her pussy, and I meant it.

As I fucked her hard, her orgasms seemed to roll one right into another; she was cumming over and over again and screaming at the top of her lungs. After four or five orgasms from her, the spasms and tight constriction of her tight pussy got the better of me.

With a final thrust, I buried my rod as deep as possible and shouted out as I pumped her womb full of my thick, creamy seed; with that, we both collapsed, completely spent. Aunt Jenna had passed out again, I couldn't believe it. With my slutty aunt still on top of me and my giant cock buried deep within her cunt, I looked at the clock and noticed it read 12:45am.

We had been fucking for roughly four hours and I was exhausted. I dozed off to sleep, still feeling the large volume of cum I had deposited in her leaking out around my cock and pooling between us.

It was a glorious feeling. I had finally lived out my fantasy and it was even better than I had always envisioned. As I stated earlier, thank god my wife was out of town, because I slept naked in Aunt Jenna's bed that night, with my cock still inside of her. Aunt Jenna and I were both startled awake around 7:30am when we heard a shriek and someone yell, "OH MY GOD!

WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE!?!" Aunt Jenna and I both jump and looked to the doorway to see her sister (my Mom) Laura standing there with a completely stunned look on her face. We scramble about completely naked and my Mom is presented with the sight of my massive cock (still hard from being in Aunt Jenna's pussy, but also from morning wood) slide out of her beautiful, well fucked sister.

Mom got the full view of just how well-endowed her son is. After scrambling for a bit and getting our clothes on, I told Aunt Jenna I'd talk to her later as I headed for home while my Mom stayed (to yell at Aunt Jenna I presume). I was scared shitless that Mom would call my wife to tell her what she had discovered, but I got a call from Aunt Jenna later that day saying that her and my Mom had argued for a bit, but she managed to calm my Mom down and Mom had promised not to say anything.

I was relieved to say the least. "I still didn't get to fuck that perfect ass of yours Aunt Jenna." "Next time dear nephew, next time. I promise." "Next time, you will be my whore and please me in any which way I tell you to, got it?" "Yes, Sir," she said, "By the way, I think your Mom was impressed at the sight of your huge cock.

I told her how incredible it felt and she seemed curious…" Chapter 2 Mom First, let me describe my mom. Her name is Laura and just like Aunt Jenna, she's half Italian.

Mom stands 5' tall, has wavy brown hair that reaches half way down her back, brown eyes, a nice set of 38D tits, and a firm curvy ass, with the same slightly dark olive complexion.

I'd estimate Mom's weight at around 135 pounds; she's not quite as slim as Aunt Jenna, but she's still sexy as hell and has curves in all the right places, giving her an hourglass figure and smooth skin and face.

Because of her height, and large tits, she looks almost on the verge of being slightly overweight, but not quite there yet (like I said, she's curvy, but in all the right places).

Her 38D tits have slight sag to them due to their weight, but they still stand tall and proud; definitely more so than most 45 year old women. Mom still looks youthful; she could easily pass for 30 years old. As I said in my previous story, I've been blessed with some gorgeous women in my family, and I'd be lying if I said I'd never fantasized about fucking my mom.

It was Saturday morning when Mom walked in on me and Aunt Jenna, on Monday afternoon I got a text from Mom. Text from Mom to Me: Hey, can u come over after work? I need help with something and we need 2 talk. Text from Me to Mom: Sure, everything ok?

Text from Mom to Me: Not sure yet. Be here at 6? Text from Me to Mom: I'll be there. I called my wife and told her that I needed to stop by Mom's house because she asked me to and something didn't seem right. My wife told me to take my time as she and my daughter were going camping with her cousin and her kids at the lake. I was a bit nervous the rest of the day about what could be going on with Mom.

Obviously, there was the thing between me and Aunt Jenna, which Mom and I hadn't discussed yet. There were issues in the family with Mom and Aunt Jenna's youngest sister, Jewel.

And Mom and Dad had been having some issues lately, and I suspected that they might be getting a divorce soon. In either case, I wasn't sure what I was about to walk in to. "Hey Mom, I'm here," I shout as I walked in the front door.

"In the bedroom honey," she shouts back. I walked down the hall to my parent's bedroom and when I reached the doorway, I noticed Mom had boxes all over the place and she was packing up some of her stuff. She was wearing a pair of loose fitting white cotton shorts, and a loose fitting white tank top.

I could tell by the sway of her tits that she wasn't wearing a bra, and could make out the slightly visible outline of her silver dollar sized areola. The contrast of white shorts and tank top in comparison to her olive color skin and dark hair was sexy. I've never caught a glimpse of my mom completely nude, hell, I haven't lived at home in 12 years; but, I've seen her in her bras and panties, and the occasional skimpy swimsuit.

I know Mom is built for sex, that's obvious to me; but, after the other day, and what Aunt Jenna told me, I was lustfully staring at Mom while she wandered about gathering up her things and I found myself wondering what she looks like butt naked. Is her pussy shaved clean or is there a little hair? Does she have a protruding clit? What do her nipples look like bare and erect? "Did you hear me?" Mom said, suddenly snapping me out of my lustful trance.

"Huh? Oh, sorry Mom. Long day, I must have spaced out a bit, what did you say?" Mom gave a slight smirk, and I knew I had been caught ogling her. Then her face saddened a little bit and she repeated, "As you can see, I'm packing up my stuff. Your father and I are getting a divorce and I'll be getting my own apartment soon." "I'm sorry to hear that Mom, I know you guys have been having some problems for a while and I kind of suspected this was coming.

Mind if I ask why?" "Oh sweetie, nothing really happened. Neither of us has cheated, there's no other man or woman right now; it's just one of those things where we fell out of love. There's no passion, no sex. It's become mundane and routine. So, we decided mutually to go our separate ways and pursue other lovers so we can both find happiness again." By this time, Mom and I had taken a seat at the foot of the bed. I had my arm around her, sort of rubbing her shoulders and back in an innocent gesture of comfort.

I really did feel for her and honestly was just trying to console her at that particular moment. "Well Mom, I know love is much deeper than just sex, I'm not stupid, but if you ask me, Dad's a damn fool for letting such a good and beautiful woman like you go without fighting tooth and nail for her." Mom placed her hand on my thigh and rubbed it slightly as she gave me a quick kiss on the cheek.

"Thank you baby, that's very sweet of you, you've always known just the right thing to say to me when I'm feeling down." With that innocent gesture and the knowledge of the events with me and Aunt Jenna, I suddenly felt the sexual tension in the room climb through the roof, and I think Mom felt it too.

We looked into each other's eyes and with her hand on my thigh and my arm around her, silence fell between us and we just gazed into each other's eyes as if silently communicating.

I didn't want to, but before anything went further, and while we were alone, I had to address the elephant in the room; I was the first to break the silence. "Uumm… so we need to talk about the other day, at Aunt Jenna's," I said with an undertone of uncertainty in my voice. Mom seemed to be acting cool with me right now, but I just had to bring this out into the open. "Yeah well, I was pretty pissed off to tell you the truth, but not for the reasons you may think." "What do you mean?" I asked.

"Ssshhh, let me talk for a moment. I knew we'd end up having this conversation eventually, so I have been organizing my thoughts since that day. Let me get this out before I lose the nerve." To paraphrase, Mom proceeded to tell me that she's been attracted to me for quite some time now but never gave serious consideration to trying to seduce me and commit incest.

She couldn't see why I might be attracted to an "older" woman like her and wasn't sure how I'd react to the concept of incest, and she didn't want to risk jeopardizing our close relationship. When she caught me and Aunt Jenna in our compromising position, she got angry not out of disgust, but out of jealousy.

After Aunt Jenna had calmed her down that day and explained how things happened (and went into vivid detail about what we did), Mom said she was so turned on that by the time she got home, her panties were soaked and she had to fuck herself to several orgasms while fantasizing that it was me bringing her to those orgasms the same way I did for Aunt Jenna.

"Wow Mom, I… I had no idea you had those thoughts." By this time, my cock had become fully erect to its 9½ inches inside my jeans, and with its throbbing thickness, it looked like I had a tree trunk growing down my pant leg. As Mom and I looked into each other's eyes, her hand moved to my aching cock and began rubbing it up and down through my jeans and seductively said, "Sweetie, now that I know you aren't disgusted by incest, there's a lot of things you don't know about Mommy." "Mmmm Mom, that feels incredible!

Are you sure this is what you want? I mean, you spoke to Aunt Jenna, you know what I'm capable of… can you handle it?" "Yes baby, I want this more than anything, and I can handle it," she whispered. "Just remember one thing though… your father is the only man I've ever been with and he's much smaller than you. Plus, I haven't had sex in quite some time. So be gentle with Mommy at first, once I'm used to your huge cock, you can fuck me any which way you want sweetie." I pulled Mom into a passionate kiss once she said that, and as she stroked my cock through my jeans, I parted her lips with my tongue.

As she accepted it I felt an extremely tense electrical charge as our tongues met and began the dance of love and lust. Mom began moaning as my hand traveled slowly up her body toward her right tit. As my hand found its target, I firmly cupped her tit and kneaded the soft, yet firm flesh through her tank top.

Her nipples had started to become erect and as I felt the hard bud on my palm, I took it between my fingers and rolled it, pinching slightly. Mom broke our passion filled kiss and threw her head back and let out a long, low moan of pleasure as I stimulated her sensitive nipple.

"Mmmmm baby, that's amazing! Mommy loves her nipples played with." I leaned my mom back on the bed as I passionately kissed her again, our tongues dancing with each other. Then I moved down to her ear and nibbled her earlobe before trailing kisses down her neck.


I like to add a bit of biting, I don't know why, maybe I feel like I'm marking my women; so as I kissed Mom's neck, I bit down on her and she gasped in pleasure as her backed arched, thrusting her tits up in the air. I grabbed my mom by her hands and lifted her into a sitting position as I quickly took off my shirt and tossed it to the floor, then focused my attention on her, I brushed my hands across her full tits as I moved down to the hem of her tank top and slowly lifted it up and off her gorgeous body.

The sight before me was amazing; Mom's full 38D's bounced slightly as her shirt passed up and over them, and her nipples were rapidly becoming erect as her excitement grew. Her massive tits dropped a bit due to their weight, yet they didn't really sag much; it was an amazingly erotic sight to behold, seeing my own mother like this. "Fuck Mom, you're so damn sexy," I said as I began to undo my belt. "Here sweetie, let Mommy help you with that." With both of us topless now, Mom grabbed hold of my belt and unbuckled it, then unsnapped my jeans and very slowly, she lowered the zipper.

My cock was so hard and throbbing by this point, it was starting to hurt. With excruciatingly slow movements, she pulled my jeans and boxers down together. Once down far enough, my huge cock snapped back up in all its glory and damn near whacked Mom in the face. She gasped rather loudly at the site of my cock right in her face.

She's seen it before obviously, but not up close like that; my full 9½ inch beast stared her down with intimidating force. Mom reached out her hand and tried to grab hold of my cock, but her hand came nowhere near being able to wrap around it.

She did the best she could though and extended her soft, velvety tongue and licked the underside of my dick, coming up to the tip and tasting my pre-cum as she popped the head of my cock in her mouth. This caused us both to shiver; me from the sensation of my mom's tongue on my cock, and her from the sweet taste of her son's cock and pre-cum. "Oh yeah Mom, you look so hot with my cock in your mouth," I moaned as I wrapped the fingers of my right hand through her hair and guided her movements as I slowly thrust more into her; meanwhile, my left hand traveled down and began fondling her right tit and nipple.

I couldn't go too hard or fast though because she was having a little difficulty opening her mouth and relaxing her jaw enough to accommodate me. Although I wanted so badly to ram my dick down her throat, I remembered what she said about only having one cock before, and it was much smaller than mine.

Mom started moaning around my cock as I slowly face fucked her and stimulated her nipples. I looked down past her face and saw that she had her other hand down her shorts, playing with her juicy cunt; her shorts showing a very visible wet spot as her pussy became wetter and hornier by the second.

Little by little, Mom was taking more of my cock in her mouth as her own sexual excitement grew. Finally, I felt the head of my cock hit the back of her throat. There was still about 3 inches of cock left that she hadn't taken and I knew she would most likely not be able to take all of it; I made a mental note that I would get Mom to deep throat me eventually, but now was not the time.

After about 10 minutes of Mom giving me an amazing blow job, her fingering her pussy, and me stimulating her nipples, I felt the all too familiar sensation that I was going to blow my load any second.

"OOOHHHH YES MOM! KEEP GOING… ALMOST THERE! FUCK! I'M GONNA CUM!" As I was quickly approaching my orgasm, Mom plunged her fingers in her cunt and fucked herself violently in her shorts as I tangled her hair tightly in my fist and increased the speed of her face fucking. The humming, moaning and screaming around my dick sent so many sensations travelling up my shaft that every nerve ending in my body fired all at once.

As if on cue, we both reached our peak at the same moment and erupted in a mutual orgasm. "AAAAAHHHH FUCK YESSSSS! I'M CUUUMMMING MOM!" I shouted as I threw my head back and held her face down on my dick, erupting what felt like a gallon of cum in my mom's mouth.

As I was in the throes of ecstasy, my fingers had clamped down like a vise on Mom's nipple and while still fucking her own juicy cunt with her fingers, Mom screamed out as best she could with my cock buried in her mouth spewing cum. Her own body began to convulse as she experienced a mind blowing orgasm of her own.

After what seemed like an eternity for us to finally come down from our sexual high, I looked down at my mom as she withdrew her hand from her pussy and slowly licked and sucked the last remnants of cum from my cock. That was one of the largest loads I'd ever produced, and Mom didn't let a drop escape her. She drank every last ounce of spunk I gave her. I bent down as my cock fell from her mouth and tilted her chin up to mine and kissed her passionately while tasting my own cum on her lips and tongue.

Then we collapsed on the bed to catch our breaths. While still panting I managed to speak, "Fuck Mom, that was amazing! I love you so much." "I love you too sweetie, more than you'll ever know. Your huge cock is wonderful; I hope you're not done with it for tonight?" "Are you nuts?

I'm just getting started! I can usually go three to four times back to back; all I need is a short couple minute break in between." "Mmmmm baby, so you'll fuck Mommy's horny little cunt for her?" "Your juicy cunt, your tight asshole; I'm going to fuck you so hard you'll beg me to stop." I reached down and cupped her soaking wet cunt though her shorts and rubbed up and down her slit as I took her left tit into my mouth and sucked hard. This elicited several moans of delight from Mom as she humped back against my hand and thrust her chest toward the sky, trying to force more of her delicious tit into my mouth.

I rolled on top of her and trailed kisses down her bare torso and then tongued around and inside her naval before dragging my tongue down to the waistband of her shorts.

I grabbed her shorts and began peeling them from her sexy body; Mom lifted her tight ass off the bed so I could take them the rest of the way down her smooth sexy legs. Now completely nude before me, Mom had a pure look of lust in her eyes. Her chest was heaving with anticipation, nipples hard as granite standing damn near an inch long; her pussy was shaved smooth as a baby's ass as it leaked her juices out like a faucet.

Inhaling deeply, I took in the scent of my mom's arousal and instantly became drunk on her aroma. I parted her legs wide and pushed them up toward her head, causing her ass to lift off the bed. I extended my tongue and started at the sexy dimple at the top of her ass crack and slowly licked between her firm cheeks, over and past her puckered asshole, and all the way up her pussy, stopping just before I hit her clit.

I swirled my tongue around her sweet cunt before sucking her lips into my mouth. Then I jabbed my tongue in her juicy tunnel and fucked her with it. Pulling out of her delicious cunt, I repeated the entire process again, only this time, as I approached her protruding clit I sucked it into my mouth and quickly inserted two fingers in her pussy.

Curling my fingers up to hit Mom's g-spot, I bit down on her pulsing clit and furiously flicked my tongue back and forth until her moans turned to passionate screams of pure sexual bliss. "FUCK FUCK FUCK!!! HOLY SHIT BABY, MOMMY'S FUCKING CUUUMMMINGGGG!" Any questions I may have had about whether Mom was a squirter were answered right then and there as she gushed and gushed, spraying me with her cum with so much force and intensity that I thought I'd been doused in the face with a fire hose.

I pulled off her pussy and opened my mouth to catch as much of her pussy juice as possible while gulping it down like it was my own personal oasis. Same as with Aunt Jenna, I was relentless with Mom's pussy and I dove in for more as I rammed my fingers back into her cunt and fucked her long and hard with them while trashing away at her sensitive clit.

This caused her another orgasm, and another, and another. By the time I was done eating Mom's cunt, she had cum about 5 or 6 times, each in rapid succession. Mom hadn't passed out like Aunt Jenna did, but she was damn close.

She was trying to say something, but all I heard was mumbled grunts and incoherent babbling. I was so far beyond turned on that I couldn't think straight; my blood felt like liquid fire coursing through my veins and every nerve ending in my body was on overload. So, as Mom was coming down from her last orgasm, acting on primal male instinct, I lined my cock up with her pulsating cunt. With the force of a freight train, I rammed into my mom's quivering pussy all the way to the hilt, burying all 9½ inches in her with one mighty thrust.

"AAAAHHH, SON OF A BITCH! HOLY FUCK!!!" Mom screamed at the top of her lungs as her eyes flew open in shock and her hands slammed down on the bed, grabbing two fistfuls of sheets.

Consumed by lust and showing no mercy, I grabbed Mom by her hips and pounded her pussy with all my might. Her knuckles were turning white from the death grip she had on the sheets as her mouth hung wide open like she was trying to scream, but no sound would come out. After a minute or two of sustained punishment to her cunt, Mom's cries of pain and discomfort turned to moans and grunts of passion and pleasure. Mom became more responsive to the invasion of my massive dick sliding in and out of her tight pussy.

She let go of the sheets and reached for my head as she pulled me down for a passionate kiss while wrapping her legs around my waist. I braced myself with hands on either side of her head as we made out like teenagers. My cock was sliding in and out of her pussy as I fucked her with long, hard thrusts as she whimpered into my mouth.

I could feel every square inch of her tight, velvety warm love tunnel as I passed in and out, my cock reaching into her womb. After several minutes of fucking, slowly driving each other higher and higher toward our journey of pure satisfaction, I leaned up onto my knees and looked down at the amazing sight before me as my giant cock spread Mom's pussy wide. My cock was slimy and wet with Mom's thick creamy cum all over it. As I fucked Mom's wet cunt, her hips would thrust up to match the rhythm of mine, raising her ass off the bed and arching her back.

Those firm sexy tits swaying with our thrusts, bouncing up toward her chin as I slid in and out. It was such an erotic and sexy sight to behold. I could feel my orgasm rapidly approaching and new it would be only a matter of minutes before I reached my summit, and judging by Mom's moans and whimpers, I knew she was close as well.

I grabbed Mom's legs and put them up on my shoulders and bent forward, bracing myself with my hands again. In this position, Mom was damn near folded in half, allowing maximum penetration.

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I began fucking her again with long slow thrusts, grazing her clit with the shaft of my cock with each pass, rapidly bringing Mom to the brink. Each time I bottomed out in her, I would pause, rotate my hips and grind my pelvic bone into her, stimulating her sensitive clit even more.

At this time, Mom started pinching her rock hard nipples, rolling them between her fingers as I fucked her. Within a matter of moments, Mom let out several screams as her body began to tremble beneath me and her cunt clamped down on my cock like a vise, almost pushing me out.

"AAAAAHHHH FUCK YES BABY! FUCK ME, FUCK MOMMY'S PUSSY GOOD BABY! DON'T STOP, POUND MY PUSSY GOOD! I'M CUUUUMMMMING!!!" Mom screamed as her body lost all control and she erupted like a volcano. I was almost there, so I started fucking her with everything I had as I fought the vise like grip her cunt had on my thrusting dick. Entering deep into her womb with each powerful thrust, I let out a primal scream as I emptied my cum into Mom for the second time that evening.

"FUCK MOM YOU'RE CUNT'S FO FUCKING TIGHT! I'M CUMMING! AAAAAHHHHH SHIT, FUUUUCCKKK!!!" As I blasted off and emptied my cum directly into Mom's womb in a mind shattering orgasm, she erupted again immediately following her last one. This time however, no sound escaped her and suddenly her body went limp; she had passed out this time and I once again felt an overwhelming sense of pride. As I pulled my still hard cock from Mom's well fucked pussy, a torrent of cum gushed out and ran down her ass, pooling onto the sheets beneath us.

Mom was beginning to come to again and as she regained consciousness, she noticed my cock was still hard. "Fuck baby, how is that thing still hard? I don't know if I can take anymore honey, my pussy feels wonderful, but it's so sore." "Oh Mom, I'm not fucking your pussy this time," I said as I used the mixture of our cum to smear over her puckered asshole with the head of my dick. "Mmmmm… that feels so good sweetie. Fuck Mommy's tight ass with that monster cock." With that, I applied some pressure as the massive head of my throbbing cock fought to enter my mom's asshole.

I thought it best, if I ever wanted to fuck Mom's ass again, to take it a bit slower and more gently than I did when fucking her pussy.

So with firm pressure, my cock head began to enter her as she winced at the intrusion. "Relax Mom, don't fight it, let it happen naturally," I said. Mom relaxed her asshole and my cock made entrance, pushing past her ring and sinking about two inches into her. "OOOOHHHHH FUCK! Hang on baby, hold still for a minute. Your cock's so fucking big… I need a moment to adjust." Mom said. I paused for a moment, relishing the look of pain, pleasure, love and lust plastered all over Mom's face.

I reached down and gently began massaging her clit. I knew that if I could focus her sensations somewhere other than the massive intruder in her ass, she'd relax more. A short time later, her moans climbed in intensity as I rubbed her clit. Soon, Mom started wiggling her ass, indicating for me to continue. I spread her legs even wider until she was spread as far as she could go and proceeded to back my cock out until only the head was inside her ass.

I thrust gently in and out, feeding a little more of my cock into Mom's ass each time. "OH YES, YES YES! THAT'S FUCKING AMAZING BABY! FUCK MOMMY'S ASS! FUCK IT HARD!" I slammed into Mom's ass with everything I had; buried to the hilt, I held still for a moment as the sensation overwhelmed me.

This was perhaps the tightest hole I've ever had the pleasure of fucking. Mom's ass was so tight and constricting on my massive cock, I almost blew my load the instant I bottomed out in her.

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Mom's eyes rolled back into her skull as she let out a scream as she bucked against me and started rubbing her clit. I pulled her hand away from her hot pussy and spanked her cunt with an open hand as I rammed into her ass again.

"YEAH THAT'S IT! SPANK MOMMY'S PUSSY! ABUSE THAT FUCKING CUNT AS YOU FUCK MY TIGHT ASS!" Over and over again I slammed into Mom's ass as I punished her pussy, spanking it repeatedly, making contact with her clit with each strike. Less than five minutes of this had us both at the brink; with one final thrust, I pinched her clit between my fingers and we both exploded with violent orgasms at the same time.

I pumped Mom's ass full of cum as her quivering pussy pulsed before my eyes and she gushed, squirting her cum and juices high into the air. Mom and I both collapsed in a heap on the bed, completely out of breath and utterly satisfied.

We were exhausted. Lying in a pool of our own sweat and cum, we cuddled for a while, enjoying each other's embrace. "Wow Mom, you're simply amazing. That was fucking hot as hell." "Oh sweetie, that was the best fuck of my entire life… Aunt Jenna's descriptions of what you can do was nothing compared to the real thing. I'm addicted to that beautiful cock now. I hope we can continue our newfound relationship?" "Oh Mom, I wouldn't give up fucking you for anything.

We're definitely going to continue, especially now that you're getting your own place. I'll turn you into my own cock hungry whore just like I've done with Aunt Jenna." "You can't force the willing honey," Mom said with a sly smile, "I'm already your cock hungry cum slut baby, and I belong to you now." "Mmmmm, I love the sound of that. Now, let's take a shower and get cleaned up. We need to finish packing your things so we can get you into an apartment." "I love you son." "I love you too Mom, now get that ass in the shower!" I commanded as I spanked her ass.

Chapter 3 My Sluts It had been about 2 weeks since I first fucked Aunt Jenna, then my mom. I hadn't had a chance to fuck Aunt Jenna since that amazing day. Mom, however, I fucked her senseless about a week later when we were able to get her into an apartment not too far from where I live.

Mom was finally able to take my entire cock down her throat without gagging too much; it took a bit of work on her part, but my cock hungry slut mom was determined to take it all like a good whore. I also learned some arousing things that day. Mom told me that her and Aunt Jenna have been talking about me and my huge cock and sharing fantasies with each other about what they'd like to do to me and me to them.

These fantasies included things like threesomes, tying them up and punishing them, making a home video, them getting fucked and humiliated while the other watches, and even getting other family members involved.

I had no idea up to that point just how kinky Mom and Aunt Jenna were, but I was pleasantly surprised at the possibilities to come. I didn't have to wait long… things were about to take a sudden, yet kinky turn, which would open the doors to more amazing experiences.

It was a Friday evening and my wife and daughter were getting ready to head to the airport for a trip. It was my wife's long planned family gathering, which I was supposed to attend as well. However, as stated previously, I'd started a new job recently and as the new guy, I was not able to take the week off work, leaving her to go without me.

Mom and Aunt Jenna both knew about this trip of my wife's, and they planned on capitalizing on the fact that I had some free time available for the next week. I had just dropped my wife and daughter off and said my goodbyes when Mom called me. "Hey Mom," I answered. "Hi sweetie, I need you to come over to Aunt Jenna's.

There's something we need to discuss." "I'll be right over." I walked into Aunt Jenna's house and when I didn't see anyone in the living room, I headed straight for the bedroom. The sight before me upon entering took my breath away and I immediately began getting hard.

There was Aunt Jenna, sprawled out on the bed spread eagle, naked as the day she was born. Her hands were tied above her head and out a little and she was blindfolded. "What the hell's going on?" I thought. Then I noticed my mom standing naked in the corner, and a video camera on a tripod right next to her. "Surprise!" Mom giggled. "Your Aunty Jenna has been a bad girl.

She spilled the beans to Jewel about what's been going on." I'm pretty sure my face turned white as a ghost upon hearing this. I mean, what if Aunt Jewel told anyone? My wife would divorce me, I'd lose my daughter, and Mom, Aunt Jenna and I would all go to jail. As if reading my mind, Mom quickly said, "Relax sweetie, Jewel won't tell anyone. Jenna and I know things about her that she wouldn't want anyone to find out about.

I intervened and threatened her that if she told, I'd fuck up her entire life. But, I thought Jenna deserved to be punished for her actions; and what better way than to tie her naughty ass down, blindfold her, and fuck her virgin ass with that massive cock of yours while we record the whole thing." "Mom, you're the fucking greatest," I said as I began stripping my clothes off until I was naked as well.

My dick stood tall and proud; fully engorged at 9½ inches long and several inches thick. I slid my belt from the loops on my jeans and walked toward Aunt Jenna spread out on the bed. Aunt Jenna hadn't said a single word at this point, and she flinched at the unexpected touch of my hands as I grabbed her by the legs and flipped her over, positioning her on her hands and knees with her hands still tied and now crisscrossed above her head.

I bent down and whispered in her ear, "Has my slut been a bad little whore?" With my left hand, I reached under Aunt Jenna and pinched her left nipple hard, pulling it down and stretching it toward the bed.

"Mmmmm, fuck yes! I've been a bad slut baby. Punish me, punish your whore!" Aunt Jenna moaned. With that, I stood suddenly and brought my arm back high in the air and swung, landing a hard blow with my belt directly across Aunt Jenna's firm tight ass. "AAAAHHHH FUCK!!!" She screamed at the top of her lungs as the sound of the impact reverberated throughout the room. She lunged forward as if trying to escape. "Stay still bitch," I commanded.

"Remember what I told you before, you're my whore now and you will do what I fucking say, got it?" "Yes, Sir," she yelped as I landed another blow, and then another. Aunt Jenna's ass was beat red and already showing welts rising up off her a good quarter of an inch.

I took in the sight of Aunt Jenna tied up, blindfolded, on her hands and knees with a burning red ass and my cock was so fucking hard it probably could have cut diamonds at that point.

I heard a moan come from behind me and looked over to Mom leaning back in a chair, legs draped over the arms, rubbing her clit nice and slow while occasionally sinking two fingers into her already drenched cunt. Caught up in her own arousal, Mom didn't notice me approach her and get down on my knees.

I inhaled deeply and took in the scent of Mom's aroused pussy before extending my tongue and running it up the length of her juicy slit. Mom jumped at the unexpected contact, then grabbed the back of my head and pulled my face into her quivering cunt as she thrust her pussy onto my mouth.

Meanwhile, Aunt Jenna was still on the bed on her hands and knees whimpering like a bitch in heat at the burning sensation spreading throughout her ass, awaiting what would happen to her next. I took Mom's clit in my mouth and sucked hard, biting down on it as I thrust two fingers into her leaking cunt and made immediate contact with her g-spot. In a matter of seconds, I brought Mom to a sizzling orgasm as she came all over my face.

"It's time to really fuck with Aunt Jenna," I whispered in Mom's ear as I moved in for a lust filled kiss, sharing her cum with her. Aunt Jenna must have sensed Mom and me approaching her because her whimpers became a little louder and she wiggled her sexy tight ass in the air with anticipation of the unknown. I walked to the head of the bed as Mom stayed at the foot.

I grabbed Aunt Jenna by the hair and forcefully pulled her head back as I parted her luscious lips with the head of my cock. "Suck my dick Aunt Jenna," I commanded as her mouth opened and I slid my throbbing cock inside. I fucked her sexy mouth for a few seconds before ramming my dick all the way down her throat until her nose made contact with my abs and I felt her chin resting snugly against my smooth balls. I held Aunt Jenna's face down, cock buried in her throat, until she started to gag a little, then pulled her off my cock as she gasped for air, leaving my massive tool glistening with her saliva.

Mom knelt behind her sister and grabbed hold of those firm ass cheeks and spread them apart. Mom's head dipped down and she ran her tongue across Aunt Jenna's sweet cunt, avoiding her clit, until reaching her virgin asshole. Pausing for a moment, Mom ran her velvety smooth tongue around the outside of Aunt Jenna's puckered hole as Mom's hand traveled down her own body, seeking out her dripping cunt to play with.

As Mom jabbed her tongue into Aunt Jenna's asshole, eliciting several moans, I rammed my cock back down her throat and furiously began face fucking her while Mom ate out her own sister's ass. It was a sexy and erotic experience; face fucking my aunt while my mom ate out her asshole.

"Don't let this bitch cum Mom," I said as Mom and I both neared our own orgasms. Mom's eyes shot up to meet my stare and gave me a seductive look as if communicating to me that she understood. With Aunt Jenna moaning around my cock and Mom moaning into her sister's tight asshole, I lost it and shoved Aunt Jenna's face down on my cock with force as I screamed, "AAAAHHH!

FUCK YEAH! SUCK MY COCK BITCH! CHOKE ON IT!" I emptied half a dozen hot thick ropes of creamy spunk down her throat. I held her down for a short while, allowing her to gag and choke on my cock and cum briefly, before withdrawing my somewhat deflated dick from her mouth. Leaving her panting for air with saliva running down her chin, I walked over to Mom and pulled her face from Aunt Jenna's sexy ass before Mom crossed the line and allowed Aunt Jenna to cum.

While still fingering her own cunt, I fed Mom my semi hard cock, giving her the pleasure of cleaning me up and tasting some of her son's seed. Mom furiously fucked her own dripping cunt to orgasm while sucking my cock back to life.

With renewed vigor and fully hard again, I climbed on the bed behind Aunt Jenna and rammed my cock into her juicy cunt from behind with enough force to expel nearly all air from her lungs. Although I intended on allowing Aunt Jenna to cum eventually, her needs were not as important as mine or Mom's at that point; after all, she was being punished, her purpose at that moment in time was to be used for mine and Mom's pleasure. Since I had just had my release moments before, I knew I could fuck her very tight pussy for quite a while before I'd be ready to blow again, so I slammed into Aunt Jenna repeatedly as she cried out from both pain and pleasure.

Meanwhile, Mom walked over to the nightstand and grabbed the bottle of lube she had placed there earlier and tossed it to me with a very wicked smile on her face. I slowed down my thrusts slightly as I opened the bottle and dribbled some lube on Aunt Jenna's asshole. She flinched and let out an 'OOOOOhhhhh!' at the sudden coolness of the lube on her hot skin.

While fucking Aunt Jenna with long slow strokes from behind, I pushed a finger into her tight virgin ass as I worked the lube in and out and all around her sexy puckered hole. One finger became two as I worked at stretching out her ass.

Suddenly, Aunt Jenna's body went rigid as every muscle in her body stiffened and she let out a high pitched scream as her pussy gushed cum on my cock. "AAAAAAAHHHHH YEEEESSSS! FUCK! FUCK! I'M CUUUUMMMING!" She yelled. Right at the peak of her orgasm, I shoved my massive tool as deep into her womb as possible, knocking the wind out of her again, and held it there for a moment before quickly withdrawing my cock from the vice like grip she had on me. As fast as possible, I flipped Aunt Jenna over onto her back again and ripped the blindfold off her face; I wanted to see the look on her face and in her eyes as I entered her asshole with my huge cock.

Mom climbed on the bed at Aunt Jenna's head and pulled Aunt Jenna's legs toward her chest, spreading my aunt wide open and lifting her ass off the bed slightly as I positioned the head of my large cock against Aunt Jenna's virgin asshole and applied pressure.

Aunt Jenna winced as my massive head pushed past her tight ring; the exquisite look of pain and lust fueling my actions. I suddenly thrust deep inside her with the desire to possess her ass and make it mine. "OH MY FUCKING GOOOODDDD!!! YOU'RE RIPPING ME APART!" Aunt Jenna screamed. I wasn't concerned with her pain though; Mom and I were getting off on this too much. After Aunt Jenna's initial shock at the invasion of her now previously virgin ass, Mom let go of her legs and positioned her dripping cunt over Aunt Jenna's mouth and started grinding while facing me.

I was pounding relentlessly into my aunt's tight anal cavity as Mom bent forward and we shared a passionate kiss. Mom moved her way down, taking my left nipple in her mouth and bit down, causing my balls to tighten up and almost spill my seed.

Continuing her journey south, Mom trailed her tongue down my chest and abdomen until she reached her sister's pulsating cunt. Aunt Jenna had been screaming and moaning constantly but Mom's pussy grinding up and down her mouth muffled the sounds to where I couldn't make out what my aunt was saying.

We continued this way for about 5 minutes; Mom and Aunt Jenna in a steamy 69 eating each other out as I fucked in and out of my aunt's ass with merciless savagery. All three of us were rapidly nearing mind blowing climaxes when I suddenly felt something brush my asshole.

It was my turn to be startled; I flinched, and with a freaked out tone shouted, "What the fuck was that?" I looked back to see Aunt Jewel on her knees behind me, still clothed, tonguing my asshole. I've never had this done to me before, but after the initial shock, I realized that it felt incredible. "Ooohhh yeah Aunt Jewel, lick my asshole! Eat your nephew's asshole out you dirty slut!" Mom and Aunt Jenna must have planned this out because neither of them reacted in the slightest.

As Mom and Aunt Jenna's moans got louder and louder, I felt the tingling in my balls as I was rapidly approaching my peak. All three of us burst almost simultaneously; Mom exploded first as her body suddenly froze and then began quivering with spasms all over while she screamed into Aunt Jenna's pussy, sending a torrent of cum into Aunt Jenna's mouth.

Next, Aunt Jenna erupted into (what she told me later) the most mind blowing, earth shattering orgasm she'd ever had, spewing her molten hot cum and juice all over Mom's face and my stomach. Having both of those sexy sluts screaming, moaning, cumming, and squirting all over the place, in addition to Aunt Jewel eating out my asshole, sent me over the edge.

At the precise moment that Aunt Jewel felt my body tense up, getting ready to release my seed, she jammed her finger in my ass and stimulated my prostate. I was not able to form words anymore as I let out the most primal, animalistic cry known to man. I released a tidal wave of cum into Aunt Jenna's beautiful ass, easily the largest load I've ever produced. I saw sudden bursts of brilliantly colored light flashing before me as every nerve in my body fired all at once, as if I was experiencing every orgasm in my life all at the same time.

As I continued to pump my seed into Aunt Jenna's ass, not even the tight grip she had on my cock could contain the copious amounts of cum being emptied into her. The last thing I remember before momentarily losing consciousness was the sight of my massive cock sliding in and out of my aunt's ass, as my cum dribbled out, running down the crack of her ass and pooling on the sheet, then I slumped forward onto my mom. I couldn't have been out for more than ten to fifteen seconds, because when I came to, all three of us were still in the same positions, with my shrinking cock still inside Aunt Jenna's clutching asshole.

"That was the hottest, sexiest, kinkiest thing I've ever witnessed," Aunt Jewel said. Still catching our breaths, all three of us looked over to Aunt Jewel and noticed she was standing beside the bed completely naked with a beaming smile on her face. "So, you're a kinky little slut too?

Just like your sisters?" I asked.

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"Maybe even more so," she said with a seductive grin. "Good, get your ass down her and clean my cum from your sister's gaping asshole," I commanded as I pulled my deflating cock from Aunt Jenna's bowels. Aunt Jewel wasted no time obeying me as Mom and I both dismounted Aunt Jenna, leaving Jewel to suck my cum from her sister's ass. Mom got down on her knees in front of me and took my almost flaccid cock in her mouth and bathed me with her tongue until my dick was clean.

With our sexual cravings satisfied for the moment, Aunt Jenna, Mom and I all passed out on the bed, slipping into a much needed slumber as we left Aunt Jewel to get herself off for the time being.

Chapter 4 Experiencing Aunt Jewel Aunt Jewel doesn't really look like Mom or Aunt Jenna: she is the youngest of the three at 38 years old. She's got a different father as well, so she's not the olive skinned Italian beauty that her sisters are; that's not to say she's not drop dead gorgeous.

Aunt Jewel stands 5'3", weighs about 125 pounds, with long wavy blonde hair almost to her round firm ass, blue eyes that glimmer like a tropical ocean, and an amazing set of D cup tits with large pink nipples like gumdrops. Her measurements are roughly 34-26-36; giving her gorgeous, mouth-watering curves, with shapely hips and a round (but tight and firm) ass.

Picture Kim Kardashian's measurements and curvy figure, only blonde hair, blue eyes, and a white girl with a golden sun kissed tan. In short, Aunt Jewel is a bombshell. I awoke the following morning to the sound of my phone ringing, it was my wife. "Hey baby," I answered. "Hey, I just wanted to call and let you know that we arrived safely," my wife responded. Meanwhile, Aunt Jewel, also waking to the sound of my phone, reached out and grabbed hold of my erect 9½-inch cock and with a seductively naughty grin began stroking up and down my thick shaft.

She spit on my cock generously coating it with saliva as it dribbled down my shaft, using her saliva as lubrication, she pumped my cock harder and faster.

Having Aunt Jewel's soft delicate hand gliding up and down the length of my rod was making it very difficult to concentrate as I spoke to my wife. I really began losing my composure when Aunt Jewel's other hand traveled down to her smoothly waxed cunt and dipped two fingers in, and then she wiggled them around inside her dripping hot box before removing them and bringing her fingers to her mouth.

She ran her tongue around her fingers, tasting her own arousal, before plunging them into her mouth, sucking them clean of her pussy juice; maintaining eye contact with me and firmly stroking my huge cock the entire time.

"Ok sexy, I miss you guys already, have a great time and tell everyone I said hello," I said, while struggling to maintain an even tone in my voice. "Will do baby, I love you," "Love you too," I responded as I hung up the phone. Aunt Jewel moved her other hand onto my cock and really started pumping both her hands up and down, squeezing with just the right amount of force while rotating her fists in opposite directions, really increasing the friction and pleasure.

She moved herself in between my legs and sat on her knees as she pumped me, dipping her head down until the head of my cock was right at her mouth. Aunt Jewel extended her warm smooth tongue and licked the pre-cum that was now oozing from the tip, then swirled her tongue around my sensitive head. She released my cock and with one hand, pinned it against my abdomen as she used the long, manicured nails of her other hand to lightly tickle the underside of my balls.

She bathed my sack with her tongue, licking my balls repeatedly, and then sucking them into her hot wet mouth before releasing them, licking up the length of my shaft again, and taking my massive cock head into her mouth. "Mmmmm, fuck yeah! Suck my cock Aunt Jewel! Your mouth feels amazing," I moaned as my hips thrust upward. While sucking on just the head of my dick, Aunt Jewel reached her arms up and tweaked my nipples, then dug her nails into my chest and clawed all the way down my torso, past my pelvis, and with a death grip, she grabbed hold of my thighs, digging her nails into my skin, and suddenly sunk several inches of cock into her mouth.

I let out a loud gasp at the sensation, which summoned Mom and Aunt Jenna from their slumber. As the urgency of her oral assault increased, I sensed some jealousy from her at the thought of Mom and Aunt Jenna waking up and possibly wanting to join in. With a tight grip on my thighs, Aunt Jewel rapidly took my entire cock down her throat, deep throating me with such intensity.

Mom and Aunt Jenna became more vocal as their arousal climbed higher. I looked over and was greeted with the amazing sight of my mom and aunt making out, while mutually masturbating, fingering each other's dripping cunts.

It all became too much for me; feeling my cum begin to boil to the surface, I grabbed Aunt Jewel's head with both hands as I slammed her face down on my dick and unleashed my copious amount of seed down her throat. Mom and Aunt Jenna reached mild, but satisfying orgasms moments later.

After a brief period of recuperation, Mom chimed in with, "I need a shower and food, all this fucking and cumming has got me famished, we need to eat and replenish our energy." "You and Aunt Jenna shower first Mom, I want to talk with Aunt Jewel for a bit. We'll shower when you're done while you two cook breakfast." With knowing smiles, Mom and Aunt Jenna headed for the shower, leaving me alone with Aunt Jewel. Lying naked next to each other on the bed, the early morning sun shining through the curtains illuminating her gorgeous blonde hair and adding a mesmerizing twinkle to her sensuous blue eyes, I decided it was time Aunt Jewel reached an orgasm brought on by me.

Knowing what sexy vixens Mom and Aunt Jenna were, I just had to taste Aunt Jewel's smooth sexy pussy; I was truly hoping she was a squirter too, just like her sisters, so I could drink her nectar as well.

I rolled over on top of Aunt Jewel, parting her gorgeous legs with mine, and braced myself up with my hands on either side of her. Leaning down, we came together in a steamy kiss, tongues dancing with one another. After several minutes of passionately making out with my aunt, my cock started coming back to life.

Before I was tempted to plunge into her beautiful cunt, I pulled away, working my way to her neck. I ran my tongue across her skin, planting kisses on her throat and then down to her collarbone. Aunt Jewel let out a small whimper as I felt her body reacting to my mouth. Moving down further, I ran my tongue across a nipple, then the other, taking her right nipple into my mouth as I sucked. Now rock hard, standing at nearly half and inch, I alternated between Aunt Jewel's gumdrop sized nipples, sucking and biting them, rapidly eliciting louder moans of pleasure from her as she thrust her huge firm tits skyward.

Reaching down, I cupped Aunt Jewel's soaking wet cunt as I continued to feast on her delicious tits. Rubbing up and down her slit, I parted her labia and sunk a finger into her hot pussy. Instantly becoming quite animated, Aunt Jewel was moaning like a little whore as I pumped my finger in and out of her cunt. Curling my finger upward, I contacted her g-spot and bit down on her nipple nice and hard, causing her to shriek out load.

Bringing her to the brink of orgasm, I backed off, denying her release. "Tell me you're my slut Aunt Jewel," I said, "I want to hear you give yourself over to me, I want you to beg to join the ranks of my newfound incestuous harem." "Oh yes!

Make me cum baby!" "That's not what I told you to say," I snapped back as I withdrew my fingers and slapped her juicy cunt nice and hard, turning her skin beat red.

"Oooohhh fuck! Yes nephew, I give myself to you completely! I'm your fucking slut now, please allow me to cum." Now I should pause for a moment and make something clear; I truly love Aunt Jenna, Mom and Aunt Jewel. I respect them and enjoy both making slow sweet love to them, as well as treating them like my whores. I would never abuse them or cause them true harm, but the new dominant position I held over them now, had me wanting to push the boundaries even further, I wanted to see just how far they would all go.

I had never in my wildest dreams thought that I'd be living this sort of fantasy, and I planned to make the most of it. "AAAAAHHHH FUCK YES!" Aunt Jewel screamed as I resumed my assault on her delicious cunt. I jammed my fingers back into her pussy, encountering her g-spot yet again as I massaged it repeatedly. Taking her sensitive clit between my lips, I sucked as hard as I could, rolling my tongue back and forth.

Reaching up to her firm huge tits, I pinched her nipple and rolled it between my fingers. This proved to be too much stimulation for Aunt Jewel as she completely lost control, sending her body into massive convulsions. Screaming incoherently as her dam burst with incredible force, she released a gush of pussy juice, spraying my face with her cum. Opening my mouth, I took as much of her sweet nectar as I could and gulped it down, sending shivers down my spine as I savored her taste.

"He can really eat some pussy, huh sis?" Aunt Jenna said with a giggle as I turned to see Mom and Aunt Jenna standing in the doorway. Still panting and out of breath, Aunt Jewel responded with, "Holy fuck Jenna, you weren't kidding. I've never had my pussy eaten out like that before. I hope you're as good with that huge cock as you are with your oral skills dear nephew," as she looked at me.

"Oh god Jewel, wait 'til you feel that monster cock splitting you open… it's an amazing feeling," Mom said. "Care to find out Aunt Jewel?" I asked as I grabbed her by the hand to pull her up and lead her to the shower. "Mom, Aunt Jenna, you two make some food while I show my new slut the pleasures of my cock." I gave my mom and aunt a nice swat on the ass as Aunt Jewel and I walked past. Walking into the bathroom felt as if we were entering a sauna, Mom always did love her showers extremely hot and steamy, and it was still steamy in there from Mom and Aunt Jenna's shower, to the point where Aunt Jewel and I instantly began sweating.

Turning to Aunt Jewel, I brought our glistening bodies together, feeling her large firm tits and hard nipples pressed against me. I bent my head down and kissed her soft full lips, parting them with my tongue until she reciprocated. She brought her arms up and wrapped them around my neck as we made out. Running my hands down her sides with a feather like touch, eliciting slight moans and shivers from her, I grabbed her firm round ass and lifted her up onto the counter as she wrapped her sexy smooth legs around my waist.

We were both becoming extremely aroused; my cock was rock hard again, standing tall pressed between our sweaty bodies, and Aunt Jewel's cunt was dripping wet with desire. Without breaking our kiss, I pulled my hips back, lining my giant cock head up with the entrance of her slippery pussy and pushed, parting her outer lips and sinking the head of my cock into her.

Aunt Jewel whimpered into my mouth upon feeling her juicy cunt begin to stretch around my girth. Without warning, I slammed my thick hard rod deep into her womb; buried to the hilt inside my aunt's very tight love tunnel, she pulled her mouth from mine, threw her head back and let out a scream of pleasure. "AAAAHHHHH FUCK YES! Your cock's so fucking big!" Aunt Jewel screamed as she thrust her huge tits upward. Never one to pass up the opportunity, I latched on to her left tit with my mouth and sucked and nibbled on her rock hard nipple.

I grabbed her hips and fucked her with enough force to expel all air from her lungs. Aunt Jewel was gasping for breath as I relentlessly pounded her cunt, stretching her to limits I doubt she's ever experienced before.

Completely out of breath, Aunt Jewel let out a silent scream as her entire body tensed up, convulsions shot throughout her body and her tight cunt gripped me like a vise as she sprayed her hot sweet nectar all over my cock and stomach. With a final thrust through her clenching walls, I buried my rod deep into her womb and let loose a flood of thick, hot cum; nearly collapsing, I withdrew my cock as our mixture of cum gushed from her well fucked snatch.

Leaving Aunt Jewel panting on the bathroom counter, I walked over to the shower and turned the water on, making it nice and hot. Approaching Aunt Jewel, I grabbed her by the hands and helped her off the counter, standing her up on wobbly legs and returning to the shower as steam filled the room. Climbing in first with my back to the water, I pulled Aunt Jewel into the shower; gripping her arms and pinning them behind her back, I turned us around. Flinching at the scalding hot water that beat down on her sensitive nipples, Aunt Jewel struggled to back away, but I held her in place until the flesh on her tits began to turn pink from the intense heat.

Relishing in the pleasure I got from torturing my aunt, I reluctantly released her from my grip and grabbed the shampoo. I worked a good lather of shampoo through Aunt Jewel's hair, gently massaging her scalp, causing her to moan in delight.

After rinsing her hair, we took turns sensuously lathering each other up with soap and washing the sweat and various body fluids from our bodies. As Aunt Jewel moved lower on my body, she gently washed my cock and balls before sucking me into her mouth, breathing life back into my massive dick. She sucked me with long deep strokes, maintaining eye contact the entire time as she fondled my balls with her sexy manicured nails. Overcome by lust for my gorgeous aunt, I grabbed her by the hair and stood her up.

Spinning her around and bending her over, her hands on the shower wall for support, I sunk down to my knees until my face was level with her firm round ass. "Ooooohhhhh," Aunt Jewel cooed as I tongued her tight little asshole and then landed a nice hard smack on her firm round ass cheek. Arching her back, she thrust her sexy ass out even more, giving me full access to ravish her. Landing a few more blows with my hand on her tight ass, I began tongue fucking her puckered hole causing her to spread her legs wider.

I reached between Aunt Jewel's legs and rubbed her cunt, which was rapidly leaking her arousal causing her juices to run down her inner thighs. Acting upon her earlier reaction, I smacked her drenched pussy with an open hand, the sound echoing throughout the room.

"Aaaaahhhh yes! Spank my pussy! Punish my horny little cunt baby." Knowing my slutty aunt was into it, I spanked her pussy over and over again; contacting her clit repeatedly and causing her swollen cunt to turn beat red from my punishment. My tongue buried in her asshole and the repetitive contact with her pussy and protruding clit pushed Aunt Jewel over the edge as she erupted into orgasm.

Letting out a feral scream, Aunt Jewel's pussy quivered as she released a flood of her sweet pussy juice onto the shower floor. Her legs shuddered as her knees began to buckle from the force of her orgasm. Holding her up by her hips, I stood behind her and lined my cock up with her sexy asshole; it was time to find out if my aunt could take my dick like the slut she claims to be.

"Are you ready Aunt Jewel? Ready to take my cock up your ass and solidify your position as my slut?" "Yes baby, fuck your auntie's tight ass, and make me your whore." With that, I pressed the head of my throbbing cock against her asshole, applied pressure, and popped in.

"OOHHH FUCK YEAH! Your cock's so fucking big in my little asshole. Fuck me nice and hard nephew, rip my tight ass apart!" Grabbing hold of Aunt Jewel's curvy hips, I rammed all 9½ inches of my thick cock deep into her ass. Stopping once my balls rested against her abused cunt, I savored the feeling of her contracting anal cavity gripping and releasing my dick. She had amazing muscle control; it felt like she was rhythmically squeezing up and down my shaft as I stayed buried to the hilt in her ass.

Aunt Jewel was almost as tight as Mom and Aunt Jenna, and considering her amazing control, she was obviously more experienced at anal sex. Withdrawing my cock from her ass until only the head was still inside her, I slammed back inside with force, causing Aunt Jewel to scream out in pain and pleasure as her back arched more and her tits thrust outward.

Without concern for being gentle with her, I fucked in and out of her tight ass with animalistic lust, forcing my cock as deep as I could and pulling her hips back hard to meet my every thrust.

The sound of our moans, grunts and her screams filled the room, along with the sound of my balls slapping against her wet pussy with each thrust.

Lost in the moment, both of us were rapidly approaching release. I knew it was only a matter of seconds before I blew my load, so I reached around Aunt Jewel's hip and massaged her clit with one hand as I grabbed her tit with the other and pinched and rolled her erect nipple between my fingers.

With an ear piercing scream, Aunt Jewel's body stiffened and shuddered all over as she reached her summit and submitted to the throes of a very intense orgasm. As every muscle in her body clenched, her asshole tightened so hard on my cock it almost forced me out.

With determination, I took hold of her hips again and rammed my dick deep into her ass, unleashing the last remnants of cum I had left with a very powerful orgasm of my own. Sexually satisfied and weak kneed, Aunt Jewel and I finished washing each other again, dried off and still naked, we joined Mom and Aunt Jenna in the kitchen for some breakfast.

"Amazing isn't he?" Mom said with a wicked grin. "Best fucking cock I've ever had," replied Aunt Jenna. Reaching over and gripping my limp cock, Aunt Jewel said, "I'll never be able to get enough of this amazing cock, and he eats pussy better than anyone I've ever been with." Looking at me she asked, "we're your sluts now dear nephew, but are you sure you can handle all three of us and your wife too?" "Don't you sluts worry about that, I can keep you all very satisfied, as long as you keep me satisfied and do as I say." Looking at each one of them, I added, "With that said, there's one more person I'd like to welcome to our new little arrangement." With confused looks on their faces, I looked Aunt Jewel straight in the eyes and said, "I want Nikki to become my newest little whore." With a wide-eyed, jaw-dropping expression on her face, Aunt Jewel stuttered, "yyyyou want my daughter?" "Yes I do," I said rather bluntly.

"She just turned eighteen, she's hot as fuck, and according to a conversation her and I had a few months ago, I think she's still a virgin." "I…I…I'm not sure I can get her to agree. I know she thinks you're attractive, but I don't know how she'd react to the idea of fucking her cousin." "Well, I want that virgin cunt and ass. I obviously won't force her into anything, and I'll be much gentler with her than I am with you three sluts.

But if any of you want me to fuck you again, you'll figure out a way to drop hints to her without informing her of what's going on." Knowing full well that I was bluffing my ass off (I would never give up fucking my mom and aunts, even if they couldn't pull it off), I just hoped they wouldn't call my bluff.

I got up and headed to the room to get dressed and head home for a bit to take care of a few things. "I have some things to do today, but you three come up with a plan and I'll be back later this afternoon.

Make it happen!" I gave each one of my naked sluts a kiss before heading out the door.