Public lesbians with sex toys strapon and fist

Public lesbians with sex toys  strapon and fist
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Hi guys and girls! It's Chase. You know, the person this story is about. I know what you're thinking This can't possibly be real. Well, let me assure you that it absolutely is.

I can't prove it to you, unless we chance to meet some day and even then, I'd have to tell you the whole deal all over again. That's something I'm not very likely to do since any exposure of who and what I am could lead to my capture by someone wishing to turn me into some kind of guinea pig.

I don't know about you, but I'm not too keen about being locked away for the rest of eternity and being subjected to all manner of experiments in a vain attempt to reproduce this.thing that happened to me.

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There's just no way I can allow that to happen. I've been having far too much fun over the years since my reality changed. Anywho, let's get back to 1890, shall we?

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* * * * * Chapter 5 When I saw Dao-Ming's eyes cast that blue light around the room as she rode me I tried desperately to throw her off and flee the room, the hotel, the city hell, I'd have fled the continent right that second I was so scared. Unfortunately for me, the longer her gaze was upon me, the weaker I became.

Not five minutes later, I found I couldn't lift my head from the mattress, I couldn't speak. I couldn't even lift a finger, as cliché as that sounds. I remained conscious for the time being, which I thought was a good thing at the time.

The only part of me that I could move were my eyes.

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I sent up a silent prayer that whatever was wrong didn't seem to affect my autonomic functions like breathing and swallowing. The only sound I could hear was Dao-Ming as she grunted and groaned, riding me through orgasm after orgasm. I could feel her pussy clenching down on my shaft as she came, her juices flowing copiously.

I didn't know why, but I was unable to cum myself. If I hadn't been so scared at the time, I probably would have connected the dots and figured out that whatever was keeping me immobile was also keeping me from achieving the same orgasmic bliss she was clearly getting. To my disbelief, I found that I still enjoyed watching her stroking up and down on my cock, sometimes bucking fast and hard, other times tenderly and teasingly slow.

I was entranced by her tits bouncing to and fro as well, rivulets of sweat sluicing between them as she went. As one hour became two, almost three, Dao-Ming finally slowed in the midst of her biggest orgasm yet and collapsed atop my chest, gulping down deep breaths as she shuddered to a stop, my cock still buried deep inside her.

Even as she quieted, I could hear her whispering in what I could only assume was her native language. I could hear an almost poetry-like pattern to the words, but I could understand none of it.

Strangely enough, this frightened me most of all. Chapter 6 Several minutes later, and consigned to whatever fate awaited me, I looked down at her head resting on my chest only to find her staring up at me, eyes still blazing luminescence and a smile playing about her lips.

She let out a deep sigh of post-coital bliss that I felt more than heard. I was thoroughly terrified of this woman but couldn't stop myself from thinking she was still the most beautiful woman I'd ever seen.


That may seem strange seeing as I was unable to move a muscle and entirely at her mercy, but dammit, it was true! "Lawrence," she whispered, sotto voce. "That was wonderful! I am so glad to have finally met you." Her pussy rippled lightly along my cock as if it, too, was expressing the same sentiment as its master.

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"I know what you are thinking, my dear," she uttered as she slid herself off of me. "The reason you can't move is simple I am descended from a god. Not the God, mind you, but a god nonetheless." At this point, while I wasn't sure I could believe her, neither could I disbelieve her. I followed her with my eyes as she stood up and slowly paced back and forth at the end of the bed.

Her eyes pulsed with that strange blue light as she spoke. "P'an Hu was an ancient Chinese god who could change form at will between man and dog. He mated with a woman and their descendants were my ancestors. "At first, we were only able to become one form of canine or another, but over the millennia, we learned to control this power become anything or anyone we wanted.

The only limitation was brain size.

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Anything smaller than a standard domesticated cat rendered the brain incapable of organizing thought long enough to revert to human form." As she spoke, I could sense subtle changes in her. A slight deepening of her voice. Perhaps a broadening of her shoulders.

Less femininity in her stride. Her hair was shorter that much I could see. Now that she was standing, I could also tell that she was definitely somewhat taller than when I met her. "We are few in number, much to our displeasure, mostly because we are so long-lived that we breed only infrequently. I, myself, have only had three children in my four thousand years of life. The only way we can produce more of our kind is to change on a regular basis is to." She paused.

"Change certain people. It's a difficult process.

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More difficult than producing our own children, in fact, although it can be much more satisfying and faster." "Four thousand years?!" I closed my eyes, praying for this all to be some kind of nightmare.

She laughed again, a deep, booming sound now. "Lawrence," she said. "Look at me." This was a decidedly masculine voice. I was beyond terrified as I slowly opened my eyes to see a raven-haired, well-muscled white man standing over me.

I would have thought Dao-Ming had played some trick by hiding and having someone else enter the room were it not for that eerie blue light blazing in his eyes.

He mumbled a few words in what I later learned was Mandarin. Suddenly, I could raise my head from the mattress. "Soon, Lawrence, you will know what this feels like," he proclaimed as he stroked what was the biggest cock I'd ever seen.


Far bigger and thicker than mine, it was at least eleven inches in length and almost as thick as a newborn colt's foreleg. "You can't!" I croaked. "It'll kill me!" "Don't be silly," he laughed. "You'll enjoy it immensely." A few more foreign words issued from him as he laid his hands upon my chest, the blue light blazing even brighter. My head grew heavy, my sight grew dim as I felt a slight burning throughout my body.

It was a very intense feeling, and even as I lost consciousness, I knew I had finally had the orgasm that I had so far been denied.*