Two tight girls show off ass for money

Two tight girls show off ass for money
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Love thy neighbor The complete story Part 1 A couple of weeks ago I was finishing washing my car in my driveway when my next door neighbor, Mary, came around and asked me if I knew anything about plumbing. Her husband, Dick, a medical equipment salesman was traveling somewhere in Central America and she could not wait for him to return.

As a good neighbor I promised I would go to her house in a few minutes. I took some basic tools, wrench, pliers…etc.

and knocked on her door. Her daughter who was on summer vacations from an out-of-town college opened the door. She is a striking beauty with long legs, all round things in the right places and a gorgeous smile. Anyway, Mary took me to the kitchen and told me the sink was not draining properly.


After taking everything out of the way under the sink I started working. I heard the phone ring and Mary went to answer asking her daughter to stay around in case I would need help. "Gorgeous" stayed for a while standing eight to ten feet away and I had the most incredible view of her lower body which was covered with only some very tight shorts. The great thing about it is that she could not see my face, thus I could leisurely admire her legs and thighs and the clearly visible form of her pussy through the light fabric of the shorts.

After a few minutes she excused herself for a moment and I took advantage of this opportunity to slip my half erect cock through the side of my shorts and closed my thighs so that it would not be in the open, just in time as I heard her steps in the hallway and there she was again standing in front of me.


I pretended to be working hard and twisted my body so that my legs opened naturally. Then I got again on my back with my thighs wide open.

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My cock was now out and I do not know if I am imagining things but I could swear I heard her gasp. She was in the first row for the spectacle and I was not going to disappoint her! As I looked at her pussy through her shorts all kinds of dirty thoughts went through my mind and I started having a hard on. I suddenly heard Mary's voice and quickly closed my legs hoping she had not seen anything.

Soon after, I was done fixing the problem and had the most difficult time in getting out from under the sink without showing my manhood. I finally succeeded and got up. Mary was all smiles but to my chagrin "Gorgeous" was nowhere to be seen. Mary offered me a glass of orange juice and said we would have something stronger when Dick would return from his trip. I had the glass of juice last longer than normal, hoping that her daughter would come by so that I could observe her behavior and try to determine if the older man's cock had retained her attention.

That was to no avail as she never came back to the family room. After a while I realized my hope was futile and I left with my tools and my frustrated penis. I got home and before taking a shower I masturbated briskly and lustfully dreaming about the imagined beautiful pussy lips of my young neighbor and imagining my hard cock sliding in the wet valley between these mounds.

This part of the story ends here, but there is much more to cum. Part 2 I had been anxiously waiting for Dick's return looking forward to the promised invitation and hoping that I could finally look into "Gorgeous" eyes to determine my chances.

I know what you might be thinking! I could be her father and this does not seem right. This is true but the fact is that I was obsessed by the "picture" of this barely legal young pussy which had been vividly recorded in my thoughts and I could not wait for the occasion to face again this beautiful sight.

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Finally the day came and I was invited for a drink. I was as nervous as the day of my first sexual experience and could not believe my feelings. Mary, Dick and I sat for a drink in the family room and chit chatted for a while about nothing and everything. At one point, their daughter called Mary from her bedroom, never showing up. Mary came back and we continued to talk and a few minutes later "Gorgeous" emerged from the hallway and said goodbye barely looking at me.

A second later she was gone with my sight fixed on her beautiful ass perfectly shaped by the tight jeans she was wearing. When I finally emerged from my contemplation Mary was looking straight at me and I never felt so uncomfortable and ashamed in my life.

I stuttered while answering whatever question she asked me and was so embarrassed I thought of leaving immediately without even giving an explanation. Mary suddenly burst laughing and Dick followed. I was flabbergasted at their reaction and looked incredulous. That is when Mary told me she had seen me pulling my cock out when I was fixing the kitchen drain but that the interlude had been too short.

"Can I see it again", she asked. I looked at Dick who raised his shoulders like saying "Go ahead, I have nothing to do with it". Mary sat next to me and quickly unzipped my pants. I already had a ragging hard on and she almost had to pry my cock out of my boxer shorts.

She hold it in her hand, looked at Dick and asked with a sexy voice: "Isn't it nice?". He nodded his agreement and she proceeded to stroke me for a few seconds then lowered her head and took the head of my cock in her mouth.

I could not believe my eyes and my luck. One minute I was lusting after the daughter and a moment later I was being served by her mother! It is true that from the point of view of attractiveness there was no comparison between the two. One was simply a young goddess, while age and time had taken their toll on the other. Do not misunderstand me!

I love mature women, more so when they are married, and find them very attractive. It is only that a comparison would not be fair. Mind you, Mary had the most extraordinary pair of tits, a slim waist, large hips and the most amazing and beautiful round large ass. No wonder her daughter is such a beauty! Without taking her mouth from my cock she gestured to Dick who had already his pants down and was jacking off. In a second he was completely naked and helped Mary to take off my clothes. Mary then took off her blouse and bra and let out two heavy but still incredibly firm tits with large wrinkled areolas and long hard nipples.

The three of us sat on the carpet and Dick and I naturally started playing with Mary's tits. She let us enjoy ourselves for a while but definitely had different plans on how things were to proceed. She soon had both of us lying on our back, ass against ass, with our bent legs on each side of the other one's body. She spit on both hands and started masturbating us, one in each sticky hand. Dick and I are about the same length, with a good size head and thick in the middle, though I immediately noted with a pinch of jealousy and envy that his was significantly thicker.

Anyway, Mary's ministering was working beautifully; the feeling was great and I started fucking her hand; Dick was doing the same, his ass rubbing against mine, and you could hear the slurping sounds from her wet slimy hands, as if we had been deep in her hole with her juices flowing. From time to time she would envelop both our cocks with her hands, moving them together up and down and rubbing our cocks' undersides against each other.

What a master masturbator! I soon was ready to explode, which she sensed and would not let happen. She squeezed my cock hard until the urge had passed and slowly resumed her delicious torture. She did the same to Dick when his moaning accelerated. I lost count of how many times she repeated the "procedure" but the moment came we could not take it any more and begged her to let us cum. With both cocks rubbing against each other she accelerated the pace sending us into a frenzy.

My ass was grinding against Dicks' and we were both yelling: "I am cumiiiiiing, I am cumiiiing". Right then, she cupped both our cock heads with her hands while we let go long jets and copious streams of sperm which she rubbed all over our cocks and balls.

As we lay exhausted on the floor she placed her hands on our lips and we eagerly and voraciously licked the cum mixture until the hands were completely dry. Part 3 Mary stood up and went to the bathroom while Dick and I lay on the floor facing each other with a content smile on our lips.

I closed my eyes and was enjoying the moment when I felt a light touch on my cock and soon realized it was Dick's hand running up and down my shaft. He took his wet fingers to his mouth and licked them, saying I tasted good.

Upon hearing these words, my cock involuntarily jerked and he held it more firmly, immediately following with his tongue which he used to clean me entirely in a matter of seconds. My cock reacted by lengthening and hardening and he took the head between his lips twirling his tongue all around it which brought me to a full and hard erection. I turned my head slightly to face his wet limp cock resting on his upper thigh. Unlike my penis which shrinks to around five inches when flaccid, Dick's did not shorten appreciably and its girth was still much thicker than mine when erect.

Let's make a parenthesis here: there is a widespread misconception that black is bigger; not necessarily so! Here I was, half black, with a cock that, though of good size, was dwarfed by this incredible white penis!

I was amazed at the sight of this wonderful instrument and felt an attraction I could not explain. I thought "Hey, what the hell…" but it was still hesitantly that I placed my hand on his wet thick member which immediately reacted with a jerk.

The skin was incredibly smooth and I was agreeably surprised by this weighty and beautiful piece of white meat throbbing in my hand and that my fingers could not fully envelop now that it had thickened to its maximum, which I figured out must have been no less than seven inches around.

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I was uncontrollably attracted by and immediately lusted after this monster that was scarcely a couple of inches from my face. I first licked my fingers and found that his semen was still fresh and tasted delicious.

I followed by stroking him the same way he had done me a few moments earlier. As I licked his shaft I noticed he was not only much thicker than me but also had big veins running from the base to the glans.

I ran my tongue all over those veins to his balls and along his perineum. I delicately introduced my wet middle finger in his anus and it went in without difficulty. Dick moaned loudly; however his mouth never quit sucking me.

I slowly kissed my way back to the head of his cock, pulled back on the skin, licked the exposed sensitive spot just behind the rib of the bulbous head and covered it with rapid light kisses. Dick appreciated the caress, ran his hand through my hair and arched his back, begging me not to stop, which of course I was not about to.

I felt a mixture of joy and pride at holding this humongous cock throbbing in my hand and at Dick's reaction to the caress of my lips and tongue as they followed their meandering along and around his cock while I moved around my finger buried deep inside him. His sucking accelerated provoking an immense pleasure and soon I rewarded him with some pre cum which he immediately swallowed.

I was at this time so excited that I lost all inhibitions and took the big head in my mouth and thoroughly wet it with my saliva. While he took me entirely in his mouth, down to the base of my cock, I had to concentrate on just the bulbous head because I knew there was no way the thick middle of his meat would clear my lips, so I tried my best to pleasure him just that way.

I must have succeeded given the amount of pre cum which suddenly oozed in my mouth. By then, my own pre cum was almost a constant stream and an unmistakable precursor to the eruption of the volcano brewing inside me.


Dick felt my emotion and redoubled his efforts to give me the release I was so anxiously waiting for. Suddenly, Mary's voice brought us to reality as she ordered us to stop. Dick immediately obeyed as I was yelling "NO, NO!" as he had brought me to the point where just a few seconds would have made all the difference in the world.

I myself could not just stop and kept sucking his glans until Mary had practically to use force to make me stop. She was not happy and told us we had to quit fooling around because her daughter could come back at any moment and it was simply unthinkable she could find us in such a compromising situation. Though she was of course right, I felt extremely frustrated because we had been so abruptly stopped just before what would have clearly been an extraordinary conclusion to a first experience which I enjoyed immensely.

Furthermore, I realized how badly I wanted to finish him off and I must confess I was craving the taste of his unadulterated fresh cum. I quickly dressed, said goodbye and went home, thankful that under the cover of darkness my raging hard on which was piercing my pants would not be visible to any indiscrete eyes from another neighbor.

I took a long warm shower intending to calm me down; however, as I finished drying up my erection had not subsided a bit. I chose one of my favorite porno DVD's and sat naked on my recliner. I was fondling my cock and balls lightly but soon started masturbating in a fury, reviving the moments of the earlier hours. My hand was a blur as I rapidly reached the moment of no return which had eluded me less than an hour ago. In the last five seconds before I exploded, my mind wandered at a myriad of situations without my being able to settle on which one was more exciting Mary and I; Mary, Dick and I; Dick and I; all of us, including their gorgeous daughter!

Finally, a long jet of cum spurted from my cock and landed between my feet, followed by a copious stream of sperm oozing from the head of my penis and running down to my balls while my hand kept furiously moving up and down my shaft, all wet and slimy from the jism. Finally I stopped exhausted and satisfied at last, though I sensed that this ejaculation could in no way come even close to the pleasure Dick's mouth would have given me had Mary let it go just a few seconds more.

Oh well, I hope we still can manage to repeat the session in the near future! Meanwhile, I finally went limp but had to take another quick shower to clean the mess I had just made. My poor recliner did not fare too well and to this day still has a faint smell of stale cum!

Now, to the last chapter of this past summer's neighborly adventures. A few days later Dick and Mary drove their daughter to the airport as she was flying back to college to continue her studies. Upon their return they called and invited me for a drink. I knocked at their door with anticipation and was received by Mary who was clearly bra less as her nipples almost pierced the tee shirt she was wearing. She gave me a lingering French kiss while pressing her big tits against me.

The tone of the encounter was thus set and what was to follow did not need any explanation. My fully erect cock was pressing against her belly and she quickly unzipped my pants to liberate the prisoner. She took my penis in her hand and with a mischievous smile, walking backward, led me to their bedroom where Dick was lying completely naked on the bed, a big smile on his face and leisurely playing with himself.

I could not but admire that magnificent specimen of a cock which he stroke lightly and suggestively and my mind wandered to the thought of the unfinished business between us. A squeeze on my penis brought me back to earth and it became clear to me that as previously Mary was in complete control. It took only a few seconds for both of us to take out our clothes except that she kept her panties on. As during the previous encounter, Dick and I each took possession of a tit which we covered with kisses and sucked till her nipples were hard and swollen.

Mary took my hand and caressed her stomach with it slowly but firmly pushing it lower.

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I ran my hand further down, however avoiding her genital area. Her upper thighs were freshly shaven and very smooth and I enjoyed caressing them for a long time. I finally moved my hand to her triangle which appeared very cushiony and lightly scratched the hairs through the panties. She moaned softly, a clear indication that she liked it, so I introduced my fingers between fabric and flesh.

In contrast to her shaven thighs, her bush was completely natural and thick and I ran my fingers through the hairs which also covered her plump lips. Unable to wait any longer I quickly took her panties off and had to stop in awe at the sight of this thick black forest which ran all the way between her thighs. I delicately parted the lips which opened like the petals of a flower to reveal her pink flesh and the little bud at the top.

Her pussy smelled good and I took the plump lips alternatively between my own lips, licking them with my wet tongue. She moaned loudly and opened her legs completely. I then took long, slow laps from her vagina up and she thrust forward holding my head against her pussy while she started gyrating her hips. I tongue fucked her while lightly and rapidly rubbing her clit and she "thanked" me with a gush of her internal secretion which tasted of tropical fruits.

I moved back to her bud sucking a little more aggressively as I pushed the hood back between two fingers. Her cry of pleasure and sudden upward thrust surprised me and I remained motionless for a second as I admired her uncovered bulb which suddenly had grown impressively. Unable to hold it any longer I attacked that "little cock" and sucked and licked without stopping. She was in a frenzy, moving her hips around, up and down at an increasingly faster pace until she came violently, saying a litany of dirty words which I could barely hear as she almost choked me with the clamp of her thighs around my head.

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After a while she relaxed and released the pressure and as I looked up her eyes were half closed and she had a smile of contentment on her lips.

My tongue found the entrance to her hole and I drank the abundant juices which were still gushing from her vagina. She motioned me to move up and gave me a long kiss, enjoying and appreciating her own taste.

Dick had never stopped masturbating while sucking her tits and kissing her while I was busy working on her lower half and he was ready for some action to provide relief to his mounting desire. As for me, I have always adored giving pleasure to my partner and Mary's reaction to my lovemaking had gone a long way in meeting my goal, though I secretly was more than willing to help Dick achieve his and I also confess my craving to again hold his beautiful cock in my hand and lick it until he would come in my mouth.

My arm went around Mary's body and I started moving my fingers up and down his thick shaft. He groaned of pleasure and upon realizing what was going on Mary pushed my hand away. She had other plans and was going to work intently toward their completion. Dick was now on his back and Mary straddled him and in one down thrust amazingly took Dick's huge cock inside her without any apparent effort or discomfort but instead yelling her pleasure at the friction against her pussy's walls.

She immediately started moving up and down and back and forth and pretty soon was moaning and grunting loudly. I moved down to have a close look at her huge ass moving around but was first flabbergasted when I saw the black tail which came from between her thighs and which reached the top of her crack.

I had never seen such a thick and long fur in my life and her asshole was practically covered by this incredible dark "vegetation". I was in awe and transfixed at this sight in addition to enjoying immensely the in and out movements of the thick cock stretching the pink entrance of her pussy. Mary suddenly reached behind her back and with both hands parted her ass cheeks and I had a close-up view of her appetizing anus.

Anyway, the message could not have been any clearer and I lost no time in positioning myself behind her, between her husband's legs, and put my knob at her entrance. I was pushing slowly to avoid hurting her as she had not been lubricated nor had any finger preparation. She pushed back violently and I disappeared entirely inside her, my balls hitting her big ass cheeks.

I was deep inside her and did not move at first, enjoying the feeling of full penetration typical in the animal kingdom. However, I soon realized that in addition to that contentment I was enjoying immensely through the thin membrane which was separating us the feeling of Dick's cock which was moving in her pussy ever so faster. After a while I pulled out and pushed back just as Dick was puling.

We then started to move rhythmically, he pulled while I pushed and vice versa. Mary was in heaven and we were not far from it either. Things quickly built up to the point the three of us were grunting loudly and I could not hold any more and pushing deep inside her ass let go a river of cum.

That started a chain reaction as she yelled her pleasure and had a powerful climax which took Dick over the edge. With weak legs, I was the first to withdraw after a while and sat on my heels as my cum started to gush from Mary's ass, down to her pussy's entrance and Dick's thick cock which in addition was by now coated with Mary's juice and his own cum. I wasted no time and moved to lick what proved to be the best juice blend I had ever tasted, and, believe me, there was so much of it that I had all the time to leisurely savor this delicious newfound nectar.

Furthermore, I was at long last able to satisfy my craving and quench my thirst for the delicious cum that erupted form my friend's big cock.