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Aishwarya Young Indian Wife Fucking Hard Amateur Cam Hot
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One day when I was young, I got kidnapped. I was playing with a ball with my dog, Rusty, in a park that was surrounded by woods. When Rusty couldn't find one of my throws that went wild, I went into the woods to retrieve it. While I searched the ground, I noticed a person out of the corner of my eye. As I went deeper into the woods, he got closer. Rusty growled. But Rusty was a people's dog, not a watchdog. When the man got within touching distance, Rusty just stood there.

The man put his arm around me, covered my mouth, and walked me off to his van, parked in a nearby alley. He didn't throw me into the van like they do on TV.

He just opened the back door and escorted me in. There was a bed there, pillow, covers, and all. I wondered if he lived in his van. I was scared to death. There was a barrier between the front of the van and where I was, and he locked the back door and drove off way deep into the woods down near the river.

He let me out of the van & took me into a nice cabin he said he'd built. He had a bedroom all fixed up for me. The place was clean and neat. "What's your name?" he asked, after I sat down on the bed. "Susan," I said, making one up. My real name was Ella.

"OK, Susan, I'm Doug. I want to tell you what's going to happen." My stomach churned.


I'd seen enough cop shows to know that he would kill me when he got through with whatever he'd brought me to his cabin for. And what was that? Rape? Beatings? Torture? I threw up. He went & got some wet towels and cleaned it up. It was all on the bedspread, so he removed that & threw it in the washer. I was afraid he'd be mad and punish me. But he just came back and sat down on a chair facing me. "It's OK, honey. I'm not going to hurt you or kill you or any of the other stuff you see on TV.

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I just want to pleasure you. It makes me feel good to make other people feel good." I didn't believe him. People will say anything to get what they want. He asked if I was hungry or thirsty. I said I'd like to have a Coke. He went and got one.

"Now, here's what's going to happen. I'll do things to you I'll never hurt you that will make you feel so good you won't believe it.

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I'm only going to keep you this weekend [it was a 4-day weekend]. Your dog knows how to get home, so don't worry about him.

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After the weekend, I'll drop you off in a safe place with a pay phone & give you money so you can call home. Since I'm not going to hurt you, I'm going to have to trust you not to tell the police where I am." Yeah.

IF you don't hurt me. He had me stand up and took off all my clothes. I felt embarrassed. My face must have turned red. He said, "Don't worry, honey, I've seen many little girls naked." Then he began to caress my body from top to bottom.

He even gave me a foot massage. I was as tense as a racehorse. Then his caresses focused on the front of my body. My undeveloped and barely sensitive "breasts". My tummy, stroking round and round. And then what I dreaded, he had me lie back so he could look at my privates. He spread my pussy lips, and, unexpectedly, that kind of excited me, made my clit tingle a little. He looked closely at my clit, spread my vagina lips open and shone a light in there, and lifted my bottom up to try to stretch my anus open by pulling on the sides of it with his thumbs.

He stopped when I said it didn't feel good. Then he showed me this scary-looking metal thing and said he was going to open my vagina some more with that, and use some probes to "check things out". He warmed it up and lubed it up real good, so when he slid it in, it felt good. Real good, since he was resting his thumb on my clit. Then he made some adjustments to it and I could feel my vagina being opened. He said I should tell him if it started feeling uncomfortable, so I did. Then he must have done the probe, because, although I didn't see him insert anything, I could feel something stroking my vaginal wall and pushing on the end of it.

He also pushed up on my vagina and that felt really good. I'd never had that feeling before. He kept up the vaginal exam for quite a while, and I got to really enjoying it. My clit was tingling just from his thumb resting on it. Then, leaving the metal thing in me, he replaced his thumb with his lips and tongue.

He licked my clit, slowly, and sucked on it lightly. I knew it could feel real good down there, but I didn't know it could feel that good. Together with the feelings from his vaginal probing, my clit was tingling a lot.

I'd had tingling with my enemas, but this was way stronger, and kept getting stronger. My whole body was suddenly overcome with a feeling I couldn't describe, and spasms that I couldn't have stopped if I'd wanted to. But I didn't want to. It scared me, but at the same time, I didn't want it to end it felt so good!

Better than anything else I'd ever felt. After I calmed down, he told me that I had just had an orgasm, that it was normal after a person has been sexually stimulated for a while. After a while he took the metal thing out of my vagina and moved down and licked the outside of my vagina, then slid his tongue inside.

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I started having those feelings again. But he got up & came back with a small enema bulb. "I want to stick my tongue through your anus, but I want you to be clean, so I'm going to shoot some water in there and after a few minutes, you'll need to go to the bathroom and hopefully that will clean you out." I'd had big enemas before. Every Saturday night. So the thought of a small one didn't bother me. In fact, I looked forward to it. Before sticking the nozzle in, he licked me again like he did before, but this time, he also licked round and round my anus, while rubbing my clit with his thumb.

Then he lubed up the nozzle and my anus with something really slick, and slowly, rotating it with my anus as the center, slowly inserted the nozzle. For a while, he pulled the nozzle out & pushed it in, over & over, all the while rubbing my clit with his thumb. My anus was very sensitive because I played with it a lot. I began to have those feelings in my whole "down there" area. Everything down there kind of came together into one thing. Then he took his finger off my clit and substituted it with his tongue, and almost at the same time, he squeezed hard on the enema bulb, pushing hot water into my rectum.

My body went into convulsions, stronger than before, and all there was was those feelings, which spread out all over my body. I kept saying, against my will, "Oh! Oh!

Oh!" and dug my fingers into his hair. After I relaxed, he exclaimed, "Oh Sweetheart! Another orgasm! That's great!" I asked him what an orgasm was and he more or less explained. He told me to go to the bathroom and push the water out and then come back. My whole pussy was still tingling. When I came back, he had me lie down on my back with my bottom up in the air and I started shaking. I didn't know what he was going to do. I was scared.

"Honey, what's the matter?" he said, and scooped me up in his arms, baby-style, rocking me back & forth. "I'm scared! I don't know you. I don't know what you're going to do to me.

I don't want you to hurt me! And I'm naked!" I wailed. "Oh, honey, I'm not going to hurt you. If anything ever hurts that I do to you, tell me right away and I'll stop." I had no choice but to hope he was telling the truth. He put me back on the bed with my bottom up again, and put on a latex glove.

Now I became more scared! "What's that for?" I asked, tears welling up in my eyes. "I'm just going to test to see if your rectum is clean," he replied softly.

"But you gave me that enema! It has to be clean!" I protested. "Small enemas don't always really clean your rectum out, so I have to test it. I'll use my little finger." Whereupon he slathered lube on his little finger and my asshole, and, using the same technique as he had with the enema nozzle, he burrowed his way in while rubbing my clit with his other hand.

He kept telling me to relax, and I finally figured out how to relax my asshole even though I was scared to death. Pretty soon, his whole finger slid in easily. He kept his finger there, unmoving, for a while, asking me if I felt OK, did it hurt, etc. After a while, it began to feel good in there.

Like a big enema nozzle. My clit was tingling again. Then he started moving it in & out and exploring my whole rectum. It felt really good. He said he was doing a rectal massage. At the same time, he started licking my clit. "How does that feel?" he asked. "It feels really good," I said. He kept massaging my rectum and licking my clit until I had another orgasm. I started moving my hips up & down and pushing back on his finger in my rectum. He slid another finger into my vagina, and my feelings were magnified even more.

My body was arching backward. Now I was pushing down on the finger that was in my vagina and the one in my rectum, and he was moving both of them around and around. I kept having spasms. I thought it would never end. I didn't want it to end. Then he pressed upward on my vagina and I involuntarily yelled "AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" and spasmed harder and my feelings were even stronger.

I kept pushing against him and rocking my pelvis for a long time. Slowly, the spasms went away but my whole body was filled with writing this as an adult, I would have to say I was filled with ecstasy.

Finally I collapsed, and he withdrew his gloved finger slowly. "I hope you liked that," he said. "I just want to give you pleasure." "I've never felt anything like that. It was better than anything else. It was … I don't know the words to describe it. Thank you for doing it to me." He said there was one more thing. He had cleaned me out because he wanted to stick his tongue through my anus and he'd better do that before any shit built up.

He up-ended me again, licked his way over my now overly-sensitive clit down my slit, and slowly pushed his tongue through my wary anus and moved it around. He had a very long tongue. If I hadn't just come, I would have then. "It's too soon after your big orgasm," he said.

"It'll be a while before you can come again. Let me try this." He went back to tonguing my asshole and rubbing my clit, and he slid a vibrator (bullet-type, as I found out later) into my vagina.

What an incredible feeling! He did that for a while, and I finally came, although not as hard as the last time. He said I could take a nap now, and covered me with a blanket. My whole "down there" area tingled and felt warm for a long time.

The feelings in my rectum from the massage made me feel that everything was all right. I put my hand in my crotch and went to sleep. When I woke up it was dark and he was setting the table. I smelled pork chops and mashed potatoes and green beans, and peach cobbler?!!

I sat up, covering myself with the blanket. When he came into my room, he handed me a gown and said that's what I would be wearing during my "visit". I put it on and we sat down to eat. He was a great cook. Everything was delicious. Especially the peach cobbler! While I was there, all our meals were extra good. After supper, he washed the dishes and I dried them and he put them away.

After he'd made me feel so good, I felt close to him and wanted to be close to him with my body, so I sort of leaned on him a little. Then we settled down on the couch to watch TV. The first video showed a man licking a woman's pussy and her coming. The next one showed a little girl getting an enema and being licked and coming. There was one where a man licked a little girl all over. In one, a man finger-fucked a little girl and I mean little, like 2 and she had what looked like an orgasm.

In one, a man was fucking a girl about 10 yrs old. And in another a man was ass-fucking another(?) 10-yr-old. All the girls looked like they liked what was being done to them. Each one made my clit tingle a little more and my anus throb. After a while, Doug lifted me up & set me down on his lap facing the TV with my gown up.

He was wearing loose pajamas. There was something hard on his tummy. As we watched the videos, he stroked my thighs, teased my clit, and, after I was breathing hard, he pushed me over forward so I was facing the floor. He rubbed my clit, and rubbed something against my asshole. It was hard, but soft. I didn't know what it was. He didn't push it through. He kept playing with my clit and rubbing the whatever it was around on my asshole. After a while we were both breathing hard, and he suddenly began sort of grunting and spasming and I felt water or something shoot into my ass.

Then he slid his finger inside my rectum, and I came. I felt like I was on some kind of carnival ride where you don't know whether you're upside down or right side up but you're having a great time and you're kind of out of your head. Then he slid another finger into my vagina, extending my climax for a long time.

He kept saying "Yeah! Yeah! It feels so good, doesn't it? Yeah!" After I recovered and was sitting back on the couch, I felt something oozing out of my ass & asked him what it was that he was rubbing my asshole with.

He said it was his hard penis. I wanted to see it because I'd never seen one before, except in those videos. He showed it to me, but it wasn't hard. He explained that penises relax after you have an orgasm. I said, "You had an orgasm?" "Yes, and when a man has an orgasm his penis shoots out some liquid stuff and that's what I shot into your rectum." "What's the liquid stuff for? I don't shoot out any liquid when I have an orgasm," I asked. "Well, the whole reason for sex is to make babies ." "I don't want to have a baby!!" I was really scared now and started crying.

"No, no, honey, you won't be able to make babies till you're 13 or so. Anyway, if a man and woman want to make a baby, he comes inside her vagina. Not her rectum. All the rest of sex is just for feeling good." We watched TV for another hour or so while his cum oozed slowly out of my rectum onto the couch. Then it was bedtime but I'd had that nap & wasn't sleepy.

So he massaged me all over, licked me, finger-fucked me, and got hard. "Now I can show you a hard penis if you want to," he said. I said I did, and he pulled it out of his pajamas. I was shocked at how big and hard it was. I didn't see how he could ever get that into somebody's vagina. I said so, and he laughed and said that women's vaginas were bigger than mine and he wasn't going to try to get his penis into my vagina.


"But," he said, "there is something I can do with it on you." He had me sit on the edge of the bed, and he got on his knees in front of me.

He put something really slick on his penis, and on my cunt. Then he had me lie back and bring my knees up so he could see everything I had down there. I wasn't bothered about it like I was the first time. He took his penis and rubbed my cunt all the way from my asshole to my clit, then back & forth on my clit. Then he did it again. And again. And again. I let myself go. My whole "down there" area got really warm, and my clit was especially sensitive.

Then he began to move faster. I looked at his face. His mouth was hanging open and he looked like he was hurting, but I had the feeling he wasn't hurting at all.

After a while of him rubbing my cunt faster & faster, we both came. He did try to get his penis into my vagina, but I was too tight, but he shot his cum in there, then he pulled out & kept rubbing his penis on my clit so I wouldn't have an interrupted orgasm.


For a while he kept rubbing his penis on me as I cooled down, and then he fell onto the bed to my side, his arm over my tummy, and his head on my arm. I felt really good, and it was especially good to feel his arm on me & his head cradled in my arm. I instinctively put my hand on the side of his face, and he did the same to me. This was not the world I'd lived in for 6 years. This was wonderful and I didn't want it to end. I still had some worries that he might hurt me or kill me, but after an orgasm it's hard to think of those things.

I love enemas. Like I said, I got three or four every Saturday night, and whoever gave them to me sometimes it was my mom, sometimes my dad, sometimes one of my older siblings was very loving and gentle with them. The next day with Doug was again filled with orgasms. The third day, he gave me a lot of nice, hot enemas, rubbed my tummy if I got cramps, gave me orgasms with them. I didn't think I could have an orgasm any stronger than I had with the big orgasm the 1st day, but with the enemas added, pushing on my vagina, expending my rectum, and the feeling of fullness in my tummy, I had orgasms that I thought might blast me through the ceiling.

I had many like that. He would come in my ass, and then give me an enema. He gave me enemas all day to make me come like that. The 4th day, he held me above his penis on the couch and lowered me down on it, seeing how far he could get in.

I wanted him inside me, so I tried to relax, but he could only get the head in. He rubbed me up & down on the head till he came, then douched me and, since I obviously loved enemas with sex, he gave me an enema, making me come like I had the 3rd day.

Then he tried to get his penis into my ass, but that was pretty hopeless, even though I wanted it in there. In the early afternoon he said he'd better take me back. He douched and enema'd me for two hours to get all his semen out, then he dressed me and played with my pussy. Finally he reluctantly put my panties on me and hugged me and kissed me.

I hugged him and kissed him. I loved him. I told him I wanted to stay with him. My family was really big and I didn't get enough attention from my parents. Doug gave me lots of attention. He said that if I stayed with him, he would have to cut my hair different, dye it, maybe pretend I was a boy for a while, and we would have to move to a different town a long way away.

I was torn. I loved the things he did to me, but I didn't want him to get arrested, and I did sorta miss my family. "Well," I said, "Could I come see you sometimes?" "Oh God! I'd love that!

Yes!" He had me memorize how to get to his cabin and his phone number, and I told him I'd be there next Saturday if I could get away. He hugged me for a long time and I hugged back. He drove me to a pay phone way on the other side of town my from my house and I sadly watched him drive away.

We waved until he was out of sight. Then I called home. After I got home, I could see how much my parents loved me and how worried they'd been while I was gone. Both of them cried and hugged me hard, and they had me sleep with them that night. The next day, as Doug predicted, they took me to a doctor to see if I'd been molested. The doctor concluded that I hadn't been. Oh, if he'd only known!

I spent my Saturdays at Doug's for years, even through high school, because he made me feel so good. Since I knew the secret of enemas that they could enhance your orgasm I persuaded Doug to let me give him some. He was reluctant initially, as most men are, because of their fear that if they like the feeling of something up their butt, they must be gay.

But I eased him into it and after he had his first orgasm that way, he let me give them to him anytime I wanted. After I got him hooked on enemas, I started giving him rectal massages. I started out just moving my finger in & out of his anus.

It took quite a while before he felt comfortable with relaxing and letting me in. Then I moved deeper into his rectal chamber, moving in slow circles, pausing as I went so he would get used to each new sensation. Finally, I got my finger fully inserted inside of him. I pressed against his balls with my other hand. Even though my fingers were small, he finally surrendered and began asking me to give him rectal massages.

I graduated him to dildos and vibrators till he finally loved getting fucked in the ass with a life-size dildo. He was very grateful to me for showing him a new way for him to get pleasure, and rewarded me with a slow stretching of my vagina so we could fuck properly.

As I got older and grew breasts, he started kissing and caressing them, which added to my sexual pleasure, and eventually he was fucking me in my vagina, but he had to use a condom, which I hated.

We had many wonderful Saturday afternoons giving each other enemas of different types: bag, Higginson, shower enema, fucking while we were full (or not), tonguing each other's ass once we were clean. Sometimes he'd say it was my day, and all day would do the things he did to me when he first kidnapped me, or whatever I wanted. What heaven! The next time it would be his day. He taught me, over the years, how to make my anus bigger.

He massaged areas inside of me I didn't know I had. Finally he was able to slide his penis into me. He had stretched my anus till it was bigger than his penis so his penis wouldn't hurt me as he pushed in and pulled out. He did it slowly and kept adding lube.

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It didn't take long (maybe twice) till I loved him fucking me in the ass. It felt as good as him fucking me in the vagina, but different. I came just as hard. Before him, I never even thought about my ass except when I was having enemas. When I graduated from high school, I just moved in with him. I loved him so much. But there was the problem of college. I wanted to go I loved to learn. During the week, he worked as a biology teacher at one of the high schools.

High school teachers don't make a lot of money. So I had to work real hard during high school to keep up my grades, do extra work for extra credit, etc. I ended up graduating with a 4.0 average and got accepted, with offers of grants and scholarships, to several really good colleges/universities. He applied for teaching jobs in all those towns, and when he got one, we moved there. After 8 years I got my PhD in mechanical engineering.

We eventually got married, and in mid-career, we had a baby girl, Marisol. I knew he had a thing for little girls and wasn't sure what was the right thing to do for Marisol. Should I let him sexualize her or not? It hadn't hurt me, but I thought I'd probably feel jealous. He asked if I thought I could get sexual with her. Incest? Me? Child molestation? It didn't appeal to me. We decided that I would give her enemas and he would play with her pussy while I was doing that so we'd both be involved.

But I discovered that after I changed her diaper and cleaned her up, I couldn't help opening her little lips and admiring her little pussy. I almost couldn't help myself and slowly pushed my finger into her vagina. She cooed. I ran it in & out and she began breathing harder and faster. I just naturally touched her clit, and she had a series of spasms. I checked her asshole while she was having the spasms, and it was opening and closing just like everyone's does when they have an orgasm.

Then I felt guilty. I talked to Doug about it and asked him if he felt guilty about the incest he already had going with Marisol. He said he didn't, because it made her feel so good. So I started licking her clitoris and putting things into her vagina and anus, so she did grow up being "molested" by both her parents, but she always seemed to love it. Her infantile orgasms matured faster than her body did.

As a teenager, Marisol didn't do drugs or otherwise go wild. She wanted to have sex with a lot of boys, but we explained to her that that would make other people dislike her a lot, so she should keep it down to one boy at a time, and best for a long time. She still received stimulation from us, so she wasn't frustrated. She knew she could ask us at anytime for sexual stimulation, and we regularly gave her enemas, which usually ended in Doug fucking her in one place or the other while I licked her.

Because we were there for her, she was able to finish her PhD before she found someone she wanted to marry. Ted was a very nice guy, able to earn a good living. She told him about how we had raised her. He was shocked but never turned us in, because he loved her.

She introduced him to enemas and anal sex (for both of them) and showed him how they could enhance his sexual feelings. They've been married for 25 years now, and it looks like it's going to stick. And they sexualized their children. Ted realized after their first baby was born (a boy, Chad) that the little erect penis that greeted him whenever he changed diapers was just too tempting, and sucked on it. Once when he was giving Chad an enema and sucking on his little penis, Chad had an orgasm and that sealed the deal.

Since Marisol sucked on Chad's penis too, Ted didn't feel that it would make their son gay, but it didn't matter anyway. He learned that sex wasn't something that had to be limited to man-woman. One time they were visiting us and Ted and Doug were talking about sexualizing children and the fact that Ted and Marisol were doing sexual things to Chad.

Doug suggested that he suck Ted off, to try to help him feel more comfortable with same-gender sex. It took some persuasion, but Ted was curious, so they went into the bedroom and Doug gently introduced Ted to being sucked off by a man. Ted liked that so much he asked Doug to fuck him.

I don't think Doug had ever fucked a man before, but he had no compunctions against it. First he gave Ted several enemas to clean him out and get him aroused. Then he gave Ted a rectal massage, teasing his prostate. When Ted was worked up enough, Doug gently inserted his cock into Ted's rectum and reached around to slide his hand up & down Ted's cock. Ted came almost immediately.

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Then they switched roles. Since Doug had been ass-fucked by me, he was used to the feeling, and Ted had ass-fucked Marisol. The only difference was the genders, and neither of them got hung up on it.

From then on, they would get together every so often for fucking, sucking, enemas, enemas and sex, rectal massage whatever they felt like doing. Chad had two sisters. They were all sexualized from the beginning by Marisol and Ted, so the kids naturally played with each other's sex parts and fucked each other.

Chad really enjoyed fucking both the girls. The girls loved being fucked, front and back. The girls both sucked Chad and slid things through his anus. (Fortunately there were no ER events!) When he got older, Chad asked Ted to fuck him. All of the kids had orgasms from infancy, whether they were being stimulated by their parents or each other or us, or just an enema.

And so it went for generations, and my parents never knew anything except that long ago I had gotten lost in the city by taking the wrong bus and was missing for 4 days.