Hardcore threesome on the daybed

Hardcore threesome on the daybed
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In the grand scheme of things she knew she wasn't doing well off. She knew things weren't pretty, the cuts on her arms certainly showed that. Nobody ever looked closely enough to notice and nobody would want to deal with her say they noticed. "I promised myself one day I would stop; that was three years ago." She thought quietly to herself "Um I was looking for a certain book." Another stranger, another day.

It was the same thing for Steph. She quietly showed the lost girl where the book was.

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"thank you ma'am." The girl politely said. Stephanie looked towards her bag, briefly considering whether or not she should go after her arm. The old grandfather clock in the corner chimed. Three o clock, time to go. She slipped out the library and headed home.

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Upon walking into the house she knew instantly things weren't going to be pretty for her tonight. Her girlfriend had her friends over; at that moment Stephanie knew she wasn't going to get to sleep tonight. Ashley rushed up to her "Get your maids costume on now, the guys are waiting for their special entertainment." Steph walked upstairs and got changed. It was a typical maids costume except she wasn't allowed to wear panties underneath. She walked downstairs, nervous as to what to nights events might entail.

The sounds of beer cans being opened and the sound of drunks partying were normal sounds. "Hey there's our princess!" A guy yelled. Stephanie was bent across a table and she heard the unzipping of pants; a sound she never liked hearing. She could feel the soft motions of a cock rubbing against her clit.

"You like that huh, you dirty little slut." The guy who stated this gave her a harsh slap on her butt. Another guy stood in front of her face with his cock hanging out. "This is going to be a long night." She thought to herself. The guy rubbing his cock against her clit suddenly slammed her hips into his waist, shoving his cock deep inside her.

She yelped in pain. Her petite body wasn't used to a cock his size. She felt blood running down her thighs. This kind of abuse was normal, her body being used for sex.

Typical. "You gonna suck it or what?!" the guy in front of her yelled. The outburst startled her back into the present. She opened her mouth and leaned forward to lick it softly. This was her price for being held.


Flashbacks played in her mind. She yearned for comfort and safety. To lay her head on some ones chest and just fall into blissful slumber. Her girlfriend Ashley would allow this but only on the condition that Stephanie pleasures every guy Ashley wants her to.

The cock was forcefully rammed down her throat. Her main job was to just lay there, a sex doll. She felt his cock slide in and out of her mouth. She licked the underside and tried to stick her tongue out to lick the balls. He seemed to enjoy this. "You are a little slut now aren't you?" She pitifully looked up at him.

He was only focused on the pleasure she gave him. There was no warning. The semen blasted its way down her throat. She coughed and felt the guy finish in her ass. Her legs were weak and if she hadn't been lying on the table she would have collapsed. Her legs gave way and she was completely reliant on the table.

The guys grabbed the back straps of her maids costume and dragged her off the table. She collapsed on the floor in front of them. They stood over her defenseless body, admiring their prize. Ashley walked in and leaned next to her sex doll. "If you do well you can sleep on me tonight okay?" Stephanie, wanting that more than anything, nodded softly. She tried to find a better way to get the love she needed so much but being abused was the only way.

Memories of her past relationship came flooding back. Her previous boyfriend loved her and got her off the razor for four months. Then when the urges got their absolute strongest, he left. His last words were, "We are never speaking again, go away." And he walked away.

She had never felt pain that strongly before. She needed him for the nightly cuddling and loving air he provided. Her home life was brutal, crappy father, un acceptance of her girlfriends, and a list a mile long. Her reasons for needing lots of love were justified in her mind. You may think of her being clingy and needy but she knew that she needed lots of care for recovery. Her emotional status was well, you can guess.

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Ashley came along and they formed their deal. She pleasures any guy Ashley wants and Ashley herself, and in return Stephanie gets a loving partner that cuddles as much as Stephanie needs. Ashley walked out of the room and the guys positioned her in a way she had cocks filling all her holes. She begged them to just finish quickly. They smiled and told her they would take as long as they wanted. The guy inside her pussy started to ram her harshly. She was starting to feel sore.

He came inside her and she quietly thanked whatever was watching over her that she was sterile so it didn't matter if they came inside her. The guy stood up and another took his place. She closed her eyes feeling semen filling her holes. Finally the guys finished and left her on the floor and started putting their clothes.

She was coughing out semen when Ashley came down. "You look really pathetic lying in semen on the basement floor. Get up and take a shower. I'm not letting a dirty slut lay on me but I don't mind a clean slut." Stephanie hauled herself to her feet and promptly fell over.

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"God you're useless." Ashley muttered. Stephanie found herself being carried in Ashley's arms up the stairs. "Thank you." Stephanie thought she saw the faint glimpse of a loving look in Ashley's eyes but she looked up removing her eyes from Steph's view. Ashley carried Steph into the shower and laid her on the cold tiles then picked steph back up. Almost as if she didn't want Stephanie on the cold tiles.

Maybe she was growing a heart? Stephanie could only hope so. Ashley sat Stephanie on the toilet and unclothed her then herself. A few minutes later Steph found herself being laid on warm shower tiles and washed tenderly. This was the lovingness she needed so badly.


"You look so vulnerable and adorable. My little kitty. It's so nice to have my little princess naked in front of me." Stephanie put up no fight as her legs were spread apart and her clit rubbed gingerly. She let out a soft moan and spread her legs a little more.

"Are you allowing me to play with you?" Ashley asked softly. "I'm all yours." Ashley put her pussy against steph's and slowly started to grind against her.

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They both moaned in pleasure, Stephanie could feel her clit being rubbed and she felt herself being pulled closer to orgasm. Ashley jerked her body roughly as she came causing Stephanie to be sent into a world of pleasure. Stephanie shuddered and collapsed.

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Ashley giggled "You are seriously done aren't you? Alright my little doll, come on." Ashley turned the shower off and started to dry her little doll off. Ashley carried her into the bedroom and laid her on the bed then climbed in herself. Stephanie used the last of her strength to crawl on top of Ashley. She laid her head on Ashley's chest and threw a leg over hers.

They were curled up in a loving manner and they both fell asleep one much much happier than the other. You can guess who was happier. The next day was a Saturday, there was some pitter patter on the window and Steph knew it was raining. She laid there with her eyes closed and felt a soft pair of lips on hers.

Ashley sat on her hips and they passionately made out, lovingly. Stephanie had never been kissed this way by her mistress, if that's what Ashley can be called. She had never actually been used by Ashley, just her friends.

Anything between them has always been consensual with asking before and a thank you in some form afterwards. Stephanie pondered the possibility of Ashley actually caring about her. She laid there as her lover walked out of the room into the shower.

Steph stood in the kitchen, naked, making waffles for Ashley. Nothing requires her to do this but something inside her is compelling her to do small kind gestures. Maybe she actually likes her.


Ashley walked into the kitchen and wrapped her arms around Stephanie's waist. Her hand slowly inched towards Stephs crotch. It stopped inches before contact and Stephanie nodded softly and moaned as a tender hand stroked her pussy softly.

She steadied herself on the counter. "There are a few things I wanna eat right now and you're one of them." Stephanie could feel herself blushing.

They ate their breakfast cuddling on the couch. "Do you actually care for me?" Stephanie asked quietly. They shared a small house together, Stephanie pays for half and Ashley covers the other half. They met a year back on a park bench. Stephanie was crying and Ashley asked what was wrong, they made their pact and that was that. Ashley does nice things occasionally like take her to a movie or carry her to bed.

But mainly Ashley gives her to sex craving guys. Stephanie wished that things were different or that she had a loving relationship that didn't involve what it has now. You couldn't actually call it rape because Stephanie allows it. She says yes but mostly because she gets to be cuddled afterwards. So in a certain degree it is. "Of course I care for my little princess. Who else will?" Stephanie left things at that. Ashley wrapped her arm around her and pulled Steph close.

This was the most love outside of their contract Steph has received from Ashley. "Looking at you last night I realized something." Stephanie wondered what was coming, knowing her lover she assumed it was something bad. "You're so vulnerable and precious and you give so much for so…" She didn't finish her sentence. There was a knock on the door, Stephanie knew exactly what this entailed. Ashley smiled and said "Well back to work for you sugar." Stephanie got up and opened the door.

Three guys walked in and copped a few feels on the way in. "Hey boys!" Ashley cheerily said. Stephanie stood behind them as they talked. "Okay you have all day with her and you may do what you want with the exception of killing her. I have errands to run so have fun with her." Ashley walked out the door leaving Stephanie alone.

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She looked up at the three guys looming over her. They smiled and grabbed her arms and legs. She was not going to even fight back but they tied her up anyways.

Her body belonged to them. They fondled her breasts roughly, then a guy sat on her chest, titty fucking her. She couldn't breathe but she was not allowed to say stop. She felt her legs being spread apart. For half a second she tried to close them, her pussy still felt sore and raw from the previous night. "You're gonna pay for that." The guy responded. She felt a cock slide up and down her pussy before slipping it inside her.

For the first time in a year she voiced her thoughts. "Please don't do this to me." Stephanie gave a pitiful look to the guy slipping his cock inside of her. "You belong to us today princess so shut up and take it." He slammed his cock completely inside of her. She cried out in pain but he seemed to get off on that. Tears welled up in Stephanie's eyes. "Please, my knight in shining armor. Please come save me." She thought to herself.

"Her knight had never come and they never will." The guy holding her right arm suddenly yelled out "Hey she likes blades." The guy had seen her cuts.

Usually guys only saw her breast or pussy or mouth. They never saw her arms. "Oh fun. Mike, get a knife from the kitchen." "Please don't do this. I beg you, please!

You could seriously hurt me." "Do I look like I care about if you get hurt? Too bad I enjoy using blades on my girls." Six hours later, Ashley returned home to find Stephanie on the ground in a pool of blood and semen. "Oh my god Steph!" She ran over and held Stephanie in her arms.

A soft cough and sputtering came from Stephanie. "Thank god you're okay." Stephanie had over forty cuts over her body and had swallowed nine loads. "I'm so sorry I abandoned you." Only a few words emerged from Stephanie. "My knight was supposed to save me." The last thing Stephanie saw was Ashley crying as her vision slowly turned to black.