Alte Oma mit jungen Mädchen und ihrem Dildo masturbiert

Alte Oma mit jungen Mädchen und ihrem Dildo masturbiert
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Fbailey story number 567 The Year Was 1959 A history lesson: Bonanza premiered and it was the first weekly television series to be broadcast completely in color.

Other television programs at the time included "Rawhide" and "The Twilight Zone." Movies included "Some Like it Hot", " Sleeping Beauty," and "North by Northwest." Alaska was admitted to the union and becomes the 49th state and then Hawaii was admitted to the Union and became the 50th State.

Little girls fell in love with the Barbie Doll. Wham-O introduced the "Frisbee." The St Lawrence Seaway was completed, linking the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean.

Dwight D. Eisenhower was the President of the United States and Richard M. Nixon was the Vice-President. Fidel Castro came into power in Cuba. NASA introduced America's first astronauts to the world including John H. Glenn, Jr., and Alan Shepard, Jr.


The first pictures of Earth that were taken from space, were taken by Explorer 6. The chartered plane transporting musicians Buddy Holly, Richie Valens, and the Big Bopper went down in an Iowa snowstorm, killing all four occupants on board.

The tragedy was later termed "The Day the Music Died," popularized in Don McLean's song, "American Pie." 1959 had a yearly inflation rate of 1%.

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The average cost of a new house was $12,400. The average yearly wage was $5,010. The cost of a gallon of gas was 25 cents. The average cost of a new car was $2,200. A movie ticket was $1, a loaf of bread was 20 cents, and ladies stockings were $1. The U.S. Post Office banned D.

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H. Lawrence's "Lady Chatterley's Lover" from the mails on obscenity grounds. Playboy magazine debuted, featuring Marilyn Monroe as its first centerfold.

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"The Battle of New Orleans" by Johnny Horton was one of the most popular songs of the year. +++++ The story: 1959 was a great year for me too, I was twelve years old, and I had graduated from the eighth grade and I was going into high school in the fall. The girls all wore dresses and the boys wore pants, girls had long hair and boys didn't, no one had piercings or tattoos unless you were a pirate or a Navy man that had crossed the Equator.

It was a time when gay meant happy, queer meant that you were somewhat strange, and intercourse meant a conversation. Being a high school student made me sort of important, even though I had started kindergarten early and had never failed a grade. Three girls in my class were a year older than I was but were also going into high school in the fall. They were talking about how the high school girls dated, kissed, and even had sex. They asked me if I would mind practicing kissing with them.

They didn't want to screw it up on their first real date. Apparently I didn't count, they had their sights set on older boys that were already in high school. We went to a secluded place along the lake where I used to fish. At first we kissed but it was like kissing your mother. None of us knew what we were doing so they took turns kissing me and telling the others how it was. One of the girls grabbed a hold me and hugged me into her breasts tightly and ground her breasts into me as we kissed.

She told the girls about a tingle between her legs. I had a hard on and they were pleased. The next girl pressed her crotch hard against my leg. She said that had given her pussy a real tingle. It was the first time that I had ever heard the word pussy.

She told them that my hard cock felt good on her clit. Now I had heard the word cock but my mother would never allow me to say it. Clit on the hand was another new word. When I asked what her clit was she said that we could play doctor the next day. Well I had played doctor once before but that girl was a lot younger than I was and not older than me.

I jerked off that night falling asleep. The next day I met the girls and we headed to one of their houses.

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She told her mother that they wanted to practice dancing with a boy and that I had volunteered. She decided that with three of them I couldn't get away with anything. Boy, was she wrong, and I wasn't the one that she should have been worrying about. In her bedroom Judy turned on the music, made it loud enough to disturb her mother, and told the other girls to sort of dance around to make some noise that could be heard downstairs.

That way her mother would not get suspicious. Then it was time to play doctor, show and tell, and touch and feel. She said that I had to get naked first.

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I had never been naked in front of anyone in years let alone three girls. Somehow the thought of seeing them naked helped me get through it. I stood there in front of them naked, with my hard-on sticking almost straight up. Then I watched as Judy undressed. She was the first girl that I had ever seen naked. Judy had nice breasts and a fury pussy. At her suggestion we got on her bed together as the other two girls, Brie and Nina danced around to make noise.

Judy got on her back, pulled me over her, and sucked my cock into her mouth. Brie shoved my head down into Judy's pussy and said, "Go for it.

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Feel her up, finger fuck her, and get a good taste of her pussy. I think she tastes great." I just looked up at Brie in disbelief. She put her head right in there and used her fingers to open Judy up. We looked inside and then Brie shoved two fingers into Judy, causing her to flinch a little under me. Brie sucked one finger and offered me the other. Brie then stuck her tongue into Judy and kissed me.

After that I didn't need any further instructions. Having my cock sucked was great but when Judy shouted "Now," I was totally confused.


Once again it was Brie that had me get up, spin around, and shove my cock into Judy's pussy. Because of my excitement I started to cum right away.

Brie said, "Good boy, now stay right in there and cum two more times without pulling out." I was still totally confused but I had just lost my virginity and it felt great, besides I had two more to go. Fantastic! As my cock grew inside Judy, Brie explained that her older sister had told her how to do it. The first time you suck him until he is ready to explode then you have him shove it in.

That way it hurts less. Then he has to do it two more times without pulling out. After that you have to have sex with him and no one else every day for three months.

After that you can have sex with anyone that you want too. It sounded hokey to me but I was going to be fucking three girls all summer. The next day I got to cum in Brie three times after a great blowjob. I then had to fuck Judy. The following day I got to cum in Nina three times before fucking Judy and Brie.

I was glad that there were just three of them. I hate to say it but cumming five times in a short while was more than I could handle.

I'm not sure that Brie got her fair share of my cum. After the initial breaking in period I just had to fuck them each once but I took turns switching them around to first, second, and third places.


After the first month Brie's sister told her that she needed to try different positions and loaned her a book. We laughed at most of the positions but we were able to try more than fifty of them before school started. The three girls moved on to the older guys in high school and were invited to a lot of parties because they would put out. However, Brie's older sister took an interest in me even though she was a senior and I was a freshman. She already knew that I had fucked her little sister ninety times as well as Judy and Nina.

In her eyes I was not a mere freshman, I was a sex machine. After school she would come to my house and we would have sex three or four times and in different positions. By Christmas we had attempted every position in the book at least once.

Then I started getting invited to parties. Judy, Brie, and Nina would be up in a bedroom with an endless line of cocks waiting to cum in them.

They had reputations for being easy, a sure thing, and being tramps. They looked at it as being popular and social climbing. Meanwhile I would have two or three very pretty older girls looking to try a new position, one that they may enjoy and find interesting.

I was their sex teacher. When Judy got pregnant it was no surprise. The big surprise was that Brie and Nina hadn't become pregnant too. Judy had a hard time telling her parents that she had no idea who the father was.

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Her mother couldn't believe that Judy had let over a hundred boys fuck her. I was the only boy that couldn't be the father, because I hadn't fucked her in several months. Brie's older sister asked me to be her Senior Prom date. Mom was surprised but helped me pick out a suite and a corsage. It was a nice event and one that I would never forget. I was taken into the girl's locker room where about thirty senior girls thanked me for teaching them about sex.

When the yearbooks came out mine was signed by about a hundred and fifty girls but not one single boy. I guess that tells you something.

For the next three years I had all the girls that I wanted. The End The Year Was 1959 567