Fetish hos head in toilet

Fetish hos head in toilet
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STARTER. There is a saying that it never rains but it pours. Well, the other day, it was pouring - the heavens had opened and god's bathwater was flooding the land.

A strong wind was driving the rain almost horizontally; umbrellas were useless as they kept being blown inside out and one had to lean heavily into the torrent. It was only just after 11am but street lights had already been switched on, and I had had to put on a table lamp and turn the gas fire up to full. I stood gazing out of the window, thanking my lucky stars that I didn't need to go out in this deluge.

I was aware of two little figures huddled in the recess of my doorway, desperately trying to shelter from the elements. It was the school uniforms which stood out, white blouses with short blue skirts and a blue blazer with the school crest on the pocket. It seemed strange that they weren't in school at this time of the morning. They looked thoroughly miserable, and wet; I took pity on them and went to the door.

I opened it and they nearly fell in, having pushed themselves hard against the door, trying to keep out of the swirling torrents that were whipping along the street.

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"Sorry," said the taller of the two, "We were taking shelter from the rain. I hope you don't mind?" "Not at all," I replied, eyeing their young bodies up and down and noting the swell of breasts under their blouses. "Would you like to come in and get dried? I've got a nice warm fire on." They looked each other, wondering no doubt if it was a wise thing to do, going into a stranger's house. "I'm not going to keep the door open," I said, "The rain is driving in." "You wouldn't mind?", asked the smaller girl, " We don't want to waste your time." I thought that was a rather strange thing to say, '.

waste your time.' but shrugged it off. Perhaps it was another of today's 'in' ways of expressing themselves. I brought them in and showed them into the living room. "My god!", I exp "You are soaking!" They stood there, literally dripping onto the carpet; faces with rivulets of water running down their cheeks and chins, their jackets hanging low with the amount of water they had absorbed, shoes sodden.


"Please, let me take these wet things and hang them in front of the fire to dry." Putting their school bags down, they removed their jackets and handed them to me. "You're not going to school today?", I enquired. "We're 'dogging' it - you know, bunking off." "Ah, so what were you planning to do all day?" I asked.They looked at each other again and shrugged their shoulders.

"We hadn't planned anything, but we weren't expecting rain." replied the taller girl. "You can stay here if you like. It's forecast to be torrential rain all today and tomorrow." I said, thinking that it might be fun having them stay for several hours. "Anyway, it'll take a while for your clothes to dry." They nodded agreement and thanked me, they would be very grateful provided I wasn't going to do anything else. "Well, please sit down and make yourselves comfortable.

A drink perhaps?" "I'd love an alcoholic drink if you wouldn't mind, I'm freezing." said the small one. "No problem, whiskey, vodka, beer?" "Yes please." they answered in unison, giving girlish laughs.

Coming right up." I said, heading for the kitchen. "Look, we should get to know each other better seeing as we're going to spend the day together. I'm Jay." "I'm Stella," said the taller girl, "I'm 14, and she's Margaret, she's 13." Now that introductions had been made, I went to arrange their drinks. Now, for those who don't know, an equal measure of whiskey and vodka, makes a fairly lethal cocktail in the 'getting one drunk quickly' stakes.

I poured out large measures of each -"Want anything in your drinks?" I called. "More of the same." came the reply, followed by laughter. On hearing that, I poured another measure of each spirit into their glasses - that made triple dozes, potential time bombs, I just hoped they could take it!

My own tipple was whiskey with some water, so I poured myself a large one (just to keep them company!). I returned to the living room and stopped dead in my tracks - Stella had removed her blouse and hung it on a peg behind the door. "I hope you don't mind," she said,"It's absolutely soaked and not very comfortable to wear." She stood there, about 5'6" in height, perhaps 9 stones in weight, slim and auburn haired and with beautifully formed breasts ( I reckoned 38 inches) encompassed by a pale pink bra printed with little butterflies of differing colours.

Stifling the urge to rush forward and take them into my hands I strode forward and handed her her drink. "No, that's fine, I did say to make yourself at home. I didn't want to frighten you earlier but I do think you should take your skirt off too, it's sopping wet and you don't want to risk getting pneumonia." Without hesitation, she handed me back the drink and undoing the side zip, she dropped her short skirt and stepped out of it, then took her drink out of my shaky fingers.

Overly small and tight panties in blue with a little white bow sewn onto the top of the crotch made the blood start to race through my body. "Can I take mine off too?" asked Margaret, starting to disrobe before I had a chance to answer. Her 13 year old body, 5'4" and about 9 stones with hair that I can only describe as 'mousey' and breasts which had not too long ago, begun to fill out to a 32", quickly came onto view - a white plain bra under the blouse, and a pair of traditional blue knickers under her skirt.

Shakily, I picked up the discarded clothes, taking them to the bathroom and hanging them carefully over the pulley. They were both sitting on the settee when I returned, taking large sips from their drinks glasses.

I sat in my chair, facing them and drinking in their looks and shape of their scantily clad figures. My blood was racing throughout my body, my dick and started to expand and was making a visible and growing bulge in my pants.

I crossed my legs to hide my obvious interest in their physiques. We started chit chatting about nothing in particular, my eyes constantly scanning their nubile bodies, thinking lewd but exciting thoughts of what I could do with them given half a chance. I reckoned I was already 50% there! As the levels in the glasses sank towards the bottom, words became rather muddled and slurred, causing us all to burst out laughing.

++Bad spellers of the world untie++, ++There's no loof like a nold fool++, ++Blow jobs, suck++ - there was wild giggling at that one. I went down on all fours and crawled across the floor to between Stella's knees, forcing her legs apart.

++May you never get ants in your pants." I mumbled into the sweetness of her little blue panties. "Can't hear you," laughed Stella, "Say it again." I sank my head harder against her crotch, this time opening my mouth and engulfing her labia with my lips, exhaling hot air, "Your pussy is hot." She giggled but slid down the settee, the movement pulling her skimpy pants tighter up her crack, then spreading her legs even wider.

Taking my hand, I slowly peeled aside the fabric covering her soft mound, exposing a neatly manicured bush, trimmed to a heart shape. The down point of the heart ended where her labia crack began. Her lips were slightly puffy and pink, with just a suggestion of moisture between them - and oh, so inviting. I didn't hesitate in kissing those pink lips, then sliding my tongue between them and into her secret crevasse.

She tasted sugary sweet, and very hot. My probing mouth digit explored the cavity, feeling the softness of her lips and her stiffening clitoral bud. It literally grew within my mouth as I licked and sucked it, pulling it gently with my teeth and lips, teasing it to it's full potential. She started to writhe her bottom from side to side as I continued administering to her now wet and pulsing pussy.

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As I pushed my tongue into her vaginal passage, I felt her walls start to ripple in anticipation, the opening beginning to contract. My middle finger entered her pussy which immediately gripped it. I pushed into her, then retracted to her entrance, then slid it back up inside her, rubbing her G spot as I entered and withdrew.

She was breathing heavily if somewhat raggedly, her back was arched, pushing her twat down on my fucking finger. I increased the speed of the finger fuck, rapidly sliding in and out of her now dripping passage, juices dribbling down my hand and round over her butt hole. With no further warning, she bucked and twisted and bounced, short hissing gasps emanating from between clenched teeth. A jet of liquid shot into my face, hot and slightly salty/sweet as she came to a most vibrant orgasm.

MY god - a squirter !

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I had never experienced one before, but surprised as I was, I felt an overwhelming sense of power. **It is claimed by some medical gurus, that all women have the capacity to squirt ejaculate, provide the right techniques are used!** I was riveted to the spot by the experience, my finger still in her cunt, watching her arch and buck and spew liquid all over the place. Margaret was staring wide eyed and her jaw had dropped to her chest - she was totally motionless.

As Stella's climax subsided, I slowly eased my finger out of her dripping cunt, then offered it to her to lick, which she did automatically, her eyes glazed and rolling up. "Are you all right?" I asked, now slightly worried.

"What happened?", she panted, "Wow, that's never happened before. Fuck! You are good, Jay. That was the most.". She trailed off, at a complete loss. There were several moments of silence as we each absorbed what had just occurred. Margaret was the first to break the silence. "Me - I want to do that, come on Jay - give me that too." I'm, if I'm anything, a trier and always up for challenge, but I did warn Margaret that I'd never had this done before and that she might not react in the same way, "But I'll try not to disappoint you." I moved over to her and pulled her gently down the settee so that her legs hung over the edge of the seat.

Removing her school knickers then her bra, she lay expectantly, watching my every move. Her small rounded breasts and delicate pink nipples surrounded by a darker areola, gazed back at me, taut but pliable, nipples already stiff and pointed like little beacons. Letting my eyes take in every contour of her delicate figure, my gaze slowly travelled down from those divine tits, over her stomach and across the flatness of her belly, to the shaping of her groin - to a beautiful and naked pube, prominent above the slash between her small legs.

I licked my lips; my mouth was dry with longing to slide in to her virginal canal. I bent forward and gave her labia a long kiss, aware of the warmth rising from between her legs. Gently I inserted the tip of my tongue and prised her lips apart. At the same time, I slid my hands up the length of her nubile body and cupped them round her tits, tweaking and rolling her nipples with my fingers.


I heard her intake of breath followed by, "That's nice, Jay." I continued to run my tongue in and round her cunt opening, tickling her clitoris, nibbling it with teeth and lips. A movement on my right caught my attention, Stella was moving down to me, on her knees and watching me sucking her friend's cunny.

Deliberately I kept licking and sucking that previously unexplored region of Margaret's anatomy, feeling her moisture building in her cunt and seeping out to feed my hungry mouth. I was licking from the bottom of her crack up to the top, long slow movements, in passing sliding my tongue deep into her now wet hole. The speed of licking and intensity of my 'loving' Margaret, increased as more love juice flowed from that little hot cunt and her breathing became more rapid and shallow.

Stella had taken hold of my flaccid dick and was slowly rubbing it, moving my foreskin up and down the shaft, making it slowly grow in her hand. I pushed my middle finger in to the opening of Margaret's cunt and felt the resistance of her opening.

I wasn't going to be stopped now; I forced my finger gently further up that tight passage, feeling her arch her back and hearing her gasp. I could feel her hymen but continued to push in; a tiny trickle of blood slid down my finger. Her spongy G spot became the focus of my caresses, as I moved my finger in and out, always increasing the speed and listening for the tell-tale signs that she was heading for climax.

Within minutes, I got my reward, Margaret began to buck her bum up and down, pushing her cunt down hard against my hand and uttering soft mewing noises. My tongue never stopped licking and sucking her clit, my finger never relaxed it's fucking of her cunt, my other hand never relaxed the grip on her tits - and she blew ! "Oh. Jesus.Ahhhhhhhh.fuck's sake. shit. No.no.no.Noooooo." As her orgasm crashed through her body - I imagined her seeing flashing lights, pulsing sounds of blood pounding through her body, an incredible tingling starting in her toes and ripping up the length of her body, culminating in her cries of ecstasy.

Perspiration trickled from her brow, a dribble of saliva ran out of her mouth, lube juice flowed from her cunt - she was truly soaked! She wasn't disappointed that she didn't squirt, she was happy to have had her first full- blown orgasm . now she wanted more - to feel a prick. Stella wanted to feel one too .

inside her. MAIN COURSE. She had been stroking my prick for some time, it was a glorious feeling having her soft hand round my member, but my concentration had been on Margaret so I had not achieved full erection.

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Now that her little friend was satiated for the moment, I could turn my attention to what was going in below me. As I looked down at her, she looked up at me and smiled. "This is much better than going to crummy old lessons." she said, bending and giving my glans a kiss. "Ah," I said, "You learn something new and interesting every day - in or out of school. You can put this down to extra curriculum studies." She giggled, "Will I be tested at the end?" I laughed, "It's a course work assessment your doing, so your marked as you go along." She bent her head to my prick, sliding it into her mouth, "Them I'd bettum work hardm." she mumbled.

"Were you never taught not to speak with your mouth full?" I replied, and leant back on my haunches to enjoy the blow job she was giving.


This girl had had experience of sucking dicks; her pink tongue worked it's way round the head of my prick, slid down the shaft, wrapped itself round the base then, drawing air out of her mouth to create what was nearly a vacuum, pulled upward stretching me to full erection.

Down her mouth slid taking me deep, so deep I felt the back of her throat and the swallowing reflexes as 'Dick' was eaten alive. "Fuck that's good." I breathed heavily, pushing myself deeper into her. She was lying on her side, one leg bent up at the knee, rubbing between her legs. Margaret, now recovered apart from a red face, came down and lay between Stella's legs, kissing her thighs and massaging her breasts with one hand.

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Her mouth was pushed deep into the neatly trimmed bush, tongue working furiously in and out of the still wet and swollen cunny. I could hear the lapping noises as she ate Stella's cunt while Stella slurped her way up and down my shaft. "Wait," I said, reluctantly removing my prick from Stella's throat, "Why don't you two play with each other for a while, I'll watch." Soft moans of approval and nodding of heads.

I pulled back and directed Stella round to face Margaret's little bald pussy. In the 69 position, lying on their sides, they munched at each others privates while I kept my stifffy 'in hand', slowly keeping my erection going. With legs wrapped round each others heads, the girls licked and lapped, running tongues over labia lips, sliding in between to the recesses of their cunts, and flicking stiff little clits. After a while, being the slightly bigger of the two, Stella rolled onto her back and positioned Margaret on top.

It was a beautiful sight, a typical male fantasy watching two girls eat each other out; I couldn't resist and lay down beside them, sliding my hands in between their soft writhing bodies, to squeeze and caress their breasts and hard nipples.

Playing with their soft mammaries and tweaking and rolling their peaks between my fingers, increased their wantonness, and the munching and squishing of mouths and tongues in each others pussy's increased violently.

This was raw lust at it's best; 'fuck and be fucked' was the clear message; 'open that cunt and let me in'; 'drink my juices bitch'; 'stick it where it does most good'! The two sweating and shameless bodies writhed and moaned as they drove each other towards orgasm. I slid my hands up and down their stomachs and breast, feeling the heat and sweat and trembling bellies of animalistic passion - to erupt finally in spasms of shaking and bucking limbs, loud moaning and squealing and cussing, juices flowing from ragged cunts into open and eager mouths.

A stillness fell over the room, the silence broken only by the noises of laboured breathing and rasping of two sweat soaked bodies rubbing against each other.

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Even I was sweating, never had I seen such passion in so young girls - but it was beautiful, and it seemed meant to be. It was a passion of love and lust, of the realisation that the human body is meant to be enjoyed to the full, no matter it's imperfections. The act was not just Complete - it was also Replete.

THE SWEET. We lay in a heap on the floor, the girls spent physically, me emotionally. The longer I gazed at these two little minxes, the more I wanted to impale them on my prick. Margaret was in an ideal position to be taken; lying on top of Stella with her legs spread wide apart, little pussy wet with saliva and lube juice.

Time was precious, there seemed no point in wasting it - these cuties would soon be going home and I might never see them again. I got up and lifted Margaret's little bottom up, drawing her knees underneath her, her face still lying between Stella's thighs.

Lubricating my member with some saliva, I began to rub him up and down her small gash, rubbing the sensitive underside of my glans over her clit and up to her tiny tanned butt hole, then down again, spreading the wetness all over her nether region.

Her outer labia lips were still swollen, her pink opening no longer virginal in technical terms, but without experience of a male prick, inviting me to enter. Her inner labia was open and spread revealing her tunnel of love.

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Slowly and gently, I pushed myself into her opening, the tightness gradually giving way to the head of my dick. Little gasps came from her mouth and I noticed her hands clenching the carpet.

"Please tell me if this hurts too much, or you want me to stop." She shook her head from side to side negatively. As I slowly entered her cavern, pushing myself in centimetre by centimetre, her channel of desire stretched to accept my engorged shaft.

Past her G spot and deeper into her cunt until I had fully entered my 7 inches, the head resting against her cervix.

Hot and wet, gripped tightly by the walls of her vagina, I withdrew until only my glans remained in her, then slowly sliding in again, caressing her spongy G spot every time I moved. She was so tight, I had difficulty in controlling my ejaculation but I made my mind think of Stella still to come.

Little bucking movements against my pubic bone told me that Margaret was enjoying being shafted and was ready for more. I gradually increased the speed of thrusts, gripping her rounded bottom to control the speed and depth of penetration. I heard moaning and became aware that Stella was rubbing Margaret's clit while I sped up my thrusting. Little Margaret began to arch and buck her butt, pushing against me harder and faster, her breathing ragged.

I couldn't hold on to my cum much longer and when she started to whimper and mew, I blew the gasket holding my sperm. Whoosh! The first load of cum shot deep into the tunnel - Whoosh, a second pulse of hot jism was unloaded, coating her cunt walls and my shaft, making my thrusting easier and faster. Load after load shot from my prick, filling that small cunt with hot and sticky liquid. Margaret was trembling in an almost uncontrollable manner, her head hanging down between Stella's thighs, panting heavily.

I remained inside her cunt until 'he' started to collapse then gradually slip out, only to be gobbled up by Stella's hungry mouth, sucking off the cum and love juices. I fell forward over Margaret's back, forcing her to collapse on top of her friend, just like a filling in a sandwich. We were spent - but not finished!

Stella wriggled out from underneath us. "Come on, Jay, fuck me." she said in a husky voice. "You'll have to give me time," I gasped, "I'm not as young as you, I have to have a rest in between." "Well don't take too long, I want to feel you in my pussy - I want to feel your cum all inside me." she replied, rolling me off the limp body below and onto my back, at the same time taking my limp dick between her lips.

I lay as in a dream, recouping my thoughts and energy, feeling my little friend Dick, now not quite so little thanks to Stella's nursing touch, raising his head and his one eye taking in the surroundings. A little trimmed heart hovered over him, teasing and taunting. Stella slowly lowered herself onto my prick, holding him firmly as she guided it inexorably into her cavity.

It was a melange of cunt juice and saliva. Without pausing, she lowered her canal all the way, taking me full depth into that heavenly enclosure.

Firm without being tight, I was gripped by vaginal walls, slippery and already starting to ripple up and down, trying to draw me and my forthcoming spunk, deep into her innards.

Her beautiful tits hung above me invitingly, nipples pointing inches from my mouth. I reach up and caressed them, pulling them into my open mouth and started to suck and chew on her stiff cones. My ass began to rise and fall, matching my rhythm to oppose those of Stella's.

As she lifted off, I pulled down, leaving only the glans inside. The feeling as I was sucked back deep into her, was orgasmic and I felt my balls fill with more jizm. She lowered the small of her back bringing our pubes tighter together while angling my dick to scrub across her G spot every time my shaft went passed. For what seemed like ages, we humped and ground ourselves together, until the pressure in me built to an uncontrollable level.

"I'm cumming." I groaned, only to hear her say the same. My cock blasted the first load into the entrance of her cunt, making her wetter and stickier as I thrust back into her, the second load spurted out at my deepest point.

I felt it coat my shaft as it was bounced back off her cervix, forcing itself back down her passage to drip out and run down my ass crack. She was bouncing up and down like a dervish, twisting her pelvis as she fucked the life out of me. Small moans and grunts issued from between her clenched teeth as she rode to Valhalla. Ooohhh's and Ahhh's, Geeze and Fuck were all I heard from her as she fell forward onto my chest. My dick was still spewing spunk, so slippery was her cunt that I began to lose her grip and started to slide out of her.

We were spent anyway, running in sweat and spunk, so the remnants of cum which pumped out of my retreating prick, settled on my belly. It was a long time that we lay exhausted and rung out, only the rasping sounds of our breathing indicating that we were alive. When Stella's weight on top became too much, did I roll her over onto her back.

Margaret must have dozed off at some stage, as she came to with a start, "Let me suck it." she blurted out, looking about her. When she saw the remnants of cum on my belly, she leant over and licked it up, giving my flaccid dick several small kisses. I moaned and gently pushed her away - no more, I couldn't take any more. Not for a while, at least ! There was one thing I didn't know after our cavorting .

Whether their clothes were dry ! ;-)