Hunk is pounding a taut and chaste shaved honey pot

Hunk is pounding a taut and chaste shaved honey pot
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i was walking my way to algreba with my friend rachel, we where having a conversation about the usual teenage drama bullshit in the school, whos doing who, who likes who, all that jucy gossip. she started talking to me about this boy cody. i questioned? cody?

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who's that? he's that new kid in our english class. he just came here 3 days ago. i had just remembered i wasn't there the day he arrived, or the day after because i was sick.

rachel was telling me about how perfect he was for me. he had dark brown hair rising just above his shoulders, hazel eyes, side bangs, and was a total rocker hottie, i overheard that he plays the bass.

i licked my lips, and thought to myself, bass players, they always turned me on. my heart skipped a beat, with a grin on my face. the next day in english class i was determined to find this cody. i glanced to my right as mrs. S.

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called on cody, i turned around and my mind went blank, he was so hot. my heart began skipping beats as he looked me straight in the eye, we stared at eachother as if are vision was glued together. after class i felt a tap on my shoulder and it was cody. he said hi and that he couldn't help but to stare into my precious big, brown bright, round eyes. he gently strocked my arm with his strong hands all the way down to my waist. i almost melted right then and there as i felt my clit throbbing and my heart beat pounding faster, my whole body was on vibrate as i kept tingiling.

he said, i heard you sing really well, and you'd like to jam with me? my face turned cherry red as i was blushing uncontrollably. i could feel flutters in my tummy as i was in love. he asked if i was ok and i just bobbled my head saying, yes cody. and ofcourse we could totally jam. i stuttered. he smurked and gave me a wink, we gave eachothers numbers, and he gave me a tight hug goodbye.

i was eager to pull him in closer. later that night i got a phone call from cody and we talked about so much things and connected on a whole new level, it was amazing. like the good girl i should be, after i got of the phone i had to do my homework, well luckily cody helped me with my english homework.

the minute i was done i ran to my room with body still on vibrate. luckily no one was home so i could fuck myself as hard as i wanted without any disruptions.


i began unbuttoning my blue dennum ripped jeans, and throwing them off, as my pink laced thong was completley soaked in my cum. i began flicking my fingers in and out of my pussy and teased myselfthen gently massaged my clit with 2 fingers slowly while thinking of cody. i was begging for something to stimulate my tight entrance, i felt inside myself as i jammed three fingers in my twat, hard.

i felt my wet cunt get even wetter. as i imagined cody doing this to me and moaned in pleasure. i took my rabbitt vibrator out began sucking the toy pertending it was codys nice shaft in my mouth. then placed the ears right against my aching clit begging for pleasure as i rolled my head back.

the vibrations sent a wave throughout my body which made me want him even more.


the next day at school i walked in english class and cody glared his eyes at me as i decided to wear something more revealing that day, my top showed my 34C perky cleavlage, as my sore nipples where poking through my top out of sexual desire for cody. luckily i was wearing a bra, but i new soon that would come off. cody licked his lips and we talked all through out the day, and skipped 5th period. i could tell he wanted me. just the sound of his voice makes me ooze in my panties.

a few days later cody came to my house to jam with me, like he had said, and boy, did we jam eachother. we just began to play music, and everything was so perfect, i could feel the tension rising, we stopped playing because my dog peed on the carpet, and i had to clean it up.

as i was bending down, cody got a tremendous view of my round, and tight ass in my skinny jeans, my ass was sore after cody began to spank me. he told me he was sorry but he couldn't help it but everything about me just makes him go crazy. i turn over and to my surprise cody's cock rising in his pants and oh how bad i wanted to swallow all of his cum.


i replied, don't be. i leaned in, and he began to passionatley kiss me, then nibbled on my neck. it got me so hot. he laid me down on my bed and began swirling his thumb around my clit in circles, i moaned lightly, '' oh, cody, that feels so nice'' then viroshously kissed me more, are saliva was slippery together as he tounged my throat.

he ripped my pants off, and kept stroking his nice, soft, warm hands gently around my clit, and slowly began to slide down to my pussy lips. i was melting so much he could barley keep himself there because my twat was so slippery full of sensual juices. he kissed my pussy and began to lick back and fourth, spitting.

adding wetness. he went in deep and began munching away, oh cody, that feels so fucking good, i moaned. keep going baby, i think i'm gonna cum '' but as soon as i said that he stopped. smirked at me, and teased me with his fingers, getting me even more hot, knowing it got me dissapointed but he said when you cum you will feel incredible, but right know i wanna see you beg and see how bad you wanna cum, but not until your master lets you.

understand? i said yes master anything commanding his every world like his little horny whore i was. i was overwhelmed with sexual pleasure, he rammed 3 fingers up my tight little pussy and went faster than i ever have, i began gasping for breath, and screamed oh, master, ugh! master, master may i please cum? not yet my whore. master! master!

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i screamed in pleasure as he wouldnt stop flicking his fast thick fingers into my wet cunt, i cummed all over my bed. i.

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just. couldn't stop myself. my master cody licked it clean, and said you think that was good? just wait for this, he whipped out 8 inches of pure gold, and rubbed it around me, teasing me once again.

you want this? you want this inside your tight pussy? huh? huh? yes master .how bad i wanted it in my mouth. please master, let me suck your, nice, hard, thick, cock. good, because you have to suck it if you want it inside you. it was so hard and long, it was calling my name. in this moment i new i was his mistress, and he was my slave, i was now in control. i began to tease his meat with the tip of my tounge like he did to me, flickering back and fourth, as i slowly gravitated towards his whole shaft, i marked my way down, cody yanked my hair back and i pleasured the head of his meat, kissing it, and praising him.

i fit the whole thing in my mouth, it felt so warm inside me, cody loved it, he could feel the muscles in my mouth wrapped around his throbbing cock, he was so horny his veins were popping. oh mistress.he grunted. i shook his dick and whipped it around my face some more, then grasped his cock harder, to release juicy semen all over my round perky tits. my nipples where so tender from all the tension going on.

before i could even think, cody nailed me against him and jammed his 8 inches inside me. it felt so good, my clit was begging for a good fucking all year. he pounded on top of me, practically strangiling me to my bed, not letting me have anything else but his pleasure warming inside me. i began to scream the harder he fucked me, oh harder, oh baby harder! it feels so fucking good, master please, bite my neck, leave a mark, i don't care who sees at school!

he began to dig his teeth within my neck so far i bleed, it felt great while he was pounding my tight wet pussy and exploded warm cum inside me, thank god i was on birthcontrol for acne. the next day in english he smiled again, we both had marks all over are necks, everyone stared, but we didn't care. rachels mouth dropped, saying, well i guess i know what happened between you guys, and boy did it happen.

that was the best high school expierence i've ever had, we ended up in a relationship and we couldn't be happier.