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Schwuler gay sex
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Pete just stood and looked around at the other guys. He saw that some were starting to dress in their uniforms, but a few were standing and looking shocked at what they'd been instructed to do. "I notice a certain reluctance in some of you girls," observed Mistress Ruth. "Let's see if I can convince you to get dressed.

Petra, you seem to be the most reluctant to get dressed. Disobedience will NOT be tolerated." With that, Mistress Ruth brought her cane down hard on Pete's left cheek, swiftly followed by another stroke on his right cheek. Pete screamed in agony.

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"Did I give you permission to make a sound, Petra?" Mistress Ruth asked. "No, you didn't," Pete retorted, "And my name is PETE, not Petra." "You have earned yourself some additional punishment, Petra.

You did not address me as Mistress Ruth, you spoke without permission, and you refused to accept your new name. For each of these transgressions you will receive six strokes of my cane and after each stroke you will say out loud 'my name is Petra, I must respect Mistress Ruth, I must not speak without permission.' Failure to do as you are told will result in your punishment being doubled and administered by Mistress Domina, the head teacher, in front of the whole school.

Now, BEND OVER." Pete realised that he had little alternative but to obey. He also realised from what Mistress Ruth had just said that there were more than just the 12 of them in this so-called school.

Accordingly, although reluctantly, he bent over and prepared for the pain that would surely follow as the cane made contact with his bum.


Whoosh, thwack. "My name is Petra, I must respect Mistress Ruth, I must not speak without permission." Whoosh, thwack. "My name is Petra, I must respect Mistress Ruth, I must not speak without permission." This continued until Pete had received all 18 strokes. The pain was excruciating and the cane had left Pete's cheeks covered in red marks where it had landed. Mistress Ruth had been clinical in the way she had administerd the cane so that each stroke landed in a slightly different place.

"Now get dressed, Petra. The rest of you girls had better do the same if you don't want the same punishment." Pete was no longer in a rebellious mood and swiftly put his suspender belt on, followed by his stockings which he clipped to the belt.

Next, he put on the red lacy panties and tucked his cock and balls between his legs in an attempt to have his panties hold them in position. He winced as the panties brushed over his cheeks. He picked up the red bra, putting the straps over his arms before he realised that he would be unable to fasten the clasp behind his back.

He took it off, turned it round so that the back of the bra was on his chest, fastened the clasps, turned it so that the cups were at the front and put his arms through the straps. Next, he put on the white blouse and struggled to fasten the buttons before he realised that they were on the 'wrong' side. He then took the tartan skirt which was a single piece of cloth with 2 buttons set a few inches apart. He realised that he needed to wrap it round his waist fastening one button, and then wrap it round a bit more so that the second button could be fastened.

Thus it was only fastened at the top and would allow it to be pulled open at the bottom to reveal his underwear. Looking at the other guys, he saw that their blouses and skirts were all embroidered with their girls' names as was his own. Lastly, he put on the black shoes with the 4 inch heels. As he fastened the straps, he saw that each shoe had a padlock to ensure that the straps could not be undone.

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"Don't forget to fasten the padlocks on your shoes," said Mistress Ruth. "Marcia, take Petra's hand and follow me to the classroom for your first lesson. The rest of you girls do exactly the same." Pete felt Marcia's hand in his. "I wonder if his real name is Mark," Pete thought to himself. As they followed Mistress Ruth, Pete was in agony from his panties and skirt rubbing against his bum cheeks and wondered how he would ever be able to sit down. He was also struggling to walk in the heels as were the rest of the guys.

Mistress Ruth led them into a classroom where another Mistress was waiting.

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There were 2 chairs to each desk. "Come in girls and sit down next to your girlfriend," the new Mistress instructed them. "My name is Mistress Abigail, and you will address me as such when I give you permission to do so.

Your first lesson with me today will be to learn to apply make-up to yourselves.

You will see that you each have a selection of make up in front of you. I will show you how to use it. Petra, come out to the front please and sit on this chair." Pete got up and walked unsteadily to the front of the class and sat on the chair that had been placed there.


Mistress Abigail started to apply the various creams and powders to his face, instructing the rest of the class to do the same to themselves. The last thing to go on was the bright red lipstick. When she had finished, she held a mirror in front of Pete's face and he found himself looking at a sexy girl. "That can't be me," he thought. "Surely I won't have to look like that for the rest of my time here." The rest of the guys were not so successful at applying the make-up to themselves, and their faces looked quite grotesque.

"Use the facial wipes to clean your faces, girls, and start again," instructed Miss Abigail. "You will continue to do it over again until you get it right." Eventually, they had all applied their make-up to a reasonable standard. "It's time for your lunch break, girls, and it will be a liquid lunch," announced Miss Abigail.

She went to a cupboard and took out 12 oversized baby feeding bottles. On the top were teats that looked like giant rubber cocks. She walked around the classroom handing them out. They contained a liquid that looked like milk. "You will suck half of the liquid from your bottles and then pass it to your girlfriend who will suck the rest out. Failure to obey this instruction will, of course, result in punishment. So get sucking and enjoy." A wicked smile appeared on Mistress Abigail's face as she watched them consume their liquid lunch.

Pete took his bottle, put it between his red lips and started to suck. "How humiliating," he thought, "to have to suck liquid from a baby's bottle through a teat shaped like a cock. And to top it all off, I have to suck a teat that's been in another guy's mouth. Ugh!" Nevertheless, he sucked away in order to avoid another punishment. His cheeks still stung from his previous encounter with Mistress Ruth's cane.

The liquid was thick, had a peculiar taste, and required a great deal of effort to suck it through the small opening on the top of the teat. Pete sucked hard, and finally succeeded in consuming half of the bottle's content.

Marcia/Mark had done the same, and they swapped bottles as they'd been instructed. Pete put the teat into his mouth and immediately tasted the other guy's saliva. He liked the taste of it only slightly more than he liked the taste of the bottle's contents. Again, he sucked hard until the bottle was empty.

"Put your empty bottles on my desk, girls, and thank your girlfriend for allowing you to drink from their bottle." Pete opened his mouth to say thanks to Marcia/Mark, but realised that he hadn't been given permission to speak. Everybody else had stopped in their tracks too. "When I tell you to thank your girlfriend," continued Mistress Abigail, "you do it with a kiss. A deep sensuous kiss." "What?" thought Pete.

" I now have to KISS a guy? No, I won't do it." "Before you consider disobeying, I would remind you that refusal WILL result in punishment. So let me see you all kissing your girlfriends passionately.

I want to see you using your tongues." Reluctantly, Pete kissed Marcia/Mark. It felt repulsive. He felt totally humiliated. As Marcia/Mark's tongue entered his mouth he tried to push it out with his own tongue. But all this achieved was to make it appear that he was doing exactly what Mistress Abigail had instructed. He was kissing another guy deeply and sensuously. Despite his feelings of revulsion, Pete was getting turned on. He felt his cock harden and struggle against its imprisonment in his panties.

He was embarrassed to feel the tip getting wet and knew that a tell-tale patch would be visible on his lacy panties should anyone lift his skirt to inspect his underwear.

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"Ahh, don't Petra and Marcia make a lovely couple, girls. I can see from the way they are kissing that they really love each other." "Huh, that's what you think," thought Pete. "I have to stop this and get out of here." "Would you like to know what was in those bottles, girls?" Mistress Abigail asked. "Well, I'll tell you. It's a special formula that we have developed containing hormones to promote breast growth and fill out your hips.

Its effects won't be immediately apparent, but after an intense course you will start to notice changes in your bodies." She had a smug look on her face as she divulged this news.

"Before you continue with your next lesson, Mistress Domina would like to address you, so you had better be on your best behaviour, girls." As soon as Mistress Abigail had imparted that news, the head teacher entered the room. "Stand up, girls, hands in front of you, heads bowed," ordered Mistress Abigail.

"Thank you, Mistress Abigail, said Mistress Domina. Then, addressing the class, she announced, "We have eased you into your life here rather gently, but your training will start to become more intensive from now on. I have no doubt that you have all been wondering about the name of this school, C-FAST.

It stands for Complete Feminization And Sissy Training.

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Yes, you are all here to be turned into complete feminine sissies, and that process started from the minute you entered the school gates. Be under no illusion, I do not allow any failures. Your future as sissies is assured. There is no escape from this fate.


I'm sure that some of you have contemplated escaping, but I have to tell you that you will find it impossible. However, I welcome any attempts to break out of the school as it will allow your Mistresses to practise their punishment techniques.

Also, although you are being turned into sissies, for now we are allowing you to keep your male genitals to accentuate the fact that you are not completely female even though you are developing breasts. We will refer to them as your clitties which should further add to your embarrassment and humiliation.

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Now you will all follow Mistress Abigail as she takes you to see the school nurse for, let us call it, a health check. "