Mf 1701 die Schüler

Mf 1701 die Schüler
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Note: Once again, this is a true story and is a continuation of Aimes' story. More of Marks story will be here in a few weeks. After I had left Aimes' house I couldn't put my finger on what had happened. I mean the guy was a douche, but on the other hand one of the sweetest people I had ever met (other than Mark). I had never been with a boy before and he was my first. And he was just so god damn hot.

The next week of school went by just like any other. I arrived, sat through class, ate lunch, went through more class, and then went home. I didn't see much of Aimes, which I was glad because I was avoiding him somewhat. I just went on with my every day to day routine. After two weeks strange things started happening.

I would think about him constantly. I couldn't get him off my mind. I was having dreams, daydreams, and even nightmares. I had a nightmare ones night that terrified me. It went like this: I was going around campus doing my business when all of a sudden everybody disappeared.

I was the only one on a gigantic campus. I tried to leave but I couldn't. I wandered around campus until finally I went to my locker. I opened it and a note fell out. When I opened it, it said "Bathroom." I walked around campus puling on every bathroom door, but they were all locked. I came to the west wing bathroom, which in reality was terrifying, it was an ILS bathroom for special need students, it was the only one on campus that hadn't been redone, I have no idea why.

I pulled on the door and it swung open. When I walked in it was dimly lit and was just a long, creepy hallway that led to a door. I walked along until I was at the door. I opened it to find him on a bed in the bathroom. He was butt naked. I said hello but he didn't respond. Then out of no where the biggest guy on the Varsity football team came out, naked. He was black.

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His gigantic cock swung in between his legs as his huge muscles flexed as he walked. I stood stunned. He flipped Aimes over and tied him up. He began to slap him around and I ran forward to stop him but he turned around and hit me against the wall.

I couldn't get up, my motor skills had stopped. He began to fuck Aimes and I couldn't even whimper. His dick was causing him immense pain.

Then all of a sudden he disappeared, they both did. I could walk again. I ran around campus looking for him but I couldn't find him. Then he turned a corner and said "Fuck off". At that I awoke.

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It was 2:30 in the morning. I was panting and sweaty. I tried to go back to sleep, but I couldn't. That day of school was weird. I kept to myself because I couldn't get the dream off my mind. It seemed like I was right there, it was so real. I went to my locker during third period and opened it, I put my head in the back of the locker and just breathed. When I brought my head out I closed the locker. "Hey" I jumped and turned.

He was right there. "Bad day?" he asked. "Bad few weeks" I said. He looked just as distraught as I was. "I had a really bad dream last night" he said.

"Oh really?" I asked stunned. "Yeah, It was weird. You were trapped in school and you were being tortured, I couldn't move and just watched. It was terrifying." He said. I stared at him, breathless. He moved up to me and pulled me in, "I have missed you" he said breathing down my neck. The bell wrung and he stared into my eyes. He released me and walked away, leaving me there stunned.

After that the day continued very weirdly. I couldn't focus and was terrible at school. When school ended I ran home and sat down.

I stayed there for about out 2 hours, just sitting. 3 A.M by matchbox twenty would have been playing had it been a movie. The next day was Friday and I couldn't wait for the weekend. I was still in my funk, not knowing what was going on. I went to my locker before sixth period and opened it.

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When I grabbed my history book, a note fell out. When I opened it, it read "Bathroom." No fucking way, I thought to myself. I went to class and told the teacher I had to go to the office. I headed straight for the ILS bathroom thinking "What are the fucking odds?" When I got to the bathroom I opened the door to see him leaning against the stalls.

"You got my note?" he said.

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"Yes" I said. "Well follow me I want to show you something." He said. I followed.

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He led me to the back of the bathroom where there was a door. He led me into a bedroom with a toilet and shower in the corner. "What the fuck" I said.

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"The ILS teachers had this built so they could teach the kids how to use proper hygiene and to clean a room incase they were ever on their own in life." He said. "Well what if someone sees us in here?" I asked. "Well the ILS classes finish two hours before regular, so were all good" he said. "Shall I draw a shower?" he said. He walked to the shower and turned it on. "Now come on, let me teach you proper hygiene" he said in a devilish fashion.

"No" I said. " I refuse to be some booty call you want when your horned up" I said. "Babe, I was waiting for you too make the move, but I got tired he said. He came over and pulled me to him. "This is me making the move" he said as he shoved his lips onto mine. We made out furiously. He shoved his tongue down my throat and I returned the favor. I ripped his shirt off and he did the same to me. He kissed down my stomach taking a detour at my nipples.

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He sucked and twirled his tongue on them, sending me to heaven. HE went down further and ripped off my shorts and underwear. "Fuck I love your cock" he mumbled. He ripped off his own shorts and underwear and I couldn't help but look at his 5 and a half inch dick because I loved the way it angled upward, I had no idea why.

"Now, let me clean you, you dirty boy" he said. My dick got harder at that. We got in the shower which was somewhat spacious. He pressed me against the wall and caressed me while fondling me everywhere. He trailed down and began to suck on my cock. He swirled his tongue around the head and bobbed up and down. He was so good. When he felt my balls begin to tighten he let go. I whimpered at that. "Don't worry babe, I'm going to milk you." He said.

He turned around and immediately shoved his ass right down onto my shaft. I screamed in pleasure. The warm water fell over us as he moved up and down my dick. I met his humps and we were soon in a perfect rhythm. He turned his head and began to make out with me. I began to cum. Rope after rope hit his insides.


As I was cumming, he began to cum too. He came all over the shower wall. He climbed off my dick and began to furiously kiss me. When we broke the kiss we cleaned up. "Are you clean now?" he asked.


"More than I ever will be" I responded. As we were about to get out we heard a tapping and some muffled moans. We froze. "Fuck yeah" we heard a guy say. We slowly climbed out of the shower and crept toward the bathroom door.

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I opened it a little bit. My jaw dropped. The huge black football player and the gorgeous white quarterback were fucking doggy style. I was so stunned that when Aimes tried to look I fell out of the doorway. The football players jumped up and looked at us stunned. Then they smirked slyly. "Welcome to the party" the black football player said. "Yes welcome" the other one said. Oh fuck yes I thought. What'd you think? Send me a message or comment.