Amazing hottie pleased by hot friend

Amazing hottie pleased by hot friend
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The sun rose up slowly; small rays leaked through the second floor window blinds and lit up the bruised form of a young girl. A red hand print was visible on her left cheek; dark marks that would become even darker bruises were showing up around her wrists and about her thin ankles.

Even a slight mark could be traced from the corners of her mouth to around the nape of her neck. As her chest rose and fell, the sun continued to ascend into the sky. Her curvy hips were exposed to her bare legs and pelvic region, her tank top had been pulled up past her chest and nestled itself across her neck. The rest of the material fell around her sides and pooled underneath her back. Hours after the sun had fully risen and most people had woken up to play-out their day, Lauryn was still sprawled out on her bed, mouth hung open showing her tongue dented with teeth marks.

It had been her fright and the pain in her tongue that drove the sixteen year old to succumb to fainting.

Lauryn's young pussy was coated in a thin coat that consisted of her own blood and cum with her father's saliva and cum. Dried spots of blood and cum that had trickled down her slit could be seen on the cotton linen that had been on her bed. When she got up, she would have to change the light sheets to darker linen. Or at least clean the sheets while her mother was away.

With fluttering eyelids, Lauryn woke up. She coughed in pain, her throat dry from crying and hyperventilating the night before. Her chapped lips called the attention of her dried tongue with no relief. Trying her best not to move her head, Lauryn searched her room for a glass of water, soda—anything—that would quench her thirst in the slightest.

She was aware that her sore, red vagina hurt.

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She was aware that her wrists and ankles felt bruised. She knew that her virginity had been stolen from her. She was set on the idea of not moving. Though her stomach growled and her throat was dry enough to send her into a silent fit of tears, Lauryn laid on her bed. For what seemed like eternity she let the sun soak into her exposed skin, her developing B cup breasts soaking up the rays. Lauryn did not need the sight of a clock to know that her mother had left for work hours ago.

She also knew her mother wouldn't be back for hours. Thinking about her mother, Lauryn opened her eyes in pure fear. Whistling floated from the hallway with a pair of footsteps that could have only belonged to her father. Her heart beat rose as the panic became clear in her eyes.

Thoughts of her father seeing her in a state of vulnerability making him rape her again raced through her mind. And even though her father walked on without opening her door, Lauryn still thought of her father raping her again. She broke her motionless state as she shuddered twice: once for the tears that were produced from fear and another for the pain her first spasm had shot through her.


As she rolled onto her side to weep with her arms folded around her stomach, her father, Harold, was watching television with content. Harold sat in his Lay-Z-Boy with his dark gray boxers on idly watching the channel.

He watched with content with thoughts of the previous night's events, the few surfacing memories causing his cock to begin growing. With his dick expanding at the thought of him pounding his 7" inch cock into his daughter, Harold closed his eyes and thought about how good it felt to plunge into Lauryn like that. Subconsciously, his hand reaching into his boxers and began to softly stroke his hardening cock.

As he continued to think about the feeling of her tight pussy gripped around his cock, the faster his strokes became to accommodate the growing length and hardness. His groans and moans grew louder, competing with the television volume, as his fist wrapped tighter around his hard dick just as Lauryn's had the night before.

"Oooh baby," he moaned as he felt his balls tighten up. His hot cum blew out of his piss slit as he thought of making Lauryn bounce on his cock with her firm tits bouncing with her. Cum coated his hand as he faintly heard the shower upstairs being turned on. Lauryn had gotten up before noon and hobbled her way to the bathroom next to her room.

She turned the shower on to let the water get warm and turned to face the mirror. The sight she saw made her ashamed and disgusted.

"Oh god," she choked out again as the tears filled her eyes, but didn't fall. She could now see the bruises around her face: the handprint, the lines at the bottom of her cheeks from the scarf, the rings around her wrists, and a few bruises near her hips.

The sight of her bruised body made tears trickle down her already tear-stained cheeks as she entered the shower. When she got out, she would have to put make-up on her wrists and face to hide the bruises. Or at least attempt to. While she carefully washed her tender body, her father got up to head up the stairs.

Blood and cum from her pussy washed down the drain, but Lauryn still felt extremely dirty. She had been violated.

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She had been abused. She had been raped by her father and she could not wash the shame away. She stepped out of the shower and began to dry off the water when she heard her father coming up the stairs.

Her heart lurched as she froze with fear. The blood rushed through her veins as she thought desperately for a way out, her fear getting the best of her and causing her to hyperventilate. Harold knocked on the bathroom door, "You okay in there baby girl?" he called out to her. He could feel his dick growing and begin to leak pre-cum: his daughter was naked in the shower and they were alone in the house.

The urge to feel his daughter's mouth on his cock took over his mind completely as he forced the door open without an answer. Lauryn was bent over before him, her breasts hanging in front of her with her hands wrapping a towel around her legs. Her eyes were large with fright as she did nothing, but let fear grip her body.

The sight of her young, firm tits hanging in such a glorious fashion drove her father wild. More pre-cum seeped from the tip of his cock as he stared at his daughter's pink nipples. Without giving it a thought, her father grabbed a fist of Lauryn's hair by the roots and forced face to his stiff, throbbing dick. He smeared his pre-cum over her face as he slapped her with his cock. "Suck daddy's cock bitch," he commanded her.


She opened her mouth in pain as her daddy pulled on her hair harder. Harold took advantage of her open mouth and put all of his cock down her throat. He took the liberty of moving her head back and forth as she tried to keep track of her breathing and pain.

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Harold had started to move his daughter's head slowly, but the feeling of her hot mouth gagging on his cock made him bounce her head faster and faster. As his daughter choked for air, he fucked his daughter's mouth and kept moving her head by the hair. He had synchronized the pulls and thrusts making his cock get stuffed down her throat.

Her father could visibly see the thickening in her neck every time he pushed his thick cock down her small mouth and it wanted to make her take it all. "Fuck yeah baby, choke on my cock. You're gonna make daddy come you little whore," he rasped out as he hammered into her throat mercilessly. Lauryn was gagging and choking on her father's thick penis.

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Her gag reflex was starting to kick in just as her father erupted in her mouth. He kept her head so her mouth was locked on his exploding cock, emptying his balls into her stomach.

Caught in the euphoric feeling of coming in his daughter, Harold let go of his daughter's hair. Being released, she tried to get off her dad's dick to go throw up in the toilet, but his dick brushing up against her gag reflex caused her to puke all over her father's cock. She vomited a mixture of her father's cum and half-digested food over Harold's balls and cock. "Oh fuck! You stupid cunt!" Harold yelled as he felt the regurgitation on his genitals.

Out of anger, he slapped his daughter across the face. The slap made her already bruised cheek surrender to pain and all she could do as she laid against the cupboard doors was shake. Harold sneered at his broken daughter in disgust. He grasped the handle of the removable showerhead and turned the water on to wash himself from her sick.

"You stupid little slut, you are such a fucking baby. Throwing up over some dick being put down your throat," he tormented her as he washed. His words were said in vain as Lauryn couldn't bring herself to listen to him.

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The water turned off and Harold replaced the showerhead. "I bet you've used this tons of times on your tight little cunt," he commented, more to himself than seeking an answer.

On his way out of the bathroom, Harold gave one last, disgusted look as his quivering daughter. He threw her clothes at her from the counter and told her to get dressed.

"And quit your fucking crying!" he yelled as he went back downstairs to watch T.V.