Trisha riding my big dick

Trisha riding my big dick
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This is a prologue to a story that will be largely influenced by the readers.

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This prologue is solely to set up the starting characters for the story and is not limited to these characters nor the setting. I am planning to write many chapters to this so don't think for a second that this is all there is. *this prologue is non sexual but the story will be.


This is just the set up. Prologue: Liquid Confidence I took another sip of my Bacardi and shook my head violently as the burning liquor went down my throat. Liquid confidence as my friends called it, confidence that I otherwise lacked. I was afraid to approach strangers, I could do it and pull off acting cool, but it was honestly scary for me. This is why my friends, Alex and James, introduced me to the world of hard liquor.

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This was my first time drinking and I wasn't about to make an ass of myself in front of them. I took another sip and barely prevented myself from spitting it out. I could tell my friends were watching me intently, It felt as if I was in a test of some sort.


Determined to impress them I tilted my head back and took a much larger sip than before. The Bacardi stung my throat like an iron as it went down but I didn't give in. I kept swallowing and not allowing myself to gag in front of the staring eyes. I tilted my head back forward and swallowed the last bit in my mouth.

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Only half of the bottle was left and I felt like a fucking champ as my friends smiled wide and cheered. "Didn't think you had it in you Jess. Nice fucking job man" Alex said grinning, "Youre a fucking man now." Those words felt amazing, I felt like I had just won a million dollars- I was so happy. I gave him a playful punch and laughed with him. Several minutes went by joking about how they thought I couldn't do it, until I suddenly felt dizzy. Disoriented I staggered and James caught me. "Looks like somebody is finally catching up" James laughed, "Don't worry were gonna be watching after you tonight so you don't get hurt." So that's why they hadn't been drinking, that's actually thoughtful of them I thought to myself as I swayed in James' grip.

"Dude we should. we should go party" I slurred. "Yo Alex, Jess wants to party" James repeated. Alex got this crazy grin on his face as he pulled out his phone and dialed a number. "Who you callin" I asked him, but he just smiled and put the phone to his ear.

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"Hey Ashley", Alex spoke into the phone, "Jess is drunk and we were wondering if you wanted to chill with us". After a few minutes he smiled at me and hung up. "were on man" he said. Shit I screamed in my head.

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Alex had to call the one girl who I liked big time. And I'm drunk!, I thought, I'm gonna fuck up any chance il ever have with her. Seeing the dismay on my face James spoke "Jess we got this. You'll be all good man, if she didn't want you she wouldn't have agreed." This logic sounded terrible but I reluctantly gave a reassuring smile. "Kay." I slurred as I stood up. "Do I look good enough fer Ash ash though?".

"Ash ash?" James laughed, "You look like a fucking god, a trashed god but still". "you'll do great man," Alex told me, "Just don't puke on her" he snickered. Great. What a morale boost. But I knew I wasn't going to let that ruin my chance. I had my confidence and I had two friends to help me out, I was going to make this happen.

About Fifteen minutes later Ashley pulled up her car, And damn was that a car. She opened her door and stepped out and that was the moment I realized that I wasn't going to let myself fail.

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Ashley was the gorgeous kind of girl that could pull off anything and still look like an angel, and tonight she was rocking skateboard shoes, sweatpants, and a hoodie.

Honestly despite the fact that she was wearing non revealing clothes she looked so good I couldn't take my eyes off her. "Hey Ashley thanks for showing up", James said quickly. "Yeah sorry it's so late I hope I didn't wake you up", Alex replied noticing the pajama-like clothes.

"Naw im glad you called I was bored as fuck" Ashley said smiling. "hey Jess" she said to me. "Hhhey Ash" I stuttered. God damn Bacardi.

Seeing my totally wasted self she smiled and walked over to me and gave me a long hug. "Missed You Jess" she whispered. I was in heaven right then, not wanting her to ever let go. She missed me!! And she was in my arms! I never thought this would ever happen. "Do you mind if I have a sip of your drink?" she asked me. I gladly handed it to her, but could immediately tell she was as new to this as I was seeing the way she held the bottle.

She took a sip and gagged hard. Shit I thought to myself. I shouldn't have done that, now she's going to be mad at me.

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But as soon as the thought crossed my mind she took another drink of it and didn't gag. Impressed I watched her finish off the rest of the bottle.

Obviously Alex and James were impressed too cause they were staring as well. Ashely finished the last of the Bacardi and set it on the ground. As she stood up she almost fell over. All of us laughed as me and her attempted to help the other up and then falling over.I didn't remember ever having this much fun and laughter in my whole entire life.

"Alright you clumsy fuckers," Alex laughed, "let's get you guys off the streets". "My house is free" James said. "Alright let's go" we all agreed. As my friends helped me and Ashley to James' house I noticed that Ashley kept looking at me when she thought I was looking the other way. And everytime I looked at her she quickly pretend she wasn't looking.

She likes me Ithought to myself. I tried to stand up and look manly but being drunk and all I failed miserably. James took notice and laughed so hard he almost dropped me in the grass. We walked up to his front door and let ourselves inside.

"shit you have a nice house I forgot," Alex said in awe. It was true, this house was very nice looking, After all, James family was incredibly rich. Me and Ashley fell over onto the couch. "Dude where's the bathroom" Alex asked James. "il show you" he replied and they walked down the hall out of sight. As I watched them walk away I saw Ashley looking at me again, but I noticed she was staring at my lips.

I as so excited and nervous. I think she wants to kiss me i thought. I looked her in the eyes and she locked onto my gaze. For a few moments we stared at each other silently daring the other to move first. As my liquid confidence pulsed through my veins, I moved her hair out of her face and leaned forward to kiss her. Please leave any comments and suggestions that cross your mind.

This is my first story so any tips will be helpful too.

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Thanks :) -Jess