Blonde milf with big boobs getting anal in the fake taxi cab

Blonde milf with big boobs getting anal in the fake taxi cab
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CHAPTER 1 lisa had always been very adventerous at heart, but only at heart, when pleasuring herself alone, she would imagine as many dirty senarios as she could and always thought she would get to do them all, unfortunatly time had passed by and now she found herself a divorced, forty year old mother she bore very close resmblence to porn star lisa ann, a mother to a nineteen year old daughter kim, if you ever saw the porn star bree olsen then you would have an idea of what kim looked like and she was far more open then her mother, she would often sunbath topless in the back garden, walking in and out in just her bikini bottoms she would even sometimes give her mum a hug as she walked past her, lisa always felt a tingle of lust sweep through her when kim did this, lisa knew it was wrong but the feel of kims naked breasts against her her neck and sholders when she gave her these little hugs was the only bodily contact she got and the feeling only lasted a micro second.

kim was just as open with her sex life as with her body, many times in the mornings kim would come down to breakfast a guy or girl that she had brought home the night before, sometimes there would be two guys and or girls with her, and lisa didnt mind this at all she never saw a daughter as a slut or tramp just as happy go lucky confident girl who enjoyed sex and enjoyed experimenting, how could lisa feel anything but respect for kim, she was doing all the things lisa always wanted to do.

it was a saturday morning and lisa awoke and went down stairs, to find kim making breakfast, "happy birthday mommy" said kim, on the table was a some presents and a card. "thank you sweetie" replied lisa.

lisa opened her presents and card and enjoyed her breakfast. "what are your plans today mom?" "not much im going to see some friends and go for a walk later, what about you" "im meetng jen in town we are getting some new underwear from anne summers, i may get myself a new toy too!" said kim with a joking tone. lisa smirked into her coffee, "another one?" she laughed, "i may have to get myself one to see what all the fuss is about" "mommy!!" kim said with a surprised and amused tone, this was the first time they had ever really spoken of anything sexual,sex had always been around them but both had just let things pass by with a quiet but completely relaxed and simply accepted attitude.

" well its about bloody time, i was begining to think you were a nun!". they both laughed "right im off, have nice birthday mom, see you later" "have fun in town dont spend too much" as kim left lisa continued to eat her birthday breakfast still grinning at the sex toy remark and feeling very lucky to have such a caring and open daughter like kim.

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lisa enjoyed her day, visiting her friends, she popped into the shops and picked up some groceries and on her way home decided to take that walk she wanted along the cliff tops, it was a hot afternoon and lisa was driving with the top down, when the urge to do something she had always wanted to do struck her as she drove she slowly pulled her top up as far as she could over her breasts, she then pulled her bra up, her big tits bounced as they fell to thier normal hanging position, driving one handed she fondeld her tits squeezing them, rubbing them, pulling on her nippples, she was enjoying it a lot but was still very causious of other vechiles and when ever she saw one coming she would cover up even though the car was still way off in the distance as more cars past her she would wait longer and longer to cover herself, although they were still a long way away it was still a rush for her and in that moment she decided that today was the first day of the rest of her much more sexual life.on the coast road where lisa had intended to go for a walk a new idea struck her, there are several hedged off rolling fields on the cliffs edge with only one way in or out of each, lisa slowed down as she passed each gate, none seemed to be locked so lisa pulled over and opened the gate, drove throw, closed the gate and drove over the crest of the field and down towards the cliff edge, from here she was completly out of view from the anyone.

she parked as close to the edge as she dared, her heart was pumping hard and she was shaking from just breaking into the feild she sat there for a while making sure she hadnt been seen, she knew she hadnt but was still very nervous, that said she was determend to make har fantasy happen, she soon goot out and layed on the hood of her car with her back against the windshield, it was a hot day, she looked out at the ocean from behind her sunglasses, the isolation was perfect, she pulled her top off over her head, removed her bra, slid her jeans and thongs off, and placed them neatly on the drivers passenger seat, lisa then layed back down on the hood of her car, she had done it!

she was naked outdoors!!, and she was loving the thrill of it, lisa didnt want this to end too soon and for a while simply laid in the sun gentley stroking her body, feeling that she was not rushing or spoiling the moment lisa began to finger herself, she was already wet and the notion of doing it on the hood of her car was adding to the expirence, but something still didnt feel right then lisa looked down and saw how she was playing with herself, her legs were still together and her hand was slid in between them "no no no, this wont do" lisa thought to herself, "i need to stop being so held back i need to be as hardcore as i can be, as i have fantasised about so often".

with that lisa spread her legs as wide as she could and pushed two fingers inside her and begen pumping her fingers hard, "this was more like it" she thought, lust took control and she was loving it she could feel how wet she was and wanted to taste it, lisa pulled her fingers out of her pussy and quickly took them towards her mouth, she was so wet as she did this a big drip of pussy juice flicked off her fingers and landed across her lips, she licked it away then pushed her two fingers to the back of her throat and sucked off her juice as she pulled them from her mouth.

adding a third finger lisa again began to thrust them in and out of her dripping cunt. an explosion went off inside lisa as she came, but lisa had no intention of stopping, she turned herself around so she was facing the windshield, got on her knees and lent against it and raised her ass into the air, without hesitating she slid her hand back down over her cunt and pushed her two wet fingers into her ass, she squinted, it hurt a little but there was still something nice about it not to mention the thrill of actually doing it, lisa reached down with her other hand and rubbed her clit untill she came again, lisa pulled her fingers from her ass and still getting a major buzz from what she was doing sucked her fingers this act was enough to urge her on, she wanted more, the more erotic the better, as she layed against the windshield her eys caught sight of the gearstick, "oh fuck yeah thats happening" she thought to herself as images flashed through her mind, lisa climbed over the windshield and into the car facing the back of the car she quickly positioned herself above the gearstick and slowly fed it into her pussy, lowering herself on to it, all nine inches of it disappeared inside her, lisa could feel the cold stick deep in her pussy and the feeling was overwhelming lisa soon started to girate her hips gentley moving up and down, however its not long before lisa was bouncing up and down as hard as she could, moaning loudly lisa let go of her tits and let them bounce around uncontrolably almost hitting her in the face, with her eyes closed and a huge smile of pleasure across her face lisa pumped as hard as she could on the gearstick, by now all her inahabilities had gone she was naked and fucking a car, and absolutly loving it, she wouldnt have noticed if anyone had stumbled across her and at that moment wouldnt have cared, as it was no one had seen her she was alone and completly free.

with a last big bounce and with the gear stick almost coming out of her, lisa slammed herself down on it as hard as she could as she came for a third time, lisa slummed forword, her legs shacking from the orgasm she was recieving, sweat glistened off her big tits, when she caught her breath lisa pulled herself off the gear stick, turned around and ran her tounge up the stick and sucked on the ball on the top of it, lisa loved the taste of her cum and didnt stop untill she had licked it all off, lisa fell back into the drivers seat and and played with her tits, pushing them up to her mouth and sucked her nipples, she was exhausted but she knew she wasnt done, this had been forty years coming and she was determined to make it as x rated as her fantasies had always been, with that she pulled herself up and positioned herself over the gearstick again, this time she pulled forward a little and placed the head of the gearstick on her asshole, lisa took a deep breath and pushed down hard, the top of the gearstick was a ball and a lot wider then her fingers, it went into her ass with a jolt and lisa felt a sharp pain as she slid down the stick, she held herself about halfway up it and stayed there for a few seconds to get used to it then slowly started to move back up the stick, the feeling was strange she had always wanted to be taken in the ass but was affraid of asking her husband, it wasnt uncomfortable just new sensation, sure enough though lisa was soon sliding up and down the gear stick if only by about half an inch, wanting it all lisa bit her lip pushed down, her eyes widened as she felt the gearstick ram her ass, she could feel it hitting something, could it be the fabled second g spot she had heard of in porn movies, she didnt know but it was sending off fireworks in her head, she bounced up and down harder and harder, faster and faster, she could feel her next orgasm coming and helped it along by wanking her hand across her clit as hard as she could again letting her massive tits bounce around freely untill she grabbed them and sucked on one lisa came again, yelling out loud "yes yes yes, fuck meee!!!".lisa slowed her pumping on the stick untill she stoped moving then rlaxed her body and let herself completly rest on the stick and felt it pressing on her womb, it was the perfect end to her first fuck fantasy, her pussy dripping from all the orgasms.

lisa lifted herself off the gearstick until she reached the ball this bit she worried would hurt but a quick pull and it came out with a pop, not painfull at all, there was one last thing lisa knew she had to do, in her fantasies she would suck the cock that fucked her ass, and her cock today was the gearstick, she had already sucked and licked her cunt juice off it so why not, lisa turned back lent down and placed the ball of the stick into her mouth and sucked on it like it was a big lollypop, as she sucked she imagined just how deep into her ass this part had been, after a while she licked up and down the the stick, never tasting or smelling anything vile like she thought she might.

lisa sat up the the passenger seat dripping with sweat and breathing heavily after a while she got dressed and sat by the cliff, "better then a walk" she joked to herself, lisa was thrilled by what she had done, turning one of her fantasies into reality and taking it all the way, not compramising in the slightest.

soon lisa was on her way home, still buzzing from her adventure she was bursting to tell someone but none of her friends were really into anything like that, she considered telling kim but wasnt sure how she would act to it.

CHAPTER 2 when lisa arrived home she picked out some clean clothes and took a shower. when she came back down stairs kim arrived home too, "hi mommy have you had a nice day?" "yeah yeah i had a very nice day, how was yours?" "it was good, ta what did you get up too?" lisa paused for a moment "i'll tell you later, did you get what you wanted in town?" "ooohh that sounds interesting, yeah i got some new bits and pieces, come on tell me what did you do, did you get a birthday lay?" kim said giggling "something like that" her mother replied, "i'll tell you later i promiose" "wow look at you getting your freak on, im happy for you if thats what you did, you know you can tell me anything, mom" "yeah i know and i will i promise,and you know you can tell me things too"?

"dont i always?" "well yes but in detal if you ever wanted too" "ahh mom, if i did that your hair would turn white" "no no it really wouldnt and i would feel closer to you if you did ever want tell me anything like that".

"cool, i have wanted to tell you about stuff before but didnt think you would wanna know the details being my mum". "nothing you do would bother me you know that" "ok mom next time i feel like sharing i will talk to you,but be warned, ok?" kim replied jokingly.


"im gonna go lay in the sun for a bit" lisa considered going to go read her book, but then, thought of what she had done earlier and and the promise she made to herself to have more fun, "i think i might join you", kim stopped in her tracks "your gonna sunbath with me?, this is a first, your really surprising me today. come on then lets go".

lisa and kim wet upstairs to thier rooms and changed ino thier bikinis, kim was already out on a sunbed when her mother joined her, kim had placed the sunbeds side by side and inbetween them she had placed a bottle of wine with two glasses. lisa layed back on her sunbed and picked up her glass, "this is nice" she said "its nice having you out here with me mom" replied kim. "would you mind if im topless?" she added.

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"i never have before i dont see why i would now", lisa was bursting to tell kim what she did earlier and decided now was the time, she hinted "besides i did it earlier" "cool i like getting a full tan on my boobs and. hang on what do you mean you did earlier?

"well i did some topless sunbathing earlier today" "gosh mom your full of surprises today you must have gone out here right after i left today if this is the new you then i must say it suits you and its long overdue" lisa paused for a moment she wasnt sure how much to say but she felt she could probably tell kim everything that had happened.

"it wasnt here, i parked up on a cliff top and laid on my car" kim sat up on her sunbed "ok who are you and where is my mom" kim said laughing. "there is more" lisa said "oh my god i love this, go on tell me" well i didnt just go topless i went fully nude" "you could have been seen mom, thats brilliant" " it was a private spot i knew i was safe there" " did you have a man with you" "no i was alone" "well im impressed mom, i love your new style, i just wished you had got some action today" lisa laughed she knew now that she and kim were as close as best friends and could tell each other anything without the other judging.

"i was alone but i did get some action, from myself" kim again sat up, "mom, i cant belive you just said that, and i cant belive you did that in public your wicked cool mom, what was it like, tell me everything. lisa told kim everything, kim listened with her mouth open, stunned by her mothers confession, after lisa finished kim stared at her for a while.

"well what do you think?" a nervous lisa asked. "first off im no longer worried about telling you when i do something wild", she smirked "and secondly i have never had sex with our car.but im damn well gonna try it!" they both burst out laughing and knocked their glasses together "cheers" they both said. as lisa lay back on her sunbed she felt a wave of pleasure roll over her she had just told her daughter how she rammed the gearstick of thier car up her ass until she came, and kim seemed proud of her mother above all else and even encouraged more, suddenly her thoughts were interrupted by kims voice "well mother since your on a new inahibition free lease onlife, and not to be outdone by my mother today im going naked" with that lisa felt something hit her,she opened her eyes and saw kims bikini on her stomach, she looked over to see kim layed out naked, she looked her daughter up and down, kim had a fantastic tight body her tits were big, not as big as her moms but still a decent size, lisa looked at herself and she too was in great shape, she pondered on the thought for a few seconds but as she came to a decision kim opened the door for her "i would have thought you would be up for being naked too after your day" lisa took the chance "think i will" she replied.

lisa removed her bikini top then slid of her bottoms and layed back on the chair to enjoy the sun, when she felt her daughters eyes on her, she looked over to see kim smiling at her, "your bodys great mom i hope mine still looks that good when i turn forty" "im sure it will hun" her mother replied. "i cant get over your behavior today mom, im blown away" "im sorry if i freaked you out" "no not at all mom, im so happy for you life is ment to be enjoyed" "thanks sweetie i just had to tell someone and my friends arent really the sort" "im glad you picked me mom, so is this how you wanna be from now on?" "yeah if thats cool with you" "totally mom" kim pressed her mom further, "now im glad i bought you that dildo for a surprise birthday present" this tim lisa sat up "oh my god, did you?" "yeah i got one for me and remembered what you said and thought it would be funny to get you one as a joke but now it worked out better" lisa laughed "well i guess i got something to try tonight" the women laughed and layed back and enjoyed the sun both as naked as the day they were born.

later that evening kim was getting ready to go out when her phone rang, lisa was watching tv but overheard the conversation, kim came into the living room and sat down "well that sucks the party i was going to has been called off and i cant be bothered for a night on the the town" "stay in with me hun, we have plenty more wine and i really enjoyed talking to you today" ok mom let me go get changed" lisa smiled she was really enjoying this new bond she had with her daughter.

kim came back down in her pjs and went into the kitchen and came back with a open bottle of wine, lisa already had one by her side. "so what made you become this new person today mom" "well its always been there i just never acted on it" "im glad you have, so whats next for you" "i dont know, its not like a list its just what ever takes my fancy or whatever comes to mind" "well i love it mom, you deserve some fun and adventure" "thanks sweetie.

can i ask you something personal hunny" kim didnt hesitate "sure" "im really interested to know what the most wildest thing you have done" "oh mom i dont think i should tell you its pretty far out there and i dont want you to think less of me" lisa became very intreged and felt and excitment in her stomach "sweetie ive seen you have two men over ive heard you all having sex ive heard you having sex with women and met them in the morning, and today i told you how i fucked the car, so whatever you it is i wont judge you at all" kim laughed "ok mom, about a year ago me and jen went to pauls place, there was ment to be a big party, there but when we got there it was just paul and his mates, no other girls at all, we didnt care too much and got drinking, one of pauls friends said "i guess thats one girl to five guys then" trying to sound cool, well me and jen decided to call thier bluff and both said "fine with us" and to cut a long story short we got gang banged, we were not drunk and we were not forced into it, we wanted it and it was fun".

lisa looked at her daughter "thats not so bad, but dont cut it short give me some details". lisa was getting turned on from what she was hearing and wanted to visualize it. "ok, it started with me and jen getting naked and playing with eachother until the guys were ready, to tease them a little i stood them in a row and went down on each of them for a few seconds" "you mean you sucked thier cocks" lisa said with a kinky grin kim laughed, she was still getting used to being able to speak to her mother this way, but if her mom was cool with it so be it "yes mom i sucked thier cocks, after that i stood up and made one guy kneel infront of me to eat my pussy, another to kneel behind me to eat my asshole, two were sucking my tits while the last stood on the bed so i could suck his cock, jen did the same with her five guys, then i got one guy to lie on the bed, i got on top of him and began fucking him i told one to get infront of me to take him in my mouth and another behind me to take my ass, the guys took it in turns and jen did the same, after that they got me and jen to lay together with our feet off the bed, each of our five guys lined up and standing at the end of the bed fucked us, each of them would pull out and lean over us to cum, me and jen both had cum sprayed up over our stomachs, our tits, our necks and faces, by the time the guys were done me and jen were soaked in cum, we turned our heads to face each other and began kissing, the kisses were sloppy with all the cum on each of our mouths, i moved to the top of the bed on my knees facing the bottom of the bed jen was still lying on her backi was now looking down at her, her head was just between my knees she was looking up at me, lent over and kissed her cum covered face some more i was now looking down her body, i told her to keep her tounge out, she knew what i was thinking and was thinking the same.

from her mouth i moved forward licking the cum from her neck down to her tits, as my body moved down hers she did the same to me soon my mouth was on her stomach, and my stomach was moving over her mouth, we both had a lot of cum on our stomachs and both of our faces got very sticky there as we both licked as much cum up as we could, a few more inches and we were in the 69 position we both ate each others pussysthen the guys started again, with me and jen 69ing one guy got infront of me from there he could fuck jens pussy her asshole or my mouth, another guy got behind us and from were he was could fucky my pussy my asshole or jens mouth, most of the guys took all three options while jen and i continued to 69, some chose to cum in our mouths others chose to cum in our pussys or assholes and let us drink it out of the other, we carried on most of the night it was fantastic" lisa was so into her daughters story she only just caught herself in time, she was about to start rubbing her pussy, getting off on kims tale.

she quickly moved her hand back to her side. "wow kim thats incredibly hot" "can i ask you something now mom?" "sure hun anything you like" "wht is your biggest fantasy" "im not sure ive had so many, being with a women is a big one of mine, or prehaps me and two men, being in an orgy is another" "so why dont you then" "i wouldnt know where to begin like i said earlier i guess i will just have to take oppertunities when they present themselves".


"i could help if you like" "how"? asked lisa "i mean if i know someone or hear of something that migh interest you" "yeah ok" kim suddenly jumped out of her chair and ran upstairs shouting back to her mom "oh i almost fogot to give you this" kim came back down with a bag, "heres your other presnet" she said with a giggle.

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lisa opened the bag and inside saw a huge 12 inch double ended dildo she laughed and said "oh yeah i forgot about that, wow two ends, why is that?" she asked. kim explained "well you can use the other end on another woman or you can bend it round and have it in your ass at the sametime like double penatration" "really" said lisa, kim could see form her mothers eyes she wanted to try it.

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as the women chatted the night away with things they had dared to say to one another lisa kept the dildo in her hand, kim knew her mother wanted to play with her new toy so gave her the oppertunity "im feeling pretty tired im going up to bed" "ok hunny good night" "night mom happy birthday" kim went to her room but left the door open a little bit, she stayed by her door listening, lisa sat on her large sofa watching tv when she realised that in her hands she was slowly stroking her big rubber cock, she considered going to her room but figured the sofa was a good a place as any, lisa stood up took off her jeans and pants and sat back on the sofa looking at the giant floppy cock she thought to herself "id rather have gotten one of those vibrating ones with the clit ticklers on it but i guess this will do to start with", lisa hung the dildo between her legs and pulled it up her body letting it rub against her clit, she continued this until she was wet she then pushed it inside her and began to fuck herself with it, the dildo gluided in and out of her easily, she was very wet, lisa was enjoying it but wanted more, she decieded to see how much she could fit into her pussy, she lowered her hand down the dildo and pushed more inside her, it felt good but what more could she do, she closed her eyes again and imagined to men fucking her, she shifted position so her ass was just off the sofa and began to feed the other end into her it, "now this felt good" she thought.

kim was still upstairs by her door she could hear her mom breathing heavy downstairs and she knew what her mother was doing and was happy for her, she was about to go to bed when a funny thought came over her, she wanted to see her mother enjoying her toy, so she crept to the top of the stairs and looked over the banister, below lisa now had the dildo in both holes and with both hands on it she pushed and pulled each end creating the motion of two cocks pumping in and out her pussy and ass, as lisa sercome to the pleasure she was feeling she ripped open her shirt and grabbed hold of one of her tits and began to squeeze it, a noise snapped lisa from her lust and she was shocked to see kim in the room "oh my goodness im sorry hun i was just trying your present" lisa said as she began to slow down but not intirely stopping her pumping motion, she knew she should stop and cover herself and she slowly was but the idea of thrill of what she was doing added with the excitement of someone watching her all mixed with the notion that it was her own daughter was making her even more horrny, and she didnt want to stop, luckily kim came to her rescue "oh dont stop on my account mom i juts came down to get a drink and give you some of my toys to try, carry on i wont be long" still slowly pushinhing her dildo in and out of her holes lisa was thrilled, she was completely exposed to her daughter, masturbating infront of her and niether of them cared, between deep breaths and gasps of passion, lisa replied "oh.ok hun.thanks for that" her one exposed breast rised and fell with each deep breath.

lisa again began to pump herself with her double ended dildo and smiled at kim her face sometimes turning serious as a wave of orgasm hit her, kim smiled back and went to get a drink from the kitchen she heard the sound of a vibrator coming to life, kim smiled to herself she had got very turned on by the site of her mother but kept casual about it, kim came back into the room her mother was now thrusting a blue vibrator into herself, kim caught site of her mothers double ended dildo on the coffee table, she couldnt resist "i'll clean this one off for you mom" lisa let out a barley understandable "thanks hun" the buzzing vibrator was a very new expierence for her and a huge orgasm was brewing.

kim took her mothers dildo to the kitchen at was shining covered in her mothers love juice and the second kim was out of sight from her mom she ran her tounge up it and didnt stop until she had licked it clean, after she stood there for a while, what had she done?

had she finaly crossed a line? that was her mothers pussy juice, why had she been overwhelmed to do this, thinking more calmly she decided it was just another pussy she had a few so whats the difference, feeling better about it she went back to her mom "im going back to bed now mom i will." suddenly her mother let out a huge cry pressing the vibrator as hard as she could against her clit she experinced her first orgasmic squirt her pussy juice sprayed from her cunt across the room lisa looked shocked then mortified as she saw her juice hit her daughter in the face she immediatly jumped up "oh god im so sorry thats never happened to me before i didnt mean to." to her delight kim just started laughing "its ok mom im ok and i have had worse" both women fell to the floor laughing "im going to have a quick shower and go to bed" kim said laughing "ok me too" said lisa still embarrassed by what she had done, she could see her juice on her daughters face mostly on her cheek and eye buy some was on her lips and as kim spoke lisa could see it was going into her mouth and kim didnt seem to be in too much a hurry to wipe it away.

as they both went to thier seperate onsuit showers they said thier good nights lisa caught sight of kim wiping her face as she went into her room, a small smile crossed lisas face "did kim just wipe that into her mouth?. nah she wouldnt have would she"?

thinking it was just her imagination she shrugged it off and went to bed. meanwhile kim sat in her room that was the second lot of her mothers cum she had tasted and now knew it was no different from anyother, with that she too went to sleep.

CHAPTER 3 lisa awoke the next day put on her robe and headed down stairs, making herself a coffee she sat down at the kitchen table and looked outside, it was another hot day, lisa sat with her coffee her thoughts driffting back to the day before and all the fun she'd had and what she would do today, when she heard a moaning coming from the garage, intrigued she got up and opened the door to the garage, there in front of her was her daughter completely naked with the cars gearstick burried deep inside her, she hadnt noticed her mother at the door way and was deep in orgasm, lisa watched for a while looking at her daughter, it was only the night before her daughter had stoood and watched her and she didnt mind so lisa acted just as cool with, finallly saying something, "good isnt it?" lisa said surprised kim turned to see her mum stood there with night robe on but open showing her hot body, she didnt break her stride though she was enjoying it too much, instead she continued to ride the gearstick, smiled at her mom and said, "morning mommy, hell yeah this is good im surprised i never thought of it" lisa laughed "i will leave you to it then" "ok then i will be in, in a sec" she replied carefree, as lisa shut the door kim face turned back to the pleasure she was feeling.

as lisa ate her breakfast the moaning from the other room grew louder and faster until it went silent "that'll do it" lisa thought to herself with a chuckle.

a few minuets later and kim came out of the garage and sat down with her mother stilll nked, niether cared anymore they had see too much to be bothered about being naked. " im going to hit the sunbed again today are you going to join me again" asked kim "sure" replied lisa "i got to take some papers to work i shouldnt be too long" she added.

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"cool cool, jen may come round too" "that'll be nice, the three of us" lisa said. soon lisa was at work, she worked in a big office building and only needed to drop some papers into her office she knew that no one would be there at this time and in elevator on her way up she got her second idea for another fantasieas the doors opened she looked out into the office floor, empty, just as she thought she quickly removed all her clothes and walked through the work stations completly naked as she walked past all the cubicles she was right next to the floor to celling windows she could see out down onto the streets and across into the opposite building if anyone was in there they would be able to see her plain as day but she didnt care she was soon at her office she unlocked her door and went inside, putting her clothes neatly on her desk,she was enjoying this and sat at her desk naked thinking of how to elongate her fun, an idea formed in her head it was an oldie but a goodie, lisa walked over to her photocopier and lifted the lid, she placed her huge breasts on it and pressed the button, lisa made twenty copies of her tits, remebering what she promised herself about making every fantasy as good as she good she hope onto the copier spread her legs wide and pulled open her ass cheeks and presssed the button again this time twenty copies of her pussy and asshole lisa took the copies and still completly naked put one of each into the drawers of the the cubicles of her workers on the office floor, hidding them towards the back of each drawer, "it would be a little surprise for them when they stumble across them" she thought.

lisa went back to her office and this time locked the door behind her and pulled the blinds, just in case, she turned on her computer and logged into her own private server, no security or servalence on there, she began surfing chat sites and soon came across ones were people flashed each other through thier web cams, lisa picked several men and women from the lists and invited them to watch and tell her what to do, soon enough she had ten men and four women viewing her naked in her office chair, she was bombed by instant messages saying how sexy she looked and a few askin if this was for real lisa proved herself by writing down on paper answers to questions they asked and showing it to the cam, lisa started to slowly move her hands up and down her body over her tits, inbetween her legs and back up to her tits she extended her middle finger and pushed it deep inside her pussy and then into her mouth, sucking her juice off it,lisa was soon rubbing her clit and squeezing her tits, the people watching her edged her a message came through from one of the women watching asking her to put her pussy close to the cam, lisa obliged and took hold of the web cam and placed it infront of her cunt only an inch or so away, she used two fingers to pull open her wet lips, exposing her pink fleshy pussy, with a third finger she strummed her clit, everyone was enjoying the free show and lisa was loving being watched, she soon came, then another instant message came through, "thats a nice tight asshole you got there" lisa smiled and climbed up so that her knees were on the the seat and turned around so her ass was now in full view she grabbed her cheeks with each hand and pulled them apart showing her asshole she could here all the messages pinging on the screen from this angle she couldnt read them but didnt need to she knew what they wanted again she extended her middle finger and inserted it into her ass, pulling it all the way out then all the way back in, lisa teased her viewers, she then pushed a second finger into her ass and forced them apart letting everyone see deep into her ass, lisa went back to one finger and thrust it in and out of her ass as fast as she could, then she pulled it out and as close to the camera as she could get sucked on her fuinger as if it were a cock, her auidiance loved it, message after message pinged up, but lisa was done, lisa turned the computer off she had forefilled another fantasy as quickly as it came into her head, she got dresssed and headed out of the office for home.lisa arrived home and from the kitchen could see kim and her friend jen sunbathing in the back garden lisa went upstairs and changed into her bikini and remembering the day before she disguarded her top and walked out in just her bikini bottoms, kim and jen too were topless, "hello girls" lisa said as she sat down on another sunbed "hi mom" "hi ms jones" replied the girls, jen did a little double take when she saw lisa's big round boobs she had never known lisa to sunbath with them and didnt expect her to do it topless, but respected her for being so laid back about it, jen was a dead ringer for katy perry.

"only topless today then girls?" lisa said as she winked at her daughter, they both laughed. "am i missing something?" said jen looking a little confused, lisa gave kim an accepting nod and kim filled her friend in on her mothers ner attitude and the adventure she'd had the day before, jen looked thrilled "thats fucking hot mrs jones" exclaimed jen.

"thank you jen, i must say i am rather enjoying this new life, me and kim barely bother with clothes out here, or inside much not to be honest". kim nodded in agrement. "in that case" said jen as she whipped off her bikini bottoms, kim and lisa laughed and did the same.

"you were longer then i thought you would be mom" kim said. a smile grew on lisa's face, "yeah i had another little adventure" she said. kim sat up "tell all now" she said. kim and jen adjusted thier postions to face lisa as she told them what she had done at the office, after both girls cheered and laughed "mom your so cool" said kim "you really are a wild one mrs jones" added jen "im getting there" said lisa "i still got a long way to go to catch up to you two though i mean i havent been gang banged at pauls house yet" kim let out a huge laugh, jen looked shocked "you told your mum about that?"cried jen turning red "yep i got no secrets from my mommy" replied "its totaly ok with me jen i dont judge be free do what you want is what i say, and fucking my daughter just proves you have good taste".

jen looked back and forth between lisa and kim before finally bursting out laughing with them "damn mrs jones your the coolest and hottest mom i know". feeling the confidence flowing through her lisa got up walked over to jens sunbed knelt beside it she quickly put her hand behind jens head and lifted it to hers on kissed her on the mouth pushing het toungue in as she did this she place one hand onto jens left breast and rubbed it a littleshe then stopped and went back to her sunbed and layed back down jen was stunned and motionless, kim giggled at the sight of her frozen friend, kim had gotten a thrill from that as if it was her who had been kissed.

lisa looked back over at jen "fucking right im the coolest and hottest", with that all three women laughed uncontrloably, later that evening jen and kim were getting ready to go out, "whats is your mom doing tonight maybe she could come out with us" jen said "i think she is going out already" kim replied. the girls came downstairs to find lisa finishing off her make up "have a nice night girls" said lisa "we will" said jen "you should come with" "thanks but im going round to my friends house for some wine and a good goss" as the two girls bundled out the door jen called back to lisa "tell them your latest goss it will floor them!!" CHAPTER 4 lisa smirked to herself, she wasnt going to her friends at all she was hitting the town on her own to see if she could still pull and keep up with the younger generation.

lisa arrived in town full of ideas of which bars to go to and which clubs to pull in, however she was stopped in her tracks by one perticular club it was called vaness, lisa had heard of this place it was a lesbian club if she pulled in there it would deffinatly lead to her next faantasy adventure. lisa looked around she didnt see anyone she knew and if she saw anyone in there she could come up with a decent excuse as to why she was there, that was it she knew this is what she wanted and so far she had done everything her mind came up with and she wasnt about to stop now, she queed and soon got in handing her coat in she proceeded into the club, sat at the bar and orderd a drink, lisa looked around at all the women most of them looked as feminin as her, lisa had expected a lot of shaved heads and butch men looking types but happily the majority were hot looking.

lisas wasnt sure what to do and for a while sat at the bar drinking, after two drinks she decided to look around the club she went up to the second floor and found a lap dancing area she didnt think twice and immediatly walked over to the both, lisa paid for a ten minute fullly nude dance in a private both, lisa enjoyed the naked dance from the young girl, her body reminded lisa of her daughters, she knew it was wrong to think that way but she couldnt help it sometimes, after the dance lisa was more determined then ever to get her first girl experience tonight, she went to the bar and ordered another drink, as she waited for a drink a woman approached sat down next to her, "thoses dancers are something arent they?".

"they sure are" replied lisa "hi my name is samantha" replied the woman, she was a about the same age as lisa and just a little shorter her body was in good shape with an ample size pair of breasts samantha looked a lot like jessica alba.

"hi im lisa are you hear with anyone?" lisa asked, not really knowing the protocol for such a place. "no im hear alone i needed to get out of the house".

lisa could sense there was more to this but didnt want to push too hard lisa reminded herself "im hear to get laid not make friends" she thought. samantha paused for a second then confessed, "look im gonna be honest im a married woman i have been for a long time and have a family and children but i have never been happy i know inside i prefer women but my family would are very religous and i had to hide who i really am, so from time to time i try to be the real me and come to places like this and get to be with a woman for a night, i this is the first time i ever made it through the dooor" she laughed a little "i thought i best to be up front about it" lisa smiled at samantha and placed her hand on hers "my story is not too different".

samantha smiled "whats your story then" "well im not a lesbian, im deffinatly bi sexual and have often felt the need to to be with a women but never acted on it, recently i decided i had to indulge my fantasies and forfill them to best of my abilities and not juts settle for a little of it but to make it as close to my imagination as i can".

samantha seem intrigued "so how is that working out for you?" "very well so far she said." samantha seemed more nervous then lisa but just as desperate to get what she wanted again samantha questioned lisa's intent, "so what are you hoping to get from tonight?" lisa decided that being up front with kim had worked out so well she would continue that way, "really good sex with a woman" she answerd quickly.

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" well there are different types of good sex arent there" replied samntha who was getting closer to lisa's body. "ok i mean i want to fuck a woman, a hardcore, triple x rated, no holds barred, tongue in every hole fuck session" lisa said without breaking eye contact with samantha. samantha didnt know what to say, this is what she wanted and it was being offered on a plate all she had to do is go along with it lisa was making it easy for her for both of them, but her nerves were fading fast and just as lisa leaned in to kiss her samntha turned and ran, out the club, lisa knew what had happened she was pissed that she was about to pull but also felt sorry for the woman who was clearly very conflicted.

lisa finished her drink and circled the dance floor looking at all the women she would love to get a piece of, when she noticed a woman looking at her from the otherside of the dance floor she was younger then lisa but seemed very confident she nodded towards the bar lisa walked over and the younger woman joined her. "you dont belong here". the girl said, lisa was taken aback "what do you mean" she said nervously the girl looked at lisa "you know what i mean your not one of us, your just looking for a thrill, a quick try on the other team".

the young woman could not be any older then thirty two she was very gound looking very with long shiny brown hair, she dressed like a teenager a tiny denim skirt and a vest top that was very thin pushed hard against it and her nipples stuck right out, her face bore a resembelence to olivia wild. "look i." lisa was cut off by the girl "relax im just seeing how committed you are to doing this" lisa was a little confused "im sorry i dont know whats going on here" "your just here to try sex with a woman arent you?

your not actually a lesbian are you? "well no but i have always wanted to try it and." again the younger girl cut her off "excellent then your just my type i find you girls who want to try it try and cram as much into the expierence as possible and thats always the best sex i have so i kinda seek you girls out" lisa was impressed by this girls straight talk, lisa wanted to win some cred from the girl so smoothly leaned into the girl and whisperd "i dont want sex i want to be fucked.hard".

the woman nodded "fair enough i like a woman who knows what she wants, my name is sky". "lisa" "so you wanna few more drinks her or do you want to go somewhere else with me". lisa still playing it cool, looked at her drink "i'll finish this one first" she replied.

sky stood at the side of the bar while lisa finished her drink, although she was playing it cool lisa was more then aware that she was drinking as fast as she could, lisa got her coat and and was lead out onto the street. "where are we going" lisa asked, sky looked at lisa and said " ever fucked in a cemetary" sky replied. lisa's eyes widend she liked the sound of that a lot as they crossed the street lisa looked back and saw samantha, she had come back to the club with the intent of forfilling her desire and finaly being with a woman, with lisa, samantha had seen lisa coming out with sky, her heart sank she had missed her oppertunity again all because of her nerves she knew lisa would have been the one to go with her first time too, kind caring and extremely sexy and adventurous, she turned and began to walk away on the verge of crying.

"hang on a second sky, wait here," lisa ran after samantha and caught up to her as she turned a corner. "samantha!." shouted lisa, samantha turned round still looking upset "hey, guess i blew my chance again huh?." lisa looked at samantha and smiled "did you come back to see me" she asked "yeah but i saw you with that woman and i thought i had missed my." lisa interrupted her "come on, no more excuses".

lisa took samanthas hand and lead her back down the road to were sky was standing samantha knew it was the chance of a life time and she would be damned if she would miss out again she made a silent promise to herself quoating lisa in her head a triple x rated no holds barred tongue in every hole fuck session is what she was going to have, nothing less.

"who is this?." asked sky "this is my friend samntha she is going to join us, if im just your type let me ask you, have you ever had two of us at once?" a big grin drew across skys face, she introduced herself to samantha and lead the women threw some gates and into a massive cemetary.

they walked deper and deeper into the cemetary until they reached a large mosilium sky open the dooor to it and the women went inside, lisa realised that this was skys very own private sex hideaway, sky had cleaned it up, and had even added a lock on the inside of the door which she bolted behind them, they were in a narrow stone corridor, only fivenor six meters in lenght which had an even narrower stone staircase at the end of it, proceeding down them samantha and lisa where shocked at what they saw, quite sizable stone square room with tourchs burninig in each corner sky had lined the floor and walls with blankets and in the middle of the room was a rectangler stone tomb, which had also been covered with throws and blankets, lisa was impressed, she spyed that part of one of the walls had been dug out and sky had used it as a storage area there were bottles of wine and some sex toys laid out, lisa and samantha smiled at each other, this place was amazing, sky offered the women some wine they passed the bottle around until it was empty, then the three women stood in a group and indulged in a three way kiss, each slipping thier tongues into one anothers mouths, as they continued to kiss each ran theirs hands up and down the others bodys, still kissing passionatly sky took lisas and samanthas hands and pushed them up her skirt, both women instantly felt skys pussy and both began rubbing it lisa pushed her hand further back and teased skys asshole a little before moiving back to her pussy, samantha and lisa each pushed a finger inside sky and began to pleasure her, shy pulled samanthas and lisas dresses up to thier wastes and pulled down thier panties to thier knees and slipped two fingers into each of the womens very wet pussies sky, then removed her fingers from lisa and pushed them into samanthas mouth, and her fingers from samanthas pussy into lisas mouth, this was the first time either had tasted another womans juices they bothed loved it and sucked hard on skys fingers, sky was enjoying being in control of two older horny women, she guided thier heads to each of her tits were both women began to lick her nipples and suck hard on them, sky looked down at the two women sucking her tits and each with a finger inside her, sky closed her eyes and tilted her head back in pleasure pushing her hands through her hair.

she puled her vest top off over her head and undone her skirt it fell freely to the floor, sky was now naked, with lisa and samantha still sucking on her tits sky was able to reach both womens zips on thier dresses she undid each of them and both women wriggled out of their clothes both still carried on sucking skys tits and fingureing her pussy, sky brought both women back up to head height and the three began kissing again as the did sky reached round and undid thier bras both women slid them slide off thier arms still kissing, the three women pulled each other closer all looking at thier tits as they pushed them all together rubbing them and rolling them other eachothers, sky forced herself between samantha and lisa, she lifted one leg up onto the stone tomb she was now locked in a passionate kiss with lisa both pushing thier breasts into each other, while samantha was now behind sky kissing the back of her neck she too pressed her tits hard against sky, sky reached back with her left hand and held samantha against her, then with her right hand she began to push lisas head down on to her tits again then pushed her head lower to her stomach, then down to her pussy, lisas nose was almost touching skys cunt this was something lisa had wanted for a long time she stared at it for a few seconds savoring the moment, lisa body screamed at her to eat this driiping wet pussy but lisa wanted to tease herself more she lightly licked skys inner thigh and the gentley kissed her outer pussy skin, lisa opened skys lips with her fingers she could not control herself anylongerstaring at skys dripping wet pink clit, lisa lost control and pushed her face in against skys pussy and began franticly rubbing her face into skys clit, lisa could feel skys inner lips slide acroos her nose, her face was covered in love juice the taste and smell was sweet lisa then began to run her tongue from the bottom of skys cunt to the top and over her clit as fast as she could, with one foot up on the stone tomb there was plenty of room for both women too work on skys holes, sky reached back and pushed samantha down her back until she too was squawted at skys waste hieght, still reaching behind her sky placed her hand on the back of samanthas head and guided her face too her asshole, samantha began circling her toungue around on skys asshole and gently pressed against it tickiling it with her tongue she then ran her tongue up and down skys crack sometimes samanthas and lisas tongues would come in contact and the two would share the same area for a bit before moving back to thier asigned holes, samantha pushed her tongue out as straight and as hard as she could and then pressed it into skys asshole she could feel her tounge inside, samantha now pushed her face as hard as she could against skys ass in order to get as much of her tongue inside skys hole, at the same time she moved her hand under sky to lisa and began fingering lisas pussy, lisa responded and moved her hand to samanthas pussy and began to play, samantha stop fingering lisa pussy and moved her hand back to hers she took lisas finger out of her pussy and moved it back and gentley slid lisas finger into her ass, lisa bagan poking samanthas asshole whlie samantha reached back and again began to play with lisas pussy, lisa reached down with her other hand and took hold of samanthas hand, and began trying to adjust samanthas fingers, knowing lisa was trying to somrething samantha relaxed her hand and let lisa take control of it lisa pushed samanthas thumb against her palm then forced a gap between her samanthas ring fingure and middle finger she the pushed the first too fingers into her pussy and the second two into her ass, samantha took back over and began pumping her fingers as hard as she could still with her face and tongue burried into skys ass, samntha reached down with her free hand and franticly began to tap on lisas wriste, lisa knew what she wanted and adjusted her fingers to how she had made samanthas and reinserted them inside samanthas ass and pussy and start pumping the same speed as samantha was.

feeling both womens tongues working her over sky soon began to cum lisa instintivley placed her open mouth over skys pussy hole and pushed her tongue in as deep and as hard as she couldsamantha who had been thrusting her tongue in and out of skys asshole did the same into skys ass, sky let out a moan as she came hard, lisa sucked hard on skys pussy hole and could feel skys love juice dripping into her mouth lisa swalloed all she could.

"rotate" sky said simply, lisa stood up with one leg on the the tomb sky slid down behind her as samantha moved across to lisa front, this time samntha worked lisa pussy with her tongue while sky mouth fucked lisas ass, and again the two women on the floor fingered one another, lisa looked down and could see the tops of heads both nodding up and down as they licked away lisa began playing withh her tits, she loved her tits and always liked playing with them slowly rubbing them then playing with her nipples she loved to pull them as hard as she could and then sucking on one hard and squeezing the other tightly, soon it was her turn to orgasm, samantha got her first mouthfull of a womens cum and and she too loved the taste, it was now samanthas turn to have her holes tongue fucked by the other two she was so excited her pussy juice was ruuning down her legs and over her asshole, sky began to lick the juice from samanthas legs but the time she reached samanthas pussy skys face was covered in sweet smelling love juice sky was loving the amount of juice cumming out of samntha and everytime skys tongue made contact with samanthas clit more would poor out of her and run down to her ass were lisa was busy eating it, lisa could see the streams of juice running towards the asshole she was eating out and used her tongue to smear the juice over and into samanthas ass, lisa then felt skys hand on her foot, sky moved lisa foot and placed it against her own pussy, lisa gentlly rubed her toes against skys clit and lips sky reached down again and pulled at lisas foot against her wet hole, lisa pushed her foot into skys pussy and began pushing it in and out of her, again sky took hold of lisa foot this time with booth hands and pushed it hard into herself then, still with both hands she thrust it in and out as fast as she could, lisa understood and took over pumping her foot in and out of sky as fast as sky had mimicked, lisa reached over to skys leg tapped it and reached back to her own pussy holding it open sky slid her foot into lisa and matched lisas foots rythum.

both women still eating out samanthas holes. lisa slipped her hand behind herself and pushed two fingers into her ass and gentley massaged her rectum. samantha began to moan loudly she couldnt help herself she had waited her life for this it was against her religion but it was who she was and its was finaly happening way more hardcore then she imagined, she couldnt hold on any long and with and loud "oh fuuuccccklkk". she came the feeling was overwhelming her legs gave out she fell back onto the stone tomb and grabbed her clit it was so sensitive but she was compelled to rub it as her ograsm serged through her body she layed thier breathing heavily every few seconds a wave of pleasure would cause her to twitch untill she finaly relaxed her body and let go off her clit sky and lisa pulled her up and the three began to kiss again each tasting themselves and eachother on each of them.

lisa and samantha continued to kiss each other and fondle each others tits, sky walked over to where her toys were, "samantha, your pussy looks like it could use a rest for a moment so put this on." she said with a smile, sky passed samantha a strap on dildo, samanth put it on and tightened it, as did sky, sky looked at lisa "so how do you want us?" she asked.

lisa smiled and instructed samantha to lay on the stone tomb samantha did so, lisa got on top of samantha and fed the dildo into hur pussy and began to grind on it, she then let lent forward and beckond sky behind her, sky got onto the tomb and kneeling behind lisa pushed her fake cock into lisas ass and began pumping hard lisa ground samanthas strap on as samantha pushed up and down into lisas pussy, the double penatration was fantastic and lisa began to bounce and push on the the two cocks as hard as she could, she reached back and took skys hands and placed them on her tits then reached down and did the same with samanthas lisa loved all these hands on her tits it was enough to send her over the edge she felt herself coming she cried out "oh yeah fuck me harder you sexy bitches fuck me harrrrrd!" she quickly pulled herself off the cock and planeted her pussy square on samnthas face it took samantha by surprise as she felt lisas full body weight land on her face she was smootherd by cunt and almost couldnt breath, but was too engrossed with munching on lisas juices to care, as lisa came she lent back and pulled sky over her head and kissed her, then she slowly moved off samnthas mouth sliding over it, wiping her pussy across samanthas entire face, samantha loved it, she didnt want this to end, "our tun now" sky said to samantha, "our turn?" she said confused.

sky slid samanthas strapon off and gave it to lisa, she then instructed samantha to get on all fours and positioned herself behind her on her knees, sky leaned towards samanthas ear and said "where do you want it". "my pussy please" samantha replied, sky slipped the dildo in to samanthas pussy and pushed it in as far as she could, sky then turned to lisa to told her to kneel behind her, lisa postioned herself behind sky "put it in my ass" sky told lisa, lisa pushed the dildo against skys tight asshole and it slid in, sky looked back at lisa "stay tight to me", lisa understood and pushed hard against skys back, reachig around lisa took hold of skys tits and began pumping her hips, sky could feel the fake cock in her ass moving, she too began simulating sex on samantha the harder sky banged samanthas pussy the harder she made lisas dildo fuck her, lisa fucked sky hard in the ass, sky fucked samnthas pussy fast soon samantha and sky were both moaning loudly with pleasure, sky slammed into samanthas pussy as hard as she could samantha lowerd her head and being on all fours allowed her tits to hit her in the face each time sky pushed into her, meanwhlie lisa still fucking skys ass had managed under sky and had been able to slip her hand under skys strapon and fingerd her pussy, her other hand still tightly gripped on skys tit.

samantha was almost screaming as she came and fell to the floor in a heap this caused sky to fall with her pushing her fake cock harder into samantha, lisa also fell on to sky and again caused lisa to push her dildo into skys ass, both women came together the last push worked out perfectly, all three women laid in a pile catching thier breaths thier bodys glistened with sweat, lisa and sky removed thier strapons and sky laid her side and told lisa to on her side but place her head inbetween skys legs lisa did it she was staring at skys pussy with her head resting on skys inner thy lisa was facing torwards skys ass, but she understood what sky was doing, sky then instructed lisa to raise her leg and for samanthat to do as lisa had and place her head between lisa legs she did it then saw what was happening, sky lifted her head and samantha slid her leg in under it and raised her other high, now all three women had formed a triangle shape each with thier heads at the next persons pussy, the three women began licking eachothers pussies and assholes sky sucked on samanthas clit, samantha rubbed her face against lisa pink meat, lisa pushed her tongue deep into skys wet cunt,lisa reached up and burried two fingers deep into skys ass, sky followed suit did the same to samantha, samantha too pushed her fingers into lisas as the women moaned with sheer pleasure thier voices muffled by the mouthfullls of of pussy, sky stop licking just long enough to ask "are you girls squirters?", lisa knew she was and quickly replied "i am" before burrying her face back into skys cunt, then samantha spoke up "me too"she said between licks "good because im gonna spray all over you two" a very horny sky replied still feverishly licking at samanthas swollen clit "oh fuck yeah" exclaimed lisa her breath was quickening "cover me in your juices" screamed samantha, the women continued to lick and rub each others pussies and fingering thier ass holes suddenly sky jumped up "quikly lay together" lisa and samantha rolled over and lay side by side the brought thier heads together and turned towards each other so thier mouths were together with them both wide open they slipped thier tongues out the corner and touched tongues, sky squatted over them and furiously rubbed her clit, with an orgasmic cry sky sprayed her love juice into lisa and samanthas face, soaking them immediatly, both the women raised thier tongues to catch the spray, still making a long crying sound and rubbing her clit sky moved lower and soaked both girls tits before moving back up and spraying more onto thier faces.

both lisa and samantha had swallowed a lot and both were loving it they kissed and sucked on each others faces uncontrolably while sky laid on them sucking her own cum off thier tits and rubbin her face and body into thiers to cover herself in the spray too, "my turn" samantha announced and stood up begining to wank her clit, sky fell to lisas side and licked lisas face and sucking on her tonge "aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" screamed samantha she she began spray her pussy juice, sky and lisa opened thier mouths again the women were soaked in love juice, all over thier faces and tits lisa noticed a small puddle of it forming on skys neck she sucked it up then drbbled it into skys mouth sky spat it back into lisas face, samantha laid back down with them the two women smeered and spat more onto samantha and dribbled it into her mouth, she loved swallowing what they gave hershe licked thier tits sucking up hers and skys come the three women kissed all of them were dripping in love juice, it was a sloppy kiss all of them trying to lap up as much of the delicious pussy juice as possible, lisa stood up and pushed the other two back down lisa rubbed her clit as hard as she could she knew she was about to blow big, she yalled she began spraying the other two with her cum for a solid twenty seconds she completley soaked the womens tits and stomach, both them scooped it up with thier hands drinking in, pouring it over thier faces and throwing it in eachothers, lisa wasnt finished yet she squatted over skys mouth, her cunt dripping, sky open her mouth wide lisa began wankin her clit again, she sprayed right into skys mouth filling it in seconds sky laid there, her mouth open wide and full of lisas spray, lisa looked down at her she could see into skys mouth and could see how full it was.

lisa watched as sky closed her mouth swalloed and then opened her mouth again, she had swallowed the lot, lisa smiled and moved over samantha, she opened her mouth waiting for her load, she didnt have to wait long lisa rubbed her clit again and fired into samanthas mouth, again samantha showed off that her mouth was full of lady jizz then swallowed the lot, lisa began to rub herself again over samanthas and skys mouth but gave instructions not to swallow this time, lisa rubbed away at her swollen clit again and fired one last long load over samantha and sky both easily got a mouthfull plus plenty more over thier faces and tits all three were soaked, lisa pulled them both up so all three were all kneeling up they all pulled in close to eachother thier slippery wet tits rubbing and sliding over each other, thier mouths came together with lisas already open sky and samantha opened thiers mouth and let lisas cum spill from them into each others mouths and over each others body lisa caught a decent mouthfull from both women and swalled it all, the three women continued to kiss passionatly like this rubbing each others tits and sliding fingers into eachothers pussies and assholes before they each passed out from exhaustion.

lisa awoke hours later still naked on the floor, she glanced at her watch and couldnt belive the time.

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samantha and sky were asleep, lisa got her clothes on and woke the others they too got dressed and sky led them back through the cemetary to the main road where they all hailed taxis.

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