Gay blind date sex Danny Sells His Ass And Gets Screwed

Gay blind date sex Danny Sells His Ass And Gets Screwed
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When I started watching that XXX movie of my brother's, I never dreamed that I would wind up in a XXX episode of my own--with my own mother! I was only 17 at the time, a senior in high school. On a Friday night late, around 1:30, I couldn't sleep, so I got up and slipped quietly downstairs, wearing just a pair of jockey shorts. I had a video-porno tape that belonged to my brother, who was away at college.

I popped myself some popcorn in the kitchen and then put the tape in the VCR and turned it on, with the sound low so as not to disturb the rest of the family. The film had been going about 15 minutes, the sexual action was hot and heavy, and I had become really engrossed (and aroused) when suddenly I discovered that my mother, in her nightgown, had appeared in the doorway behind me.

I grabbed for the remote control, but I fumbled it and it fell to the floor. There was Mom, looking at the TV screen where two naked girls were making life really exciting for a lucky guy. I figured that the damage had been done now, so I just sat there, trying to hide my hard-on and waiting to find out what Mom was going to say. For a couple long minutes she just stood there behind the sofa watching the sex party get more and more sensual.

Finally she said, "Do you really like this sort of stuff?" I could tell from her voice that she was highly disapproving, so I tried to cover by blaming someone else. "It's really Rick's movie," I mumbled. "But you're watching it. Do you like it?" Mom persisted. "Well, yeah,it's OK, I guess. I couldn't sleep, so it was just something to do." Mom suddenly laughed.

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"Do you expect me to believe that? Here's a typical horny teenager watching a porno flick, and it's just for something to do because he can't sleep?" I grinned sheepishly. I know I was blushing red as a fire truck. "Well, Mom, IxIxAll right, Mom. I'm sorry. I'll turn it off and go to bed." "Oh no!" Mom said mockingly.

"I wouldn't want to deprive my adolescent boy of his pleasure. Go ahead and watch, if it turns you on.Oh, what have we here?

Popcorn! Well, I'm glad I came down." She sat down on the sofa and helped herself to a handful of my popcorn. I noticed that she had her eyes glued to the TV, where there was almost nonstop nudity and sexual activity.

Then I noticed that her nightgown was rather sheer, and her nipples, which seemed to be hard, were dimly visible. Since she was now sitting down, I couldn't get a good look at her crotch, but I was sure that her pussy hair must be apparent too, since she's a brunette.

For several minutes we just sat there and watched together, as Mom ate my popcorn, and I was all tense and nervous. I just couldn't imagine Mom watching stuff like this. What I had been enjoying immensely, now became very embarrassing to me, though my cock was still very stiff. Then Mom really shocked me with another question: "Do you usually jack off when you're watching these films?" I was so shaken up by the question that I actually just blurted out the truth: "S-s-sometimes." "Well then, go ahead if you want to.

I don't want to break up the fun. I can see that your--uh-- thing is all ready for it," she said, eying the big bulge in my shorts. "Mom!" I exclaimed and just sat there in shock, like a statue. Mom gave another little trill of soft laughter. "Oh, come on, honey.

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I know what young boys do. It's perfectly natural and there's nothing wrong with it, so you don't have to be ashamed." I had no idea what to say or do, so I just sat there stupidly.

Mom laughed softly again and moved over closer to me. (She actually seemed to be having fun with this little game!) "Would you like me to do it for you?" And damned if she didn't put her warm hand on my bare leg not three inches from my cock!

I sucked in an astonished breath so quickly that it made a loud hissing sound, and Mom laughed again. I had never heard her laugh quite the way she was doing it on this night. It wasn't quite a giggle, just a merry little trill, very soft and delighted sounding. Mom reached out one finger and touched the tip of my cock very lightly, but my rod gave a leap at that amazing contact.

"You're not doing a very good job of answering questions tonight.


Or maybe your penis is doing the answering. Do you want me to jack off your dick or not?" My voice actually sounded squeaky at the astounding nature of this little late-night rendezvous. "Sh-sh-sure, Mom,if you really want to." Mom trilled her little laugh again and put her hand on my cock, holding it gently through the knit fabric of my shorts. She began to just tenderly fondle it at first, then to pull and grasp it more firmly.

Soon she decided that this wasn't good enough, so she pulled and tugged at the shorts and my cock until she had my big bare prick sticking out through the opening. Then she wrapped her hand around it and began to give it a good workout. She cupped my balls with the other hand and gently massaged them as she jerked vigorously on my joystick. God! What an amazing development! I could not have dreamed anything so unexpected--and so thrilling. I stared at my mother's hands on my balls and tugging at my naked cock.

Incredible! Then I noticed that the way Mom had to sit to get both hands on my happy genitals had brought her bosom just under my chin and I could look right down inside her nightie at her big soft tits with their jutting nipples.

The porno film in the background just added that much more spice to this erotic scene. Then I noticed that Mom was looking at my eyes and could see that I was staring at her beautiful tits. She smiled warmly at me. "You like?" she asked lightly. "Oh, God! I like, Mom! I like very much!" My cock was on fire from her manipulation. She really knew just how to do it. And damn! she was enjoying it!

I could tell from her smile and her cheerful little laugh. I wanted to get my hands on her tits and had just about got up the nerve to reach for them. After all if she was playing with my cock, couldn't I do the same to her boobs? On the TV screen a big buxom blonde had just started sucking on the enormous cock of the stud star, who was saying, "Suck me, babe!

Suck me!" Mom looked at the scene for a moment and then said, "Would you like me to do that to you, honey?" By this time, I believed that anything could happen, so I found myself saying hoarsely, "Suck me, babe! Suck me!" just like the guy in the film. Maybe I didn't have nearly as much to suck as he had, but I wasn't small either, and Mom was making me feel like a porn star. Mom uttered that sweet little trill again and knelt on the floor between my legs.

She lowered her lovely head and brought my turgid dick to her lips. She kissed it on the head a few times first, then licked lightly at the very tip. Gradually she took more and more of my cock into her mouth, and her tongue swirled round and round the sensitive ring. Now I reached down into her nightgown as she knelt before me and got a hand on her big tits. God! they felt great--soft, but very smooth and firm, with the nipples swollen and hard.

I squeezed and fondled her tits and flicked the nipples back and forth, then pinched lightly on them. Mom's head was bobbing up and down over my cock, and her lips and tongue were raising my sensations to a peak very quickly. I knew I couldn't last very long this way. "Oh, Mom!" I groaned. "That feels,so,so, damned good,I'm about, to come!" Mom just grunted and sucked that much harder on my cock. The hot, stinging, itching feeling became more and more urgent, spreading out through my groin, stiffening my body, curling my toes.

Then I just boiled over, panting and jerking, fucking my cock wildly into Mom's eager mouth. She held onto my ass and just kept sucking away as my cum spurted into her mouth.

I could both feel and hear her gulping my cock juice down thirstily, as if she didn't want to spill a drop of it. Finally I lay back, spent for the moment. Mom diligently licked my cock completely clean before she resumed her seat beside me, her hand still holding my semi-hard dick.

She looked at me and smiled broadly again.

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"Hey, kid," she said jokingly, "you taste pretty good--very nourishing too, I'm sure." Her mouth was still wet and sticky looking. And then she kissed me right on the mouth, licking at my lips with her tongue. I responded eagerly, licking back at her lips and tasting my own cum there.

She was right--it didn't taste bad! "My God, Mom! You''re wonderful!" I said with tremendous gratitude. Mom laughed happily again. Then I noticed that the scene on the TV had changed. The tables were now turned, and the big blonde was now having her pussy eaten by the stud.

Mom noticed it too, and she said with a smile, "Oho! Now look what you have to do." She lifted up her hips and pulled her nightie clear to her waist. Then she lay back and spread her legs wide, presenting her beautiful dark-haired pussy to me. Again the laugh, and then she said, "Bon appetit, mon cheri!" God!

What a night this had turned out to be! I didn't waste any time getting on my knees between Mom's legs. I eagerly ran my hands up her smooth full thighs, squeezing and caressing them.

I kissed my way up her legs and all around her hairy triangle as I gently probed a finger into her moist lips. Then I brought my mouth to her fragrant crotch, pulled open her pussy lips with my thumbs and began to lick and nibble lightly at her labia. Her abundant juices tasted like divine nectar to me! I began to lick more vigorously, then found her little clit and began to flick lightly at it with my tongue.

Mom took hold of my head and let me know by her grip which strokes got to her most. She began to moan very softly and to rock her hips forward and back. I did my best to give Mom as good a cunt lick as I could, and I guess I succeeded pretty well.

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I was loving it, the delightful smell and taste, the feel of her soft inner genitals on my tongue and the crispy hair against my nose, the soft firmness of her round ass cheeks as I grasped them to pull her closer, the feel of her hands on my head, pulling with desire and passion. Then Mom began to buck her hips so hard that I had a difficult time staying with her, but I held on and kept lapping away as she went into a convulsion of extremely rapid humps with her hips, and I detected a sudden increase in her cunt juices.


Then she stopped her movements and held my head very tight and very still while her body trembled violently. After a few long moments, Mom heaved a big sigh and lay back. I lifted my head from her crotch and looked up at her. She gave me another big smile and said, very huskily, "Thanks, honey.

That's the best lingus my little cunnie's ever had! Ooooh, God! Did that ever feel good! I hope it wasn't too unpleasant for you." "Unpleasant! My God, Mom! I loved it. I'd like to do that every night." Mom seemed surprised. She said that Dad does it for her once in a great while, but she knows that he doesn't really like it, although he loves to have his cock sucked, and she enjoys that.

"Well, Mom," I said, "anytime you want a cheerful cunt licker, you know where to come. Anytime." She laughed and kissed me again, this time licking some of her cunt juices back inside. We noticed that the movie had ended while we were otherwise distracted.

We sat there kissing for a while, as I played with her tits and cunt, and she fondled my hard-again cock. Then Mom said, "Why don't you rewind the tape and start it again? I think I saw some fucking when I first came in. Maybe--just maybe--that might give us some more ideas." I eagerly did as she suggested. This film didn't take long at all to get to the hard stuff, and soon there was a pair of people fucking away--in fact, two pairs.

The scenes kept shifting from one couple to the other and back. I had my finger up Mom's cunt again by this time and she was sort of pushing her mound against my hand as she rubbed my hard cock. "Well, Mom," I said eagerly, "how about it? That looks like fun to me." "It certainly does," said Mom softly, "but of course, this is a little more serious. Maybe what we've been doing could be called just playing around, but fucking by a mother and son is incest." "If it's really love, what's wrong with that, Mom?

I love you more than any other person in the world, and I'd like to show you my love in every way possible." Mom smiled very warmly and kissed me sweetly. "Thanks, honey. That's just what I needed to hear.

I feel the same way. Who should make real love more naturally than a mother and her beloved son? I want you to fuck me, my darling boy." She raised her arms and pulled her nightgown off over her head, letting her gorgeous big tits fall free. Then she lay back, pulling me with her. She put one leg up on the back of the sofa. I pulled myself up over her as she spread her thighs wide to let me between them.

Mom took hold of my cock with one hand and opened her pussy lips with the other. Then she guided the head of my cock right inside.

I very slowly pushed and pulled, sinking my dick deeper and deeper into her well-lubricated love passage. Finally I was in her all the way, my balls against her ass, and our pubic hair meshed together. Mom pulled my head down so that we could kiss as we fucked. Both of us seemed to want to make this last awhile, so we moved very slowly at first. I would pull slowly out until I was almost all the way out, then slowly sink back in all the way.

I could feel every bit of her moist, slippery passage, and I'm sure she got all the feel of my happy hard cock. All the time, we were kissing with open mouths, and I was playing with her tits and ass, while she fondled my ass or my balls. It was just a very loving slow fuck, romantic and domestic at the same time--Mom and son with all the family love due to each, but also now two lovers, very very much in love romantically and sexually.

It was an overwhelming feeling to actually have my cock in my own dear beautiful mother's cunt and to sense her extreme pleasure in our union.

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And of course, there was the added excitement that my father or sister could come down the stairs at any time and catch the two of us "in flagrante." Since we had both already come once, we were not in a frenzy to reach orgasm again rapidly. For a long time--it must have been at least a half hour--we just continued that slow lovemaking, sometimes just lying, joined together at genitals and mouths, other times fucking gently, warmly.

Of course, the intensity gradually began to build, and we both seemed to feel the urgency at the same time to step up the tempo. Mom signaled this by bringing her knees up and opening herself still wider to my thrusts. She began humping lightly, cuing me to pump a little harder.

Thus, bit by bit, like an old-fashioned steam locomotive just gradually picking up speed, Mom and I began screwing in earnest. My thrusts became harder and faster; her hips humped more vigorously.

Our tongues became more insistent in our kisses. Mom began breathing harder and moaned lightly from time to time. I began to grunt with my thrusts. When I reached the bottom of a stroke, I would grind it in hard for a moment, and Mom responded by wiggling her ass to push up against that pressure.

Then Mom muttered into my mouth, "OK, honey! NOW! Fuck me hard, honey! Real hard! Just let me have it with all you've got." I didn't need to be told twice. Immediately I began pounding it to her, ramming my hard cock into her almost violently. She kept right with me, bucking her hips up fiercely to get all the force of each thrust. In and out--in and out--fuck--fuck--fuck--fuck!

We were in a very hard and rapid rhythm, perfectly coordinated, fucking passionately, hungrily, greedily, seeking our own and our partner's full measure of ecstasy.

Mom began panting and her soft moans turned into a muffled little sustained scream, and I knew that she was on the brink of orgasm. At the same time her ass started bouncing off that sofa with absolute abandon. I put everything I had into banging her but good, plowing into her with every bit of strength I had. God! Did my mother's leaping, grasping cunt feel good on my cock! Then with a loud groan I started spurting my juice into Mom's plunging cunt.

She humped even faster yet, spasmodically, uncontrollably, coming in a big way. Then she was stiff and shuddering violently again, and my pleasure-filled cock was shooting the last of my juice deep within her belly.

We clung to each other passionately, wet with sweat and cum and saliva, gloriously wet--and filled with the deepest love and gratitude. My love--and my respect--for my precious mother had grown to be far greater than ever before. And I knew that her deep love for me had been demonstrated in the most explicit way possible. This wonderful night was the beginning of an intense, sincerely loving affair which is still going on. I am now 26 and Mom is 49.

We have been very discreet, and no one suspects that my tender concern for my mother is actually a sexual relationship. Mom is still one hot piece of ass, and she still loves my cock. She and Dad get along fine, but I know that I am her real lover. Oh yes, I am married now and love my wife dearly.

She is great in bed--but I'm afraid that she will never be as good as Mom. No one could be.