Kinky thai bitch gets treated unbelievably hard by a sexy dude

Kinky thai bitch gets treated unbelievably hard by a sexy dude
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This story has to do with man on man so if you are not into that, please leave. I'm 25 years old, 5'9" tall, 190lbs, average to muscular build, smooth chest military haircut and clean shaved with brown hair and eyes. My story is just to share an experience.

Look at the tags before you continue to read. If you don't want to read man on man then stop here. I am currently serving in the military and was at a field exercise when it happened. We go out to the field for training purposes to simulate being deployed and getting used to everything. We trained all day long and stay out there for any where for a week to a couple months. They had the shower tents set up and port-o-johns. I've been noticing a lot of scribbles on the walls complaining, poorly drawn cocks and about BJ's.

My heart would race every time I was in there and read "Who wants a Bj?" and had multiple responses. That seemed to be the extent of anything exciting until I was in there and read "0005 showers" under one of the offers for blowjobs. I felt my heart start to pound and started getting horny imagining watching a guy sucking another guy's cock. I had to beat off, picturing one guy on his knees sucking off a giant cock while I was sneaking a peak.

I was about to cum when someone pounded on the door of the port-o-john asking if anyone was in there. I snapped out of my wet day dream and pulled up my pants and left feeling my hard cock throbbing.

My hard on was quickly gone after we started training and forgot about the shower cock sucking. It ended up our training went late into the night when we finally finished. After bullshitting and playing cards I realized how late it was and that we had to get up early for another long day of training.

I left the guys and went to grab my things to take a shower while I had the chance. It wasn't until I was almost at the showers before I realized what time it was and remembered the blowjob offer scribbled on the wall in the port-o-john. My heart started pounding thinking it was going to burst out of my chest. I was about to turn around but doubted any guy on guy action was going to be going on. Especially after I got inside the shower tent and saw how many guys there were in there.

I didn't want to get naked with a raging hard on, luckily seeing all the other guys made me nervous and my cock quickly went down.

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There were about 6 guys from what I could see. Most were either brushing their teeth, shaving or leaving. I could hear 3 of them at the sinks talking about a football game they missed. I stripped off my pants and noticed one guy looking at my boxers. He was early mid to late 30's black hair and dark eyes with a great build and hairy. I didn't recognize him from my unit. It turns out hand washing clothes leaves stains all over that resemble cum stains.

I looked down and I had detergent stains all over I quickly took them off not wanting to explain. Grabbing my soap and towel I went into the shower area. The showers are 2 man showers separated off and there are 6 stalls all together. I picked the middle one and jumped inside. My body feeling the hot water cascading over it felt amazing after a couple weeks without showering.


After a minute I zoned out the talking and just focused on how much I loved the hot water. It wasn't until I heard a "Psst" when I snapped out of it. I looked over seeing someone cut a hole in the wall of the shower leading to the other shower. My heart sunk, another guy was watching me shower.

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I pretended that it didn't bother me and started soaping my body up. I lathered my hands up and washed my face and was almost done with my shower. After I rinsed my face off I looked over at the whole and couldn't believe what I saw, this huge cut cock. It was mesmerizing. I couldn't take my eyes off it. Looking around to make sure nobody else could see me I lathered up my hands and grabbed on thinking I could just jerk him off really quick and he would leave.

Grabbing on to his semi hard shaft was like electricity pumping through my body. It felt amazing and I could tell he was enjoying it as well when his cock started getting harder and harder with each pump. It didn't take long before he was rock solid.


His cock covered in soap I kept stroking thinking he was almost done he quickly pulled away. I didn't get why he pulled away until he put his cock back through and he rinsed off all the soap and wasn't completely hard.

I grabbed his cock again and he pulled away again.

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I was enjoying stroking his giant cock I didn't get it so I got on my knees to peek through the hole. Looking through the hole I couldn't see much.

My fingers trying to open up the hole to give me a better view of the cock teases' shower stall. Then he finally shoved it back through the hole hitting me in the face and pulling back again. I guess it was some sort of game and was pretty sure he didn't want a hand job. After he pushed his cock through again I grasped it with my hands and he pulled it back again. Figured since there were so many other guys in there he couldn't tell me to suck his cock so I took the hint.

I finally put my mouth at the hole, wasn't the brightest decision because he quickly shoved his cock back through the hole into my mouth. Finally he kept his cock all the way on my side. I wasn't exactly sure why the hell I was sucking off a cock through a hole in the shower. Or why I was enjoying it so much, that didn't matter. I started sucking his big hard cock just like I'd seen in the millions of porns I've watched in my time. Making sure I wasn't noisy and not shaking the tent getting into it too much.

I started using my hand stroking his cock in motion with my mouth, occasionally trying to deep throat his cock. Turns out it's not as easy as porn stars make it out to be. I was experimenting with different styles of cock sucking till I heard a noise behind me.

I quickly stood up realizing someone else was coming into the shower stall with me. I panicked and didn't know what to do. I only had a split second before I'd be caught with this big hard cock sticking through the hole of the tent. I grabbed my soap and put my back against the wall where the cock was at.

I could feel the heat of his cock between my thighs. Reaching out to grab the shower head and aim it at me the hard cock slowly start pumping in and out between my thighs and occasionally poking my tight asshole. My heart was pounding and my stomach dropped.

Looking at the guy entering was the guy staring at me when I was getting undressed. I was a little confused because he was already wet before he even turned on the shower. Finally the guy pulled his cock out from between my thighs.

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I felt relieved because I could finish my shower and leave. But before I could move away from the wall I felt a finger jam into my ass and pull me to the wall. The hairy muscular guy quickly looked over at me. I awkwardly laughed and said its slick in here. I could feel his stare questioning why I slipped. He slowly looked over my body and back up to my eyes.

Staring into my scared eyes while I was having my ass fingered. Trying not to make a peep but enjoying the feeling of his finger stretching my hole. He finally looked away after I pathetically started to lather myself up with soap and looked away.

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I couldn't believe this was happening to me. I was being fingered in a shower with a lot of guys in there and while I was in a shower stall with another guy. I wanted to stop and hop out of the shower but was enjoying it way too much. He finally forced 2 fingers into my ass and I gasped. Closing my eyes trying not to breathe too hard or show any signs I was being fingered. It wasn't long before my mystery lover was bored with fingering me.


I could feel the tip of his cock pushing at my freshly fingered hole. I'm sure my facial expression said it all. "Oh my gosh! He is about to shove his big cock in my ass!!" So I quickly bent down to pretend to wash my feet to give him better access.

I was standing there bent over pressing my ass against the wall of the shower, feeling him press his cock through the hole of the shower into my tight ass. I could feel my ass stretching as he slowly eased his cock inch by inch into me. The heat of his cock was a lot hotter than the steaming hot shower water. Finally after pumping inch by inch he was all the way in.

I didn't honestly care about anything else besides the feeling of his big hot cock in my ass. Till I felt something tapping me on the head. I slowly opened my eyes seeing feet in front of me. I started thinking "Holy shit! I'm getting fucked in the ass by a stranger and I got caught! I was going to get into so much fuckin trouble!" It was all in slow motion.

I started to look up feeling the cock continuing to pump my ass. I couldn't believe it. He was stroking his hard cock giving me the international sign for quiet with 1 finger over his puckered lips. I shook my head and he quickly grabbed my head and started fucking my mouth. I was confused and completely lost as to how I got here being fucked from both sides. They somehow got into rhythm where they both pulled out and pushed in at the same time. I was simply trying to balance myself and not gag while getting my throat invaded.

Till the cock in my ass pulled out. I quickly pulled my head off my throat invader and turned around getting on my knees to look through and he shoved his cock back through as I quickly engulfed it in my mouth. It didn't take long before I could feel my head being forced down onto the cock by my shower buddy. Forcing me to take as much of the cock as possible till his cock started twitching and spurting out hot jets of cum into my mouth and throat.

I couldn't help but gag I was trying to pull away but was forced to take it. I didn't think he was ever going to stop cumming, squirt after squirt. He finally stopped and I went back to regular sucking of his cock till he pulled it away. I looked around and my shower buddy quickly grabbed my head and shoved his cock in my mouth. I couldn't believe his cock got bigger and harder. Staring up at him while he used my face he finally pulled out and pulled me up.

He gave me the signal to turn around and I can't say I wanted too. I shook my head and was moving back to my shower about to shut it off and leave when I felt him wrap his arm around my throat in a choke hold. Pressing me against the flimsy wall and shoving his giant cock against me.

He whispered in my ear "Oh you are gonna let me fuck you one of 2 ways, the easy way or hard way." I felt him humping me like a dog on some ones leg till he finally found his mark. He jammed it up into me covering my mouth. The shock and pain of his large cock entering me took my breath away. Felt like he was lifting me off the ground with each thrust up into me. Till he stopped, hearing all the other guys in the tent stopped talking.

He quietly shushed me in my ear. I nodded my head not wanting to get caught 10 times more than him. He pulled out and went back to showering and gave me the hand signal to do the same. A second later another guys head popped in the shower area and said "What was that?" He told him I slipped and fell against the shower wall, then joked about me getting a breathalyzer.

The guy asking the question left without another question. I could see his jaw locked up and he glared over at me then pointing down at the ground. I got down on my knees and went back to work sucking his big dick back up to rock solid.

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Finally after my jaw got tired of it he signaled me to get up and he quickly bent me over jamming his cock back in me. I could feel his anger with each painful thrust into me. It didn't take long with my tight ass. He pulled out and pointed down as he started furiously stroking his cock. I assumed my position and opened my mouth and put my mouth at the tip of his cock. The first rope of hot cum went all over my face then he shoved his cock in my mouth and finished cumming.

Filling my mouth with his cum I couldn't take any more.

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He plugged my nose covered my mouth forcing me to swallow his gigantic load. I quickly swallowed and gave him the thumbs up I was done. He quickly opened my mouth to check. He helped me up and winked at me as he rinsed off.

I needed to wash my face off to get the rope of cum he shot all over my face when he stopped me. I looked at him and he shook his head and pointed over at the wall.

I looked over and there was a big black cock waiting for me. It was going to be a long night. To be continued…?