Obscene and squelching vagina endures hammering action

Obscene and squelching vagina endures hammering action
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She couldn't take it anymore, she sighed and hung her head down in defeat after throwing the soiled rags in the washer at her job.

She'd accepted that she was in love with her coworker Drew and more than anything it was her sex drive taking over. All she wanted was a night or two of him just pounding her till she was sore or her just riding him till he begged her to stop. "Hey do you want to come see this X-ray? There's a cool fracture along the tibia" Drew said, poking his head around the corner. Alice jumped and looked at him wide eyed before grinning, hoping he didn't catch the little glint of crush mode in her eyes.

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"Sure, Can I have a second though? I want to get this load started so laundry doesn't back up", Alice said smiling. "Sure" Drew said, smiling and going back to the X-Ray machine. Alice closed her eyes and took in the smell of his cologne, musk mixed with the right about of spice.

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She didn't know what he wore but it was enough for her to always want to stand around him. She finished her load and walked in to find Drew and the Doctor going over the X-Ray, he was right.

The fracture was nice and clean and it looked like it Made the perfect lightning bolt. "I'll let the owners know and give them some options for their little dog, then we'll go from there". The doctor turned and squeezed Alice's shoulder as he walked out.


Alice turned back to Drew as he began creating the file for the owners. "What do you think of the fracture? Didn't I tell you it was cool?" Drew asked, glancing over his shoulder at Alice as she gazed at the image. "Yeah, you were right". Alice replied, letting her mind drift off as Drew began explaining what the doctor was hoping the owners would agree to: It was the day she walked in to get her application for the clinic that she saw Drew.

He was tall, bearded (Alice falling in love with just about any guy with a beard), and had this laugh that just made her look up from the application. She automatically felt the stir in her loins and she knew she wanted to fuck him. It wasn't until she officially started one weekend that she finally introduced herself to Drew, he was working the same shift she was and they were waiting for the last customer to come in, provided a customer showed up at all.

She just couldn't help but imagining pulling him into a back room and pushing her lips against his, feeling their lips lock perfectly as he reaches down and caresses her ass, slowly sliding his hands up underneath her shirt. cupping her breasts and thumbing over the nipples. "Alice? Are you coming or what" Alice snapped back into reality and looked at Drew, who was smiling and laughed. "You okay? You've been daydreaming a lot lately it seems" Drew ruffled her hair as he walked past her, making the hand motion to follow him to the surgery prep station to wait for the doctors word about starting the operation.

After the surgery Alice was going over her surgical notes with Drew to make sure she had written down everything correctly. "Nice job, The Doctor will be pretty happy with these" Drew said, printing out the notes.

Alice finally, with out thinking asked Drew the most bold question she thought she could ever ask him. "Hey, would you like to get coffee sometime?

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There's a new coffee shop downtown and I thought I'd give it a try" after the words left her mouth she froze and just kind of looked at Drew. Drew glanced at her stunned before grinning. "Sure, how about lunch?" Alice smiled and agreed and began impatiently waiting for lunch.

When lunch rolled around Drew and Alice got into his truck and drove the 5 minutes downtown to try the new coffee shop and hopefully grab some lunch. After ordering and a quick argument about who would pay, Drew and Alice sat down to large coffees and a couple bagels an just began talking. "Alice, you don't have to pay me back it's okay" "Drew, I'd like to. I asked you to coffee, which kinda means I intended on paying" "Alright alright, you can pay me back if it'll make you feel better" "How though?" Alice asked, taking a sip from her coffee and tapping her leg up and down.

Drew took a bite out of his bagel and looked up in thought; not really sure how she could repay him till he had an idea. "Alice, I think I know a way but it involves having me to ask some personal questions, are you okay with that?" Alice nodded and took another sip from her coffee before taking a bite out of her bagel, she dreaded when he said statements like this because she was always concerned he'd ask about her crush on him.

"Okay, well 1. We have a couple hours of lunch, so would you be willing to take a drive?

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And 2. I know you've got at least a little of a crush on me, and I adore it. Would you like to maybe do a little heavy petting? I figure your daydreams have consisted of me doing you in the back room". Alice choked on her drink and stared at him wide eyed.

She couldn't believe that he had just asked her that question but god dammit her pussy instantly started to get wet. She started stammering an answer when Drew reached across the table and took her hand. "Come on Alice, we can go slow if you'd like or not at all, it's your choice". Drew got up and offered his hand out to Alice, she took it sheepishly and walked out to his truck once again, her pussy growing wetter by the second and she couldn't believe Drew had just asked her to fool around.

They got into his truck and drove a little ways out of town to his apartment and he led her upstairs. She was growing anxious, this was going to be her chance to fuck this man. When they got into his apartment Drew closed the door behind Alice and pushed her against the wall, pulling her into him and kissing her deeply.

She was shocked at first but went with it. She carefully reached her arms behind his neck and pulled herself into him.

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She felt his hands slide down her back and grip her ass, pulling up and gripping tighter. She locked her lips against his again and gently pushed her tongue in and danced it around with his, he groaned and slid his hands around her front and groped her chest.

Alice couldn't believe this was happening but she was relishing it. She reached down and began to rub her hand on his cock, and groaned at the bulge that filled her hand completely. She slowly tried to undo his pants, trying not to overstep boundaries when he reached down and finished it for her.

When he dropped his boxers Alice's eyes widened again, his cock was at least 10 inches and she was ready to pounce. Alice dropped to her knees and pulled his head into her mouth and instantly pulled it into the back of her throat. She reached up and began to play with his balls, rubbing one then rubbing the other. Drew groaned and leaned back against the wall, looking down and wrapping his hands in her hair, pushing his cock into the back of her throat and listening to her gag.

"Yes Alice, yes" Drew breathed out from his teeth, grabbing the back of her head and beginning to fuck her face. He groaned louder and louder as he felt his cock going further and further down her throat, looking down into her eyes that were submissively staring up at him.

"Ah fuck" he sighed and as he felt his load shoot down her throat he felt her take his sac into her mouth and began swallowing. He wasn't feeling teeth and was impressed that she had swallowed without him asking. He felt her pull off and a hand wrap around his limp but growing again penis. He looked down and pulled her up, kissing her deeply once again before leading her to the bedroom.

Drew threw her onto the bed playfully and laid beside her, kissing her gently before grazing his lips down her neck and began feeling her chest up once again. He groped one breast then the other before Alice took his hand and slid it inside her shirt.

She felt him twist her nipples gently before ripping her shirt open and pulling her bra down. Drew looked up at her and asked if she was feeling alright, Alice, turned on and ready for him to ravage her nodded.

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He then pushed her chest together and buried his face in between them. He sucked on one nipple while playing with the other.


Alice started writing in excitement, having men play with her chest was the biggest turn on in the world.

Alice gasped loudly when she felt a hand go inside her pants and tense up slightly.


Drew smiled against her boob when he felt she wasn't wearing any panties and was already soaking wet. He pulled away and went down on her, pulling her legs open and instantly stuck two fingers in, curling them in a "come here" motion while he began sucking and licking her clit. Alice moaned as she felt her pussy tighten then couldn't help but cry out when the orgasm hit.

The orgasm was intense and Drew wasn't letting it die down, he continued to finger her until she was out of breath and lying limp next to him.

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Alice looked at him with lust filled eyes before looking down at his again hard cock. She wasted no time and laid him back while straddling him and slowly slid down, feeling every inch go inside her tight little pussy. Drew closed his eyes and melted into the bed, he had this pretty little girl all over him and she was pretty bold in showing what she wanted.

Alice leaned down and gently placed a kiss on his lips, softly pulling his bottom lip into her mouth and nibbling while she rocked her hips against his. Before Alice recognised it, Drew pushed his hips up so that her clit was grinding against his pubic bone, and it sent her into another explosive orgasm.

When Drew felt her pussy tighten he reached up and grabbed her throat, pulling her down closer to his body and wrapped his other arm around her, and began pounding her.

He felt the familiar surge of liquid around his dick and took it as a chance to fuck her even harder. He was a little scared that maybe he was being a little to rough on Alice but her whimpers and moans of pleasure told him he was just fine.

He let go of Alice and let her catch her breath, she was shaking and groaning but her eyes begged him to keep going. Drew took Alice and had her get on her hands and knees on his bed, then grabbed her hair and pulled it back, making her tilt her head back as well. "You have no idea how long I've waited for a submissive gal like you" Drew whispered as he slid his cock back inside.

Alice whimpered as she began bouncing her ass back against Drew, enjoying the feeling of his head hitting her cervix with every thrust. Drew slapped her ass as hard as he could and thrust in against hers.

He felt that familiar build up in his loins and began thrusting harder. He let out a loud groan as he thrust in one more time and felt his load shoot out all over the wall of Alice's vagina.

What surprised him though was Alice had one more orgasm at the same time, which through both of them into a hyperventilated state. Drew laid down on his bed and held out an opening arm, having Alice curl up against him. He tilted her head up and kissed her gently, hugging her against him. "Thank you sweetie, I needed this" Drew whispered before winking. Alice smiled and offered a soft giggle "I should be thanking you love.

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That was the most intense thing I've had yet". Drew smiled and pulled her closer, taking in the smell of sweet sex they had just made and enjoyed the idea that this, wouldn't the last time he did Alice.