Thailand galleries man gay porn movieture He gets a blowage and it

Thailand galleries man gay porn movieture He gets a blowage and it
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My wife Tina and I were feeling like sexual fun with others again. We have explored with threesomes a few times by advertising on Craigslist in the past to have others join us.

This time instead of having someone join us in a threesome, I suggested her posting as a prostitute. We lived in a two story home in a private neighborhood and her Aunt lived upstairs but was away for the week on vacation. Tina was apprehensive about this but I would be downstairs in the basement listening to everything through a baby monitor so I can hear everything.

Because of this she agreed to do this. We started receiving phone calls almost immediately after posting. We decided we would try to get an older gentleman because we figured they would be more reliable and trustworthy. We told the guy it was $200 and where to call us from. When he got there about an hour later we had him park on the corner and walk three houses up to ours. We were nervous for the obvious reasons but went through with it anyway.

He was about 50-55 and Tina had him get comfortable. After collecting the fee she also got comfortable. So I can hear what's going on Tina was very verbal with everything. I heard her say wow and nice that he was already hard. This guy got up and took her in his arms and they started making out as he felt her up.

I could hear her cooing and this I know was her getting turned on and excited. We might have been charging but this more of fun sex play than anything else for us. He couldn't stop talking about her tits. Tina is 5' only but has full 34c tits. He also commented on her shaved pussy.

I heard Tina putting the condom on him so they can start to fuck. Tina sucked him a little but he was impatient and wanted to fuck.

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He got on top of her and started to fuck her right away. I could hear the bed squeaking and Tina making loud grunting sounds. All of a sudden I hear the guy say he is going to cum. As they are cleaning up I went outside through the basement door so I could walk around and see the guy that she just fucked.

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I acted like I lived upstairs so i could pass him by. He kept his head down but I got a look at him anyway.

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There was at least 10 calls on voice mail when we checked the phone. To get the real effect of being a hooker we decided to take 1 more call. We called everyone back either telling them we were booked already or to have the one we wanted most to come over.

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We did the same routine about where to call from and to park. again it was a guy 50-55 years old. This guy seemed like he had so more time spend. He wasn't in a rush to get out of there. Tina was wearing a short black mini dress which he couldn't stop complimenting her on. He was telling her how nice her tits looked and that he loved small girls.

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I waited till he was almost to the front of our house before I went downstairs this time so I could get a good look at him ahead of time but Tina asked him how tall he was anyway and he replied 6'3''.

Remember Tina is exactly 5' tall only so this was a big size difference. He wanted a lot little girl play. He kept having her call him daddy and that she was being a bad girl. When she got naked he handled her a little roughly. He squeezed her tits hard and grabbed her ass and spanked her over his knee. I heard him say get over here and suck my cock you little slut. Every time they changed positions he manhandled her and turned her over or spun her around himself.

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I know he was fucking her every which way. He also loved her shaved pussy. They must have been fucking for close to half an hour in fucking alone when he came. He berated her for being a such a slut that the condom was full of her white slimy cum.

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We were only going to see 2 guys but I was so horny and into this I asked her for 1 more and she agreed. This time the guy was in his 60's. I could tell Tina wasn't so happy about this when he showed up but I said if you were really a hooker than you would have to see anybody and everybody so she said ok.

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They went into the bedroom and he got undressed. I could hear his cock was still soft but he loved what he saw in Tina. He became almost speechless when he saw her bald pussy. He said he never saw one in person before. He asked if there was any porn to watch and Tina put on one that had a girl with two guys in the scene on.

This was her favorite scene set up for us to watch. We never thought about having porn ready for the guys coming over. He asked her if that's what she liked doing and she replied yes. She doesn't like being a bad girl but she can't help herself.

All this stuff was getting him hard and he started kissing her and grabbing her tits and ass.


I heard her ask him if she could suck his cock. I think he was holding her head and shoving his cock hard into her mouth because I heard some gagging from her.

He called her a good little cock sucker. He wanted to fuck and had her lay on the edge of the bed so he could fuck her like that. They changed positions a few times. He was asking her how she liked being fucked by him. She said she was loving it. She loved feeling his balls slapping against her asshole. He asked her if she ever had a cock up there and she naturally said yes.

He started asking her lots of things that she has done. This was turning him on knowing what a slut he was fucking. He loved the threesomes she was in and that she was with other girls( this part wasn't true at the time yet). He was getting close to cumming and asked her where he can cum.

She asked him where he would like to and he wanted to cum in her mouth. Like a true prostitute would she told him $150 more. He only had $120 so she said ok. When he got close to cumming he was to pull out of her pussy and take the condom off and she would suck him dry. He came right in her mouth and she swallowed it for him. As soon as he left I had to go make out with her to taste her cum breathe. I was so horny by now that I bent her over the dining room chair and fucked her as hard as I could for about a minute before I came so hard in her pussy.


This wasn't a typically threesome where I got to join in but listening to her being a prostitute and doing guy after guy was just as good for me. We did a lot of fucking after that.