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Porno granny big tits
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. *************************************************** Morning walk ********** The other morniing around 5:00am I went for a walk in my neighborhood.

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I had on black pantyhosesneakers and a oversized hooded sweatshirt. It went down a little past my waist. I figured what the hell it was still dark out, so I set out for my walk in just pantyhose, hoody, and sneakers. being dark out i was a little more daring.


As i walked down the sidewalk under a street light a lady was out getting her newspaper, she looked up at me and smiled . then a couple of blocks down i saw a male walking down the street heading towards me.

I put my hood on and walked right by him( of course a street light was on right there) he looked at me noded and walked by, as i turned around to look at him he was also turning around checking me out. After that i was feeling a little more comfortable, so i walked on the shoulder of the road (cars coming at me) about 15 or so cars passed me with lights on me, 2 hit their brakes and slowed down.The 2nd one was a guy that my wife and I knew from 3 blocks over.

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We all got drunk at a party a few years ago and I let him kiss my wife and feel her up, but that was all. He pulled over to me on the shoulder and called my name I froze with panic. I walked over to the car window, He was in a corvette and it being low to the ground he was eye level with my crotch.

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he said hows it going, small talk, then he said nice Legs!, he then reached over and rubbed my crotch thru my hose, my cock jumped. He asked me if I wanted to go to his house for some coffee. I got in the car and we drove to his house, the whole time he had his hand on my thigh. Once inside he told me to take off my sneakers, and I took off my sweatshirt.

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Standing there in just my pantyhose, I started to get very turned on( I guess im a exhibitionist). He came over to me and started to rub my pantyhosed ass, asking me how I liked it, then he dropped to his knees he licked my cock thru the pantyhose while rubbing my ass.

that got me sooo worked up, I thought I was gonna cum right there. We then went to his bedroom and he stripped naked for me waving his hard cock in my face.

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I took all of him in my mouth and sucked him good as I rubbed his balls. When he was rock hard he pulled it out and said he wanted to fuck my pantyhosed ass, hearing those words almost made me cum.


He rolled me on my back lifted my legs over his shoulders and pushed his lubed cock into my ass, as he was fucking me he was rubbing my pantyhosed legs and feet, that set me off and I erupted in a huge orgasm with out even touching my cock.

seeing that made him cumhe pulled out and shot his wad all over my cum soaked cock.

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It was now daylight, and I had to get to work soon>He told me to just put on my sneakers with the hose and he would drive me home.I told him my neighbors would see me, I needed to put sweatshirt on also. He said no or you walk!!!


I did as he said, luckily no one was out when I got home. he came in with me and we showered together. I blew him one last time in the shower, He asked me when I was going for a walk again??

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I said tomorrow, he said maybe I will see you again. I said ONLY if YOU are wearing pantyhose too!!! Cant wait for tomorrow. .