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CHAPTER 1 Naya looked in the mirror and saw the accusing face of her roommate. It hadn't been the first time she'd seen Rebecca give her that look. The phenomenon had been intensifying all week. "You shouldn't go, Naya. Look, I know you think this is the 'adventurous' thing to do. But this is shady, and if I may say, more than a little creepy.

I mean, what do you really know about this guy?" Damian Cruceaux. The man who'd placed the online ad seemed as mysterious as his picture suggested. Naya glanced at her smartphone. The face staring back at her seemed cynical, the eyes hard, almost cold, as if they'd seen too much. He was at least a decade her senior, but his lean face had somehow retained the charm of a much younger man.

Damian's eyes were smoky grey. His figure was compact, and even under the dark purple dress shirt, muscles rippled. She flipped on her phone to the original ad, staring at the words one more time. Wanted: a beautiful college age female. Adventurous, open to possibilities, and above all - SUBMISSIVE.

Spend one evening with Damian Cruceaux, billionaire entrepreneur. Do whatever he asks, when he asks. Be his for an evening and, if you play your cards right, Damian might just keep you for a while. Offering: $2 million the first night. Price negotiable after that. Do you dare? Naya stood about 5'5. Some might have called her petite from a distance, but she had noticeable curves and a body that screamed feminine beauty.

She glanced in the mirror one last time, adjusting her skintight, shimmery, and strapless black dress. It matched the glossy, charcoal-black hair that hung in wavy lushness a good few inches past her shoulders. Lithe and athletic, Naya had been a shoo-in for the track team at Triton University. She was also a senior studying engineering.

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The roommate behind her was like a softer version of Naya. Rebecca's short, curly hair and mischievous eyes were always looking for the next prank to play. But now they were unusually serious, and had been ever since she'd discovered that Naya had responded to that outrageous online advertisement. It was insane. Absolutely insane. Naya secretly agreed with her friend's assessment.

She was on the pill, just like the disclaimer in the ad required, so it wasn't like she was going to get pregnant. But a lot of other things could happen. It wasn't exactly safe. "Why, Naya? Just tell me why? We're going to graduate in a few more months. Is this, like, some last stupid stunt you think you need to do before you become a responsible adult? Because I promise you, there are less stupid ways to do something impulsive and fun.

You don't know WHO this guy is, Naya. He could be a serial killer for all you know!" Naya wanted to tell her the truth.

That engineering was what her parents had always wanted her to do. That this had been THEIR dream, not hers. Now that she was so close to achieving it, she didn't feel elated or even encouraged…she felt empty. Doing something thrill-seeking like this - it actually made her feel alive.

She didn't want to think about the future, at least not for the time being. Running across the online ad in an obscure forum had seemed like a cosmic sign to Naya. Crazy or not, I'm going to do this, Naya decided. She was going to have what she hoped might be the night of her life, come what may. CHAPTER 2 The evening began as Naya had hoped. Just on time, 8PM, and the moon already hanging in the sky like a giant pale Frisbee, the sleek, black limousine pulled up to the curb near her dormitory.

Rebecca - ever stubborn - stood by the curb with her, wearing a much less dressy jeans and a tank top. She gave her friend a goodbye hug. "Naya Santos, you take care of yourself! Hear me? If anything, and I mean ANYTHING, happens - you call me.

Or 9-1-1. Understand?" Naya looked into her friend's concerned eyes, fiery with that need to protect. She loved her roommate. This was her best friend, and she was touched how worried Rebecca was for her. "Becky, you know I'm not stupid. I promise to be careful. Love you, girl. Now go have a relaxing night without me. Call that boyfriend you've been pining for the last few days," she said with a grin, dodging out of the way as Rebecca tried to give her a punch in the shoulder.

An impeccably dressed driver opened the door for Naya, and the college student got in before Rebecca could seek further retribution.

She waved at her friend as the driver got back in, started up the engine, and drove them away. Suddenly Naya felt herself perched on pins and needles.

A light rain began to fall, making the asphalt and buildings glisten with a quality Naya liked. It reminded her of magic. Wow, what a corny thought. Don't let your jitters make you say something stupid tonight, Naya reminded herself. Would the dream she'd harbored for a magical evening tonight go as she hoped, even if she did her best? Would her best be even close to good enough for a man like Damian Cruceaux? Naya decided to ease the tension by making small talk. "Hi. I'm Naya. Where are we going?" she asked the driver.

She had caught the name 'Pierre' on his nametag. The hulking black man had a shaved head and looked like he could've played in the National Football League with no difficulty. But he didn't even respond to Naya, just rolled up the partition window and turned on some pleasant jazz music that would've drowned out any further attempts at communicating.

Naya frowned. The first tiny bit of 'I told you so' crept into her head, doing a remarkable rendition of Rebecca's voice. As the minutes ticked by, still totally unaware of where they might be headed, Naya's anxiety morphed into something else. It took on undertones of outright fear.

Nearly 45 minutes passed before Naya was ready to bang on the partition and demand that 'Pierre' stop the vehicle and tell her where the hell he was taking her. Instead she finally saw a large warehouse with a bay sliding open, and the limousine eased out of the rain, pulling to a stop in a wide warehouse floor flooded with light.

The door opened carefully, and Pierre gave her a polite nod. "Forgive the length of the trip, my lady. Master's orders were to not speak to you until we arrived." The sudden warmth in the man's eyes did a lot to resettle Naya's nerves, but not completely. She slowly stepped out, turned around, and gasped at what she saw.

There were rows of beautiful young women. Many of them wore skimpy dresses, others wore pieces of greater elegance. They all looked college age, though some of them, judging by the ornateness of the gowns and heaviness of the makeup, were trying very hard to look more mature than their years. Naya quietly let Pierre guide her over to join the line of expectant girls.

She stood beside a blonde girl in a bright red dress which had a single strap that wound behind and looped around the neck, revealing two creamy shoulders and plenty of cleavage. Oops. I didn't know this would be a competition, Naya thought. She was beginning to feel uncomfortable. A redhead on Naya's other side was wearing a sparkly green tank top and black slacks embroidered with rows of bright beads.

She turned with a critical look in her emerald eyes. "A skank is still a skank, no matter how fine the dress," she said, looking Naya up and down like she was a damaged part on an assembly line.

Naya opened her mouth, shocked at the woman's rudeness. "Don't worry about her, honey. You know what they say about redheads…and this one's got the personality of a bull dog…which I'm sure Mr. Cruceaux will find sooo attractive," The blonde woman in the red dress interjected, taking Naya by the wrist and turning her in the other direction. "Thanks for the save," Naya said. "I didn't know quite how to respond to that." She finally took in the details of the blonde woman's face.

Her pretty blue eyes were wide and innocent now, but moments before they'd been feisty and sharp. "I'm Claire." She held out her hand. Naya took it, gave it a gentle shake. "I'm Naya. Pleased to meet you, Claire. That dress looks…stunning on you." Claire looked down at her own cleavage.

Below the trim of the dress a ribbon of flowers flared across her torso, just highlighting her well-endowed chest that much more. Claire gave Naya a rueful smile. "Yeah, I know it IS a little over the top.

Even though I don't fit the dumb blonde stereotype, sometimes I like to play appearances and see how much people assume. You can learn a lot about people by what they do or don't ASSUME," she finished with a grin. "What's it made out of?" Naya said, unconsciously rubbing the fabric between her fingers. Too late she realized that maybe she was being too familiar with Claire and just a bit presumptuous, but the blonde girl smiled and seemed to enjoy Naya's honest interest.

"It's satin. But more importantly, what are YOU wearing?" Naya blushed as Claire ran her elegant fingers along the silk trim of her gorgeous black dress. "Damn, woman. This hugs your figure like the gown of a goddess. I'm actually jealous. I may get points for flashiness, but you've got a lot more taste," she said with a sigh.

Naya instinctively liked Claire. She felt this palpable, immediate connection, and gave her hand a squeeze. "Do you know what's going to happen next?" Naya asked "Have you ever done something like this before?" Claire shrugged, and the anxiety behind her eyes said as much; they were both in the same boat. "Your guess is as good as mine.

I guess he plans to weed out all but one?" A shiver ran up Naya's spine. She remembered that the online ad hadn't said anything about there just being ONE chosen girl.

What if Damian Cruceaux liked to have more than one woman in his bed? What if this mysterious billionaire wanted Naya to do things that she didn't want to do? "Do whatever he asks, when he asks." The full meaning of that hadn't started to really hit home until now.

I've made a few assumptions about what was going on tonight. What if it blows up in my face? Naya thought. She squeezed Claire's hand impulsively. "We look sexy as hell, right?" Claire squeezed back. "Damn right we do." The two stood hand in hand, talking to one another, trying to keep each other's spirits up and distracted while more girls were dropped off for the strangest competition Naya had ever witnessed.

Pretty soon there were at least 100 young women in the warehouse. The constant pattering on the metal roofing jostled against the hushed conversations of the young women impatiently waiting. When a black limo zoomed through the bay doors, screeching to a halt, pennants fluttering with the corporate logo of Cruceaux Industries unmistakable, the whole place fell silent except for the tip-tapping above. Two impeccably dressed men, tuxedos firmly pressed, opened the door for a steely-eyed gentleman who had to be - without any doubt - one Damian Cruceaux.

Wearing a tuxedo himself, its bright silver vest contrasting sharply against his two assistants' plain white ones, Damian Cruceaux strode up to the line of young women as if he had a right to each and every one of them. But as he walked slowly down the aisle of gorgeous faces and fancifully breathtaking gowns, his eyes seemed much less concerned about the physical endowments of the women he surveyed than about other qualities. As Naya leaned forward, peering at the billionaire's gait, he noticed that the man seemed to gloss over cleavage almost dismissively.

He seemed to look penetratingly into the eyes of each girl he passed. He seemed to measure her whole posture rather than the garments she wrapped or hid herself in, Naya realized. And soon, her heartbeats beginning to thunder, Naya realized that Damian's sweep was about to reach her. She instinctively squeezed Claire's hand again as anxiety wrenched at her heart. She realized her huge blunder, her body tensing in fear.

Claire had to want to look her sexy best in front of Cruceaux, and now she had a girl she'd barely met squeezing her hand tightly like a frightened little sister. Naya was mortified. But it was too late to disengage. Damian had already swept down the aisle to survey them, and his eyes had already taken keen note of their joined hands. What was Claire thinking? Naya imagined that the blonde woman was furious with her.

She had ruined the night for both of them. But instead Claire remained still, didn't disengage the hand - and Cruceaux looked intently at the blonde woman first, and then his piercing gaze set its sights on Naya. He seemed to linger on her glossy, midnight hair and the dark chocolate pools of her eyes. His eyes gently caressed the slimness of her shoulders before looking her up and down again for good measure. He settled on her face, and Naya tried to meet his gaze.

After a few seconds, she couldn't. Her heart began to sink as he began to turn away. But instead these words came out of Damian's mouth as he spoke to his two assistants. "Please escort these two lovely ladies to the limo.

I'll be with them shortly." Naya exchanged a quick glance with Claire, saw the triumph in her new friend's eyes. They had done it. They had passed the first test. Claire leaned over, risking a whisper before following Damian's assistants.

"Let the night begin." CHAPTER 3 Naya fiercely suppressed the urge to fidget as Damian slipped into the car and sat on the leather cushions opposite them. He gave them both an appraising glance that was less harsh and penetrating than the one he'd used on the factory floor just minutes earlier.

The five o'clock shadow on his jaw gave him a rugged, dangerous look, complimented well by ash-grey eyes that missed nothing. "I don't think I caught your names," he said mildly as the bay doors slid open and the limousine lurched into the night. "I'm Naya." Claire dared a more direct gaze than Naya could muster.

"Claire." "A pleasure to meet you both. I want you to know, that no matter how tonight transpires, you two are quite special. I wouldn't have asked you to come if I thought otherwise." The girls shared an uneasy look.

Naya smiled nervously. "That might be the most interesting way I've ever been complimented." She found herself loosening up a bit despite the strange way Damian talked.

He had an accent she couldn't quite place, and the challenge of figuring it out tormented her, but it also put her in an oddly playful mood. "Do you say that to all your beautiful mistresses?" Naya continued boldly. Claire gave her a sidelong look filled with warning.

Damian Cruceaux chuckled. "Ah. You are a rare gem, Naya. I thought I saw a hidden fire in you. In answer to your question, no…not at all. I do not give out compliments freely. You will learn that soon enough." The rest of the ride went smoothly, with Damian gently asking a trivial question here and there. Many of the women's own questions were answered obliquely, with a deft skill at revealing only what he desired.

Naya marveled at how he deflected even the most harmless questions - about his business, his travels, his past careers. At last, with the wind picking up and the rain pelting harder against the windshield glass, the limousine pulled up to a posh Greek-Italian restaurant. The awning read "Agiani's" and the tables behind the glass windows revealed luxuriant tablecloths and crystal ware which would've looked suitable in most multimillion dollar mansions. It was Pierre who opened the door, but Naya flushed when Damian took her hand, guiding her out onto the sidewalk as Pierre snapped open his umbrella.

When Claire moved to follow, Pierre softly put up his hand. "Forgive me, my lady. You have other plans for the night. I see the disappointment on your face, but do not judge the evening until it's over. I would not have brought you this far only to abandon you." The huge, muscle-bound black man sounded almost gallant, and his eyes twinkled at Claire in a way that sent blood rushing to her cheeks.

Even Naya could see that. Pierre closed the door on Claire, proceeded to escort them to the restaurant entrance and gave his employer a brisk nod before retreating into the rain-washed night. Soon Naya's heart was beating like a machinegun firing desperately at an invading army. She was sitting across from Damian Cruceaux.

Of the 100 or so ladies who had tried to be his this night, he had picked HER. Naya spread her hands on either side of her, a streak of self-conscious awareness surfacing with a vengeance. She was aware of the ruby pendant at her throat, which was supposed to contrast nicely with the shimmering black in the dress.

She had been going for a decadent look, and judging from the way Damian's eyes clung to her figure and rested on her face, she had succeeded. "You are a mesmerizing woman, Naya. Now that we've passed through some of the pleasantries and gotten to know each other a little, my hope is that this dinner can be somewhat more…intimate. Do you know why you're here?" To share a bed with a billionaire stranger, enjoying a night of passion and excess without regrets?

That might have been the impulse that made Naya respond to Damian's ad in the first place, but it didn't sound so impressive now. In fact, it made her seem downright shallow. She gripped the table edge, almost ashamed that she had no direct answer. "You're wrong, you know." "What?" She was taken off guard. His eyes seemed to sparkle, as if he enjoyed this a little, but his face remained deadly serious. "You're not here for a night of wining and dining and sex. You're not a girl with a one-dimensional personality.

You're a young woman looking for something more out of life. More than what society says you can be. Tell me I'm wrong." Naya let the silence engulf the table between them before she could gather her nerve.

She finally found her more playful alter-ego, the one she seemed able to grab onto the more she focused on the richness in Damian's voice. "I didn't know mind-reading was one of your talents." "You didn't say I was wrong," he replied, his gaze sharpening. "Because you know you're right. You ARE right," she replied, finally meeting his gaze. "I…too often, I've let others choose my dreams for me.

Tonight was supposed to be about something else. I wanted to believe, just for one night, that Prince Charming existed, perhaps even a Dark Prince Charming. In a few months I'll have my engineering degree. Probably a few months after that I'll have financial independence. But that's not happiness. It feels empty to me. I see my friends become absorbed in their own little worlds, obsessing on careers and leaving everyone else behind. That's not what I want to be.

That's not who I am." "And then why me, Naya? Why take the extraordinary risk of acceding to my whims and spending the night with a man you don't even know?" Naya took a gulp of air, feeling sweat pool on the slope between her breasts. She was saved by the waiter, who whisked by to take their order.

After Damian ordered a glass of red wine for them both, the waiter vanished and the hawk-faced billionaire refocused that unsettling gaze on the beautiful feminine object of his intent. Naya tried to just be honest. "Because you have power, because you clearly don't care what people think.

I admired your honesty when I first read the posting. I admired your bluntness, the world-be-damned philosophy I sensed behind the words in your ad." Naya couldn't believe she was saying this. She sounded like another person, but it was true. This wasn't who she was when she was talking with her friends at church or with her parents.

"And? So far, have you come to any conclusions?" As he said it, he had the temerity to reach and gently rub his right hand over her left. She felt the immediate surge of warmth from his palm, and it made her arm tingle. "Too early to tell," she whispered. "But tell me this," she said, trying to recover.

"Why did you bring Claire? Why raise her hopes up only to cruelly leave her and then take me? I don't know if I can respect a man who does something like that." Damian looked at her thoughtfully. "You hardly know this girl, yet you stand up for her. Yet you would risk putting me on the spot and angering me. Do you treat all billionaires this way, Naya?" The brunette blushed, but she stood her ground. She forced her eyes to duel with his. She WOULD have an answer. "I'm waiting, Mr.

Billionaire. Surely you've been challenged by a woman before?" Damian laughed. "You're just full of surprises, aren't you? I prefer a feisty submissive. It's better this way." His demeanor turned serious, though, even as that last sentence brought up alarming questions in Naya's mind.

"The truth is a lot more mundane than you would think, Naya. I care deeply for my employees. They are like family to me. Pierre has been with me for several years, but has yet to find the right woman. Tonight I was shopping not just for me, but for him. That's right, Naya - I was playing matchmaker this evening. Pierre trusted me to choose. I'm a good judge of chemistry. Even as we dine here, he has taken her somewhere else for an intimate dinner not unlike this one." The young woman was stunned.

Naya had almost forgotten Damian's hand gently rubbing not only her hand, but also her arm. "Does that mean you're monogamous?" she asked bluntly.

Damian gave her a bemused look. "Is that really so surprising?" Naya took a sip of her wine, letting the delicious finish dance on her palate for a few seconds before responding.

"Well, can you blame a girl for getting certain ideas after you've put her in a lineup with 100 other sexed-up women?" The billionaire nodded. "Touché. Fair enough. I guess I do owe you a more direct answer about myself. Do you know why monogamy is the highest form of relationship?" Naya shook her head and withdrew her hand. That damnably pleasurable feeling of his hand rubbing her arm was making it difficult to think straight. "Quite bluntly - because there are two things in this world which matter to me more than anything else.

Jealousy and loyalty." Naya risked reaching out her hand, stroking the top of his. Let him have a taste of his own medicine, she decided. "That seems an odd pairing," she replied.

"I've seen relationships ruined by jealousy - not just of other people, but of mere objects, of wealth. Any time you have a relationship which is not foremost between two people, jealousy exists.

It must exist. It must always leave one of the three wondering, 'Am I valued less? Do the other two really need me?' A man was made to be with one woman, and a woman with one man." The brunette's chocolate-hued eyes widened in pretend shock. "Those are DEFINITELY not the words I expected to come out of the mouth of Damian Cruceaux." "Yet they have, but don't misunderstand me.

I will do anything for the woman I love. If the woman I love asks me to take another woman to bed with me, I will do it. If she insists that I let a man take her right in front of me, I couldn't deny her even that. There is nothing I will not do for a woman, as long as her request does not come tainted by greed." The hard line of his jaw had melted into a wry grin.

"Of course, you probably find me an odd mix of traditional romantic fancy and things more decadent, shadowy and forbidden. There are few women who have ever understood me. The only one who ever fully did was the one who tore out my heart." The dark-haired girl's hand stilled on Damian's, no longer stroking.

She clutched his hand tightly, and her eyes softened. Naya couldn't believe that this powerful billionaire sitting before her could echo the thoughts of a boy once innocent. He was much more than the stereotypes she'd conjured up about him in her head.

Though she couldn't explain it, Damian Cruceaux's words felt real to her. This wasn't a show being put on for her benefit, and she knew it. His words were too filled with contradictions to be anything but the truth.

"What do you want of me then? Does this mean you want me to be your girlfriend? That this is about more than a night or two of passion? Is this a date?" Damian frowned as the waiter came over. Damian let Naya order the tortellini, and then he ordered a heaping plate of lasagna.

When the waiter left, his eyes smoldered. He looked at her with an unnerving level of intensity. "I find the word 'girlfriend' unappetizing. You will be much more. I am offering to make you my mate, my submissive.

I will be your Master, and you will be my Slave." This terminology drew stark lines in Naya's mind and heart - both tantalizing and frightening. She had always harbored dark fantasies. Fantasies of being taken - sometimes by a pirate king, sometimes by a savage barbarian, she being the kidnapped princess.

She knew these fantasies would probably seem silly to her friends, and many people would be horrified. But there were real to her. So very real.

"I have to admit…I've had fantasies." "Of being a slave?" Naya nodded, and the heat rushed to her cheeks. She realized that both of his hands had invaded her side of the table, gently grasping her wrists. "How does this feel, Naya? What I'm doing right now?" Naya's breathing had quickened. She was sure he could see the rapid rise and fall of her breasts under the skintight fabric.

The sweat along her brow had to be noticeable too. Her cleavage felt slick with sweat, and she wanted to curse her nerves for being so worthless. Instead she said, "It makes me feel alive." Damian's eyes gleamed with triumph. He slowly nodded. "You are a rare woman, Naya. I would like you to be mine, but I want you to know exactly what you are getting into.

I don't hold to the norms of society. Society is superficial and stagnant. I want you to feel alive, to be what you were truly meant to be - society's beliefs be damned. Men and women think differently. We ARE different. Society forgets that. You, the female, were made to be dominated by me, the male. I will ask you to do things you may not want to do.

But secretly your femininity will beg to be commanded, to be ordered. I will love you and cherish you, but I will also make you MINE. I will push you to the limits, I will challenge you, and I will not be apologetic about it." He paused, gauging her reaction.

His hands still gently clasped her wrists. Even that tame level of his control over her sent her heartbeat racing. She found her mouth turning dry. "Can you handle this? Can you abide such an arrangement? Because if you can't, there is no shame in standing up now and walking away. I won't try to stop you.

But if you go forward from here, the rules change. I will not treat you with kid gloves. I will treat you as the slave you were meant to become." Naya abruptly withdrew her hands, breaking his grip. She flashed him a wicked smile. "And just what are the rules, exactly? I need a timeframe, here, gallant billionaire or not. Some of us have day jobs…or in my case, classes to attend. Preferably ON TIME." Damian Cruceaux tapped his fingers on the table and took a sip of the fine red as the waiter brought out plates of lasagna and tortellini, placing it before them.

Once the man was out of earshot, Damian turned his smoldering stare on her again. "Give me the weekend. If you decide to stay with me after that, you'll quit your damn classes, take the $2 million I offered, and become my slave." Naya took a gulp of her wine, swirling the beautiful red liquid in the fine crystal glass, watching and imagining it was blood.

"And if I decide I'm not a submissive? If I decide the great Damian Cruceaux is not the man to tame me? What then?" Damian shrugged. "Then you are free to go and I will pay you a year's salary - $200,000.

Do we have an agreement?" The dusky-skinned college student frowned. "By the arrangement in your ad, you said $2 million for just one night. Why would I agree to stay with you for two nights and forego all that easy money?" But the billionaire returned her rational statement with a carefully impassive expression. "You tell me, girl. You are the one who said you were interested in something MORE than a one-night stand. That is what I now offer.

So…what do you decide, Naya? What would my cute and sexy girlfriend choose?" The 21-year-old blushed at the use of that word. Girlfriend. He said it like it was a dirty word.

Like it implied acts she could barely conceive of. A thrill ran up her spine, and a warmth surged between her legs. Naya, be careful. Don't you remember Rebecca's words?

She thought. There was another side, too, though, an inner Naya which screamed, This is it, girl. For once in your life do something that is true to who you are. Not the person you pretend to be around others. Not the sanitized Naya who always does what's respectable and what's 'right.' Do what's in your heart. Naya sighed, and her lips opened to form three perfect words. "I'll do it." CHAPTER 4 Naya thought she was prepared for what would happen next. I guess I was wrong, she realized not long after.

The limo had come to pick them up, but this time it was a different driver who ushered them into the back seat. Inside, Naya was surprised to see Claire and Pierre sitting side by side on the plush leather cushions opposite them. Damian settled in gracefully beside her. His every movement had the easygoing limberness of a panther. He casually put an arm about her as the driver gunned the limo into the rain-soaked night. For a while traffic seemed to slow everything to a crawl, but the aggressive driver eventually got them to the highway, and soon they were leaving the city behind altogether.

"Where are we headed?" Naya asked. She noticed that Claire and Pierre were holding hands. Claire's face was almost glowing, as if she was amped up on speed. "A small private airport I use every now and then. It's a bit of a drive. We've got some time," Damian said mildly. He looked at Naya pointedly. His eyes bored into hers.

"Um. Can I help you?" she said. She gave an awkward smile, but his steely-eyed gaze gave away nothing. "Strip." "Excuse me?" "Strip. Clothes off. Every shred. Now, Naya. I'm not asking." Naya felt her body go cold. A moment later, though, heat flooded her veins.

The thought of him seeing her completely naked tormented her, but it turned her on even more. She thought of the insanity of it, though. Just across from her sat a young woman and a man in a tuxedo.

She looked over at the two of them, and her face must have shown her shock. Claire's eyes had widened with some astonishment of her own, but she kept quiet. Pierre just looked impassively at Naya, his eyes neutral rather than judging. "Right here?" Naya asked, making sure this was real.

Damian nodded, and his hand made an imperious gesture. When she still hesitated, Damian turned to Pierre. The two men's unspoken exchange of looks revealed that they had a bond beyond the simple employer-employee relationship.

Pierre nodded and turned to Claire. "Claire, take off your clothes. Now." Claire went very still. Her eyes flashed to meet his. For a second she didn't move, and then Naya watched, open-mouthed, as the young blonde slowly unbuttoned the back of her dress, slipped free of the soft satin, and shimmied free of the rest of it. She was now in only a bright crimson bra and panty. Next she unhooked the bra, letting the wisp of fabric fall to the floor.

Claire slowly drew the panty down her luscious hips, sliding them gracefully off of her ankles. The heels came off then, and there was nothing but birthday suit. Just feminine beauty, naked and unvarnished. The naked blonde sat beside Pierre, her supple breasts displayed for the other three people in the limousine to admire.

The thatch of pubic hair enshrouding her sex seemed to promise a world of delights. "Open your thighs a little wider, love." Claire obeyed, her legs opening a bit. They could now admire her sex, open and exposed. Her body was definitely flushed - whether from the embarrassment or sheer sexual arousal, Naya wasn't sure.

Claire met Naya's eyes with a look of triumph, like a person does when they've just conquered a fear, and it gave Naya an incredible rush. Before anything more could be done, Naya found her hands reaching backwards, unzipping the skintight dress. She managed to shrug out of the silk-trimmed fabric without too much trouble, finally letting it flop to the side as she sat beside Damian in only her pink lace-bra and pink panty. She sat there, looking at Claire's lush body.

The blonde's pale skin and feminine curves were beautiful, simple as that. There wasn't anything to be ashamed of, was there? Why should she be so reluctant to show her beauty to this man who promised she could be his?

Why should she care that he wanted her beauty to be seen by others? She finally quieted all the wrestling, guilt-infested warnings in her mind and tried to take the final plunge. She reached backward, touching her bra strap.

Her fingers froze. "Does it help, Naya? Seeing your fellow slave naked before you? Does it give you courage? When you answer me, call me Master. You must do exactly as I say or you will be punished. Even though you failed to take off your clothes as I commanded, I know that you are new to this.

I am not without feelings of mercy. But you must show me you are trying. Are you giving this your best effort, Naya?" The brunette nodded, biting her lip. "Yes…Master. I…I can't though. I'm almost naked as it is. But in front of everyone? It's…it's not right." "Society has taught you to be ashamed of your own body.

Don't speak to me of what is 'right' or 'wrong' slave. You have been programmed, and I am trying to de-program the harmful things in your mind. Now do what I say. Take off what remains of your clothing. I would see the real you - a naked, pristine Naya, a slave of unrivaled beauty." As he said the words, though, Damian gently did the work for her. He unclasped the bra strap, sliding the bra off to reveal her supple cones.

He then slowly slid her panty down her legs, all the way to her ankles, and whisked them away. He gently disengaged the sandals, discarding them in the corner, and now Naya was just…Naya.

Naked as the day of her birth. Her cute butt felt the cool leather underneath her. Her pussy felt the air on her exposed cunt lips.

She felt a thrill of danger, of arousal, and it was all both confusing and mesmerizing. Naya and Claire looked at each other's bodies. They were not the same, but neither was more or less beautiful than the other. They were just…different. Naya's dusky-toned skin was a shade darker than the creaminess of Claire's. Claire's breasts were maybe slightly larger, the nipples larger and more pronounced.

Naya's smooth belly with its belly-button ring added an exotic allure beneath her well-formed breasts, and the muscular tone in her arms and legs was unmistakable. "What do you think, Pierre? Are these slaves not gorgeous?" Damian said, his arm sliding around Naya's shoulders, hugging her nakedness to him as nonchalantly as if they were at a ballgame.

Naya couldn't believe how sexually aware she felt. Every rub of his leg against her naked thigh…even through the fabric of his pants - sent sensations all the way to her loins. She had to consciously prevent her body from trembling with the build-up of arousal. But her nipples were already hardened, a shameful giveaway for all to see. They didn't judge her for it, though. She waited for a condemnation that never came. "They are both exquisite, Master.

I can definitely call a spade a spade," Pierre said with a smile. He looked at Claire, his arm reaching around her shoulders in a similar possessive posture. He went a step further, though, claiming her mouth with a tender kiss. Claire moaned, her nipples beading too, and her nakedness trembled as his mouth worked hers, her tongue responding.

At last they came away from each other, lips parting softly. Claire's breathing was labored, and her breasts rose and fell with a gorgeous rhythm. "Would you suck my cock, slave? Put your mouth on my manhood," Pierre said. Claire's eyes widened, but she unstrapped the black man's leather belt, slid it off of his waist, and greedily unzipped his slacks. Her graceful hands moved to slide down his pants and undergarments, letting a thick, long cock spring free.

Naya couldn't believe this was happening. She gaped even as she felt Damian deftly guide her onto his lap, cupping her breasts gently in his hands. "What do you see, Naya? Tell me. I want you to describe what you feel." Naya's mouth had gone dry, dry as a desert, but she tried. She watched as Claire slowly began licking the underside of Pierre's black cock, starting at the base, then moving all the way to the tip. The sexy blonde then swirled her tongue against the tip, ripping a slow groan from the big man's throat.

"She's sucking his cock, Master. She's taking him in her mouth," Naya whispered. Her pussy felt warmth. Surging heat. She suddenly felt a suffocating heat despite the air-conditioning in the limo. Naya watched as Claire began to pump her mouth back and forth along Pierre's manhood. There was a gentle, suckling rhythm, its sound soon unmistakable in the background. Naya sat mesmerized as the young blonde slurped up and down Pierre's phallus.

The big man gently gathered up the blonde's golden hair into two clenched fists, groaning more deeply as she went to work on him. Her face bobbed up and down, his cock encased between her lips. "Look at me, slave. I want to see your eyes as my cock fills your mouth," Pierre ordered. Claire looked up even as her mouth cradled his shaft, her tongue caressing the length of his cock. She pumped her face back and forth, the suckling sounds intensifying until Pierre grasped her head and gently forced her all the way down onto his crotch.

There was a spluttering, near-gurgling sound as the girl bottomed out on his pubic hair, her nose practically touching his crotch. After several seconds, the big man finally let up.

Claire came up for air, wheezing with strings of pre-cum drifting from her lips. She wiped them with her wrist and then began to lick the sides of his shaft, her hands tenderly pumping his manhood even as her tongue laved his cock-head as if it were a delicacy. Naya sat there in disbelief, her loins wet with painful desire.

This can't be happening. It can't, she told herself. It had to be a dream. Instead, though, the young woman felt the appalling touch of two fingers gently rubbing against her exposed clitoris. Damian's fingers. The man was tender but firm - and what began as gentle rubs soon became firm strokes, stoking a fiery need that coursed through the brunette's every vein.

"M-master…wh-what are you doing?" Naya gasped. Her breasts heaved as he tormented her with the delicious attack of touch. She unconsciously opened her legs wider, moaning as two fingers slid into her soft channel. She tried to keep her eyes focused on Claire slurping up and down that long, black cock.

She watched as the cute blonde impaled her mouth on the shaft again, this time bottoming out on the dark slab until her gurgling was unmistakable. She came up for air, fresh strands of gooey cum drifting from her lips. These she gathered with her fingers, licking them clean as if they were a sugary treat. "Good, slave. How does your Master's cum taste?" Pierre rumbled. Claire was startled as the big man grasped her by the nape of the neck, leaning down to kiss her savagely.

She groaned as the man's other hand reached behind her well-proportioned butt, inserting a finger into her exposed pussy. Claire's resulting moan made Naya's pussy nearly flood. Damian's fingers had been tormenting her this entire time, and seeing her fellow slave being fondled was almost too much.

"What are you feeling, Naya?" Suddenly the blessed fingers stopped moving, and disappointment tore through Naya's naked body. She thrummed with need, and her crotch had been unconsciously thrusting forward to meet the billionaire's touch. "I…I feel heat, Master. Your fingers feel so good inside me. I need them there. Touching me. Please don't…don't stop," she confessed.

"You want more, you'll have to earn it Naya." Damian let the words hang, but Naya understood well enough. The raven-haired girl slid off of Damian's lap, un-belted his pants, slid them and his undergarment down to his legs. She paused a moment, admiring the full package in her care. His thick, vein-bulging cock was hard for her, so expectant. She imagined the feeling of need which must be surging through his whole body, the blood rushing to the length of his shaft. She gently licked the tip of his cock, then plunged her mouth down on it.

She felt the shaft straining inside her mouth. Her lips formed a tight 'O' around it as she pumped her mouth up and down, bobbing up and down his cock until she could hear his audible groans join those of Pierre.

This feeling of control she had over him, it made her feel incredibly alive. Incredibly sexy. She began pumping her mouth up and down with a feverish intensity. Time seemed to fall away, and her fingernails dug into Damian's naked thighs, gripping so hard as her mouth bottomed out on his phallus. Damian practically growled at her. "Keep sucking me, cute little cunt.

Impale that sweet little mouth on my COCK. Yes!" Damian's voice had changed now. It sounded more like the barbarian beast she'd dreamed of in her fantasies than the respectable businessman he was.

Naya's jaw rippled as she continued to hug his shaft with her tongue, her teeth gently grazing his shaft as she came up off of him, cum dangling from her pretty lips. Before he could even recover though, the brunette had impaled her mouth again, squeezing the sides of his shaft with her tongue as she slurped like a selfless slave. Damian's groans reached a crescendo. He gasped, his hands grasping her by the shoulders and flinging her jaw backward off of his straining cock.

"Open your mouth, slave. OPEN!" he shouted. Naya's mouth opened as cum fountained through the air, spattering her breasts.

Damian raised his manhood higher, the final series of spurts covering her face and mouth. When he was at last fully spent, Damian lifted her back onto his lap, but now she faced him and he seemed to enjoy the play of emotions across her face as his hands fondled her sex, tormenting her clitoris to new heights. Naya's mouth opened in a wordless, agonized moan. She looked down at her cum-covered breasts and felt the sticky cum on her face, its pungent scent filling the limo.

None of it mattered. All that mattered was the inferno in her core - that quickly building pool of desire so desperately needing release. She writhed on Damian's lap, humping his fingers desperately, grinding her hips with fervency.

She didn't care anymore where she was - not even that she was in a limo on a highway, going who knew where with two other people behind her. She focused on Damian's loving stare, his furiously tender touch. She felt his fingers cajole, batter and assault her clit in the most erotic touches she'd ever known.

They squeezed, stroked, and caressed her even as Damian's index finger plunged into her sex, rubbing against the sides of her love channel, piling one sensation on top of the other until she could withhold it no more. "What are you feeling, slave? TELL ME!" Damian ordered. Naya's moans plateaued, and her body climaxed. "Oh yes, oh yes…oh god fuck me. Fuck me. I want you!" she squealed, her pussy clenching around his index finger as she came hard, her juices flooding his crotch.

Naya's slender arms grappled against him, her fingernails clutching at his vest as she felt herself riding out the orgasm. Her naked, shuddering femininity finally came to a raggedly-breathing stillness. Naya's young face pressed against Damian's shoulder, her warm breaths panting against his neck. She'd lost all sense of time and awareness. Claire and Pierre had simply faded away. It was some time before she turned around, shocked, and realized that Claire now sat on Pierre's lap, actively riding the big black man's cock.

The blonde's sexy buttocks bounced up and down on Pierre's lap, the squelchy sounds of their sexes joining filling the room with a constant rhythm. Naya blushed, but she also felt completely sated, content. She curled into Damian's arms, her head against his chest. "We will be at the airport soon, slave. Now get some rest. I will have new challenges for you once we arrive." Naya tried to stay awake, but her eyes were heavy.

The stars flitting by the limo's window seemed to lull her into unconsciousness. All she could think was that none of it was real. Yet if that was true, then why had her body never felt so alive? She remembered his hand inside her soft heat and shivered.

When she drifted off, she dreamed of him. Dreamed that she was naked on his lap, inserting his manhood between her pussy lips, impaling her damp heat and riding him, her breasts shaking as she pumped up and down a shaft so rigid and filled with need.

Then she felt his heat fill her insides, her eyes snapping open as her back arched and she cried out. Then she awoke, her cheek firmly pressed against his chest, the airport terminal lights twinkling in the distance. 'Where is he taking us?' she wondered. The possibilities were enough to drive her mad. CHAPTER 5 Naya was dismayed when she realized that her cum-covered face and breasts had made smears on Damian's once pristine tux. "I'm sorry…Master. I did not mean to get you messy," she said lamely, her cheeks flushed.

Damian gave her an indulgent smirk. He leaned in, kissing her sticky lips. "Do not worry yourself, Naya. Time soon enough for me to be slipping into attire less constricting.

We'll get you cleaned up on the plane. Are you thirsty?" Naya licked her dry lips and realized that she was.

When she nodded, Damian retrieved a glass, used the dispenser which the limo was equipped with, and handed her a cold drink of water.

She gulped it down greedily, thanked her Master and put it in the cup holder. She looked at her surroundings - this perfectly ordinary limo - and couldn't believe she was here.

Sitting naked next to billionaire Damian Cruceaux. Across from them Pierre lay sideways on the wide leather cushions, his arm wrapped around a naked Claire. Her breathing was even and deep, and so was his.

"They sleep well together, don't they?" Damian said, amused. "I knew they would be a good match." Naya gave her Master a skeptical look. "Do you always gloat after a successful matchmaking? And isn't one quick fuck a little early to be crowing your success?" Naya realized that the cynical side of her had just come out without warning.

She was horrified that she'd said the words, but Damian seemed to bring out the uncensored version of her, both the bad and the good. Damian gave her a harsh stare. "Is that what you think this is all about? Then I see you have much to learn still, slave.

Much." The limo came to a stop near the runway, and Naya could just see on the rain-scoured tarmac where a private jet waited, maybe a football field away. The rain had waned to a barely noticeable drizzle. The billionaire leaned across to the other seat, nudging his companion awake. Pierre awoke with a start, snuffling like a boar before rubbing at his sleepy eyes and gently stirring Claire awake too.

"It is time, my friend. The plane is ready," Damian said. He leaned over Naya, opening the door. "What are you waiting for, Naya? You go first." Naya gaped at the darkness before turning back to him.

"I need my clothes and purse." Damian shook his head. "Those will be brought along by Marcus, my other driver. You will accompany me to the plane just as you are." The brunette looked down at her nakedness and couldn't believe what this man was asking her. It was one thing to be butt naked in a limo with just Damian's own employee friend and a fellow woman.

To be walking out into the open - along a runway where just anyone could be watching. That would be awful. Would it, Naya? Would it really be so bad, your beautiful body walking naked, displayed proudly beside your Master? said a tiny voice in her head. She looked at Damian one more time. His mouth was set in a firm line. He was serious.

Dead serious. She looked over at Claire, who seemed to meet her gaze steadily as if to say 'I'm game if you are.' Taking a deep, fortifying breath, Naya slipped out of the limo and stood with her bare feet on the tarmac. The breeze ruffled her pubic hair, tickling the folds of her sex and caressing her nipples into cold-sharpened beads.

She breathed in the fresh scent of rain and pine trees. The airport was secluded at least, and she was thankful for that. Damian slid out and stood beside her, his hand gently rubbing her lower back.

"What do you feel, Naya? Shame? Fear? Banish those emotions from your head. You are a beautiful woman. My gorgeous slave. I rule here, and you have nothing to fear. I own this airport. No one will dare judge you. Do you believe me?" Naya turned to him, surprised by the concern in his face. Just moments before he had looked irritated, stung by her harsh words about Claire and Pierre.

Now it was if she'd already been forgiven, and it made her heart ache just a little. She impulsively slipped her arms around his neck, standing up on her tiptoes to give him a long, lingering kiss. He tasted of raspberries for some reason, and her senses awakened, the rub of his vest along her breasts creating a pleasurable ripple up and down her core.

Suddenly two finely dressed male flight attendants, their blue vests looking almost black in the night, materialized in front of the limo. "Your baggage has already been provided for, Mr. Cruceaux. Can we help carry anything else?" Naya and Claire both froze, suddenly hyper-conscious of their nudity. Naya swallowed with difficulty, trying to keep the red from creeping onto her face. "Please Master. Can't you give me something to wear?" Damian glanced at her darkly. "You were showing such courage, Naya.

Yet already your will falters and you let society's brainwashing creep back in. I see I may need to be a little firmer with you." He gestured at Pierre, who retrieved something from the front glove compartment of the limo. He handed Damian a bright pair of silver handcuffs, padded with leather.

Naya gasped as Damian cuffed her wrists in front of her and then gently cupped the mound of her sex. Leaning in, he whispered to her. "Now will you behave, Naya? I can add a collar and leash if you think to question my orders again." Naya quickly shook her head, sighing as his hand gently conformed to the shape of her sexy buttocks, urging her forward.

Every footstep felt like torture to Naya. She felt like chattel being paraded before a victorious throng, even though the runway was virtually empty. A few airport personnel went about their duties, but in the darkness they hardly seemed to notice Damian or his entourage. Claire walked with noticeable nervousness, clearly uncomfortable in the same way as Naya, but she hid her fear better than the brunette.

Pierre gestured her up the ramp first, followed her, and then Damian ushered Naya up the steps onto the plane. The moment she set foot inside a rush of relief swept through her. She was given a seat beside Claire, and the two naked slaves were handed moist towelettes to wipe themselves with.

Naya had some awkwardness, cleansing her face and breasts with the cuffs still on. When Damian saw that she was having a little trouble, he stopped her. "Would you like me to help, slave?" The kindness in his eyes disarmed her even though she was furious at him.

He had just handcuffed her and paraded her down the tarmac like a captured slave girl brought to ancient Rome, and now he had the gall to ask kindly if she needed his assistance? She gave him an irritable look, but quietly nodded. With deft strokes he wiped off the stickiness on her breasts, cheeks, and elsewhere on her face. Then he gave her a beguiling, gentle kiss. "Be good. Pierre and I will be back soon." Both men disappeared beyond the curtain which divided the lounge area of the plane from the front of the cabin.

Naya didn't recognize the type of plane. She guessed it could seat 40-50 people comfortably. It was definitely used for business travel, and it was well stocked with beverages of all kinds - gin, whisky, rum, fruit juices, and wine. Naya turned to Claire, grateful for the rare moment of privacy. "Are you enjoying yourself?" she blurted, realizing how awkward she felt. Why did sitting naked next to someone change her ability to think or talk normally, even though Claire was just as naked?

It didn't make sense, but the awkwardness was like a fog on all sides. Claire smiled. "More than a little, Naya. I'm sorry you were so uncomfortable back there. I was just as uncomfortable…but I've tried to listen to what Pierre's been urging me to do.

To not think so much. To just let myself feel. Let myself just…be me." She gave a soft laugh. "That probably sounds stupid, doesn't it?" "No.

Not to me," Naya replied. She gave her new friend a little grin. "It looked to me like you were enjoying Pierre quite a bit 'more than a little.' I was a little distracted by Damian of course." Claire nodded, an evil grin lighting up her pretty face. "Believe me, I noticed. I stole a few looks your way. You had Damian like putty in your hand." Sucking his cock, feeling the blood rushing through his manhood, my hands resting on the straining muscles of his legs as he barely holds back with the desire to buck his crotch upward into my warm mouth.

Naya shook the memory away, but the thought already had her loins reawakening. She felt horny, damn it, and she hated Damian for reawakening all these sensations she couldn't seem to control. The young blonde looked at her friend, gently patting her hand.

"I think he adores you, you know. At first I was so pissed off, when Pierre told me that I was to be HIS date, and not Damian's. But after we sat down to dinner, we really hit it off. We talked for hours, and he actually opened up about himself. I felt this instant connection. Still do.

I think you and Damian have the same thing." Naya bit her lip, looking down at her lap. "I'm not so sure. I've already managed to say some stupid things tonight. I'm not as fearless as you, Claire. This whole…slave submissive lifestyle…I don't know. I just feel like I'm between two worlds, the liberated person I want to be and the person whose body I'm stuck in.

I want to be Damian's, but I don't know how to be that with all these contrary feelings telling me that what we're doing is wrong." As Naya finished she looked up and a man in a black tie and business coat placed her purse just out of arm's reach.

The sexy brunette leaned over to awkwardly grab it with her cuffed hands, but suddenly Damian Cruceaux was there instead, towering above her. He laid a hand gently on her chest, pushing her backward, forcing her head against the headrest.

"What are you doing, slave?" Naya looked at the purse again. Her smartphone, on vibrate, was ringing loud and clear, jostling against the other accessories in her purse. "I need to answer that. That'll be my roommate Rebecca. She's probably calling to check on me. I should answer, tell her I'm okay and that I won't be back tomorrow." "Did I say you could have phone privileges, slave?" Damian's eyes peaked in interest.

A suppressed grin couldn't hide the humor in his eyes, like a cat toying with a playmate. "Please…Master." She'd almost forgotten to call him that. "Master, let me answer." "Hmm. I'm not feeling terribly generous now, Naya, but I think I could be persuaded." He took her purse, walked over to a plush sofa across the aisle, and plopped onto it.

Naya watched, her jaw going slack as Damian Cruceaux proceeded to strip out of his tux, dress pants, and polished black shoes. He was soon naked before her, his torso rippling with muscle that she'd suspected had been there from the moment she first saw his picture.

Naya felt her core flood with arousal as he lay back on the couch, his cock erect and taunting her. He fished the smartphone out of her purse and held it tantalizingly in the air. "I'll make you a deal, slave. Come here and mount me. Fuck me. Ride this cock. While I'm inside you, I'll dial her number and put the phone to your ear.

You can tell your roommate that everything's fine then, that you'll be gone for the weekend. Agreed?" The dark-haired college student thought things couldn't get any more outrageous. From the sound of the ad, she'd guessed that Damian Cruceaux might be unpredictable and a little dangerous. But this? This wasn't just outrageous.

Appalling. Horrifying. Those words came to mind. So why are your nipples hard, Naya? Why is your sex dripping? that tiny voice scolded her. She felt a thrum of arousal coiling from her cunt all the way through her chest and out to her fingertips, it seemed. She bit her lip, unsteadily got to her feet and walked across the aisle.

Slowly, carefully, she straddled his naked form until his cock pressed gently against her abdomen. It was long, thick and ready for her…and it made her blood run hot. "I…Master, please let me call. Then I'll fuck you. I promise." Why did the idea of talking to Rebecca while in such a compromising position terrify her? Naya's heart was racing like it wanted to break out of her ribcage. She sighed as one of Damian's hands cupped one of her breasts, squeezing just enough to intensify the sensation until it wrested a moan from her throat.

"Uuhhh. Please Master." "You heard my offer, Naya. Take it or leave it. This will be the last chance to use your phone until the weekend is finished. You either call her now or not at all." Naya gave the billionaire a pleading look.

She wondered how many other women had given him that same desperate pleading expression, and been refused any mercy in return. He gently pinched her left nipple between thumb and forefinger, and she hissed in shock at the sensation of pain mixed with pleasure.

"Tell me what you are feeling, slave. Why do you hesitate? What is it you are afraid of? Understand Naya, it is your fear holding you back. Not me." Those words seemed to penetrate her defenses, making her realize just how arbitrary her fear truly was. Why couldn't she talk to Rebecca now? What made making love to Damian, writhing on top of his cock, something to be quietly kept hidden like some shameful secret?

The horny brunette licked her lips and clasped Damian's cock with her cuffed hands. Gingerly, she positioned his egg-shaped cock-head at the entrance to her sex, then eased herself down the first inch. She gasped, biting her lip. His cock was still dry, but the liquid-warmth pooling between her legs would soon change that. She slowly rocked back and forth, her mind reverting back to the dream she'd had in the limo.

She used the fantasy in her dream to stoke her desire, to fuel the wetness gathering between her legs. Slowly, bit by bit, as she rocked back and forth on his rigid phallus, more and more of it wedged its way deep. Soon she was moaning, her sex lifting up and bouncing back down onto his shaft.

Her wetness had coated him now, lubricating them both. Her hands gently kneaded his chest as she fucked herself, impaling her warm pussy on his cock. "What do you feel, slave? Talk to me," Damian said, almost begging. She looked down at him, heat melting her eyes. "I.I feel like I'm about to become yours, Master.

I love the way you lie beneath me and let me set the pace. I love the way you feel…so deep inside me," she admitted, her voice turning to almost a soft purr as she moved her cute buttocks up and down, slurping up his cock between the seal of her cunt lips.

Claire was watching intently, her eyes glued to the scene. When Naya noticed her watching she ruthlessly thrust away that intrusive feeling of shame and instead plunged her damp heat harder onto her lover's cock, joining them as one. "May I…may I call my roommate now, Master?" Naya begged. Damian had put the phone down on the pillow beside them, the better to gently pinch and torment Naya's young nipples and breasts.

Reluctantly he pulled his hands away from the well-sculpted cones and retrieved the phone. He flipped through the phone. "Passcode?" "1507," she sighed, her sex moving upward, only to come crashing down to once more feel the fullness of his cock. Damian keyed it in, went to the contacts list, dialed Rebecca. He held the phone to Naya's ear even as she rode his cock with tender, loving pumps.

She sighed, biting her lip as the voice on the other end spoke up, edged with panic. "Naya? Is that you? I've been worried sick! I heard from a friend, because when I mentioned what you were doing, she told me her SISTER had responded to that same ad! She said that Damian Cruceaux had a whole harem of women to choose from, that he picked two out of the crowd at a warehouse down by the docks district and just whisked them out of there.

Where are you, Naya? I thought you'd be home by now." Naya froze, sitting atop the billionaire's cock and unsure what to say. "I'm.fine Rebecca." She stifled a moan as Damian nudged his cock upward into her sex.

His challenging gaze told her to 'keep fucking.' This was part of the agreement. Slowly Naya resumed her cowgirl show, pumping her sex up and down Damian's well-lubricated shaft. The soft friction of his cock rubbing against her insides was heavenly, and she wanted to moan so badly but couldn't. "Naya? Talk to me. Where are you? You don't sound fine." That's because I'm better than fine, Becky. Or was she? She should have been terrified, Naya thought.

She still didn't have a clue where Damian Cruceaux was taking her. All she knew was that she was being flown to gods knew where. "Look, Rebecca…uh…I'm really OK. I was the one Damian picked. The other girl was needed for, for something else.

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He chose ME, Rebecca. He chose to spend the evening with me. After…uh…after dinner he offered me the chance to stay the whole weekend with him.

I said yes." "Naya, what's wrong? Why are you groaning? Are you hurt? I hope you realize how bat-shit crazy this all sounds. Do you really want me to believe that you're going to be sharing Damian Cruceaux's bed tonight? That this billionaire, of all the sexy women in the world, picks you to be his playmate for a night?" "Would that be so wrong?" Naya said, surprised at the surge of anger her roommate's statement awoke in her.

"Listen, I'm just trying to look out for you, Naya. I don't want you to get hurt. Don't let this Damian Cruceaux promise you things he can't deliver.

I'm sure he gets women a dime a dozen, sweetie. I don't think you should fuck a guy like that, no matter how rich he is." Naya bristled. "Well maybe it's none of your business, Becky. I'm staying the weekend with him. With Damian Cruceaux. Believe what you want." To drive away the anger Naya upped the tempo of her impalements, enjoying the delicious sensation as she bottomed out on Damian's phallus. "Just tell me this. Tell me you're safe." Rebecca had just pissed off her best friend, and she knew it.

Naya heard the tone of apology in her voice. She half considered hanging up on her friend. It would serve her right to make her worry some more. She should've been happy for Naya, but instead she'd sent worms of guilt threading through her thoughts.

The brunette almost lost it when Damian put his free hand against her pubic hair, his fingers gliding across her clitoris, stroking and demanding a response. Naya opened her mouth to let out a wordless moan. "Sorry, Becky. I…I have to go.

I'll call you Monday morning. I'm fine, and yes, I'm safe. Don't worry about me." The moment Damian flipped the phone off Naya moaned loud and clear, her juices dripping onto his cock. She humped his manhood harder, the soft rocking of her body weight moving back and forth with animalistic zeal. "Hmm…what are you feeling now? I sensed hurtful words, Naya. What did your roommate say to you?" Damian asked.

"She…she told me that you were just another playboy looking for a fuck." "And am I?" Damian said, his eyes oddly bereft of all emotion. Yet he interrupted before giving her a chance to answer.

"Come here, girl. Come here." Naya leaned forward, feeling his strong arms encompass her. Damian thrust his cock upward, flinging his pelvis ferociously to fill her completely. She shuddered as his free hand continued to stroke her clit, forcing her over the edge.

She felt herself go into spasms, her juices coating every inch of his rigid member. Naya sighed as his lips captured hers, passionately taking a kiss until she moaned in his mouth. The plane began to move, gathering speed.

Were they taking off already? Shouldn't she be belted in and seated? But Damian seemed to have everything prepared for. He slipped out a key which had been hidden between two of the cushions and unlocked her cuffs. "Hold on tight, little cunt. Keep fucking me, but hold on tight." Damian cupped her breasts even as she reached out her hands to grip the back of the sofa. She groaned as his pelvis thrust upward, impaling her deeper, and the plane lifted off.

She felt the disorienting change of angle, her ears nearly popping as they made the ascent. She moaned and kept lifting up her cute buttocks, ramming herself down to join them as one, a feminine sheath around Damian's engorged prick.

Damian cupped her breasts gently, groaning beneath her. "I will cherish you, slave. You are much more to me than a fuck. Never forget that. Give yourself to me now.

Let me see you dance on my cock." He lay back, his hands slipping up to her shoulders, massaging them as the moment of climax tore through his being. She hunched over, whispering his name as the hot burst of cum flooded her sex. She felt his member twitch inside her again and again and again.

It felt like being conquered, but also liberated. It felt like being claimed, but also respected and loved in the most profound way.

Naya groaned as her lips captured his, taking charge. He sighed beneath her, completely spent, his cock growing flaccid inside the slick, soft, and now-sticky folds of her sex. She cupped his face in her hands, looking down on him. "I think I'm falling for you, Damian Cruceaux. Can I trust you?" she asked. That question - trust - was all that haunted her now. She liked this man. Liked him A LOT. But could she ever love him?

Naya didn't want to let herself become vulnerable to someone with his kind of power, someone who could always have what he wanted. And Rebecca was right.

She didn't really KNOW anything about him at all.


She'd known him for less than 24 hours. He was a man with resources, who could get anything and everything he wanted. And what was she? "I will prove that you can trust me before the weekend is out, Naya," Damian replied. Naya groaned as he gently lifted her up off his lap, settling her into the crook of his arm. He got up and gently laid her on the sofa, draping a blanket over her naked form. "Rest for the remainder of the night, slave.

I will come check on you later. Ask Marcus or one of the attendants if you should need anything, anything at all." He turned to walk away, but Naya stopped him with a whisper. "Master?" "Yes?" "Please stay." Damian gave her a surprisingly tender look, and to Naya's shock he dutifully slid underneath the covers with her.

The couch was wide enough for the two of them, especially as long as they spooned like lovers, tightly wedged against one another. Damian enfolded Naya in his warmth, his muscled arm draped over her breasts, his breath warm on her neck. He stroked her glossy tresses of charcoal-black hair until they spilled like fine strands of silk down the other side of the pillow.

He kissed the nape of her neck softly, closed his eyes, and went to sleep. CHAPTER 6 She listened for a long time to the rhythm of his breathing rather than let sleep take her. Naya couldn't help it. There was a fierce aching in her chest.

Is this what love feels like? she wondered. She had fancied men before. She had had crushes before. But she had never felt this, whatever this was. A secret grin slid over her face and she snuck one eye open. There was a couch across the way, and Pierre and Claire seemed to be making full use of it.

She peeked, seeing Claire on hands and knees, her hands on the armrest as Pierre fucked her from behind. She had a leather collar around her neck attached to a silver leash. Pierre pulled on it just a little, forcing Claire's neck higher as she sputtered and groaned. "You heard me, slave. I told you to slam that hot pussy back to meet each of my fucks. Now FUCK me, little bitch.

I want to feel you encase every inch of my cock!!" he growled. Naya shivered. This was a little rougher than what Naya had expected. Perhaps Pierre's tastes were different than Damian's, but somehow Naya doubted it. If anything, Naya suspected that Damian's strong personality would rub off on his employees rather than vice versa.

She watched, fear surging through her head. Should she wake Damian? Had he ever needed to discipline one of his employees who'd gone too far? Naya watched as the slender blonde moaned, pushing her cute buttocks backward as the slap of two sexes joining filled the air.

"Yes…Master…call me your bitch. Fuck me HARD, sir. I want you inside me. Deeper. Deeper! Uhh!" Her guttural growl was almost bestial rather than feminine, and Claire's breasts shook with the force of Pierre's thrusts.

Seeing the huge black man dwarfing her lithe, feminine form was a strange contrast. If Naya didn't know better, she'd almost wonder if Pierre would break her fragile, naked body at any moment. Instead, slowly it dawned on her what was really happening. She heard Pierre's voice suddenly whisper, insistent and genuine. "Is this what you want, slave? Is this the fantasy you envisioned?" He kept thrusting forward with hard, powerful lunges, but it was the young blonde who was furiously ramming her ass back to meet those thrusts, begging him to call her names that made Naya blush.

Pierre stilled, one hand still jerking the leash back, the other hand gently slapping the firm buttocks cheeks at his disposal. He looked at her velvety sex ramming backward each time, encasing him. Pierre was barely moving now, letting Claire dictate the force, the rhythm of their coupling.

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"What do you hope for, slave? Tell me what you feel or I won't move another muscle. Talk to me." Claire sighed, her hips lunging backward as she moaned.

"I…this has been my fantasy, Master. To be fucked from behind savagely. With a collar around my neck. To be treated like a slave." "And then?" Pierre prodded. "Don't mindlessly immerse yourself in the fantasy. Pick up the threads, and let them guide you. Think about the subconscious desires underneath it, Claire. What do you want me to do next?" The revelation appeared in Claire's vivid blue eyes. She sighed, her husky reply unmistakable.

"Eat out my pussy, Master. Please." It took only that simple request, and the formerly dominating Master had pulled out his manhood, knelt behind the slender young blonde, and began to lick tenderly at her pussy. His tongue strokes, sucks, and licks were joined by kisses and then gently stroking fingers which massaged the walls of her cunt between tongue flicks.

Claire moaned, her hands gripping the armrest of the white-furred sofa as if her life was in peril. She bit her lip, moaning as sweat sheened on her forehead. The girl's hair was tied into a ponytail, and now it thrashed back and forth as Claire's head whipped left and right, the moan intensifying. "You taste so exquisite, Claire. You are my slave, and I love your taste more than anything in the world," Pierre growled, his tongue eating out her now sopping wet cunt.

In a few more seconds, with his tongue firmly stroking her love channel, Naya watched as Claire squealed a powerful orgasm, her body shuddering as she nearly careened over the armrest. Only Pierre's strong arm, looping about Claire's waist, held the girl from flying over the precipice. Many long moments later the exhausted girl sighed, begging Pierre. "Put it back in, Master. Put it back in me." Pierre obliged, re-inserting his manhood into her sated pussy, fucking her with zeal, his grunts joining hers until he yanked on the leash once again, growling in the moment of climax.

Claire sighed as Pierre finally drew out his flaccid member. Cum dripped from her glistening cunt lips, staining the couch cushions, but Master and slave didn't care.

Pierre lay back on the couch as she snuggled on top of him, letting his arms enfold her as he kissed the top of her disheveled head, the ponytail frayed in half a dozen places. "Master…thank you. Thank you for playing out my fantasy." Claire sighed. "I would do anything for you, bunny-rabbit. You are my Claire. You are my cherished slave." Pierre's words were so sappy that at first Naya almost wanted to giggle. But the more she thought about it, secretly peeking at the two lovers ensconced on the couch, she wondered what right she had to jeer.

Society would've called it hedonistic emptiness. Yet the sensations she'd felt here had given her more enjoyment, made her feel more accepted, than any party her friends from church had ever dragged her to. These people were not 'normal' by the standards she'd grown up with - no, been indoctrinated with.

But did that matter? More to the point, it seemed a good thing to Naya. For the first time ever, she didn't feel the need to hide. To pretend she was something she wasn't. She could even watch another couple make love almost right beside her and sense that sexual energy, become electrified by it.

If that was bad, then what was viewed as 'bad' by the powers-that-be had to be good unrecognized. Perhaps it was the very things that seemed to always masquerade as goodness and perfection which were really the most empty.

Naya let these thoughts roam and war in her head as sleep finally claimed her. The star-lit clouds drifted by as the private jet made its way through the night. CHAPTER 7 Bright light seeped underneath the blinds, and Naya awoke with a start, realizing that she was on a comfortable bed.

She was naked still, her wrists and ankles bound to the bedposts. Spread-eagled like that she felt both helpless and alive. She looked down, feeling a strange sensation pulsating through her sex. She was stunned when she realized that a vibrator had been inserted into her vagina, and not just that. An anal prong had also been carefully inserted into her puckered hole.

The device now buzzed in her pussy and ass, creating sensations she didn't know were possible. Naya groaned, writhing in her bonds. A door opened and footsteps sounded like whispers on the carpet. Damian Cruceaux's hawk-like face with its five o'clock shadow loomed over her. He looked down at her with tenderness. He gently stroked his hand along the brunette's face.

"Good morning, slave. I trust you slept well? I'm afraid you were exhausted, and at the end of the flight I gave you a little something extra to make you sleep. This is my version of an alarm clock. Do you like it?" He looked down at the dildo-vibrator whirring away in her intimate sex and buttocks. Naya moaned, her body feeling overwhelmed by the stimuli. Her breasts were crowned with pointed little pink nipples, arousal swamping her core.

She could feel herself trembling from the tips of her fingers all the way to her curling toes. A gag had been thrust between her cute lips, making her moans all the more unintelligible as she begged for him to take the rubber ball gag out of her mouth. Damian immediately unfastened the gag, waiting as Naya sputtered and cleared her dry throat. "Please, Master. It's so much feeling. My ass…uhhh…it's never been filled," she gasped.

"And how does it FEEL slave? You're focusing on what you think is right or wrong because of society's rules. It's supposedly dirty, to have something in that intimate space inside you. But how do you truly FEEL, Naya? What is that sensation in your ass telling you?" Naya moaned as Damian straddled her, leaning over for a harsh kiss, his tongue intertwining with hers. The jolts of movement with the ribbed shafts within her pussy and anus were not nearly as uncomfortable as they were pleasurable.

Even maddening. She continued to groan as Damian began stroking her clit, looking down at her heaving chest. He watched her eyes most of all, his gaze penetrating her soul as she jerked and writhed in her bonds. Finally her body arched upward, the double penetration forcing an orgasm from her young feminine core. "OHHH…god. You bastard. I'm…I'm coming!" and Naya came hard on the rubberized, whirring dual cocks.

Damian watched with satisfaction, intent on his feminine slave. He leaned over, suckling on her nipples, and then withdrew, waiting for her spasms to taper off. "What is your body telling you, slave? I will do whatever you want - but only if you consider carefully.

Don't make assumptions. Don't ask what you SHOULD feel. Tell me how you ACTUALLY feel. Do you understand?" Naya licked her lips, the orgasm rebuilding as the vibrator continued battering her pussy and anus seemingly with a hundred rubbings every second.

"Please, Master…stroke me. Touch me." Damian's fingers gently caressed her clit, sending her mind and body reeling towards nothingness. The penetrations deep in her love channel and ass intensified, and her second orgasm tore through her with as much potency as the first.

The exhausted girl lay on the bed for two more cycles of build-ups and orgasms before Damian finally unplugged the dual-cock vibrator and yanked the device free of her sated feminine body. The young brunette sighed and looked down at the two rubberized cocks, soaked in her juices. "This is the truth, slave. This is who you are. A woman who deserves pleasure. To give it and receive it," Damian said huskily. And as he said it, the billionaire put his naked body over hers, inserting his cock between her cunt lips, sheathing his manhood in her welcoming sex.

He began a thorough rhythm, joining their bodies as one. Her quiet grunts belied the need surging through her cunt. The joy of having his cock fill her again and again and again. She responded voraciously to his lips, her tongue tussling with his as moans sang from her throat.

You were right, Damian. You were right all along. I am yours. I would be yours. I trust you, Master. I would even trust you with my heart. These were the realizations flashing through the girl's mind. Naya had finally discovered a new sense of self, and she would never be the same.

CHAPTER 8 Naya's exhausted body sagged with relief while Damian undid her bonds, helping her up from the bed. The sweat-slicked girl looked up at him with an arched eyebrow. "How did you keep me asleep for long enough to tie me up and put that nasty toy inside me?" she demanded.

The billionaire smiled at her, refusing to be knocked off balance. "A gentleman doesn't reveal his secrets. But if you must know…Cruceaux Industries is primarily interested in pharmaceuticals. Our prized drug is a harmless sleeping pill without side effects.

I may or may not have slipped one into your drink last night. It takes a few hours to take effect, but once it does…" Damian let the words trail away, and then the billionaire gently took her by the wrist. "Come, let's get you cleaned up. In fact, I think we could both use a thorough shower. Agreed?" Naya followed Damian Cruceaux along hallways with immaculate marble flooring.

"Where are we?" she asked. "One of my private mansions. We are off the coast of Mexico on one of my private islands. It's a suitable place for privacy…and diversions," Damian finished with more than a bit of mystery tinging his voice. Naya gasped as they walked out onto a patio beside a pool. Continuing the impromptu tour, he led the naked young woman through an entryway beside a sliding glass door and into a shower fit for any five-star hotel.

The standing shower had a large, ornate golden nozzle which Damian turned on briskly, pouring a lush waterfall of warm water onto his hair and face. He turned, offering his hand and encouraging her to join him.

"What's wrong, Naya? Why do you hesitate?" Naya was looking down at a spider creeping along the tiles in the bathroom just outside of the shower. Her eyes followed its slow, painstaking movements. Damian moved to crush it, but Naya found her hand reaching out to grab his wrist.

"No. Don't." Damian gave her a strange look, but he drew his leg back. "What's it done to you?" Naya scolded him. She carefully put her hand palm up on the ground, letting the spider crawl up onto her. She walked outside along the pool, deposited the spider in a potted plant next to several overhanging vines, and returned back into the shower.

Damian was standing there, a strange twinkle in his eye, and shaking his head. "You are an unusual woman, Naya. Have I told you that?" Naya smiled. "Yes, Master. A few times actually." Damian pulled her into an embrace as the shower swirled around her hair and shoulders, cascading down her back. The sluicing water felt like a balm on her well-sexed body. She was pleasantly refreshed but tired at the same time. Her body ached, but in a good way, and she'd gotten enough sleep.

They had the whole day ahead of them, and the thought thrilled Naya. "So…what do you have planned next?" As she said those words, a sudden clink of handcuffs around each wrist left her firmly attached to the vertical piping that ran underneath the showerhead.

Damian had somehow managed to move with the grace of a panther, effectively chaining her to the shower wall. "Wh-what are you doing?" Damian gave her a steely-eyed look. "You forgot to call me, Master. That, my slave, has repercussions. I'll be back later." The young brunette felt a thrill of fear tingle against her scalp. She felt her legs go weak, and her body felt overwhelmed with arousal. He was starting to tap into her fantasies again.

Should she be afraid, though? Tying her up while she was asleep was one thing…but this? He had knowingly deceived her, tricking her into the shower before cuffing her. Now she stood naked in the shower, the hot water sluicing against her glistening breasts, streaming down her belly and leaving jeweled droplets across her pubic hair. Well, since it looks like I'm not going anywhere I may as well get comfortable, she thought. Naya finished rinsing her entire body, welcoming the caresses of the hot water against her neck and scalp.

But time ticked by. Moments and minutes passed, and she wondered where Damian had gone. Finally, when she was beginning to get antsy, Damian strode in carrying a duffel bag. He was still unclothed, his body gleaming with the wetness of his quick rinse in the shower. He turned off the shower first and then toweled off her gorgeous body. Naya moaned suggestively as the towel wiped the wetness from her breasts and crotch. She did it to tempt him, and it seemed to work judging from the way his cock shot up, expectant and rigid.

With her body dried, Damian stepped back. "Do you notice anything interesting about the handcuffs, slave?" She shook her head, but something nagged at her. The cuffs were rubberized rather than metal, which struck her as a little unusual. He put the duffel bag down and rummaged in it for a few seconds before drawing out two alligator clips attached to electrodes.

"What are you doing, Master?" Naya looked over her shoulder as Damian walked over to her, firmly attaching one clip to each of her nipples. "These cling to your sexy tits, slave. I'm going to give them an electric shock. Have you ever experienced the intense sensation of electricity though your more sensitive parts, Naya?

There are few things I can compare it to." Naya began to panic a little, despite the heat surging within her sex. "But Master…I…that sounds painful. I'm…" "Being punished," Damian finished her sentence, his tone clipped.

"And you must learn that not all good things come from pleasure. Some good things must be had through pain." He donned some protective gloves, and then Damian retrieved a cock-sheath with ridges along its length. He carefully slipped the sheath over his elongated manhood and gently approached her from behind.

In one hand he'd picked up a small box with a dial and a switch.

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The electrodes from Naya's nipples were connected to the battery-powered box. "Do you know what this is, slave?" Naya shook her head, but her eyes took on a pleading look. "Please, Master.

Don't punish me. I'll be good. I swear." The wetness between her legs multiplied with every pleading word. What's he going to do with me? Naya wondered. The anticipation was sending her sex drive into overload. She looked down at his thick, rigid cock enmeshed in the protective sheath, the tiny ridges covering every inch of his shaft.

If he puts that thing inside me, I'm going to feel it, Naya realized. Those bumps and ridges would rub against her pussy in a thousand tormenting ways. The billionaire's smoky-grey eyes regarded her steadily as he slowly turned up the dial. Naya went rigid, moaning as the heat surged through her breasts. Her nipples tingled like they were about to burst into flame - but the fire never grew to a full inferno. She wailed a little as he turned up the voltage even more, and her breasts were bombarded by stimuli until she couldn't feel her nipples.

There was a zing of pain now shooting through her nipples, but not the kind of pain that created a shutdown of sensation. Just the opposite. The tingling in her breasts made the rest of her body more aware. Her face, torso, legs, and even feet thrummed with heightened sensitivity. She looked back and realized that Damian's masculine hand was slipping between her thighs, pushing her legs apart. "Look at you, you sexy little cunt. I'm going to shock those tits as I fuck you. This is your punishment.

Understand?" Naya bit her lip, moaning as he gently nipped at the nape of her neck. His free hand grazed against her clit, spurring fresh need through her loins. "If you don't behave, maybe I'll attach one of my clips to this disobedient little pussy," he said menacingly even as his lips sucked sensuously on her ear lobe.

He abruptly grasped her by the neck, turning her face sideways to meet his gaze. Naya was still feeling the thrum of arousal coiling through her feminine sex, but she was also realizing a twitch of fear. Now, as she looked into his eyes, no longer flinty and cold, she realized that despite the realism of what they were doing, this was sheer fantasy - and he was looking at her carefully one more time to make sure she hadn't been overwhelmed. A spark of gratitude flared in her breast, and Naya kissed him hard, her tongue surprising his.

"Did I say you could kiss me, little cunt? NO!" Damian growled. Now he thrust her face forward, giving her a playful slap on each butt cheek.

He lined up his sheathed manhood and gripped her around the waist, forcing her cute buttocks backward and upward, exposing her pussy for maximum penetration. Then, inch by agonizing inch, he slid his sheathed cock between her cunt lips, rubbing back and forth along the inside of her soft channel until groans escaped from her throat, and the dial he turned on the electroshock box sent tantalizing bursts of energy through her too-sensitive nipples.

"UHHH…UHHH…oh god…it hurts, Master," Naya moaned, but it was a moan which lacked the tone of pain. Instead it had the coloring of pleasure, of pain bequeathing life. Naya's lithe body squirmed and her hands pressed against the shower wall tiles as the alligator clips continued to shoot electric stimuli into her supple cones.

"UHHH…please Master. Please no more!" Naya begged, but it was a curious type of plea lacking real desire. She wanted this incredible feeling igniting her core, sending her body into a level of awareness she'd never quite experienced. She was following the fantasy, letting the journey guide her. The naked girl let out a wordless coo of pleasure as Damian gripped her waist with one hand, the box in his other fist, and slammed his phallus deeply into her velvety softness.

She let out a wordless groan of pain-induced ecstasy as his cock pounded her tight wetness, filling her again and again and again. The ribbing along the cock-sheath was setting her cunt on fire, and the girl was a dripping mess, her loins screaming for release. The young woman felt that throbbing cock slam into the wet folds of her sex. All thought of where she was became meaningless, and she let the build-up of need consume her. The room was now filled with the gentle slap of Damian's testicles against her thighs and the continued moans ripped from her throat by the electroshock stimuli.

"Your cunt grips my cock well, slave. Do you feel the electroshock surging through those sexy tits? Hmm? Tell me what you feel, slave. I want every detail.

Every one." Damian Cruceaux said those words, his tone commanding as he fucked her brutally from behind. The young brunette tried to form coherent thoughts. "Do not be mindless, slave.

I don't want a mindless mate. I want a real woman - one who knows her fantasies, her deepest secrets and desires, no matter how dark," Damian growled. "Tell me exactly what you are feeling and why, little cunt, or it all stops NOW." To Naya the loss of that incredible sensation in her breasts, of that cock filling her cunt, somehow it would've been catastrophic. She thrust her buttocks backward, impaling her damp heat on the sheathed manhood of her Master.

"No…please Master. I'll tell you. I'll tell you everything. I saw…I saw Claire getting fucked from behind, when you were asleep on the plane. No one noticed me watching, but it turned me on, Master. It made me start to imagine things, to envision certain&hellip.scenarios…" "Fantasies?" Damian prodded.

Naya nodded, her core infused with heat. She leaned forward, making sure her pussy was at a perfect height for him to fuck. "Yes, Master. I…I love the texture of the condom on your cock. Every time you go through me, it makes me feel so good. Your strokes make me feel loved, Master. Each time you fuck me is like the perfect kiss." "And your breasts, slave? How do they feel? Do you want the pain to go away?" "No, Master! Please, no. I…uhhhh.

It's making me wet. I can't control it, and I don't know when you're going to up the sho-CK!" She squealed as he upped the voltage for just a moment, sending her writhing as her nipples flared to life. The tingling sensations lingered, making her breasts ache. She sighed, biting her lip as he continued to fuck her, punish her, his cock filling her tight cunt as the electroshocks sent wave after wave of stimuli through her breasts and into her very core.

She couldn't take it anymore. Ooohhhh…this man, what is he? Was Damian a monster? But how did awakening this dark fantasy within her become his fault?

Hadn't this being lying in her soul, a latent thing all this time? Naya finally squealed as the latest electroshock zapped her nipples, and the phallus battering through her pussy sent her over the edge. The slender brunette clenched her pussy around Damian's cock, flooding it with her sticky nectar and scent.

It took what seemed eternity before her agonized, happily sated body could at last lean against the shower pipe. Slowly, Naya felt tender hands taking the alligator clips off of her sore nipples.

Carefully, Damian Cruceaux re-inserted his cock, now sans sheath, and lovingly plunged into her heat with an even tempo. He groaned after a few moments, his warm seed mingling inside her dripping sex, and after he pulled his manhood free, he undid her cuffs.

The young woman sank to the floor, her legs spread wide. Seed glistened between her legs as she looked up at him. He leaned down, kneeling between her legs, cleansing his own taint from her sex with his tongue. After he had cleaned her, he gave her a sensual kiss, his hands cupping her beautiful face. "Well, slave? Do you have anything to say for yourself?" Naya gave Damian a tired grin.

"Master, this slave considers herself punished VERY effectively." She grinned as he kissed her, another soft and sensual joining of lips.

When he'd finally finished enjoying the taste of her, Damian withdrew and offered her his hand. "Would you like a tour of the rest of the mansion and the surroundings?" he asked, smoky-grey eyes filled with good humor. Naya nodded, gratefully accepted the help up until she stood on wobbling legs. "That sounds entertaining, Master. It's not every day that a billionaire becomes my personal tour guide," she said with a wink. Damian's cock twitched toward regeneration, and Naya let out a shocked little gasp.

"Down, boy! Does he ever quit?" she said, her hand curling around the base of his phallus. Damian became very still, but he finally let a smile cross his face. "Not willingly," Damian said with a chuckle. He took Naya's hand, and the two walked side by side out into the sunlight.

CHAPTER 9 The grand tour took two hours, and by the end of it Naya's calves were burning. It had been a good workout, though, and she had seen enough opulence to fill several HGTV episodes.

Who knew that Damian Cruceaux owned an entire island? Not that you should be surprised, girl. How many billionaires DON'T own one, she reminded herself. Now, as she sat naked at a table by the pool, playing chess with Damian, a soft breeze ruffled her long, silky hair. Damian frowned at the chess board, not liking his options. "Are you always this ruthless with your opponents?" Damian said, moving his bishop. Naya smiled, swooping in with her knight.

The bishop vanished, and Naya's black knight now threatened to pounce on white's queen. "Never go easy on your enemy. My dad taught me that," she replied with a smile. Damian's response surprised her. He gently cupped her chin, leaning over the chess board to give her a sweet, simple kiss. His potent taste lingered on her tongue. She didn't want it to go away. "You're clever, slave. I'll have to keep my eye on you." Naya gave him a seductive look, waited for him to make his next move, and then proceeded to eviscerate him with a fork maneuver that cost him his queen before putting him in checkmate.

The hawk-faced billionaire put up his hands with a sigh. "I haven't lost a game in…I can't remember how long, damn it." The frustration wasn't genuine, and the glimmer in his eyes told her that he was impressed by her mastery of tactics. Naya felt that ache in her heart return. Did she love this man? She had to ask herself that question more forcefully now. He caught the distant look on her face right away and wouldn't let her escape. "What are you thinking, slave?" She glanced sideways at the setting sun above the treetops.

"I was thinking that I trust you, Master. That I would trust you with almost anything." "Body and soul?" Damian asked. Naya sensed a sudden tension in the air, but she nodded readily enough. "I…I think you've already taken both, Master. I've never felt the way you made me feel today.

Or last night." Damian looked at her thoughtfully, and then placed his hands gently around her wrists. "Tell me one more fantasy, Naya. One more, to seal this bond between us. I love you, Naya. You are my only mate, my slave who I would cherish above all else." Naya shifted, feeling a little uncomfortable by Damian's words.

Yet they were not as discomfiting as they once might have been. She sensed a subtle change within herself. The longer she stayed away from the world, the more it seemed she could just respond without second-guessing herself. Without the crushing guilt that usually lurked behind her thoughts.

"I…I can't…" Naya said, and forcing even those couple words out took courage. It's wrong, Naya. WRONG. Yet…yet it was there. A fantasy from her teenage years when she'd first stumbled onto the taboos of sex. She'd never really been attracted to girls, to women. Not from a purely physical standpoint. But she did find the feminine body beautiful. Naya had imagined situations of control - intense fantasies where a woman controlled HER, dominated her, in much the same ways as a man.

There was always a man there, too though. Her true love. The dark Prince Charming. Her deepest fantasy had always involved both elements, and she'd never told a soul. She'd barely admitted it to herself. Damian Cruceaux patiently rested both hands on Naya's slim shoulders, and then gently caressed the girl's arms as he looked her in the eyes, refusing to let her glance away. "What is it, Naya?

Whatever it is, it is not something shameful for you to keep secret. Tell me, my lovely slave. Tell me and I can make it real." She wanted to believe him, but Naya just couldn't.

She pulled frantically out of his grasp and ran through the patio, into the hallway lined with marble, her bare feet pattering all the way to the bedroom where she'd first woken up. The young woman threw herself on the mattress, sobbing. I'm so stupid. This was a bad idea, Naya. He'll never love you once you tell him the truth. But in no time at all his silhouette blocked the open doorway.

Damian knelt beside her on the bed, his calloused hands stroking her hair. And it felt good. So good. His aura settled over her like a blanket, and she finally swiped away at the tears on her cheeks. "Don't cry, Naya. There is nothing you have to fear - at least not from me. This place is our sanctuary, remember? I won't let anyone hurt you." Those words finally gave her the strength.

She slowly revealed to him the most appalling secret, the most shocking revelation she'd ever given anyone. But Damian didn't crack a smile. He didn't falter for a second from the concerned, steady expression that told her how he cared.

He promised to clothe her fantasy in flesh and make it real. CHAPTER 10 Naya lay surrounded by darkness pierced only by the moonlight filtering between the bars of the cell which imprisoned her. She was naked, a leather collar around her throat etched with silver markings. Two thongs of rope bound her wrists to the head of the cold, stainless steel body tray on which she's been spread-eagled. Her legs were free, but a dangerous-looking, seductive woman loomed above her, ordering her to stay completely still.

"That's right, bitch. Don't move. We've captured you. My husband and I, we like to catch little sluts like you who wander too far from home. Your OURS, slave. We own your little cunt. I'm going to initiate you like all the others, too." The dominatrix standing beside her was one of Damian's employees and good friends.

Sabrina Thompson was a sexy redhead with delicious curves, full breasts, and a deceptively angelic, young face. She had originally applied to be a flight attendant on Damian's private jet, but the billionaire had discovered that she had more important talents. Her ability to massage away pain, to heal people's spirits, had made Damian eventually decide to hire her as a sex therapist for Cruceaux Industries.

Although Sabrina's preference for women had meant that any romantic relationship was out of the question, Damian still kept in touch with her…and knew to call on her when an employee came to him with a fantasy involving female-on-female stimulation.

There was no one he trusted more in this. He'd told Naya that, and to Naya's shock she'd actually believed him. The gorgeous young brunette moaned as Sabrina fastened a rubber cock in her mouth, its point facing upward. The long, pink shaft had wickedly abrasive rows of bumps to enhance feminine pleasure, but Naya would not be on the receiving end of it.

She would be giving this pleasure to another female, and the thought sent her pussy into a dripping-wet state of arousal. Ohhh god…I can't believe they're doing this, Naya thought. Sabrina had creamy breasts, pale like the moon. Naya stared at those breasts, admiring their beauty as Sabrina turned towards Damian and commanded him.

"Come here, husband. Lick this slut's pussy. Look how wet she is! Give the little bitch a thorough cunt-sucking to keep her distracted. I'm going to mount the slut's face and fuck her until she begs for mercy." The brunette's loins were now blazing with need. Naya groaned with the rubber cock fastened inside her mouth.

She watched, tantalized as Sabrina straddled her on the steel body tray, lowering her pussy slowly until her sex engulfed the entirety of the long, thick shaft. Sabrina began a steady rhythm, fucking up and down the dildo protruding from Naya's face. The young woman moaned, her dusky-skinned nakedness writhing beneath the pale dominatrix as Damian knelt between her legs, his tongue flicking in earnest at Naya's young clitoris.

"UHHH…MMMPPPHH!" Naya groaned, her hips twitching as Damian lapped at her pussy. Meanwhile Sabrina plunged her heat down on the long rubberized phallus, fucking it again and again and AGAIN. It wasn't that Naya wanted that pussy in her face. The idea of licking it gave her no pleasure in itself. But the idea of being so thoroughly dominated like this, with Sabrina's cunt crashing down on that long, sexy artificial cock - that made Naya's nipples harden.

It made her groan and her pussy gather with a wetness that couldn't be ignored. Damian kept licking, sucking, and grazing her hooded nerve bundle until Naya could only moan and thrash underneath the dominatrix.

Sabrina reached backward, pinching the brunette's young nipples. "UHHH!" Naya shouted. "Did I say you could talk, cunt? Lie there and let me use your face as a fuck-toy. Can you see my juices glistening on the cock in your mouth? Can you, bitch?" Naya's moans intensified as Damian's tongue-battering assaulted her pussy with feverish desperation.

He slurped, licked, and sucked on Naya's little clit until it was hard and engorged. Naya's crotch began bucking upward into Damian's face.

She was so close. She could feel the climax beckoning in her core. Her loins rushed towards the finish line. "Not so fast, little cunt. Husband, give this horny bitch a taste of your cock. Stuff her pussy FULL," Sabrina growled as she rode Naya's face. Naya groaned with disappointment as Damian's tongue withdrew, but the anticipation of what was to come next was like liquid flame coursing through her veins, cunt and clit. This is torture, she thought. Wonderful torture.

Her body hummed with desire, unbearable arousal. She wanted to get fucked, and fucked hard. She'd never wanted to be fucked to death as badly as she wanted to this moment. Naya felt Damian grab her ankles, pulling her sexy buttocks roughly downward so that she was completely stretched out on the stainless steel body tray.

The cold steel had felt cold against her skin at first, but with the constant friction and the body heat of the male and female partners controlling her, Naya might as well have been in a magma chamber. Her lithesome nakedness was sheened with sweat, and she moaned as Sabrina pumped her pussy down the cock fastened inside Naya's young mouth. Naya's moans deepened now as Damian, standing at the base of the body tray, pulled both of her legs up to expose her moist love channel.

He inserted his manhood and thrust brutally to the hilt, filling her soft sex. The college student imagined Damian leaning into her, his cock plowing deeply into her pussy with his gaze fastened on the joining of their bodies. Naya imagined what it might look like to Damian, her breasts bouncing with the force of Sabrina's plunges down the artificial cock fastened to Naya's face.

The brunette envisioned all of it, letting the fantasy reach fruition in her mind. She imagined herself - this helpless female captive taken by a brutal wife and husband… She would never be allowed to be free. She would be a font of pleasure, giving and receiving over and over again. Fucked and being fucked. This ideal of pleasure bubbled through Naya's overstimulated brain, and she tried to keep a lid on the climax blossoming in her loins. "Don't come yet, little cunt.

Tell us what you want first!" Sabrina hissed. "What do you need?" Naya felt Damian's cock embedded between the seal of her pussy lips and she moaned. "I…I love being dominated like this, Mistress. I love your cock inside me at the same time Master." "Why, slave? Tell us why or we STOP here, and the pleasure ends," Damian said.

At last the 21-year-old sighed, her nipples hard as thumb tacks, her pussy slick with its own juices. "Because…to have two people making me the center of all attention, of their desires. You and Sabrina…that control over me, to me THAT is love, Master.

I feel love when your cock surges between my legs. I feel love when Sabrina's cunt engulfs the cock in my mouth, making me feel like I'm in the middle of a storm of…of energy, giving pleasure as much as I receive it. It's like I feel both of your essences or…I don't know what to call it. Please, Master. Please, Mistress, don't stop," Naya begged. The pale dominatrix gave Damian a questioning look, making sure that he was still game to continue.

When Damian nodded, Sabrina plunged her sex down on the dildo-shaft once again, growling with pleasure. She pumped her sex in rapid succession, her juices coating the rubberized cock. At last, with her nipples beaded with arousal, Sabrina gushed on the artificial cock, splashing it with her juices even more. Naya went over the edge when she sensed Sabrina's orgasm.

Her pussy clenched and shuddered around Damian's cock, milking him towards release. She cried out as Sabrina unfastened the rubber cock from the girl's mouth. Sabrina took a step back, watching as Damian yanked Naya's cute buttocks to the edge of the body tray, spreading her hips wide as he penetrated her with animalistic zeal.

His phallus pounded her, hard and fast, and Naya looked down at the shaft stabbing into the folds of her sex, arousal jumping through her loins.

Her nipples were hard as tiny diamonds, pink buds which she was not ashamed of in the least. She felt liberated. No longer ashamed. No more room for guilt. Naya moaned as Damian's grunts reached an apex, his cock slamming between her legs until he tensed, their bodies joined as his cock twitched and exploded within her heat.

Naya's head bashed against the table, loud but not painfully, as she felt the liquid warmth of him swim through her core. Slowly, shivering in the aftermath of her orgasm, Naya blinked back to a semblance of normalcy. The naked young woman heard only her rapid breathing, and looked down to see Damian straddling her, his mouth gently suckling on her breasts.

"Mmm. I love how these young tits taste, slave. Mmm. Let me clean you now." Damian shimmied downward, his tongue laving at her slickened love channel. She was shocked, gasping as he cleaned out his own stickiness and didn't seem to mind doing it in the least.

Is this what love is? Naya wondered. Damian had shown the willingness to fulfill her fantasy, no matter how dark and twisted. He'd done it, and now he was treating her with tender passion. Asking nothing in return. His tongue gently stroked her core, bringing her one last twinge of pleasure before he withdrew.

He unhooked the thongs binding her wrists. She sat up and hugged him, and then he cupped her face, refusing to let her go. "Well, Naya? Will you be mine? I love you, and I will cherish you. As my mate, my slave. I will fulfill whatever fantasies you desire and protect you. My heart is yours to be crushed or to be made whole by you alone.

One question now. Do you accept?" Naya's pretty face relaxed and she took a long moment to think. But there was nothing to decide. She didn't want to go back to a world grey and colorless. A world without the vivid feelings she'd just experienced.

She nodded and pressed her lips to his. Her hands gripped his broad shoulders as he crushed her breasts against his chest, his arms encircling her and holding her tight. What am I going to tell them? Naya wondered. She had a family and friends who wouldn't understand.

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Not now or ever. She thought of Rebecca, the best friend she had in the world. But she couldn't do for Naya what Damian had. She had never known Naya on a level this intimate, and couldn't really. Maybe this is best for everyone, Naya thought. No! Stop it! That's not why you're doing this. That's how you've always made the wrong choices in the past. Always thinking about what others want and never yourself.

Denying who you are, Naya. Pretending the real you doesn't exist. Naya was done with that. She promised herself that. Damian swept her off of the body tray, carrying her in his arms. "We have another full day ahead of us, and then the weekend is over. Do you remember our agreement?" Naya gave him a shy smile. "Yes, Master. I will leave the world behind to be with you." "No, Naya. You leave the world behind to be yourself," Damian said, and Naya opened her mouth as their lips joined once more, sealing a bond between Master and slave never to be broken.

CHAPTER 11 This is a mistake. Oh god. This is a bad idea. I can't believe I'm doing this. That was all Naya could think as she felt Damian pull up in his Dodge Viper, throwing it into park in front of her former dormitory.

It had been several months since her weekend rendezvous with Damian. She'd called her roommate Rebecca early on a fateful Monday morning those few months ago, and told her she wouldn't be coming back.

Since then Rebecca had called, texted, and emailed her frantically. But what could Naya say?


She didn't know what to tell her friend. The one feeling of guilt she still wrestled with was leaving her friend behind. Severing that one relationship that had meant the world to her, even if it wasn't always transparent. No, that wasn't quite true. She also had stopped speaking to her parents. They didn't even know where she was living right now, only that apparently she had become 'some rich billionaire's playboy bunny,' as Dad had put it in the voicemail message. The hurt and scorn in his voice had cut Naya deeply, but she understood.

It would take her parents time to come to grips with the real Naya. The Naya who didn't want to be an engineer, who didn't want to be a career-obsessed feminist foot soldier like Mom always dreamed about. Clouds obscured the moon in the night sky. Even with the campus lighting, the world seemed lonely and eerie.

"Are you ready to do this?" Damian gently squeezed her hand, and she squeezed right back. "I don't know. There are butterflies in my stomach.

Several platefuls I think." She had finally poured out her guilt to Damian a month ago, and he had come up with one of the most outrageous proposals Naya could've imagined. 'What if we asked her to join us?' he'd said. 'Will you let me explore this option, just to see if there's a chance she might say yes?' Those words had floored Naya. Her practical, respectable, churchgoing friend would never, NEVER agree to live on an island with them in a surreal, sexually open world where fantasies came true.

It just didn't sound possible. And yet…Naya had done as Damian had asked. Naya had given Damian the name of Jake Caulfield, Rebecca's longtime boyfriend. When she asked why he needed it, Damian had mysteriously said, 'Don't worry…let me do the planning, love.' Now they were here and Damian planned to make Rebecca an offer she couldn't refuse.

They entered through the emergency entrance at the back of the building. Someone had illegally propped open the door. They rushed up three flights of stairs, Damian leading the way wearing a dark vest and jeans, looking like a bouncer in a nightclub. Naya wore a short lavender skirt and tank top, a ruby necklace around her neck - the one she'd been wearing when Damian first saw her.

He said he loved what the necklace reminded him of - finding the true love who finally understood him. Will I ever really understand the enigma that is Damian Cruceaux? Naya couldn't say for sure, but she did know one thing. He was bold, unpredictable, adventurous. And she loved him. They finally came to the floor with Rebecca's dorm. She didn't have a roommate.

After Naya had dropped off the face of the earth, she'd never gotten a new one. Jake was standing there in the hallway waiting for them. Naya gasped. "Jake Caulfield?" Damian asked, offering his hand.

The athletic, wiry football player had a mop of blond hair on his handsome face. His blue eyes were deadly serious at the moment, but normally they crinkled with boyish charm. "That's me. Hey Naya. It's so good to see you again. You're looking good," Jake said as he gave her a big hug. Damian interrupted their mini-reunion. "Are you sure you want to do this? You still have a chance to back out, Jake.

If we're going to do this, though, I think we need you with us." Jake grinned at Naya. "Naya, your boyfriend is one crazy son of a bitch, I'll give him that." Naya still didn't know the play. What were they going to do?

"Yes, I'm in. All the way." Damian nodded. "OK, then. Let's do this." Damian and Naya stepped back and let Jake lure in the prey. He slipped into the apartment. Damian and Naya hid in the corner, listening to the quick interchange of conversation as a groggy Rebecca got awoken in the middle of the night. "Jake? What's going on?" She sounded annoyed. Irritated. Naya smiled, knowing the look which must have been on her best friend's face.

"No time to explain, baby. We have to go - emergency. Naya needs our help. Look, I'll try to explain on the way. My car's sitting outside. We have to go." A sleepy Rebecca let Jake hustle her out the door in not much more than her night shirt and pants. Naya and Damian waited until they'd left and then quietly followed.

Once they were on the highway, pavement whirring underneath the Dodge Viper's tires, Naya turned to Damian. "You want to tell me your plan yet? Or do I just get to be part of the surprise?" Naya gave her Master a pointed look, but Damian wasn't ruffled so easily.

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"SSSHHH. Relax, slave. I have to do this in a way that will give us the best shot, and that means you stay in the dark. You'll understand later." Naya crossed her arms, her facial expression threatening storm clouds. Sometimes Damian could be maddeningly mysterious, and this was one of those times.

She couldn't stay mad for long, however. Naya tried to imagine what Rebecca might say when she learned the truth, lost in thought with the night going by in a blur and headlights from other cars streaking like angels past her window. Finally they reached their destination, a mansion with tall alabaster columns fronting the property.

The estate was on a hill, surrounded by wrought iron fencing and gated. Damian knew the CEO who owned this place. The man was Daniel Abrams. He and his wife and three children were currently in residence. Daniel was a friend of Damian's, but what Daniel didn't know was that Damian had all his passcodes and security codes. Damian was about to take a huge gamble, but then again, billionaires could afford to be risky. Damian grinned and Naya gave him an odd look.

"Something amusing?" "Yes…you'll find out soon enough," he said, giving her a wink. They parked the Viper, entered through the front door, and Damian re-engaged the security system behind them. He led Naya through a maze of different hallways and rooms until they came out onto an open patio with a large, spacious hot tub.

Jake stood next to Rebecca, who was arguing with him now. "Jake, if this is a joke it isn't funny. Why did you take us here? What's going on?" The curly-haired brunette looked feisty, pointing her finger angrily at her boyfriend even as she stood in her sleep clothes.

Somehow she managed to look sexy though, the points of her nipples poking through her sleep shirt. Damian cleared his throat and Naya stepped out in front of him. "Becky!" Naya rushed to her friend, giving her a best-friends-forever hug before Rebecca knew what was happening. The curly-haired girl almost broke into tears for a second, squeezing Naya right back. "Oh, Naya! I've missed you so much.

What's going on? Jake said you needed help." She looked over Naya's shoulder and saw Damian. "Is this…?" "Damian Cruceaux, at your service." Damian extended his hand with a winning smile on his face. Rebecca took it…reluctantly…like it might turn into a viper at any moment and bite. "Pleased to meet you I guess." But her expression said the opposite. Damian was the man who had taken her best friend away from her.

Rebecca didn't know that she agreed with the liberated lifestyle Damian seemed to advocate. Rebecca had been thinking inwardly for the past several months, 'How irresponsible is this guy? What's he done with Naya?' Now the cute young woman looked him up and down suspiciously.

"OK, is someone going to tell me what this all is about? Jake? Naya?" Rebecca turned to the others in the room, and finally Naya had to spread her arms wide and say, "Look, Rebecca, please don't hate me. But I want to tell you the truth.

Why I left Triton University. Why I dropped out. I found a new life, a better life, and I want you to have it too. That's why we're all here. To make you an offer." Rebecca gaped, first at her boyfriend, then at her best friend. Jake nodded.

"Yeah, baby. I agree with her. I see what you're becoming. I know you think you want this degree so badly, but you're neglecting other parts of your life. Our relationship. I think this is the best thing for both of us." The curly-haired young woman threw up her hands angrily. "And what exactly is this THING you're talking about? WHAT will be best for both of us?" Rebecca almost shouted.

"For you to be what you truly are, Rebecca," Damian said simply. "A slave." Rebecca stared open-mouthed as Damian told her what that meant, the very concept of it. The philosophy behind it. Damian made a passionate argument that in striving for one thing above all else, she'd sacrificed herself as a sexual being, as a person.

Damian then dropped the real bombshell, and it left Naya just as stunned. "I gave Naya $2 million dollars so that she could find the courage to leave her old life and be with me.

Now I'm offering you a similar chance. Leave now, with your boyfriend Jake. Come live on the island with us. I own a small private island in the Gulf. Live with us there, learn to be attuned to the sexual fantasies that are the core of who you really are. Discover a different kind of life with different priorities. That and $2 million is what I'm offering you." Rebecca stood there, just dumbfounded, as Jake interjected. "This is a good thing for us, Becky. The best of things. With the money you can go back to school any time and finish your degree.

But right now, we need this. We need to change our surroundings, take stock of where we're at in our lives. I've felt us growing apart lately, the more we each get wrapped up in our own little worlds, internships, classes, job applications across the country. THIS, though, would give us a chance to discover who we are first, to develop our relationship before going out into the world.

Damian is offering us a chance at sanctuary if we're willing to be at peace with some of our deepest, maybe even darkest fantasies. Baby, I haven't told you this…but I have some of these fantasies…and I know you do too." The curly-haired young woman looked at her boyfriend almost outraged, but something held her anger in check.

Jake and Damian's words seemed to slowly infiltrate her mind. She let out an exhausted sigh. "Look…I can't believe this is even happening. Jake, take me home. I'll sleep on it and think over this…this absolutely freaking insane offer. It's crazy, but I'm willing to consider it, Jake, if this is what you want.

Naya, do you really think this is right for me?" Naya gave her best friend a nod and took both of her hands in hers. "Yes, Becky. Damian loves me, and I know Jake loves you. This isn't something insane or humiliating. It's what the secret side of you probably craves, whether you want to admit it or not. Come with us. Go with me on this crazy adventure, and I promise you won't be disappointed." Becky shook her head.

"I…I just don't know. I can't believe you guys actually did this to me. I don't even know where we are. Whose house is this? Look, I'm leaving and I promise to think over everything. It's…I'd be lying if I didn't say it was tempting. Jake, just take me home." "Sorry, baby. Can't do that." Damian joined in. "I'm afraid you have to decide tonight, Rebecca. If you want to come with us, you have to decide right now by starting to live out those fantasies you've always refused to acknowledge.

Now Jake told me that one of your fantasies was having sex in another person's house with you being controlled. The thrill of possibly being discovered. I've recreated that fantasy for you right here, right now." "What are you talking about?" Rebecca's face grew ashen. "The people who own this mansion are asleep in their bedrooms upstairs. They might wake at any moment.

They might come down for a midnight snack. Who knows? I've re-armed the house security, which means that you have two options: either leave, set off the alarm, and explain to the homeowners and police what just happened to you…getting your best friend and boyfriend in trouble…OR…make love to Jake right here, right now.

Fulfill your fantasy. Obey Jake's commands. Do what you've secretly craved to do." Damian stepped back, his steely-eyed gaze carefully gauging Rebecca's reaction. The sexy college student looked at her boyfriend, chewing on her bottom lip. "I…this is CRAZY." Naya came over, gently interlocking her hand with Rebecca's, squeezing it comfortingly. "It seems so at first, sweetie…but if you just go with it, you'll be amazed. It's liberating. It's freedom. We love you, Becky.

Why are you afraid? What's so scary about your best friend being here with you, helping you create a fantasy so that you can make love to your boyfriend? Everyone here cares about you. When I told Damian how much I missed you, he set this whole thing up so that maybe I could get you back." There was a sudden thump, as of footsteps. Perhaps someone upstairs using the bathroom. The floor creaked overhead. Damian grinned. "The clock's ticking, Rebecca. You may not have much time either.

It sounds like one of the people upstairs is stirring. Make your choice." Naya watched, arousal seething in her blood. This was so hot, seeing Becky's face flush with the embarrassment of her desire. Naya watched as Jake walked up to her best friend, slipping the shirt over Beckys head. Bra-less, Becky's nipples glistened in the moonlight as the clouds receded. Her breasts were shining, perfect cones which Jake now gently licked and sucked.

Becky moaned quietly, whimpering a little when Jake slipped a hand under the waistband of her pants, stroking her young clit. Becky shuddered, her breathing a little labored as Jake continued to suck on her nipples and stroke her soft sex. "Oh god, you're so hot baby. I love feeling your sticky juices on my fingers. You're already getting wet for me," Jake said with a sigh.

His head came up for a kiss, and his lips swallowed up her lilting moan.

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"Say something, baby. Tell me how much you want me," Jake whispered, his free hand gripping Becky's ass, then migrating upward to massage her naked back. "Uh…uuh…but there are people here, Jake. I…I can't." "You can!" Jake growled. "Shut up and take your pants off!" he said, command now cresting in the tone of his voice.

The curly-haired cutie took off her pants and socks, standing naked in her birthday suit. Little trickling streaks of pussy juice glistened on the insides of her thighs where Jake's fingers had trailed after withdrawing from her sex. Now she looked like a sexy goddess, standing fully naked, her creamy breasts and open sex inviting naughty fantasies of control and desire. Jake stripped out of his shirt, jeans, socks and shoes, standing limber and naked until he sat on the edge of the hot tub. The water bubbled and churned enticingly as he sank his legs in with a sigh.

"Come here, baby. Get your fine ass in there and suck my cock," Jake said. When Rebecca hesitated, uncertainly staring at his elongated cock, Jake hissed, "What if someone comes down here? Do you want the owner catching us here, having sex in his house?

Every second that ticks by we might be discovered, baby. Come here! Get your mouth on me, and be quick about it." Naya could clearly see now how this was a fantasy of Rebecca's. Each time Jake mentioned the prospect of someone discovering them, her eyes seemed to shine and Becky's nipples had hardened like thumb tacks.

The curly brunette finally stepped into the soothing, swirling waters of the hot tub and leaned between Jake's legs. Naya and Damian watched as Rebecca took Jake's shaft in her graceful fingers, gently pumping up and down his phallus until a drop of pre-cum gleamed at the tip. Then she slowly licked up the side of his vein-engorged manhood, tantalizing him with a light touch until her tongue swirled around the tip of his cock. Jake groaned, his body going rigid with desire. It was as if every nerve ending in his body had zapped itself to the tip of his cock, hungrily gathering up the sensations.

Jake groaned more loudly now as Becky gently covered his cock-head in her mouth, slowly pumping her face down and then up, down and then up. The young man's head went back, eyes closing in a delirious rapture as Becky slurped up and down his eager prick. Damian turned to Naya, and the look of arousal in Naya's face was unmistakable. Naya's eyes were glued to the unbelievable scene. 'I can't believe she's doing this in front of us,' Naya thought, watching as Becky sucked greedily on Jake's cock, her hands pressing firmly against his hips.

The young man tried to stifle his groans, grunting as he thrust his pelvis upward to impale Becky's young mouth. The curly brunette gurgled as she took his shaft deeply now, her nose almost down to his pubic muff. She held him there, lovingly encased in her mouth for several long seconds. Finally, with a wet POP she drew off of his now glistening cock, her lips dripping with strands of cum.

Licking her chops, Becky proceeded to pump the cock with her hand. "Look at me, baby. Uhhhh god, I want you so bad. Look at how much this cocks wants you," Jake growled. Becky pushed forward, rubbing her chest against his slimy manhood until her breasts glistened with the mingled fluids of Jake's pre-cum and her own saliva.

"I want you too, Jake." "Call me Master," Jake growled. Becky looked startled for a moment, but then she let the words form in her mouth. "Yes…Master." Now the lithe, curly-haired brunette leaned over again, slurping up his cock between her cute lips, pumping up and down, up and down, until release seemed imminent.

Jake clenched two hands in her hair, moving his hands up and down to help fuck her face with more potent plunges. At last Becky came up off of that cock one more time, her chin dangling with long streams of cum which looked almost like melting icicles in the moonlight. "Mmm. Master has lots of cum," Becky said with a grin. She gasped as Jake reached down, lifting her and helping her straddle him. His cock, thick and ready, saluted Becky's pale nakedness.

"What are you waiting for, my cute little slut? The owner of this house might come any moment. Hurry up and fuck me!" Becky gave Jake a smoldering look as she positioned her pussy above his bulbous cock-head and slowly lowered herself onto Jake's straining phallus. Becky moaned as she struggled to establish the rhythm, her cunt engulfing his shaft until Naya could only see his balls.

Naya watched with gathering need in her loins, her pussy wet now, as her best friend began to ride Jake's cock. "Uhh…you bastard. Fuck me. Fuck my pussy," Becky hissed.

Jake obliged, ramming his crotch upward to meet her downward fucks, joining their bodies until more pre-cum leaked between the seal of her cunt lips. It wouldn't be long now. Jake was ready to explode. Naya couldn't watch this anymore. Her pussy was an inferno of need. Dripping-wet with its own juices. She turned to Damian, who had just stripped out of his clothes and drawn out a few of his favorite 'accessories' from his satchel.

He approached her now, his wicked grin making her legs go weak as he reached underneath her skirt, fondling her horny clit. Naya wasn't wearing panties. "Well, slave? Feeling a bit left out, are we?" he said huskily. Naya nodded, moaning as Damian plunged two fingers into her soft sex, finger-fucking her firm and fast. Meanwhile Becky bounced up and down, her sexy ass grinding on Jake's cock as the young man moaned with conviction.

"Yes, baby. Impale that hot pussy on my dick. YES. Faster, you little slut. Harder," Jake growled, his hands reaching out to pinch Becky's pink nipples, wresting a groan from her beautiful lips. Naya meanwhile shivered as Damian systematically undressed her, leaving her stark naked, every beautiful womanly curve revealed.

Damian proceeded to put a leather collar around her neck and then cuffed her hands behind her back. Damian leaned her forward over the hot tub, both his hands gripping her shoulders firmly as he swiftly entered her warm slit from behind, plunging into the softness of her sex with an audible slap, his sac smacking against the backs of her thighs with each pulverizing fuck. The dark-haired girl moaned as Damian fucked her thoroughly, his cock ramming into her to the hilt, making her its velvety sheath.

Naya had to rely on Damian's hands to hold her shoulders and keep her from falling forward into the hot tub. It turned her on, being controlled like this. Knowing that Damian had complete power over her. All Naya could do was push her hips back to meet his thrusts, helping him fuck her more completely, penetrating ever deeper. "Yes, little cunt. Move those hips.

I'm going to fuck your brains out!" Damian growled. Naya moaned, the slapping sound of their bodies joining creating a staccato rhythm which added to the chorus of Becky pumping up and down Jake's thick cock.

Becky turned, watching Naya getting fucked so hard. The arousing sight must have sent the curly brunette over the edge. Becky bit her lip, letting out an ecstatic wail as her pussy gushed on Jake's manhood. Jake grunted, looking down where his cock vanished into Becky's tight depths.

He grabbed her by the neck, bringing her down for a ferocious kiss as his own orgasm poured through him, his seed surging into her warm insides. The door to the patio swung wide open and a middle-aged man with piercing blue eyes and gray hair burst into the room. He was wearing only a night robe, and his eyes widened in shock.

Naya turned, her cheeks blushing as Damian continued to fuck her hard, as if nothing were amiss. Damian turned with a wry grin. "Daniel, why hello. I'm afraid you're interrupting." The owner of the house looked at the scene in front of him.

A brunette with a leather collar around her neck, wrists cuffed behind her, Damian's cock plowing her from behind. A curly-haired brunette sitting on a young man's lap, cum seeping from her sex as Jake's flaccid cock slipped free, totally sated. Becky looked horrified, her jaw dropping as she realized Daniel was there.

She tried to get up off of Jake's lap, but the young man put his hands on her shoulders. "SSHHH. Don't panic. It's OK, baby. He knows we're allowed to be here.

Damian arranged the whole thing." Jake leaned over, gently grazing Becky's nipples with his teeth before suckling tightly on each one. Becky was like a deer in headlights, utterly frozen, until Jake's attentions seemed to break the spell. "I…oh god…this is so weird," Becky said with a sigh as arousal began to make a tentative comeback, re-moistening her cunt. The curly brunette reached down, gently caressing her lover's cock even as it started to show signs of vigor again.

"Oh god, what's wrong with me?" Becky sighed. But Naya could tell by the arousal in Becky's eyes that she longed to put Jake's cock right back inside her tight, wet cunt where it belonged. Naya's moans meanwhile reached a crescendo even as she looked over at Daniel.

Daniel threw up his hands in frustration. "I know we have a standing arrangement, Damian, but our agreement is that you at least WARN me beforehand. My kids are sleeping upstairs for the love of…ah hell." Daniel turned and left the patio. Damian gave Naya a wink full of mischief. "That man owes me more than he can ever repay," Damian whispered.

"Don't worry, slave. We aren't in any trouble." With that problem erased from Naya's sex-fueled brain, the brunette could now slam her pussy back to sheathe Damian's phallus again and again and again, moaning and enjoying every second of it.

"Yes, Master. Fuck my pussy. Fuck this slave's brains out until she squeals. Uh.uh.uh.UHH!" Becky looked over at Naya and their eyes met. 'Do you see what I truly am, Becky? Do you still love me for who I am? Do you see this as ugly? Or am I still the best friend you've always been able to trust?' Those were the thoughts Naya almost wanted to ask, if the sensations Damian's cock was assaulting her pussy with hadn't derailed any attempt to talk in coherent sentences.

The impossible had happened. Becky had accepted the invitation to play out her sexual fantasies and live on the island. Naya felt happiness surging in her breast, combined with the envelopment of arousal and sheer sexual joy. The slave threw her hips back, her cute buttocks slamming to meet Damian's plunging cock as the moment of eruption came. His hands tightened on Naya's shoulders, spurt after spurt of cum emptying into her womb.

Naya cried out Damian's name, thanking her Master for emptying his seed, her body sagging with satisfaction as she felt his heat consume her. EPILOGUE Some things change, and others never do. Naya reflected on the interesting dichotomy of the universe as she and Becky were almost done enjoying their 'day in the dungeon.' Her friend had learned to harness her sexual fantasies and use them as creative fuel to make life worth living.

Becky and Naya had been staying on the island together for over three months now, and the men in their lives - Jake and Damian - had slowly coaxed out their inner selves - the sexual beings inside each of them. Today, with the setting sun casting the world in its peachy glow, Naya found herself straddling a wooden horse, a giant pink dildo whirring away in her cunt.

Her ankles were tied to either side of the horse, and her wrists were bound behind her back. She moaned with a ball gag in her mouth as the dildo-setting went from low to medium, battering the walls of her sex with hundreds of tiny ribbed protrusions along the entire length of the shaft. Damian stood behind her, gently cupping her breasts and tweaking her nipples with his deceptively mild touch. "Well, slave? How does it feel, that huge, hard rubber cock thrust up your tight, wet snatch.

Hmm?" She loved when Damian talked dirty to her, but it wasn't anything compared to what Becky's true fantasies involved. Just across from Naya, Becky was a wild mare, her pale nakedness straddling Jake's cock. Poor Jake was tied up in a wide-backed chair, his ankles lashed to the floor. His cock had a cock-ring at the base, restricting the flow of blood, letting just enough blood rush to the tip of his cock to stay hard, but making it nearly impossible for him to come.

Becky had him like a tied-up ox and was now riding his cock with horny abandon, her sexy ass bouncing up and down. Jake moaned through the gag Becky had stuffed in his mouth. Becky growled at him. "Come on you worthless beast. Fuck me. You call this fucking?" she sang, her pussy slurping up and down his cock, her cunt lips forming a tight seal along his shaft.

"I want to feel your cock-head in my womb, damn it. Fuck me, you bastard, or I'll slice off your worthless dick." Becky's language was harsh, but it was all just part of the fantasy.

She loved Jake, and Jake loved her. It was why Jake was willing to play this role, giving her the fantasy she desired. Sometimes Becky liked to play the dominant one, and sometimes she let Jake take that role. Neither was right or wrong. They were two parts of a forbidden, shadowy coin that included sexual intimacies and oddities in countless forms. 'Who would've believed we'd end up here?' Naya marveled.

But here they were. As Damian turned the dildo-cock setting to high, Naya groaned through her gag, the stimuli assaulting her pussy even as he stroked her clitoris. His other hand cupped her sensitive breasts until she had no choice but to gush hard on that rubber cock, coating it with her juices and scent. Her prolonged moan finally ended, but the stimulation never let up. Naya's pussy, over-sensitive from the recent orgasm, now felt every vibrating sensation from the embedded cock with triple intensity as it impaled her slick sex.

All the while Becky's pussy tormented the cock of the man who loved her enough to be her slave. Jake groaned through his gag as Becky leaned over, giving him a sloppy kiss on the mouth.

"Mmm…yes, baby. Fuck me. I'm going to…COME." Becky's delirious cry sang with sexual release, her pussy coating Jake's cock with its sweet feminine nectar. Master and slave, man and woman. This was a world where boundaries could be thrown aside, and hidden fantasies explored.

As Naya watched Becky continue to ride Jake's straining cock, she knew that Damian Cruceaux had been the one who'd set them free. Naya had no regrets, only promises of a future where she could simply be herself. THE END I hope you enjoyed the story. Please send me a comment to let me know what you thought! This story resonates with things that happened to me living in a sexually repressed society. Remember, always follow your dreams, the darker and kinkier the better! ~Gaggedkitty