Extreme anal fisting and XXL insertions

Extreme anal fisting and XXL insertions
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This is a true story which happened to one of my friend.I am writing it in first person cause i like it that way.Please leave behind comments after reading this story. My name is Calvin.I am 18yrs old and a senior in highschool.I am 6ft tall,pitch black hairs and brown eyes.Being a member of the school football team,i have an athletic body.I am quite popular with girls at school and i have dated some of the hottest chicks.

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The 'Collins' have been our neighbour for the past five years or so.Their only daughter was Rachael.Rachael was a beautiful girl with dirty blonde hairs,blue eyes,36C boobs and long legs but she was a geek in the true sense of the word.Unlike most teenage girls at school Rachael didn't cared about her looks much.Her beautiful eyes were covered by spectacles and her hour glass figure was always hidden behind loose cloths.

As far as our relationship was concerned we were pretty close.Rachael was like a younger sister to me and i felt very protective towards her.At school i would take her side when some of the highschool sluts would tease her.I even punched an asshole who tried to grope her during lunch,she was sobbing so profusely after that incident.Rachael also had the same kind of feelings about me or atleast thats what i presumed.She treated me like an elder brother but we were more like friends than anything else.


Rachael's parents were very protective about her and they never left her alone.At times,when they planned on some late night dinner they would ask me to come to their house and babysit her.I didn't mind it since Rachael was such a joy to be around and neither did she ever complained.

On one such day,her father called me up to ask i would be willing to stay with her until midnight as they have to visit her grandmother at the hospital.Since,i had nothing better to do and was getting majorly bored i said 'yes'.I reached Rachael's place after having dinner around 8pm,just in time to see her parent's leave.Rachael was dressed in a basketball shorts and a loose fitting shirt,just her usual dressing.She welcomed me and we went to sit on the couch in her living room.I asked her if she had any plans on what to do and she said let us just watch t.v.She was watching 'The Big Bang theory' and was laughing a lot while i was sitting there getting bored.I was not a 'Big bang theory' fan and had never watched it earlier.Rachael noticed that i was sitting there and playing games on my mobile so she turned off the t.v.

and said"let us just talk". I stopped playing the game and said"sure".We talked on random subjects like whats my future planning etc but then she asked me something that really startled me.

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Rachael said"Calvin,can i ask you something really personal?" "yeah,go ahead"I said not knowing that i was about to be shocked by the question.Rachael said"have you. umm.ever had oral sex with a girl?" I was completely taken aback by the question and didn't knew how to respond.I finally said"umm.yeah,i have.Why do you ask?" "Do you think it was gross or nasty?"Rachael had a sincerity in her voice.

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"No Rachael,i don't think so."I answered. Rachael had a hint of smile on her face and said"I am sorry,if i made you uncomfortable with my questions its just that i don't know anyone else to whom i can ask these kind of question".Rachael held her head low as if she was embarassed after asking me that.I took her petite hand in my hands and told her"hey,its okay.You can talk about anything to me,I am not embarassed or anything but why are you curious about oral sex all of a sudden".Rachael looked up from her spectacles and said"you know Jon?my cousin" "yeah,what about him"I said.Rachael looked really nervous now and a drop of sweat appeared on her temple.She said very slowly "well.we started having sex this summer and i did everything he asked me to do but then one day i asked him if he would have oral sex with me since i have heard that its the most amazing feeling a girl can have and he bluntly denied it ".I was very suprised by this revealation,i had expected that Rachael would be a virgin and not in the wildest of my dreams had i imagined that she would be having sex with her cousin.Trying my best to act normal i said"Rachael,most guys don't like to do that.They think its gross and nasty.Its nothing weird" Rachael looked straight into my eyes and said"Or maybe because i am ugly and unattractive.If a beautiful girl would have asked him to do he would most certainly do it."With that said Rachael buried her face in her lap and started sobbing like a kid.I stroked her blonde hairs and said"No,you are not.You are beautiful inside and outside.Its just that jerks wouldn't see it".She raised her head,her eyes all teary and said"you don't really mean it,do you?you are just saying that to make me feel better" "In all honesty,i had always thought you are beautiful Rachael,trust me"I said trying hard to console her.

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Rachael raised her head again from her lap and said"would you have oral sex with me?" I was caught off guard and didn't knew how to react,i am sure my face went beet red at that.Rachael noticed the silence and said"I am SORRY Calvin,i didn't really meant it.I had no intention to embarass you,i just wanted to prove you that i am ugly and no guy in the right sense of his mind would have oral with me.Its the truth and i would have to live with it". There was so much sincerity in her words that i knew she actually believed it.I don't know what got into me i removed her spectacles and took her face in my hands.Rachael was staring back at me with her beautiful blue eyes which were moist as of now.

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I wanted to say something but i don't know why,i didn't.I rather closed the small distance between our lips and kissed her.Rachael was startled and she wasn't reacting at all while i sucked on to her lower lip slowly.I pushed my tongue to poke at her lips and she parted them letting me to insert my tongue inside her mouth.She wasn't a great kisser but she tried her best to keep up.Our tongues entwined together for what seemed forever.It seemed as if none of us wanted it to end.After what seemed like an eternity,i pulled out my tongue out of her mouth and looking straight into her eyes said"you are very beautiful Rachael and i really mean it." Rachael was staring at me with a shocked expression and to be honest i was very shocked at my behaviour but what happened next was something that i still have trouble believing.I moved and sat on the floor right in front of Rachael's legs.Without uttering a single word.

I started undoing the laces of her converse shoes.I removed the shoes before peeling off the socks revealing a pair of beautiful feet.I took her right foot in both my hands and kissed on it.Rachael moaned softly at the touch of my lips on her feet.I kept on kissing on her legs while moving upwards towards her basketball shorts.I had kissed every inch of her bare leg and reached the hem of her shorts.I put my fingers in the waistband and tried to pull it down,Rachael lifted her ass to help me in removing it.I threw the shorts onto the floor.Rachael was now left in a pair of yellow and orange panties.I moved closer and started kissing on her knee,thighs,inner thighs.To my amazement Rachael had shaved and very smooth legs.I kissed every inch of her bare skin before parting her legs and giving soft kisses on the insides.Rachael moaned in anticipation.I stopped kissing and put my fingers in the waistband of her panties and pulled them down.

Rachael still silent lifted her ass helping in removing her underwear and thus revealing her bare cunt.

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I spread her legs to have a better look at her sex.Rachael's pussy was almost clean shaved with some very small blonde pubic hairs.Her vaginal lips were pink and she had a really small clit. Her wetness became apparent to me when i saw her pussy glistening under the light.I reached out my hand towards her and gently touched around her snatch before pushing my finger inside her.Rachael gasped at the intrusion and i realized she was so goddamn tight.It was hard to believe she wasn't a virgin.Forcing my finger deeper upto the third knuckle,i started stroking her.Rachael was very wet by now and it helped in the penetration.I would momentarily stop to apply some pressure on her clit with my thumb.Rachael threw her head wildly,messing up her blonde hairs every time i touched her clit.I pulled out my finger from inside her,I lowered my head to put it between her legs and kissed on her pussy,Rachael gasped.Spreading her vaginal lips with my fingers i licked her pink insides.I have eaten pussy before but i have to admit,Rachael's pussy tasted the best so far.I stuck out my tongue and licked every corner of her pink insides before taking her clit in my mouth.Rachael moaned "ggghhhh." and pushed her hips towards me probably asking me to suck onto her more.I pushed my finger into her hole and stroked it slowly while my mouth continued the assault on her clit.Rachael was now fondling my hairs with both her hands.I was getting tired of sucking Rachael's clit and there was no sign of her orgasm yet.So,i lifted her legs and put them on both sides of my shoulder and delved my head into her snatch.I sucked onto her clit harder while my hands pressed Rachael's boobs over her blouse.Rachael was moaning very loudly and then she cried out "ughhhhh.Calvin!i am cumming.i am cumming" I knew she was about to cumm cause she was involuntarily crushing my head between her legs.My hands which were fondling her boobs over the blouse felt her nipples go hard as Rachael cried out "nnnggghhh.".

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When i realised Rachael is cumming,i left her clit and moved my mouth to taste her juices.Rachael squirted so much,i had never seen someone squirt that much juices before in my life but i drank all of it.I didn't wanted her first squirt from oral sex get wasted.While i was busy licking Rachael dry she had calmed down from her orgasm.I gave one final suck to her clit before moving my head from between her legs.I stood up and my hard on was just in front of Rachael's face.She stretched out her hands to unbuckle my jeans but i pushed her hands aside saying"not today,i don't want you to do it out of courtesy.I did it because i wanted to prove to you that you are really beautiful".I lowered my head down and gave a long passionate smooch to Rachael."get dressed,you sure don't want your parent's to know what their little girl was upto" I Said.