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Schwarze sexy Jungs fuck Homosexuell weiße Teen Jungen 12
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Note: This is also a true story but it is way before Jeremy's time, but it's a story I thought I would share! When I was a freshman was when I really started questioning my sexuality. I started looking at boys in a different way. Noticing their nice abs and how the muscles in their legs flexed when they walked and their perfect tans. I was on the cross country team and had lost a ton of weight and was developing a really nice six pack and I had brown hair and green eyes.

I started to run for everything, stress, emotions, thinking, and even for fun. There was always one boy that I paid particular attention too. His name was Aimes and I always had him in my sight. It was odd to me, there were plenty other guys that were so much more attractive, but he always stuck out. He was around 5'11 and I was 6'0. He had jet black hair that always had the perfect wave in it and he had crystal blue eyes. He had the perfect tan and greatest legs.

He wasn't ripped but had a well toned six pack and nice arm muscles. Aimes was always a dick. Not to me but to everyone. He was so obsessed with being accepted that he would do anything. He was a chameleon and nobody knew who he was. It was a little into the school year when I started really looking at him. We had no classes together but it seemed like I saw him everywhere! In the bathroom, in the hallway, in the lunch room, in the office. EVERYWHERE! At one point it was getting ridiculous.

I was in the hallway one day and I was putting books in my locker when Aimes came up to the locker next to me and opened it and began to put his stuff in. "Hey fag" he said, like he knew me. "I am your new locker buddy, I switched with bow legged Trina over there". "Awesome" I replied and walked away, pissed that he talked to me like that and shy that the god I worshipped was right next to me.

As I stormed to the library I couldn't help but have a half angry smile upon my face. As I went in the door I found the table in the farthest corner and pulled out my laptop and started typing notes for my next class. I looked up and there was a half hour left of lunch. Awesome. I was typing in a really comfortable position, leaning back in my chair, when next thing I knew I was in the air and then on the floor.

Fuck. I looked up to see Aimes snickering. He had kicked the back leg of the chair from behind. I got back up put my computer on the table, brushed my jeans off and then calmly said, "Thanks buddy" and sat down continuing my notes. Was it just me or was this douche following me and deliberately trying to make me murder him?

It was long after that that he was sitting across from me at the table. I looked up and his piercing blue eyes cut right through me. "What" I said, a little peeved.

"Nothing, just admiring the view" my heart jumped. "What?" I asked a little out of breath. "Oh shut up and don't get ahead of yourself faggot, I am only joking". I threw my shit in my backpack and stood up. "I do not know what the fuck is wrong with you or what's going on, but I have not said one word to you this year and do not fucking appreciate your shit. So if you have anything else to say to me, keep it in your fucking mouth". He sat there stunned. I stormed out of the library and went to my next class to finish.

When I got home I did some homework and by the time I finished it was dark. I went to the wildlife park, put my ear buds in and started sprinting around the running course. I was still fuming and needed to cool down. When I started going around again, I dint slow down, I was still going full speed and wouldn't stop.

Somewhere in the back of my mind I was thinking "You should stop, you'll be feeling this in the morning", but I wouldn't.

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I was breathing heavily and was still thinking. Around half way through the loop I hit a rock, a big one. I flew into the air and rolled down a hill.

I blacked out. The next thing I knew, I was waking up in a hospital with a broken leg, arm, broken ribs, and a concussion. I had rolled a long way and apparently rolled into someone's backyard At the bottom of the hill. They called the ambulance and I was out for a day. The next few days I was in the hospital and two weeks later I was wheeling around school in a wheelchair. Everybody pushed me around and signed my casts, the fake sympathetic shit that happens in high school.

One day I was wheeled too my locker when he came up. "How ya feeling?" "Great, not like you care." I responded coldly.

It was lunch. He wheeled me to the library, all the while I detested it. He wheeled me to the back table in the corner and sat down.

"You have to stay? I said with venom in my words. "Look. After what happened that night and we all heard you were in the hospital, I thought that you might not be ok, and not come back. I mean, that was a pretty bad accident, and I didn't want you too leave here with a negative image on me. I want to make it up to you and say sorry" I couldn't believe it. He was being nice. "I don't know dude, ill have to think about shit.

Not just you, but everything." Two weeks later when I got both casts off and saved the casts and put them in my room, I hobbled around in my boot. It took me awhile to get around school, but I managed. I was at my locker and when I opened it a piece of paper fell out.

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I managed to catch it. It said "Come on" and a number. I put it in the back of my phone, not sure what to think. A few weeks later when I was boot free and able bodied, I took the cast down from my shelf and examined the various scribbles on them.

On jumped out that was on the leg cast. "Please get better soon, I am so sorry"-Aimes. I put it down and took a breath. I picked up my phone and texted him. "Let's hang out" I said. After that he and I spent a lot of time together. Going to movies, parties, hanging out at each others houses and what not.

We became insuperable and I loved it. I began to look at him in a whole new way, I began to develop feelings.

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He was gorgeous, funny, and genuinely nice. I began to reveal the real him. He didn't pretend around me. One night he asked me if I wanted to spend the night. I said yes. This was the first sleepover we had. When I got to his house we played video games, talked, and ate.

Around 12:30, we went to his room and he climbed in bed. "Where should I sleep?" I said. He scooted over and patted the bed. "You sure? I can sleep on the floor" "No it's ok, seriously dude." I crawled in bed and had a devilish grin on my face, thank god the lights were out.

I got on my side facing away from him. I have trouble falling asleep at other people's houses. At about 1 I began to drift off when Aimes began to stir. He rolled over and threw one leg over me and pulled me tight with his arm, kind of like a teddy bear. I was wide awake now. Another fifteen minutes went buy and I was breathing like I was asleep, I didn't want to give myself away. He lifted his head, which was when I immediately shut my eyes.

He looked over to see if I was asleep and then plopped back down, pulling me tighter. After about another three minutes he began to breathe down my neck. He started slowly kissing up the side of my back and nibbled and kissed at my neck. My dick started to get hard but I continued to pretend to be asleep. "Heavy sleeper" he mumbled under his breath. "I like it" he said. His boner pressed through his boxers and I felt it through my boxers on my ass crack. He began to dry hump me and continued to suck my neck.

He got off me and rolled me on my back. I let my arm fall to the side as an asleep person does. He got on his knees and took my fallen arm. I heard material fall and I immediately knew he was naked. OH MY GOD! I thought. WHAT DO I DO? He lifted my arm, opened my limp hand, and placed it on his dick.

The first thought that popped into my head was YES!

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IM BIGGER THAN HIM! His dick felt like it was 5 and a half inches, mine was 7 and a half hard. His dick arched upwards.


He wrapped my hand around and humped my hand. His dick was warm and soft. I don't know why but the angle of his dick turned me on. I decided that any normal person would wake up by the feel of their arm being jerked and I slowly opened my eyes. "Wha?" I muttered lamely. "Oh shit" he said dropping my hand and ducking under the covers. "What are you doing?" I asked.

"Nothing" he said. I rolled over on top of him and sat up.

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I pinned his arms on his sides and sat on his dick. His hard on pressed into my ass. "What were you doing" I asked more firmly. "I'm sorry I just think you are so hot and you looked so cute laying there. I wanted to be with you somehow" he blurted out. He turned beat red. I was taken aback. I was so in love right now that I went right down on him and started making out with him furiously. He pulled me down and pulled me tight while his tongue slid against mine.

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He kissed down my body taking a detour at my nipples, flicking his tongue over them. I was in ecstasy. He went down my abs and made no hesitation to tear off my boxers. He gaped at my seven and a half inch uncut cock. He muttered some words and took it right into my mouth. He bobbed up and down and moved his hand up and down at the same time.

He had obviously down this before (although his blowjobs doesn't compare to Jeremy's) He kept bobbing up and down. He got off my dick and spat into his hand and rubbed it on his ass. He grabbed my hand and pulled me off the bed.

He leaned against the wall and said "Fuck me mark" "You sure" "As I will ever be" he said. He guided my dick to my butt and I gulped. He didn't hesitate and shoved his ass backwards. My ass slid right into his tight hole and he moaned. He took my arms and put them around his stomach. I began to pump furiously taking no prisoners.


I fucked him standing up and my cock began to groan. My balls began to rise and I told him I was going to cum. He began to hump faster. I screamed as shot after shot of my come filled his ass. He turned around and made out with me he pulled off and pushed me on the bed. He fell on top of me and made out with me. He rolled over and said, my turn tomorrow!

I laughed. As we crawled into bed he rolled back over and cuddled me, kissing my neck. What do you think? I can right the rest of our short lived happenings if you want. Tell me your opinion!