Sexy ladyman gets roughly stuffed

Sexy ladyman gets roughly stuffed
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The pain hit Don while he was taking a shower. His wife had gone to the hospital with a severe case of pneumonia the night before. Her COPD always made each round worse than the previous one.

Her best friend showed up and insisted Don go home, clean up and get some rest. She'd happily to stay with Maggie for a few hours. The only other person in Don's house was Shelby.

She was a 27yr old granddaughter of some dear friends, who had been killed in an auto accident. Shelby had taken the loss of 'Papa' and 'Nanny' harder than her sisters… her dad, too, for that matter.

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Shelby's mother had divorced her, pitiful, self from the whole family when Shelby was just ten. Nobody knew where she lived, nor did they care.

Shelby's sisters, and dad, had written Shelby out of their lives after her second round of drug rehab. During that dark chapter of her life, she had done many things she now regretted. She had told Maggie and Don about her failed marriage; resulting in fucking everyone, and anyone, to get drug money. With her small body and large tits, lesbians were her best resources of cash; black men were next.

With nobody to care about her, she reached the point of not caring and even made one attempt at suicide. The two things she was thankful about was that, luckily, she had never contracted an STD, and that she was still alive.

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The last rehab center had set her up with an office job, where she met Sean. After several months of denying him, they finally met at a nice cabin in the state park. It was a wonderful weekend and Sean never pressured her to have a drink with him. Their sex was exciting enough for her to agree to move in with him. Things went fine for more than a year. Shelby discovered she was pregnant; Sean changed jobs, making much better money. It was he that suggested Shelby quit her job and be a stay at home mom.

After Lea was born, Sean began sleeping around while Shelby was still carrying an extra 40 pounds. It wasn't long before he had another girl; this time it was a teenager, ready to move in with him. Since Shelby had no family support, Sean got custody of Lea… but his dick was more concerned with his new slut, so he left the baby with his mother, who hated Shelby because of her past.

Although Don and Maggie were not related to her, they were the only ones who would take the struggling young woman into their home. She became a wonderful asset to them, helping with her sickly 'Aunt Maggie' and working night shifts at the town's best Mexican food restaurant. The pain got stronger and began moving down Don's arm. He managed to get the water turned off, but couldn't lift his leg high enough to step out of the shower… He knew he would have to call out to Shelby for help.

"Oh my God, Uncle Donnie! I'll call 911!" She quickly made the call and helped his old ass get out of the shower. The fact that he was naked and dripping wet didn't seem to bother her at all. Before the medics arrived, she had dried him with towels, including doing an extra good job on his cock, balls and ass.

which made his shaft start perking up. She pulled some clean boxers up his legs and smiled at him as she tucked his semi-hard dick inside.

"The ambulance is here, I'll let them in," she kissed his forehead, "you're gonna be okay; I love my uncle Donnie." ************* She was sitting beside him when he woke up. When he saw her smile was half-hearted, he knew something had gone wrong. Although he was groggy with sedation, he managed to ask, "What is it, Punkin'? Did I die? Am I gonna die? I can tell something's not right." "I'll be right back; the doctor wanted to know when you came to.

I'll just be a few seconds." "Your daughter tells us this is your first heart attack; is that correct?" The doctor was listening to his heart and lungs as he talked. Don started to tell him that Shelby wasn't his daughter, but realized they would run her out if she wasn't related. He confirmed it had been his first attack, to the best of his knowledge.

The doctor began explaining about some stents and a bypass, but the sedation took Don back to Neverland. When he awoke again, Shelby was sitting close to the bed, holding his hand with her head lying; face down, on top of them.

He could tell she was crying softly, "What is it, Honey?" she jumped as his voice startled her. She stood and gave him a hug, pressed the 'call' button and sat back down, "As soon as the doc gets here, we need to talk." The doctor and two nurses entered, smiling and telling Don good morning. After checking his vitals, he nodded at Shelby. "Unc. Daddy," she began as she glanced up at the nurse closest to her, "I'm not sure how to tell you, but… Mommy's lungs completely gave out while you were in surgery; she passed away, Un… Daddy." Her eyes filled with tears as she held his head next to her breast, "I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry." The doctor was pleased to see Don's heart rate remained steady and his blood pressure wasn't affected by the bad news.

A nurse stayed in the room for fifteen minutes to continue monitoring him&hellip. ************** Don healed quickly. In less than a month, he had progressed to the point of joining the gym his physical therapist had recommended. Shelby insisted on rolling out of bed early, hitting the gym with him, then catching a nap between lunch and dinner.

He discovered that she was the main reason he still cared about living. After a few months, the day came she announced she had a date. It was a regular customer she'd known for a couple of months, "He's not as handsome as you, of course," she told Don, "but he's been very nice to me and the other girls.

He does a lot of business by phone, so, sometimes; he'll stay at the restaurant from breakfast thru lunch.

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He's actually asked me out twice before, but I was scared to say 'okay'." She sat on the edge of the end table beside his recliner, laid her head on his shoulder and assured him, "You don't have to worry about me, Uncle Donnie, if he even tries to make a move on me, our date is over; I'm just not ready for that. Besides, Lea is coming for two days; I'm so excited." "I sure do love that little stink," he told her, "When she says, 'Unky Don, I set in you wap?' I just want to hold her 'til the day I die.

"You have fun tonight, Honey.


You're the one who knows what's best for you, and I believe in you. But if you want someone kick his ass for being a bad boy, just call." She chuckled, kissed his cheek and headed for the kitchen. Don, on the other hand, went to his bathroom and cried. He knew it would only be a matter of time before Shelby would find the right guy… hopefully it would be the right one… and leave his home. He'd be alone for the first time in almost forty years. The next morning's report was: Shelby's date was 'kinda weird and immature' as she put it, "He spent three hours, out of four, playing with his damn cell phone and adjusting his pants.

He was probably watching porn or his buddies were saying dumb shit about me. "I told him that it was a nice night, but I doubted if I'd see him again. When he started to answer me, his phone rang… I left him standing on the porch. "It's about time to pick up Lea. You wanna come along?" The next two days were filled with laughter, love and adventure. To Lea, finding a pretty leaf was exciting. It was the same with flying a paper airplane, watching clouds, asking if butterflies like popcorn and many other things.

She had an absolute blast when we took her to the gym with us. She became everybody's friend and made it home with seventeen dollars.

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But those two days went too fast. Sean had his usual shitty attitude when he picked Lea up and strapped her into the car seat, "I'm not sure I like my daughter being here alone with you, old man. Shelby could have waited 'til I got here." As pleasantly as he could muster, Don responded, "She was expecting you two hours ago. She waited as long as she could, but she needs her job and doesn't want to risk it by being late… especially when it's not her fault.

Try to be on time next time." "Fuck you, you old bastard! I just might not ever let her see my daughter again; especially if she's still living here… she's probably fucking you to pay her rent!" When the fifty-nine year old Vietnam veteran stepped toward the pickup, Sean banged his head on the inside of the door frame, trying like hell to get away.

Once he managed to get the door closed and locked, he smiled at Don and gave him the finger as he drove away. It was a show of 'bravery' in front of his teenage girlfriend. ************* Don answered his phone.

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Shelby sounded frantic as she told him Lea was in the hospital. He pulled a large t-shirt over his head as he reached his car door. Shelby had been watching and grabbed Don when he burst through the doors of the ER, "They say she'll be okay," she managed to say through her sobs, "but Sean and his girlfriend are… they're dead, Uncle Donnie.

"I overheard one of the nurses laughing, saying they found his dick lodged in her throat. That wreck was caused because that whore was giving the son-of-a-bitch a blow job with MY child in the back seat of the damn truck." Sean's parents tried to take over when they arrived, but the hospital had already determined that Shelby was Lea's next of kin. Being the thoughtful woman she was, she agreed to let them stay with Lea while she and Don grabbed a bite in the cafeteria… Lea was gone when they returned.

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************** "Yes, your honor, I do have a job. I have a home with plenty of room. I have a used car that's barely two years old. My uncle will happily watch Lea while I work. Last but not least," Shelby pointed at Sean's parents, "those people actually stole my child… MY daughter… from the hospital.

The nurse told them to stop and put her back. She was still being observed for injuries, and they stole her." After hearing from Lea's grandparents, and from Shelby's Narcotics Anonymous sponsor, he ruled in Shelby's favor. Sean's parents were issued a permanent restraining order; they could no longer see Lea, without Shelby and one more adult being present.

They never made an effort… Seven months later, after getting a clean bill of health from his heart doctor, Don had made a run to the Post Office and was coming in the back door when he met Shelby face to face. She was wearing the smallest bikini he'd ever seen, except for those on porn sites. She was holding hands with Lea, "Hi, Uncle Donnie. We're gonna wash the car. You want us to do yours, too?" Don was speechless for a few seconds before she added, "Hey, grab some trunks and help, if you want." The strip covering her nipples was barely an inch wide.

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He figured there was close to ten pounds of tits, just inches from his face. Not much more than that was covering her crotch… 'with her delicious cunt… God that cunt must be good, just wanting to be fucked and licked,' he thought. He found some old cutoff shorts and joined them. With Lea being fascinated by the water hose, it was the wettest, most fun he'd had since his childhood. Shelby would make a quick glance at him each time she would have a 'nipple slip' wardrobe malfunction.

He was thankful the denim was able to restrain the visibility of his swelling cock, but he knew he'd be beating his meat very soon. When he started making excuses and trying to go into the house, Shelby told him, "Hold on a minute, Don. Let me do a quick rinse on this trunk.

It's nap time for this big girl of ours." "In her entire life, she's never called me 'Don'", he thought, "what the fuck?. our girl?" The large towel was draped around Shelby's shoulders when she put Lea in her crib. Don stood in the doorway and appreciated the view of 90% bare ass as she bent to kiss her daughter, "Nappie, baby girl.

Mommy will see you when you wake up." "Nappie, Mommy. Nappie, Unky Don. I wuv you." Shelby took Don's hand and led him to the bathroom. He was in shock and totally speechless as she unzipped his wet shorts and dropped the towel on the floor. Two quick pulls resulted in the total removal of her bikini. She touched her lips to his; then sank to her knees.

"Honey, you don't…" "Shhhh… you don't want to wake Lea, do you? Let me do this to celebrate your wonderful doctor's report." It had been more than ten years since Maggie had done a blow job on him. His gasp filled his lungs as she drew his entire seven inches into her mouth and past her tonsils. Maggie had never been able, or never wanted, to deep throat his cock, so this was a new experience for him. Shelby, on the other hand, had done it many times for drug money.

This time was different. This time she was going down on the man who had loved her, unconditionally, all her life. The only other people who had were Papa and Nanny. In her mind, she thought they would approve. Her skilled fingers caressed his balls and kneaded his butt cheeks and thighs.

Somehow, her tongue was constantly circling the rim of his cock head as she bobbed and sucked. When her experience told her he was about to blow, she took the length down her throat and swallowed every warm blast. She had never been prouder of anything… except her daughter. "Are you okay, Don," she asked him as he leaned against the wall. She stood and pressed her large tits into his chest, pushed the hair out of his eyes and smiled, "If you'd like, there's lots more… lots more." "I'm fine, Honey," he answered, "No pain or stress at all.

You're just full of surprises today. I may be old enough to be your daddy, or granddaddy, but God yes, I want more. I never told you or anyone else, but I've wanted to eat your pussy since you were about fourteen. I saw you getting out of your Papa's hot tub one evening. You were wearing a bathing suit that was a little too small, and it was wedged in your little, unused, pussy. Your Papa even whispered, 'That girl's gonna be a great fuck someday.'" Don was hoping the two orgasms she had were real and not faked.

He'd been licking her cunt, sucking her clit, and finger fucking her pussy and asshole for twenty minutes or more. His dick revived and slid into her tunnel easily. However, she immediately took control with her vaginal muscles and her strong arms.

When she could tell he was getting close, she stopped and pushed him away. He was frustrated at first, but she kissed him and helped him onto his back. Her leg swung over his upright cock… her pussy opened to accept him… her body shivered as she started rocking.

Shelby was in total control of the man below her; a new experience for him. Don had always initiated sex during his 36year marriage to Maggie. But sex with Maggie was never… never, ever… like this. It was the first fuck since losing his wife; the first since his heart attack… would he live through it? It took almost twenty-five minutes of pure ecstasy before Don's older nuts finally popped another load.

Shelby, on the other hand, knew exactly how to move in order to reach orgasm… four times. As their juices flowed together and drained from her sopping wet cunt, Don sucked the brown nipples she had offered. Once he was able to catch his breath, he looked up at the brown-eyed blonde, "I think you might have killed me, Honey; it sure feels like I made a trip to Heaven." "You can take the same trip any time you want, my darling Don.

Just, please, stay alive. I've wanted this for a long time. I think I realized how much I love you last month at the gym, when you put that jerk in his place." She chuckled and continued, "Come to think of it, he hasn't been back. His hand on my ass didn't really bother me; hell, there's been a lot of that in my life. But he damn sure didn't expect you to grab his hair and bang his head on the overhead hand bike." They began to reposition their sweaty bodies to side by side.


Both were covered sticky fuck juices as they smiled, kissed and talked, "Would you do something for me?" "Girl, you just gave me the best fuck of my whole damn life. I'll do anything you want, if it's in my power." "Well, since you may have just given me another baby, what would you think about being Lea's daddy, too? Marry me, Don. Yes, I've done lots of shit… bad shit… but I never cheated on Sean. And I do not lie.

I swear to you, I love you more than any man I've ever known; I'm pretty sure that includes Papa, and you know how I loved him. I'll never cheat and I'll do everything I can to take care of you and our kids." She wrapped her slim arms around his head and kissed him soundly, "Mr.

Parker, will you marry me?" Don and Shelby did have another daughter, 39 weeks after the County Judge pronounced them man and wife. Lacy was just as beautiful as her big sister and their mom. Don's heart finally gave out, taking his life a month after watching Lea receive her Doctorate in Psychology Education. She was immediately hired to teach at Berkeley. Lacy had acquired her Masters of Business the same May; she would rise to vice president of a major auto manufacturing company… the CEO was completely addicted to her pussy.

Shelby inherited Don's estate of nearly three million dollars; an amount she was NOT fully aware of. She never had sex with another person&hellip.