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Erotic gay porn underwear male photo Gorgeous Day For Anal Sex On The
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This segment contains nothing erotic, the series itself will contain plenty as a whole, but I will tell you now things will be slow. Expect some in the next part, but there is none here. The future sections will contain things such as sex, your everyday variety, most likely some F/F, F/F/M, and I may turn things into on big Harem, I don't know.

Thousands of possibilities, for now I'm just starting with one girl. More can be added. P.S.: The names differ between Real World and "In-Game", Aaron = Shadow, you can use the names interchangeably. Also, I'd love suggestions for the future, criticism would be loved. ------------------------------------------------- Bang. The loud sound echoed off of the surrounding rocks, a chilling wind bit into the bones of the mountain, warded off those who were unprepared, but the man who lifted his head from the camouflaged scope of a sniper rifle was more than prepared.

In the back of his head, a voice could be heard saying, "Congratulations, you have reached level ninety-eight." The man gave a quick smirk and vanished from his position between a natural depression in a pile of rocks.

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A faint echo could still be heard, as were cries of several others who had been close enough to get a scare from the loud shot. Aaron pulled off a pair of sunglasses that looked as if they had come straight from some science-fiction movie, with a single lens that tapered on both ends, with an overall rectangular shape. Short, brown hair flipped back onto his forehead, a pair of slender, long fingers rubber two medium-sized, blue eyes that contained orange and gold flecks.

A sigh escaped from pale red lips that opened into a rather excessive yawn. Two pale legs, long and lanky, but with a slight definition that gave sign of some form of physical activity, emerged from beneath a blanket and stepped onto a wooden floor. Stretching out, two lanky arms, both long, narrow, and with the only muscle definition being below the shoulder and above the biceps and triceps, somewhere in the middle. His long, narrow torso was hidden by a wrinkled short-sleeved vintage shirt, advertising the Coca-Cola brand, his legs with a pair of khaki shorts.

The sun flooded into his room, giving him early warning of the coming day, a glance to his clock showed it was almost six in the morning. Standing up, Aaron gave one more little stretch, before returning to his normal stance, his six foot height towering over everything else in his room, aside from the doors and a dark stained bookshelf.

He shuffled over to a desk that had a simple laptop resting on top, no shelves were below the surface, and nothing else resided on top. Flipping open the lid, Aaron was greeted with a little tune, and a glaring light that was emitted from the screen.

Squinting his eyes, Aaron punched in several keys on the keyboard and was greeted with the familiar sight of dozens of emails congratulating him on leveling up. He quickly read each email, each from one friend or another, some he knew in the real world, others that he didn't know outside of the virtual world.

After finishing the email, Aaron clicked around, opening the internet to the leader boards of the most famous game at the time, simply named, War. It had stayed the top selling game for the past year now, and was estimated to remain there for the next decade, being the only game designed for a gaming system that linked to all of the senses of the user.

Aaron searched for his character's name, aptly named Shadow. He had been lucky enough to log in early enough to get a word without having to fuse it with numbers or other words.

Within the top fifty, Aaron spotted his name, the only Sniper class to be within the top 100 with the word 'Solo' next to name, meaning he'd never been part of a party, which was unheard of for a Sniper within the game of War. In fact, he was the only one within the top fifty players to have 'Solo' next to his name. There were nearly one billion players of the game, and a Sniper had managed to become basically legend.

Aaron, or Shadow, was being hailed as the best player of the game by everyone, but he was humble when it came to his status within the game. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- The game itself was relatively simple, kill people, and you level up. The setting was in a modern world, you were a mercenary- hired to kill targets by governments and those who had enemies in the private sectors.

The type of weapon you used was chosen by you the moment you logged in, and could never be changed until you reached a certain level, never announced, in which you were offered the choice to add a new type of weapon to your arsenal.

The options from the start were the typical weapon types, Sniper Rifles, Assault Rifles, Machine Guns, Sub Machine Guns, and so on. Further branches of each class arrived as you reached higher levels, and as your class became more specific, your weapons became more and more limited, but it also meant that your weapons were better as you became better.

It was your usual game, as most viewed it. The difference was, in most games getting from level 1 to level 2 was a very quick stage, where in this one, getting from 1 to 2 was a major step, because you're required to kill someone of a higher level in order to get there, be it in a tournament or in a PvP environment. After that, leveling was easier, but it was a daunting task, because your targets during a mission could be anyone in the game.

There were limits to level differences during a task, but it was difficult nonetheless.


In a world like this, becoming such a high level was something of mythological status. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Aaron slid away from his desk and prepared for your usual high school student Monday.

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Pulling on his school's required uniform, which was a pair of khaki pants and a polo, and a red polo with a white undershirt, he stepped into the bathroom and brushed his teeth and combed his hair, which didn't do much to it since it wasn't much of a listener.

He'd showered the night before and quickly made his way out of the house, he never ate breakfast, it upset his stomach. Aaron rode his bike to school, it wasn't a long ride, and he enjoyed the exercise. The day was a typical day at school for any 16-year old guy, sit down in a seat and act like you're listening, check out a girl or two, text a few friends, eat lunch, repeat until day is over, and then go home.


Today was a little different from normal, though. After leveling up, Aaron had been approached by several of the more 'delectable' girls of the school asking for favors in game.

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It wasn't unusual, almost ninety percent of Americans played War, since the system was fairly cheap as opposed to other market leaders. Now, the fact that girls had approached him for favors wasn't unusual, but the fact that one of them had been Aaron's "dream girl" for the past two years of school was a little bit of a shock to him. Hannah, a girl with obvious Italian ancestry, very dark brown hair, large, brown eyes, an angel's face, and olive skin that was common among those of an Italian bloodline.

She was of average height for a girl at 16, maybe a little shorter, but she was sporty, which gave her defined legs, a tight butt and stomach, and he breasts were big enough to be a handful for Aaron, which wasn't very nig, but he never really liked big breasts. She hadn't said anything to Aaron at the time when the girls hadn't approached Aaron, but he had trouble listening to what the others were saying when she came up with them.

Aaron had always seen her remain at the usual, 'popular' table. Sure, being one of the best players in War made Aaron popular, but not in the same, stereotypical sense that a sporty, cute girl is.

"I can't help you guys," Aaron had said, interrupting the girls who were asking him to help their party, "I'm hunting for a guy in the Himalayas, and I can't watch over you when I've got to hunt number 15." The girls attempted to change his mind with a cleavage flash or two, but he didn't even look.

His eyes were glued on the floor, or rather, the divine legs of Hannah, which happened to be in the foreground of the floor. The group walked away, leaving Aaron to his lunch, but not before he risked a glance back at the girls, to which he was shocked to see Hannah looking back as well. He couldn't tell whether or not she was checking him out, or sizing him up. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Aaron was back home, the glasses back on as he went through a typical game session, it would easily take a month to reach the next level, and he wasn't going to waste any time.

He'd taken care of yet another high-ranking player in the game after finishing off number 15 in the Himalayas. A task had been assigned to him by a friend that kept track of the Most Wanted Lists for different guilds, several had his name on them, but few ever spotted Aaron, or Shadow as he was in-game, since being a high leveled Sniper, he was capable of things such as camouflage and the stealth of his character was extremely high.

Shadow had the likeness of Aaron, as did every other character and their respective player. He was already en route to his next target, a female with the name of Sorceress, a Sub Machine Gun class at level 89. No description was provided, but someone wanted her killed. It should be known that a death wasn't permanent, but was often a source of shame and came with a loss of sometimes ridiculous amounts of in-game currency.

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A reason why Shadow was a Sniper, much easier to avoid death if you were never seen. He was given a list of who she hung around with when she wasn't training, and a list of areas where she usually ate, slept, and trained while in-game.

Sleeping and eating were required. ----- Hours later, Shadow was set up in tree, the barrel of his Sniper rifle resting in the fork of two branches, focused as he aimed down his scope, a target in sight.

He pulled the trigger. Bang.

---- Well over a thousand yards away, Sorceress dropped, a motion sensor had gone off, someone was in her training area. Less than a second later, a loud thud could be heard as a bullet of a high caliber slammed into a wall behind her.

Without hesitation she half ran, half crawled into a building. ---- "Damn it," Shadow muttered, quickly disassembling his rifle and dropping from the tree, "Guess I'll have to do this the hard way." Shadow pulled out a revolver, a .44 Magnum, a stereotypical gun, but with the power to kill with fewer shots.

Just what he wanted. Taking slow steps, Shadow approached the small town, seemingly abandoned by the inhabitants. ---- Sorceress sat in the building, already finding a better spot to shoot from if her hunter came inside the building she was in. Her gun was held tight to her body, stock set against her shoulder, ready to fire at any moment. She knew, any minute now, whoever had shot at her would be coming close.

No one targeted a level 89 for no reason, and she'd heard about a bounty placed on her by a guild. At least she wasn't being ignored, as a rising threat to well established players. ---- Shadow was glad he was a Sniper, his talents allowed him to walk without a sound, to hide from an enemy's vision when motionless for a certain period of time, and to approach enemies in close quarters without any sound.

He pulled out a knife from it's sheath on his belt, his right hand held the revolver with an ease only obtained after hundreds of uses. He approached the building he'd seen Sorceress enter. One way in was a door, which would never make a good entry point.

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He spotted a way onto the roof. Shadow climbed onto the roof with a practiced ease and silence, he checked his ammo and took a step forward, testing his footing.

Crack. Shadow fell through the roof, and the roof fell onto Sorceress below, stunning and burying her in a pile of rubble.

Quickly recovering, Shadow stood over her body, gun pointed at her, his foot kicking away her gun. He looked at her before he pulled the trigger, something was familiar. She was shorter than he, with dark brown hair and olive skin, typical of those of Italian blood. She had an angel's face, and her outfit was form fitting, showing off defined legs, a tight butt and stomach. Breasts that were big enough to be a handful, maybe a little more.

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Hannah. ---- It was night time, Shadow sat beside a now sleeping Sorceress, being forced open the character when she had been hit by the falling roof. To a player, it was for a few moments, in game it could have been just that, or a couple of hours. She began to stir, Shadow took notice and already had a hand on his knife, ready to strike if she did. But Sorceress didn't, she opened an eye and looked at Shadow for a moment, trying to work out what had happened.

She'd been shot at, hid in a building, and then had been hit in the head by something very hard. Now someone that looked a lot like Aaron was sitting next to her. He'd said he was hunting someone in the Himalayas though, why would he be here? "You up?" Shadow asked, knife in hand as he watched Sorceress warily.

"Yeah, why didn't you kill me when you had the chance?


I know it was you who shot." Sorceress asked, she knew Shadow was very well capable of killing her, and figured he wasn't above killing someone who'd been knocked out. "I… didn't feel like it." Shadow mumbled, or rather, Aaron, who had surfaced now. Shadow was a Sniper, not a teenager with a crush. There was a silence after this, Sorceress was still processing things, and Aaron couldn't believe his luck, being able to be with Sorceress/Hannah while she was unconscious. He was mentally berating himself for not doing something while she was out of it.

"Thanks," Sorceress said quietly, standing up and brushing off dust and rock chunks from the collapse. "I'm glad you didn't kill me, Aaron." With that, Sorceress logged out, leaving a happy Aaron sitting on the ground. He, too, logged out after that, removing his glasses and turning off the light to his room. There certainly was a day ahead of him tomorrow.