Frantic and wild homosexual sex

Frantic and wild homosexual sex
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This is a love story with a lot of twists and weird stuff! Do not worry it is normal. Pleases make constructive comments and do not give me a negative rate because of spelling mistakes. I WANT TO MAKE BETTER CHAPTERS! I saw Mandy in school. She had very long black hair going down to the beginning of her legs.

She had very pale skin, almost like if she never went into the sun. her hair was frizzy. But she was rejected by everyone. She was not clumsy or stupid. She was in fact a nerd under a Goth body. Her marks where always among the best.

Even with that, everyone made fun of her. They even pulled some tricks and bad jokes on her. She was in some my class and I was the only one not making fun of her.

One day after they pulled a trick and threw a bucket of water on her. I decided that I need to talk to her. She would usually wait in the girls washroom a while before going home. That's when I came up behind her.

-Hello Mandy! She turned around with her normal depressed look and told me -Stop making fun of me…please -Do not worry I will not make fun of you. I just wanted to ask you…can we talk a bit? -I need to go home. -I can accompany you…you live around where? -Cara street. -That is not too much out of my way. -Why you want to talk with me? -Uhh.let's just say I cannot stand what the others are doing to you. You are the smartest girl in the school… We began walking.

I told her a few jokes. She laughed and looked happy. We left each other in front of her house exchanging e-mails.

But the house. What a nice big home. I wanted to know her more.


She was online for a few minutes we only exchanged a hi how are you type of thing. Then she said she was going to go do something important. The next day she came on early in the morning. And asked me if we could meet.

I said yes. At a park not too far from where we lived. We met there and we started to talk. -Hi, I started. -Hello -How are you? -Tired…you -Good good, why are you tired?

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-Well…I had to pray… -Ha yes? You are religious. -Yes…very in fact. Since almost everybody made me sad. I have nowhere else to go. I pray Long periods and then I study. It is all I have time to do. -Wow! You have at least a nice commitment. Want to go see a movie? -That would be nice but I have no money.

-I am paying. Everything you want! Let's just have some fun. -All right, hopefully it is cool in there I am sweating. I have noticed her dress. It was a long sleeve black shirt with black jeans. She must be cooking in there. So we departed. We decided to watch a vampire movie.

I guesse because of her style. It was awsom. And she loved it. That what counted to me. After, she invited me to her place. Her house was big indeed and seemed normal.

Inside we entered into a small hallway which branched off into 2 rooms. She did a very short payer while entering the house.

We advanced, to the right was a very nice living room, to my left, was the kitchen, witch was luxurious. Mandy hade beautiful granite table at the middle with the same granite floor. Then she invited me upstairs. Two hallways led to multiple rooms. When we entered hers, I got spooked. It was dark. She hade a massive painting of the last meal of Jesus. As well as crosses hanging by string attached to the sealing.

She did have a computer. And a few cabiets. Her bed was a king size because her room was large. -Wow, I started. You Have plenty of surprises. -Yes. -Are you lonely Child? -No, I do have a little sister a year younger then me. She goes to a different school. She also is a Goth nerd.

She also gets Picked on. She looked down sadden. I then threw my arms out and said "want a hug?" to my surprise she moved super fast to hug me tightly. -thank you so much! She said. Can I ask you a favor? -Yes, anything at all! -Can you swear that you are not playing a joke on me? -I swear, this is not for a joke. -Tanks. -Where is your little sister at? -She is Most likely in her room. Why?

-Can You Introduce me? -Alright, but expect her to be shy like me. We walked to the next room and she knocked.

The door opend. What a sight of her little sister.

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She hade the same long black messy hair. The same body. Ecept she was an inch smaller then her big sister. But before I culd say hi she replied with -Who are you! what are you doing here! -Oni, Mandy started, this is jack. He is a friend. -What! He is going to back stab you like those others! -I don't think so… -he will! just wait and see! I was ready to say something, but she slammed the door shut. Mandy turned to me. -I told you! -Indeed, She needs to know me more like you.

by the way…you seem like twins! -Yes… we look a lot alike. We like the same style but not the same things.

-What do you want to do now? -Well…I have no idea. I usually just study, pray and use the internet. -Want to Watch videos on the internet? I got a few funny ones to show you. We did just that and she was laughing to the point I think she would have died. Another moment where she was happy.

I could not wish for anything better. She then asked me -It is lunchtime…want me to make you something? -That Would be nice but nothing to fancy. I do not want to make you work too hard. -That's alright. I was some left over chicken from yesterday. Want a sandwich? -Awesome. She did make me a sandwich and one for herself. When her little sister came. She still seemed tense. Like Mandy, I can not see her eyes clearly. But I could guess she was mad. Wanting me to levee and get out.

-Sister, Mandy Started, want some? She showed her the sandwich. -No -Come on…do not be mad at me bec… -I just want this guy to leve. Bye. She went back to her room. -Sorry…I am really sorry. -Do not be. I understand. We finished of eating and we talked a bit in the kitchen. I asked her is she wanted to go swimming at the local pool. She had the excuse that she did not try a swimsuit for a while.

She said she would see for tomorrow. Then she asked me to leave because her parents will be home soon. I did agree to leave. Although I wanted to meet her parents. They seem very nice. The next morning. I woke up early to get on the computer to chat with Mandy.

She was waiting for me and said Mandy :my swimsuit was a little tight but it was fine. Jackson: Hooo Sexy  Mandy : you perv Jackson : Thanks I know. Want to meet a my place? you can say hi to my parents and little sis. Mandy : I don't think it is a good idea. Jackson : do not worry, they are very nice, I swear. Just for a few minutes and then we are off. Mandy : Ok…where you live?

Jackson : 1111 Stan Street. Look on google maps it is the second house from the corner. Mandy : ok I will be there soon. I gathered my thing and was anxious for her to come and meet everyone. The door bell rang and I opened. There she was. Dressed in long pants and all. Totally in black as usual.

-Hi, I started. -Hello. My little sister was with me and was going to come swim with us. She was only a year younger then me but she was hyperactive. -Hello, my little sister said with her backpack ready to go, my name is Miranda and I will come play with you. -Himy name is Mandy. My mom and dad came. I know that there going to be happy we are gone.

Doing there "thing" -Wow, dad started, well is she not a creature eh? God dam you got some extreme tastes son. -I have to agree, are you Jacksons new girlfriend?

I could see the surprise in her face when mom said that. -uhhh no. -ha well, mom said, it was a random guess. -Have fun and pump dose bricks for the women son. -Do not worry dad I will show off. -That's my boy! Now you two watch out for little Miranda! -hey! My little sis scram. I am not that little!

-yep sweetheart. Said dad. We left all 3 of us together. We decided to go to the indoor part of the pool because the sun might burn the sensitive skin of Mandy. The pool was empty. There was 3 guys training and that was it everyone else was outside. I got my swim suit on and waited for the girls. Then I saw my sister pulling Mandy's hand saying "you look good!" When she came out, I was stunned. She had a one-piece bikini. But man was it tight in her. Her breasts were totally rounded.

The color was a nice pure black. I started getting excited. She was also super shy about it because of her super red cheeks. They came to me.

-You are awesome, I said to Mandy, Super sexy. -Yep I told her and she was complaining. My little sister said. We went into the water. Immediately, my little sister started splashing us. I splashed her back while I laughed. Then Mandy joined in and splashed me. I plashed em back. And it was a fun fight. I could not keep my eyes off Mandy. She was an real eye candy. Her hair was not loses as it is alwase.

It was tied up back into a very long pony tail. We started playing ball in the pool as well. We did some diving. It was fun. Unfortunately the day came to a close. I had the feeling that something bad was going to happen. My sister and I hugged Mandy just before she left home. The week of school passed fast, I accompanied Mandy home every day. People pulled small insults on her. but nothing to harmful. But when Friday came… I was getting my books when I heard some cracking.

Mandy started screaming. I turned and say 2 Latino gangsters throwing eggs at her while everyone laughs. She was covered in the slime. This time. They really went too far. I needed to prove that if they will cause her pain they will have to face me. I pushed people out of the way and force marched right up to them both who are laughing very hard. I took my right hand rolled it into a fist and punched the first guy cracking his lower jaw.

He fell to the ground. The second one tried to punch me. But I quickly dogged him throwing him to the ground. Then I positioned myself and broke his arm. I moved out of the way and got back up. The 1st guy charged me. I quickly squatted. Punched his stomach with my left hand and cracked a rib while hitting him on the side. Not wanting to leave him a second of rest I kept punching his belly. He was puking blood. His friend was getting up to make a run for it. Fuck no.

I ran after him kicked the back of his knee so he fell on the ground. I jumped on his back. I grabbed his hed and smashed it to the ground knocking him out. Everybody was slowly taking steps backwards. When security finally came. I put my hands up and said in an extremely confident voice "get two ambulances and the police. I got the go help my friend." Then the principal came from the back and said "you are not going anywhere." I looked at the two security guards and replied "you will not be able to stop me." And I just walked by to the top floor in a corner where girl bathrooms.

There she was. Crying a telling me they were so mean.

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I did hugged her covering myself with the egg slim a well and then the police came. -Jackson, you are under arrest. One of the policemen said. I held the face of Mandy and kissed her on the lips.

-I love you Mandy, but I have to go with the police. Come visit me in case I stay in. Her cry's stopped and she was steering at me. I knew she was not expecting that. I turned around and said to the police.


"Let's go." I was put in a interrogation chamber. Where I waited for almost an hour. Then an interrogator came in. he was not muscular, extremely svelte. Wearing a trench coat. -You know why you have been arrested Jackson. His voice was very low like if he had a cold. -do you know that 2 people are in hospital because of you? I nodded. -why did you do it? -Because they just humiliated a girl that I was just trying to make happy!

She was depressive. I wanted her to feel the joys of having a better life and then these bustards humiliate her again. They deserved what I did to them. -indeed? -yes. -So you pled guilty? -yes -Indeed? -yes yes and yes! I beat them up. -Perfect I will be back. He came back with a sheet of paper. -Humm, interesting… the witnesses say you know what you were doing…it was no fight…it was training. How do you explained that a 15 year old boy can do that? -If I tell you… you would not believe it.

-indeed? -My dad is special forces. -indeed? -he trained me. -indeed? -can you stop saying that? -Maybe. And the conversation went on and on all true the day.

I was put in a cell for the night. The next morning my dad came to get me saying he played my charge nut I still have to go to court to defend myself. In fact, he was happy about what I did. The training he gave me is for times like this. Instead of driving me home, I asked him to drive to me Mandy's place. He dropped me off. I rang the door and her mom opened. -hello, my name is jack…is Mandy ok?

-Ho you're the guy she cannot stop saying the name of? Please come in. I think she needs you. I thanked her and ran up to her room but she was not there. She was in an other room.

It was a prayer room. Looked a bit like a chapel. -Mandy? She spun around and was breathing heavy. -You're here… -Yes…calm down She tried to slow down her breathing a bit. I slowly came up to her.

she was looking at me. She was shaking. -What are you doing? She asked. -I am Going to make you the happiest girl on terra. -No…you are not going to make…sex with me… -ha no…no…that's for later…I just want to hug you so hard and kiss you till you go crazy.

-Do you love me? -Yes I do love you my sweetheart. I came up to her. slowly our lips closed the distance and touched. I robed her back. We kissed for a minute or tow. -Can we go to your bedroom…Like that you can be more relaxed and less tense. We did lay on the bed and started making out. I kissed her started using my tong. She was hesitant a first but then liked it. We made out. For a long time I do not know what time was it but it was good.

I did not notice that we did not close the door…and that her mom was steering at us for a few minutes now. -Well you two are having a good time. Mandy pushed me away. -Do not worry Mandy, I am not mad at you.

I am actually glad that someone defends you. -thanks mom. I am also very happy. -You Know…You two can do whatever you want…even naughty things…I do not mind.

Just if you are going to have sex, please close the door and make sure you are both clean.

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She laughed. I cracked a giggle too. -Why are you permitting that? I asked, usually parents do not want that to happen. -Well it is because I think people should let their kids have fun. As long that you stay safe, make shure no HIV and make sure, you do not knock my little girl up unless you are ready to. I am fine with it. I like when people are open minded. I also talked to your mom to jack.

She is fine with it too. Now you two do me a favor and French in front of me. -but mom…Mandy protested. -I know just do it so I can see. I will not do anything bad. We sat up, looked at each other and slowly brought our lips together.

I inserted my thong into her mouth and she licked it with her's. After about a minute we broke the kiss. -Sweet you two love it! Just do not forget when you go to the next level to tell me. I know it is embarrassing but it is just to be safe. I will leave you two. Would you look at the time? -Dam 9pm I got to go home. -NOOOOO ,Mandy squiled, Don't go! -It seems she got addicted to you, Mandy's mom said.

-Maybe I can convince my parents. But where will I sleep?

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-With her if you want, her mom stated without hesitation, as long that you keep your prick in your pants. -Do not worry, I will.

I Phoned at home and asked if I can sleep over at Mandy's place. My mom's only complaine was I did not have PJ's. After a minute, she agreed. Just before we got to an early sleep, Mandy told me she had to do a quick prayer. She went into the chapel. I was waiting and waiting and waiting. I spoke to her little sister while I was waiting.

She also hade to do prayers. But she was more accepting of me for what I done for Mandy. She wondered when she will get a person like me. Finally after 1 hour in a half, she came back. She was dressed in a night robe.

White in color. I can actually see true her robe. She looked a lot like a ghost. Unfortunately for me, she was wearing a bra and panties. -You look gorgeous! I said, and scary. -Thanks and why scary? -you look like a ghost -Yea? We got under the covers and started to kiss again. I loved her so much. She was all I ever wanted. After kissing for a while we decided to go to sleep. The next morning we woke up early, in fact, she work me up first.

She kissed me more and told me "have to go take a shower. You will take one too?" I responded by saying "you know we can take one together?" She smiled and said "ho…you perv!" She was off while I was thinking about how would she look like naked. I know that sex is not a priority on my mind.

Still, she is a sweet girl got a hard on and was just laying on my back. Then I noticed Mandy's little sister looking at me. -What the hell? She asked. -Just thinking about your sister. She is beautiful. -Your Thinking about making sex to her? -Look, all guys and I mean ALL GUYS are perverse.

Even me. I am honest. -You Got that right…and…I mean…also…Thanks for…defending my sister Jackson. I…was Wrong about you…sorry. -Do not worry I accept your apologies. Do not worry, I will take good care of you too. -thank you. She let to the "chapel" as I waited some more.

Finally she came back to me. She was wearing a black shirt with a long and sexy black robe. I loved her looks. She was someone special. -Wow, I started, Do you want to go to a prom or something with me? -It is special for you and me. And look it is only 7 am. We have all the time in the world. What you want to do? -I have no idea… -we can…see stuff on the computer&hellip. -by the way you have nice porn sites on it.

-yes…I know it is bad… -it is not! It is normal. -I Am so shameful I did that! -Do not be! I do it too. It is normal. It is just curiosity. On top of that, you liked it. -Nnnnn…yes! -you see no shame. What type do you like? -This is soo embarrassing! It is so weird! -Ok…I will stop harassing you. -Thank you. I grabbed her by the back and held her tight to me to make her feel safe and secure. She returned it very hard.

After a few minutes, I herd her mom say "breakfast ready!" we got downstairs and started eating the pancakes.

Once done, Oni hid back in her room. We hade small chat before the parents were off the work. And Mandy's mom promised us a surprise for us. Her dad said "you guys are going to fall unconscious!" I wonder what it was? What ever! When they were gone Mandy 'jumped' on me and kissed.

She was kissing me hard. Not wanting me to go anywhere. She wanted me well she is going to get me. I brought her to the living room where I threw her one of the sofa's, crawled over her and returned to kissing. I wanted to see how would she react if touch in a special place. I put my right hand over her breast and started massaging it. She grabbed my hand and pulled it away.

Braking the kiss a breathing hard she told me "I do…not know if…this is right." I responded by saying "did you like it? Because if you enjoy it…then it is…no problem!" she responded by saying "What about the Bible!

It…says it is only reserved to after marriage!" I said "ok sweetheart! If you want us to save it your choice. I can wait…I think…no I don't think so…" She giggled. We returned to kissing. After a good while we were interrupted by Oni.

She looked at us as we just kept going. She said "Hello! I am here! " we broke and we answered. She was shaking a bit and very timid. Her white cheeks turned to a bright red. -Can I ask you a favor jack? -indeed! Anything. -I want to know how it feels to kiss. -Sister! Mandy responded. I am sorry but no. -Wait. I said. It is just one kiss I can do that. It is just to experiment. -but I am your girlfriend!

Mandy shouted. I am suppose to be the only one to do that! -I know but look at your little sis. don't you want her to be happy? -ok…do it fast! I approached her and kissed mouth to mouth. It lasted five seconds. I just wanted her to feel how it is. -thank you, she said with a smile.

She ran off back to her room. I came back to Mandy. She wanted to say something but I blocked her with kisses. The rest of the day was kissing. We also went to my home to get my medical papers. She also hade her's we both did not have HIV. Awesome! But she still did not want me to touch her. also I got some cloth at my place because I was staying over that day too. She was opening up slowly to caresses. She was too good for me! We were making out in the living room when the parents of Mandy came home with two big boxes.

I wondered what was in em? They took Mandy to their room. I was waiting. I heard her hi voice. As if she was screaming. So I wondered what was going on. I waited in her bedroom surfing the web for a few things like videogames. I also saw she liked looking at porn. I saw someone walk in true the corner of my eye. I looked and it was my beautiful Mandy in a bathrobe. Her cheeks where so red in embracement! I wondered why? She just stood there as I looked at her.

and the she locked the door and said -mom and dad made me a gift that I make for you. I looked at her puzzled. Until she dropped her robe to the ground. -ho my god! Thos where all I could say. A super sexy girl. She was wearing a lingerie. It was black. Panties and bra. She also had long stockings. With ties to a waste harness. On top of that there was a see true skirt on top of it. I was so stunned at her beauty. She was the perfect girl.

her body, her mind and even her personality. She was now sexy in front of me. Will I now get into her panties? And will she ask me to be her husband? I was soo excited! -Stop looking at me!

She said with her arm across her Brest. -Ho sweet heart! I am going to make you soo happy! I approached her and started kissing.

I roughly shoved my thong into her mouth. Then I threw her onto the bed. She let out a scream just before hitting the bed. I then jumped onto her. I kissed her some more with a lot of aggressiveness. After a small while we broke the kiss. Her mouth and cheeks were covered in saliva.

She was breathing heavily. She then put her hands on her tits. She then asked me -I am all weird…so hot…I just want to touch myself. -love… you are horny! Me too! -Touch me! Make me a woman! -you also need to make me a man!

We kissed again but I grabbed her tits true the lingerie. Her nipples where rock hard. She was rubbing my dick true my boxers. I slowly pulled her bra down from it's position unveiling perfectly globe tits. I broke the kiss to go suck each one of em before going back to her mouth. She pushed my boxers down unveiling my erection.

-you never practiced on toys? -no… -just watch the teeth and you will do good. I layered back as she came to my dick, she started liking it. The first time she put it in her mouth, her teeth scratched me.

"be careful sweetheart! That hurt" she responded with a very sacred "sorry" Then she restarted and did it nicely. After a minute of me moaning in pleasure, I wanted her to have some too! I pulled her to me and flipped her over like that I was on top. I sucked her tits and went between her legs.

I pulled her panties to the side unveiling her bit hairy pussy. I looked at it for a few seconds. It was actually dripping wet! I approached to lick it, suddenly her hand blocked my prize. "What?" she replied "be gentle…I am very sensitive!" with that I grabbed her hand. Shoved it out of the way and had access to her pussy. I started licking. She was moaning and screaming.

Her hips where moving like crazy. Then I herd her say "stop! HAAAAAAA" she came like a river! She scrams as I tried to drink all of her delicious juice. She was moving her hips all over out of control. Once she was done, I came up to her face and kissed her with my cum dripping face.

Her hips were still moving and bucking from time to time. She then looked at me true her hair and asked me "ho my god…was…beyond divine!

I love you… are you going… going to take my…virginity?" I did not know how to respond to such a question.

I decided to say "Do you want me too? I am a virgin too…I will not take it…I will exchange it." She hade a questioned face. She then begged "DO IT" I did not resist. I got on my back and positioned her on top of me.

She wondered what to do. I told her that this is the best position, it controlled when she wants to break it. She slowly slipped on my cock until her sacred seal. She hesitated a lot. Then I heard her say "when I break my seal I will be yours forever, will you be mine for ever?" I did not hesitate one second "baby…I am yours forever, I will love you all the time." She then smiled and slammed down. I thought her cherry will hold until I felt it tear.

She dropped on me crying! I hugged her head. Saying "it will pass baby." It did after a few minutes. The sheets and my tights were covered in blood.

She she got back to her original position she started going up and down. it felt good. She then started to moan as she did her magic. I also started to moan in pure goodness. She responded by telling me "so good" then I could not hold any longer. I erupted inside her!

She came as my first burst of cum touched her. our orgasm was soo good it felt like it lasted for hours. Then she fell on me crying. -Is everything alright my little Mandy? -yes! I…I…am just soo…happy… -Do you want to sleep or want to do something else? -Make love… to me… as much…as you like. -No baby…I am yours.

You chose. Tonight is your night. -Teach me! Show me positions and stuff. -ok sweetheart. I showed her different positions. I told her a big bunch of stuff about screwing. I am no expert but porn is a good reference. We did not sleep, it was fuck after fuck. I came a massive number of times.

She came two times as much. She never seemed to run out of cum. She can squirt from the bed to the wall. Eventually we were just to exhausted to continue and fell asleep for 1 hour. -Wake up you two! I herd her dad say. I was in shock! I thought that he might kike me out naked. But in fact he showed himself super friendly. He shook her daughter. She was so sleepy it too her a minute to freak out.

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We did lock the door? Then maybe he hade the key? -Do not worry Mandy! You two take a shower. Then we will have a chat. She put her cover over her and started saying "this is embarrassing!" she then turned to me and added "no daddy would say THAT!" I gave her a kiss and responded by saying "love, you mom and dad must be happy for you. they also must be very open minded. Not to worry, let us clean up." She tried to get up but she could not walk. I guess I overdid her. I had to carry her.

We went into the bathroom… but I had to carry her because she could barely walk.

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We could take a shower but I wanted to take a bath with her in the luxurious bath. He bath was large enough for 3 people. She opened the water and made it warm. Then attempted to turn the water on. I grabbed her hand and moved my heed no with a smile. I helped her get that super sexy lingerie off her. then we went in. The water slowly filled as we kissed. She then added some bubble bath to make it more conferrable. after more kissing the tub was full. I sat her on the edge of the tub and washed her with soap.

She culd not stand…I wonder what her parents are going to say. After more fun. There was a knock on the door. "you two finished in there!" it was her dad shouting "food is ready!" I helped her out of the bath.

I dried her and her magnificent long silky black hair. Then I helped her get dress. Then we went downstairs. We sat to the table in front of magnificent fruit covered waffles. I drove right in while Mandy was a bit slower.

Her sister was on the end of the table finishing her meal. Then the two girls mother started talking -Did you two have fun yesterday night? -Indeed, I responded with a smile. -Yes mom, Mandy added -Just Have fun kids.

There is nothing wrong. Mandy, you can let Oni on your fun! Mandy's dad said. -What? Said Oni, what are you talking about. -whatever sweetie… you will get it soon. I was thinking about how fucked this family is. They were asking Oni to make love with me? I would mind but what the hell. am an open minded person. I do not mind if my girlfriend had fun with other men.

Sex without love is different than me and Mandy. After breakfast, we went to the bed room to have more sex! But before she asked me about the trial tomorrow. -What happens if you go to jail or something? -Do not worry baby…whatever happens… we will live true it. -ok…just I am so worried. What will happen to school… I am sure I will get bugged and laughed at even more. -Do not worry baby…I think after what I done… everyone will respect you more.

I laid back on the bed and Mandy crawled on me. -I know Jack but still…there is one last secret that I really do not want you to know… I kissed and grabbed her big boobs. -Sweetheart… tell me when you are ready. -Thanks… We kissed for a while. Then, we slowly got to our sexual deed. This one was much more love then sex.

We got undressed and kissed. Then it suddenly hit me. We did not close the door. She ran, naked to the door to close and lock it. I responded to her saying "I love seeing you ass swing." She giggled.

Came back to me to continue. A few minutes after she said. -I wonder what is in that second box mom and dad gave me. More sexy cloth? -Maybe let's go see! We got into the covert and opened to box to find a huge collection of sex toys of all shapes sizes and colors. Her cheeks got red in embarrassment again.

She was on her knees in front of me and I could not resist the temptation to slip my finger down her ass crack to her ass hole. She responded with a little scream. -Wrong hole! -No This one is good too. -but that's where…you know… -Ya, I know, but it is still very pleasure full in the ass…trust me!

I tried it. -WHAT? A guy made love to you? -no no no… I use one of my mom's sex toys… and it felt great! -ok I will try it… -Can a test these toys on my sweetheart? -Of cores you can! I laid her on her back and told her to tell me how she felt. I started with in small dildo's I pushed it in knowing it would be easy for her.

I put the vibration on. She started to moan like crazy. "soo…good.ho lord…ho god." indeed she was having a good time with it. I loved it too. Next I looked in the box and found some baby oil. I asked her "do you want me to start working on your ass?" she giggled and said "anything you want." I was happy at the response.

I asked her to go on her hands and knees. I told her to put her ass up into the air. She did so. Now I told her to relax and tell me if it hurts. I licked her butt hole. She moaned in joy. I eventually got my thong in. I started to fuck my lover with my thong. She liked it a lot by her moans. Now it was time to stretch her but hole a bit. I took the same, small, green dildo. I licked it and slowly pushed it in her ass hole.

After an inch, I pulled out and licked again, until the whole 4 inches where in her. then I turned the vibrator on. She moaned loudly as she got rushed with pleasure. When she said she was ready to cum, I wiped the vibrator. She asked me "why did you not let me cum." I replied by going beside her and said "I want to save that cum.

Do you have a glass of water or something?" she looked at me questioned of what I wanted to do with a glass. I put some pants and a shirt on, ran downstate's, go 2 glasses and ran back up. I striped again got one small wine glass and one half liter water glass. "What are we going to do with those?" she asked.

My reply was "your glass, this big one is for when you cum, all of it will be saved in here. Then we can drink it together. Same for the wine glass, I will cum in it and we can share it." She had a look I never saw before. But whatever I put her on her back and got the bottle of baby oil ready. I put some oil on my fingers and started rubbing her butt hole again.

I gently shoved one in, then 2, then 3. She was having pleasure. 3 fingers in her ass was just about the size of my cock. So I decided to go for it. I started by putting a lot of baby oil on her ass hole and my cock. Then I shoved in. She gasped as I entered her. her butt hole was so hot and tight, I might never get satisfied by her pussy again! I pushed a little more.

Then she said "is…it all? All in?" I said "no baby, but almost…just another inch." I shoved until I was glued to her ass. Then, I started humping. After a minute, she was ready to cum again.

So I grabbed her boobs and gently lifted her up and sate on the bed with her on top of me. I then grabbed the big glass and placed it at her sweet pussy. "baby…please…" I said with a desperate voice. She responded by jumping on my cock. I was hoping that the glass will not move too much. Finally she came. Her river started flowing again. But this time it entered the glass instead of squirting all over.

She shook in all directions and scram in pleasure. When she finally calmed down. I looked at the glass. "ho my love! Look at how much you gave!" she looked in shock. "all…that…god…ho god…" she came off my cock and she rested on the bed. -baby? Want some of your juices? I fear if I start… I cannot stop. -Taste it. I drank a gulp bit and It was like honey.

But the pheromones secreted were what made it special. -This juices come only from a princess like you. -that is…so sweet!

-Want to try? -yeah! I gave her the glass and she drank. She finished off the glass and also said -It is good… it has to do me being a w… -a what honey? -A…uh…nice girl? -Do not lie baby… -Sorry…I need a day or two before I tell you… it is very hard to admit. -ok baby. I am so anxious to hear what you got to say. You are a religious freak. What else is ther?

-Something that you will not believe…drop it…ok? -ok love…now let me finish with that nice ass of yours. I finished off by slamming her ass to oblivion.

When I came I came in the wine glass. I then gave it to her for her to drink. I also asked her not to swallow but to mix it in her mouth. Then we joined lips and mouths to share our millions of babies. After a few minutes we eventually swallowed. The rest of the day was filled with kissing and talking about everything. Monday morning we had the trial.

My love and I were stressed to the limit. I do not know how my dad's advocate got us out with only a two thousand dollar fine. Also in the court room were some pretty menacing Latino people. They looked like gangsters to me. When we got out we had a full family to family dinner. Then we went home. This time My lover was to stay at my place with my sister. We played a game of monopoly with my parents.

My little sis loved it. That night we went to sleep. This time when we made love. We did it in a more relaxed way. I penetrated her pussy while she was right in front of me. We kissed passionately. The only thing I wanted was her happiness. In addition, she was happy. The next day at school… everything went weird. Everyone would look at us in the looked and talk about what I did. I was to say the least, intimidated.

After first class I saw 2 girls talking with Mandy! Wow! Did she make a friend? This is awesome. I wanted up to find out what happened. There was a blond girl and a brunet. -Hi, I started. -Ho… started the blond girl, where did you learn all those tricks? -Yeah, said the brunet, you were awesome. -Ha top secret girls… How are you Mandy?

-Fine… I am glad that people see me in a better way now. -You two love each other? Asked the Blond with a smile. I looked a Mandy with a questioned look. She smile and nodded to tell me it was ok. -indeed…after the "incident" well everything went downhill from there. -Wonder full. You two are perfect!

Let's grab a bite! The blodie said. We ate all together. We were joined by other girls and guys. It was fun. but then I saw a Latino looking at me with a menacing look. Yeah… they wanted revenge. I knew they could not get into hand to hand combat with me. So what would they do? Shoot me? Maybe… but Mandy was all that matter to me. After school she got the e mails of the girls and we went to her luxury sweet.

I was ready to rape her in the bed room. But she told me to wait a minute. I waited 5 in fact until she came back. She then said "I will tell you my secret! I love you to much to not tell you." She put her hands in front of her. there was some sand and a flower inverted pointed towards the sand. She then said "Haky yama sav" Then The grains of sand turned to glowing crystals!

They flew into the room. Illuminating it with all colors type. They were slowly falling back onto the ground. -So? Said Mandy. -what…how… -I know -Magic? It was…wonderful. - it is time…for you to know the truth… -What?

-I am scared -Just tell me it all… and let me think a bit… -Ok I am a witch! A real witch that can do magic and all! Now…everything just went from ho my god to holy shit.