Wet teeb arranges a solo play

Wet teeb arranges a solo play
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Chapter Two Author's note to readers. Nothing about this story is meant to portray any of the characters as under eighteen years of age despite the obvious sexual naivety of the main characters. Also this story also features themes of rape, slavery, and bestiality.

It is intended as fantasy and nothing else. If you do not like such stories STOP reading now. Also don't fill up the comments section with posts about how sick the individuals in the story are or about the people who read or write this style of story. For those looking to take some enjoyment out this tale enjoy yourselves. Chapter Two Twin sisters' training as sex slaves continues. Megan and Molly were thankful they were lead passed the room with they heard the screaming coming from.

However it didn't lessen the feeling of dread they both now had. This combined with the humiliation they felt about being naked in front of strangers made both sisters began to cry again. The feeling of dread began to only intensify as they were lead into a room with four chains with hooks on their ends hanging from the ceiling.

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Both sisters felt their fear began to rise as they were made to kneel next to one of the chains across from each other. The girls then released the sister's wrists from behind their backs and quickly secured them together in front of their bodies. The hook on the end of a chain was then place between the shackles and each of sisters felt the chain began to tighten until they were then forced to stand on the tips of their toes. They then felt their legs being spread.


Looking down they saw the girls attaching each side of a bar between their ankle shackles forcing them to keep their legs apart. Struggling to keep their balance the twins watched as the girls detached the leashes on their collars and left the room.

Megan and Molly could only watch helplessly as they were left alone and wonder what would happen next. With no reference of time Megan and Molly had no idea how long they were left hanging there but they felt a wave of relief when they saw the girls return. This however turned into confusion when they noticed they were leading the other set of twins into the room. They then watched as the other twins were strung up the same as them before the girls left them alone again.

Megan could only look back and forth from Molly and the other twins. Strangely she soon found herself looking closely at the naked bodies of the twins and Molly. Molly like her had long hair stretching down to her butt. However what drew her attention was Molly's trimmed blonde pubic hair and perky breasts. Looking at her naked sister Megan could almost swear that she was looking at herself in a mirror right down to the iney belly buttons on their flat bellies.

She then began examining the other twins. They were redheads with slightly larger breasts above well toned stomachs. From the red triangles on their pubic mounds Megan could tell they were indeed natural redheads. Though they had their hair cut to end just below their shoulder blades. Like her and her sister Megan saw these girls were almost identical with only a few freckles along the top of their breasts providing any differences between them.

Megan's examination or the others was soon interrupted when she heard the squeaking of carts being pushed into the room. Looking towards the source of the sounds Megan saw the girls had returned with two rolling carts with several large bowls on top of them. The squeaking of another cart soon had had both sets of sisters looking at the door again as a naked Asian girl pushed a rolling tool box in followed by a man holding the leash attached to her collar.

Looking at the Asian girl Megan saw she had the same shackles piercings and even the number as well as the word Pleasure tattooed above her pubic mound as the other girls. Hell even her jet black hair was pulled onto a pony tail. Though the pony tail was way longer stretching almost to her knees and the high heels she wore had to be at least six inches tall.

Once they had the carts positioned where they wanted them Megan watched as each of the girls knelt on the floor with their arms behind their heads next to the carts they'd pushed in. Megan then watched as the man began going through the tool cart selecting items.

Before Megan could wonder to much about what the man was doing Megan heard the clicking of another set of high heels entering the room. Looking towards the door both Megan and Molly were both shocked and horrified by what they saw.

Standing in the doorway was Shannon. She had on black leather high heeled boots that stopped midway up her thighs, fishnet stockings held up with a garter belt built into the black leather corset around her waist. Her hands and arms were encased in black leather gloves that ended slightly below her shoulders.

Her breasts and vagina were exposed for all the world to see and they could plainly see that she had the same piercings, collar, and even the numbers tattooed in the same location on her body as the other girls and her long golden blonde hair was even up in a similar pony tail. The thing that made them wonder the most however was what was in her hands. In her left hand was a thick three ring binder but her right hand held a riding crop.

Looking at her step mother standing their Megan strangely felt arousal began to build for her. This was mostly due to the return of the vibrating sensations from her vagina that started at almost the same moment she saw Shannon standing there. Squirming from these sensations Megan quickly looked at her sister and the other twins and saw they were also the subject of the same sensations. However as Megan glanced at the girls that were kneeling she saw they weren't being effected and realized that only the four of them that were suspended were being aroused in this way.


Looking at Shannon as she walked into the room Megan saw a look of contempt on her face change to one of satisfaction as she watched them squirming brought on from the onslaught of the vibrators in their vaginas. Not understanding Megan looked Shannon over again and noticed something different about her tattoos.

Instead of the word Pleasure Shannon had the word Mistress tattooed under the numbers. Megan couldn't contemplate this difference for long as Shannon moved behind her. Megan soon saw Shannon reach around her body with her right hand and grab a hold of her right breast.

As leather covered fingers massaged her breast Megan felt Shannon's left hand moving down her abdomen making their way to her vagina. Before she could even wonder what Shannon was doing her fingers found Megan's moist slit and began to rub her. With her arousal at a new level do to the groping of her most private parts Megan heard Shannon whisper in her ear. "Cum for your mistress and show her what a whore you are slave." At this point Shannon pinched Megan's clit at the same time as she licked her earlobe setting off a massive orgasm that had Megan squirting her vaginal juices all over the floor.

Straining in her bounds Megan cried out in ecstasy before she went limp and hung unresponsive from the ceiling. Megan could only stare blankly as she watched Shannon move behind Molly and begin groping her the same way. Even in her dazed state Megan could recognize when Shannon whispered the same thing to Molly.

"Cum for your mistress and show her what a whore you are slave." Megan then watched as Shannon licked Molly's earlobe and pinched her clit sending her sister into a earth shattering orgasm of her own.

Seeing Molly straining like she did as her vaginal fluids sprayed out made Megan wonder if she looked half as erotic as her sister did during her own orgasm.

Looking at the puddle forming under Molly's spread legs then made Megan become aware enough to feel her own fluids dipping from her body. Though Megan would have something else to be worried about at she watched the man approach her.

To weak to do much more then hang limp Megan didn't even react when she felt the man's hands exploring her body. Megan barley was even able to let out a whimper as he began to twist her nipples. Quickly losing interest the man slapped Megan on the ass and moved onto Molly. Looking from the man twisting Molly's nipples Megan saw Shannon was now behind one the other twins fondling a breast as the fingers on her other hand explored her vagina.

Soon however Megan saw Shannon whisper the same command that had preceded the licking of the earlobe and the pinching of the clit that sent Megan over the edge. "Cum for your mistress and show her what a whore you are slave." Megan could only stare transfixed as Shannon brought both of the twins to orgasms that left them hanging limp from their chains. Megan felt a tinge of jealousy as she watched the twins orgasm from Shannon's touch. However Megan would soon learn that they were far from being done with her and Molly.

Megan watched as the man snapped his fingers and pointed to one of the girls kneeling by the carts. He them pointed at the puddle of Megan's fluids between her legs. Megan watched the girl start crawling towards her as the man repeated the silent command with the other girl making her crawl towards Molly.

Looking down between her legs Megan watched as the girl began to lick up her vaginal fluids from the floor beneath her. After a quick glance towards Molly Megan saw the other girl doing the same thing beneath her sister.

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Remembering that Shannon was there Megan began to look around the room for her. She soon found her along side the man as they were flipping through pages on the binder Megan saw Shannon carry in. As they went through the pages Megan saw each page had the same thing. On the top was a picture of a girl or a woman. Just below the picture was the girl's or women's information including an identification number, eye and hair color, measurements, ages, and finally stamped in big red letters the word sold.

Megan watched as they finally stopped flipping through the book stopping on a page with pictures of two girls together.

This was when Megan realized the pictures on this page were of her and Molly. Questions about the meaning of this began to fill her mind as Megan was suddenly given another distraction. Looking down quickly Megan realized the girl beneath her had finished licking her juices off of the floor and now was licking the fluids coating the inside of her legs. Megan could only trimble at the sensations as the girl ran her tongue up and down her legs. Looking again at Molly Megan saw the other girl was licking her legs clean as well.

Megan's attention was soon forced back to the girls between her legs as she felt the girl began to lick around her vagina. Before she could even think about where the girls tongue just was Megan felt the girl press her face into her vagina and begin to rapidly lick her. The combination of the girl's tongue flicking about and the occasional movement it forced of the vibrator inside soon had Megan oblivious of everything else around her again. Though if the girl's actions weren't hard enough for Megan to endure the vibrator suddenly turned on making her a squirming mess as she flooded the waiting mouth of the girl beneath her as she cried out through her gag in yet another mind numbing orgasm.

As the climax began to subside Megan lost consciousness as she heard Molly's began to scream in her own orgasmic bliss. Megan stood naked in the knee deep water of the bathing pool feeling uneasy as the girl ran the sponge along her body. Looking at Molly she was cleaned the same way. It was easy to see that her sister was having just as hard time as Megan was keeping herself in check as the other girls in the harem prepared them for the Sultan.

She longed to throw the girl washing her down and to make love to her and from the look of arousal on Molly's face she could tell she felt the same way. However she knew that the Sultan was very strict about the slaves in his harem making love when it wasn't for his sole pleasure.

Still as the girl began to scrub on Megan's vagina it took every ounce of control she had not to give in to her urges. The urge she most wished to control had to be the building orgasm she could feel. Looking back at Molly Megan could see her knees shaking as the girl washed he vagina and understood that her sister was having the same issue.

Still they had to keep themselves under control of they were to be able properly pleasure their owner. Knowing full well only once he was satisfied would they be allowed their own pleasure. Still with each touch by the girl Megan was having more and more trouble paying attention.

Till finally Megan's vision started to blur and blackness took her. With a grown Megan began to regain consciousness looking around she quickly remembered everything and realized she'd been dreaming again. However as she felt a towel being moved along her body another realisation set in it hadn't been just a dream.

The asian girl had been washing down her body while Megan had hung limp from the ceiling and she figured she had to have been dreaming about that. As Megan was able to get her mind firing on most of the cylinders she finally heard the moaning.

Remembering Molly she quickly looked across at her and saw she was alright. Though it was obvious that while Megan was out that her sister had been cleaned up and they had put her hair into a pony tail like the other girls. This made her remember what had made her pass out and she began to look for the source of the moaning. Though all that took was a glance at the other twins to see they both had one of the girls between their legs licking their vaginas.

Something about what she was witnessing was bringing strange thoughts and images in Megan's head. As Megan watched the girls giving the twins such pleasure she began to wonder what it would be like to lick another girls vagina. This thought brought the image of her on her knees with her face pressed against another girls crotch licking away at her vagina. As these images began to spur her arousal another familiar sensation returned when Megan felt the vibrator turn on.

Megan should of wondered why the vibrator turned on like it did or why she was being aroused by such thoughts or even why she was even having such thoughts. But in that moment Megan didn't care about anything but the orgasm she could feel building inside of her. Megan was so blinded by these feelings that she failed to notice that Molly's vibrator had also turned on and her sister was being driven into a similar orgasmic daze. But Megan found herself completely oblivious to everything around her.

Even when the asian girl started to brush her hair before typing in a pony tail didn't snap Megan out of her fantasy.

If anything it only shifted to the images drifting though her mind to fit the external stimulus. Megan was picturing the girl she was pleasuring having a hold of her hair and pulling on her blonde locks as she guided her tongue to the proper locations. To Megan's disappointment the vibrations suddenly stopped as she was teetering on the edge of another climax.

Snapped back to reality but still longing to return to her fantasy Megan focused on Shannon. Looking at her stepmother Megan began whimper in disappointment as she tried to plead through her eyes. Even when she saw Shannon walking towards her Megan continued to silently plead for release. As Shannon reached her Megan could only hope that her stepmother would understand her wants and grant her desires.

Even as Shannon looked her in the eyes Megan continued to whimper as she returned her stare with pleading eyes. Megan's only regret was that she still had the gag in her mouth and wasn't able to beg Shannon to allow her to return to her fantasy. Megan didn't realize that Shannon was watching where Megan's attention was focused when her arousal caused the vibrator to turn on. Seeing this Shannon decided to use this situation to test Megan's compliance and possibly get a little relief for herself.

Or Shannon would get an opportunity to torture the bitch so so she had nothing really to lose by altering her plans some. Little did Shannon know that if Megan could've spoken as she looked her in the eyes Megan would have offered her almost anything to have that release.

This would be a surprising turn of events for a great many people but ultimately Shannon would be the first to benefit from it.

Soon Megan was frantically nodding her head yes as Shannon asked her a series of questions. "Does someone want the vibrator turned back on?" Does that little whore want to have another orgasm?" "Is that whore going to give her mistress whatever she wants to get that orgasm?" Satisfied with her responses Megan heard Shannon whisper the following in her ear.

" I'm going to remove the gag and you are going to beg me to let you eat me out. You will beg loud enough for everyone to hear and you will only use the following words. Please mistress may this worthless slave whore have the pleasure of eating out her mistress's glorious pussy." Something about what Shannon said seamed to add fuel to Megan's passion fueled state.

Not only was she going to get the release she wanted but she would be able to actually experience almost the very thing she had been fantasizing about that put her in this position. Without any hesitation Megan nodded yes when Shannon whispered the the next two questions.

"Do you understand?" "Will you do as you are told slave?" Satisfied with the answers Shannon whispered some final commands to Megan.

"I'm going to remove the gag and again you will beg me in the the following words. Please mistress may this worthless slave whore have the pleasure of eating out her mistress's glorious pussy." Megan again nodded yes as she felt Shannon releasing the strap that held the. Taking a deep breath as she felt the gag pulled from her mouth Megan began to repeatedly beg Shannon.

"Please mistress may this worthless slave whore have the pleasure of eating out her mistress's glorious pussy." Please mistress may this worthless slave whore have the pleasure of eating out her mistress's glorious pussy." Please mistress may this worthless slave whore have the pleasure of eating out her mistress's glorious pussy." After she said it the third time Megan saw Shannon squat down and unhook the bar that was keeping her legs spread.

At almost the same moment that she felt her legs freed the chain holding her upright began to lower. Quickly remembering what she watched the other girls doing to her, Molly, and the other twins.

Megan fell to her knees in front of Shannon as she spread her own legs and pointed to her vagina while giving the following command. " get to work slave!" Oblivious to everything around her even the look of shock on Molly's face Megan Leander forward pressing her face into Shannon's crotch. As soon as she was in position Megan opened her mouth and began to run her tongue along the opening of Shannon's vagina.

As worked her tongue like she remembered being done to her Megan again felt the vibrations from her own vagina that she was coming to love. With the vibrations back Megan's moans soon joined Shannon's as Megan's tongue was busy exploring the depths of her stepmother's pussy.

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Megan was so engrossed in her task and the sensations the vibrator was given her she failed to notice the screaming of the other twins. While Shannon was having her way with her step daugters the man decided to get work on the task that had brought him here. Bypassing Megan as Molly the man quickly ordered the slaves to clean the other twins.

Granted his personal asian slave had already started just before Shannon had manipulated Megan into eating her out. Then while they worked he consolidated the slave ledger to see what the organization had planned for them.

Once he had that information he started his first task permanently removing unwanted hair. Dawning a pair of protective gloves he spread the special cream onto their legs and armpits.

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While he knew the organization preferred hairless pussies except on redheads he only spread the cream around their pussy lips while saving a triangular landing strip her could later refine with a laser.

Of course what the twins didn't know was shortly after application the cream would start to burn as it killed off the hair follicles. So around the time he had started applying the cream to the second sister her twin had already begun to feel the effects and was screaming at the top of her lungs.

Quickly finishing with the other sister he stepped back to his toolbox and gathered what he needed for the next project. Granted this was still while he waited for the cream to finish it's job. After about five minutes since he applied the cream to the first girl her ordered one of the slaves to began to wash it off only to repeat the order with her sister when she reached the five minute mark.

Reaching the point where he needed to wait till the slaves finished washing the cream off he decided to watch what Shannon was doing with her step daughters.


He had to be impressed by what he saw. Not only had she gotten the one to beg to eat her out this early into her slave training but the the other sister was so transfixed on her sister pleasuring her step mother she didn't hardly notice the other girls' screams. Though he suspected the vibrators in their pussies had a lot to do with their behavior but he was certain that Shannon was smart enough to capitalize on it.

Turning back to his toolbox grabbed his tools and a set rings for the nipples and clits of the other twins. Having his slave hold his tools and the rings he began to twist the nipples of one of the twins breasts. Once the nipple was erect he took the needle his slave handed to him and pushed it through the nipple. As the redhead began screaming again he pulled the needle out and worked one of the rings though the hole he'd just made.

He was just finishing the second nipple when he heard Shannon cry out in orgasm. He had work hard to suppress his own urges as he watched Shannon grab a hold of Megan's head and keep it pressed against her pussy. As her orgasm began to fade Shannon ordered Megan to keep licking her pussy before turning her head to watch as the man finished piercing the clit of the twin. Taking his tools from his slave he moved back to his toolbox to sterilize the needle and to get the piercings for the other twin.

By the time Shannon had finished with her Megan the vibrator had given her at least two orgasms and had shut off as she was on the brink of a third. Still in a daze Megan longed to continue but to her disappointment there were other plans for her. That didn't stop Megan from begging and pleading with Shannon as the chain began to hoist her back on to her feet. Though as she pleaded she failed to notice that the man had finished piercing the nipples and clits of the other twins who were still sobbing away from the modifications made to their bodies.

The only thing that Megan was able to focus on was the phrase Shannon had told her as she kept repeating over and over again. "Please mistress may this worthless slave whore have the pleasure of eating out her mistress's glorious pussy." "Please mistress may this worthless slave whore have the pleasure of eating out her mistress's glorious pussy." "Please mistress may this worthless slave whore have the pleasure of eating out her mistress's glorious pussy." "Please mistress may this worthless slave whore have the pleasure of eating out her mistress's glorious pussy." Even as Shannon rehooked the spreader bar between Megan's ankles Megan kept pleading.

The whole Megan was pleading the man began to prepare the items needed to handle Megan and Molly's hair removal and piercings. He had just finished gathering the necessary items when Shannon silenced Megan by replacing her ball gag.

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Unable to continue her pleas Megan could only watch as Shannon walked over to talk to the man. As she watched Shannon walk away Megan finally noticed that both of the other twins were historically crying and started to wonder what she had missed while in the throws of passion. Scanning the room the first thing Megan saw was the two girls that had brought then here were gone as well as the carts they'd pushed in. Now thoroughly confused Megan looked around again making it a point to examine everything as closely as possible.

Molly seamed to be in a dazed state as she looked back at Megan questionably but looked untouched. However when Megan looked at the other twins she saw they both now had the same style of rings in their nipples and the tops of their vaginas she'd seen on the other girls.

Then on farther inspection Megan saw that the skin in their legs now had a strange pink tint to it. Questions about what had happened to the twins were running through Megan's head when she heard the sound of the carts returning. This however only to create some new concerns when the carts were stopped next to Megan and Molly and the girls knelt at the sisters' feet. Megan's curiosity about what they were going to do to then soon turned into terror when she watched the man began to advance on Molly with a jar with some sort of cream in it.

The next thing Megan saw was the man bend down and remove Molly's ankle shackles and high heels. What happened next was what scared Megan horribly. The reached into the jar with a gloved hand and pushed out a large glob of the cream and started covering Molly's leg in it. As soon as he finished one leg he started on the other one. Megan saw that about that time Molly had began to whimper but by the time that the man had half way finished with her second leg Molly's whimpers had changed first to squealing then to full blown screaming.

Her sister's screams only intensified as the man completely covered her pubic mound before moving to Molly's armpits. As the man finished with her sister Megan watched in terror was the man advanced on her. Megan could only frantically shake her head no and whimper as she felt the removal of her shackles and high heels.

Soon however Megan was squirming uncontrollably as the man quickly covered the desired portions of her body with the cream. Before anyone knew it Megan was screaming as well as her sister. Megan could only hang limp by wrists crying uncontrollably by the time they had gotten the cream cleaned off of her. Even as her shackles high heels were put back of her Megan couldn't hardly move. The only thing that did get any kind of a reaction from Megan was when Molly started screaming when the man started her piercings.

Though given how exhausted Megan was at this point her reaction was limited to just sobbing a little harder as the rings were affixed to her sister. Megan was relieved when she watched the the man stepping away from Molly and returning to the toolbox. Thinking that at least they were done with Molly but Megan's relief was short lived when she saw the man pull out an extension cord.

Even as the man sent the asian girl to plug the cord in Megan watched as he began to pull tattoo supplies form the toolbox. Remembering the tattoos on Shannon and the other girls Megan instantly understood what was about to happen to her sister now. Megan could no longer bare to watch as the man began to tattoo Molly's pubic mound. Though as her head dropped to her chest Megan was suddenly screaming again as she felt a jolt of electricity shoot out of her collar as pass through her body.

As soon as Megan had recovered she saw Shannon looking at her with a menacing look on her face as she held a remote control in one hand as was pointing the riding crop at Molly with the other hand. Megan didn't need a explanation for the meaning was clear. Don't look away again. Not daring to look away again Megan watched as the number 3567-A was tattooed onto Molly's pubic mound.

As soon as he finished with the number Megan watched as the words Brothel Whore were added just under the number. As the man finished and stepped out of the way Megan watched as Shannon walked over to her sister. Touching her new tattoos with the tip of the riding crop Shannon told Molly her new name.

"From this moment on your name is Brothel Whore number 3567-A. You will only answer to this name and no other. You old life and identity are gone. As of now you are only a sex slave subject to your master's or mistress's will." Moving behind Molly Shannon proceeded to deliver a series of blows to her ass with the the riding crop before moving back in front of Molly.

Tapping her hand with the riding crop Shannon began to explain farther. "Understand this Brothel Whore number 3567-A nothing but complete obedience and total submission will be tolerated from you. If you refuse or hesitate to obey any command you will be severely punished." After repeating the process of walking behind her and giving Brothel Whore 3567-A several more blows Shannon continued. "From now on you are no longer a person but property to be used as your owner sees fit.

Any hopes or dreams you may of had are now gone. Now you only exist to satisfy the desires of your owner. For this now your sole and only purpose in life." Again Shannon proceeded to deliver several more blows up and down the back and ass of Brothel Whore 3567-A before she finally finished the explaining her new life.

"The sooner you except that you are only a plaything of others and delicate yourself to this purpose the easier both you and your sister's lives will be. For if you fail to ever obey any rule or command not only will you be punished but so will she and I can guarantee that any punishments won't be pleasant for either of you." With the lecture on what her life was going to be finished Megan watched as her sister who for now everyone including by her would only be known as Brothel Whore 3567-A began to sob uncontrollably.

Her sister wasn't the only one effected by this however for Megan knew now that now that they were finished with her sister it was her turn. Once her piercings and tattoos were done Megan listened between being whipped how She was now Brothel Whore number 3567-B who was only a sex slave to be used as her owner saw fit.

While with the exception of the difference in their identification numbers this was basically the same speech given to her sister. However the part about the sooner she excepted this fate the better off she'd be seamed to resonate with her this time for some strange reason. Now that they were finished with her Brothel Whore 3567-B could only cry uncontrollably just as her sister still was. She was so consumed by these revelations that she didn't even pay attention as the other twins were stripped of their identities as well.

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Since the pubic hair on redheads enslaved by the organization was almost always retained the other twins were to have their identification numbers tattooed on the back of their necks at a later date. But since it wouldn't be visible under their collars they were given an extra piercing.

A small silver plate hung from each slave's belly button. These identified them as "Brothel Whore number 3569-A" and "Brothel Whore number 3569-B". Brothel Whore 3567-B was so physically and emotionally exhausted this point that she was operating on cruise control.

So her compliance for what they had planned next was guaranteed. Both her sister and her were lowered to the floor their the shackles on their wrists were released from each other and the spreader bars and ball gags were removed. Once this was done they were instructed to kneel across from each other with their arms behind their heads and legs spread. They were told this was called the presentation position. They were also told of the standing presentation position when the other set of twins were placed into it.

That position consists of the slave standing straight with her chest out while her legs are spread with her arms behind their heads. Both positions were designed so almost every part of the body of the slave were easily accessible for inspection by their master or mistress. Once they had the presentation positions explained Shannon proceeded to explain the proper way for a slave to address and talk to her master or mistress.

First off a slave doesn't speak unless spoken to first. The slave was not a person so instead of using "I" or "Me" she would instead use "This" when referring to herself. The "This" was to then to be followed by the by the slave's recorded classification. Any male that used them was to be always addressed as "Master" and select female slaves including Shannon were always addressed as "Mistress" or "Madam" depending on their ranking within the organization.

Those slaves would bare the classification marking of a "Mistress" or "Madam" under their identification number tattooed above their pussies. Any free woman that was part of the organization was also to always be addressed as"Mistress" Brothel Whore 3567-B had began to piece together what was going to be both her and her sister's futures as this explanation went on. This was mostly due to the word "Madam" but when they explained the classification markings she was certain.

Granted once the decree that she would only answer to the name "Brothel Whore 3567-B" was pretty much self explanatory as to what the organization's plans for them were. Both her and her sister were being sold into prostitution and she was fairly certain the only thing they were going to get was screwed both literally and figuratively.