That beautiful babe plays with big dick of man

That beautiful babe plays with big dick of man
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DISCLAIMER: This is a story of fiction, the author makes no recommendations and does not condone, or condemn, any actions taken by the characters in this story. The characters are completely fictional and any similarities to any person or persons, living or dead, real or fictional, are completely coincidental. The Author takes no responsibility for any actions or inactions taken by any person or persons who read this fictional portrayal so read at your own risk!

This is an original piece of fiction written by the author who goes by the pen name Magusfang, any other person who wishes to post this story, or download it, may do so as long as they retain this paragraph. Girls Who Wear Glasses Gayle adjusted her spectacles, the heavy thick lenses conspiring with gravity to constantly slide them to the tip of her small button nose as she sat glumly at her desk, invisible as usual. She really didn't understand why the men around here looked right through her; she didn't think she was that bad looking.

Ok, she was a little nerdy and didn't have the huge boobs that blonde bimbo Candy, the office manager, had; but she thought she was cute, maybe not beautiful, but cute for sure.

Besides, she thought men liked petite asian women, even the mousey looking ones, considering all the asian porn the men here downloaded; but evidently her office was the exception to the rule. Gayle was thin and athletic but she never really bothered much with her appearance, favoring comfort and practicality over glamour; it was a lesson her mother had hammered into her on a daily basis, telling her constantly that any man worth having would appreciate her sensibility.

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Even so, as pretty as she was and as much as her mother assured her there was someone searching for her even now, the men around this office, around her neighborhood, and seemingly populating the small city she lived in seemed to prefer the shiny over the practical; Gayle guessed the old adage was true, men just didn't make passes at girls who wore glasses!

Gayle sighed as she saw David from Human Resources approaching with Mike from Sales and Tony from Public Relations; she had always thought David was kind of cute, in a dorky I look like a giraffe sort of way, but the tall grey-haired man obviously was like every other man she met. She could see him giving the blonde office manager a hungry look as the top heavy slut bent over to pick up a pen she had conveniently dropped when she saw the small group of men approach, giving them a good look at her legs and pulling her snug skirt tightly over her large bubble butt; however if Gayle was buck naked and on fire she doubted they would notice.

Gayle wondered why Candy even bothered, she knew for a fact that the blonde had no interest in these men; she had her eyes set higher up the food chain, squarely on the broad shoulders of the salt and pepper haired CEO of this small company, and who could blame her; if the man wasn't light years out of her league she would have taken a shot at him.

Gayle was pretty sure that Candy was going to use her rather ample body to sleep her way to the top, she had done a pretty good job already actually; only twenty-eight and already the VP of Accounting and the office manager!

Technically Candy was Gayle's boss, but since Gayle's designs and inventions drove this company the giggly blonde left the mousy brunette alone; Gayle was not only the VP in charge of research and development, she was research and development she was in charge of a department of one! David sat on her desk, not as a friendly prelude to conversation, but so he could hide the erection that Candy's polyester wrapped ass was giving him as he spoke to the blonde woman, "So Candy, you have a date to the party tonight?" Gayle watched as the large breasted woman straightened back up and smiled her trademark thousand watt smile, a flashing sign that all but said insert penis here, "Nah, I thought I'd just go stag…who knows, maybe we can dance some." Gayle sighed as she translated the conversation in her head, pushing her wayward glasses back up her nose, 'No date, gonna try and try and get into Mr.

Anderson's pants. But if that doesn't work out maybe I'll let you defile me instead!' She watched as David smiled widely, nearly drooling on himself in anticipation of going where damn near every man had gone before!

David stood, now seemingly showing off the tent in his pants and Gayle couldn't help but roll her eyes as she stood up, her own narrow hips and tiny bottom evidently of no interest to the gathered men as they continued to eye Candy like the piece of meat she obviously enjoyed being; were all men so blind and stupid? It was painfully obvious to Gayle that if a man had nothing but an erection to offer Candy, then she had no interest; David wouldn't be defiling anything but his right hand if he decided to continue sniffing around the buxom blonde.

Gayle sighed, walking around her desk and past the nauseating scene playing out in front of her rarely used cubical, absentmindedly pushing her glasses up yet again and heading towards the conference room without so much as a backward glance, "Come on guys, meeting in five and you know how Anderson hates starting late." Gayle tried to put a shimmy in her step and wondered if anyone's eyes were on her wool-clad fanny, but doubted they even noticed she had walked by.

Her suspicions were confirmed when she heard Candy giggle playfully; Gayle ignored it, knowing she didn't even rate being the butt, so to speak, of a joke, so it had to be Candy still flirting as she led the men working here around by the nose.

"Well, would you handsome men escort me to the meeting?" Candy cooed, "A girl can't be too careful you know, and what woman wouldn't feel safe with three big strong men protecting her virtue?" Gayle dropped her head as she literally bit her tongue to keep from blurting out a snide comment, something about a ship having sailed long ago; best not to annoy the insipid woman anymore than necessary, she really didn't need another lecture on trying to be more pleasant.

Gayle hated the weekly staff meeting, being forced from the relative sanctuary of her lab, which encompassed the entire floor below this one, and forced to interact with the people who she didn't truly understands and was never really comfortable around, people who didn't understand her and were just as uncomfortable with her presence as she was with theirs. But most of all she hated staring at her Boss, the most beautiful man she had ever seen, handsome just didn't seem good enough a word, and trying to hide what his smiles did to her.

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She walked into the large wood paneled conference room, quite an abrupt transition from the glass and steel décor of the rest of the office; but the CEO was a bit of a throw back, preferring the warm organic feel of dark polished woods that were more in fashion a hundred years ago than in this age of computers and mass production.

Oh he wasn't a Luddite or anything, he understood that as technology raced forward, he and his company had to keep pace or die; but he decided there was no reason the company couldn't employ the most modern conveniences with style. In fact his office and, the attached conference room she now stood in, were designed and built by Gayle; this was what she did, taking the old, the classic styles and incorporating modern technology discreetly.

Gayle watched as Candy stood by her chair, hiking her ridiculously tight skirt up slightly, seemingly in preparation to sit but more likely just to show off her shapely legs; Gayle watched, nearly blurting out another snide comment, as the men jockeyed to see who would pull out her chair for her.

The small mousy woman shook her head and sat, there wouldn't be any men pushing through the crowd to hold her chair after all. Gayle turned when the babbling chatter of the monkey's she worked with faded and silence descended on the room; she had a doctorate from MIT and another from Polytech, sometimes she felt like Jane Goodall watching the monkeys fornicate in the copy room.

But her boss was another story all together she thought as she watched the tall sharp dressed man walk into the room with all the regal bearing of a king addressing his court. Gayle was in awe of the tall man who always seemed to have a kind word for her, always seemed to know what to do or say when she was stuck or upset; he was everything a woman could want in a man and Gayle knew when she saw something way out of her league so she kept her feelings, her desires, bottled deep inside, hidden even from herself.

Gayle sighed, a warm flush that she hoped didn't show on her face filled her chest just at the sight of this gorgeous man, and that was the only one of the embarrassing effects he had on her as the tall blue-eyed god smiled down at his seated employees a moment before taking his seat and laying a thin manila envelope on the dark polished wood of the huge mahogany table. She knew there was probably just a raw data printout inside; at her urging they had done away with almost all paperwork, everything being handled on a secure network it was a change that had saved the small company nearly a million dollars last year and brought her her boss's attention.

But she knew one of the man's idiosyncrasies was he still felt more comfortable reading from a piece of paper than from a screen, but to his credit he didn't require anyone hold his hand and create detailed reports for him, he simply printed out the raw data and compiled it himself; gorgeous and brilliant, sometimes life just wasn't fair.

"Afternoon ladies and gentlemen…" Anderson broke the silence, his easy smile still adorning his flawless face, "I must say that this quarter's financial report is attention getting…" "Sir?" Mike asked with confusion, he had thought last quarter had been unusually lucrative; he turned to David but the man who ran accounting and knew what their boss meant just kept staring at Candy.

"Relax Mike, it's a good thing." Anderson laughed and Gayle sighed inwardly; even his laugh was sexy! "According to this report…" Anderson continued, then paused as he lay a well manicured hand softly on the manila envelope, "…according to this report, Furniture Solutions Inc.

cleared nearly half a billion dollars last quarter." There was a quiet murmur of happy people as they all tried to figure what their bonuses would be. "Ok…ok, we can all congratulate ourselves later." Anderson interjected quickly, showing an almost uncanny ability to read his employees' minds, "But before we continue, I would like to lay the credit with whom it is due…Gayle Winters, I am serious when I say we couldn't have done this without you…thank you young lady, know that your hard word is noticed and appreciated." "Um…ahhh…tha…thank you sir…" Gayle stammered shyly as she blushed under his smiling gaze, her body threatening to undo her mind as strange sensations coursed through her.

"Just the recognition you deserve." Anderson replied with a voice that hinted something more, or was it just wishful thinking on her part. The meeting went on, the usual boring reports on the usual subjects that most ignored as they pretended to watch the data streaming across the holographic displays that appeared in front of each of them; each place at the table had a fully functional workstation that, unlike the ones at everyone's office desk, was all holographic and completely imbedded in the tables surface.

It was innovations like this that drove this company to ever-higher profits, innovations that came from one place the brilliant mind of one Gayle Winters! She knew she was the only reason this company was successful; a monkey could sell her designs and in fact Mike in his team simply fielded calls for purchase request, they actually didn't sell anything because the furniture Gayle designed sold itself and everyone knew it, even if no one ever mentioned it.

Finally the meeting came to an end and she wondered, as she did every week, why she had to be here; her reports were sent daily to Mr. Anderson so she never had a presentation, and she couldn't care less about sales or accounting or that Irma, the lady who cleaned the bathrooms, took a sick day last week. Gayle dropped her head when she heard Candy's high, and extremely annoying, voice right behind her, "Remember everyone, Halloween party tonight." She chirped like an excited magpie, "There will be clients, suppliers, stockholders, and even potential customers in attendance so everyone is required to be there in costume…oh and feel free to bring a date if you wish!" Gayle fought to control her temper, knowing the blonde bitch's last comment was a quip directed straight at her; she had never brought a date to any company function, not in the eight years she had worked here in fact she hadn't actually had a date since college!

Gayle sighed as she struggled to gather the strength to get through another office party; she was sure she would someday lose it and come as a psycho gunman and end the annoyances in her life with the blast of a twelve gauge. Gayle jerked slightly as a strong, but gentle, hand rested on her small shoulder and pulled her from her homicidal musings, "Penny for your thoughts." "Ohhhh no…" Gayle laughed nervously as she turned to watch Anderson sit in the plush chair next to hers, the chair recently occupied by David; but any attraction she had for the shaggy-haired accountant was forgotten as she looked into her bosses pale blue, almost grey, eyes, "I…ahhhh…I really don't think that would be a good idea." "Mmmm, that bad huh?" He asked with obvious concern etched across his perfect face; his dark hair had a smattering of grey but she couldn't help but wonder, as she stared at his boyishly young looking face, just how old this captivating man was.

When she didn't answer him he sighed and softly lay his large strong hand on her small, almost childlike, forearm, "Look, I know your coworkers can be annoying at times but shooting them is not the answer…" "How the hell…?" Gayle exclaimed, suddenly slamming her mouth shut and cutting off her words as she stared wide-eyed at the obviously amused man.

"You're easier to read than you might think." Anderson laughed, then leaned in, whispering conspiratorially, "Besides, I have to admit the thought has crossed my mind as well…from time to time." Gayle stared a moment, not sure if he was teasing her or not, "Um…ahhhh…Mr. Anderson I…ahhhh&hellip.what I mean to say is&hellip.well um…" He smiled and chuckled softly, the hand on her arm giving her a little squeeze, "First call me Victor and second relax Gayle, I'm not going you bite you or anything!" Gayle couldn't help but smile as she blushed, she wasn't used to holding a man's attention, and definitely not a man like Victor Anderson!

"Sorry Mr…ah…sorry Victor…I'm, well I'm not very good in social situations and I utterly suck at small talk." Victor smiled, patting her arm softly as he stood, "I think you're utterly charming." Gayle slowly stood and watched nervously as his cold steel blue eyes gave her an appraising glance, blushing as she realized she welcomed his eyes on her body and wondering if he was flirting with her or just trying to be friendly, "I…tha…thank you Victor, I think you're quite charming yourself." He laughed, an unselfconscious sound of amusement that brought a bright smile to her face, "You are a wonder Gayle." He leaned down and kissed her cheek softly, a true sin in the day of sexual harassment lawsuits but he was pretty sure he was in no danger from one Gayle Winters, especially when he felt her tremble under his touch.

"Come on, go home change into your cute teddy bear costume and we'll see you at The Regency at eight…and relax ok? It's a party, cut loose and have some fun for a change." Victor paused and leaned in with a wink, "Tell you a secret, having a good time won't kill you!" "Yes sir." Gayle replied reflexively, laughing softly when she saw his playful scowl, "Sorry…yes Victor." "Better, now go!" He laughed before turning and retreating to his office.

Gayle sighed with a small smile still lingering on her pretty red lips; she wasn't sure what had just happened or what she was feeling but she was sure of one thing she liked it! But unfortunately for her, their little exchange had not gone unnoticed; a green set of eyes narrowed as Candy watched Gayle start for the door, quickly starting after her, ignoring the questioning voices of the men she had been flirting with all afternoon.

David was an amusing distraction for the buxom blonde but she had her sights set higher and she'd be damned if she let that mousey little twat get in her way! Candy caught up to Gayle at the elevators and stepped inside, giving her much smaller coworker a friendly smile as the doors closed, it was a small building and the blonde was sure she could have her little chat without being disturbed if she was quick about it so she reached over and punched the emergency stop button before turning to look Gayle in the eye, "Look bitch, he's mine so back off or you'll be sorry!" "Whoa…what?" Gayle stammered as she took a small step back in the confined space; Candy's suddenly hostile attitude taking her completely by surprise.

"You heard me you little bitch, Victor is mine so back the fuck off!" "I…I don't know what you're talking about." Gayle stammered, not sure how to respond but the woman was a giant compared to her and Gayle felt real fear trapped in the small elevator with Candy.

The big blonde turned and pressed to button for the next floor before disengaging the emergency stop, "Just don't say I didn't warn you; I've worked too hard to get him interested and I'll be damned if you swoop in and shake your skinny ass at him…just back off and everything will be fine!" Before Gayle could respond, the elevator dinged and the door opened, Candy quickly stepping out and walking away, her trademark smile back in place as she greeted the few people still wandering the halls.

"Wow…" Gayle whispered, garnering a few strange looks from the people who joined her in the small metal box; she quickly recovered and gave everyone her best smile to try and cover her nervousness, but it looked more like a grimace. Gayle couldn't get out of the building fast enough and nearly bolted the second the elevator doors opened; but she managed to control herself, skulking through the lobby with her head down and her arms protectively wrapped around her own body. She made her way to the bus stop and stood apart from the others who were waiting for the mass transit vehicles to show up, the buses rarely followed the schedule so it was mainly just a waiting game and today she wasn't really in the mood to stand there and have people stare at her like she was some science experiment gone awry.

Gayle took a deep breath and started walking, she only lived about a mile away, it was a nice sunny, if cold, afternoon and she had time; maybe the long walk would calm her some, she was still a little shook by Candy's threats. Gayle soon calmed into a relaxed cadence as she walked down the nearly deserted sidewalk; she wasn't worried even though the sun was threatening to go down before she got home, it was a safe town and a good neighborhood.

Gayle started window shopping as she walked, marveling at all the neat little shops that were on her street; she never really paid attention on her bus rides home, she was usually lost in her own head thinking about some problem she had to solve at work. Gayle looked through the window and stopped short, there was the most risqué sexy kitty costume she had ever seen she had washcloths that had more material! It was basically a latex V that would barely cover her girl parts and it had no back at all, just an insanely high cut bikini with a small tail attached to the back of it.

She slowly walked to the large window and stared at the nearly naked mannequin, could she possibly dare? Well Victor did say cut loose, and showing up in this thing would definitely constitute cutting loose, besides wearing this would so annoy that fat-titted milk cow Cindy, she'd choke on her cud for sure. "God, I can't believe I'm doing this…" Gayle laughed as she shook her head and walked into the costume store; it was as if something was drawing her inside, as if something other than her was in control of her legs as she slowly, but steadily, walked up to the counter and cleared her throat to get the sales woman's attention, "Hi…um, I'd like to see the kitty costume in the window, the black one?" "Oh that will look so sexy on you, if you don't mind my saying, you have the perfect body for that." The sales clerk replied cheerfully as she gave Gayle's body a once over with a professional eye, "A zero?" "Yes Ma'am." Gayle replied shyly, almost feeling like she was standing naked in front of the older woman.

"You're so lucky, men like small women…especially of Asian descent, if you don't mind my saying…you all look like beautiful little dolls!" The woman replied, cheerfully pattering on as she started digging through a cupboard, "I know, I was thin once upon a time, but two kids took care of that!" Gayle barely registered the woman's words as she turned and held out a small box, "Um…if you're wearing panties and a bra I can let you try it on but once you buy it I can't take it back…health rules and all…sorry." "I…I'm sure it will be fine." Gayle muttered as she dropped her head and dug through her oversized purse, searching for her wallet, "How much?" "Ah twenty-nine, ninety-nine…don't know why they just don't make it thirty bucks, like a penny is gonna make a difference…ok with tax that'll be thirty-two oh nine…let's just make it thirty-two even huh?" "Ok…cash ok or would you prefer a card?" Gayle asked quietly; she rarely shopped in stores, buying most everything she needed online because she wasn't good with people and crowds made her nervous.

"Oh sugar, cash is always king!" The woman replied with a sweet smile that told Gayle that if she paid cash it was doubtful this particular sale would ever be reported; but what did she care, if this nice woman could make a few extra bucks then more power to her.

Gayle handed over the cash and started to turn when the woman cleared her throat and stopped the small brunette, "I'm not trying to be nosy or anything but I was just wondering if you own a g-string?" "A g-string?" "Sweetie, have you ever worn anything like this before?" The older woman asked in a motherly voice as she gently rubbed Gayle's upper arm through her thick parka.

Gayle sighed and slumped her shoulders as she slowly shook her head, "No Ma'am." "Mmmm hmmmm, I thought not." The sales clerk replied, "So I'm assuming by those painfully practical shoes you're wearing, and the horribly sensible skirt and blouse…well…white cotton panties?" Gayle was so embarrassed couldn't even speak so she just nodded slowly as she blushed wildly, "Mmmm, and that's all you own&hellip.well that will never do." "It won't?" Gayle blinked, suddenly realizing she had no idea what was required to be sexy, evidently it was much more complicated then just a skimpy costume.

"Well seeing white panties hanging out would kind of defeat the reason for wearing a skimpy costume." The woman laughed, "Men want to see your pretty bum and not your granny panties…now about shoes…" An hour later Gayle stood on the sidewalk waiting for a cab, her thick parka the only thing protecting her nearly naked body from the cold fall wind as it blew the dead leaves, from the trees that dotted the nearly deserted streets, across the city's concrete covered landscape with a mournful whispering hiss that seemed to try and tell her something she couldn't quite discern, in a language she couldn't quite understand.

Gayle shivered slightly as she felt something dark and menacing slide soundlessly by, unseen but not quite unnoticed, in the dark blustery night; was it that which the hissing, rattling leaves were trying to warn her of some dark unseen presence, or was it a warning of something malevolent yet to come?

Gayle shrugged as she saw the headlights approaching her, hoping it was the cab the nice woman had called her before closing up shop; the night was cold and even though her parka was top of the line, it still allowed the chill air inside to tickle her delicate, and mostly bare, skin with its icy kisses as she stood there holding her oversized purse that contained the clothing she had donned that morning, all the clothing she had donned that morning!

The nice sales clerk had instantly discerned that Gayle had never before purchased, let alone worn, anything quite like the skimpy kitty costume; she had stayed late and helped Gayle complete the look with a black wig of long silky hair and bangs shorn straight across just above her large dark eyes, long black lace gloves that ended just below her small elbows, and black patent leather boots that covered the lower part of her black fishnet clad legs.

Two silver and gold rhinestone bracelets, a similar choker, and heavy black makeup accentuated the look; the nice older woman had even painted Gayle's finger and toe nails dark black. She had felt different as she stood staring at herself in the mirror; beautiful, powerful even. She looked good and the sales clerk agreed; but now as she stood waiting for her cab she was having second thoughts. She wasn't sure if it was the loss of seeing herself through the older woman's eyes, the fact that the excitement and euphoria of doing something so far out of her comfort zone was starting to wear off, or just that she was getting cold and the lure of her nice warm bed in her nice warm apartment was growing stronger by the second.

Whatever it was, she was seriously wondering what the hell she had been thinking when she walked into the small costume store, not sure at all that she had the courage to wear the skimpy outfit in public; the thought of so many people staring at her small body, searching for her flaws, and ultimately judging her was terrifying. The large yellow sedan stopped in front of her and she stared at it a moment, it was decision time; did she just go home or did she screw up her courage and go to the party?

Gayle took a deep breath and reached for the back door with trembling fingers, opening it and slowly sliding inside, her body struggling to make even the simplest movement, like she was being pulled in two different directions, the rope in a cosmic game of tug of war. "Where to Miss?" The driver asked as he turned in his seat to look at her. "The Regency Hotel." Gayle blurted out; the sound of her voice strange in her own ears, the words strange in her mouth; almost as if someone else was saying them for her.

She suddenly felt a sense of relief as she sat back in the seat, clutching her large tote to her small chest; the decision was made and for good or ill the die was cast and her future no longer in her hands.

Gayle closed her eyes and said a little prayer to the god she had ignored most of her life as the taxi pulled away from the curve and started traveling down the streetlight illuminated street, carrying her like some modern day Cinderella to an uncertain future. Gayle was mulling over all the possible disasters her great reveal would end in and missed the entire trip, actually surprised as the vehicle jerked to a stop, "We're here Miss, that'll be twelve fifty-seven." Gayle dug in her large bag, opening her billfold and pulling out a twenty before looking up and handing the crumpled bill to the driver with a nervous smile, "Keep the change and…well thank you." "My pleasure Miss, have a good night." The driver replied with a genuine smile of his own.

Gayle took a deep breath and nodded before starting to slide out of the vehicle before the driver's words stopped her, "Um.well Miss, its not my place really but you look kinda nervous is all…um, well just so's you know…you look beautiful…um just sayin…ya know?" Gayle rewarded the blushing driver with a bright smile, this was the first man who had ever called her beautiful and she found that she liked being complimented, "Thank you." She paused as he returned her smile, obviously relieved that she wasn't angry that he had over-stepped some invisible boundary, before she nodded again and stepped out into the night, stopping to take a deep breath of the cold night air before walking with purpose into the glass and steel door of the high-end hotel.

She had made her decision and there was no point in delaying the inevitable; she would soon be parading around nearly naked in front of both her coworkers and relative strangers. Gayle walked over to the large metal and glass reception desk, her heals clicking loudly on the polished marble and echoing through the cavernous lobby; she stopped, waiting patiently as the middle-aged man finally degraded himself enough to take notice of her, "Yes?" "I'm here for the Furniture Solutions party…" "May I see some identification?" The man interrupted, his face pinched as if he smelled something foul about her.

"Ahhhh, sure…" She replied, a little intimidated by the well dressed snobbish man as she dug through her oversized purse for her wallet, removing both her driver's license and her work ID and handing them to the impatiently waiting man.

She tilted her head and watched with curiosity as the man's attitude rapidly changed from adversarial to almost subservient, "Oh Miss Winters…my apologies, we expected you to arrive nearly an hour ago…well, regardless…your room is ready and if you have any luggage I can call the porter…" "My room?" Gayle asked with surprise, "I didn't rent a room…" "Mr.

Anderson made all the arrangements…he did indicate that there would be no problems…I do hope the penthouse suite will be acceptable…" The man stammered, confused by her strangely hostile attitude; he had never had anyone upset about being in the penthouse suite, "I assure you the room is quite comfortable…" "I can't afford the penthouse suite!" Gayle exclaimed; she made a good living but the best room in the best hotel in the city was out of even her price range!

"Oh, that is no problem Miss." The man replied, obviously relieved that it was something so simple; he had people receive complimentary stays in the penthouse before and the price had come up on several occasion, "Mr.

Anderson has taken care of everything…" "Hold that thought." She interrupted as she turned, once again digging into the giant purse that held most of her life, this time digging around for her cell phone.

She turned from the desk and took several steps away from the dapperly dressed clerk, pressing Victor's number on the tiny keyboard a bit harder than usual in her annoyance how dare that man take such liberties! Just because they flirted a little did not mean she would be jumping into bed with him at the first opportunity, just who did he think he was?


"Hello?" "Mr. Anderson…" "Gayle!" The tall man replied happily, "Are you here? Please tell me you'll be making an appearance at least…" "Mr. Anderson please!" "Gayle? Is something wrong?" Anderson replied, hearing the strange tone in her voice, "Are you ok?" "No, I am not ok!" Gayle replied, letting her annoyance give her just enough courage to get through the phone call; she was sure if he was standing in front of him she would be putty in his hand and would have let him lead her anywhere and do anything he wanted to her.

"I do not appreciate you just assuming I'll spend the night in your room…not that I'd say yes but you could have at least asked!" "Gayle?" She heard behind her, giving a little scream as she felt a strong hand lightly rest on her small shoulder; she jerked and turned, fumbling with her phone and watching as the small black box that ran her life slowly tumbled through the air just beyond her outstretched fingers.

She swore silently, sure her phone was a goner, when it suddenly vanished before her eyes; she stared in stunned silence a moment before she turned to look at Victor and watched as he hit end on her phone and then slowly hold it out to her.

She looked up into his ice-cold blue eyes, seeing nothing but warmth and genuine concern, as he began speaking softly, "Gayle, what are you talking about?" "Wha…how…" Gayle stammered, shaking her head slightly, trying to break the spell looking into his eyes had seemingly woven around her mind; she couldn't seem to think clearly or remember why she was upset, all she could focus on were the butterflies churning in her stomach.

"Gayle, please tell me what's wrong…if somebody did something to upset you…" Her knees nearly buckled as he gently rubbed her small upper arm with that large strong hand of his; he wasn't even touching her skin and her body still began tingling in the most delicious way.

She couldn't understand what was happening to her, she had worked with this man for over eight years, sometimes in quite close quarters, and he never had this effect on her before; sure he flustered her but all handsome men did, this was something different.

She took a deep, shaky, breath as she stepped back slightly and tried to regain some of the outrage she had been feeling just moments before, "I…I…it, well it was you who upset me!" Victor's eyebrows raised in obvious surprise, "Me? I don't understand, what could I have possibly done?" Gayle was still befuddled and blurted out, "I'm not sleeping with you!" "Excuse me?" Victor chuckled as the bemused man continued to stare into her eyes. Gayle blushed brightly, even more confused, "But the room…aren't you and I…I mean it's the penthouse…and…and…oh God, you don't want to sleep with me…oh my God, I'm so stupid…" She dropped her crimson face into her small hands and tried, mostly unsuccessfully, to fight back her tears, "God, I'm so embarrassed…" He sighed and reached out gently, pulling her into a loose embrace before speaking, "Shhhh now, there is nothing to be embarrassed about.

This wasn't some nefarious plan to sleep with you I promise, not that I'm adverse to the idea…" Gayle looked up suddenly, her tears now forgotten as the butterflies in her stomach went into overdrive, "Wha…you mean…um…are you um, are you attracted to me?" "Well…um, would that be so bad?" Victor asked in a quiet, quite serious, voice.

"No…I mean well…you're really attracted to me?" Gayle stammered, unable to believe what she was hearing, "How can you be attracted to me?" "Gayle you are beautiful, smart, funny and kind…how could any man not be attracted to you?" Victor smiled as he pulled her glasses off and tenderly wiped her tears away with his thumb. "Me…me?" She stammered again, blinking the tears out of her eyes as she tried to focus on his face, "You…you really think I'm beautiful?" He smiled warmly as he slightly shook his head, "It's not what I believe or don't believe; you are beautiful and that's just a fact.

A man would have to be crazy not to be attracted to you." Gayle laughed bitterly, not exactly the response he was expecting, "Yeah, well it seems that every man on the east coast is crazy then…" She paused and looked up at him, "You really think…really like me?" Victor smiled as he brushed a stray lock of her soft wig behind her small waifish ear, "I've always liked you Gayle, since the first time I saw you…" "But…" She interrupted, stopping to collect her thoughts before continuing, "You never said anything before, why…why now?" He sighed, trying to decide if he tried to step back and keep their relationship professional or throw caution to the wind and follow his heart; after a moment his heart won the battle and he bent down, slowly moving in to kiss her even as he watched for any sign that told him to back off.

He saw none and a moment later his lips lightly touched hers and she gave a little whimper of surprise, but still leaned in to make a proper kiss of it; after a moment he leaned back, his body trembling slightly as his head spun and by the wide-eyed look at her pretty face he was sure she felt the same, "Please tell me I shouldn't apologize." She continued staring up into his eyes as she tried to catch her breath, "Wo…wow…" "Good wow?" He grinned, sure that she had enjoyed the kiss as much as he did, he slowly spreading smile confirming his hunch a moment later.

"Good wow…very good wow!" Gayle leaned into him, resting her head against his chest and closing her eyes as fear again clutched at the pit of her stomach, "Please tell me you're not playing with me, kissing the poor ugly girl because you feel sorry for her…" "Oh Gayle, you are not ugly and I am definitely not playing with you." Victor replied and as before, leaning in and kissing the top of her head, "I…well I never said anything before because you never really seemed to be interested…" "God, I was sssoooo interested." Gayle laughed softly, "But you are way out of my league…I mean I never dreamed you could possibly have any interest in me." She leaned back slightly and smiled up at him, "You're beautiful…um…I mean gorgeous…ahhhh…" "I'd be happy with handsome." He chuckled softly, bringing a bright smile to her face; a smile he thought was as wonderful as its owner.

She laughed as she rested her head against his chest again, "Handsome it is then." The stood that way for several minutes, just enjoying the feeling of being close, when the desk clerk cleared his throat, "Your keycard Miss." Gayle leaned back again, searching Victor's eyes as she spoke, "Can you make two keycards?" Victor blinked, then smiled slightly, "Are you sure?" She swallowed hard, trembling slightly, "N…no, but I want you to take the card anyway…please?" "Make another card." Victor smiled softly, sighing as she rested her head against his shoulder, "Come on, lets go up to your room and get your makeup fixed…" "Oh God, I must be a mess!" Gayle exclaimed, suddenly mortified as she buried her head even tighter into his chest; ten minutes ago she wouldn't have cared about a little smeared mascara but now it was immensely important to her that she look her best for the man whose arms she now rested in, "Oh…don't look at me!" Victor chuckled, the warmth of the sound bringing laughter to her lips as well, "You look wonderful, you always look wonderful." "You haven't seen me in the morning." She laughed, suddenly unselfconscious about how she looked; he was doing strange and wonderful things to her and just the fact that he thought she was pretty shot her self-confidence through the metaphorical roof, "You'll probably run screaming…" "Am I going to see you in the morning?" He interrupted softly, holding his breath as he awaited her answer.

"Oh God I hope so." She sighed, amazed that he even had a doubt and even more amazed that she had basically told him that she was going to do what she so adamantly insisted she would never do just a few minutes before, "Oh God, you must think I'm such a slut…" "Then I am too because right now what I want most in all the world is to hold you without all these damn clothes between us!" Gayle looked up at him and literally growled as she stepped out of his arms and took his hand and started leading him towards the elevators, only stopping when the hotel clerk called out, "Miss, your cards!" "God damnit." She growled, dropping Victors hand before walking quickly back to the clerk, snatching the cards from his hand, and whirling about to return to Victor who watched her with some amusement and much nervous anticipation.

"Miss, you need to…" The clerk started, and stepped back slightly at her almost feral interruption. "Later!" Gayle growled as she retook Victor's large hand and began pulling him towards the elevators once again, the large man smiling as he let himself be led by the waifishly thin, elven tiny woman.

He knew she was nervous, watching her small hand tremble as she pushed the call button; he was nervous as well but probably for a different reason. Their interaction had not gone unnoticed and Candy snarled to herself as she watched the tiny woman she never dreamed would be a serious threat to her plans and the man who she had her sights set on as her ticket to easy street, to the life of luxury she was sure she so richly deserved.

The buxom blonde growled as she watched the unlikely couple step into the elevator and continued to watch until the doors closed and the numbers above that door rapidly began to change as the metal box holding her prize and the thief who had stolen it rocketed up to the top floor. Candy turned and began walking down the wide hall that led to the great ballroom, her heals clicking sharply on the white marble floor as she fumed inside and wondered how to deal with this new, most unwelcome, development.

She saw David standing at the large wooden doors to the ballroom and smiled as he waved to her; an idea blossoming in her mind that might just salvage her plans for a life of leisure.

She smiled brightly as she waved back, adding a pronounce sway to her hips as she walked toward him with her shoulders pressed back and her ample busom leading the way, "David! I believe I owe you a dance or two…" Gayle and Victor had no idea they had been spotted and frankly couldn't have cared less, once again wrapping their arms around each other and pressing their lips together as soon as the doors slid shut, "Slide your card…" "Card?" Gayle breathlessly replied, all she was interested in were the lips still brushing against hers, the strong body pressed against hers.

"You have to slide your card or the elevator wont move." He laughed, kissing her again, stunned how fast things were moving; stunned but not really surprised, he rarely was attracted to women anymore and the few times in the past that he was things always seemed to move fast.

Those other liaisons always ended badly and he hoped against hope that this time would be different; he had never felt so strongly towards another and really wanted it to work out this time, Gayle was special and he was tired of being alone!

He watched as she fumbled for the card and almost desperately swiped it through the reader, quickly turning and searching out his lips once again; her scent, her softness quickly driving the worries from his mind as he eagerly returned her kisses. Time passed without notice from either of them and sooner than seemed possible the elevator sang out it's familiar ding to let them know they had arrived before the doors slid open and revealed the foyer of the luxuriously appointed penthouse.

The work of several famous interior decorators was lost on them, they only had eyes for each other at that particular moment in time as they walked as one, entering the large hallway that led to the large common room of the spacious suite, shedding clothing as they went. As Gayle's parka hit the floor, Victor stepped back and laughed softly, even as he ran his appreciative eyes across her small, nearly naked, body several times, "Wow!

I know I said cut loose but wow!" "What? What's wrong?" Gayle asked, suddenly self-conscious as she looked down at the tiny cat costume that left very little to the imagination.

She shyly wrapped her arms around herself and blushed as she stared at her shiny leather boots, "I…you're disappointed aren't you?" "Gayle…" "I know its skimpy…and…and I know I have the body of a twelve year old boy.but I…I just thought…" She stopped stammering and sighed dejectedly, "I just wanted someone to notice me for a change." Victor's smile faded as he stepped forward, his arms once again gently encircling her, as if that was what they wee made to do, looking down into her wide dark eyes as, "I've noticed you every day for the last eight years…I can't tell you how many times when I leaned over your shoulder to look at something and caught your scent…or when I saw your smile…God Gayle, it took every bit of self-control I had not to take you into my arms and kiss you over and over…" "Oh Victor…I wish you would have…oh I wish you would have kissed me and never stopped!" She sighed, a look of wistful joy replacing her previous expression of worry, "We wasted so much time…" "That doesn't matter, we have all the time in the world." He smiled, "All the time we want." Gayle stepped back and smiled as she reached up and slid the thin straps from her small shoulders and the skimpy costume dropped from her body and bunched up at her feet, she shivered slightly as she stood naked, or nearly so, in front of the man she just realized she was probably in love with.

She made no move to cover her small lithe body as she searched his face for some sign that he either liked or hated what he saw, but he just stood there staring at her with his mouth slightly ajar, "Well…? Victor please say something!" "Gayle…I…My God you're gorgeous!" "Really?" She replied, her eyes sparkling with joy as a wide smile crossed her lips, refusing to leave her blushing face even as he stepped forward and swept her off her still booted feet.

She giggled like a school girl, her body humming with desire, as goosebumps sprouted on her flushed skin, his hands on her bare flesh filling her with the most wondrous tingling sensations; she kicked her feet, giggling again as the skimpy black latex costume flipped off her small feet and tumbled lazily through the air to land silently on one of the ridiculously plush couches. She leaned into Victor, resting her small head on his thick shoulder and cooing out a quiet moan of contentment as he carried her across the large opulent room and into the just as large and just as opulent bedroom, pausing next to the unbelievably large bed and gently laying her on the incredibly soft down comforter.

Gayle's head was spinning and she could hardly believe what was happening, it was like some strange, and slightly dirty, fairytale and she was the princess instead of the homely maid or stepsister for a change. "Gayle…I…I really want this but I want you to really want it too." Victor whispered, tripping slightly over his words as he tried to explain emotions he really didn't understand himself, "I…well I really like you and I don't want to go too fast or.or…GOD!

Why is this so hard?" She grabbed his shirt, her small delicate fingers wrapping around the soft white silk as she pulled him down on the bed next to her, tenderly caressing his cheek as she smiled and leaned in, kissing him once again; she just couldn't get enough of the feel of his lips touching hers, "I want this so much…" They traded a few more kisses before she sighed again and leaned back, "Um Victor…um, I have to tell you something…this is so embarrassing…" "Hey, you can tell me anything…" He smiled as he caressed her face, his fingers barely touching her skin and causing a shudder of pleasure to wash through her, "I couldn't possibly think any less of you…wait…um, that didn't sound right…" Gayle laughed as he shook his head; she didn't know if he had misspoken on purpose but judging by his mischievous smirk she kind of thought he did, "God you're wonderful…" "So you had to tell me I'm wonderful?" He grinned, having almost as much fun joking with her as he did kissing her soft red lips, "I already knew that." "That's what I love about you, your humility!" Gayle laughed softly, amazed at how easy and comfortable she was laying naked in his arms; she snuggled into his arms and again began speaking in a shy subdued voice, "Victor, I really want to do this, to be with you, but I um, well I've never done this before…I'm a…well I'm a virgin!" Victor jerked back slightly, as if her words struck him with a physical force, "Seriously?

How is that possible?" She shrugged slightly before responding, "No one ever wanted me." "I can't believe that…Gayle…Gayle, you're beautiful!" He exclaimed in disbelief, "I don't see how…" "I…I'm sorry…" "For what?" Victor responded quickly, "There's no shame in being a virgin, we all were once you know." "Its just…well I don't know what to do…well I do but well I…" Gayle stammered as she blushed brightly, "I'm sorry, I'm not very good at this sort of thing…" "You're just fine." Victor smiled warmly as he kissed her forehead, "But this does kind of change things." "Victor please…" She started to protest but he silenced her with a large well-manicured finger on her small soft lips.

"Hush, like I said I'm here and I'm not leaving…I meant it when I said we have all the time we want." He smiled, "Its just I don't want to hurt you so we need to go slow and…well I know this sounds so shallow…but we do have to make an appearance at the party.people have been asking about you." "Me?" She asked in disbelief, "Why would anyone ask about me? I'm a nobody…I design office furniture for Pete's sake!" "Gayle, you are a rock star to these people!" He laughed as he rested his head on the soft pillow next to hers, "There's one thing about CEO's, we love our toys and you make the best toys." She just shook her head, not sure if she believed him or not but not really caring, as long as he thought she was special that was enough, "Do we have to go right now, can't we at least cuddle a bit?" "Cuddle?" He laughed, his eyes twinkling evilly as he smirked at her with a lopsided grin that made her heart race, "I have the most beautiful woman in the world laying naked in bed next to me, I think I can do better than a cuddle." "Oh?" She giggled softly, "And just what, pray tell, would that be?" Victor answered with just a smile as he rolled over and straddled her small body, leaning down and kissing her nose softly, then her lips; Gayle mewing quietly as he left her mouth but her pitiful whine turned into a soft moan as his lips tenderly kissed the soft flesh of her delicate neck, tickling her sensitive satiny skin with his warm wet tongue.

Gayle gasped as he moved farther down her body; his loving kisses like the soft touch of a butterfly's wings as his lips brushed her smooth skin, leaving goosebumps in their wake. She moaned loudly, pressing her head into the soft pillows as his mouth found the small sensitive nipples of her small, nearly nonexistent breasts; she had always been self-conscious about her lack of curves but Victor didn't seem to mind as he teased the small hard bumps with his tongue, even nipping her ever so softly.

Gayle was soon trembling as she tried to sort out the strange sensations coursing through her as he left her chest and slowly kissed his way down her flat stomach, jerking slightly when she felt his tongue every so lightly lick the inside of her thin, toned thigh. "Oh God Victor…oh please…I…Please Victor…" She begged desperately, not knowing what she needed or even wanted; but she knew if anyone could give her what her body craved, it was Victor.

"Mmmmm, you taste so sweet…so vital…" He whispered more to himself than her as he slid his face between her small thin thighs and tentatively probed her sex with the tip of his agile tongue, drawing more gasps and moans as she panted rapidly, trying to catch her breath as bolts of lightening flashed through her tingling and trembling body.

A warm glow formed in the pit of her stomach, slowly spreading out to her extremities. After a few minutes of this wonderful torture of soft kisses, light licks, and teasing probes into her small body, she began to tremble even more violently; she had never felt anything like this before, she had pleased herself before but this was something so far beyond that it made her efforts seem pale and futile by comparison. He knew she was at the ragged edge, her body screaming for release, even if she could only moan and squeak her need for that release; finally he took pity on her and sucked her tiny flushed and swollen button into his mouth, trapping it between his front teeth and his tongue as he sucked gently, like a kitten nursing at its mother's nipple.

Gayle grunted deeply, actually growling as her thighs clamped his head in place and her body arched, her muscles rigid and shaking as she rode through her first real orgasm like a sparrow spinning through a tornado. After nearly a minute she collapsed back into the soft comforter and twisted away from Victor's relentless tongue, no longer able to handle his teasing touch, her post orgasmic body just too sensitive. He took pity on her and lifted his head from her dripping sex and started to crawl back up her body, unable to resist the siren call of her smooth flawless skin and her sweet musky scent, laughing softly as she jerked and moaned in response to even the lightest of his kisses.

He reached her head, using the bedspread to wipe his face, leaned in to kiss her softly, her eyes fluttering as a dreamy smile crossed her lips, "Oh God Victor…that was…was.I…thank you…" "Thank you?" He chuckled as he leaned in and kissed her again, "Well you're very welcome." She smiled; glad he didn't tease her, and swore she saw his eyes glowing with mirth, or maybe even love?

A girl could hope after all. "Can we just hold each other for a little bit?" She asked, tilting her head as his lips sought her tender neck, his tongue darting out and tasting the sweet saltiness of her smooth skin as she sighed softly, "I…I know we have to go but…but not just yet…please?" He brushed his lips against her sensitive skin one more time, his soft breath causing her to shudder slightly, before he lay next to her, ignoring the wrinkled mess he was making of his shirt.

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While Gayle was laying in Victor's arms, falling irrevocably in love with her boss, far below them Candy was gathering her minions; she had her mind set on the tall handsome man and she'd be damned if she gave him up without a fight.

She stood glaring at David, Mike, and Tony as the nervous men shuffled their feet, "What the fuck is the problem?" "I don't know…um Gayle is like a pretty nice person and all, I don't think this is right…" Tony stammered as he glanced at his two cohorts who were obviously as reluctant as he was.

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"What?" The buxom blonde exclaimed as she stared the three men down, quickly turning her attention to Tony, "I would have thought she'd be right up your alley she is built like a twelve year old boy after all!

That is about the right age isn't it?" "Wha…what?" The short dark-haired man replied in wide-eyed shock, licking his lips nervously as he looked around, "I…I ahh…um, I don't know what you're talking about." "Oh come off it!" She growled as she stepped forward and poked him in the chest, "Who do you think set up the garnishment to pay off the settlement with that boy's family?" "You…you know…but…but…" He stammered as he glanced at the two other men.

Before Tony could say anything further she turned to David, "And should we talk about Miss Holt in accounting? The one you served a gin and tonic with a twist of rohypnol…you remember her, she had to be taken to the hospital last Christmas Party cause you can't count and you nearly overdosed her…" "I…" "Shut up, I saw what you did and more importantly so did the security camera!" Candy growled in a low menacing tone before turning to the last of her minions, "As for you Mike…" "I get it." The tall sandy haired man replied, the other two looking at him and wondering what his sin was; he ignored them and calmly continued, he knew she had them and there was no point in fighting it, "What do you want us to do to her?" "I don't give a shit!" Candy snarled back, stepping in and glancing at all three men before she smiled and finished, "Just make goddamn sure she spends the night in the hospital…or the morgue, dealer's choice." She tossed a keycard to Mike before turning and starting for the door to the small alcove they were in while laughing evilly, a sound that caused the three men to shudder, "Just make damn sure she's not back at work ever again!" "Hey, what if we get caught?" David asked, the fear slurring his words slightly; the nice buzz he had worked so hard to achieve a long forgotten memory.

"Don't" Was Candy's only reply; but then she sighed and turned, knowing she had to give them more or they would bolt, "Look, if the cops start hounding you then I'll be your alibi…say we were having an orgy in my room or something." "Ok, whatever." Mike replied in a sour tone, "But when this is over I want what you have on me…because if we go down, you go with us!" "No problem." Candy replied with a grin; she had no intention of being these three idiots' alibi, and no intention of going to jail when they ultimately got caught, and no intention of turning the proof of their indiscretions over her nonexistent proof!

She had her alibi; right now she was giving a blowjob to the skinny geek from the mailroom, what did a half hour either way really matter anyway? Once that pimply-faced dweeb's little pecker hit her mouth, he wouldn't know what year it was let alone what time; she would make damn sure of that!

The three men watched as Candy sashayed her ample ass out the small room's door, seemingly hypnotized by the back and forth motion; it wasn't until the door closed and the blonde's quivering butt was lost from view did the men break from their spell, Mike taking a deep breath as he started for the door, "Come on then, let's get this over with." Far above the three nervous men, Victor was donning his black cape as Gayle watched, still lying naked on the rumpled bed, "So vampire?" "Nope." He replied with a sly grin, turning away from her a moment, then turning back with a white porcelain mask covering half of his handsome face, "Ta daaaa." "Ahhhh, my semi handsome Phantom." She giggled, pretending to swoon as she fell back onto the soft white comforter, "Oh Phantom, are you going to ravish me…I hope…" Victor smiled as he walked back to her, his small elfin doll; so delicate in her beauty, so innocent in her charms.

An ancient hunger tugged at him but his love was stronger than such petty things and he smiled warmly as he leaned over and kissed her softly, smiling, their lips still lightly touching, as he heard her soft moan of contentment.

"Every chance I get my love, for eternity if that's what you wish." "Oh God…go or we'll never get to that stupid party!" She gasped, grabbing him around the neck as he started to rise, "Wait!" He grinned as she pulled him down for another kiss, this time her tongue tentatively peeking from her slightly parted lips, her soft moans growing louder as he took the bait and gently probed her mouth, seeking the offered prize and finding it waiting for him.

After a few seconds that seemed to span hours, she dropped her head to the soft pillows and sighed, "God, what the hell is happening to me?" Victor sat on the bed, taking her small hand in his, "Gayle?" She turned her head and glanced at him, giggling softly at the look concern on his face, "I'm fine…really." "Something's bothering you." "No, not really…well…no, it's nothing…" "Gayle," She laughed again, "Ok…ok…it's just this is happening so fast…" "We can slow down…" "NO!" She exclaimed more vehemently than she intended, staring a moment at his look of surprise before they both began laughing, Gayle easily slipping into his arms as of she had been made by the Fates just to be held by him, "Sorry…its just I don't want to slow down; hell, I wanna go faster!" She snuggled her head even tighter into his chest and sighed, "Victor we belong together, I just know it…don't you feel it too?" "We belong together." He repeated softly, "For eternity if that is what you wish." Gayle just smiled as she snuggled into him; she knew, they both did, that they needed to get dressed and head to the party to at least make an appearance and she was, after finally letting herself go with Victor, eager to let her coworkers see the new Gayle, the woman who was in love, the woman who was brave enough to wear the sexy costume she had purchased on a whim earlier that day, the woman who no longer hid behind baggy clothing and sarcasm.

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As she was muddling this in her head, surrounded by silence except for the measured beats of Victor's strong heart, his phone rang; Gayle gave a little scream of surprise, then giggled at her silliness as she looked up with a sheepish grin and a flushed face, Victor just smiling at her before checking the display on the small electronic device, "Oh for…" "Who is it?" "Candy." He replied with a resigned sigh as he connected the call, "Hello?" Gayle grinned as she watched him talk to the buxom blonde with a sour look on his face, rolling his eyes several times before grinning at her as he shook his head slowly, "Yes, yes…I…Candy, it couldn't be helped.

Just tell them something I had to deal with came up…no…no, I'll be down shortly…yes, I look forward to seeing you too…" "Oh you do, do you?" Gayle teased; she wasn't worried, it was easy enough to see by the exasperated look on his handsome face that he was anything but looking forward to seeing the aggressive blonde woman. "Mmmmm, I bet you are, she is kinda hot and those boobs…wow!" Victor ended the call as he grinned at his small paramour, sliding his phone back into his pocket as he laughed ruefully, "Yes, she is quite well endowed…one would almost say sexy…" "Oh?" "Mmmm, unfortunately I'm allergic to silicone…" "Oh My God!" She laughed as she fell back to the bed, curling up like a cat as she smiled at him, "You are a very mean man!" "Yeah…that was kind of unkind…" He sighed as he winked at her, "But one gets tired of having those airbags shoved in one's face three times a day!" Gayle smirked as she cupped her own tiny breasts, "Good thing you're not a breast guy…" "Who says?" He replied with a wink as he headed for the door.

Gayle looked down at he tiny bumps; she didn't even bother with a bra, hadn't since she was twelve and wore a training bra. When she realized they weren't going to get any bigger she just stopped bothering and wore t-shirts like a boy; gravity wouldn't be her enemy. Gayle looked up with a frown, "But…" "But what? Your breasts are exquisite…and I don't have to worry about throwing my back out!" He teased as he winked at her again and disappeared through the bedroom door; she shook her head and laughed, sighing a moment later as she heard the elevator arrive and soon depart, her new lover, she assumed, inside.

Gayle shook her head, still ginning a smile that she just couldn't wipe from her pretty face; for once life was good and she was going to enjoy it. She crawled from the bed and searched for her clothing, she really hadn't paid attention to where her things had landed in those wild chaotic moments as they had entered the room; she was more focused on the man in whose arms she found herself in, the man she suddenly realized she had loved for as long as she'd known him.

Gayle dressed and took one last look in the full length mirror, shaking her head as she realized just how much her little body was left uncovered by the skimpy costume; she laughed softly as she adjusted her wig slightly then smiled at her reflection in the mirror, "Well girl, its now or never…ok then, lets go show the world the new us!" She turned, still smiling like an idiot, and walked out into the common room just as the elevator dinged, "Now what did he forget…" Her words died in her throat as she saw three men step off the elevator, their faces covered by their costume masks, "Who…?" "Damn, looks like she dressed for us." One man laughed in a way that sent shivers down her spine.

"Just do what we say and everything will be fine." The tallest of the men said as they walked closer and spread in a loose semicircle in front of her. "David?" She asked in confusion as the taller man stopped in his tracks. "No." He replied lamely, suddenly looking at the others nervously. "David, I know its you, I know your voice stupid." She replied with a small smirk, "Did Victor send you?

So what's the gag?" "My name is not David…" "Oh knock it off." She laughed, "I know it's you…and Mike…and Tony? Tony is that you?" "Oh shit…" The shortest of the three whispered; they had thought that perhaps beating Gayle up, maybe raping her would be sufficient; no one wanted to kill the small woman but they all suddenly knew there was little choice now.


"Do something!" "Shit" David growled and did the only thing he could think of, he hit Gayle in the face just as hard as he could, watching numbly as she crumpled to the floor. "Shit shit shit…" "Oh fucking relax." Mike sighed as he walked forward and knelt next to the unconscious woman, "Its not like we can let her live anyway, she knows who we are!" The two other men stared at him a moment before David shrugged, "Well fuck it, we knew that might happen going in…" "I…I can't do this…" Tony stammered as he began backing away, stopped only by Mike's strong grip on his arm.

"You can and you will…now the only question is what do we make it look like?" "Look like?" Tony asked, swallowing hard as his stomach contents threatened to make an unplanned appearance.

"Yeah do we just beat her to death…or…or…" Mike stammered as he stared at Gayle's unconscious form. "Or what?" Tony asked in a subdued voice. "Or do we rape her and make it look like some fucking sex pervert did it." David finished, his eyes lighting up with the possibility; he had never really taken a good look at Gayle before and was pleased with what he saw this was going to be more fun then he thought.

"I…I can't do that!" Tony complained as he started backing away, his eyes wild with terror. "Look you fucking little prick." Mike growled as he roughly grabbed the smaller man's arm and literally threw him on top of Gayle's nearly naked body as David watched with a little snicker, the taller man feeling much better about the whole thing since rape was mentioned he liked his bitches to make him work for it!

Mike stood over Tony, ripping off his mask so the smaller man could see the seriousness of his words, "What ever we do, we all do it, we all end up as guilty as the other two so no one is tempted to fucking squeal to the cops anyone talks and we all…all three of us, get the needle! Got it?" "And…and what if…if I…if I say no?" Tony stammered in a pathetic attempt at defiance.

"Then we leave your dead body next to hers." Mike replied coldly, staring at the sniveling little man a moment before turning to David, "You got a problem with that?" David laughed, like it was all some big game, some big joke, "Nope, not a bit." He stepped around Mike, still grinning like a five year old with a cookie, and roughly pulled Tony off Gayle, throwing the small man back to the floor before picking up the tiny woman's limp form and tossing her over his shoulder like a butcher with a side of beef as he started for the bedroom door, "And no sense wasting a perfectly good piece of ass, so I say rape." Mike watched as the tall man walked away, Gayle's bleeding head swaying loosely side to side as she hung from his shoulder, shaking his head and muttering to himself, "Fucking pervert…" He looked down at Tony, growling at the whimpering man.

"And what's your fucking problem now? Wasn't I clear enough?" "I…I don't know…know if…if I can do…do that…" "Fucking hell!" Mike growled as he reached down and roughly pulled the smaller man to his feet, "Look, Candy was right, she's as small as a kid.

Just fucking close your eyes and pretend she's the short stop on the Pee Wee baseball team!" Tony stared at him in horror and Mike sighed as his anger faded, he really didn't like the idea of raping Gayle either but he doubted they could stop David at this point and Mike did say what one did they all did, "Look, you don't have to finish or anything, just shove your dick in her a few times and your good…ok?" Tony just continued to stare at him in horror as tears ran down his pale face; Mike sighed and gave him a light shove towards the bedroom, "Look, you can do this…you have to do this!" Far below in the raucous ballroom, Victor was listening to the inane babbling of one of the company CEO's he did business with; a lot of business so he patiently smiled and nodded his head as the fat man prattled on about his golf game, Victor constantly checking his watch between glancing at the ballroom's large doors, the fat man's words lost on him as he wondered for the hundredth time what was keeping Gayle.

The fat man laughed, too stupid to realize Victor hadn't heard a word he said, and slapped the tall man's shoulder, "That was classic!" Victor smiled, forcing a chuckle from his lips; this was the CEO of the tenth richest company in their city after all so indulging him was a business necessity, "Very amusing." "Oh, and you won't believe what happened next…" The young boar prattled on, his ample jowls quivering in his amusement; Victor thought it fitting he was dressed as Henry the Eighth.

He checked his watch again and froze as he suddenly saw an image in his mind; Gayle's dark eyes opened wide in terror, tears running down her soft cheeks as she called out his name in desperation.

Victor looked up and interrupted the fat fool in front of him, "Excuse me Thomas, I just remembered I have something important to do." "But I haven't gotten to the best part yet…" "I'm sure, but this can't wait." Victor replied apologetically as he started to turn, "I'll just be a moment and we can pick up where we left off." "Oh very well." Thomas laughed cheerfully, too stupid to realize he was being brushed off, "No rest for the wicked hey?" "Something like that." Victor mumbled as he walked away, his mind already forgetting the fat fool even existed; something was going on with Gayle, something bad very bad!

He had learned not to ignore his visions a very long time ago, they were rarely wrong and even if this was one of the few times they were, he still was worried why Gayle hadn't yet arrived; perhaps it was nothing more than she needed a little moral support, her costume was a bit revealing… Victor stopped when he felt a small hand grab his arm, turning to see Candy's smiling face, "Buy a hard working girl a drink?" Victor looked down into her eyes and his heightened senses recorded a million things about her in that split second, a million little pieces of data that suddenly had his stomach churning with worry.

He could smell a man's seed on her, well a boy's since he recognized the scent of Collin, the intern who worked in the mailroom; now why would this ambitious blonde man-eater waste time with him? He also heard her heart racing in her chest, saw the veins in her neck distending as blood ran through them at ever increasing volumes; he could smell her fear and nervousness, see her pupils dilate slightly as she desperately tried to delay him.

She was up to something nefarious, something he was sure included Gayle, "What's going on Candy?" She plastered that trademark smile on her face as she poured on the charm, "Just a lonely girl trying to get a handsome man to spend a little time with her." The act that fooled so many men was worthless on him, his eyes saw through her performance in an instant, "Cut the shit you little bitch!

You are up to something…something to do with Gayle!" Candy recoiled as his eyes literally seemed to flash red with anger, "This isn't over!" With that he turned and hurried through the ballroom's large ornate doors, his soft leather shoes making quiet slapping sounds on the polished marble floor as he hurried to the elevators. The concierge saw him coming, wondering what had the large man in such a hurry; the young man watched as Victor hurried past the elevators, his black cape flying behind him, and entered the stairwell door.

The Concierge quickly followed, hoping to catch the large man before he got too far to tell him the stairwell doors were locked from the inside; but as he entered and looked up, there was no sign of Victor, just his porcelain mask laying broken at the young man's feet. Far above, as the confused Concierge gently nudged the broken mask with his foot and wondered what had caused the deep scratched on the hard porcelain, Gayle was slowly regaining consciousness.

She groaned as she opened her eyes, her mind still too fuzzy to remember what had happened; but it all came back in a crashing wave as she looked up and saw the feral smile on David's excited face, "Wha.what…you hit me!" "Gonna fucking hit you again if you don't stop squirming around…hold still you bitch!" David growled as she tried to kick him off of her; he began punching her over and over a gain as he punctuated each blow with a growled word, "Hold…the…fuck…still…" This was too much for even Mike, he was a killer but this bordered on torture and while he was a sociopath he wasn't a cruel one; he grabbed David's shoulder and with surprising strength flipped the larger man off Gayle and onto the floor where he landed on the carpet with a muffled thump and a look of utter surprise, "What the hell?" "Enough, that is fucking enough!" Mike growled as he stared the taller man down, "I'm sick of this shit!

Sick of you! Sick of this whole fucking rotten deal!" "Wha…you said…you said we were gonna rape her!" David protested as he lay on the floor, his pants still around his ankles as he stared up at his angry friend. David started to stand as he continued whining, "Look, you guys don't have to but I want to and you said that we were gonna…" "I changed my mind!" Mike shot back, kicking the taller man hard in the midsection and knocking him back to the floor, "Killing her is one thing, but this is just sick!" He turned to look at Gayle cowering naked on the large bed, "I'm sorry about this, I really am." "Ple…please Mike…please don't…you do…don't have to do this…I…I won't say anything…" Gayle sobbed as she slowly scooted up the bed trying to escape the cold eyes man she once thought of as a friend or if not that then at least a friendly coworker.

"I'm sorry Gayle, I have to." Mike replied sadly, "Candy has got something on me, something that I just can't let get out…I'm sorry but its you or me…" "PLEASE NNNOOOOOOO…" She screamed as he grabbed her small ankle and pulled her to him, his right hand flashing out, the knife he held there biting into her flesh as he stabbed her stomach three quick times.

He knew it was enough and stepped back as she looked up at him in shock, coughing up a small trickle of blood, her screams choked off by the burning agony that quickly spread through her body.

"Don't worry, it'll be over soon…" Mike replied, his words cut off by a gurgling scream behind him; he turned to see someone, or something, literally chewing his way through Tony's neck as the man screamed over and over, an inhuman sound that froze even a sociopath like Mike in place.

He watched as Tony fell silent, his eyes glazing over as his head came free and his body fell limply to the floor, spraying hot red blood in all directions from the mangle mass of meat that had once been his neck.

The large figure, dressed in a black cape and white blood stained shirt, stood slowly, his eyes two bright red coals burning in a hideously feral mockery of a human face, Tony's severed head still in his hand, the dark figure's claw like fingers clutching the smaller man's dark hair. There was a calm moment of silence as Mike stared into those bright fiery red eyes, a moment that seemed frozen in time, an eternity passing in the blink of an eye; but that moment ended as the dark figure dropped Tony's severed head, screaming out a sound so other worldly and terrible, Mike swore his heart stopped for a moment.

He didn't have time to contemplate what he was seeing and hearing because before his eye could even register the movement, the creature crossed the room and drove his large fist through Mike's head, like a hammer through a melon. Gayle gasped as Mike's brains splashed over he small naked body, shielding her face as bits of his scalp covered skull pelted her; but she never took her eyes off the dark figure as he literally held David up from the inside of his shattered skull.

It turned to stare at David as he whimpered and tried to get up, fear and his pants still tangled around his ankles making it a futile effort; the creature snarled as it watched him, it's large white teeth gleaming a sickening white in the dim room as if they glowed some hellish light al their own.

Gayle watched as the creature dropped Mike's corpse and turned to face David, almost as if it were unaware of her presence, and slowly closed the distance with a terrible inhuman grace; Gayle's fear evaporated as she watched the creature stalk its next victim, the horrible beauty of the monster capturing her attention and refusing to let it go.

The large dark figure stood over David a moment, then threw back its head and let out a fearsome roar that shook the windows, a roar that Gayle could feel in her bones. But the primal sound that caused David to loose his bowels and void his bladder in abject terror held no fear for her; somewhere in that terrible sound she heard something familiar, something that offered comfort instead of pain, love instead of death.

She watched with just curiosity now as David wept like a scared child, pathetically pleading for mercy in a thin weak voice. Suddenly the creature knelt, driving a powerful knee into David's stomach and forcing the air out of the taller man in an explosive gasp, a low menacing grumble emanating from somewhere deep inside the monster's massive chest as it grabbed David's face in it's large clawed hand.

Gayle gasped again as she heard it speak, a voice she knew well, "You try to rape my beloved and you ask for mercy?" "Victor…" Gayle whispered, suddenly realizing what she had heard in that mighty roar.

Victor ignored her almost silent whisper as he stared down at the hapless man beneath him, nothing but a piece of meat to his kind; Victor spoke in a low menacing tone, carefully pronouncing each word, "I am Vampyrie, a Lord of the Night, a child of the Blood Mother, I have no mercy for the likes of you!" Victor drove his head down, his razor sharp teeth ripping into David's neck; euphoria filled his mind as the hapless man's warm salty blood filled his mouth, the coppery taste lingering as the blood slid easily down Victor's throat, as had the blood of countless other mortals before him down through the eons.

He drank deeply of his ex-employee; the taste of human blood almost a sexual release and Victor knew why some of his kind had become so addicted that they had slaughtered thousands of humans, becoming mad with desire for the warm vital drink that produced such exhilaration in his people. But it was a short lived sensation and as Victor stood, David drained to the last few drops of his life's blood, he could feel the warm wonderful tendrils of the feeding frenzy slowly slip from his mind, leaving him sated and content.

He turned, his anger, along with his thirst, sated by the massacre he had visited upon these men, and hung his head as he looked into Gayle's wide dark eyes, "I am sorry…I…I didn't want you to find out like this…" He watched in shock as she collapsed to the bed, only then seeing the vast amount of her blood soaking the now garishly red comforter, "Gods!

Your hurt!" He hurried to her side, sitting on the bed and gently taking her into his arms, her blood adding to the gore that already stained his clothing; she smiled as her eyes fluttered, a struggle to keep them open, "It's nothing, doesn't even hurt anymore…" Victor turned his impressive inhuman senses on her and cringed, he could see the heat of her wound, smell the dark blood and the corruption that had already begun to eat away at her dying body; her wounds were fatal and no doctor in the world could save her!

But he could, "Gayle…oh my beautiful Gayle…wake up, please wake up…" "I'm here, why are you crying?" She asked calmly, her small hand reaching up to wipe away his tears, "Don't cry; you're here, we're together…don't cry my love…" "Gayle…oh Gayle you're dying." Victor whispered through his tears, "Please Gayle listen…" "I'm dying?" She interrupted as a small tear ran from the corner of her eye, "I…I'm sorry Victor…don't be mad…please…I'm sorry my love…" "Gayle, please listen Gayle, listen to me." Victor repeated, giving her a sad smile when she opened her eyes, "I can save you but…but I have to make you like me…I…I have to make you a monster…" "Not a monster…I…I love you…" She whispered weakly, he knew she was near the end.

"Gayle please understand, I can save you, we can be together forever…for an eternity…just say yes!" "Eternity?" Gayle whispered, her eyes closing as she smiled, "I like that…eternity…" That was close enough for him; he brought his wrist to his mouth, biting down hard and wincing, even Vampyrie felt pain.

He placed his torn bleeding wrist to her mouth, petting her soft brown hair with his other hand as he leaned down and whispered, "Drink Gayle, drink deeply my love…" He smiled as she did what he asked, suckling his wound and swallowing his blood, blood that would kill the human Gayle but would also give birth to something more.

Gayle sucked greedily at his wound a few more moments before the creatures in his blood spread through her body and began the transformation, with which came pain. Her eyes opened wide and she screamed out her agony as Victor held her down, "Shhhh, I know my love, I know it hurts but the pain will pass soon…its ok…" She screamed one more time before the pain became too much and her mind, in an effort to save her sanity, switched off and the blissful quiet of the black reached up and claimed her.

Victor sighed, gently placing his hand on her small chest, feeling her heart slow and then finally stop; this was where her future hinged, either her heart would restart and she would be reborn as Vampyrie or it would not and she would die human. He waited, fear tearing at his mind as he searched her still body for any sign of life; but he found none, nothing but death resided in her small form and his heart sank as his head dropped, what was he to do without her, his unending life would seem so empty with out her at his side.

He lifted his head suddenly and stared at her peaceful looking face, did he feel something, a flutter, the smallest flicker of life? Yes, there it was again, her heart stirring ever so slightly, like a small bird rousing from a deep sleep; suddenly a third twitch and then without any further warning her heart began beating strong and proud as life again returned to her small body.

But not the life she knew, no she was something different now, something not quite human, something more. "Gayle.Gayle can you hear me?" She didn't respond but the quiet pitiful moan that escaped her small slightly parted lips was enough for him as joy filled his heart; but there was no time to lose, she was still vulnerable until the transformation was complete and that would require several more days at least she had been very near death after all!

Victor pulled his cape from his shoulders and wrapped her small bloodstained body in the heavy silk and wool garment, it was thick and warm and would provide her enough protection from the cold; he may have used it as a costume this night but there was a time when this cape, and others like it, adorned his broad shoulders on a daily basis.

He didn't need the protection it afforded from the chill night air and she soon wouldn't either, but for now she was still fragile and though she lived now there was no guarantee that she would remain that way, not yet. He stood, Gayle in his arms, and surveyed the carnage he had wrought; he knew it would be best if she could remain undisturbed until she was stronger but it had been a noisy massacre and someone was sure to come investigate sooner rather than later.

He smiled grimly as he started for the door, yes someone would come soon and it might be a bit awkward to try and explain the blood soaked room; let alone three mangled corpses laying on the floor, one almost completely drained of blood! Victor walked past the elevator, scooping up Gayle's giant purse as he passed, and down the hall, kicking open the door that led onto the roof garden that acted as a sitting area for the penthouse suite and straight to the short wall that looked out over the buildings roof proper.

He sighed as he looked down the thirty feet to the tar and gravel surface below; he sighed again as he hopped onto the short wall, there was no other option, he couldn't take the main elevator with a blood covered naked woman in his arms so he had to take the maintenance elevator and it stopped at the roof below.

He took a deep breath and stepped from the top of the wall, falling the distance quickly and letting his legs bend with the impact of his feet hitting the roof at nearly twenty miles an hour, not for himself but to save Gayle from as much of the jarring landing as he could. Satisfied she had weathered the jump with no ill effects, Victor quickly ran to where the large maintenance elevator doors stood closed to the cold air of the night, Gayle's small body light as a feather in his arms.

She wouldn't have presented much of a burden had he been a normal man, and he was definitely not normal; he smiled as he pressed the call button and was rewarded with a dim yellow light.

He stepped in and calmly stood in the large metal box that smelled faintly of grease and paint and waited as it slowly descended the seventy floors into the sub-basement he hoped would be empty this time of night; smiling as the doors opened to near pitch darkness. The inky black presented no problem to him, his eyes quickly adjusting and the miniscule light given off by several computer displays, a digital clock and the odd indicator light was like high noon to his sensitive eyes.

He quickly walked out of the large workroom, across the small hall and to the steel door that led to the parking basement, kicking hard and smiling as it easily gave way to his inhuman strength; he walked into the brightly lit subterranean parking lot, quickly making his way to where he had parked hours ago, laying Gayle gently in the back seat before sliding behind the wheel and driving off into the cold dark night.

It was time for both Victor Anderson and Gayle Winters to disappear, to cease to exist; something he had done countless times before down through more years than he cared to remember and, he was sure, he would do many more times in the years to come.

Now though he no longer dreaded the unending centuries ahead of him, he would no longer go through life alone… Candy walked through the office, smiling at the people working diligently at their desks; she was still the office manager but was sure that she would soon be resigning her position.

She had quickly wormed her way into the new CEO's bed and now threatened to reveal his discretion to his wife so the man began paying her off out of the company's ever-dwindling profits, accelerating the once profitable firms ultimate demise.

The company was slowly going under as it tried to survive selling and reselling Gayle Winter's designs, but with out any new inventions or the clever innovations she was noted for, their top customers were quickly losing interest; CEO's were notorious for their short attention spans and Gayle's old designs were quickly becoming so yesterday; how were you supposed to impress your clients and competitors with tech they all had, no the game was not he who had the best toys won but he who had the new toys first won.

Candy really didn't care if the company went under or not, at twenty-nine she was set for life; between what she was able to extort from her new boss, along with what she had been able to steal from the company ever since becoming the VP in charge of accounting meant she would never have to work again. She walked into her large luxurious office and sat behind her obscenely expensive desk, in her ridiculously opulent office chair; all purchased from company funds, from a high-end competitor no less.

Candy looked down and was surprised to see a black envelope with her name written in blood red ink in thick bold lines on the front; she rolled her eyes, this had to be someone's joke for the Halloween party tonight. She was actually a little surprised they were even having it after the nightmare of last years party; Mike, David, and Tony literally torn apart, Gayle and Victor missing.

She knew the case was still open, Gayle and Victor having never been found; but it was no concern of hers, nothing pointed to her even though the whole mess had been her doing. Well her plan hadn't gone quite the way she had envisioned it, only Gayle was supposed to die that night and Victor was definitely not supposed to disappear.

But it had all worked out in her favor; the confusion that reigned afterward allowed her to steal even more money from the business's coffers and the pudgy balding man that had replaced Victor as CEO was much more easily manipulated than he had been. Yes, all in all the whole thing had actually been a blessing to the buxom blonde and had advanced her plan to retire young by several years.

Candy picked up the envelope and used a long pink painted nail to open it as she mused upon that night a year ago; the prevailing theory was that Mike, David, Tony, and Gayle had decided to have a little party of their own and Victor had found them and in a rage murdered them all, the police had interviewed the desk clerk that had witnessed their kiss and it was the most plausible scenario in their minds it was always the boyfriend after all!

Gayle's body had never actually been found but The Medical Examiner had assured anyone who would listen that the copious amounts of her blood found in the bed most assuredly meant she had died that night and he could only assume that Victor had taken her body for some sick guilt driven reason.

Candy smiled as she pulled the thick card from the envelope; the police were mostly correct, she knew that Gayle hadn't been a willing participant and she was almost certain Victor hadn't been the one who had killed her.

Candy furled her brow when she read the one line written in the same thick blood red ink as her name on the envelope, 'Meet me in the lab GW'. She stared at the last two letters, it couldn't be; no this had to be someone playing a sick joke and she was going to make them wish they had never been born!

She reached over and opened one of the large drawers in her desk, pulling her purse out, opening that and pulling a small handgun out; whoever was trying to play her would pay a very dear price for that mistake nobody fucked with her and didn't pay a dear price for it! She pulled the small weapons magazine, confirming it was loaded, and jammed the gun back in her purse, after slamming the tiny magazine back home, and walked from her office, pausing only to speak to her secretary, "Tina, I'll be out of the office the rest of the day, I need to speak with a client." "Yes Ma'am." The much older woman replied; Cindy insisted on the honorific, she was a Vice President after all.

"No calls; none at all, my phone will be off anyway." Candy called over her shoulder, not bothering to wait for an answer as she walked away quickly, her tight polyester dress making a swishing sound to announce her passing as she made her way to the elevator and stepped inside, pushing the now rarely used button that would take her down to Gayle's lab.

As she stepped out of the elevator, ripping the yellow police tape out of her way, she saw a small blonde sitting at Gayle's now disused work station, her back to the elevator. Candy stepped into the large lab, a thick layer of dust had settled on everything inside and she coughed softly as her feet kicked up small clouds, "Who are you and what…" "Shhhhh, can't you see I'm working here?" The small blonde interrupted in an amused voice as she continued to work at Gayle's old computer, "My my my, you have been a naughty girl." "Wha…" "Now be quiet will you?" The woman interrupted again, still chuckling softly, "I'd hate to have to rip your tongue out…that comes later!" The small woman typed a few more keys with her gloved hand and whistled softly, "My goodness, how much did you steal anyway?" "I have no idea…" This time the small woman didn't laugh as she turned and to face the big-breasted blonde, "SHUT UP YOU FUCKING BITCH!" Gayle stood quickly and pulled the blonde wig from her head, "It wasn't bad enough you sent those three shitheads to rape and murder me, but you've been stealing the company blind for the last four years too?" "No no…it's not possible…you're dead!" Candy gasped as she saw the small woman push her glasses back up her nose, something she had seen Gayle do a million times.

Gayle smiled and tilted her head, "I got better." Candy shook her head and to her credit recovered quickly as she pulled the gun from her purse, dropping the small leather bag as she pointed the small black steel weapon at Gayle, "Well I assure you you won't get better this time!" "That won't do you any good you know, I'm not the shy little girl I used to be." Gayle laughed as she calmly stuffed the blonde wig into the oversized purse she had been using for years and stepped forward, pushing her glasses back up her nose once again, "In fact you'll find there have been a great many changes in me…" "Yeah, whatever…" Candy replied, an evil grin on her face as she pulled the trigger.

Out in the street Victor was getting a little impatient as he circled the block for the fourth time, wondering what the hell was taking Gayle so long; she was just supposed to go in, hack Candy's computer, get the incriminating data, and get out.

But he had been waiting almost two hours and was worried she had been caught; they didn't really look like they did a year ago but they would probably still be recognized if spotted by anyone who knew them. Victor swore as he double-parked, instantly getting the attention of a meter maid; he shook his head as she started towards him, shifting the car back into gear.

He was about to take off when he saw Gayle walk cheerfully out of the building and wave the woman off as she pointed towards him; Victor breathed a sigh of relief as the meter maid nodded and turned. Gayle slid into the seat next to him and smiled, her finger slipping her glasses back up her nose, "Got it." He smiled at the familiar gesture she probably didn't even know she was doing, "Why do you still wear those things, the lenses are just plain glass anyway." She tilted her head and smirked at him, "I thought you liked girls who wore glasses." "Just one." He laughed, then paused and tilted his head, "You have something…ah right…um, on your upper lip there…" Gayle wiped her upper lip and smiled as she popped her finger into her mouth, "Mmmm, just a bit of Candy…"