Free true sissy men with fat ass gay sex stories and twink porn xxx

Free true sissy men with fat ass gay sex stories and twink porn xxx
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I know my story contains lots of trivial bullshit, feelings, emotions, and non-sexual details, but they are important to me and my incestuous relationship.

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I will continue by describing the events of the second night when my mother and I returned to my empty house after spending most of the day with my wife. As we left the hospital, I asked if she would like to grab a bite to eat before we went home, she said she was not hungry and she would rather just go to my house and find something.

I was thinking (and hoping) that maybe she was feeling the same way I had been feeling all day, lusting for a reconnection with the overwhelming experience we shared the night before.

I held the front door open for her and as soon as we were inside, safe from observation from anyone, I moved beside her and grabbed her ass in one hand and a breast in the other. She just dropped her bags, leaned her head back, closed her eyes, and started panting. I pushed her to the couch and leaned over her while she sat there; I was feverishly undressing her and planting passionate kisses all over her. She complained that she should really go get cleaned up and take a shower, but I had other ideas, I wanted to show her just how urgently I needed her, and I could sense that she was extremely aroused by her submissive role in this encounter.

When I had stripped her down to naught but panty hose and bra, I gathered her up in my arms and lifted her off the couch and carried her to my bedroom, I was shocked at how light she was, and she was shocked at how strong I was, as I have described earlier, she is just a bit chunky but at the same time she is so small and petite that I could easily carry her about.


I laid her on her back on my bed and we kissed as I removed my shirt and unbuckled my jeans. Then I pulled her roughly to the side of the bed, spread her legs, and knelt down between them. I buried my face into her hose-covered crotch and inhaled, chewed, and breathed hot breath all over her musky saddle, at the same time, I was removing my shoes, socks, and slipped out of my jeans. Mom was moaning those familiar, seductive adjectives from the bottom of her lungs as I grabbed at the crotch of her hose and forcefully ripped them apart.

It was like unwrapping a long anticipated present, her soft reddish-golden mound of pubic hair, and the warm inviting crevice just beneath it.

I mouthed at the exposed parts of her crotch for just a minute, she had been right about needing to wash up, the odors wafting up from her were a nasty but alluring combination of piss, pussy, asshole, and sweat. I now lifted her hips and threw over onto her stomach, I needed to fuck that nasty pussy.

Her ass was on the edge of the mattress, and her creamy white thighs with varicose veins hung down from the bed.

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I grabbed her meaty buttcheeks and pried them apart, my thumbs held the torn edges of the gaping hole in her pantyhose; I dribbled some saliva from my drooling mouth onto my cockhead and into her hairy crack. Something was coming over me; the nasty odors, her puckered asshole, the torn hose, the sight of her gripping the sheets of my bed and moaning into the mattress in anticipation of getting drilled by her son, somehow possessed me.

As I shoved my throbbing pecker into her tight cunt, my feelings of anger and betrayal from that day so long ago returned to me. I plowed into her and she bucked, squealed and moaned. I reached up and undid her bra then grabbed beneath her to roughly grope and squeeze her tits. "You're so fucking nasty", I said, as her tight and moistening cunt received my deep thrusts. I was recalling the pain and confusion I felt as a teen back when I discovered her fucking one of our neighbors.

The fact that she was under me taking her sons cock into her just reinforced my thoughts of her being a nasty horny slut. I wondered just how many men had fucked her while her lust drove her to cheat on my father.

All these years, everyone knew her as little Mrs. Perfect, all of her coworkers, friends, and family never had a clue that my mom was an unfaithful fuck-whore. No one knew but me and the men to whom she had offered up her tight, wet, nasty, cheating pussy.

I was crying now and only my anger and emotions kept me from coming as I watched her quiver and moan through a climax as I grabbed her by the hair and nearly yelled in her ear, "you're a fucking slut…you had to go give your nasty pussy to Mr. Mitchell… you let him fuck you didn't you?" My cock prodded hard into her cervix to punctuate my sermon at regular intervals.

I thought of how even at her age, my mom is still a nasty slut and she was proving it by the way she was enjoying me grudge fucking her. I continued, "He fucked your nasty cunt and you wanted it… you nasty bitch!

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You had me right there with my hard ass pecker and you had to go fuck around the neighborhood!" I kept heaving myself into her, trying to hurt her with my rigid cock stabbing into her deeply, I felt the soft globes of her asscheeks pressed against my pubes, my member plowing under these cheeks into the furry opening and deep into the crevice from which I was born.

I continued my shouting, "You disgusting!" (I thrust into her hard) "nasty!", (thrust again) "slut!", (thrust) "sick", (thrust) "fuckin", (thrust) "whore!".

She then shoved herself forward and my cock popped free from her as she lifted her head and screamed back at me, "look who is sick! Who is fucking their mother? Who's getting their thrills off of their 63 year old mother?" she was crying too. I grabbed her hips and pulled her back to me and slammed into her again so hard that it took her breath.

I leaned over and grabbed her wrists and held her frail body down with her arms outstretched and began ramming my whole weight into her from behind. "You are the fucking slut that started this; it was your nasty pussy that got all this started, you fucking slut! You're the one whose cunt needs this hard fucking!" Her face was buried in the mattress and her hips started rocking up and down as she let out a load groan.

"Look at you! You're going to come again on your baby's cock!" Her cunt was on fire, it felt like it was tightening yet opening up more at the same time and oozing hot liquid over my nuts. "OH Gosh! Your pussy is coming with my fucking cock deep inside it!" I knew she was coming and finally the friction and warmth of the depths of her womb made my physical pleasure overwhelm my emotions and I thrust and exploded in mom's pussy.

I could only groan loudly as my hips bucked forward with each spurt of semen that I implanted deep in her womb. I did not release my tight grip on her wrists as I laid on top of her for a while, my hips still involuntarily thrusting occasionally to send a few more drops of cum into her.

When we disengaged, we faced each other and kissed and apologized. The bed was wet every where from our tears, saliva, and cum. She tried to stand but could not and I had to help her to the bathroom. I helped her into the shower and decided to shower with her because I didn't think it would be safe for her to do so in her weakened state. I washed her whole body for her and admired her hairy cunt, her breasts, and her ass.

I thought to myself that I must indeed be sick to be attracted so much to a body like hers with its droops, wrinkles, varicose veins, and pale complexion. We got in bed and she just conked out. Much later in the early morning hours I awoke and realized I was holding my mother close, this aroused me and I stroked and fondled her until she was awake.

We then began a very slow session of caressing, and kissing which led to her going down on me and spending what seemed like hours sucking on my cock.


She would slowly bring me right up to the point of blowing my load and then she would back off; I would roll her over every now and then and tenderly fuck her for a while. After alternating pleasures between her mouth and her pussy several times, she put herself between my legs with me on my back, my hips on the edge of the bed where she had been earlier in the evening.

She was kneeling on the floor as she pulled her sagging breasts up to either side of my cock and proceeded to fuck me with her tits and mouth at the same time! My balls were rubbing on her chest in the crevice between her mounds. She held her soft tits, lubricated with her saliva, pressed tightly on each side of my shaft. Her swollen pink nipple buds pointed towards inwards and nearly touched each other as they wrapped tightly around my meat. Mom's mouth engulfed the head of my dick and worked up and down the last inches of it as she stared up at me with big, beautiful eyes.

I came like this, and I thought that she would come as well the way she moaned and seemed to thrill in seeing my facial expressions and feel my hips thrusting into her loving embrace as I spilled my sperm into her mouth. She did not come at all during this session; she just seemed drained by the earlier events and was content to spend those hours tending to her son's desires.

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Those two encounters were incredible! They contrasted from extremely rough, raw, mean and nasty sex, to extremely tender slow loving.

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My mother and I continue to struggle with strong mixed feelings about our relationship and probably always will.