Dormido t agarro mmm

Dormido t agarro mmm
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The first part of my story met with mixed results so I hope this time I put my story across abit better.

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As Saturday was getting closer I was walking around in an almost constant state of arousal as Geoff had been a bit distant from me but typical man said nothing was wrong and so I kept the topic of Saturday quiet as It looked like he was regretting what had happened.

But as soon as Geoff was out the door each morning I would go and get a large carrot from the fridge and go back to bed I didn't even need to get myself worked up my body was craving an orgasm as soon as I was awake, sometimes more than one.

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On the Thursday i went shopping and as I looked at the carrots for the right shape I looked over at the cucumbers and just felt myself redden thinking about sliding one up between my lips, I got two large carrots and a cucumber that was slim one end but thick the other, the rest of the shopping was done in a daze and I just wanted to get my little friends home, unfortunately when I did get home Geoff called to say he was on his way home.

That night I cooked a lovely meal including using up the carrots that I had been using during the week which made me smile each time he ate one, after the food I tried to get my man interested in a little bit of fun but he just said he was to tired, fucking barstard.

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My night time dreams started as the same scenario each time I follow Geoff into the back rooms and I strip naked and he parades me around if anyone shows any interest he gives me to them to use as they so wish, but the dream Thursday i was now fantasising about groups of men looking at me and I was walking around on my own bending over myself freely to anyone that wanted me, Geoff no longer came into it.

When I woke up I was covered in sweat from the night and Geoff asked if I was ok and I just replied that I had had a bad nightmare, he just shrugged his shoulders and left to play soldier, as soon as he was gone I got out of bed and went straight to the fridge I picked up the two carrots and just looked at the cucumber wondering if I should or not, I put my hand down to my lips and realised how wet I was, I took hold of the larger end of the cucumber and held it up in front of me with my other hand I guided one of the carrots to my lips and only gave a small push but being wetter than I ever had been a good few inches went straight in my legs clamped around my hand and carrots as the sensation surprised me as I relaxed I pushed a bit deeper and then felt the second carrot pushing its way in again I shivered and clamped my legs waiting for the come down and as I did so I pushed both carrots in without trouble until my fingers were brushing against my soaking pussy, I was still sat on my legs infront of the open fridge as the intense orgasm shook my body feeling like it was going to rip me apart, I fell onto my back trying to catch my breath as I started to gently stroke around my lips and felt the carrots fall out onto the floor and then looked over at my other hand still holding the cucumber lifting my hand I let the larger end fall to the floor and held the smaller end in my hand and brought it round to my wide open legs and before I had chance to have second thoughts I started to work it in finding it although larger than anything I had taken before was going in a few extra inches at each push until atleast 8 inches were buried as I started pushing in and out I started to fantasise that I was performing for a group of men all standing there wanking there big hard cocks grabbing my tits and arse pushing cock after cock in to my mouth and arse as a great big cock pounded and stretched me.

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With my free hand I found one of the carrots and lifting my arse I pushed it in all the way not careing that it hurt and then grabbed the other and started sucking my own juices of it just as I would a mans cock, as I did so I would feel the carrot in my arse coming free and would ram it back in and saying things like its your turn to use my arse now pretending it was a different mans cock, the carrot for my mouth I would wipe around the mass of juices pouring out of my lips until the most amazing orgasm ever ( up until then ) hit me like a firework I rammed the objects into me as far as they would go as my body stiffened so much I thought I would shatter my eyes rolled to the back of my head and I felt exhausted but full of life at the same time.

I opened my eyes and realised that I had fallen asleep right where I was the cucumber was still embedded in my now sore pussy and as I carefully pulled it out I spasmed another small orgasm making my legs shake and my body weak again, I turned over on my hands and knees and realised the carrot in my arse was still there I pulled it gently and put it to the side knowing which barstard would be having that for his meal tonight.

I cleaned everything up and went for a shower realising I had fallen asleep for quite a while and Geoff would be back in an hour or too, when I came backdown I could smell my pussyjuice everywhere so getting the mop a small bit of water and lemonfresh floor cleaner I masked the smell and set about making myself as normal as I could and around 4 i started preparing the meal making sure I knew which carrot would go on which plate.

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At 5 geoff came in with a face like thunder saying that he had been put on guard duty on Saturday and that as off Monday they were all on 24hours notice to deploy. I asked him what about our plans for Saturday night and he just looked at me as though I had asked him for a new car or something.

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I ran down stairs crying and he came down and apologised and said that he would take me to get my little rubber friend on Sunday, I smiled at him and said thankyou for remembering his promise but then he added that, that was all it would be to get a toy then home as he wanted to spend the night at home with me before he went to barracks on Monday.

Damn shit, but then I realised I was home alone all day Saturday and Saturday night, and so I told him that I was going into the city up the road to get him something special for Sunday, but realy I knew it was me that intended to get lots of nice cock sized presents from whom ever wanted to fuck any of my holes and I had all night to get lots.

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Part 3 soon my trip to the sex kino.