Esposa casal eueela sentando e gozando

Esposa casal eueela sentando e gozando
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A couple reunites after 27 years apart and find their taste have changed, but for the good and explore what could have been. Chapter 1 I'm Doug, 5' 11, 175 pounds, in good shape still, and own my own remodeling business.

After 10 years of being divorced, I found that being single was good for me. Sure, it is nice to have a partner who likes things that I do, and likes to have sex, but also does not want to be tied down to each other and suffer through the pain that divorce can bring.

Especially when you are 50 and pretty set in your ways. Before I married at 28, I pretty much led a carefree life too. I would date often, sometimes juggling 2 or 3 women at a time, and it was mostly for the sex. Then I met my ex wife Sue, when I was 27 and I really thought this was the woman I wanted to spend my life with.

She was 25, and had a daughter. I really took to Carrie who was the spitting image of her mom, with the blond hair and blue eyes. Sue herself, was a very pretty woman, and enjoyed most everything I did in life. So after a year together, we decided to get married. Like any young couple, we had our ups and downs, and seemed to get through most of them unscathed. When first married, sex was a constant. Neither said no.

But like most couples, that diminishes over time, and we were no exception. It was when my step daughter turned into the teen years that things started to change. She became rebellish and started dressing in slutty clothes. All the while, Sue just let her do these things. I did not like it and we would argue. The sperm donor was never in the picture, and I acted as her father. Sue also changed as well.

She was drinking more and I came to find out she was smoking pot with her daughter. It was when Carrie turned 16 and was starting to date this one 18 year old that Sue and I had a huge fight. Carrie got involved in the fight too and let me know that I wasn't ,her quote, " I wasn't her Fucking Father and she'll date and fuck whoever she wanted too" When she said that and Sue did not back me up, I left, and was soon divorced.

A year and a half later, Carrie was pregnant and Sue was living with some Biker dude. Of course that didn't last long and since then, she has been with multiple partners that never seem to stay with her long. Carrie had 2 kids by the time she was 19 and both kids have different fathers. Since that time, I have no contact with either of them, and don't want too, either. Since we rented a house, there was nothing to lose there and since Carrie wasn't mine, no child support, nor did I have to pay alimony.

It did take me a couple of years to get back on my feet financially, and did, after I started up my own business. After 3 years, I bought my own house. A simple bungalow, with 3 bedrooms, one being up, and two bathrooms. I got a real buy on it, since it was 50 years old and needed updating. But for me, it serves my needs, and is a nice house in a nice neighborhood, where the neighbors know each other, and watch out for one another. The streets are safe to walk at night, and really doesn't have any crime.

I have a good business too, and I always have work. It's enough to pay my bills, and put money away for retirement. So my life is good. Do I want to be with someone and share with them? Yes and no. I don't want the pain associated with a relationship if it goes south. I do date, but it is mostly just to go out, have fun, and hopefully end the evening in bed, enjoying each other.

Most of the women I date, feel like I do. No commitment, but a roll in the sack is just fine with them. I have even entertained a couple of married women, so I knew that would never go anywhere, and they were into it for the sex and nothing else. Chapter 2 A few months back, I had just got back from walking my chocolate lab, Buddy. I have had Buddy for 5 years now. He is a great companion and is very friendly. He just loves people. I was sitting on the front porch, just relaxing after a long day of working, when a woman and her black lab came strolling down the sidewalk.

When they entered my area, Buddy ran up to meet them. Like all dogs, they sniffed each other out. The woman, who I would put near my age, was blond and had one of those haircuts that was short and layered, and well off of her collar.

She was wearing a dark blue sweater, since it was only 60 out, and black yoga pants. I love women who wear those pants, and she was no exception. They hugged her ass nicely, showing off her curves.

Her thighs were big, but they were thick, but matched the rest of her, that I could see. I got off the porch and called to Buddy, who decided to just ignore me, since he was trying to make a new friend. As I got closer, and looked at the woman's face, she looked familiar to me.

The closer I got, the more familiar she became, and it finally clicked on who she was. Her name was Sara. Sara and I dated in high school, our senior year.

Back then, we both probably weighed at least 20 pounds lighter. Sara being 5' 6, 110# with blond hair. In fact, she looks even better now with the added weight We were first for most anything sexual too. First oral, first intercourse, but not kissing or heavy petting. We went to prom together and were inseparable back then, until college came.

I went to the big university down state, and she went out of state. Of course we said we'd make it work, but by midterms of our first year, we ended it. Then when we both graduated, me with a business degree, and she with one in interior design, we both moved back to home. By that time, I had just dated for sex and sex only and had many partners in school. She too dated quite a bit, and when we got back home, we hooked up again. But this time it was different between us. I was carefree and not wanting to be tied down yet, but she was looking to settle down.

We lasted together for almost 6 months, until she wanted to have the talk. The talk where she wanted to know where I saw us going in this relationship. We both had voracious appetites for sex. In fact, before college, she would never swallow, but after we got back together, it was like second nature to her.

And where she would moan some, when first delving into sex, she was very loud now. My type of woman. But when I said I wasn't ready to be tied down just yet, she told me that she was and if I couldn't commit to her, then we should move on. So we did and a little over a year later, she married. 10 months after that, her daughter was born and 2 years later, her son.

Then her husbands job took them to another state and I hadn't seen or heard from her since. As I got closer, she was eyeing me as well, then I said "Sara?" "Oh my God, Doug?" she said back. We stood there and started chatting. I suggested we go sit on the porch and let the dogs run loose in the yard. She agreed and came up on the porch and took a seat in the other chair. We started talking about our lives. She was divorced now 5 years, and moved back 3 years ago.

Her son Mark Jr., was in the Navy and stationed in California, and her daughter Donna, was working in New York city, in the financial district, and engaged to be married. I told her about Sue and Carrie, and what transpired over that time. She then told me about her ex, Mark, and his wandering ways. She said he had been cheating on her for years, but she finally got the nerve up 6 years ago and kicked him out.

She hated where they lived anyways and decided to move back her and found a nice little apartment, but felt she wanted her own place. So she bought this ranch that was two streets over from my place. Sara noticed the truck in my drive, with the company name on it and what it was about. "Oh.

Are you having work done on your house?" She asked. "No. That's my truck. I do remodeling work." I said. "Oh Cool. I have been looking for someone to remodel some things at my place. Do you offer a discount to your first girlfriend?" she asked with a laugh.

I chuckled and said, "It depends. Is she going to cook dinner for me too?" "That could be arranged, if he is real good with his hands." she said, in a flirty tone. I then asked what she wanted done. That was to be a kitchen remodel and her master bath. She let me know she too owned her own business, doing interior design work. She mostly works with this one real estate company and a local architect in town.

She said business was good, but wasn't going to get rich off of it. But she made a decent living and had no complaints. It was almost 8pm when she said she better get going. I asked her when she wanted me to come over and check out what she wanted done. "Tell you what. I have a late appointment tomorrow, but Friday evening I am free, if you want to stop by then." "Friday it is then.

Say 7pm? I asked. " 7 sounds great. Come hungry and I'll make us lasagna" she said. Then got up and bent over to hook the leAsh back up on her dog Dixie, who was all worn out playing with Buddy. Buddy was laying next to me, just as worn out. As she bent over, I was looking at her ass. The material was very taut around her ass and legs, and you could see her flesh bleed through the thin material. I wasn't sure if she was wearing any undies, but if she was, it had to be a thong.

That got a certain member pumping blood to it. Then Sara turned around and gave me a tight hug and a kiss on the cheek. I'm pretty sure she could tell I had a hard on by now, because her body was pushing hard into me. When she let go, she just stared into my eyes, then smiled.

I told her I would see her Friday. As she walked away, she told me to bring Buddy, so Dixie could have a play date too. After grabbing a bite to eat and then a shower, I finally turned into bed and thought of Sara, and all the good times we had when we were younger. Of course, my cock was rock hard and I had to help it out. When I came, a bit later, my chest and stomach were coated with cum. I lay there and wondered if she is still as hot in bed as what she was almost 30 years ago.

Chapter 3 That Friday, Buddy and I showed up at Sara's house, after a brisk walk over from mine. Since it was early spring, the air was chilly, in the high 40's. When I arrived, Sara said she just got home a bit ago and was heating the lasagna up and would be ready in 30 minutes.

She was dressed in black slacks and a cream colored sweater. I had to admit, her body had change through the years, but it was still very nice and I believe her breasts were larger than when we were together. At that time, she was a small C cup, but now, I would say a large C or even D cup. Maybe one day I would get to explore those globes again. One thing I do remember, is that she could orgasm if you sucked and lightly bit on her nipples long enough. Sara excused herself so she could change.

I sat on the couch and watched the dogs play. They were having a blast together. Sara returned in a couple of minutes, wearing yoga pants again, this time a sapphire blue and a pink polo top that hug her curves very nicely.

If she was trying to make me hard, it was working. She definitely is a D cup, judging from how they looked in this top. " I hope you are hungry Doug.

I am " she said and winked. " Actually I'm starved, though I could afford to lose a couple of pounds." I said and laughed. " Oh hell. You look great. If anyone has to lose weight, it's me " she said. She then bent way over to get something from the bottom of one of her cabinets, which I must say was right out of 60's. I had wondered if she was wearing anything under those stretch pants.

Earlier I saw how they hugged every curver and crevice and saw a beautiful camel toe. And now, I saw a string going around her waist and one joining it in the middle, so I knew now it was a black, sexy thong.

Damn, I love women when they wear thongs. After a fabulous meal she showed me her plans. Standing next to her I was distracted by the lovely perfume she was wearing and the closeness we had going. I also thought back all those years ago, when we were lovers.

We both laughed when we put on glasses. We went over all of her designs she had created. I made a couple of suggestions, which she liked. Then we retired to her couch and talked about when I could start and that money was no object, since she saved for this. I told her that I could start that need to be Tuesday, which threw her a bit.

" Oh wow. Guess I got my work cut out for me this weekend. Cleaning out those cupboards. I'll get you a key too." I soon left, after a long hug and cheek kiss at the door. Chapter 4 Three weeks had gone by and I was making great progress in her kitchen. She was grateful that I left a small area for her micro and coffee maker.

During that time we did go out to eat a good bit and I did have her for dinner on weekends. She was also flirting more too with meand I with her, but no physical contact except for a hug and kiss on the cheek when either would leave, and an occasional hand on my forearm, that she would lightly rub.

I called her the other Sunday morning and asked if she wanted to go for a walk with Buddy and me. She said sure, but had to dress. I asked if she was naked. She laughed and said " wouldn't you like to know, Perv." which made us both laugh. Ten minutes later I was at her yard, where Sara and Dixie awaited us. Since today was an ok day, temperature wise, mid 60's, she was wearing a sweater, and those black yoga pants.

Today they really highlighted her camel toe, which I would love to bury my face in and eat all day. Since we reunited, I have seen her wear these a lot, or tight jeans. When we used to date, after college, she loved tight jeans that really showed off her ass, or when the weather was warm, short shorts.

I'd love to see her those style shorts again. I was just wearing jeans and a pullover shirt. The weather did have the look of rain, but it was calling for that later in the day, which is why I called then, to see if she wanted to go for the walk. The route we took today was not my usual route, which took us away from my street, but over a couple streets to the east of hers.

The conversation was light, mostly about the project, and how much she loves what I have done so far. Then she switched gears, as the sky grew darker, and we were about half way through our walk. "So Doug, have any dates of late?" Sara ask, like it was no big deal.

I was caught off guard by the question, but figured I would answer truthfully. "Uh. No. I haven't been on a date in months. No time actually. Been kind of busy of late. How about you?" I asked. She laughed. "Heavens no.

I haven't been on a date in quite along time. Most of the guys I would like to go out with, just never ask, or are married. I won't go out with a married guy. I am hoping with this one guy, but who knows. But for now the only date i have is with&hellip. Oh never mind." she said, then chuckled. I kind of laughed but asked why she hadn't asked him out. I didn't ever want to tell her that I have screwed a couple of married women, in my past. She may think very low of me, even though the women in question I met at a bar, had no rings on, and then to find out afterwards, they did to get back at their cheating spouse.

The one was a knockout too, and I couldn't believe that her husband would ever entertain the thought of fucking someone else, because she was great in bed. As she started to say something, the sky opened up and a downpour ensued. We both said shit at the same time. Sara started to jog some, but I just continued at the pace we were going at.

We still had a good half mile back to her place, and even much farther if we attempted mine. Sara turned back to see where I was at and said, "What are doing?" "Might as well just walk. We're soaked already." then chuckled. She laughed and waited up for me. We did pick up the pace a bit, but neither of us said much on the way back to her house. The dogs were fine with our pace, but I doubt if they enjoyed being soaked to the bone, like they were.

When we got back to her house, we went in through her garage, and into her small mud room, which also had her washer and dryer. We grabbed some towels and wiped the dogs down, so they wouldn't be totally soaked when they entered the house. Then she told me to strip down, through my clothes in the washer, and she would go find me something to wear, then went into the house.

I waited for her to close the door before undressing, which was silly in its own right, since she had seen me naked on many occasion. A couple of minutes later, the door started to open, and I hurried behind it.

I stopped the door so she couldn't walk in, or I believe she would have. "Oh, Mister Modest now." then giggled. "I found you a pair of Jr's boxers and a t-shirt. They should fit, since you both are about the same size." she said, giggled, then closed the door.

I emerged then into the kitchen. My jaw had to have hit the floor. Sara was standing there in just this teal color robe. It was either silk or satin, that hung to about mid thigh. Her nipples were hard and easily poking through the thin material. I had to divert my eyes from her, or my own cock would give away the lovely sight I was beholding. She asked me to get some bottled water, while she started the washer up.

I got the water, then moved to the couch. When she returned, she sat down next to me, as I handed her a bottle, which she started to drink from. At this moment, all i could think of was her naked, and letting me explore her body, like we did all those years ago. Then she put her bottle down and turned towards me, bringing one leg up and folding it in, and as she did that, her hand pushed the robe between her legs, so I couldn't get a view of her sex.

"Doug. Can I ask you a serious question?" she asked, to which I nodded my agreement. She hemmed and hawed, then asked, "Do you still find me attractive?" I just looked at her and then finally said, "Of course I do.

You are just as beautiful as the girl I first dated way back in high school. In fact, I think you are more beautiful now. Why do you ask?" "God. Men!" she said. "Since we saw each other almost 4 weeks ago, you have made no attempt to any of my flirting.

Oh sure, you flirt a little back, but come on. So I figured since I don't have that old figure anymore, you aren't interested in me." "To be honest" I said. "I think you are far more beautiful and sexy, than you were back then. Your figure is great to me. Don't get me wrong now, you were beautiful and sexy back then too. But now, with age, you've only gotten better." I told her, and as I was, Mr. Happy started coming alive. "Furthermore." I said, "I made one of the biggest mistakes in my life, by letting you go, like I did.

I was in love with you, but I was just stupid and totally afraid of commitment. What if I couldn't give you what you needed back then? I did not want you to hate me at some point." I said.

Then I reached my hand up and behind her neck and pulled her close and placed my lips on hers. She hesitated for a second, but then her lips parted, and our tongues touched.

The kissed made me rush back to when our sex was hot and heavy after college. Her mouth sucked my tongue in, as her tongue licked every part of it. We stayed there and kissed for god knows how long. Her chest was pressed against my one arm and I could feel her one nipple, which was like stone now. My fingers played with her damp hair as we continued to turn each other on. Finally, she broke away from the kiss. Then looked at me with total lust in her eyes.

"Come on. Let's go get more comfortable. Plus I don't want to feel some cold nose on my ass, or anywhere else." she said as she got up and pulled me up and led me to her bedroom. The dogs, who were curled up next to each other, just picked their heads up and watched us as we made our way down the hall.

After I shut the door, Sara came up to me and wrapped her arms around my neck and gently pulled me in for another kiss. My cock was tenting the boxers she had given to me to wear. As we kissed, she took the hem of the t-shirt and lifted it off of me, then slid her mouth to my nipples and sucked on them for a bit. I had forgotten how much she enjoyed doing that. Many women, don't bother with men's nipples. But Sara always did.

As she did that, my hands slipped under her robe and found her ample breasts, and those hard nipples. That made her moan loudly as I rolled them both, between my fingers. Then Sara fell to her knees and pulled the boxers down, and sighed when she found my hard cock pointing towards her. "Oh God Doug. You still have a gorgeous cock." as her hand wrapped around it, then her lips encases the head. All I could do was moan as she started to suck and lick me, all the while her hand pumped slowly on my shaft.

She worked my cock like an expert, only because she was an expert at giving a man pleasure in this fashion. When we got back together, after college, I could see our time apart gave her opportunity to learn the skills needed to make a man weak in the knees.

I also knew that she would swallow, at least back then. A few times I would look into her eyes as she gave me pleasure like no other woman. My ex would only do it on occasion, and wasn't all that good in doing it. Sara loved doing it, and I knew from past experience, that if she was really into it, would orgasm while doing it.

She must have felt my balls, which she was massaging in her hands, start to tighten up, which is just before I would cum. She lifted her mouth off of me, then looked up and smiled, and told me that can wait until later. She stood up and we embraced again and kissed. This time it was with much passion, more than before.

We were both consumed by lust and passion now. My hands undid the sash holding her robe closed and then gently pushed the fabric from her shoulders. It fell at our feet. I stepped back and looked at her, which made Sara Blush some. "My God Sara, you are so sexy and beautiful." I told her. "Oh Stop. I know better. I'm not that 23 year old you last saw." she said. Reached for her hand and guided her to the bed, as she got on, with her ass now pointing right at me, "You're right, you are even better.

I really mean that." She then lay on her back and I followed between her bent knees, and leaned down and kissed her passionately. Then started licking down her neck to her breasts, and her nipples.

I spent many a minute sucking and licking her nipples. When I would take one in my mouth, she would moan loud. But when I pushed both together and drew both nipples in, that was all it took and she started cumming, "Ugggggggggg. Oh God" she said loudly. As she came, I started licking down her belly, stopping at her belly button to lick there, then proceeded down to a place I missed greatly. When my lips met her engorged lips, she let out a long, loud moan.

I ate this gorgeous woman's pussy for the next 15 or so minutes, making her cum twice. She finally pushed my head away, saying she was really sensitive now. I forgot that she gets like that after cumming multiple times. As I got to my knees again and crawled up between her thighs, she smiled up at me, "My God Doug, your tongue is still amazing.

But now, I need you in me." as I slowly slipped my hard member inside her fiery hot pussy. It was so slick with her cum as I slipped in.

Once I was in she cooed out, "Oh God, just stay there a minute. It's been awhile, especially for this size" But then, I pulled out. She looked at me and asked what was wrong. "I forgot a condom." I said. "Are you clean? I am, and my tubes are tied. Pleaseeeeeeee put it back in" she said. When we were young, most times we fucked and fucked hard. It was her preferred way. Once in a while, we would do sensuous love making, like we were now. I wanted her to know that I have changed some.

I also hoped that she would invite back into her bed after this. We kissed as I kept up a nice pace, sometimes speeding up some, then slowing it down, prolonging our love making. After a good 10 minutes, she started bucking into me faster, so I knew she wanted to cum. Her legs wrapped around my waist, as I groaned into her mouth and she did the same.

Our pace had increased now and I was getting close and so was she. It was constant moaning into each other's mouths as we continued our coupling.

"Oh God Doug, God, I am so close." she moaned out. "Cum with me Doug. Cum deep inside me" she said. That's all I needed to hear, as her legs tightened even more around me, as her arms pulled me in tighter. Then she started cumming. Her moans were loud and that made me want her even more, as I started shooting deep inside her now, as I let out my own orgasmic groan. It felt like hours as I shot deep inside her, but it just mere seconds. Both of us had a sheen of sweat on our bodies, as we lay there resting from our intense orgasms.

Then I slowly crawled back down between her legs and started licking her. She was shocked, but just moaned out until I was finished. I left some in my mouth and moved back up and kissed her deeply, letting her enjoy our combined juices. I was hoping this wouldn't repulse her. Not that I have had a ton of women, but there was a few that did not like having that done. In fact, I knew one woman who did not like you going down on her at all, which is a favorite of mine.

What's not to like. The taste, the smell, is so erotic, and hearing your partner orgasm from your tongue and mouth is probably the best thing in life. That one did not last long with me. "Oh God Doug. That was heavenly. You are the first guy to ever do that to me, after cumming in me." she softly said, as we lay in each other's arms.

" I guess we can chalk that up another first for us." I said then chuckled. "We did have many first, didn't we? But how we just made love, well, that was special, at least to me. We didn't really do that much back then.

Young and dumb, I guess, and always horny" Sara pointed out to me. "Yeah. It was special for me too. I've learned to take my time and savor the moment. But it felt so good. But, I am still up for a wild time too, which we enjoyed a great deal." I said. At this point, we lay on our sides, holding each other.

God, how stupid I was back then. I knew in my heart she was always the one for me, but too chicken to follow through and make her mine. She had a look of deep thought now, which kind of scared me.

Of course, my mind raced to "Shit. She probably thinks this is a mistake". "Doug. Is this a one time deal? What we just did?" she asked. "Honestly Sara. I hope not. I hope we can continue what we just started. You are the only woman I have truly made love too.

Had I not been a total asshole back then, we'd be married and doing this all the time." She had a tear running down her cheek after I said this, then found her composure and said, "You are right.

You were an asshole back then. Had you just talked to me, and told me your true feelings, we probably could have worked through it. Maybe that is why Mark cheated on me, because he knew deep down that I was never truly in love with him, like I was with you." she said, then turned over and faced away from me, and asking to cuddle with her. I did as requested and spooned up with her, molding her body into mine.

She took my hand and held it on her breast. I was starting to drift off to sleep when she woke me from my daze: "Doug. I don't want this to be a one time thing either. And you really need to shave down there. I hate hair in my mouth." she softly said, then squeezed my hand.

I kissed the back of her neck lightly, then listened to her breath, as she faded off for a nap. Chapter 5 I awoke with a start. At first I had no idea where I was, until it all came flooding back to me.

I was surprised I had slept that long. Her clock said it after 4pm. I remember it said 12:35 when we drifted off to sleep. I also noticed that Sara was not in bed. I got up and used her bathroom, and put on the shorts. I went out to the kitchen to see Sara, in her robe, looking in the refrigerator. The way she was bent over, had the robe riding up her backside and just showing the bottom of her butt cheeks.

That in itself, made Mr. Happy start to come to life. I walked up behind her and bent over her, with my groin coming into contact with her butt, and whispered in her ear, "Find anything good in there?" "No. Not in here, but it feels like I found something better behind me" then giggled. She straightened up, turned and gave me a kiss. "I must have worn you out there, before.

Of course, you did the same for me too. I just got up about 15 minutes ago. I was hungry, and imagine you are too. So I was going to fix dinner." she said. "Let's go out instead" I suggested. "Let's order in a pizza instead.

I don't feel like dressing and putting on makeup" she said, with a twinkle in her eye. "I'll do whatever you want to do Lady. But I should run home and take Buddy there, so he can eat." I said.

"Already got that covered Doug. He eats the same brand as Dixie, so I fed them already." Buddy and Dixie were curled up together, in this dog bed that she has for Dixie. Those two were like best buds. To bad they were both fixed, or they too, could be enjoying each other like Sara and I just did. Just before the 30 minutes were up, that the pizza place said the guy would be here, Sara found a blanket, and laid it down on the carpet, in front of the fireplace in her living room.

She even lit the gas logs. It was still pouring out too, so this was perfect for the weather. A few minutes later, the kid arrived, and I paid him and gave him a five dollar tip. We sat across from one another and ate pizza and drank wine. I forgot how much she enjoyed wine. Sara never drank enough to get drunk, but it made her happy, and usually, at least way back then, made her horny too.

As we ate, we talked of old times, and people we knew and what their lives turned out to be like now. I told her about our best friends, from back then, Heather and Bill.

Still together, and raised 3 great kids. All of whom have moved on, with one married, and one engaged. The youngest was going to graduate this year from college too. We always had a great time when the four of us went out together.

In fact, Heather didn't speak to me for months after we broke up. She said I was the biggest jerk on the planet. But after some time, she forgave me, and we still are close friends. "You remember Ashley, my college roommate?" she asked, and I nodded. "She lives over in the Falls. After school, she moved back when I did and stayed there. I sure missed her when we moved away.

But we are back together as best friends. She used to come visit once in awhile too, when I was with Mark." she stated. "She ever marry?" I asked.

"No. No. But she did have two kids. One lives in Columbus, and the other over in Pittsburgh." "If she never married, how did she have kids? Not that it matters this day and age." I asked "It's a long story and something I will share with you in due time, but she had artificial insemination.

But she is happy, and has her own cleaning business. She does quite well with it too." Sara explained. "I always liked her. She was a little spit fire, if I remember correctly. Big flirt too, at least with me." I said. "Oh yeah she was. She still looks pretty good, but like anyone our age, has a few extra pounds too. She calls that the Italian curse. Just so you know, she had the hots for you, back then." she said with a laugh.

I shook my head and said no way. "Way. It probably didn't help that I used to tell her in college how great you were in bed too. She actually wanted to have a threesome with us, back when we got home." she said, smiling. "And you were good with that?" I ask. "Actually, I was. I thought it would be hot, and so did she. I just didn't think you would go for it. So I never approached you about it. Then after we broke up, she toyed with the idea of asking you out, but never did.

You know, the Girl code. Never date your best friends ex." she said then giggled. Then Sara looked down at my crotch. "Mmmmmmmm. Someone does like the idea I see." and laughed as she said it. We then cleaned up our mess.

Then Sara grabbed my hand and started leading me back to bed. "We have about 27 years to make up for Lover." I was so hard now, as we got on the bed. Her mouth sought out my cock, as her lips engulfed the rigid pole. She told me to lay down now and went back to sucking. As she did, I played with her wet slit, which was super wet now. Then I asked her to 69 with me, so I could taste her too. It wasn't long before she was cumming all over my face.

She didn't waste time though, as she mounted me and started gyrating in circles, with my cock buried deeply inside her. "Oh Fuck Baby. You are so deep." she moaned out. Now that was the Sara I remembered from back then. An hour and a half later, we lay next to each other, totally exhausted from sex.

This time though it was raw sex. Nothing like earlier, but true fucking, like we used to do. I even surprised myself by cumming two more times with her. The last time, was when she was back on top and got off just before I came and sucked me dry. She said she lost count after 6 times, when it came to her orgasms. We lay cuddling up when she asked, "Stay the night with me Doug. I want to wake with you in the morning.

We only did that on rare occasions when we were together." The next morning, her alarm went off at 7am. I knew from the past, she was not a big morning person, but, she did invite me to shower with her. After seductively washing each other, then drying each other off, she gave my hard member a kiss on the head, then got dressed for work. Buddy and I took off when she did, but I did return a bit later, to continue working on her kitchen.

Chapter 6 It was now almost 3 months later and the work in her house was drawing to completion. I had some finishing work to do in her master bath, which now had a big shower stall, but no more tub. The only things left to do was grout the floor and put on the trim base moulding, and any touch ups that maybe needed.

Sara and I were growing closer as well. The one phrase though, had not been spoken, but I knew it was a matter of time for that. We spent every weekend together, from Friday night to Monday morning. We did what most couples did, like going to dinner, and movies. Take walks in the park. We even drove down to Amish country and spent a whole Saturday exploring all the shops, then stayed the night in a Bed and Breakfast, which was very romantic.

During the week, Sara would bring Dixie over and stay a night or two at my place, and we talked nightly on the phone. The only time we really did not see one another was Thursdays. She said she usually works later that day and that is her night to also see Ashley.

There was a couple of Tuesday evenings she would also go see Ash. Those nights I told her to have fun and we'd talk in the morning. Also during this time, Ashley made a couple of appearances at Sara's. When she saw me the first time, she came up and hugged me and kissed me on the cheek, "Oh Dougie, you are looking so good. Been way to long since we saw one another." she said.

She knew I hated that name, but I let it slide. The years were pretty good for Ash. She still seems like the spit fire I knew back when Sara and I dated. The first time she came over, she was wearing jeans and a yellow top, with the first three buttons undone, letting anyone who looked, a nice view of her cleavage. Ash is our age as well, and still has a good body.

5' 4, 140, with all the weight proportioned in the right areas. Her breasts are now a big C, from the looks of them. Back in her twenties, they were B cup. Hard to tell in jeans, but her thighs are thicker too, but I like them that way. I spent a couple of hours with those two, and helped Sara make dinner for the three of us. I got caught up on Ashley's life. Her cleaning business was doing great, and of course there was to typical sexual banter we used to have.

Towards the end of the evening, before she left, she handed me her business card and said if I ever need a cleaning service for one of my jobs, just give her a call. Or, if I wanted my place cleaned, she'd be more than happy to work out a deal for me. Being the smartass I can be, I asked, "Are you going to wear that cute little maid outfit?" then chuckle.

"Oh no Sweetie. For you, I'd be naked" Ash said then laughed, which made me turn 3 shades of red. I did not have any response to that one. After she left, Sara informed me that Ashley probably would do it naked. I laughed at that one. Sara then shocked me and said that she would come over and help too. I guess these two are still as tight as ever. All I could think back too was when Sara told me a few months back that Ashley and she wanted to have a threesome with me.

"Fuck" I thought. ' Every guy's dream is to be with two women'. And from that time on, Ash would come over and do her normal flirting and loved running her hands on my arms as we talked. It was a Friday evening. It was warmer now, and you could sit outside and enjoy the evening.

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We had just come back from dinner. We were relaxing on her back deck, which is attached to her house, with an entryway from the kitchen. The dogs were playing in the backyard, which is fenced in. The sun was just setting and Sara and I were enjoying a cocktail this evening. She wasn't her normal chatty self tonight though. It's like she wanted to have a talk, but didn't know how to begin it.

I just let it rest and figured that when she was ready, she tell me what was on her mind. I knew the next evening, she and Ashley were to attend a banquet, put on by the Chamber of Commerce, so we wouldn't be seeing one another, unless she stopped by afterwards. It was almost 10, when she suggested we go to bed. It had been since Tuesday, that we slept together and made love, but even that night just felt a bit off. I figured I would just roll with whatever she wanted to do tonight and not make the first move.

After we both used the bathroom, with me coming out last, she was already in bed, a sheet pulled up over her legs, of her naked body. We have come to sleep naked all the time now. She had on a lamp that was on her night table, next to the bed. So I went to the other side and got in bed, under the sheet. She was sitting up and looked at me, with this forced little smile.

"Doug. We need to talk." she said I told her ok, talk. "These last few months have been great. I love being with you. Both in bed and out. We do so much together as a couple, and you always put me first.

I hope what I say doesn't scare you off, but, I am in love with you, Again." "Good" I said. "I'm in love with you too. But this time I am not going to run away and be a jerk." Tears were streaming down her face now.

"Doug&hellip. God. How do I tell this to you." she said in between sobs. "Just say it Sara. I'm not going to run away." I said. "You may after you hear it." she said. I just took her hand and squeezed it, nodding for her to continue. "Doug. Ashley and I are lovers.

We have been since college. The only time we quit seeing one another was when Mark and I started dating, and then married. I felt as though it was cheating. Mark did know though about our past.

He was never to fond of Ashley as it was, so after we married, it was seldom she would come by for a visit." she was explaining. "Then after I moved back here, well things just picked up from where we left it, after you and I broke up years ago. Oh God Doug, don't hate me, but I love her too." she said as she started crying. I took her into my arms and let her cry.

I was thinking how weird this is, but I had a feeling it was more than just friends getting together all those Thursday's. "Sara. Honey. I don't hate you. She's been in your life far longer than I have, when you think about it. I don't want you to have to choose. So I will back off and let you two alone." She pulled away from me and just stared at me, then said, "No. That's not what I want. I want you Doug. These past few months have been great and I feel like I did when we dated before college.

Call me selfish, but I want you both in my life, as my best friends, and my lovers. Could you handle that?" she asked. "Wow Sara. How would this work? Does she know how you feel about me?" I asked. "Yes she does. We had this same talk last night. She says she can share, if you can. I love you Doug, and I don't want to lose you again. That would rip my heart out this time. But I love her too, and I am the only person she really has in her life.

Both kids are now gone and moved away, and only visit at holidays, if they can." Sara sobbed "How come she isn't with any guy? I mean she is still very pretty and quite sexy looking." I asked.

" Ash has dated guys in the past, even back in college, but she has only been naked with two guys in her entire life, but never had sex with them, except for blow jobs." she said.

So I asked why. "Doug. Ash has a condition called hermaphroditis. She has a working vagina. But where her clit is, it looks like a penis. When soft it it maybe an inch, but when she is sexually excited, it grows to almost two inches and is hard, like a dick gets, or even a clit. There is no slit in it, but the head is very sensitive when sexually aroused." she explained to me. "Honestly, that sounds pretty hot Babe.

And, I think I am open enough to share you with her, but only her. I have always liked Ashley. I almost asked her out after we broke up, but didn't think that would go over with you to well." I said, and as I said this, Sara was looking at my crotch area, under the sheet, which was now tenting the sheet. Sara giggled a bit, then said, "My God. You're turned on by this&hellip. Her biggest fantasy is her joining you and I in bed and you making love to her, or just plain fucking her. She has never had a real cock in her.

Just my strap on, that we use on one another." "Do you want that too Hun? Could you handle me inside her. My cock sliding in and out of her, while you watch?" I asked. "Honestly? Yes. I wanted that when we dated before. And if you are serious now, then yes, I want that too. I want my best friends in bed with me, and we all share each other. I love being with her weekly, but having it out in the open and we all share would be great." she said as she pushed the sheet down, exposing both of us.

Then drew her knees up and spread her legs and started rubbing her pussy." "Get between my legs and give me that big cock Baby. I love you, but tonight I am your slut. So fuck me, and fuck me good." she said. Just as I was getting between her legs, she leaned over and grabbed her phone. I was kneeling between her legs, holding my hard shaft. It was just near the entrance of her love hole, when she took a pic. She then did something, then saw her type out something.

When she was finished, she showed me. It was a pick of my cock, just ready to split her labia. Under the pic was a question.

"Would you like to feel this inside your hot little pussy, Slut". We both laughed. As I entered then, she looked up at me with the lustiest eyes I have ever seen. "OH God Yes. Pound my pussy Lover. Fuck Doug, I love you but Fuck me now." After we came about 15 minutes later, after some intense sex, we just lay there holding each other. Her hand was holding my semi hard member when I finally asked her, if she was sure about this.

" From our first kiss in high school, I've never stopped loving you. I know in my heart that I can share you too. I know that sounds weird, and so will this, but I hope one day we three share everything together, especially this bed, all the time." She softly said. " I too never stopped loving you either, I was just a selfish asshole back then. But you know, Ash may not feel the same way about all of this." I said. She put a finger up and went and grabbed her phone. Then laughed when she saw the reply.

She then showed me the text. " Fuck me. You weren't lying. Hell yeah I want that. Where and When??? SLUT" Sara laughed and wrote back tomorrow night. I looked at her and asked if she was sure. She put the phone down and turned off the light. She asked me to get on top, since I was hard again.

She guided me inside her warm confines, then said, " Yes. Very sure. But, if you feel repulsed by how she looks, please hide it from her.

But if this whole scenario turns you on, like me, fuck her brains out. Now shush, and make love to me." Chapter 7 We had just finishing up our shower and we were dressing. I had brought over clothes to keep there, since I spend many nights there. Sara had a big smile on her face as she was pulling her thong into place. I looked at her and asked " what?".

She giggled, " Thank you for keeping yourself manscaped. I really love how sexy it looks, and it is so nice not having hair in my mouth. Now put it away before I come over there and do something I don't want to do until later." I know what you're thinking and I would too, but as she explained to me in the shower, she wants to save all my energy for tonight. Even if it turns out to be just her and I. I had plenty of errands to run that day, as did Sara.

One place I needed to stop at was GNC. We had stopped in there one day a couple of months ago. We both got vitamins, and she got this shake for losing weight, which is working. I bought the testosterone booster. It's 80 bucks a month but well worth it. It really does help with stamina and having increased erections during an evening. Sara too, has lost weight and has more energy, in bed and out.

I had just finished up with removing the cardboard I had placed on the floor, while the grout sealer dried from the day before, and finished putting in the base moulding, when Sara came back from her shopping trip. I saw her place a Nordstrom and Macy's bags on the bed. One thing I always knew about Sara, was that she liked buying nice things, especially her clothes.

She came in the bathroom and saw the work I did and was thrilled to see it done. She rewarded me with a very passionate kiss. As we kissed, my hands naturally went to her lovely butt cheeks and squeezed them.

"MMMMMM, you really do love my ass, don't you?" she asked. "Yes I do. You have the perfect ass, at least for me." I responded. "Well, it is all yours Lover, but I need to get going in here. Do me one favor this evening. When Ash gets here later, make a fuss over her. She bought this cute dress for tonight, but now thinks it makes her look fat." I then showered and changed in to black slacks and a tan colored pull over shirt. Then went out and read a book I had started the other day.

I figured I would go get something to eat after the ladies left around 5:30, since the event started at 6. Around 5:20, Sara came into the room and my mouth damn near hit the floor. She had on this dark green cocktail dress that made her look stunning, beautiful, and sexy all at once. I stood up and looked as she twirled around and asked for my thoughts, as I noticed that the neckline plunged some, revealing just enough cleavage, but very tasteful, and that her the back plunged even lower to just above her waist.

"I think maybe I should go change and go with you, just to keep the men at bay. Baby. You look beautiful, and very sexy." then walked up to her and pulled her to me to kiss.

It was a deep, passionate kiss that last for only a minute, but made me hard as a rock, and something she noticed. " I wish you were going too. I know we'd have had fun together, if we even made it there. I feel so horny right now, knowing I turned you on this much. Just wait until you see Ashley. Now no more kissing. I have to fix my lipstick, but for that kiss, it was worth it." she said then giggled.

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Just then, the door opened, and in walked Ashley, as she set down an overnight bag. We were just breaking our hug when she said, "Damn. You two wanna get a room now, or can it wait?" then laughed. "Jealous? Bitch!" Sara shot back, but also smiled when she said it. I looked at Ash and was tongue tied. Her 5' 4" frame was encased in this sexy, black cocktail dress.

The hem line stopped at her mid thigh region and showed off her toned, tanned legs. And her black pumps really highlighted her legs. The top of the dressed plunged down, a bit lower than Sara's and showed off more of her cleavage. When she spun around, her back plunged just as low as Sara's. To me, she was just as sexy looking as Sara. She walked up to Sara and gave her a hug and a lingering kiss on the lips.

I have this feeling that is I wasn't there, that kiss would have lasted a lot longer, lipstick, or not. Then she gave me a tight hug too, which I gladly hugged back and kissed her on the lips. I looked her in the eyes after our lips parted and smiled, as I looked down her top. I saw plenty of boob, but could not tell if there was a bra there. She giggled, then said, "No Sweetie, no bra, and, do you have a banana in your pants, or are you just happy to see me?" "Very happy to see you Ash.

You look amazing and very sexy tonight… In fact, I think I better go, just to protect you two from all the lechers that will be there… Also, if it is a banana down there, would you like to take it out and eat it?" I said. Sara laughed, and so did Ashley, then she retorted back, "Ohhhh. I like a guy who can send quips back my way. But no. Not right now. Maybe later Sara and I can make a Banana Split out of it." "I'll supply the whip topping then too." I shot back. Then both said, "MMMMMMMMM Yummy." Then Sara and Ash headed for the door, with Sara yelling out that they would be back around 10.

Maybe sooner if they were bored, which I hoped they would be. About 5 minutes after they left, the dogs and I went for a ride to Arby's. I saw a commercial earlier and it looked good. I usually don't eat to much fast food, but this was calling to me.

After eating, once I returned back to Sara's, I took out my laptop to do some work I had been neglecting. Once I finished that up, I opened the browser to find out what hermaphrodite's are. I was shocked to see so many are born with this condition. Usually, surgery is performed to transition the subject to either sex, after it is determined which sex they really are.

Many women have this surgery, if they can afford it. Some just live with what was dealt them, like Ashley. She was raised a girl, and since she had children, she really is a woman.

Most women, it said, usually lesbian, mostly because men cannot cope with both genitalia being down there. Many of the pictures I saw, and the articles I read, actually was turning me on. I know that Ash turns Sara on, and since she has never had a man, I guess you could say she is lesbian. Therapist, who have dealt with these women say that if a man can get past something that looks like a penis, they experience one of the best sexual sessions of their lives.

The women are extremely sexual and many have been known to squirt, especially if the man pays attention to the penis/clit, since it is very sensitive.

As I read, I thought back to earlier in the day, talking with Sara. She had told me that she talked with Ash in the morning and she was very excited about tonight, but also cautious. She is hoping to experience her first ever intercourse with a man. She doesn't care if I can't go down on her because Sara will take care of that.

After reading all of this, I was going to make it my mission to bring her off with my mouth, which I love doing, and if I could get her to squirt, oh wow, that would be awesome. I've never had a woman do that before. I have come close with Sara, where it is not squirting, but plenty of girl cum, flows from here after an intense orgasm. It was around 8:40, when I got a text from Sara.

"Honey, why don't you mix up some Long Island Iced Tea for us. We'll be home by 9 or a bit after. Xoxoxo". Chapter 8 About ten after nine the girls walked in. I was sitting on the couch rubbing Dixie's ear, which I found she loves having done, just like Buddy. Sara walked over to me and leaned down and gave me a very wet kiss.

Then Ashley did the same. Judging from the taste, they had a drink or two tonight, though neither was drunk. "Babe. Could you get us our drinks, while we go get out of these clothes?" Sara asked. "Sure. You sure you don't need any help in doing that?" I asked, as they started down the hall to the bedroom. Ashley was already slipping the straps off of her shoulders, then pushed the dress down, until it hit the floor. As she stepped out of it, I could see her turn her head back towards me a wink, as I confirmed my suspicion from earlier, of no bra and a black thong.

What a great ass she has. I poured all three of a drink and just stood in the kitchen awaiting their return. I did not have to wait long as they both came back out wearing robes. Sara's was teal colored, but not the one she wears around me. This one was floor length, and Ashley's was a floor length white one. I guess that was packed in her overnight bag.

Sara came up to me and lightly kissed my lips and then told me to go change as well. She put out the robe she had got me last month and she said there was a surprise on it that she wanted me to wear. When I got to the room, I saw a black thong, for a man, to wear. This girl had this all planned out, for sure tonight. It was a first for me to wear something like this, and seeing I was already starting to sport a woody, it was hard concealing it in this little black package holder.

When I came back to the living room, the two women were embraced and kissing passionately. I've seen it in porno's and such, but never in person, and it was hot. My blood went straight to my dick then and made it super hard. I'd be happy to just sit back and watch these two. They broke their kiss then picked up their drinks and Sara told me to follow them. I picked mine up and followed down the hall, to the bedroom, and then closed the door.

The girls were standing at the foot of the bed, embraced again, and kissing. Then they each untied the sash holding their robe together, then pushed the robes off of each other and let them fall to the floor, showing me they only had thongs on. Ashley's was white, and Sara's was teal, which is her favorite color. Then resumed kissing, smashing their tits into each other, as their hands explored each other's backs and asses.

I'm surprised I didn't cum just watching that. At this point, I still could not see the front of Ash, but I was ok with that. Sara guided Ash to the bed, where she lay back and Sara got on top of her. Sara looked back at me and softly asked me to remove my robe. Ashley's eyes were then upon me as I removed the robe, exposing my cock covered body to her for the first time.

"Oh Fuck" Ash softly said, and then smiled. "Wait till he isn't wearing that." Sara said back to her. Next thing to happen was Sara and Ash kissing madly. Sara lay between her legs as they thrashed around on the bed. These two women were very horny now. Sara started licking down Ash's body. Stopping at her breasts and sucking on Ashley's dark nipples.

Ashley's breast were definitely C cup and surprisingly firm, and tan all over, with very dark areolas and nipples. Although, her's were not as big as Sara's. As she started to lick down Ash's belly, she turned to me and asked me to lay down next to them, which not being a fool, I gladly did. I then watched as Sara removed Ashley's thong, and I could finally see her extrusion, which looked very engorged and awaiting my Sara's hungry mouth.

I looked into Ashley's eyes then and told her how sexy she looks. When I said that, a smile rode across her face and any thoughts of rejection left her mind. I moved by her head and kissed her. At first it was soft and sweet, but then turned passionate as Sara began eating this gorgeous woman. I reached out and played with one of Ash's tits, as Sara was taking the little cock inside her mouth.

With both of us giving Ashley pleasure, she just moaned loudly, saying "Oh God" over and over. Ashley then reached for my cock and fished it out the thong and started lightly groping it. "Oh Fuck Baby. he is so big" she cooed out to Sara. Sara lifted her head and smiled at me, then said, "Oh. I know Baby. It's yours to enjoy too.", then went back to sucking her pussy. Ash and went back to kissing while she started stroking my cock, and my hand was massaging her breasts and nipples.

A few minutes later, Ashley's body started to tense up, then her ass raised off the bed, and she broke our kiss. "Oh Fuckkkkk. I'm cumming" she yelled out. As she came I took a nipple into my mouth and started sucking it and lightly biting it. This just made her cum even harder. Her hand was like a vise grip around the base of my cock, almost to the point where it was starting to hurt.

But I managed through it as Ash seemed to be in another world as she came, with her hips humping Sara's mouth, as she collected all of Ashley's nectar. As she started calming down, Sara asked me if I wanted a taste. I moved down by Sara and kissed her passionately, tasting Ash's sweet juices that coated Sara's lips and tongue.

Sara then moved from between Ash's legs and I took her place. OK. It was strange seeing her clit / dick or whatever it was, but it was also quite erotic to see. But then this whole relationship has become different from what I could ever imagine. But Sara was really good with it and so was Ashley, so who was I to complain. One thing though, I need to teach Sara how to better measure things.

Ashley's apenditure stuck out about an inch, and as round as an index finger, and it was hard too, because my hand glided over it and her pussy lips.

Then my lips touched her lips, which made her moan out. Next was my tongue splitting those lips and tasting what Sara had caused.

Then aroma and taste were even better, getting it right from the source. I would flick my tongue over the head, then went back to eating her. She really moaned when my tongue found her puckered ass, as I paid some attention to it, as well. As I was eating this beautiful creature, Sara and Ashley were kissing and playing with each other's tits. I personally, could stay down here all night and eat this woman. But after 10 minutes of licking and kissing her pussy, with an occasional lick of her clit, I thought it was time to bring her off.

When my lips started sucking in her big clit, her legs clamped together around my head but I could hear her say "Oh Fuck Yesssssss. Eat my cock" Her legs then spread wide as Sara was sucking her nipples, which I continued sucking on her clit. Her ass started bouncing on the bed now. My mouth was attached to her now and I wasn't letting go of this bucking bronco. I inserted a finger, then another and let her do the work of fucking herself while I sucked on that big clit of hers.

Sara was now biting one nipple and pinching the other when we heard Ash growl, "Oh My Fucking Godddddddddddd. Fuck. Fuck. Cummingggggggggggg." As she let loose with her juices. Her pussy shot squirt after squirt of this liquid, which drenched my face and chest. I had never had a woman do that. I lapped up as much as I could, but still couldn't get it all. After about a minute, her body went totally limp and we could hear her whimper. Sara moved away from her and just lay on her back smiling.

Ash just lay there, not really moving, but I could see her chest heaving from her orgasm. I kneeled and looked over at Sara, who had the most lustful eyes I have ever seen on her. She motioned for me to come to her. I moved between her legs, then lowered my body onto hers as my cock found home, without any guidance from either of us.

When I fully seated, Sara smiled up at me and said, "Oh Baby, that was so hot. Fuck me slow now, while Ash recovers. But don't cum in me" After 5 minutes of slow fucking, we both looked over at Ash, who was now on her side watching us. Her one hand was playing with her pussy as she was trained on our groin area.

"Oh God. You two are so sexy to watch. Best night of my life." she cooed. I then leaned over and kissed her, letting our tongues wrestle for a few seconds. Sara and I lasted just a few more minutes, until Sara let loose with her own orgasm. When she did that, I pulled out, so I wouldn't cum as well. Then just fell to my back next to her. Ashley then was on top of Sara kissing her like the lovers they actually are.

Then Sara whispered to Ash something, that I couldn't hear. Ash just nodded in agreement and slid off of her, towards me. Ashley pivoted around, faced me, then straddled me. Sara reached over and grabbed my cock and held it straight and helped guide into Ashely's tight love hole. He pussy was very tight, wet, and very warm. I watched as she said all the way down my hard shaft, until our body's met. She smiled and then said, " You Slut. That's why you got that longer strap on.

Get me used to this cock of his……&hellip. Oh Fuck this is so much better." Ash said, with a smirk on her face. Sara giggled then said, "Yeah. You're right. That other one was just 6 inches, and I knew he was much bigger.

Enjoy it Baby, like I do. " Sara was laying next to us watching as Ashley moved her ass back and forth on my cock, then started slowly going up and down. I was in heaven. Who wouldn't be, with two pretty, naked ladies having sex with me. With my hands holding her ass cheeks, I sat up and started sucking her nipples.

This made her moan out loudly. As I did this, Sara stuck her hand between us and started rubbing Ash's clit. That just made Ashley start pumping on my cock faster.

"Oh Fuck&hellip. I'm close… Don't you two stop." she yelled out. Then she pushed me away from her and I fell back onto the bed. She leaned over and started kissing Sara, as I started pumping up into her. Then her body went rigid as she started to cum. "Oh God… Oh Fuck&hellip. Yessssssssssss" She stopped moving as her orgasm took hold of her. This lasted a minute until she came back to earth and started pumping up and down on my shaft again.

Sara was also getting ready to cum, since she was playing with her pussy and clit. I looked over at Sara and told her to sit on my face and let me bring her off. She did as I asked and straddled my head and lowered her delectable pussy to my waiting mouth and tongue. Ashley was starting to fuck me faster, while Sara ground her sex into my face. My tongue was buried as deep as it could go, but since I couldn't see, I wasn't sure what those two were doing, but was later told that they were kissing.

But then Sara started cumming, and came hard. She didn't squirt like her lover did, but it was flowing from her and I ate it all up. I love how she taste. Sara fell off of me and Ash leaned down and started licking my mouth and kissing me.

"Oh God. I love how she taste on your lips." I started fucking her faster now, and she met every upward thrust, with her own downward thrust, with our body's slapping together. I could feel the cum starting to rise from my balls as Ashley continued to fuck me hard. Her eyes were glassed over and seemed like she was possessed as she assaulted my cock with her fiery hot pussy. "Ash. I'm going to Cum Sweetie." I told her "Oh God Yesssss.

Give it to me Baby. Cum deep inside me." Ash yelled out. We both started cumming about the same time. Her head was going from side to side as she grabbed my forearms and held on.

It felt like I just pumped a gallon inside her, and maybe so. After a minute, her body went limp and she fell on top of me. I was panting, and then she started to pant, and for once, Ash was speechless. She finally rolled off of me and curled up into the fetal position. I thought maybe I hurt her, but Sara said she was fine and usually does that after cumming hard. I sat up and Sara crawled over to me and snuggled next to me.

Sara looked me in the eye and smiled then said, "Thank you Baby." "For what?" I asked. "Making this fantasy I had, a reality. It's way beyond what I could ever imagine. You two look so sexy fucking like you did." Sara said and kissed me. Ashley moved now so she was snuggled next to me as well. I looked at her and leaned down and kissed her too, with just as much passion as I did with Sara.

When we broke our kiss, the two women then started kissing. When they broke, I heard them both softly say I love you to one another, as each of their one hand encircled my semi hard cock and squeezed it. Then Ash asked Sara, "My God, does this cum ever stop from leaking from you?" Sara smiled and said yes, then crawled over me and got between Ashley's legs and spread them wide. "This is how Doug takes care of it for me" and lowered her mouth to Ash's swollen lips and started eating her and sucking out our juices.

"Oh Fuck&hellip. You always eat her after cumming in her?" I nodded and smiled. I saw that Sara's ass was way up and I knew she wanted to be fucked when she was eating her lover. So I got behind her and stroked my cock a bit to get it hard enough to penetrate her sweet pussy. Sara lifted her head and said, "Oh God Yes.

Fuck my hot little cunt as I eat this Bitch" For the next 10 minutes, I pounded Sara and she ate Ash to 2 more orgasms, and she herself, had 2 more as I fucked her. I finally came again, deep inside my lovers tight pussy. A minute later, Ashley went between Sara's legs and ate our combined juices, like Sara had just done to her. Twenty minutes later, and after we all had bathroom stops, we snuggled in bed.

I was in the middle, with these two beauties laying their heads on my chest. In no time, all three of us were out like a light. Chapter 9 It was a little past 7am when I stirred and looked around.

Sara and Ash were lying on their bellies now and sleeping peacefully. I eased off the bed, as to not wake them. I looked back and smiled, wondering how I got so lucky. One to be back together with my first love, and two, sharing our love with her best friend and lover. It was after 8:30, and I knew they were up because I heard talking, and giggling and some laughter, oh and some moaning. Then I heard Sara's phone go off. A few minutes later, the shower turned on and out of my I caught Ash coming into the kitchen.

She was dressed in only a silk style nightshirt, that only had two buttons done. She just reeked of sex appeal. I was clad in only the black boxers I had on last night. "MMMMMMMM that coffee smells so good." she softly said. I got up and fixed her a cup. She likes the Italian sweet cream in hers, and told me how much to put in. I filed that away for some later use. I knew going into this, that once we start, the three of us were going to be doing this a lot more.

Ash went on to tell me that Sara's boss wanted her to come in at 10:00 about a special project. She also said she had a terrific time last night, and hoped that I wasn't to weirded out by her looks. I got up and went to her, had her stand up and folded her into my arms. "Ash, you are, by far, one of the two most sexiest women alive.

Sara being the other. I hope you will let me have more fun with you, in bed, or out, but you were unbelievable last night. My only regret, and it is huge, is that I was such an asshole back then, and didn't know what a great thing I had in Sara. Had I, we probably would have done this way back then, and then the last 27 years." I said.

"Thank you Doug. You made me feel like a woman should. You were so soft and caring to me last night. And holy shit, making me squirt. I regret now that I didn't ask you out back then.

To be honest, and I told this to Sara, I do want you again. I want to feel you inside me. So I think that will happen. Just promise me, that you will not walk away again from Sara. She is so in love with you" she said "I promise that will not happen Gorgeous." It was 9:30 when Sara came out into the kitchen, dressed up and ready to leave.

I had a cup of coffee ready for her. "Awwwwwww. You do love me" she cooed then kissed me. Then she whispered in my ear. "I'll be gone a couple of hours. Take Ash to bed and make love to her, like you do me. She's never had that. Please?" she asked, then kissed me again and then kissed Ashley and said she wouldn't be that long.

Ash laughed and said you better not, you have my car. Ash and I were standing by the counter now, still drinking the remains of our coffee. I could tell she wanted to say something, but wasn't sure how to say it. I was hoping she did not have any misgivings about the previous night, because I surely didn't. It was fun, yet it was three people who have feelings for one another that shared sex together.

I've always had a soft spot for Ashley, and I probably should have asked her out, after a given amount of time, after mine and Sara's breakup. Finally, I just set my cup down and grabbed her hand, and told her, "Come On".

and started leading her down the hall. "You have something in mind Dougie?" she asked softly. "You'll see my fair lady." I calmly said to her. Once inside the bedroom, and the door closed, I took her into my arms and brought her lips to mine and we kissed. I think my cock went to full hardness in less than 10 seconds.

I know she could feel my manhood poking her belly, as our tongues played tag with one another. As we continued to kiss, I lifted her shirt over her head, breaking our kiss, so now she was naked. I pushed my boxers down, revealing myself to her, and she got a big smile on her face.

We then got on the bed, and lay on our sides, facing each other. We started kissing again, this time it was more passionate than anytime before. It could be because we were alone, without Sara there watching.

Although it felt erotic, with her watching, it was also a bit weird for me. Here, I was trying to make it work again for Sara and I, and yet, she wanted her longtime lover involved as well. If I know Sara, she has a plan already in place for the three of us.

As we kissed, our hands ran over each other's bodies, until I felt the need to be inside her. She gave no resistance when I gently pushed her shoulder back, so she was laying flat on her back.

As I moved over her, her legs parted, allowing me access to her sweet sex. With her help, we lined the head of my cock up with her wet slit, and I slowly inserted myself into her waiting love hole.

As I inched my way in, I noticed that her love box was even hotter than Sara's. I didn't really notice it last night, probably because so much was going on at the time.

She is very tight, even though Sara and her play all the time. I was looking down at her, and she was biting her bottom lips, and moaning so softly as I finally was fully inside her. She looked so sexy right now, but I needed to suck on those beautiful breasts first, before we really started making love. I placed my lips over one nipple and started a gentle sucking of it. As I did this, she groaned and I could feel her pussy muscles grab my cock harder now. I kept switching back and forth between her nipples, and each time I did, she moan just a bit louder than before.

This whole time, my cock stayed still and just throbbed inside her. The last time before I wanted to start moving, I gently bit her nipple and she arched her back and let out a low "Aghhhhh", and my cock could feel the new warmth encasing it, as she orgasmed.

I moved up now, placing my elbows on the bed, next to her body, so my weight wasn't fully on her, and started the time honored motion of two people making love. "Oh God Doug. You feel wonderful." as her arms wrapped around my neck and we started kissing again. After a good ten minutes, her legs wrapped around my waist and we started going faster. It wasn't long before we both reached what we both sought, orgasms. Her's was first and it was a strong one. Not like the night before, but close.

Mine came a minute later, with me shooting a big load deep into her womb. We both lay there panting, with trying my hardest not to put my full weight on her, her she felt so good, even though my dick was starting to shrink up. She smiled then kissed me again, and said, "Oh God Doug. That was a first for me. 50 years without a man making love to me, and I am so glad it was you that did it." "Well, for being a virgin, in therory, you were amazing. I hope we spend more time doing this." "Oh.

I think we can arrange that. Sara was so right about your love making too. God, this was awesome&hellip. Of course we are going to do this again… Well that is, if you don't want too." she said winking at me. Then I slid down her body, leaving a trail of saliva behind as my tongue licked down her chest and belly.

"Ooooooooh. I've heard so much about this." she cooed. I was between her legs then licking away, getting every drop of our juices. She was moaning a lot, but I purposely stayed away from her clit, which was hard and sticking out, and now that I could see it better in the daylight, it did look like a little cock.

When I finally got what I thought was all of it, I moved my mouth over her clit and sucked on it. When I did that, her legs shot up and she grabbed her thighs and pulled them to her chest and moaned out, "Oh Yesssssssss." I started sucking it like the girls do on a cock, and in no time, she was cumming again. This woman must have a huge reserve of cum.

Sara and Ashley both, are very multi orgasmic. After moving back up and kissing her again, letting her taste what was left of our juices, we decided to go shower, together. We each washed each other and had an occasional hug, but that was it. As we were dressing, Ash looked at me and asked, "So next time, promise you'll give me a good fucking, like your slutty girlfriend gets." I laughed at that, then said, "From the looks of things, I must be your slutty boyfriend to you both." She laughed and said, "you know, from this time forward, you are going to be our boy toy.

So get used to it." Sara was home about 45 minutes later, and in a super mood. She went and changed into shorts and a top, then came back out and joined us on the couch. She informed us of a new client she had to work with and how exciting it was going to be. Then she told us: "Look, I have been thinking non stop about what we all shared last night, and I hope you two shared today. By the way, did you?" she asked, and we both smiled. She looked at Ash, and then giggled, "Tramp&hellip.

But anyways, I have a plan, so just hear me out. As you know, I want us all in a relationship. I love you both, with all my heart, and my greatest hope is you two fall in love too. So, Saturday's we all spend the night together, like last night.

God, that was so much fun and so erotic. Sunday's we three just lounge the day away, and if were up to it, do some playing, and then that night, Ash and you spend alone time. Monday and Fridays are for you and me Doug, and Tuesday and Thursdays are for me and you Ash. Wednesday night is for you and Doug, Ash. What do you guys think?" Ashley laughed, My God Girl, do you ever do anything without a plan?" "No she doesn't" I said, "She has always had a plan in place for damn near anything, except for spontaneous love making.

But everything else, oh yeah. Even as far back as high school she had a plan." I then looked at Ashley, and she at me, and we both said, sure, we'll give this a try. Lord knows, the past relationships never worked out, so why not. I then told the girls I had to get home and do some chores that I had been neglecting around the house.

They wanted me to stay a bit longer, but I was afraid that they'd con me into more sex, and I was tired. They both gave me passionate kisses, and walked me to the door.

Chapter 10 Later that afternoon, I got a text from Ashley, stating how much she enjoyed what we shared. I hate texting, because I am all thumbs, so I called her. We chatted for a bit and she told me she just got home from Sara's. After some chit chat, I asked her out for Wednesday night. Dinner and then whatever she wanted to do. She said great, but then had an idea. My house was on her list for tuesday, but she said she could move it to Wednesday, as her last place. She'd bring a change of clothes, and we could go from there then.

I thought it was a great idea. She asked if she could shower there and I said, of course, but then she chuckled and said, alone big guy. If we get into the shower together, we may never leave the house that night. I said she was probably right. So our plans were made for our first official date. Sara called like a half hour later, asking if I wanted dinner with her.

I said sure, why don't you come here though, and we'll do takeout. She was all for that. She showed up around 6:30, with an overnight bag in hand, and I had already made our order from this little Italian place down the road from me.


I went and picked it up, and was back in like 10 minutes. After eating, we just sat around and cuddled on the couch and watched TV. We did discuss her new project and I told her about one I wanted to start, which was to build a spec home. I had never done anything like that, but it was something I always wanted to do.

I just needed to find the land, since I had the financial backing for it. With almost 20 years in the home remodeling business, you can make some good friends along the way. After we crawled in bed together, Sara snuggled into me, then said, "You know Babe, you made Ashley a very happy woman today. She said you actually made love to her. She felt loved too. I love you so much for doing that." "I love you too Sara. But, if this ever comes between us, what we have started, you better say something, because I don't want to lose you again.

One sign of jealousy, on anyone's part, and it ends." I said "Well, you'll never hear me complain. It's what I have wanted for a good while now. All three of us, together, sharing everything, including love and our bodies. Just so you know, after you left, we went and made love too. But she is definitely smitten with you right now. Maybe one day, we can all move in together and be our own little family." she said "Wow. You do have a plan, don't you?" I asked. "You know me well Baby.

But understand, I do love you, and that will never change, and actually, it never has changed." she said, then we both drifted off to sleep. That Wednesday evening, after a wonderful dinner at this place the next town over, and us walking around the area holding hands, Ash suggested we head back to my house. I had just cum in her mouth, with our eyes locked on one another, after Ash giving me oral for the first time. She crawled up my body and kissed me passionately, while slipping me some of the cum.

" Damn Baby. That was hot. I love your cum, but the kiss. Mmmmmmm." she cooed, as a dribble of cum slid down her chin. "God Ash. You felt amazing to me. I hope I make it hot for you every time we are together. But now it is my turn to feast on you." I said as I flipped us over.

I did a lot of teasing that evening, when it came to eating her. Licking down both legs and sucking her inner thighs, leaving hickies on both thighs.

She did warn me she was going to be herself tonight and not hold back anything. Because I was teasing her so much, she called me a fucker for the teasing I did. But when I pushed her legs back by her head and licked her ass, she went crazy, moaning and groaning, and even came.

But when I licked her pussy and sucked her lips I heard her yell out a few times, "Oh God Yes", as she came once again. It was when I started sucking her big clit, that drove her over the edge. She grabbed my hair and pulled me into her so I couldn't stop sucking it, while yelling out, "That's it Baby… Suck my fucking cock.

Make me cum." I was sucking it just like it was a cock, even though I never had done that before. But I could tell she was getting close, so when I insert two fingers in her hole and found her spot, and rubbed, her ass came off the bed and she started cumming, but more so, she was squirting. By the time she was done, she had my face, chest, and the bed below us, soaked with her juices.

She even pushed me away about half way through her orgasm, since her cock / clit was sensitive now. As she lay there panting like she just ran a marathon, I chuckled and said, "Well. I guess I'll need the maid in tomorrow to change the sheets." "Yeah. Yeah. Yeah&hellip. She'll change them in the morning. But since you caused it, you get to sleep in it tonight." she finally retorted.

As she continue to catch her breath, I entered her and was fully seated, when she spoke again. "God Doug, I love how you feel in me. But tonight, I'm your slut and I want fucked like a slut." The rest of the night, we did fuck, and most times fucked hard.

Her legs were over my shoulders, as I pounded her, then I had her on top. In that position, I had a finger in her ass too, which drove her nuts. She also was rubbing her "cock" then too, and came hard again. Every time I would feel like I was going to cum, I had us change positions. One time was on our sides, with me behind her. Another was me standing at the foot of the bed, with her ass right on the edge.

When I was doing her that way, she would squeeze her breasts and nipples, and one time, even sucked her own nipple, which was quite hot. She was cumming too, in every position we tried. She later said because it was all new to her. Sara and her would do missionary, or one of them on top.

She did say Cowgirl was her favorite, and that was mine too. I needed release now though and ask if she wanted to try doggie. She said oh yeah. "Deep, Fast and Hard Baby". When we were doing it, she groaned and grunted a great deal, interlaced with some real dirty talk. Both of us enjoy talking dirty to one another, with most times her calling her pussy a cunt.

It's a word I don't use, unless the lady involved likes using and hearing it, which Ash definitely does. She even enjoyed having her as spanked a couple of times. When we came this time, we were both exhausted from all the sex we just enjoyed. As we lay there holding each other, after hitting the bathroom, she asked if she scared me tonight, with how she was. I told her hell no. In fact, never hold back on how you want something. She did inform me that I was her first man to sleep with, and it did feel a bit weird, but also really good.

Then slapped my shoulder. When I asked what that was for, she giggled and said, "I just wish you would have asked me out back then. I had always had a crush on you. Christ, we could have been doing this all these years". I said that I had wanted too, but I didn't think it would be to cool, since you and Sara were best friends, and I didn't want to destroy that friendship too.

The next morning, we made love to each other. Very slow, and very passionately. She let me know that she loves morning sex, and could tell I enjoy it too. Then it was a quick shower together and on our way to work. Chapter 11 For the next 2 months, our arrangement was going good, at least I thought it was. I was taking those testosterone pills religiously, knowing full well, I needed them. One guy I work with, who is a good friend noted how much better my mood was.

He knew about Sara, but had no clue about Ashley, and what the three of us share. He did come in one day, and slip me a baggie with 5 blue pills in it. He told me for just in case. He laughed and said he uses them when he knows for sure Cathy wants to fuck the night away. Both are a few years younger than I am, and been together over 20 years. Their only kid is now in the service and they have all the time in the world for playing.

He laughed one day and said that Cathy initiates sex more than he does. I have known them for 15 years now. Cathy is okay looking. 5'2, maybe 130 pounds, with blond hair, and a bubble butt. I would always tease her that she was built for pleasing a man. She would tease back and say that maybe one day I'll find out. It was about the fifth week into this new relationship that both Ash and I started to notice a difference in Sara.

Her and I would be together our allotted nights, doing dinner and going out on dates, then have love making. But a couple of the nights, she just wanted to cuddle and nothing more. She even quit asking about what Ashley and I did, which at first, she wanted details. Even the phone calls or text messages started dropping off too. Ash said that when they are together the last two times, they were as sexual as it usually is, like Sara lost the passion for her.She just chalked it up to pressure from work, with all the new clients she had.

Then on the last Saturday night the three of us were together, Sara really did not participate all that much. She wanted me to take care of Ashley more than her, which I found strange. She loves total involvement from all 3 of us, so no one is left out. The next morning she said she had to go into work, but we were free to stay at her place, if we so desired.

I went home and later that evening Ashley came over and stayed the night with me. We talked about how Sara was acting, but Ashley couldn't put a finger on why she was acting the way she was. The next night, Sara was running late, so I order us takeout, instead of going out somewhere. When she got home, she was a bit tipsy. Then opened a bottle of wine and drank most of it, while we ate. I asked her if she wanted me to go home, but she said no.

Later in bed, we started playing around, and when I went to go down on her, she asked me not too, but just fuck her. This whole time though, she never said I love you, or anything like it to me. It was when I entered her, I could feel a difference. She was a bit looser than she normally is. I know when the girls use their toys, when we all play together, they do stretch a pussy out some. As we fucked, many thoughts raced through my head, but I wiped them away saying she would never cheat.

I figure that maybe her and Ash got together that afternoon. The next morning, she was a bit hungover, even after a shower and some coffee. We really didn't talk much, which is really unusual. She always likes to know what I am up too, and which project I am going to be at. So I just kissed her cheek and left for my house, to take Buddy home. When I came home on that Wednesday, from work, Ashley's car was in the drive.

She was making it a point just to do my house last that day. She always does it alone, without her crew of women she has working for her. I had seen a couple of the girls she has employed, when she has come to clean up after a remodel job.

Most of them are young, but one is a real hellcat, named Leah. If you get in her way, she'll tell you to get the fuck out of her way. She is also good friends with Ashley. Of course I have wondered, just how good of friends they are. I do know she is married, and 45, and has a daughter, who is pretty much a slacker. She's not bad looking, and stands 5' 4, but weighs a little over 100 pounds and has to tits, that I could tell.

When I entered the house, I could smell something cooking in the crockpot. It was some chicken dish. So i knew we weren't going anywhere tonight. And, from us not doing anything Sunday night, but cuddle, I knew Ash was probably horny. I heard the vacuum going in my bedroom, so I went up and found her. She had on one of those black maid outfit.

With the frilly white lace around the edges. But this one has her tits hanging out and she was wearing just a black thong under the short skirt. Her legs were encased in black thigh highs and was wearing black pumps to top it off. She looked so fucking sexy then. I just stood in the door and watched her, as her ass swayed with every movement she made with the vacuum. Ash must of sensed I was there and turned and looked at me.

She smiled and said Hi, then said she was going to finish up in here and for me to take a shower. Taking a shower would be a good thing since I was hot and sweaty from work. I wanted to grab her though and kiss her, and take advantage of her sexy body.

When I was done showering, and dried off, I came back into the bedroom to find her sitting on the bed. She had a very seductive smile across her face, as she stared at my naked being and my extremely hard tool. "MMMMMMM I take it you like my little outfit I have on?" she asked in a very soft voice. "Baby! You have no idea how sexy you look and how turned on I am by it." I said as I walked towards her. She giggled and said, "Oh. I think I can see how turned on you are.

But we need to eat in like 20 minutes, so you'll have to save this for later Sexy." then handed me this g-string she bought me and told me that was my dinner attire. While preparing the rice, that was to go with our chicken, I walked behind her and wrapped my arms around her.

My hard cock was pressed into her ass crack, and my hands fondled her breasts, as I kissed her neck. "Oh God Doug. You have no idea how horny I am right now." she cooed, as my hand slipped down to her sex and felt how wet, and how hard her clit was.

"Oh. I can tell. I want you so bad right now Ash Baby." She turned and kissed me, then pushed me away and said, Later Bucko. After dinner, we said screw the dishes, as we raced back up to the bedroom. She wasted no time in removing her thong and I did the same with mine, then jumped on the bed. She spread her legs and pulled then up and told me to eat her later, but to fuck her now, and make it good. For the next hour and half, we fucked and ate each other, and fucked more.

She was totally into sex tonight, more than I have ever seen in these past few months of being together. The harder the better for her tonight.

She really enjoyed the doggie style and my thumb in her ass. She said one day soon she wants my cock there. By the time we were down, both of us had a hard time walking, because our legs were like jelly. After going back downstairs, we watched some Tv, until we both felt tired and came back up. While laying there, she told me about her night with Sara. She said they really didn't do much except hang out together, and Sara going on and on about this one client she has been working with, for the last 4 weeks.

"I don't know Babe, but she has really changed of late. We just laid around and cuddled when we went to bed. No sex, and hardly any kissing. And the week before, we only had one session, which is highly unusual for Sara and me." Ashley said. "I wish I could pinpoint it too, but she has been like that with me as well.

Maybe this was just a fantasy for her and now she realizes it's not what she expected. I don't' know. Maybe we three need to sit down and talk." I suggested. "Well. You may have a point, but you need to know, this is not a fantasy to me.

I love what we have together, and if I had to choose right now between her and you, I am choosing you. You make me feel alive and if you couldn't see, hear or feel, I am in love with you." she said " I'm in love with you too Baby.

I've wanted to say it for a while now, but didn't want you to freak out. Let's talk with her Saturday evening and see what is really going on. And if our suspicions are true, then if I am ask to choose, I want to be with you too." I told her. Chapter 12 The next night, Ashley called me around 9 saying that Sara had other plans and wouldn't make it over. I asked if she wanted to come spend the night here, but she begged off saying that she needed some down time anyways.

We talked another hour about work and she was letting me in on some the people she cleans for. She is super funny when talking about some of them. I had just got home from work, when I got a text from Sara. She said that we would have to postpone our normal Friday date night, and Saturday too. She was going to be out of town all weekend. 'Funny'she never mentioned anything before about it, I thought. Maybe Ashley and I could do something tomorrow night.

I called her around 8 that night. She was surprised to hear from me. I told her about the text message I got from Sara. She was surprised as I was with this sudden trip to who knows where. I asked Ash if she had plans Saturday evening and she said no. She did inform me that her daughter was in for the night, from Pittsburgh, but that she was leaving in the early afternoon. We both though, wondered where Sara actually was at. The next night, Ashley and I went to dinner, then to a concert in the park, over in the next city.

It was a bunch of country bands playing, something that Ashley and I had in common. She was dressed in a very sexy halter dress, sans any bra, and if she moved just right, you could see her tit, well most of it. The dress was floral pattern on white cotton, and the hem came down to just above her knee, tasteful, yet sexy on her, especially with her tan, olive skin.

The concert was the type you take a blanket and sit on the ground. They did have beer, wine, and other drinks, plus some snack foods there. When we arrived, it was starting to get dusk and we were trying to find a nice spot, since it was pretty crowded. When we found a spot, I heard my name called out.

I looked up and saw Tom, my buddy I work with and his wife Cathy. They motioned us to come sit with them, so we did. Tom gave me the high eyebrow when he saw I was with Ashley, and not Sara. he had seen Ashley a few times at some of our work sites. After making the introductions, we all sat down. Tom suggested we go get beers now, before the concert starts. As we walked, he asked what was up with me and Ashley. I said it was a long story and would explain it next week.

When we got back, the girls were talking like they have known each other for years. Cathy is a very easy person to know and has always been able to carry a conversation, but Ashley was right there with her too. That in itself, made me feel good. Most of the bands played cover songs of well known artist and groups, plus a few of their originals. At one point, Tom and Ash went and did a beer run, while Cathy and I stayed behind. "My God Doug, she is one hot looking lady. Maybe to hot for an old guy like you" she teased.

"Hey now. I'm not that old. May be one day I'll show you" I teased back. "Maybe one day I'll let you too" she shot back. Then said, "You know she is so into you Hun. But what happened with that Sara." she asked. "I'm not sure to be honest. But this is a long story, and it is best I come over and tell you sometime." I said. "You better. But if you do, bring Ashley. I really like her. I could see us becoming really good friends." About three quarters of the way through the concert, the girls had to use the restroom.

So off they went. Tom did ask if we are dating exclusive now, and I said I would let him know after this weekend. "Well, if you ask me, you should hang on to that one. She is smoking hot to look at and if she is half as good in bed, as she looks, you got a keeper." I laughed and said, "try 100% as good".

The girls came back about 15 minutes later. Both looked a bit flustered, but never said anything. 20 minutes later, the concert ended. On the ride home, Ashley was non stop talking about the great night we had and she just adores Cathy, and Tom for that matter.


Then thanked me for introducing them to her. She then said for me to stay at her place. So I called my one neighbor and asked if he would let Buddy out, which he was happy to do. We had just got done cumming, after a nice long love making session. Her legs we were now over mine, after being wrapped around my waist when we came.

We were kissing still and I was still inside her. "Baby. I love you and I love our love making" she softly said. "I love you too Ash." "So how well do you know Cathy and Tom?" she asked. I laughed and said that's a weird question right now.

But then I told her that I have known them 15 years, or so. I admitted that Cathy and I tease and flirt, but have never done anything. The most anything that ever happened was I was there swimming at their pool one day and Cathy sat in my lap, wearing just a bikini and squirmed around some on my crotch. "Well lover. I think there is more to them than you think.

Cathy is Bi." she said. "Get the hell out of here. Cathy? No Way. Flirt Yes. Bi? No" "Baby. I know. The first time we went to the bathroom she gushed over how sexy my dress was. Of course I said how sexy her outfit was too. But the second time we went, I knew then for sure, when she kissed me on the lips.

I kissed her back. We kissed for almost five minutes, and luckily no one came in there either. But when she moved my one tit out and sucked my nipple, Goddddddd, I got so wet. She then went on to tell me that her and Tom swing" As she was telling me this, my cock, which was at half staff then, grew hard as a rock, and Ashley could feel it, as I felt her pussy muscles start flexing around it too.

"I hope you are not mad at me. I didn't come on to her, she came onto me. I did let her know that I am now bi, after being a Lez for all of these years." "Wow" I said. "I really never knew. Maybe I was just blind. I mean Tom never got upset when we flirted together. As for you. Hell no I'm not mad. If you couldn't tell right now, I'd say I'm pretty turned on." "MMMMMMM I can tell. I'll be honest, I wouldn't mind trying them out one day. But right now, I want us to get to a point where we don't ever have to worry about things like that, and breaking up over it.

To be honest. I am scared that you will drop me because of Sara." she said "Don't you ever worry about that. In fact, I have been thinking, if anyone is getting dumped, I believe it is me, by her. And you know, I am fine with it. I'd rather focus on you, then the three of us." "Oh God Doug. I feel the same but was totally afraid to say that. Make love to me again. God. I love you" When we finished, and we're cuddling, Ash said that Cathy wanted to go out for drinks this week.

Just drinks, nothing more and get to know one another better. I told her that was a great idea. Just be open and honest about everything, and we'll be fine. Chapter 13 That next day, Ashley came home with me. As we were driving, Ash suggested we stop at Sara's and find out what is really up. When we turned down her street, and were coming up to her house, we saw her behind a car.

Her suitcase next to her, while she was embracing a man and kissing him pretty passionately. Ash said to just go to my place. I was surprised.

I wasn't pissed. A little hurt that she went behind not only my back, but Ashley's too. Ashley was hurt too, but said it all explains things now. She figures it is the new client, and as she said that, she put up air quotations.

I said let's just see if she tells us soon, and if not, then we'll confront her with what we saw. Ash was crying, saying how hurt she was by Sara going behind her back like that. When you love someone, like Sara said she did Ashley, you don't cheat. I pretty much stayed quiet after that. Ash did too. I was about to suggest taking her home, seeing she wasn't talking, and basically was brooding.

Then we both got a text from Sara, asking us to come over as soon as we could. Ash and I drove over about 15 minutes later. Sara met us at the front door, still dressed as we had seen her when she was kissing the guy. Her eyes were red from crying, and you could tell she was quite upset. Sara invited us in and asked us to have a seat on the couch. Ashley wouldn't even look at her, and I think Sara knew then, that we knew.

Sara started to speak: " I have a confession to you both." she started, but then Ash interrupted her. "Yeah. I think we already know, since we saw you out before kissing him." she said in a snarky kind of voice. Sara had that 'Oh Shit' look on her face. She then went on to tell us that she met Ben over 6 weeks ago, as a new client, who is in the midst of a divorce, and things just clicked between them.

One thing led to another and about 3 weeks ago, they had sex. She said she wanted to tell us many times since that first time, but didn't have the courage. She also said that she was starting to notice how in to each other Ashley and I were, and even though she said it didn't bother her, it did.

She then said that she still loves us both very much, but she is also in love with Ben and wants to spend her time with him. The whole time, neither Ashley, or I, made any comments, but just let her speak. Then Ash unloaded on her.Telling Sara that this whole affair they had going was her crazy ass idea. Then to start fucking around behind our backs like that, was just pure bullshit. I was silent throughout it all, because for some dumb reason, I felt I deserved this for the way I was with Sara all those years ago.

" I just can't believe you did this to me Sara. I thought you loved me, like I loved you. I will admit though, your little plan for Doug and I to fall in love worked. But right now, I really don't want anything from anybody, especially you Sara. You don't treat your best friend like that." Ashley said with tears running down her face. I went to wipe them away, but she just pushed my hand away.

Sara looked at me with pleading eyes, and I finally said, "Sara, I have never stopped loving you all of these years, but it is best you and I not see each other, nor talk for a long time." Ashley then asked me to take her home.

We left Sara crying her eyes out, but I knew she would be okay in no time, seeing she had someone to fall back on.

The ride back to Ashley's was a very quiet ride. I did grab her hand and squeezed it, but she just pulled it away from me, so I knew then I had probably lost her too. When I pulled into her drive, I started to get out, but she asked me to just go home and she would call me soon. I knew for sure, at least inmind, we were now over as well. Just another reason why I should never get involved in any relationship.

Chapter 14 That Monday, Tom and I were working together. He told me how Cathy just adores Ashley and hopes they could become very good friends, then chuckled. But when I didn't he asked what was wrong. So I told him the sordid story of first, Sara and I, then with Ashley joining us, and how Sara wanted us all together, and then just how it was between Ashley and I.

And now, I wasn't sure where I stood with Ash at all. "Oh Fuck Buddy. That really sucks. I guess you know now about Cathy and me being swingers, after what transpired with Cathy and Ashley." Tom said. "Yeah. That's cool too. At least you two know how to separate your love from sex. After Ash told me about it, we had some really wild sex that night… I guess that explains why you never get upset when Cathy and I flirt." I said.

"Upset? Hell no. Just to let you in on a secret, Cathy wants to fuck your brains out, and has for a long time. We were going to ask you, a few times, to join us for a threesome, or a foursome with one her Bi friends, Bonnie.

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Bonnie is a great fuck too. And after the concert, on the way home, Cathy gave me a blow job as I drove, and then fucked three times after we got home. She wants to be with Ashley." I laughed and said, "Oh well. Maybe Cathy and Ashley can still hook up, and who knows, Ashley may allow you to join in, it just depends." I said.

I then went on to tell him about Ashley's condition. I told him how erotic and sexy it made her and how hard she cums from paying attention to it. I even told him how I could get her to squirt, which he was dumbfounded. He said he has tried to get Cathy to squirt, but it has never happened. Even with girl play it hasn't happened. The next day, Tom did inform me that Cathy and Ash were going out for drinks that Wednesday.

Maybe that explained why when I came home Wednesday, my house looked the same as I left it that morning. So I guess it is up to me to start cleaning again. That weekend, I happened to be in the front room and saw Sra walking Dixie. She kind of stopped in front of my house, like she wanted to come up and talk, but then kept on going. Which is good, because I really don't want to talk with her, at least not yet. The wound is still pretty fresh. I also contemplated calling Ash, but figured when she was ready, she would call.

On Sunday though, I realized how bad I missed her. Not the sex, but just being with her. Talking and laughing, exploring new things together. So I texted her. "I'm sorry for texting you. I know you said you would call and you probably don't want even a text, like I was some creepy Ex. But truth is, I miss you and I am in love with you.


Call when you are ready to talk." That night, I got a reply to my text. "Doug. You are not some creepy Ex. I'm not even sure if we really had anything together, except for sex. My heart is so broken now by the cunt, and her crazy weird scheme she came up with. I just need time to process all of this. XOXO" So I just let it be. That Tuesday, Cathy called and said for me to hang in there. She and Ashley spent the day together on Sunday.

She still loves me, is what Cathy explained, but she is quite hurt by how Sara handled everything. She did say that Sara has been trying to call her many times, but Ash just ignores the call and deletes any message she leaves. Then on Friday night, Cathy called again, inviting me over for a cookout. At first I said no, but she somehow talked me into it. I was told to just bring beer and wear warm clothing, since the temps were to be in the 50's.

I arrived a little past 6pm, that Saturday. The only cars there were Cathy and Tom's.


I guess it is just the three of us. Then I thought back to how Tom said they always wanted a three way with me, so maybe they thought tonight would be good. For me though, I did not want that to happen. Maybe down the road sometime, but not so close to what happened between Ash and I, and Sara. The front door was open, so I walked in and saw Cathy, in the kitchen fixing something. I walked up to her and gave her a kiss on the cheek and handed her the beer. She told me Tom's outside on the deck, and to go on out.

As I went to the door, I saw Ashley next to Tom, in some conversation. I turned and started walking back and Cathy said, "Oh No you don't. You two need to talk. So go out and talk. Before you both piss me off." I had to laugh to myself. One thing about Cathy, she never holds back. So I walked out on the deck, and Ashley saw me. She immediately got quiet, and then Tom saw me. He looked at me and winked, then excused himself.

Cathy stuck her head out the door and told us to ' sit your asses down and talk. Tell exactly how you feel, and until then, no one eats tonight.' "Talk to me Ash. I don't care how bad it is that you are going to say, just talk to me.

This has been killing me" I said. "Oh Doug. My mind has been so fucked up after that Sunday. I thought I knew her and that she loved me. Then I fell in love with you, and I think you are in love with me.

But now, it just seems like some twisted joke&hellip. I even texted her yesterday, asking her to stop calling me, and that I will never trust her again." she said "Ashley Honey.

I meant what I said a couple weeks back, when we thought something was going on. I meant it when I said if I was to choose, I choose you over anyone. I miss you so much. I miss your laugh, I miss your funny stories, and I really miss that pouty face you make at times.

I miss the feel of your body snuggled up to mine when we watch movies, and I really miss when we talk about our dreams. I don't even think of her, only because you are on my mind twenty four, seven." Tears were running pretty good now, from her gorgeous eyes.

She got up, and I thought she was going to leave, though I have no idea how she could, since her car isn't there. But she surprised me when she sat in my lap. "Oh God Doug. I have missed you too. I mean everything about you I miss. No one has ever made me feel so loved like you have.

I am so sorry I have treated you this way. I hope one day you will forgive me." "Ash. Baby. There is nothing to forgive. But if you feel being with me is not what you want, then say so now, and I will walk away for good. But if you do want to make it work, then we start dating like any other normal couple does. That also means we start from square one, and no sex, until we both feel the time is right." I said. She kissed me softly then said, "Okay. Square one. But sex off the table is going to suck for now.

But I need to be very open about something. Cathy and I have been together, sexually, twice this past week. If that bothers you, then I am sorry and it will stop." she said "No. It does not bother me.

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I know for a fact that those two would never leave each other for another person. Not now. Not ever. Maybe, somewhere down the road, we'll experience them together." She just smiled and said, "Maybe.

Who knows." then kissed me. "Okay you two. We're hungry. Play later." Cathy yelled out to us. We did have an enjoyable time with them and it was just like it was at the concert a few weeks back. Ashley commented to Cathy how sneaky she was in picking her up and bringing her today.

Cathey just smiled and asked if she was really that upset now. Ashley smiled back and said hell no, which made us all laugh. On the way home, Ash talked non stop, like she had like we hadn't seen each other in years.

But I didn't care, just seeing her talk and smile again was enough for me. When we got to her place, I walked her to the door. She did ask me in, but I said no because we are starting from square one, again. I then asked her out for Monday evening, for dinner, which she happily accepted, then I lightly kissed her lips and left.

Chapter 15 For the next three weeks, we went out a lot. Dinners, lunches, hiking, shopping, movies, or just sitting at one of our houses talking or watching TV. Of course we did kiss and make out quite a bit, but never crossed the line for sex. The most we ever did would be her rubbing my crotch, or me her breasts, but that was it. Both of us went to bed very horny and frustrated. But I was out to prove it was more between us than sex. As I kissed her on this one Monday night, I told her to pack a bag for the weekend.

Just bring warm clothes, since it is fall time, and a bathing suit. Of course all week she bugged me on where we were going. I just laughed and said you'll just have to wait and see. We took off after work that Friday. It was a 2 hour trip to a client of mines cabin on this one lake. He had told me on many occasions to use it anytime I wanted too, so I called him up the week before and ask if his offer still stood and he said of course it did.

It was dusk when we arrived, after stopping to eat. I had enough sense though to pack food for Saturday and Sunday morning, plus a couple bottles of wine she really enjoys, and pepsi, her favorite non alcoholic drink.

The cabin itself is more like a rustic home, with a huge kitchen, and then a big living room complete with a fireplace and a big screen TV on the wall. It also had two bedrooms, with the master being three times the size of my bedroom and its own master bath, with a sunken Jacuzzi tub and a shower you could fit a football team in.

As I picked up our bags, Ashley asked where she was to sleep. I told her with me, if she wanted too, but sex was off limits. She made her pouty face that I adore, but agreed. I too wanted to pout about it, but she has to know I mean business here. But I did want to make love to her this weekend, finally.

She actually wore this black, silk, nightshirt that came down to her knees. I could easily see her nipples poking through the material, but I would bet any money she wasn't wearing any panties. As we lay in bed, with her cuddled next to me, it was very hard not to undress her and ravish her body, but instead we talked about what we would do tomorrow, as her hand stroked my chest. The next morning I was up first and when I came out of the bathroom, I saw the sheet was no longer on her, as she lay on her belly.

The nightshirt had rode up her legs and gave me a perfect few of her lovely butt, which was naked. After breakfast, which I brought to her in bed, we showered, alone, then went for a hike down these trails my friend said snake all over the lake. Then we had a picnic lunch down by the water. That afternoon we took the boat, which was a small runabout, out on the lake. We were having a great time and the only way to top it off was to make love tonight.

Not the hard, raunchy sex we have had in the past, which I do enjoy with her, but slow, passionate love making. After dinner, which I cooked, we decided to use the hot tub, which was on the back porch. She did groan a bit when I asked her to put on her bathing suit. She always wears a one piece, so it kinds of hides her large clit. I took us a glass of wine and handed her, the glass I got for her, once she was in.

As we sat there, I asked, "So, have you enjoyed your weekend away from everything?" "This has been the best weekend of my life. No cares or worries, just you and me alone, who I am deeply in love with." she cooed. "I love you too Ashley, and have since our first time together, alone. I want no other but you Sweetheart." Then we talked about what the holidays would bring this year. We knew from this time on, we were a couple. She was really glad that Cathy and Tom are part of my life and have accepted her, just as she is.

She did ask if I had any reservations about her and Cathy playing. I told her I did not. She said good, because they are just friends who happen to enjoy a woman's touch, at times. After an hour of talking and some making out, we decided to get out.

It sucked getting out into the cool air, but well worth it, really. Ash went into the bedroom to change into her nightshirt again, and I got a fire going in the fireplace, which was gas logs.

After she came out, with just the fire going, she looked radiant. I could see she had the top four buttons undone, trying to make her look sexy. I then went into the bedroom and changed into a pair of black silk boxers. When I came out, she was sitting on the couch with her legs folded under her, sipping on wine. She let out a low whistle, then said, "Damn baby, You look sexy tonight." I thanked her and told her she looked very sexy too.

She then turned on the Tv and found a real romantic movie to watch. She curled up next to me, with her head on my shoulder, and her hand on my bare chest, and we watched. During commercials, we would kiss, until they ended. My cock was like a rock during those, but then would deflate when the movie started up again. The movie still had a good half an hour to go when we started kissing more. This time they grew so passionate. I couldn't control myself anymore and my hand went under her shirt and found one her ample globes.

As I massaged her breast, and her nipple, she moaned loudly in my mouth. Her hand went to my manhood and started massaging it, which made me moan too. This was really the most sexual we had been with each other since before whats her name. When my mouth left hers, she groan, until she felt it find her hard nipple and I encased it with my lips and teased it with my tongue. Her hand went inside my boxers and grabbed it solidly, and started stroking it.

"Oh God Doug. Please&hellip. Take me to bed&hellip. Make love to me." she said softly. I stood up and reach down and scooped her up and carried her to the bed. Once I let her down, on her feet, I lifted the shirt over her head. She then pushed my boxers to the floor and we got on the bed. We kissed for a minute before getting on the bed. I climbed between her legs and lowered my body down on her and kissed like it was our last kiss. There was fire between us, and nothing else mattered now but giving each other our total beings.

My mouth then made its way south, stopping to love her breasts for a bit, then down more until I reached my favorite spot, her engorged vagina. Her clit was fully extended too, which I lightly kissed, but would get to later. Then I saw them. Two little silver balls, one on each labia lip. "Oh My. When did you do this?" I asked.

She picked her head up and smiled, "3 weeks ago. Cathy has them and they look so sexy. I hope you like them." :You look very sexy Baby." was the last thing I said to her, as my tongue started it process of licking her to her first orgasm of the night. When I switched to her clit, that drove her over the top with the most explosive orgasm I have ever seen. She squirted out three times as I ate her.

God I love her little cock. When I came back up she said please put it in. And I did, slowly. "Tease" she cooed out, but then had me sit there for a minute.

She just wanted to feel the fullness inside her. Then we started the timeless ritual of making love. Every downward thrust, I would say I love you, and as I pulled out, she would say it to me. We lasted almost 15 minutes like this until we both reached our peak and came together. Her body shook and quaked, as did mine, as I felt like I shot ten gallons of seed deep inside her. I kept my full weight off of her but still relaxed as our first coupling in along time, came to a close.

I then rolled us over, so she was on top. "Oh My God. You are still Hard baby." she said as she smiled down at me. "Not having you this long has that effect on me, plus all the cum I put inside you." "No kidding.

I can feel it." she said. Then smiled a wicked smile and said, "Don't you ever hold out on me ever again. We'll never have sex either. I don't care how raunchy and dirty we get, it's still love making&hellip.

And… I swear by this too… Don't you ever cheat on me. Or I will cut you dick off, get it stuffed and use it for a necklace, and still stay with you… And if we do get to play with Cathy and Tom, that's not cheating, now that is only sex." As we started making love again I asked her, "Would you move in with me?" She grunted, then said, "Hell yes I would.

I thought you'd never ask. Now please… be quiet and make me cum some more Stud." Two more times we made love and orgasmed, then I had to eather to clean her up. The next morning we made love too. Then found our way back home. Ashley was all moved in by the mid week. We wasted no time in getting this accomplished.

She decided to rent her house out, instead of selling it, since it was paid for. By the time the holidays rolled around, we were happily into our new found relationship. We heard that Sara has moved in with her man and has her house up for sale. But neither of us have ever contacted her. ******************************************************************************************** 6 months later, Ashley and I are back at the cabin for another weekend getaway.

This time though, being naked was the norm now, and Ashley was on her knees, in front of the couch. Her head buried between Cathy's thighs bringing her to an orgasm. Tom was behind Ashley, sliding his cock in and out of her tight little hole.

I was standing on the couch while Cathy sucked me off. Cathy then had to push Ash away, after cumming. She looked at me and told me to sit down, so she could get some cock now.

After Cathy mounted me, I looked down at Ashley who smiled and said "God I love you baby." And Tom has no problem with Ashley's "cock". In fact, Cathy and Tom tag team her when they eat her.