Schüchterne Blonde Teen Gefickt

Schüchterne Blonde Teen Gefickt
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This is yet another spin off series of the ever popular Genie Chronicles.

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Please note I am not the real Joe Brolly. I am merely a writer who has been inspired to continue his legacy. I may not be the greatest but I like to think I'm good. This may seem rushed but that is only because I wish to get to the actual story quickly. After the beggining of this chapter it will get better, so bear with me. ------ Alex slumped down on the couch of his house in the better part of Los Angeles, California. He lived in a large house that was almost always empty thanks to the fact that his father was never around.

Alex's father was the head of a large record label based in hollywood. Almost all of his dad's time was spent in the office and he rarely came home before 10 o'clock at night. Alex turned on the flat screen television and started channel surfing to pass the time. While one would think that Alex would be a popular and well liked person thanks to his wealth, he wasn't. And that was fine with him.

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He would rather be labeled a geek by his peers and have a few good friends than be labeled rich and popular and have a bunch of friends who only cared about money. Alex sighed and settled on reruns on MTV and went to the kitchen to get a soda.

As he returned to the couch henoticed movement out the window and frowned. He put the dtink down and went to the door, opening it and looking around foranybody who might be around. He recieved a barrage of eggs and toilet paper for his troubles. The 16 year old cursed loudly at the kids riding away on their bikes and threw a roll of toilet paper at them.

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As he slammed the door shut he stormed up to his bedroom and started going through hiscloset tofindsome new clothes to wear. He couldn't believe that anyone could possibly be dumb enough to actually egg a house, especially the house of one of the most powerful men in LA. He sighed as he changed to clean the mess. After changing into a pair of old jeans and a t-shirt Alex went downstairs and grabbed a bucket of soapy water along with a wash rag before heading outside into the heat.


The summer was just coming to a close and with it cane the beginnings of fall, but today seemed to be unbareablly hot. Alex wiped the sweat from his briw and set to work cleaning the dried egg yolks off the side of the house. He had only gotten about halfway through before a glint in the sunlight caught his attention.

He sheilded his eyes from the glare abd looked at the object on the ground. A small wooden box was laying on the ground across the yard, a miniature mosiac made of gems embroidered onto the top of it.

Alex walked over to the box and picked it up, picking it up curiously. It had a lock on it that had a familiar key hole on it, though he couldn't place where he'd seen it before. He carried the box inside, forgetting the mess for the moment, and took it to his room. He sat down on the desk with it and examined it closely, looking for any way to get it open. As far as he could tell the only way was to find the key. He attempted to break the lock with a screwdriver but it wouldn't budge.

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Alex sighed in frustrstion and sat back in his chair. He wished he coukd find the key and get the box open. He felt as though he needed to get it open for some odd reason. He opened his desk drawer and pulled out the necklace he kept there. It was just a pice of yarn with an old key on it that he'd had for years, but it was special to him for some reason.

He chuckled as he though this could be the key he needed, but it was impossible. Still, he decided to humor himself and attempted to slip the key into the keyhole. To his surprise the key actually slid into the small opening with a soft click.

The lid popped open and an odd pink mist billowed out of the opening, engulfing Alex. He tried to fight it but he slowly slumped over onto his desk, unconcious.

Alex woke hours later and groaned as he sat up and rubbed his stiff neck. The box was still on the desk with the key still inside. He sighed as he found there was nothing inside and stood up to strech, assuming he had fallen asleep. "Hello Master." A quiet voice said from across the room. Alex whirled around to see a girl, about sixteen, maybe seventeen, lounging on his bed in a position that showed off all of her body, and oh what a body.

Her long, raven blacl hair contrasted nicely with her pale, flawless skin. She had the most amazing stormy gray eyes Alex had ever seen and a breath taking smile that made his heart beat and his cock begin to swell. She wore nothing but what seemed to be a multitude of silk strips that clung to her body in all the right places, showing off her large breasts and ample amount of cleavage.

Her tits made her already amazing figure look even curvier and accentuated her hips. Her legs were long and toned, connecting at a firm and enticing bottom that begged to be groped.

Alex just stood there, staring at her until he heard her giggle. "Master, you are staring." She said in a sultry voice. Alex jumped and snapped out of his trance, becoming painfully aware of his hard member. "Uh.Sorry." He muttered, trying to cover himself. The girl just giggled.


"It is quite alright, Master, would you like me to remove my clothing so you may have an unobstructed view?" Alex's jaw dropped at the offer. Was she really offering to strip for him?

Who was she anyway's? Why the hell did he care, she was hot! So with that the teenager's horny mind straightened out and he stood up straight and confident. "Yes. Strip for me." He said in a commanding tone.

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Where had that come from? The girl grinned her sexy grin and stood up in front of him. "Yes master!" She said enthusiastically as she begab to remove the silk that covered her skin.

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Alex was nearly drooling at this point. Was she really going to do it? what was her game? how far could he take this? "Um.not that I'm not enjoying this but wjo are you? Why are you doing this?" Alex asked as he watched her large breasts come free. She had the cutest nipples he'd ever seen quarter sized Areaola's with small pink nipples about the size ofa pencil ereaser. "I am yours, Master. I am your Genie servant. I do this because you wish it." She said seductivly as she finished removing her clothing.

Her pussy was shaved with a small amount of moisture already leaking from her pink lips. Alex raised an eyebrow at the naked beauty before him. He didn't believe a word she said but he decided to play along. "Uh huh. You're a Genie." He said, crossing his arms.

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"Alright then. I wish to touch you." The genie's eyes lit up and she nodded enthusiastically. "Yes master!" She said, spreading her arms and legs for him. Alex, being a horny sixteen year old, went strsight for the breasts. At first he only lightly grazed her nippled with his fingers for fear of her getting angry. When she only closed her eyes and moaned softly he tentatively cupped her glorious tits and began to knead them gently.

Genie gasped and bit her lip lustfully. "Oh, Master." She moaned. Alex grinned at her moans and slowly leaned his head in, taking her left nipple into his mouth. She moaned loudly and tangled her fingers in his hair, holding his head on her boob. Alex continued to massage her other breast with his hand and used his free one to slide slowly down her flat stomac and over her inner thighs, avoiding her pussy.

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She groaned and bucked her hips in an attempt to get him to touch her there. Eventually he could wAit no longer and he cupped her bare mound in his hand, rubbing gently against it. The genie moaned in appreciation and threw her head back, shuddering as a small orgasm washed over her. Alex moved away from her then and smirked. "Alright what's your game?" He asked her now that some of the fog had cleared from his mind. The genie just frowned. "There is no game, Master." "Yeah right. No girl like you would come anywhere near a guy like me unless there was somethimg in it for her.

So who sent you?" He asked, becoming annoyed. Her lip quivered ever so slightly. "No one has sent me to you Master. I am her only to please you. Are you not pleased with what we have done?" "Oh I'm plenty pleased.

But I wouldn't have done that if I was thinking straight." The genie looked down. "I am sorry, Master." Alex just waved it off. "Whatever. And stop calling me that. My name is Alex." He said as he started looking aroumd for cameras.

"Yes, Master. I mean.Alex." She said shamefully. "What are you looking for?" "Cameras, mikes, anything that might be planted in her to make melook idiotic." Aled said as he continued looking. "There is no camera, Ma-Alex. I am truely your servant. Allow me to prove it." Alex sighed in exasperation. "Fine." He said, looking at her still naked form.

"If you're my genie then I wish for my perfect blowjob." He said, sitting on the bed. The genie's eyes took on a far away look for a moment and Alex felt a tingling in the back of his head before she nodded.

"Yes, Alex!" She said happily, dropping to her knees in front of him. Alex's eyes widened at the prospect of this stunning beauty blowing him to orgasm. His cock became even harder as her delicate fingers slowly unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans. She slipped her small hand into his boxers and wrapped her fingers around his stiff member, stroking it softly as she pulled it out. Alex wasn't large by any means, only being about six inches in length when fully hard.

He groaned as his dick was toched by another for the first time and he leaned back on his elbows to enjoy the view. The genie only stroked him for a moment before she leaned down to kiss the head, causing Alex to gasp and his cock to jump. The genie giggled and licked him from base to tip before taking the head into her mouth. Alex moaned at the sensation and tangled his hands in her hair. "Jesus." He moaned. The genie giggled at this, causing a vibrating sensation around his cock as she went deeper on him.

Alex continued to moan and groan as she bobbed her head up and down in his lap and thrust up at her. She didn't seem to mind as he shoved his cock down her throat and fucked her face relentlessly. Being a virgin, Alex didn't exactly have very high stamina, meaning he was quickly building up to a massive climax.

As the genie felt his cock begin to swell she sucked on him hard and bobbed up and down much faster. This was all it took as Alex groaned and began to fire jets of cum down her throat. She swallowed eagerly, not losing any as she let him slip out of her mouth. A few more small jets flew out and landed on her breasts as Alex slowly fell unconcious from the intense pleasure.

--- Like I said. I rushed this part. It will get better starting next chapter. I promise.