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Gay twink blowjob videos with full lips and slave teen first time
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It had been a long day at the debate tournament. After hours and hours of intense competition, the Bayside High School debate team had taken home top honors and were exhausted from a day of competing and celebrating.

This was the state meet after all. Sitting in the back of the bus, Leigh and Jasmine were starting to snooze but for some reason, Jasmine couldn't quite fall asleep. Maybe it was that she was the top debater in the state at that point (some would call her the master debater) or maybe because her cute 17-year old Asian girlfriend Leigh was sitting right next to her asleep on her shoulder.

Jasmine longed to be able to hold her like she did every night at their "slumber parties", but there was the problem of the boyfriend.

Ken and Leigh had been dating for a few months now and on the surface, she was crazy about him. Really, though, Leigh's legs quivered for Jasmine's touch. "Fuck it," thought Jasmine. "She looks so good in her skirt, I just want to rip it off." She laughed to herself at the thought of getting naked with her secret girlfriend right now, especially since the debate coach Miss Robbins was sitting in the seat next to them across the aisle.

"If only it were darker," thought Jasmine.

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As if reading her mind, Leigh stirred a little and looked up at the Arabic beauty that was Jasmine. She was definitely glowing after winning the championship, but Jasmine didn't need any help to look hot. She was 5'6", bronze skinned and her long dark hair hung in loose curls. Her top was one size too small, but that's how Jasmine liked it. She was blessed with 34Cs and liked to show them off in her skimpy yet sophisticated business suit at debate contests.

This definitely teased the boys.and the girls. "You awake?" whispered Jasmine as she looked down at Leigh. Leigh was 5'4" with dark black short hair and green eyes.

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She blushed and looked up. "Yeah…I couldn't sleep," said Leigh. "Something on your mind?" Leigh giggled a little bit and Jasmine knew exactly what she meant. "Are you sad that Ken's not here?" asked Jasmine with a bit of resentment in her voice.

She hated that her girlfriend had a boyfriend. "No. I've got everything I need, right here," she smiled as she took Jasmine's hand and gave it a light squeeze.

The feeling of Leigh's soft warm hand on Jasmine's gave her tingles under her tight pencil skirt. "Fuck. Why did I choose such a tight skirt?" laughed Jasmine just under breath, speaking only as loudly as she needed to for Leigh to hear her.

Leigh grabbed Jasmine's hand and put it on her knee, on top of her skirt. "Lucky for you, I didn't," she smiled. Jasmine's flower blossomed in heat under her skirt. "Why would you tease me with Miss Robbins right there?" she shot back, more upset that she couldn't tackle Leigh right there and then than the fact that their debate coach was sleeping two feet away.


Leigh got a dirty look on her face and grinned. "Did I mention I'm not wearing any panties?" Jasmine looked at her and smiled. "Oh, really now?" Jasmine picked up Leigh's skirt over her knee and slid her hand in, down her thigh.

The heat of Leigh's pussy made Jasmine's hand sweat. "Wow. You weren't kidding," smirked Jasmine. "It's been a long time since we've been together," said Leigh. "I was hoping tonight would be the night, so I shaved it for you," she grinned teasingly as she licked her lips. "You know me so well," she whispered into Leigh's ear.

Her hand still inches away from her pussy under her skirt. She shifted to move closer to Leigh, their bodies touching each other as Jasmine's lips grazed Leigh's ear. "So then you know that I want you now.

Right now," whispered Jasmine as sexily as she knew how. Leigh blushed. "Now?

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Miss Robbins is right there. I was just kidding before." "So? It's not like she can see under your skirt. Plus, she's asleep," smiled Jasmine devilishly as she traced the lips of her pussy. Leigh let out a light whimper as Jasmine's dark skin rubbed against her cherry blossom. "I-I-I don't think we should do this here," Leigh half-whispered out loud, talking more to herself than Jasmine. "This isn't the place." Jasmine ignored her and started massaging Leigh's clit.

She continued to disregard what Leigh was saying as she worked it over expertly, being a master 'bater after all. Leigh's soft cries of pleasure were the only noises going on besides the soft hum of the bus engine. She worried that they would get caught, so she tried to push Jasmine away. "Stop Jasmine. It's not right." "That's not what your hot pussy is telling me," she grinned as she dipped her finger into her juices, spreading them around over her cunt.

Jasmine kept up the pace, never holding back just as she had done earlier in the final rounds of debate competition. Leigh couldn't fight it anymore as her body gave in to the Arabic princess sitting next to her. She leaned back and spread her legs open, giving Jasmine more access by sliding her skirt up higher. Jasmine slowly inserted a finger into Leigh's cunt, stretching it open lightly, knowing that that is exactly how Leigh liked it.

Thankfully at that time, the bus was driving over a rocky road so Leigh's sudden moan went on deaf ears. Jasmine's free hand pulled Leigh's short hair away from her ear as she leaned in to whisper, "If you do that again, we're going to get caught." Leigh answered, "I can't help it.


Your finger feels soooooo good in my pussy." Her eyes rolled back in her head as she was talking because Jasmine continued to enter her cunt over and over again. "You know what would feel better?" grinned Jasmine, that devilish look in her eye. "You didn't!" quipped Leigh, her juices at a high under the frequent touching of Jasmine. "I always do," winked Jasmine as she pulled out of Leigh temporarily to lean over for her backpack.

"Never leave home without it," she giggled. She unzipped the backpack and looked around in it before coming out with a 6" vibrator.

It was Leigh's favorite.

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Leigh's eyes widened as she saw the blue toy come out of Jasmine's backpack. "No," she mouthed. "You've got to be kidding." Jasmine leaned closer to her and smiled. "Open up," as she took the toy and slid it back under her skirt. Leigh's juices allowed for the tip of it to slide easily into her, spreading her tight asian pussy lips around the fat head. Before Leigh could spoil their fun with an outburst, Jasmine put her free finger up to her mouth.

"No no no," she warned. "We don't want to wake anyone." Leigh nodded as the vibrator continued to enter her, filling up her small Asian cunt rather quickly. Jasmine slowly pulled it out to the tip, waiting for Leigh to beg her to put it back inside of her. "Not until you tell me you want it," said Jasmine as she held the vibrator (which wasn't on vibrate yet) almost completely out of the Asian's pussy. "I want it," whispered Leigh, quickly and shyly.

"You want what?" grinned Jasmine, her own pussy getting wet in her tight pencil skirt. She loved having the power. "I-I-I want it more," said Leigh, still embarrassed to admit what she wanted.

"I still don't know what you want" smirked Jasmine as she slowly moved the toy side to side at the entrance of Leigh's pussy.

"Just do it!" she groaned, loving the attention that Ken didn't know how to give her. "I want it!" "Not until you say, please," said Jasmine sternly, assuming the position of aggressor, adding a little bit more intensity behind the side to side strokes of the 6" toy. "Fuck me," whimpered Leigh, her aching pussy wanting the toy back inside of her.

"Please?" she said with a smile. Jasmine couldn't hold it anymore, and as a slight buzzing sound filled the bus, she plunged the vibrator deep into Leigh's longing wet pussy.

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"Is this what you want?" said Jasmine as she slid easily in and out of Leigh's wetness. "I think it is," she smiled, continuing her intense motions inside Leigh while she licked her ear, nibbling her earlobe. Leigh was in heaven. All she could do was keep herself from moaning out loud. Jasmine was in her element right now, working her pussy over so well.

She had never even let Ken get this close to her. The most they had done was make out, but his hands never touched her like Jasmine was touching her. She didn't realize that her legs were spread as open as they were under her skirt, allowing Jasmine to prod more with the buzzing toy between her legs. The repeated assault on her cunt left her speechless, wishing she could let out her true feelings at that moment.

Unfortunately, there were too many people on the bus, especially her teacher. Jasmine could feel Leigh's legs twitch and her eyes were glowing a bright green like they usually did before she was about to cum. Jasmine licked Leigh's ear as she began to whisper, "You're close, aren't you?" Leigh only nodded, unable to open her mouth afraid it would result in a scream that would wake the whole bus.

Jasmine grinned at the control she had over Leigh. She always knew that Leigh would choose her over Ken if it came down to it, and this would definitely be a reason why. She slowly slid the vibrator out of Leigh, turned it off, and immediately replaced it with three slender fingers, fucking her tight pussy like it had never been fucked before. Leigh's body started trembling at Jasmine's touch. She was feeling things she had never felt before, her clit and cunt feeling like they were both about to explode any second.

She wasn't sure if it was Jasmine's beauty, her fingers fucking here, or the fact that any second Miss Robbins could wake up and catch them, but something was making Leigh's brewing orgasm feel like it was going to be the best one sver he's had.

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"I-I-I think I'm cumming," whispered Leigh as quietly as she could in that moment. Jasmine didn't stop the attack on Leigh's insides with her fingers, and in a few seconds, Leigh's pussy tightened around Jasmine's fingers as her body quivered and released its juices all over. "Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck" whined Leigh as she could feel her body cum.

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Jasmine grinned, satisfied. Her girlfriend looked so hot when she came. Jasmine then pulled her fingers out of Leigh's dripping wet pussy. They were covered.

"Wow. That was a lot," teased Jasmine, her hand covered in Leigh's wetness. Leigh blushed as she used her skirt to try and clean up the mess by patting it down over her heated cunt. Jasmine didn't notice Leigh's attempt to clean up, though, because she was still fucking horny. She looked Leigh straight in the eye as she took her fingers and licked them off, one by one. "Fuck, you taste good," groaned Jasmine as she licked her fingers clean. Leigh grabbed a pillow from the floor and put it behind her head.

"Thanks for that, Jasmine" she smiled, grabbing her thigh affectionately. "Now, I think I need to sleep. That left me kind of exhausted." She shuffled around a little bit and got comfortable, her eyes closing. "Damn it," thought Jasmine. "We still have a half hour left on this trip." She looked down at her backpack. "Good thing I have more toys in my bag," she grinned. END PART 1