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Gay twinkies that piss their pants movietures and watch men pissing
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The year was 1470. A young man was walking through the markets on the Ponte Vecchio. His Master had sent him to acquire some more painting supplies, though he often liked to explore the marketplace as he did so, to find things which interested him. "Good morning Leonardo," said the man on one of the market stalls. "How's Andrea doing?" "Quite well, thank you Francesco," Leonardo smiled.

"He enjoyed those biscuits your wife made." "I'm glad of it, she enjoyed the portrait he drew of her," said Francesco. "So what can I get for you today?" "A dozen or so paintbrushes would be good," replied Leonardo. "Coming right up." Leonardo paid for the paintbrushes, and walked off, in order to explore the rest of the market.

On one of the stalls, he saw something shining in the corner of his eye. Sitting on one of the stalls, mixed together with lots of other random junk, was a lamp. "Ah, interested in something, are we?" Asked the merchant.

"That item, what is it?" Leonardo asked, pointing at it. "This thing?

Oh, it's just some old Arabian lamp I got. I think it was from some old rich guy in Venice who'd died. I just found it in with his things." "Fascinating," Leonardo said, picking it up.

"I would be interested in purchasing it. Just let me get this bit of dirt off…" Leonardo began rubbing the lamp, and he felt it grow warm in his hands. A cloud of light-blue smoke began pouring out, and he stared at it in amazement. The other market-goers gasped, and some ran away, while others just watched with intrigue. The cloud of smoke began clumping together, forming a humanoid shape.

Eventually, stood there on the Ponte Vecchio, was an incredibly gorgeous, nude girl, who looked around at the stunned crowds. "Awww, if I knew I'd have an audience, I'd have freshened up a bit," Alexis said. She looked around at the crowd's faces, all of them speechless at this girl's sudden appearance.

She then saw Leonardo, holding her lamp. "I guess you're my new Master then." Alexis walked up to Leonardo, and moved her face in close to his. "Well aren't you a lucky guy." "Um…excuse me?" Leonardo asked. "Well, getting a genie makes you a pretty lucky person indeed," Alexis smiled. "Guards, guards!" They heard someone shout. They both turned and saw several guards approaching, brandishing swords. "That girl just appeared in a cloud of smoke, from the lamp that man is holding!" "Hold it you two!" One of the guards shouted.

"You're coming with us!" "Oh? And how exactly do you plan on making us?" Alexis asked confidently. "Because if you don't, we'll run our swords through you!" "Now how on Earth do you plan on doing that when they're floating in the river?" Alexis asked.

She then flicked her wrist, causing the guards' swords to fly out of their hands, and off the bridge, into the waters of the River Arno. The crowd was shocked. "Witchcraft!" Shouted one person. "She is the devil!" Shouted another.

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"Honestly, you people and your superstitions," Alexis said. "Now then, I suppose I need some clothing." She looked over at one man, the one who had called her the devil. "You'll do. The devil needs your clothes." Alexis snapped her fingers, and the man was instantly stood in just his undergarments, the rest of his clothes having been moved onto Alexis' body. "Wonderful," she smiled, before taking Leonardo's hand.

"Come on, Master. Let's go back to your place." She then turned to face the crowd. "Listen up everyone! My Master and I are going to go back to his house! I don't recommend trying to stop us." Alexis pulled Leonardo along, and the crowd parted to let them through, everyone terrified at Alexis' powers.

They were almost off the bridge, when a man ran at them brandishing a knife. "DIE WHORE!" He shouted, but Alexis just stuck her hand out at him, freezing him in place. She raised her hand, causing the man to float in the air. With only her hand gestures, she made him float over the side of the bridge. "Oh I do hope you can swim," Alexis smiled, before letting him drop into the water below. ------------------------------- Matt went over to the pile of his clothes on the floor.

As he bent over to pick them up, he felt Sophie squeeze his ass. "Hey!" He exclaimed. "Honestly, a hot girl squeezes your ass, and you're complaining," Sophie said.

"What kind of horny teenage guy are you?" "One who doesn't want to get a boner before he goes to have dinner with his family," Matt replied, before picking his clothes up.

"Matt, wait, before you get dressed, I want to try something," Sophie said, before she stuck a finger out and pointed at his groin. "Orgasm." "What are you doing?" Matt asked her. "I was just testing something. Since we're both apparently exempt from the rules, I wanted to see if I could use Alexis' powers on you.

Clearly not." "Well I could have told you that," Matt said, as he started getting dressed. "We obviously can't affect each-other, since you weren't affected by my wish to make everyone in the locker rooms horny." "Oh yeah…I guess not then," Sophie said, putting her clothes back on. She then leaned down to Matt's mother, and whispered in her ear. "Sleep for another hour, and then wake up." The two teens picked up their lamps, and went downstairs, where they saw Mr Evans and Becky, sat at the dinner table.

"Uh…hi," Sophie said. "I'm Sophie. Matt's girlfriend." "Hi Sophie…" Becky said nervously. "Mom's not joining us for breakfast," Matt said as the two of them sat down at the table. "She uh…she's tired." Mr Evans and Becky stayed quiet. "Well aren't you going to say something?" "Matt…" his father began.

"What happened before? With that man? Who was he? Who were those girls you were with?" "Matt, do you want me to order them to forget it all?" Sophie asked her boyfriend. "No…," Matt sighed. "We have to come clean sooner or later. Dad, Becky, Sophie and I have genies." "Genies?" Becky asked. "Sophie, let's show them," Matt said, and she nodded. The two of them pulled out their lamps, and rubbed them. Clouds of pink and light-blue smoke poured out, which formed into Lumiosa and Alexis.

"Oh my God…" Becky said. "You can call me Alexis," said the genie. "Master, what is going on?" Lumiosa asked. "Lumiosa, Alexis, this is my sister and dad," Matt said. "Dad, Becky, this is Lumiosa, my genie, and Alexis, Sophie's genie." "It is a pleasure to meet you both," Lumiosa said, bowing her head.

"They're…naked," Mr Evans said. "Ding ding ding! Give the man a prize! Congratulations on your functional eyes!" Alexis said sarcastically, before sitting down on his lap. "And from the feel of things, certain other parts of you work too." "Could you…get off please?" Mr Evans asked awkwardly.

"Aww, is the little human embarrassed?" Alexis asked in a cute voice. "Nah, I like it here. It's really bouncy." Alexis then bobbed up and down on his lap. "So these two are genies?" Becky asked.

"Yeah, they are," Matt replied. "I got Lumiosa like a week and a half ago in the mail. Sophie got Alexis 3 years ago." "So they can grant wishes?" Becky asked. "Why yes we can," Alexis replied. "Only for our Masters though, so don't get any ideas." "And you can wish for anything?" Mr Evans asked. "Anything," Alexis replied. "Wait a second…" Becky said.

"When we fucked…and I basically raped Jamie…did you make me do that?" "I can explain…" Matt said. "I didn't mean for you to do that to Jamie." "Oh, but you did mean for me to fuck you silly!?" Becky shouted.

"You fucking pervert!" "Master, would you like me to calm this girl down?" Lumiosa asked.

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"Oh shut up you fucking bitch!" Becky shouted at her, before going upstairs. "Maybe I should go talk to her…" Matt said. "Matt, trust me, if you value your life, don't talk to a girl while she's fuming," Sophie said.

"Leave her for a bit." "Oh…okay…" "Sophie, any chance you could tell your genie to stop this please?" Mr Evans asked. Alexis was now properly grinding him, and he was desperately trying to stave off cumming in his pants. "Wow Matt, is your dad gay or something?" Alexis said, before turning around "There are guys who've fought to the death over me before.

You don't know how lucky you are." She then gave him a soft kiss on the lips. "Alexis, while Matt and I eat our breakfast, I wish for you to fuck his dad," Sophie ordered. "Oh your wish is most definitely my command," Alexis grinned.

She snapped her fingers, leaving Mr Evans naked, his hard cock free at last. She grabbed hold of it, and he shuddered. "Don't be frightened, I'm not gonna hurt you.

What's your name, sweetie?" "M…Mike…" He stuttered. "Well Mike, let me tell you, you ain't never fucked a girl like me," Alexis said seductively. She positioned his cock by her vagina, and lowered herself down onto it. The sensations were enough to drive Mike over the edge, and he came with all his might into her. "Uuuuuuuhhhhh God…" He groaned as he blasted a load of cum into her. "Aww, well that was no fun," Alexis said in mock disappointment when he was done cumming.

She leaned forward to give him a kiss, which sent a magical spark through his body, making his post-orgasmic cock instantly ready for more.

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"We're not done yet sweetie. Not by a long shot." Matt and Sophie ate their breakfast, while watching Alexis fuck Matt's dad. Matt found it to be a mixture of embarrassing and arousing, watching Alexis' body wiggle on top of his father, the two of them moaning loudly, becoming much louder every few minutes, signalling their orgasms. "Play your cards right, and I might do that to you later," Sophie whispered in Matt's ear. When they were done eating, Matt had Lumiosa clear the pots up, and dress herself for school.

"Come on Alexis, you're driving us to school," Sophie said. "Looks like our fun's over sweetie," Alexis said to Mike, before giving him a big kiss. "I've had fun though." Alexis climbed off of Mike, leaving him slouched on the chair with his erection, which was soaking wet from Alexis' pussy juices.

Alexis dressed herself with a snap of her fingers, and the 4 of them went outside. "Now then, one ride to school, coming up!" She said. She snapped her fingers, and Sophie's Ferrari instantly appeared on the drive.

Another snap, and the doors swung open. "After you, Mistress." Alexis got in the driver's seat, with Lumiosa in the passenger seat. Matt and Sophie got in the back, so that they could lay cuddled up to one-another. They didn't bother with seatbelts, because magic is a much more effective form of protection. "Matt, I'm really glad to have you," Sophie smiled as they cuddled.

"Believe it or not, you're my first boyfriend." "Really?" Matt asked in surprise. "But you're gorgeous!" "Not before I got Alexis I wasn't. I was nothing special until I wished myself hot." "Well you're gorgeous to me no matter what you look like," Matt said, kissing her neck.

"Having big boobs helps though, right?" Sophie said. She grabbed Matt's hands, and guided them to her boobs. "Yeah, I guess so," Matt smiled, giving them a squeeze. "I love you." "I love you too." Sophie turned around, and kissed him. They slid their tongues into each-other's mouths, and giggled as they made out for the rest of the journey. ------------------------------- Alexis dragged Leonardo through the streets of Florence, the human struggling to keep up with the genie.

"Young lady, where are we going!?" He asked her. "Somewhere more private, Master," Alexis replied. "Private?" Alexis stopped running at this point, and turned around to face him.

"Master, do you have a home?" Alexis asked him. "Why?" "Because those people just saw a girl appear out of a lamp, perform a display of what they believed to be witchcraft, before running off with you. I expect they'll be after our heads before long." "There they are!" Someone shouted.

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"Oh, and here they come now," Alexis smiled as armed guards approached them on all sides. "You two are under arrest for witchcraft and attempted murder," said one of the guards. "That guy looked hot, I thought he could do with a dip!" Alexis told them, but the guards just approached more. "Kill them!" The captain ordered. "Oh no, what are we going to do!?" Leonardo panicked.

"Master, do you wish for me to take us to your home?" Alexis asked him. "You can't possibly get us out of here!" "Master, I promise I can save you, but I need your permission," Alexis said. "Do you wish for me to save you?" Leonardo looked at the approaching guards, and made his decision. "Yes! YES!" He shouted, before closing his eyes to await death.

It didn't come. He braced himself for the feeling of steel cutting his skin, but it never came. He began to think that maybe this was what death felt like.

Nothing. His pondering was interrupted however by the sound of feminine giggling. "Master, are you just going to stand there all day?" Alexis asked.

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Leonardo opened his eyes, and he saw her, once again naked, and sat on a chair. Leonardo looked around, and he realised that he was stood in his workshop. "But.we were out in the street…" he stuttered, amazed at what had happened. "Yeah, and now we're here.

Funny how that works," Alexis smiled. "How are we here!?" "Well Master, you wished for it, and I granted your wish." "What is all of this!? Wishing? And why do you call me "Master"?" Alexis didn't reply. She merely snapped her fingers, to conjure up an apple for herself, which she started eating. "How did you do that!?.What are you?" Alexis stood up, and started walking towards him. Leonardo started to feel afraid. "Please…please don't hurt me," he said in fear as this girl approached him.

"Now Master, I could never hurt you," Alexis said. "That man you dropped into the river…is he dead?" "Now Master, I'm offended. I may be playful, but I'm no murderer." "You call me "Master", so if I am your Master, then I demand answers," Leonardo said, and Alexis just smiled. "Oh you're good," She said.

"Alright then, ask away. What do you want to know?" "Who are you? What are you?" "My name is Alexis. As for what I am, does the word "genie" mean anything to you?" "I have heard stories of the Djinn. Mystical beings who appear to people and grant wishes in exchange for their souls." "Typical humans, you've never been very good at telling stories, have you?

We don't steal your souls, we just grant wishes." "You are a wish-granting genie?" "Indeed I am." "Preposterous. Such things are impossible." "Master, a few minutes ago you were stood in a busy street about to be killed, and now you're here. It's one thing to doubt magic when you've not seen it, but you'd have to be truly stupid to ignore it when it's right in front of you." "Fine then!

If you truly have magical powers, then prove it! Over there is a broken table. I wish for you to fix it." "Oh really ambitious there, Master," Alexis said sarcastically, before smiling. "Your wish is my command." Alexis snapped her fingers, and Leonardo watched in amazement as the broken leg of the chair began to repair itself, wood appearing to replace that which had broken off.

"That is impossible…" he said in amazement. "Believe me now?" Alexis asked, and Leonardo just nodded. "This cannot be happening…Those people in the market…some of them know me.

They'll be here soon! The guards will come to arrest me!" "Oh that's easily fixed," Alexis said, snapping her fingers. "What did you just do?" Leonardo asked. "I made them forget it was us," she replied. "They remember the events, but they've all forgotten who we were. They won't bother you any more, Master." "You are incredible. I mean your abilities." "I'm nothing special. Really. I'm just here to grant your wishes. Speaking of which, I'm all ears for your next one." ------------------------------- Matt and Sophie got to school, and headed towards their first class of the day; Physics.

They took their seats (Next to each-other of course, after several people were magically persuaded to move) and waited. "Strange, Mr Roberts isn't normally this late," Matt said. "I'm sure he'll be along soon," Sophie said. They waited a few minutes, and they started to get concerned. However, just then, the classroom door opened, and a gorgeous woman walked in.

She had a very short skirt, and a business suit which showed off her extra-large cleavage, which did not seem to be confined by a bra. Her face did not look any older than maybe about 20. But wait, they knew that face… "Mom!?" Matt exclaimed. "Hey honey, so you recognise me then?" Mrs Evans smiled. "I've had a little bit of work done.

Magic, you know." "Uh, where's Mr Roberts?" Asked Dan. "He's taking some time off to spend time with his wife. Lots of hot, sexy time," Mrs Evan replied, giggling. "So I'm your substitute teacher, Mrs Evans." "Mom, what are you doing here!?" Matt asked.

"I just wanted to come and visit you at school," she replied. "Now then class, there's someone else I'd like you to meet." Mrs Evans reached into her bag, and pulled out a lamp which Matt and Sophie recognised. She rubbed it, and a cloud of grey smoke poured out, forming into a naked Apriya. "Oh my God…" said one boy. "Why yes, I suppose I am," Mrs Evans smiled. "Now class, this is my teaching assistant Apriya.

She and I are going to be having some fun with you all. First of all, I wish for all the doors and windows in here to be locked and soundproofed. I don't want anyone getting in or out." "Your wish is my command, Mistress," Apriya said. She snapped her fingers, and everyone gasped as they heard the doors and windows lock.

"Good. Now I wish for everyone here to be naked." Apriya then snapped her fingers, and they were all nude, including the genies and their Masters. "Apriya, what are you doing!?" Sophie shouted. "Unless you hadn't noticed, she's my Mistress," Apriya replied. "It is my duty to grant her every wish. I have no choice." "Oh don't be so moody Sophie," Mrs Evans said. "Matt honey, pick a girl." "What for?" "A present for my favourite son.

Tell you what, why don't I pick for you?" Mrs Evans looked around the room, and chose one girl in particular. "You there, what's your name?" "Anna, Miss," she replied.

"Well then, Anna, I wish for you to go over there and give Matt an amazing blowjob." Apriya snapped her fingers, and Anna instantly stood up. "What's happening to me!?" She asked in a panic, as she started walking over towards Matt. "I can't control my legs!" "Just relax, and give my son a blowjob to remember," Mrs Evans smiled. "But I've got a boyfriend!" Anna protested as she crawled under the desk. "That's not really important right now." "Mom, you can't do this!" Matt shouted, before he felt Anna take his cock in her mouth.

"Why?" His mother asked. "I wasn't born yesterday Matt. I'm sure you've used your genie for much worse things than this." "Master, do you wish for me to stop this?" Lumiosa asked him. "Hello there, I don't believe we've met," Mrs Evans said to her. "I'm your Master's mother, Linda. What's yours?" "Master…Do you wish for me to speak to her?" Lumiosa asked Matt. "Matt, I've got an idea to make the most of this," Sophie said. "Alexis, I wish for everyone in this room to become bisexual, and insatiably horny.

That way Anna can enjoy the blowjob she's giving." Alexis snapped her fingers, and everyone except Matt and Lumiosa let out loud moans, as they felt themselves become hornier than they ever thought possible.

Cocks hardened, and pussies wettened all around the room. "Oh my God!" Mrs Evans cried out. "Apriya, you told me no-one else could use magic on me!" "Those children…" Apriya moaned from lust. "They are special…somehow…" All around the room, people started pairing off.

Matt, the only human in the room to not be consumed by lust, was pushed off his chair by Anna. As he laid on the floor, she climbed on top of him, and started riding his cock. "Master, do you wish me to join in?" Lumiosa asked him. "Yes!" Matt moaned in response as he felt Anna fuck him. "I wish for the two of us to be horny too!" "Your wish is my command, Master," Lumiosa obeyed. She snapped her fingers, and moaned out from arousal. She started rubbing her pussy, to try and bring herself to orgasm.

She soon got some help with that, in the form of Alexis and Max, who got to work on pleasuring Lumiosa. ------------------------------- 1471, and Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci, known to his friends only as Leonardo, was at work painting. The two of them had gone out into the Tuscan countryside, in order to capture the natural beauty better.

On the grass on the banks of the Arno, Alexis was reclined nude, looking happy as Leonardo stood painting her. "How's it coming?" She asked him. "It is coming," Leonardo replied. "If there is something that Il Verrocchio has taught me, it is that art cannot be rushed." "I still don't understand why you don't just have me conjure up a painting for you." "Alexis, you may have given me the skills required to paint with such finesse, but there are things that your magic cannot do.

Only a human hand can ever hope to capture your beauty on canvass, and even then I fear it may not be possible." "You're weird sometimes, you know that, Master?" "You are very strange yourself, Alexis. Your very existence would seem strange to most people." "I've been called worse in my time. "Strange" is practically a compliment compared to some of the things I've been through." "It must be such a sad life. An eternity of servitude." "It's not too bad.

Oh sure there's the occasional power-hungry person who treats you as little more than a tool, but for every one of them, there are 10 more like you, who treat me with respect. I do like my job. Watching how happy you are when I grant your wishes is payment enough." They stayed around the river for a while longer, before it started to get dark. Alexis got dressed, and the two of them walked back into the city. When they returned to the workshop, they saw two men stood outside.

"Hello, can I help you?" Leonardo asked them. "Yes, we're looking for Il Verrocchio, is he around?" One of the men asked. "No, I'm afraid he's away in Milan at the moment," Leonardo replied. "Oh what a shame," said the second man. "Well then, we shall have to make do with you and your stunning companion here." He approached Alexis, and stroked her face. "You, fair maiden, are…oh, interesting.

Master, I cannot read this girl's mind. It would seem she is one of my kind." "Another genie?" Said the first man. "Wonderful. Perhaps you could invite us in to discuss things?" "Very well, I suppose so…" Leonardo agreed. The 4 of them went inside, and sat down. Alexis and the other genie sat down on the sofa, while Leonardo and the other man sat down on some chairs.

"So then, let's introduce ourselves," the man said. "I am Ludovico Santino, and this is my genie, Marcio. "A pleasure to meet you both," Leonardo said. "I am Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci, and this is my genie, Alexis." "Alexis. A beautiful name for a beautiful girl," Marcio said, before giving her a soft kiss on the lips, and Alexis smiled. "Oh stop…" she blushed. "Marcio, not right now!" Ludovico snapped.

"Now then Leonardo, tell me how you came to acquire Alexis here." "About 6 months ago I came across her lamp in the market," Leonardo replied. "I accidentally freed her there and then. It caused quite the stir." "Oh, so she's the "witch" that appeared in the market last year," Ludovico said. "I heard about that. Well I suppose I should tell you my story too. I found Marcio's lamp floating in the Arno about 10 years ago. A chance encounter, much like yours." "We have much to discuss," Leonardo said.

"Come, I have some items in the back of the workshop that may interest you." The two of them went into the back of the workshop, leaving the genies alone. "Oh good, I was hoping they'd leave," Marcio said, wrapping his arms around Alexis. "It's been centuries since I've last seen one of my kind. You and I could make sweet music together." "And what makes you think I'm that easy?" "A flower of such beauty deserves to be treasured.

It should give itself to one of its own kind, without obligation from the human which controls it." "Leonardo has not had sex with me." "Oh? Then he does not know what he is missing. Give yourself to me Alexis, and I shall show you the pleasure you deserve." Alexis just grinned. "Oh very well then," she said. "I suppose our Masters are busy, and I've not had sex in so very long. A little bit of physical intimacy would be welcome." The two genies snapped their fingers, and they were instantly nude.

They leaned in, and began making-out with one-another, their hands roaming each-other's bodies, exploring their naked flesh. ------------------------------- Meanwhile, back in 2015, the older Alexis was 69ing Lumiosa, while Max fucked her pussy.

Matt hand pushed Anna onto her back, and was fucking her hard. Mrs Evans was being eaten out by Megan, while Apriya and Sally fingered each-other. Sophie was on all-fours on one of the desks, being fucked from behind by Dan. "Oh God…Oh God…" Sophie moaned. She was so consumed by lust and pleasure, that she didn't notice Neil appearing in the room. "Having fun, are we?" He asked. "What…?" Sophie moaned.


"Oh…Neil…" "We need a word with you two," he said. "Do come and see us at your house, Sophie." ------------------------------- Author's message: So this chapter is basically filler in order to slow the plot down a little.

It also serves to put sex back into the story, since I know a lot of people, myself included, have been annoyed at the lack of sex recently, so this chapter aims to remedy it.

The plot is likely to be wrapped up in the next few chapters. Like, I'm thinking maybe this will end with chapter 15. Maybe not, but something around there is looking likely at the moment.

I've been thinking about what I'd like to write next. I have a story I actually started writing before this, so I might finish that, though it never really got past half a chapter, and what I wrote for it was very rushed, so I'll probably end up re-writing it anyway.

I won't say what it is yet, but it's also magical in nature, but a different sort of magic. Leonardo da Vinci being in this chapter was meant to be a follow up to back in Chapter 6 when Marcio said that he'd not seen Alexis since she was with "that painter in Florence".


Thanks to Wikipedia for allowing me to get some details of Leonardo's life, but I tried to not go into too much detail in that regard, since the more I write, the less historically accurate it becomes. I did want to include the lines about how Leonardo wasn't particularly good at painting before he wished to be better though.

The line about how Alexis and Leonardo hadn't had sex was meant to be a nod to the idea that Leonardo was apparently gay.

And before anyone asks, that painting Leonardo was painting of Alexis isn't a real one, I just made it up.